what do you mean i'm too old for this

  • Dick Grayson: This envelope contains my inheritance from my uncle, he died a year ago. He was so rich, he had a whole room in his house just to eat in.
  • Tim Drake: You mean like a dining room?
  • Dick Grayson: Yeah. But in Manhattan.
  • Tim Drake: Oh, dang.
  • Dick Grayson: Now, just because I'm definitely rich now doesn't mean I'm gonna forget my roots. You all get something, so fire away.
  • Damian Wayne: Dick, your friendship is gift enough for me.
  • Jason Todd: Friendship is crap. I want a Ducati Monster 821.
  • Dick Grayson: All right, Jason gets a motorcycle.
  • Barbara Gordon: Oh, cool, I want a fast sports car.
  • Dick Grayson: Come on, you can be honest.
  • Barbara Gordon: I want old, expensive books. I'll send you a list.
  • Dick Grayson: There you go. Now, let's find out what I'm worth... Ah, I'm too nervous. Bruce, you do it.
  • Bruce Wayne: [opens the envelope] It's stock, one million shares!
  • Dick Grayson: Oh, my God!
  • Bruce Wayne: ... Of Blockbuster Video stock.
  • Bruce Wayne: [hands the folder back to Dick Grayson]
  • All (except for Dick Grayson): [go back to what they were doing in disappointment]
  • Dick Grayson: What? Is that bad? I still have a Blockbuster card. WHAT HAPPENED TO BLOCKBUSTER?!
The Evolution and Adaptation of Witchcraft in the Modern World.

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I keep seeing people bitching and being gatekeepers about pop culture witchcraft but here’s the thing, in order for something to survive it must adapt and that’s what witchcraft is doing, it’s adapting to fit our modern times. And I’m not saying the old ways aren’t valid anymore because they still are but the craft is evolving because in order to survive and keep going it needs to.

If you practice the old ways, that’s cool, you do you. If you are using the modern adaptation of witchcraft, cool. If you’re doing both, fantastic! But don’t discredit shit because it doesn’t follow your path or it isn’t “the traditional way!” It’s also toxic as fuck to tell someone to do the path of witchcraft you want them to do because that’s being a controlling, manipulative asshole.

Hell, if technology didn’t advance those people wouldn’t be able to make a tumblr rant about modern witchcraft.

Witchcraft evolves to survive like everything else but it can still keep its old elements. And I won’t be arguing with anyone about this because I’ve made my point and if you can’t see my side then you’re not worth the time.

Have a magical day ya’ll.

thewanderingdreamer  asked:

Headcanon: The Slytherin Prefects having a rough batch of first years who are crying/upset about being in Slytherin when they reach the dungeons. So they go get Professor Potter, who is not much better with crying first years, until he's honest with them. "Look I didn't want to be in Slytherin at your age either, but I can tell you I'm proud of each of these Slytherins, and I know I'll be proud of you too." The Prefects being at first annoyed, then reluctantly enjoying his frankness.

Even now, so many years later, Harry remembers what it’s like to be eleven years old. With near painful clarity, he remembers standing in the entry way to the Great Hall, listening to the nervous shuffling and whispering from the other students around him. “What house do you think you’ll be in?” “Anything but slytherin. I’ll take hufflepuff before I take slytherin.” Harry only has a basic sense of what those words mean, but he recognizes all too well the tone they’d said “slytherin” in. The same tone Uncle Vernon used when he talked about “hippies”. 

When the Sorting Hat was dropped over his ears and the Great Hall disappeared, the anxiety was enough to nearly choke him. He listened to the hat whisper in his ear, saying “slytherin” like some dark promise. He’d begged at the time, anything but slytherin, anything but slytherin

Now, sitting in front of eleven year old equally as, if not more, upset than he had been, he decided to be honest. He’d been honest with the Sorting Hat and they deserved that same level of honesty. 

The Prefects had trusted him the least when he’d become their House Head. It hadn’t been easy for them to protect their younger housemates from the scorn of the other houses and even harder to fulfill their duties as Prefects when three fourths of the houses refused to listen to them half the time. What was Harry Potter, the boy who lived to defeat Voldemort, the heir to Slytherin, going to do for the young snakes crying in front of them? They’d seen no other option though, so they reluctantly marched the sniffling first years to Harry’s office and barged in the door without knocking. 

“We’re just not sure what to do.”

Harry looked down at the six students in front of him, tears stained faces with red rimmed eyes. There was awe in some of them, fear in others. Harry swallowed past the nervous ball in his throat. 

“Uhm, ah, everyone sit down. Prefects, you may return to the dungeons, I’ll escort them back in a little while.” They were halfway to the door when he rushed to add a, “Thank you.” They looked at him with unfathomable eyes before shrugging and disappearing out the door. 

“So,” he started after a beat of awkward silence, “Tell me what’s going on?”

They all rushed to explain, tripping over their words and speaking over each other. Harry held up a hand when he’d heard enough, effectively silencing them. 

“I’m going to be honest with he,” he said seriously, “I didn’t want to be in slytherin either. The only reason I was in Gryffindor was because I asked the Sorting Hat not to put me in slytherin. 

He rushed to keep speaking when they started to open their mouths again, undoubtedly about to ask him if they were allowed to go ask the Sorting Hat too, “I asked for that for the wrong reasons. I thought that slytherin house was bad. I thought that it was the house for dark wizards and witches. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to make any friends because how could I be like them?”

A sense of panic overtook the first years, as if he was confirming all their darkest thoughts. Harry smiled reassuringly. 

“I was wrong, though. Some of the bravest, best people I’ve known have come from slytherin house. Some of the most cowardly of men have come from gryffindor. There is no right or wrong house to be in. If the Sorting Hat thinks that you’ll succeed in slytherin, it’s because you have all the potential and traits to do so. And I’m here to help you do that.”

The first years calmed, thinking this over and staring at him with calculating eyes. One by one, they slowly nodded and wiped away tear tracks from their cheeks. Harry grinned triumphantly and stood from his desk. 

“Now, why don’t we return to the common room. I’ll introduce you to some of the mermaids that like to sit by the windows.”

The walk to the dungeon was filled with excited questions and bright eyes. 

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hey i'm sorry if this is an annoying question!! but you're going to an art college right? i actually want to try going to one i really want to do art but i'm already 19 years old and i haven't improved on my own art, i'm really at the very beginning. do you think i could do it anyway?

hi!! this isn’t an annoying question at all! i actually have been meaning to answer a ton of questions just like this one!

my honest opinion is that you’re never too late to start getting into art! 19 is super young, i’m the same age, and to be honest, i’m one of the younger people in my year. what i notice with a lot of people who go to art school is that they’re not fresh-out-of-high-school kids that you’d expect to see at college, a lot of people here are older, maybe early twenties or even older (i’ve seen some of middle aged people with kids even!). there are a lot of people here who started off doing something different and ended up circling back and realizing that they wanted to do art and ended up going to art school. it’s never too late to start practicing again and see where it takes you. a lot of people start off in art school with minimal confidence or skill but halfway through, gain a lot of new understanding and technique. it’s “school” because you’re not expected to come in knowing everything, in fact, half the fun is learning new ways to approach drawing and watching your art improve over time! i say if you’re feeling up to it, it’s never a bad idea to give it a try and see how it goes for you. art school can be demanding and it isn’t for everyone (money, cost, even professors opinions can influence people’s comfort level), but at the end of the day, if it’s something that you’re itching to try, then i’ll be 100% rooting for you!!! :’))!! i hope this helps aahhh 

Grantaire being indoctrinated converted by Bossuet and Joly (1.2 k)

Bossuet chains his bike to the fence with three locks. He really likes this one, he’d hate to lose it. He trots up the stairs, whistling between his teeth, but when he reaches Joly’s floor he stops. There is a boy standing in the gallery. His back is turned to Bossuet but he seems to be staring at the closed front door. It’s covered in random stickers, a staple of student housing architecture.

“Excuse me,” Bossuet asks. “Are you lost?”

The boy turns around. Actually, he doesn’t look that much younger than Bossuet. Hell, maybe he’s older. His face says twenty, the shadows under his eyes say forty.

“We are all lost,” he replies, his voice level. “Lost in the empty space of existence.”

Okay, that’s different. Bossuet gives him a bemused smile.

“No, I’m not lost,” the other replies. “I live here.”

Bossuet takes in the messy hair and the green checked shirt and his face lights up. “You’re Grantaire!”

Grantaire raises his eyebrows. “Okay that’s creepy, can you tell me my purpose in life too?”

“I’m Joly,” Bossuet says, extending his hand. He shakes his head. “I mean. I’m Joly’s friend. Bossuet.”

“I was going to say,” Grantaire says, shaking his hand with a lopsided grin. “There can’t be two Joly’s. I’m surprised there’s even one.”

Bossuet doesn’t know what he means by that, but he gives Grantaire a friendly grin. “Joly told me you made a great first impression.”

“On him, apparently, yeah,” Grantaire grimaces. “Not sure about the others.”

Bossuet laughs, but suddenly he frowns. “Wait, Joly said you were a math student.”

Grantaire gives him a blank stare.

“Shit, really?” Bossuet gulps. Grantaire does not look like a math student. He grimaces. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he says, feeling a little ashamed. “I-”

“Oh no, I agree,” Grantaire says bitterly. “I should not be a math student.”

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Impress Him
  • Ladybug: Stand aside, incredibly attractive random citizen who I am not so secretly in love with! This man is an akuma!
  • Adrien: I love you too, Ladybug, but he REALLY ISN'T.
  • Ladybug: *puts a finger over his lips* Hush, my delicate hummingbird. You've had a difficult evening. But fear not, I know exactly what I'm doing. You wait here while I avenge you. *chases Santa* GET REKT OLD MAN
  • Adrien: *lovesick sigh* She called me a hummingbird... I mean, wait, I should stop her.
If singers had a group chat together...
  • Demi: We're cool for the summer!
  • Justin: Where are you now?
  • Katy: We're chained to the rhythm
  • Selena: I want you to know...
  • Justin: What do you mean?
  • Selena: I'm so sick of that same old love
  • Alessia: I'll be over here...
  • Julia: They've got issues
  • Justin: Is it too late now to say sorry?
  • Selena: It ain't me
  • Troye: Only fools fall for you
  • Bebe: I got you
  • Ariana: FOCUS ON ME!
  • Taylor: In your wildest dreams!
  • Demi: What's wrong with being confident?
  • Ariana: I'm a dangerous woman
  • Camila: I wanna do bad things to you
  • BTS: Not Today!
  • Ariana: One last time, I need to be the one who takes you home
  • Shawn: I can treat you better
  • Adele: Hello...
  • Drake: You used to call me on my cell phone
  • The Weeknd: I only call you when it's half past 5
  • Alessia: You're beautiful just the way you are
  • One Direction: But baby I'm perfect
  • Ed Sheeran: I'm in the love with the shape of you
  • Imagine Dragons: You made me a believer
  • Troye: You drive me wild
  • Walk the Moon: Shut up... and dance with me!
  • MAGIC!: Why ya gotta be so rude?
  • Melanie: They call you crybaby
Keaton Henson sentence starters
  • "Do you know who you are?"
  • "Do you know your lip shakes when you're mad?"
  • "You don't like to be touched, let alone kissed."
  • "Does his love make your head spin?"
  • "It seems as though I'm on my own."
  • "I'm losing friends."
  • "I know that there's friction between me and you."
  • "I know that you're uncomfortable."
  • "I know it's hard for you to tell me the truth, but while we are doing so... I love you."
  • "You love to argue, you can't play guitar, but still, let me tell you that I love who you are."
  • "Love, I hope you are well."
  • "At least we now both have a story to tell."
  • "I feel you know me better than most."
  • "In spite of real distance, we'll always be close."
  • "I walked through the rain for you, you said to go home."
  • "Miss you terribly already."
  • "I hope for your life, you forget about mine."
  • "Please forget me, you were right, dear. I am cold and self-involved."
  • "I'll write my loneliness in poems, if I can just think how to start."
  • "I still worry more about you."
  • "I am rude and unkind."
  • "It's been four years and it does not end."
  • "I still felt alone, but I knew that you'd be there."
  • "I loved her more than I love myself."
  • "She is with another guy."
  • "I won't dance 'til you hold me."
  • "Please, don't leave me."
  • "I'm sorry, can't make your party."
  • "I'm afraid I'd kill your lover while your back was turned."
  • "So this is where you wanted to be, and it's a goddamn shame that you're not here with me."
  • "I see pictures now of the two of you and it makes me sick."
  • "Damn, I love you."
  • "Here's to you, you miserable fuck."
  • "Drink up, so we can both finally die."
  • "She's as stubborn as winter and as kind as the sun."
  • "Why was she listening to someone like me?"
  • "I know I'm awful, I can't even cry."
  • "You're my best friend, I'll love you til one of us dies."
  • "Teach me how to love you."
  • "I'll learn not to look at you with scorn."
  • "Don't expect me to change."
  • "I never loved you enough."
  • "This feels right and I'm letting it."
  • "I will not tire of you."
  • "Turns out that nothing is fair."
  • "You can leave me if you wish, but I'm not going anywhere."
  • "I am a fragile one."
  • "Please do not break my heart, I think it's had enough pain to last the rest of my life."
  • "You don't have to make any promises."
  • "If you must die, sweetheart, die knowing your life was my life's best part."
  • "I can see in your eyes that you mean it."
  • "All of these years you've been lonely."
  • "You are right, I've been looking as well, babe, I'm not looking for you."
  • "I'm just as damn disappointed as you."
  • "I'm truly alone and I like it."
  • "Though we're young, I feel eighty years old."
  • "Your arms around me are keeping me warm, but baby, I'm still feeling cold."
  • "You're kind and you're beautiful, too."
  • "I feel in some way I do love you but babe, I'm not in love with you."
  • "You seem to look through me, I wonder what you see."
  • "I wish I could stay with you."
  • "I wish I could wake at dawn to see you without make up on."
  • "You look the best today."
  • "I've been right here waiting for you to wake up."
  • "You think you're better than them."
  • "I hope you end up missing me."
  • "Your friends will always just be in your way."
  • "I'm just getting started, let me offend."
  • "The devil's got nothing on me, my friend."
  • "All I want is to be left alone."
  • "Sweetheart, what have you done to us?"
  • "Oh please, just come here, don't fight with me."
  • "Baby, please don't look at me like that."
  • "I will see you in the morning."
  • "Don't think of me like that, just picture me leaving and not coming back."
  • "This is your home now so don't you forget."
  • "I did it all for you."
  • "I'll do my best to teach you to fly."
  • "Come on baby, make me fall in love with you."
  • "I guess we can make it all the way."
  • "Turns out we don't belong after all."
  • "This feels different than it felt before."
  • "Guess that you were just expecting more, come on, you knew me, what'd you do that for?"
  • "I am selfish to my very core."
  • "I'm so damn scared of dying without you."
  • "Don't lie, I know we're fixing to die."
  • "I'll smile and pretend and won't show to the crowd."
  • "No, I won't be the damnedest bit fucking surprised."
  • "I won't give up, not until I'm holding you."
  • "Don't let go of my hand."
Over time

Title: Over time

Pairing: Lucifer x reader

Word Count: ~1.6k

Warnings: angst

Summary: Lucifer comes to see you after being away for an unusual long time. The two of you have an overdue conversation.

Request: Hey 😊 could I request a reader x lucifer where his wings are injured and he tries to hide it from the reader because he doesn’t want to seem weak, and she ends up helping patch him up? Thanks!

A/n: I tried with the request but I guess I got side tracked. Not sure if this full fills it. Let me know if you wanted something different and I try again ^^

“Lucifer?” Your voice was carful as you put your hand on the devils shoulder. He had been sitting on your sofa for a couple of hours, altering between staring at the wall and the floor. Something was clearly off but he wouldn’t talk. No matter how often you carefully called out his name and asked, he would just keep staring. It was unnerving, something you never had seen before in the usually more short tempered angel. You could handle his hissy fits by now, but this was new and you didn’t know how to deal with this side of him.

“Talk to me?” You asked softly, feeling him tense up under your touch. Lucifer had been out for a couple of days and this was the first small reaction you got out of him since he got back some hours ago.

“(Y/n)…” his voice sounded cracked like you never heard it before. This wasn’t the powerful carefree angel you had let into your life after he one day turned up out of nowhere. Something had seriously messed with him.

“You know I shouldn’t even be here. Never should have come and never should have stayed” His eyes were focussed on the floor and his body was slumped “But look at me now. A million reason’s to run as far as I can and yet here I am right back.”

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Dear South Park,
I’ve been watching you since you first started airing why yes I’m old and have never shipped a thing, even though I’m prone to do that with almost everything. And then THAT episode happened. 

I hate you.

someone who spent all weekend reading Creek fan fiction what the HELL is wrong with me

but it got me drawing again so that’s a good thing I guess

upperstories  asked:

Something I'm curious about: If Bendy's left Drew Studios and living it up in Toontown, then does that mean Henry was never called back to the studio in the first place? What ever happened to that old animator and that ink machine?

[Let me tell you… while I do have a storyline for this thing it isn’t terribly serious, or in-depth. It’s mostly a place for silliness. As an AU it’s vaguely set after the events take place in BATIM. While I have some theories rattling around about what will happen in the game  I’m not going to comment too much on the game or its other characters until more is revealed. Bendalacreme’s answers pertaining to that or the events will mostly be in the Ilk  of “ I don’t want to talk about it.” Whilst grinding his Teeth.

In very loose terms, I have no doubt that in the end of BATIM the ink demon bendy will be defeated. However, in my AU, after that has happened he wasn’t necessarily killed and he more or less left to rot in the studio, half dead and presumed gone. I haven’t put too much thought into how exactly he got into Toon-Town because it isn’t important (yet, I might elaborate eventually), but it’s more like a Rodger Rabbit situation that toons exist, deal with it. Bendy knows he can’t exist with people. He’s a soul-eating demon, but he also can’t endure being alone any more, so he drags his sorry carcass to TT to heal and regroup. 

I’ll eventually get to elaborate more on how Toon Town works, bit it’s actually set in present day, with Bendaroo  and the other toons hanging out in the 1920s district. I’ll wait to talk about the BATIM events once we get more info.] -Mun

Totally canon convo between Viktor and Yuuri
  • Viktor: Y'know Yuuri, you won't have to train so fiercely to stay in shape forever~
  • Yuuri: I-
  • Viktor: Someday, you'll probably get too tired to work out everyday and turn back into a little piglet~
  • Yuuri: Viktor, what-
  • Viktor: Don't worry, Yuuri, I'll still love you when you're old and fat~
  • Yuuri: ...
  • Yuuri: Well, I'll still love you when you're old and bald
  • Viktor: ...
  • Yuuri: ...
  • Viktor: ...
  • Yuuri: Too mean?
  • Viktor (hysterically): Yuuri why would you say that is it really getting that thin I cannot believe you would bring that up now take it back do you really think I'll go bald no I'd rather die when I'm still youthful and handsome and-
  • Yuuri: Good god
What do I want? he said. I want you to know what it’s like. To be tortured all the time, night and day, desperately wanting what you know you should never want, what doesn’t even want you back. To know how it feels to understand that a decision you made when you were twelve years old means you can never have the one thing that would make you truly happy. I want you to dream about only one thing and want only one thing and obsess about only one thing like I do—Julian— she gasped, desperate to stop him, to stop all this before it was too late. —like I do with you! he finished
—  Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare. 

Hello!! I have a question for anyone who’s seen/read Brokeback Mountain, please :)

I watched  the film again last night ( I shouldn’t have let myself be convinced, been an emotional mess since) after a few years and you know how it goes, when you’re confronted with the same story in a different stage of your life. You grow up, you develop as a human, you learn, you live and get shaped by what you go through, therefore your reactions and emotions inevitably change in relations to facts you’ve been exposed to at 15, 25, 40 etc. I didn’t exactly see the same film I saw as a teenager or as a young woman (last time must have been 5 or 6 years ago), but I was left with the same identical question:

What do you think Ennis means at the very end, when he stares at the old shirts in his closet, full of emotion, and says “Jack, I swear”? Not in a general, sentimental way; what do you think he’s actually swearing to Jack?

Temeraire characters as popular text posts
  • Tharkay: are those feelings get them away from me
  • Laurence: i have been having a. Weird fucking time.
  • Emily: we live in a disgusting dystopian society where swordsmanship isn't a respected college major
  • Temeraire: 'stop being overdramatic' they say. 'what do you mean, overdramatic?' i reply as i descend from the ceiling, surrounded by mist
  • Lenton: Current emotional state: twenty percent battery
  • Rankin: have u ever accidentally befriended someone who is very very irritating
  • Poole: *cracks my knuckles* time to complain
  • Demane: walk into the club like what up i'm not old enough
  • Roland: it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown and that's why my face is fucking ripped and it will kick your ass
  • Volly: it is a proven fact that if you go "whoosh whoosh" while flying you'll go faster
  • Granby: "do they feel the sexual tension too or am I making it up" an autobiography
  • George Laurence: *sighs for three years straight*
  • Langford James: my last word will probably be either "whoops" or "shit"
  • Napoleon: i'm not your gay friend i'm your gay enemy
  • Little: i'm very nice and caring but also full of neutrality and rage
  • Iskierka: I am the nicest, sweetest, most rage-filled person I know
  • Sipho: How do i stop growing up this isn't fun anymore

temporaliter  asked:

after all the garbage, I mean 'news', we've been hearing about s7, do you have any fic recommendations? anything good you've read lately? I'm looking to erase the whole of s7 (and 6 and 5, too, if I'm honest) from my mind :P

Originally posted by britivana

I don’t know what this gif is, but it felt accurate. Here’s a quick list of fix its, old classics that have really stuck in my mind, and a bunch of new stuff. FIC AWAY.

Amazing fix-its season by season

Mickey Mantle vs. the T-Rex, by ZoePlacid, was written between s4 and s5 and it’s so incredibly well written and beautiful. It’s very sad, but hopeful in the best kinda realistic way. Ian/Mickey & Mandy working together.

Once a Gallagher, by merle_p. Great post season 5 fix it, the Gallaghers love Mickey and fight to keep him around. Ian fights for Mickey. Mickey & Lip bonding <3

We’re Not Scared & Familiar by MimiLaRue are two really brilliant post season 5 fix its that I love. Beautifully written and really lovely, and I’m a sucker for the tag ‘magical realism’. 

The New Year by LanJevinson (even though I haven’t read the second part yet because my fragile feels can’t handle it - I need to get a grip) are literally canon for me since I stopped watching the show.

Bunch o’ classic AU

The Halfway House by MintSauce is one of my early absolute favorites, it’s my fic equivalent to comfort food.

Rookie Mistakes by Delgay. Classic hockey AU is classic for a reason

Absolutely everything The Rat has written, but especially Flyboy and the Gearhead (space mechanic Mickey and pilot Ian and probably my favourite fic ever), Make the change (Mickey tries to get laid and Ian drives a cab, I think about this one a lot and my whole brain kinda hums it’s so good) & Test Run (I might be a lil biased, but this Star Wars AU is a triumph) <3 <3 <3 <3 like seriously 

I’d follow your love down a dead end street, by ZoePlacid, 10/10 makes me ugly-cry and 100% my favourite soulmate fic ever. 

Twenty-One, oh man, dystopian future AU. I haven’t read the last part (I have a problem, OK? I need to take my time with things that are long and emotional and brilliant) but yes. Vive la revolution.

Twelve Months. Y’all probably already read everything that Anomalously has written, and I could be recommending A World Alone or The Boyfriend Experience because they’re brilliant. But this is a short beautiful thing that I’ve re-read time and time again and it always makes me feel a little bit better about whatever ails me.

Eighty-four by kissteethstainred, I have a thing for numbers in titles. Judging by the number of kudos likely is you’ve read it, but hey. It’s time-traveling and kismet and a whole lot of warm feels, go on. Re-read it.

Ongoing and new stuff that are really great

Dealbreaker by Gemmavich, really nice AU about a bet but no unnecessary drama and a lot of sexual tension and feelings. (edit: argh I can’t believe I spaced on writing the author’s handle on this one and didn’t notice for so long, I suck)

Backdrifting, by Violet_Jones. Smart and funny about Ian and Mickey breaking up in season 3 and then reconnecting several years down the road.

Rhythm, by ObsidianQuill, is on its last chapter now, can you believe it? Mpreg, but also kind of a season 5 fix it and a really good one at that. 

Mickey Milkovich is Hot, by kubrickpotter, is a sexy, funny, properly well written smutty thing about everyone wanting a piece of Mickey (Carl just found a second dvd, this is gonna be goooood)

Hope is the thing with feathers, by Drago, super cute new AU, Ian buys a couple of birds and gets hung up on the guy selling them.

I’ll keep holding on by GaleTheSnail, canon compliant up to and including 6x1, wip about Mickey and Ian reconnecting after 8 years. Really good read so far.

Just a piece of paper, by PrettyCalypso. I’m slightly obsessed with this story? Mickey gets released early and because of a diagnosis agrees to marry Ian for insurance purposes. It’s a bit bleak, no-nonsense but hopeful, and probably not for everyone (totally get it if no one ever wants to read about Mickey being sick, ever) but I really, really like it.

Kiss your fist and punch me in the mouth by xSheepie. Boxing AU that’s looking real good so far. Mickey is a trainer and Ian has an older boyfriend who is probably about to get royally dumped.

It’s a deal, by shamelesstravesties, sweet high school AU escapism batman. Ian has a shitty boyfriend and, let’s face it, Mickey is irresistible. 

Feels like we only go backwards, by Violentsdelight. Mickey gets out and tries to figure out his life. I know I’ve read the first two chapters but I can’t remember if I’ve read more. I remember it seemed very promising!

The Ex by LivingInWonderland, Ian and Mickey reconnect in New York. It’s heavy on emotion and really takes its time to sort through and mend everything that happened in canon.

There’s probably a lot more but I need to stop at some point : (

Hey canon,

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Can you explain more about Taylor releasing her discography for me? I saw iftheresnolove reply on ur post too but I'm still confused what it all means, thank you!

basically she’s putting all her old stuff on streaming so that when she releases a new single she can also release it on streaming apps and not seem like she’s doing it to chart higher (which she totally is). streaming is vital so you can get that #1 and she can’t just depend physical sales anymore cause it will not be enough specially since her image has taken a hit with celebs exposing her.

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I have kind of a weird question because I doubt myself a lot, but do you think I'm too young to be asexual? I mean, I heard the definition in seventh grade and have been using it since ninth and I'm in tenth now. My parents are telling me not to be quick to use labels but two years of thought seems like quite a bit to me. Maybe that's just me. Idk what do you think?

People start labelling kids straight as young as 1 year old.
You’re fine

You can identify with whatever makes you comfortable and remember it’s just a label. You can always change it in the future if you wanted to!