what do you mean does it come in gold

I like to imagine aliens that have no concept of creative expression. Aliens that design technology only for efficiency and ease of life. Them having books and movies only to convey information. Imagine how baffled they be by humans. They’d be like “what are art museums? You just go to a building and look at pictures?” “Yeah they’re pretty!” “What do they mean?” “Art means different things to different people. It depends on the person!” And they’re just so confused. Or “why are there… why does this cellular phone, as you call it, come in multiple colors?” “Because people like different colors” “but…. why? Does the rose gold phone have a different purpose?” “No they’re all the same, just different colors” “but??????” Or my personal favorite: humans trying to explain the concept of a person having a favorite color. “Why do humans have favorite colors? Do different wavelengths of light mean different things to different people?” “No they just look pretty. I like green. Green is a pretty color.” “But why??????” “Just because.” And they’re just so perplexed and frustrated

guys, really, I have so much appreciation for christophe giacometti, like look at that boy - he’s beautiful and comfortable in his skin and with his sexuality, he doesn’t shy away from a challenge, he’s all about embracing that free spirit life and that is just impressive af, but more than that? he’s been skating for years on end, battling it head on with the best of the best and coming second to the living legend victor nikiforov for Y E A R S and still you don’t see that boy give up bc ofc not. in fact, what does chris do?? HE MAKES FRIENDS WITH THE ONE PERSON WHO ALWAYS ROBS HIM OF GOLD and it’s not for any underhanded reasons as you might expect, it’s simply bc he likes victor the dork and is genuinely a good, good person who would never emotionally manipulate a friend and instead is just happy for him when he wins, even if that means he himself has lost again

just g o d I love chris so much //sobs

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Oh my, I realize you have many asks so feel free to answer simply or not at all, I don't mind! What are your thoughts on Victor's treatment of Yuuri in the beginning (ep 2) to now? I'm thinking of "savage" Victor with his 4 piggy/weight/mediocre comments. He softens toward Yuuri after of course but do you think he'd still have a natural tendency to bluntly tease Yuuri? I know some people call Victor's "don't feel like kissing if it isn't gold" a lil mean but it just isn't at the same level? :)

Victor’s initial roasting of Yuuri (and Yurio) has always struck me as simply what Victor is used to receiving himself. He considers Yakov the “only coach for him.” And what does Yakov do every chance he gets? He roasts Victor.

It’s “tough love,” if you will.

Yuuri doesn’t need to lose weight for cosmetic reasons. He needs to get in shape because he’s an athlete. However, I don’t think Victor understands how harsh he comes across at times.

To him, being hard on someone is a way of guiding them in the direction he feels will benefit them. It’s what Yakov does to him.

As for the “I’m not kissing anything but gold” scene, I think Victor was just being humorous. That entire scene was dripping with sarcasm.

“Aww, you didn’t win gold? Wow, I’m such a terrible coach. I’m so disappointed. Whatever could I kiss instead of a gold medal? Yuuri, do you have any ideas?” *puckers up*

I also think Victor was prodding Yuuri not to retire in that scene. It was a “keep trying” message. 


Let’s take a minute and talk about Mamoru’s car… 

Now, thankfully, some other poor soul has gone through the trouble of identifying what type of car Mamoru sexily drove around for four seasons, because Lord knows, I don’t have the patience for that kinda mess.

But anyway, it is believed that Mamoru drove an Alfa Romeo SZ. And while, to many of us, myself included, the only thing that means is he owned a shiny red car. BUT there’s some pretty interesting facts about this particular model.

These cars were manufactured in Italy in 1991, which explains Mamoru’s driving seat being on the right when they drive on the left in Japan. Still, not that interesting, right? Well, as it turns out, only 1,036 of these cars were ever made, and of that 1,036, of which 38 were for testing, only 100 of the Alfa Romeo SZ’s were ever imported to Japan. (None made it to the US, as they weren’t street legal) So, right away, we know that Mamoru owns a pretty rare car. You just didn’t see these things on the road. I hadn’t even heard of it until I had way too much free time to do this research! 

After some further digging, I found that the original price for the SZ to be about $35,000. Well, that’s not so bad, right? But we have to remember that that’s $35,000 in 1991. Adjust for inflation, and you come to about $65,000, today. And considering the SZ was an import, it’s probable that it cost MUCH more.

So, what does this all mean? Well, only one thing, really. BOYFRIEND WAS LOADED. Orphaned, college student, dater of middle schoolers Mamoru was FLUSH WITH CASH. Like he could make it rain. 

And Usagi? I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but… :D

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The hearts of the kingdoms- Jeffmads-chapter two

Chapter one

James was running, panting as those hounds of darkness howled behind him, right at his heels. He felt betrayed, yet he couldn’t recall why. Tears were streaming down his face and he had one goal, warn the kingdom. He swung onto the horse, trying to figure out why the darkness would be after him. Darkness bowed to Thomas and Thomas would never attack him. Dream James didn’t seem to care as he snapped the reins and took off into the forest, branches reaching for him as he ducked his head. Then there was a flash of pure darkness and Thomas was in front of him. James expected to be happy, yet fear washed over him as dream Thomas unsheathed his blade, smirking slightly. “It’s a shame really-” 

James sat up in bed, panting, his eyes switching over to Thomas, curled up on the couch. He hadn’t felt like he needed to be close to someone in a while but he felt a craving for him, just to be held by him. He knew what that meant, but he pushed it away, they would deal with the subject of the soulmate bond later. Instead he closed his eyes, trying to remember how to summon the elements, he would work on controlling light later, a small ball of water appearing in his hand. He tossed it on Thomas who woke up with a start, his eyes narrowing. “Oh, you’re so going down.” Thomas teased and suddenly there was a wave of water crashing over James, drenching him. James tossed his arms out and warm air dried him off before vines wrapped around Thomas’ body, Thomas laughing. “Usually when I tie people up, I do it with my shadows.”

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All That is Gold Does Not Glitter

Authors Note: I am out of my comfort zone writing this piece and it excites me. Just to let you know I used the suggested names for the game for the siblings and cousin. I hope you like it.

I’m shivering from the cold, the moon shines over the water that crashes against the ship. I’d spend more time looking at my reflection on the pool deck if I wasn’t figuring out the rest of my life.

When I got here I had never stepped out of my comfort zone. I never had to worry that all changed last year when my Nana passed. That’s when I became more of a recluse, it’s when the downward spiral, brought me on the cruise.

I would never classify myself as beautiful so it came as a shock to me when three random guys, fell in love with me. They want my hand in marriage and yet they probably don’t know my middle name. I actually don’t even know there’s? I’ve traveled across the globe with these men and know absolutely nothing about them.

All I know is the outside appearance. They are very handsome, and they all are willing to give up something important to them for what? Me? I mean three men want to marry me? A CEO, a Prince, and a Bartender. I’m not dating any of them, or maybe I’m dating all of them. I didn’t know the commitments I was making by going on dates.

They all look at me with the same grin, the box, and their eyes awaiting my answer. They want to know who I’ll choose. My siblings want to know who I’ll choose. I just want to know what to do.

Trust me, I’m not innocent in this I’ve gotten my fair share of bliss. I’ve been to an actual Palace. I’ve met a King and a Queen. I’ve been on Private Jets, before this I’ve only flown twice and I didn’t even fly first class. I’ve walked into a speakeasy, and danced the night away.

Maybe I shouldn’t doubt love. Thinking about it the boat is filled with it my sisters both have their respective lovers. Even my brother is opening up to Elena.

It’s easy right? I just have to marry one of them, and then I’ll get to know them, maybe one day I’ll actually fall in love with them. Or maybe I won’t and then I’ll spend my inheritance on a great divorce lawyer.

When did things get so complicated? When my Nana made this request I was already engaged. Would she want me to marry a complete stranger? The real question is can I marry a stranger?

I could use a drink but then Dean might be working, and he’ll ask if I made up my mind. I’d get on my phone but who knows if William or Leo will contact me to whisk me away.

I don’t want to travel anymore. I just want to enjoy the cruise. I just wanted to lay by the pool, and try and tan. I wanted to spend time with my family. I wanted to know if Jess picked between Carter or Blake, I wanted to know how Nicole won back Audrey, and I wanted to know how Alex was doing with Elena.

My plan was to just be me, and in between finding myself, I’d find time. Time to have a drink with my siblings. Instead I’m trying to find the time to choose my husband.

I don’t know what to do, at this point it would be smarter to just pull a name out of a hat. I’ll just marry the guy whose name I picked out of a hat. Jess would tell me to marry the one who gave me the biggest diamond. Nicole would crunch the numbers between each man and our chance between happiness and divorce. Alex, well he’d tell me to be with the one who gives me butterflies.

Why can’t I just get married when I’m ready? I mean I won’t get the inheritance money. Well I don’t really need the money, great now I’m lying to myself.

I just need someone else to make the decision for me.

I go to Alex’s cabin first knocking softly on the door, hoping I don’t wake Elena. Alex is up, and it looks like so is Elena.

“Hey is everything okay?” He asks ushering me inside.

“I mean I guess nothing out of the usual. I just,” I look over and notice the discarded clothes and the robe. Oh god did I just interrupt them? Oh please tell me I’m not in this situation. “I can leave and come back.”

“No sit down.” It’s a request and I tip toe around the clothes and park myself at the endge of the bed.

“I need to know who you think I should marry?”

He whispers with Elena before they both nod. Alex finally answers my question, “I feel like William could securely take care of you. He has the money, and would take you around the world. I mean he’s already flown you all over the country. You could live that life, forever. You’d never have to worry about money again.”

I nod and kiss him on the cheek walking out, I could travel the world. He says he’ll cut back in his company for me, but do I want that for him. Would he honestly be able to stop the time management lifestyle he has. Would we get along when we aren’t flying across the globe.

I’m knocking on Nicole’s door but I know better. She’s with Audrey probably knocking another thing off her list. When I do find them, they are in the middle of the dance floor smushed between other people. I find myself squeezing between sweaty bodies, to get to Nicole.

I’m shouting over the music to try and get her attention. “Nicole!”

“Oh hey what are you doing here?” I could ask her the same, but I know what she’s doing. I wave her over and she follows me after kissing Audrey once.

“I have a question who do you think I should marry?”

“Leo, you two go on adventures together, and I’m not just talking about whisking you away. He’ll always keep you on your toes. You need a guy like that. One that who wants to have fun, everyday of your life will be unexpected.”

“Yeah maybe, hey it looks like Audrey needs your attention. I’ll see you later.” I give her a hug, and walk out of the club.

Sure Leo has kept me on my toes, and it was nice at first. Except will there ever be a day where we could settle down? He’s giving up the throne because of the responsibility, but I need someone responsible.

I’m walking through the kitchen doors knowing that Jess is in the middle of dinner service. I get strange looks from the staff, but they zoom past me. I’m not the main priority, their guests are.

“Jess,” I call out she turns around with a huge tray in her hands.

“You can’t be back here right now.”

“It’s an emergency, well kind of.”

She sends a pout, Carters way and he grabs her tray. She smiles at him before he leaves, and rushes over to me. “Okay we have about two minutes.”

“Who should I marry?”

Jess looks towards the doors and then back to me.

“Dean you should marry him. He wouldn’t expect you to be anything other than yourself. Plus he seems the most down to earth. Imagine you could stay on the boat, and live life on the ocean.I love you but I have to get out there, before Blake has my head.” She waves and struts out of the kitchen towards the guests. I wave back.

Sure Dean is more of my style. A relaxed man, who has done all he could and can to get him where he’s at. The problem is I don’t want to spend my life on a boat, and I haven’t heard him really want anything else.

They have been no help at all. They’ve all seemed to grow up as the cruise continues. I never expected to find Nicole on the dance floor, or Jess taking her job seriously. Alex is taking risks with his love life. They’ve all had some sort of personal growth and I haven’t changed for the better at all.

I see my cousin standing alone ay the end of the ship. Violet and I don’t get along, but maybe the one who dislikes me the most could give me the best advice.

“Can I ask you something?”

She jumps back before turning with her signature glare. “I guess.”

“Who do you think I should marry?”

“Do you really care what I think?”

“This might surprise you and me but yes, yes I do.”

“Don’t marry any of them.”

“Is this out of spite, or for the money, or is it because we’re family?”

“It’s because you don’t know any of these guys. You can’t just marry someone because of pretty rings.”

“Then I spent this entire cruise wasting my time. I just feel so lost.” I hang my head low Violet pats my back awkwardly.

“You’ve been around the world, and back. I think you found yourself here, and it’s not thanks to those guys. It’s thanks to yourself.”

“You sound like you know what your talking about.”

“I don’t, but I read a lot of books. The books give me a better insight of the world, the people, and the problems they face.”

“I didn’t know that about you Violet.”

“You didn’t ask.” Her eyes become sorrow filled and maybe I should have asked. Maybe I should try harder with her.

“I think this might be the most civil conversation we’ve had in, well, forever. You’ll have to give me some book suggestions.”

“Maybe I will. So you think you’ve figured out what to do?”

“I think that I might know what to do from here.”

“Don’t tell your siblings about this then they’ll want free advice too.”

“I won’t, but this does mean I’ll be coming back for more advice.”

“I’ll charge next time.”

I let a smile grace my face for the first time that day, I took one last walk across the ship. When I finally made my way to my cabin I found a note on my door.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

I knew the for once I had to choose myself.


Sebastian Stan - Reunion - Part 4b

Reunion Master List

It’s time for something you’ve always dreaded, your high school reunion. You were always the “nerdy girl” and the “weird one” and you never had many friends. You don’t want to go, but you feel like you have to, but you don’t want to go alone, but who do you ask? Well, luckily for you, Sebastian Stan, yes, the Sebastian Stan, just so happens to be your best friend. You ask him to be your fake date so you can rub it in the faces of the people who hated you, much to your relief he agrees. Let’s just hope everything goes to plan.

Sebastian x Fem!Reader

Warning: Swearing

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Okay, I need to rant...

Okay, I do not understand people’s need for confirmation in Yuuri and Viktor’s relationship. Like, what more do you want? Let’s ignore all the little signs that they’re in crazy in love, but only go on what we see in the show. You still have more than enough proof!

In Episode 9, Yuuri does what amounts to a Japanese proposal. Viktor even calls him on it, and Yuuri just smiles. Then we get to Episode 10. They wear gold wedding rings, which they exchanged in a church. Romantic, much? You think Yuuri didn’t realize the romanticness of that? Of course, he did! 

Then, we have the scene in the restaurant - all the other skaters (minus JJ) are there, and we also have Minako and Yuuri’s sister, Mari. Viktor says that they’re engaged. Yuuri had time to deny it. He could have. What does he do? He looks to his friends for their reactions to Viktor’s comment, presumably about him winning gold. He could have said, “We’re not engaged.” He could have. He had time. HE DIDN’T!

Then, we have Episode 12 - they skate a romantic pairs skate together. The duet that means stay close to me and neve leave. They are making bedroom eyes at each other they entire time, and look like they kiss briefly when Viktor comes out on the ice. Then Yuuri moves to St. Petersburg with Viktor.

Now, there’s no proof but you can highly assume that they move into together. Then we also have what Kubo-sensei has said - that Yuuri and Viktor can’t live without each other, and can’t be separated. You also have to take into account that the Japanese simply don’t talk in big confessions of love and stuff like that. It’s not who they are.

What more do you want? The show is written vague for a reason, but if you just look, it’s all there. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but honestly, don’t understand at all why people don’t get it. You shouldn’t need to see “we’re in love” or “we’re engaged/dating/whatever” to know they’re in a romantic relationship. I have to wonder if this had been a straight couple if people would still be asking this.

so close yet so far
  • prior to reveal
  • Tikki: /fumbles around Marinette's purse trying to see if there are any cookies
  • Tikki: /grumbles to herself I'll just pop out for 2 mins..
  • Tikki: /floats into bag just outside the purse
  • Tikki: /tugs as the first thing so sees
  • Plagg: Ye-ouch what on earth boy? What do you think-TIKKI?
  • Tikki: Plagg? what-what are you doing here??
  • Plagg: Uhm my wielder is here, on a date, although he denies its a dat-
  • Tikki: Adrien is Chat Noir???
  • Plagg: Yea- wait. Does that mean...
  • Tikki: ...
  • Plagg: He's going on a date with LADYBUG?
  • Tikki: ...
  • Plagg: This is gold /cackles like a maniac
  • Plagg: Please, Tikki, isn't this just hilarious? /cackles more
  • Tikki: I thought I missed you
  • Plagg: I know you love me
  • Tikki: ...
  • Plagg: /frowns
  • Tikki: /rolls eyes/ Come here you needy kitty /they embrace. Suddenly the bag moves and a hand comes through. Adrien's face appears
  • Adrien: /whispers/ Plagg? Are you hungry? I brought you camembert- woah who are you?
  • Tikki: ...
  • Adrien: Wait... are you ladybug's kwami?
  • Adrien: that means shes close right?
  • Adrien: OMG ladybug in civilian form is close!!!
  • Marinette: Adrien? who are you talking to?
  • Adrien: OMG I think I saw ladybug's kwami! She's nearby! In civilian form!!
  • Marinette: ...
  • Tikki: ...
  • Plagg: ...
  • Adrien: what?
  • Everyone: /facepalms

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Cursed!faux!incest Emma goes out drinking at the Rabbit Hole, only to see Belle Gold and her brother are there too.

A/N: This is Belle’s dress.

There was really no escaping the pair. Emma had thought Mr Gold would never be caught dead in a dive bar like The Rabbit Hole which had been one of the main reasons why she had taken Ruby and Mary Margaret up on the offer of a girl’s night for Valentine’s Day with Ashley. 

At first everything had been great. Boring as hell, but otherwise uneventful. Then Belle Gold had shown up in what had to be the world’s shortest dress, some obviously couture but also incredibly petite bit of cloth, a one-shouldered collage of gold scraps sewn together. Her hair was swept to the side and her make-up heavier than the blonde was used to seeing. Beside her Ruby whistled.

“Ooooh, sibling fight.”

The other women turned their attention to the librarian, who had sauntered to the bar and downed two glasses of wine before grabbing a third one and making her way to the pool tables. Though wary at first men soon were fighting for the opportunity to play a game or two with Belle.

“Wonder what Gold did this time.” Ashley seemed almost gleeful as she asked the question, to the extent that Mary Margaret looked at her reprovingly.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, there’s only one reason why Belle Gold ever dresses up like that, puts on fire-engine-red lipstick and hustles some poor bastards at pool. She got into a fight with her brother and this is how she punishes him.”

By the pool tables Miss Gold was bending low, the dress stretched tight over her ass as she lined up a perfect shot. Her opponent, though loosing, did not seem to be minding much, his attention not on the table at all.

“What do you mean she does this to punish Gold?”

“Gold thinks everyone’s too good for his sister. He gets really jealous and overprotective whenever she’s the centre of male attention and Belle, bleeding heart that she is, usually gives in to his controlling tendencies. But when she’s really mad the gloves come off and she turns into a total flirt to make him mad.” Ruby seemed almost proud as she said the last part and looked at her friend, giggling at something the moron she was playing with said.

“Well, that’s not creepy or dysfunctional at all.”

“You haven’t seen the best part yet.”

As if in cue the front door banged open and Mr Gold strode in. Though he seemed outwardly calm there was a quiet air of fury about him, and his eyes were downright scary. The Sheriff watched as he glanced around, a faint sneer of disdain twisting his mouth. His eyes finally spotted his sister, laughing as her pool buddy leaned over and whispered something in his ear, one of his arms loosely wrapping itself around her waist. She was leaning on her pool cue, her other hand holding a mostly-empty glass of wine, appearing completely at ease and quite enjoying herself.

For a moment everything seemed to stop inside the bar. The other patrons, seeming to become aware of the tension, turned their eyes towards the pool area. The pawnbroker walked sedately towards the pair, the tapping of his cane deafening in the sudden quiet of the room. His sister, as if unable to do otherwise, turned her head to meet her eyes with his, and the absolute fury she saw there gave her pause. But to Emma’s surprise she soon seemed to grow angry herself, turning her attention back to her young suitor, who was clearly drunk or horny enough not to sense the approaching danger.

As Gold got close enough he said something that was inaudible, but his sister’s curt reply of “So now you want to talk?” was loud and clear. As if baiting a wild animal she leaned closer to her young man, and the poor asshole, still completely unaware, dared slide the hand on her back a bit lower. Gold, it seemed, saw red. Grabbing his cane by the base he hooked the handle on the man’s arm, wrenching it away from the librarian with enough force to make the women wince sympathetically. The guy, tall and lumbering and a complete idiot, turned around completely pissed, registering a little too late who he was up against. In the blink of an eye the man was bent over the pool table, Gold’s cane pressed against his windpipe. Just as Emma was rising from the table, ready to break up the fight and possibly haul Gold’s ass to a holding cell, Belle intervened, pushing her brother away from the poor asshole he was choking and angrily telling him off. 

It soon became clear her fury had little to do with Gold’s assault and battery and more to do with something that had happened earlier in the day, something to do with the florist and a van Gold had confiscated from him. At first it seemed the pawnbroker was desirous to argue, reminding her sister in an increasingly unintelligible accent that he was fully in his rights to do what he’d done and that Mr French had willingly put up the van as collateral for a loan. Belle seemed to be of the opinion that a little bit of leeway and some generosity were in order, to which her brother replied he wasn’t a “fucking charity”. Soon enough, however, the topic deviated from the florist, concentrating more on Gold’s beastly demeanour and Belle’s childish attempts at acting out when he did something she didn’t like.

But after a while Gold seemed to deflate, his righteous anger disappearing and leaving behind a tired, broken man. Emma could see then how wretched he was, how unhappy it made him to be fighting with his sister. Belle seemed to see it too, her innate kindness and good nature taking over. Their conversation became hushed, more intimate, both siblings getting closer. Belle was the one to first touch him, removing an imaginary piece of lint from his shoulder and letting her hand linger there, stroking the expensive wool of his coat. Gold tentatively answered the gesture, letting one of his hands settle on the curve of his sister’s waist. A few moments later he dropped his head, an apology leaving his lips before his sister settled her other hand on the back of his neck and drew him into her arms, unflinching as he tightened the hold around her waist and crushed her to him. She crooned something into his ear, stroking his hair and rubbing a cheek against his. Emma downed the rest of her beer in one gulp, deciding she was far too sober for what she was watching.

After a while Gold seemed to calm down enough to regain his composure, straightening up and glaring around, as if daring anyone to comment on what they’d just seen. A moment later he removed his coat and wrapped it around his sister’s shoulders, likely commenting on the chill in the air.

“The coat’s on, show’s officially over.” Ruby flagged a passing waiter, handing him her empty glass and grinning wolfishly as she asked for another. Emma turned to Mary Margaret, sure that she’d find the school teacher as perturbed by the whole scene as she was but her attention has shifted to David Nolan, who was nervously hovering a few feet away. 

“Seriously, what is up with this town?”

Santa Baby {Christmas Series}

Pairing: You x Suho

Summary: When he wears fancy dress for your kids

“HO HO HO,” Joonmyun exclaimed in the deepest voice he could muster as my lips twisted with barely restrained laughter, “Merry Christmas!”

“Santa!” Our daughter Sooyoung shrieked, dashing forward as Myungsoo remained stood with his arms curled shyly around my leg, eyes tentative and a little perplexed.

“Mommy?” Myungsoo whispered, reaching up to tug my hand. “Isn’t Santa only supposed to come on Christmas Eve?”

“He’s come a few days early to ask what you want for Christmas, Myungsoo,” I smiled, watching my son’s eyes widen cutely.

“Does that mean I’ve been good this year?”

“The best behaved boy in the whole country,” I confirmed.

“Oh my God,” Chanyeol exclaimed theatrically, sounding like he was reading from a script (and also a little drunk), “What on earth is Santa Claus doing in your living room?”

“Someone call TMZ,” Baekhyun yelled.

“That’s enough mulled wine Baek-” “HANDS OFF MY GLASS KIM JONGIN!" 

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'Once Upon a Time' bosses tease Dark Swan, Rumple's fate and more
Now that Emma has become the new Dark One, there are so many burning questions Once Upon a Time fans have about the new season! Has she gone full...

What differences will she have from the Dark One that was Rumple? Does she make deals like Rumple?
HOROWITZ: How a Dark One manifests is specific to each person who takes on the mantle. Emma will have her own unique spin on what it means to be a Dark One.
KITSIS: We’re going to get really into the Dark One mythology. One thing that we think about is once you become the Dark One, it allows you to have the freedom to have no inhibitions.
HOROWITZ: You become the ultimate version of yourself, but on the dark side.

When Rumple became the Dark One, he didn’t suddenly disappear, so are we going to get an explanation of where Emma has gone off to?
HOROWITZ: Absolutely.
KITSIS: We’re going to show you that. I’d say the main difference is that Rumple killed the previous Dark One, so he immediately became one. What we saw was the Apprentice take the darkness out of Rumple and then it was uncontrollable, so it’s a whole different way of receiving the Dark One curse.

Now that Emma has taken his place, how does not having the darkness inside of Rumple change him?
KITSIS: Well, the last we left him, he was doing his Han Solo Carbonite impression, so the real question is: Will he ever wake up? That’s what we’re going to explore.

If he does wake up and if he is a good person again, is there a possibility for Belle and Rumple?
KITSIS: This is a show about hope, so to give up hope would be horrible, but that doesn’t mean it will be an easy path or a successful path.

You do have Rumple’s mother coming in. Is there anything you can tell us about her or what side she brings out in Rumple?
KITSIS: I would say people will see very clearly in the premiere what we intend to do with that character.

1D Preferences: More Than Friends

Liam: Your breath catches in your throat as you feel Liam shift closer to your body.  Immediately, you felt embarrassed.  After all, he was one of your best friends.  And friends didn’t get all hot and flushed whenever they so much as talked to each other.  “…and it’s just…I don’t know if she’s right for me,” Liam was saying, completely oblivious to your internal struggles.  There was a pause as you tried to fight off the wave of jealousy at the thought of Liam’s girlfriend.  (Another reason why he was totally off-limits.) He glances sideways at you, concerned.  “Are you ok?  I mean, you seem awfully quiet today.”  You nod, avoiding his searching eyes.  “Of course.”  Liam raises an eyebrow, looking unconvinced.  “Do you like her?  Sophia, I mean.”  “Uh, she’s okay,” you mumble, half-heartedly.  “I don’t know if you should ask me though, because I’m biased.”  The last few words had slipped out of your mouth.  “Why biased?” Liam muses, amused.  You turn to him like a deer in the headlights.  “Well…because I’ve known you since like forever, and you know, I only met her a few times, and—“ He cuts your babbling off with a laugh.  “Bullshit,” he murmurs, before lowering his mouth onto your lips.

Harry: “Is this movie getting boring or is it just me?” Harry asks, faking a yawn.  “Just you,” you reply back, eyes glued to the screen.  “What?” you say defensively as he snorts.  “Henry Cavill is so hot.”  You could almost feel Harry rolling his eyes beside you.  “Sure…”  “He is!” you giggle, finally turning to face him.  “He has super dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes…” you trail off, suddenly aware that if you had replaced ‘blue’ with ‘green’, you would have described Harry instead.  He smirks at you, as if reading your thoughts.  “Well, I have super dark hair and gorgeous green eyes,” Harry injects, making you blush.  “Does that make me hotter?”  You were silently thankful that the lights had been turned off for the movie.  Otherwise, Harry would have seen exactly how red your face was at this moment.  Something hits your cheek, and you let out an indignant ‘ow’.  “It’s just popcorn,” he laughs.  You grab a handful of popcorn from your own bowl, but Harry, expecting your retaliation, jumps on you.  “Harry!” you gasp, out of breath, as he wrestles you to the ground.  “Hm, I think I quite like this position,” he says, jokingly.  His eyes turn darker, though, and more serious as he looks down at you.  “You wouldn’t believe how jealous I am right now.”

 Zayn: “I think I’m gonna miss your baking the most,” Niall chuckles, giving you a light hug.  You laugh, rolling your eyes at him.  “I’ll miss you too.”  From behind you came an uncomfortable and deliberately loud cough from Zayn.  Niall smiles mischievously and runs a hand through his blonde hair.  “Well, I’ll just, uh, give you two lovebirds time alone to say your goodbyes.”  And with that, he winks at you and Zayn before disappearing through the airport.  Suddenly feeling shy, you turned around to meet Zayn’s dark eyes.  “So…” you began slowly, rocking back on your heels.  He glances up at you with an equally shy half-smile with his hands in his jean pockets.  “So…?”  “So I’m going to miss your goofy, hipster-wannabe butt for half a year,” you giggle, throwing your arms around Zayn’s neck.  You could feel the deep vibrations of his laugh as Zayn wraps his arms around your waist tightly.  “Hey, you can come and visit on tour sometime.”  You pull away from him, though Zayn still kept his hands on your hips.  He gives you an encouraging smile and tucks a strand of your loose hair behind your ears.  “This is harder for me than it is for you,” Zayn mumbles under his breath, his warm palm pressed to your cheek still.  You felt hot and dizzy and flustered as if it was only you and Zayn in the crowded airport.  “What does that mean?” you whisper.  He raises an eyebrow, and you notice him stealing a quick look at your lips.  “What do you think it means?”

Niall: “Mmm, I’m gonna go get us more drinks,” Niall slurs into your ear before heading off towards the bar.  You laugh at his drunken state.  “Take it easy, Nialler.”  You watch his retreating back until he is completely absorbed by the crowd.  “Remind me,” a new voice says.  “Why aren’t you two going out?”  You look over your shoulder to see Louis smirking. “You like him, he likes you…I mean, what’s stopping you guys?”  You felt a flush come across your cheeks, and butterflies fluttering tentatively in your stomach.  Straightening, you stare defiantly into Louis’s eyes.  “Because sometimes a boy and girl can be just friends, Lou.”  He chuckles, shaking his head.  “Just friends,” he repeats, clearly amused.  Without another word, he points behind you, and you turn to see Niall coming back with two glasses in each hand.  “Miss me?” Niall asks, smiling.  “Lots,” you smile back, realizing that Louis was gone.  Your heart races as Niall bends in to hand you your glass.  He was close enough for you to inhale his spicy cologne.  In a sudden rush of adrenaline (with the possible help of alcohol), you grab Niall’s collar and press a kiss onto his warm lips.  His blue eyes are wide when you pull away.  “Whoa,” he whispers, before pulling your body against his once more.

Louis: “Don’t you think we’re a little too old?” Louis pauses at the sight of you squealing in delight, his mouth quirking up at the corners.  “A little too old for what?!” you yell back.  “To be on the swing at a children’s playground,” he replies, squinting up at you to keep the sun from shining too directly into his eyes.  “Since when does Louis Tomlinson think he’s too old to do something?” you ask, raising an eyebrow.  Louis shrugs, his eyes shifting from your face to a point over your shoulder.  “Just because I didn’t want to grow up doesn’t mean I didn’t,” he murmurs quietly.  “Aw, come on, Lou!” you whine playfully.  “I was kidding.”  He grins and fixes you with an unwavering look.  The sun’s rays seemed to bring out the gold flecks in his blue eyes, and you sat, mesmerized.  “I bet I can swing higher than you,” Louis brags.  Once you were both soaring high, you glance over at Louis and stuck out your tongue.  “On 3, we jump off, ok?” He nods, looking determined.  “1…2…” you say slowly, watching his reaction.  “3!”   And with that, you let go of the swing’s chains and went flying.  A loud gasp leaves your mouth as you realized who you landed on.  “Ok, that actually hurt…” Louis laughs, sounding out of breath.  It was only then that you realized how close you two were.  Your mouth was literally inches away from his.  “Kiss me?” Louis exhales softly.

The Night Before The Wedding, Chapter Five

Summary: Belle French wakes up married to someone who is not her fiancé.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Author’s Notes: Thanks again for all the comments. I do appreciate them even if I haven’t gotten back to you because you know, life.  Please let me know what you think and happy reading!

Belle endured Ariel’s criticism all the way back to the hotel. The only interruption was Emma’s dismay at discovering the cafe with the burrito challenge had in fact closed.

“I need to think,” Belle declared as Ariel took a breath in the elevator.

“Think about what?,” Ariel demanded.

“About what to order from room service,” Emma groaned.

“Could you stop thinking about your stomach?,” asked Ariel.

They entered the hotel room to find Ruby, Mary Margaret and Aurora waiting. They were gathered in the room’s small seating area with supplies and champagne.

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Elf Verse: December 8

I am responding to thedoobly-doo’s angst with fluff! Have some Elf verse on me!

woodelf68 prompted: Belle suggests making xmas cookies togetheras a way for Neal & Gold to bond. By the time the cookies go in the oven, Gold & Neal are laughing and having fun together, and seeing Gold relaxed & smiling & licking batter off his fingers makes Belle start to yearn for something new.

 Anonymous prompted: I have a prompt for your Elf verse if you are still taking them. How about one of them accidentally sees the other one naked??

Remember, this verse is open for prompts!

Also found on A03

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xmas-swampert - Often mistaken for the tiniest banana, this little moth is letting you know he does not like being squeezed!

ask-kellicpony - No one really knows where this cat got hoodie… Who put it on this cat? Why? The cat doesn’t seem to fuss with it at all and when you try to help the cat remove it they just run away!

oisinking - This naked rat smells amazing. It’s said to have the softest most peach fuzziest body ever, it adores spa time and gentle petting.

theoldaeroplane - This cloaked creature is a rare sighting. Most folks don’t even tend to notice the raggedly looking cloth at first until a flash of glimmer peeks out from the gold lining. Little do they know this is the blessing Shepard, coming to those in need of some good fortune. But what does that mean? Luck? Money? Goods? No one really knows what the blessing Shepard actually bestows…

Falling, Catching

Follow up to Forbidden Fruit and Skinned (I never had a priest kink, I don’t know what happened to me, I swear): Father Gold and Sister Belle work together to sort out the Church library, and come across some interesting reading material, calling for explanations…

Rating: Explicit (NC-17) (kind of).


Without a doubt, this had been the worst idea ever. Worse than the pharaoh disregarding Moses’ warnings. Worse than becoming a priest in the first place. Father Gold watched as Sister Belle bent down to pick up another stack of books to sort into the shelves, relished the way her habit hugged her torso, tracing the shape of her breasts for a moment, and wondered when God would start throwing frogs and locusts at him. It was the third day they worked in the library together, the third day in a row that he desperately tried to fight off the desire to press her against one of those shelves and plunder her mouth with his, the third day in a row that the remembrance of her naked skin under his fingertips, when he had patched her up, scorched him from within.

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