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#exactly as expected #technically it's a risk #but he's not a risk- what do you mean?

guitar-based rock-pop is not currently the mainstream pop trend. right now everything is very EDM/House/TropHouse/R&B heavy on the radio. guitar music that makes the radio is usually acoustic ballads. there was actually a decent take on this from billboard:

“We don’t know what sort of lyrical content Styles has cooked up, but we aren’t expecting him to follow Zayn down the alt-R&B path. From his influences to his fashion to his onstage persona to his (formerly) flowing locks, Styles’ vibe has always screamed rock star, and despite the genre’s recent lack of presence on the Billboard Hot 100, he’s got the charisma to make it happen. And guess what? From Up All Night to 2015’s Made in the A.M., One Direction basically morphed into a pop-leaning rock band, one whose tendency to build songs on guitar and keys was often overshadowed by the fact people insisted on the boy band tag. Zayn veered away from this, and despite a fervent built-in fan base (which purchased 402,000 first-week copies of Made in the A.M. in the U.S.), his not-very-One Direction-sounding album sold considerably fewer copies – 112,000 – in its own debut week. Granted, “Pillowtalk” topped the Hot 100, but the Styles persona could give his solo career an even higher ceiling. So much hinges on how his first single fares. 

So what’s it gonna sound like? The safe, industry-tested route would be a collection of folksy, acoustic-based ballads, ones that allow for a little soul-searching, while reminding radio program directors of the Ed Sheeran and James Bay songs they’ve had success with lately. One Direction even collaborated with Sheeran; pre-fame, he co-wrote their 2012 single “Little Things” and he was brought back to help with “18” on their final album. Styles didn’t write “Little Things,” but that’s exactly the sort of doe-eyed balladry we expect on his solo material. Even writing for Ariana Grande, Styles delivered a ballad, so expect him to focus on his comfort zone, even if it means pushing outside PG-13 1D territory. Getting almost any guitar sound outside of acoustic balladry on pop radio is a tough sell these days, but again, a Harry Styles debut won’t be treated like an ordinary debut. He’d be smart to build on what worked for One Direction, though we’re not exactly pining for a Maroon 5 spin-off like “Drag Me Down.” Something that taps into the U.K.’s rich tradition of guitar music – without giving into simple revivalism – would help Styles follow on the grown-up tastemaker appeal that Zayn was able to court with Mind of Mine. DNCE’s “Cake by the Ocean” kind of sounds like Duran Duran if they started out in 2016, and it managed to crack the top 10. Take it from Joe Jonas, another grown-up former member of a boy band that people were afraid to call a rock band.”

I think what many critics will be looking for is 1. a flat out good song lyrically and musically and 2. the fine line between mimicry and inspiration. If he veers to inspiration, then they’ll praise the bold, stand-out move. If it’s too close to the source material, then they’ll call it out. We may get a mix of both depending on how cynical the reviewer is.

ETA: to answer your specific question 1. this is the kind of music most people expected from harry 2. in general this kind of music is a risky sell 3. but because it’s harry it has a better chance for success vs. an unknown trying to bring that sound into the mainstream.

im truly sorry louis has to work with a team that really doesn’t give a fuck about anything especially because it’s not very clear where this is all going and it all looks like a massive boycott in their part to the song and louis’ persona. their only effort is to promote a stunt whenever it’s the case, if it’s not about that or about club nights with random nobodies who leech off louis and his status, then louis is a ghost and looks like he doesn’t care to promote where he is and share with fans what he’s doinf. I mean look at Niall, everyone remembers his promo right? and he is still doing it, he even became the update account of himself, I mean…. and then we have Louis’ team sitting there doing literally NOTHING and you can’t even say its because the song is steve’s cause i have never seen a vocalist not promoting at all their featuring in a song, look at bebe rexha, nicki minaj, even PITBULL ffs…they are all out there promoting their featurings like the songs come from them, they even perform them on their own, like…it drives me MAD cause this is all the opposite of what louis is?? they completely erased how much he loves what he’s doing with steve and steve himself and how much he cares about fans and how this is his job and he’s doing it on his own for the first time in a new scene he wanted to try and explore..like there are so may reasons why his promo should be at the top of its game for him right now and yet all they reduce him to is stalkers presence and stunts. other than that he doesn’t exist. after SIX YEARS of this I am quite tired and also sorry cause he deserves to be only the best that works for him so i truly hope this is just temporary as it seems and he can be free from these people soon and start to be appreciated and promoted in the right way by a serious team that actually cares.

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Do you know any good books about sex? I don't mean stuff like fifty shades of grey, erotic novels; more like sex and its politics, philosophy, if you know what I mean. Also if it's written by a woman (or if it's poetry) it would be 1000x better. Thanks

Off the top of my head, I would recommend these:

Averno, Louise Glück
Dangerous Liaisons, Choderlos de Laclos
Sexual Personae, Camilla Paglia
The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories, Angela Carter
The Laugh of the Medusa, Hélène Cixous
Eros the Bittersweet, Anne Carson
The World’s Wife, Carol Ann Duffy
The Second Sex, Simone de Bauvoir
Sexual Politics, Kate Millett
The Third Body, Hélène Cixous

I hope these will fit your criteria; I really wanted to go with an only-female authors list, but I recommend Choderlos de Laclos so wholeheartedly that I had to add him! Have fun!

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I know you have a lot of things on your mind it takes a while to answer question I'm always grateful for it. the persona 5 game is based off of Gnostic creation like the final boss's name for example. I am so happy your still doing context video despite your throat virus. the tarots I really want to know about are the heirophant,chariot,hermit,justice,strength,moon,star thank you for getting this I'm happy for what you said thank you

Yep, the use of Gnosticism in Persona 5 is really interesting, since it relates a lot of the game’s themes, without actually submitting to a purely Gnostic mindset. As always, the game syncresizes religious ideas for its own meanings, and it works beautifully. 

A whole layer of this was actually lost in translation, with the areas of Mementos, who are only called by their Hebrew names (which are taken from the Qliphoth, the inverse Sephiroth) in the English version. In the Japanese version, they all also have additional Japanese titles, which all amount to “Road of the Stolen [Insert opposite of what the area’s name means in Hebrew here]” , which adds even more to the themes. The areas represent what they do, because the opposite of said vice has been stolen away! 

Here, the whole chart, of what the Areas of Mementos are “translated” as in Japanese:

Path of Qimranut = “Path of stolen thoughts" (Qimranut=“Materialism”)

Path of Aiyatsbus = “Path of stolen harmony” (Aiyatsbus= “Insecurity”)

Path of Chemdah is “Path of stolen temperance” (Chemdah= “Averice”)

Path of Kaitul is “Path of stolen virtue” (Kaitul=“Disgusting, ugly behavior”)

Path of Akzeriyyuth is “Path of stolen compassion” (Akzeriyyuth= “cruelty”)

Path of Adyeshach is “Path of stolen emotion” (Adyeshach= “Callousness”)

Path of Sheriruth is “Path of stolen tolerance” (Sheriruth= “Rejection”)

Path of Iweleth is “Path of stolen self-respect” (Iwelet= “Mental dullness”)

Just thought I could share this little tidbit~!

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Hi! I wasn't sure how to ask the question (and make sense), but I was wondering how you came up with your logo? I'm on this journey of "logo discovery" and thought maybe if I got ideas /how/ it came about then I'd maybe get an idea of my own? (Although I'm sure that's not how it works but it's worth a try, right?)

hm!! Do you mean my personal BITEGHOST logo, or for BACKLASH? Cuz for BITEGHOST I went through a lot of different ideas. I came up with the brand/username that I wanted to use, and then played around with the connotations of it? Like, what images come to mind when I think of ‘bite’ and ‘ghost’? (Turns out it’s a Skeleton and a Pac-Man ghost lookin thing, haha). Here’s one of the sketchpages where I just, drew a bunch of different variations of what it might look like (along with first passes at the BITEGHOST persona):

For BACKLASH’s logo, well, I honestly didn’t put much thought into it (unfortunately! it could have been so cool!!). I realized that a capital K and L made a triangle if put together, and in that triangle I could draw Alias’ logo! So all I had to do was find a font that was blocky, and then close the gap between the ‘K’ and the ‘L’ so that I could draw Alias’ pin shape in it! That was all I really wanted to do with it like, I was obsessed with getting that triangle to look juuuuuust right, haha!

that’s really all the BACKLASH logo is. Nothing special or fancy, sorry… hope that was maybe somehow helpful!!

Im Back Bitches

but this is gonna be kind of short

so finally people are getting on yan dev’s ass rightfully, telling him that he needs to stop stealing shit from other games and just do his own thing (and also get osana done already)

but there is some people who seem the thing that dev is just being “inspired”

which, no, hes not; he’s outright stealing

he’s already been exposed for stealing assets from other people WITHOUT giving them credit (he says they’re temporary but it’s been two years since theyve been in place…they should’ve been replaced by now), he’s already been exposed for stealing designs (Nemisis) and the WHOLE basis of the game is nothing more but a plagiarized version of hitman (but with sexualized minors and no no matter what dev says they’re still high schoolers so do NOT give me the “they’re all 18 and older" lie excuse)

being inspired does not mean literally stealing EVERYTHING from the source. you still gotta do your own shit.

and this persona stuff that’s going on is just another way of him to steal more shit from other games while disguising it as him being inspired and his fans are FINALLY catching on.

its funny how this man accused yandere school for ripping off his game (even though he’s not even close to popularizing the yandere trope-a trope he doesn’t even do right) but his whole game has NO original content; it’s all fucking stolen

  • SO apparently this conversation happened in the persona 3 drama cd moonlight
  • Mitsuru: However, for those people who we wish to protect from ruin, we need only look at their faces to ease our burden, and strength will be granted to us.
  • Yukari: Ehe.. Like me, maybe?
  • Mitsuru: That's right.
  • Yukari: --Guh...!
  • Mitsuru: Hm...? Heh... Why are you so red?
  • Yukari: No, normally if you say something like that... that is, wouldn't you feel embarrassed?
  • Mitsuru: Is that how it is?
  • Yukari: Mu...! ...Well, I did say I'd stay by you, and... I guess I feel the same too...?
  • Mitsuru: ...Yukari, you really are red...! Are you alright...!?
  • Yukari: ... Ah, seriously, this woman can't read the mood at all...
  • Mitsuru: Do you have a fever?
  • Yukari: That's not it- Hii! You don't have to feel my forehead or anything!!
  • CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN ME HOW THEY ARE NOT IN LESBIAN WITH EACH OTHER???? and lol the other sees member made her consider about becoming kirijo maid yes. do. it. yukari.

tumblr drama is so funny its hilarious seeing people crytype or deactivate and remake and “stalk” and make callout posts over it cuz i know as a fact you guys irl would NEVER act like that irl u just use the internet as a way to hide and say whatever u want and do whatever u want and act like tough shit cuz irl you really fkn arent. one day u’ll like……realise that ur internet persona means nothing at all in life it just makes you guys miserable lololol but do what u want


Teen movies of the new millennium have legitimately lost their edge. 2004’s Mean Girls was decent but played it too safe. The 1999 theatrical release of the movie Jawbreaker marked the first real attempt at a dark teen comedy in a style reminiscent to the 1988 hit film Heathers. Panned by critics and ignored at the box office, it still managed to obtain cult classic status and remains one of my all-time favorite movies. I have yet to see another teen film that dares to take the risks Jawbreaker did.

Below are ten reasons why I think you should start cherishing Jawbreaker and stop giving Mean Girls so much undeserved hype:


This 90’s movie gets straight to the point, having the story begin with a high-school clique of popular girls unintentionally murdering their best friend during a birthday prank gone horribly wrong. Mean Girls doesn’t even try to touch any subject matter of this sort.

I’ll never forget the image of their deceased BFF in the trunk with that giant jawbreaker protruding from her neck.


Dowdy Fern Mayo (Judy Greer) gets transformed into the mysterious Vylette, as HBIC Courtney’s favor for keeping her mouth shut about witnessing her clique’s concealment of their friend’s murder. The only makeover Lindsay Lohan underwent as Cady Herron in Mean Girls was dressing slightly better and wearing cosmetics.


This movie got Rose McGowan a nomination for Best Villain at the MTV Movie Awards. She didn’t win but really should have. Her portrayal of high-school queen bee and stylish femme fatale, Courtney Shayne, was spot on. Her character murdered her best friend, creatively covered it up, insulted her peers and pushed Vylette into a mirror until it cracked. Courtney Shayne was the ruthless high-school ruler Regina George wishes she could have been.


The popular girls in Jawbreaker didn’t exclude pink to Wednesdays. What they did do was ensure they were never seen eating publicly, changing their personas to attract mass popularity, all while being unapologetically aggressive with men in order to get what they want. The ladies of Mean Girls seemed tame in comparison.


The scene between Courtney, her hookup, and a popsicle is infamous. If you’ve seen Jawbreaker, you know exactly what I’m talking about. This movie doesn’t hide the fact that some of its characters like to get down and dirty, or sticky. Mean Girls did a lot of alluding while Jawbreaker got straight to the point.


Do you remember Courtney’s sleeveless sweater with sheer cutouts, Julie’s groovy white framed rose-colored-lens sunglasses, or Vylette’s hot pink t-shirt with the word “bitch” emblazoned across it in black? The fashion from Jawbreaker is unforgettable and makes you miss some of the better styles people embraced in the 90’s.


From Tatyana Ali to Marilyn MansonJawbreaker featured a surprising cast of well known and unknown actors. Even legendary female action star, Pam Grier, had a role in the film as the sassy detective investigating the murder of Liz Purr. Mean Girls was written by Tina Fey and featured new faces, familiar faces and some former SNL alumni, but Jawbreaker definitely wins for its riskier casting choices.


Not only were The Donnas the performing band in the movie’s prom, but the scene simultaneously documenting the rise and fall of Courtney Shayne was classically executed. Rose McGowan really did own this role and all of the corsages people pelted at her as she made her exit into social exile. Mean Girls’s Cady Herron shares her Spring Fling Queen tiara with the school and disbands its clique of popular girls, which would unlikely occur in reality. Again, Jawbreaker wins for its consistent edginess. 


No classic teen movie goes without its fair share of memorable one-liners and Jawbreaker is chock full of them. The reason I would choose its one-liners over the ones featured in Mean Girls is because of the excessive cussing and unforgiving tone they possess. I can’t say it enough. Mean Girls was too nice.


Jawbreaker officially started the whole popular-clique-walking-down-a-high-school-hallway-to-cool-music scene and Mean Girls blatantly copied it. Hell, these kinds of scenes have become a teen movie standard nowadays and Jawbreaker definitely deserves its credit for pioneering that.

You may still prefer Mean Girls over Jawbreaker after reading this and you’re completely subject to that opinion. But the truth is, Jawbreaker is a fantastic movie and I wish more teen comedies dared to get as dark as it did without being as nice as Mean Girls, farcical as Heathers or as poorly executed as Jennifer’s Body.

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“I thought my life’d finally have meaning if I was ‘special’ to someone. But I really didn’t need it… It’s not what you have, or what you can do. Just being born, living your life… before you know it, you’re already special to someone.”

june 22nd, 1994 –> happy birthday yosuke hanamura!!  (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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There is no "LGBT respresentation" in japan. Coming from a bi person but you guys need to get over it. Japan is an entirely different culture and the reason p2 had an option is because there were different writers. Also the way it treats its female characters? It's anime, there's going to fanservice everywhere and even then it's pretty toned down in p5. You're better off getting into something else

sorry but i literally have no idea what this argument is even supposed to mean? I feel like the fundamental issue here you don’t seem to get is that a person can be a fan of something while also criticizing its problems. Bc here’s the thing: I really do love persona. I think the games have great plotlines, engaging characters, fun gameplay, and incisive commentary on social issues and how people perceive themselves and others. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get upset over the lack of representation in games nor does it mean I have to sit idly by and be grateful that fanservice is relatively “toned down”. I’m so critical of persona ultimately bc i love the series so much and want to see it reach its full potential.

But…what do you mean by “there is no lgbt representation in Japan”? i mean, that’s such a blanket statement (and a blatantly false one at that) it legit has no comprehensible meaning to me. bc lgbt representation would just be…well, having lgbt characters. And i know for a fact that i’ve enjoyed media from Japan that did have lgbt characters. And as for “you’re better off getting into something else”? I’ve been here playing persona since 2013 so im already into it, and like I said, I can still enjoy something while acknowledging its problems.

About p2, though–i’m well aware that the game had different writers, but all that tells me is that there ARE writers in japan willing to include queer characters and relationships in their media, and im sure that number has only increased since 1999. It also tells me that Atlus is (or at least was) open to including this content in their games. So to have not included this type of content again for 18 years is disheartening at best and downright insulting at most.

Media doesnt exist in a vacuum–its not some immutable, permanent thing that always has specific qualities that never change. Yes, fanservice is distressingly common in anime, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a permanent fixture of it. I critique it because i believe it can do better. And look, i get it; it can be hard to criticize things you enjoy. But it’s something that has to be done if we’re ever gonna have change. Fact is, I cannot believe that someone could play persona 5–-a game entirely about standing up to established power structures and taking change into your own hands–-and then turn around and tell someone else to not complain and accept their lot. You’ve missed the point, friend.

Jackson Crush Profile

Day3 Jackson

i hope everyone is enjoying the series so far ^_^. keep in touch and let me know
~ahgase Omma

It doesn’t take to long for him to realise once he’s thinking about to as a source of happiness then he knows that your someone very important to him. it would hit him like a tonne of bricks. just out of nowhere he would randomly say that he wishes that you was with him, and that would be the sudden trigger. he wouldn’t question why he wants you, he just knows he does and thats enough.

During his crush phase he would become the most playful and teasing person ever. he would start doing more aegyo around you, making more jokes. but if you were to do the same back to him, aegyo/tease/flirty he would turn into his shy fluffy wang puppy. he just wouldn’t be able to contain himself

he tries out all his best material with you first, because he trusts you and he basically wants to make you laugh and to see if your reaction to his hyperness, but this also means that he’d have more serious conversations with you. its a slow trust test, to see you stand beside him through anything. 

With the members
as soon as his general behaviour changes to being more flirty, its obvious to everyone that he has a thing for you, and really its the other members role to make sure he doesn’t get head over heels. they keep things as normal as possible, and just watch jackson make a fool of himself. he doesn’t become overly possessive or stand-offish with the others.

Spending time together
he would spend most of his time with you, and a lot of it would be out and about, parks, restaurants, movies, any place that something different he would take you to. even though it might seem that most of the time your meeting him at the airport and just grabbing coffee to go, he still insists that you come see him.

he would talk to the others a lot about what to do, what it meant when you said that you couldn’t see him today. he frets about all the small details, and needs different points of view to understand what could be going on. he does ask what to do, just what the meaning could be. he’d defiantly ask Mark and jinyoung for advise and just talk to the others about you.

a lot of seemingly natural skinship, but not a lot of public skinship, its mostly just with the members around. he would be very playful and do dramatics things but then play them off as a joke, but he would also make a mental note of your reaction to them, if you blushed, or laughed or pushed him away.

Another member liking the same person
as soon as he notices something he would just tell the member what the situations is, at that point there would be some kind of gauge to see who like you more. if things aren’t settled well, then there might be some tension between the members, with the others not bothering to get involved much. at this point it would turn into ‘who can get your attention the most’.

He not quite possessive, but more protective. he knows that the members wouldn’t cross the line, if they knew he liked you, so he wouldn’t need to be possessive. its more for then your out, and some random person comes up to you does he get protective. he would give you some random lecture about being more careful around people.

Turn offs
the mains one could be:

  • a couch potato.
  • to some degree, being told what not to do. even if its advise, he would rather try then not try at all.
  • hearing you say something bad about the ahgase 
  • you don’t have to laugh at all his jokes, but he being unresponsive would make him feel unappreciated.

it wouldn’t take him long to want to confess to you. he would spend most of the time trying to think of how to do it. he would try and do something very sentimental, to take you to the places you’ve always wanted to go, or the first place you went together. he wants to show you  that he’s put a lot more thought into it, and that the whole confession is tailored to you.

super hyper puppy! whether or not he kisses you then and there is up to you and your skinship preference. but he’s is bouncing of the walls, then would try and ‘regain’ his manly man image. 

he would show that it doesn’t affect him that much, even though it does. he still wants to show you that he is a strong person, physically/emotionally. it might trail off to become more like acquaintances, but after a while it can be rescued and you could become friends again.

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I know its a really really stupid question but what's your avatar look like (please forgive me for this ..... and for my bad english...,also love your art soo much!!)

It’s not a stupid question at all! And your English is fine! Thank you very much for enjoying my drawings!

By avatar, do you perhaps mean a persona? I’m afraid I don’t have one at the moment. I apologise for the inconvenience. Perhaps you could visualise a tiny bundle of pixels. That is me, haha. 

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Yay, it's open. Hey, guys I was wondering, what do you think about John Winchester, I mean canonically speaking, would you say "John Winchester A+ parenting" with or without sarcasm? What do you think was his influence on Dean's persona? What would John think about Castiel? And the other way around? I'd love to read your opinions. Well, my request is: what are your favorite fics that include him whether as a good or bad father (canon or au fics are okay)

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Hey there. Nice, deeper question. For my part, I totally say “John Winchester’s A+ parenting” with all the sarcasm possible. I honestly think that he tried to cope and take care of his sons with all he had left after trying to revenge Mary’s death. However, I think that he should have paid more attention to his sons, the ones that were still alive, and less to the idea of getting a revenge. I think that the entire character of Dean is about losing a mom and then suffering about all the things that John did: leaving him without a dad, making him to babysit Sam like a father and forcing him to hunt from that young. And how I think he would feel about Cas? Well, canonically speaking: I think he would be very suspicious about Cas because after all, Cas is a supernatural creature. I don’t think he would be that happy, at least at first, when the boys are trusting Cas so much. After that I think that he maybe would accept that Cas is okay and useful to have around, but that’s that. And in Destiel way of speaking? No way in hell that would be okay for John. At it’s best, I think the situation could be that everyone knows about Dean and Cas, but no one (especially John) talks about it.

So, here you go, a few of my favorite fics of John Winchester’s A+ parenting:

Title: Everytown, USA

Author: aileenrose

Rating: Explicit

Words: 56,972 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★  

Admin J’s notes: John’s part isn’t that big, but I think that in this fic you can really see how he affects Dean and messes up his life. I like the canon things that the author has mixed up in the AU story.

Admin A’s notes: This one will always be one of the best fics ever on my personal fav list!

Summary: Dean’s determined not to stay in one place for long–he’s enjoying his new-found freedom too much.

( Read here )

Title: Angel’s Wild

Author: LimonadeGaby, riseofthefallenone

Rating: Explicit

Words: 389,271 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Another one with John being a number one dad. Once again, very canon, and at the same time total AU.

Summary: But that’s the whole reason he’s here, isn’t it? He’s not out here hunting Humans. He’s not even hunting deer, or bears, or anything else that featured in Bambi. He’s out here, freezing his nuts off every night, because he’s hunting Angels.

Sometimes Dean wishes that Angels were like how they’re described in the Bible. How people from time too old for him to care much about thought Angels were messengers and warriors of God, protectors of Humans. He knows that how they’re really described in the Bible is actually pretty terrifying, but at least they were told by God that they’re supposed to love Humans, right?

That’s a thousand times better than what Angels really turned out to be.

( Read here )

Title: What Holds Us Up

Author: frecklesarechocolate

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 39,708 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: In this one Dean is already with Cas, but he panics over John’s reaction. This fic has everything it it I like: awkward Cas, Dean dealing with his (daddy) issues, Destiel in general, John’s A+ parenting…

Summary: What happens when John Winchester suddenly comes back to life, and meets the boys as they are today?

( Read here )

Title: Consort

Author: Valinde (Valyria)

Rating: Explicit

Words: 130,581 – Unfinished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: This is also very John: he just makes his decisions by the pure logic, even if it would cost him his son’s happiness. I don’t mean that John would sacrifice Dean’s life, he just… He knows that Dean will sacrifice and he knows how to use it as a benefit.

Summary: When King John of the West Saxons forms an alliance with a neighboring Christian kingdom, his eldest son Dean ends up playing a role he never expected.

( Read here )

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What I find really interesting about dan and phil as a ship is that over time more people believe they are together it seems with other ships that less people believe as time goes on but it's the opposite with dan and phil (am I crazy or do you get what I mean)

no i completely understand. i’ve been in a lot of fandoms so i’ve seen ship trends dip in and out. it’s pretty common for people to move on after a while. i think dan and phil are just a special case because they are constantly together. and recently, they have bonded their internet personas together quite permanently. it’s all very strange because i’ve been watching them since 2011 and they’ve matured so much? it’s nice. not only that but their dynamic on camera has changed drastically. physically and emotionally they are both a lot more open with us as an audience. i think their relationship has only been growing stronger since the beginning and that’s why people stay hooked on the idea that they are together. dan and phil are consistent in being together now. there isn’t a way around it. and more and more people are definitely noticing it and becoming more attached to this hypothetical romantic aspect of their relationship. it’s interesting to say the least.

Supernatural 01x06 and the Superficial

Part 6 of Falling Deeper in Love with Supernatural, Episode by Episode

Originally posted by starrycastiell

You know you have irredeemably lost yourself to this show when it pains you to have to pick one thing to adore about an episode. And that wonderfully trashy feeling only becomes sharper and more intense when the discarded theme you wanted to analyze from the previous episode emerges even more strongly in the next and you are SO EXCITED.

Because “Bloody Mary” does all this wonderful work about disguises falling flat, adjacent to its focus on lies, secrets and truth. Because the personas Dean adopts throughout the episode - college student, co-worker, police officer - each one fails. Now, I mean no offense to deductive skills of the good people of Toledo - but Dean’s a pretty effective con man and it seems really strange that seemingly everywhere he goes, he’s not able to convince the locals to do what he wants.

Until one arrives at the next episode - “Skin” - which is entirely concerned with Dean’s disguises. But this time, it’s not fake badges or invented characters that we see see through. It’s Dean’s presentation of himself.

A lifetime of playing others fails him in “Bloody Mary” - a lifetime of playing himself fails him in “Skin.”

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Sometimes I think really deeply about Rage status in Persona. I mean, just consider it. There are so many ways it could be spun. Imagine, instead of its usual effect, your best friend turns on you and looks at you with an expression of hatred, not even recognizing you, and has animalistic fury in their eyes.

For an example, let’s say Yosuke and Souji. Yosuke gets hit with Rage. He immediately goes after Souji, not even seeming to think about what he’s trying to do to his precious partner. He doesn’t snap out of it until he’s slammed Souji onto the floor, kunai jabbed so close to his face that it’s a wonder they aren’t stabbing him straight up…I don’t think he’d even be able to forgive himself after that. Sure, it was a status effect. But he still nearly badly hurt his best friend. Might even avoid Souji for a while.

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could you pls do one where badboy!luke catches the feels for you but he doesn't wanna damage his reputation so he's kinda mean to you and hurts your feelings but then he realizes that he doesn't care what his boys say bc he loves you. it's super specific but it's my dream lol

okay okay listen badboy!Luke had been pining over the quiet girl two seats over from him in history and he’s so mad at himself because y/n is a known prude and Luke just doesn’t mess with virgin good girls, that would destroy his entire bad boy persona and that just can’t happen. so one day when his teacher decides to pair Luke with y/n for a project, he’s pretty sure his heart stopped and and his dick got harder than ever when she smiled at him. but he can’t!! fall!! for!! her!! so instead of doing the normal person thing and asking for a new partner he just totally brushes her off saying how “the schools biggest nerd better know I’m not lifting a finger for this project.” and he would storm out of the room leaving a very sad and confused y/n. so it’s a couple of weeks and y/n and Luke have had several after school study sessions, working on this project together, Luke always being rude and making some horrible comment to y/n until she just doesn’t know what to do. so one day Luke rolls up an hour late to the study session and y/n’s mom opens the door for him with a sad smile and tells him y/n is up in her room and luke treks on up only to see a sobbing y/n and all luke knows to do is comfort her and whisper how sorry he is that he’s such an ass, he just doesn’t know how to act around pretty girls.

wrapping up badboy!5sos blurb night!!