what do you mean i can't draw cats

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Your drawings are so awesome! You are very talented! What kind of drawing tools do you use to make the colored pictures look so real?! I can't figure it out! Great work, Juanjoltaire!

Thank you so much!! And ah, you probably mean the photoshop watercolor brush I’ve been using a lot lately.

You can grab it here for free. Scroll down to the one with the little orange cat samurai and when you order it you can just pay what you want (zero if you wish). When you install it you’ll find it in the brush tool presets (not the brush palette. The instructions will be in the zip file.) It’s a lovely quick brush to use when you don’t have time to do anything much. I also bought his other brush packs because I think he makes very good ones that looks like real media!

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Ayumichi-me Senpai! The way you draw Neko Lucy is SO CUTE. I just can't stop looking at her for being so adorable. Do you think Natsu would not mind if I 'borrow' her just for a 'life time' only? *^-^*


I know what you mean, I can’t stop looking at her either. Just look at her

See? (By the way, It’s my old art in case you don’t know)

And about Natsu? hmmm… I don’t know… >___> I think he’s being protective about his “cat”. I don’t know if he’s letting you borrow her. xD