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Sir Atticus, first of all, thank you for making the e-books free! But personally, I would feel (kinda) bad if I just snag them without paying anything. So would you be open for a pay-what-you-want kind of thing? Like, we can put anywhere from $0-$whatever? I'm not saying that you should do this, but I was just wondering. Thankies much!

You are very kind, but the books will be forever free.

At the moment, the Evil Supply Co.’s store is more general fun wickedness. I do not offer, lets say, a “Strawberry kissing Red Kelp” t-shirt. A huge chunk of the folk who shop at the store don’t know about the stories, and huge chunks of people who read the stories want character-specific things over genera wickedness.


The books aim to bridge that by reaching out to new audiences, making it easier to read for the existing audience, and tap into folk who enjoy our stories but do not want to just occasionally read them when they are on Tumblr and a story goes live. Its a bit hit-or-miss, as this is the nature of social media, and something I’m looking to get around.

Mix and match

The other thing – Evil Supply Co. stories are rambling. Timelines are seemingly non-existent, characters are introduced willy-nilly then disappear, sometimes for actual years, grammar is more of a suggestion than a set of rules that make sense. Nothing makes sense!

Which works really, really well for ESC but is a hard sell on books.

Plus, by keeping them free, it allows me to completely mix-and-match anthologies to what makes sense, rather than worrying about “ah papercuts are people going to feel ripped off if I build a 13-story book about Strawberry and Red Kelp? They’ve already seen 7 stories if they have yadda-yadda-yadda books.”

It also allows me to do things like “Here is a book. It is literally nothing more than pranks Lemon Peel has played on Atticus. There is no plot. Just an increasingly exasperated shape shifting villain and an equally increasingly happy tiny yellow dragon.”

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Hey could you write a blurb based on the video that Mitchy posted in his story of Luke? Like we're on the way home and Luke notices his iPhone isn't there and then like we drive back from where we came from and he finds it in a garbage can and then I make fun of it and then he just punishes me for making fun of that. I'm sorry if it's not understandable and if you can't do that now it's ok too.:)

+cont. or without the punishment and just cute fluff. Do what you feel more comfortable to write.☺️

girl, i can do both aha x 

so i m a g i n e just driving in the large black crossover, away from the party you all were hanging out at. You all had more plans for the night, so you all called night at that party. But as soon as you all were somewhat far, Luke starts patting himself down for his phone. 

“Shit dude, I don’t have my phone,” Luke announced, having you look worrisome with the boy in the back seat. You check around the back with him while Mitchy and the others look around in the seats in front of yours. But his phone was nowhere to be found in the vehicle. 

“Mate, do we have to turn around?” Calum groaned from the front, having you drop your forehead in your hand in pure defeat when Luke replies ‘yes.’ So Mitchy turns the car around, having you notice a mischievous smirk playing at the corner of his lips as he did so. Returning to the area, you left the car with Luke and Mitchy, only to hear Mitchy begin to laugh really loud. 

“Oh my fuck, Mitchy, where is it?” Luke huffed, clinking his brown cowboy boots on the road as Mitchy began filming the recyclables trash can. You cupped your mouth, concealing your laughter as Luke tried playing off his vexation with laughter. 

“Hey Luke, where’s your phone?” Mitchy teases, having Luke completely in disbelief as he grabs his phone from inside the blue container. Luke presents his phone to the recording phone as he begins walking back. You quickly scram back into the car, awaiting the two to go back inside. 

You hear an ‘I hate you’ before Mitchy and Luke return to the car. 

“Where the fuck was it?” Ashton began, twisting his torso to look back at Luke. 

“He put it in the fucking trash,” Luke exclaimed, chuckling as he wipes the phone on his skinny jeans. Ashton brings his hand to his hair and ruffles the blonde locks in amusement, seeing as Luke was being playfully frustrated. Luke swatted him away before putting the phone safely in his pocket. 

“Luke, don’t be so mad!” Mitchy hummed as he pulled the car away from the curb and back to where you guys were headed. 

“Fuck off,” Luke said through laughter, having everyone else laugh in the car. You smiled at Luke, amused at his fake laughter. You then bring your hand up to pinch his chin between your fingers. He faces you, his laughter slowly dissolving as everyone returned to their conversations. His ocean blue eyes stared at you, though it was difficult to see the blue as the car was dim. You snickered at him, giving him a grin in amusement. 

“Why you so mad, baby?” You teased, puckering your lips to give him several air kisses. He just stared at you, rolling his eyes as you giggled. “You’re so cute when you’re angry.” You laughed some more, having Luke quickly take your face between his hands.

“Thank it’s funny, do you?” Luke hummed, his voice much quieter than before. You found yourself going stern, staring into him with awe as his face became just as serious. “Do you, baby girl?” 

“Just a tad…” You whispered, having Luke’s rouge lips slightly part. He brings his tongue out and swipes them both, making them shiny and moist. His thumb brushes both cheeks, making you curious of his intentions. But then he brought his face close, guiding his lips towards your ear until you could feel his hot breath. 

“Don’t make a sound,” Luke said quietly, having you nod in confusion but firmly. Luke then lowered his thumbs to the underside of your chin and tilted your head up. Without warning, Luke latches his lips on your neck, having you take your lips into your mouth to bite them down with your teeth. You could feel his pearly whites gently gnaw at your neck, his hot breath and cool tongue bringing contradictory pleasure to it. 

“Luke,” you emit in a whisper, your hands subconsciously being brought up to weave your fingers through his blonde locks. His tongue grazes along to different spots of your neck, feeling him suck and tug at the splotches of flesh he selects. It became hard to contain your noises, but you did keep them at very quiet breaths. Nobody suspected a thing, seeing as they were far too engaged in their talk about the party to be asked. 

“Don’t make fun of me,” Luke spoke lowly to your neck, peppering soft kisses all over before pulling away. He tugs your face over to his and plants a kiss on your lips before planting a kiss on both of your cheeks, the tip of your nose, and your forehead. “Okay, loser?” 

“Yeah, yeah,” you said quietly, bringing your hand up to wipe away Luke’s trail of saliva left attempting to dry on your neck. “Gosh, you’re so gross. Your hands were in the trash and now I have your slobber all over.” 

“You love me really,” Luke teases, stealing you into an embrace as you rolled your eyes. 

“Uh huh,” you hummed sarcastically, feeling as he began cradling you lovingly. 

luke blurbs :)) 

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I came across you're "unconditional homes for homeless people" post. I was wondering if you have any thoughts about crime related to it? I'm thinking that no one wants to live next to "unhomeless" drinkers, drug users etc (even if they don't do it, people will think they do). This means the housing area would be away from the general public and create like a slum type situation. Or do you not think this will happen? I do agree with your post I just cant picture how it will work in praxis...

disorganised thoughts on this

1) the homeless & addicts/mentally ill don’t commit crime bc we love robbery and fraud, we’re overwhelmingly what uk law calls acquisitive criminals I.e. we steal shit for cash rather than doing crime for fun or bc we’re violent. the model I believe in for the homeless presupposes a model in which addiction is seen as a public health issue/ engaged with sympathetically, and in which poverty is structurally prevented as much as possible. I believe approaches like that remove many of the opportunistic motives for crime, from the economic motives that inspire theft to the criminal networks that have grown up around prohibited drugs (bc they would no longer be prohibited and their users would no longer be implicitly inducted into a network of secrecy/dependence)

2) people are very bad at identifying homeless in their midst, even when those homeless are fucked up half the time, trust me. addicts off the wagon w economic security are very boring neighbours, if my friends are any indication (Lmao not just that but ykwim)

3) obviously my original post framed it as ‘housing even for the worst of the worst’ but that hard to handle group is statistically tiny in the greater swell of homeless ppl, addicts & mentally ill included. again, once housed, the vast majority of addicts/mentally ill are indistinguishable superficially from their neighbours

4) what you do w the most aggressive/those who can’t live around other people, I actually am pretty torn on, bc they’re mean dickheads who will do what they’re going to do. I think there’s a point at which someone needs to live in a group support setting, and that needs to exist. some ppl aren’t ready to be neighbours on their own bc it’s unfair to those around them. I don’t think that means group homes should be asylums out in the country bc the whole point is that they’re paths to reintegration. sometimes you live next to the group home, sometimes you live next to the annoying loud mechanic. it is what it is

w that said some homeless guys refuse everything including housing support and eventually all you can do is say ok, there’s always going to be a meal at x place and shelter at x place, you come back when you’re ready. A lot of the times they’ll come back for the meal every day, know a ton of ppl, never stop sleeping outside/in the place they have for years. you can’t control for everybody but you can make sure they don’t starve to death or go without medical care bc of anything other than their own stubbornness

5) concerns about the neighbourhood in the abstract are as often about property values/ perception of the area as they are about genuine concern for behaviour/genuine statistical shifts in public disturbances etc. I hope to have a society that is proud to extend empathy instead of stigmatising the ex homeless

This one is for @lyrics-to-my-seoul​. It literally has been at least three to four years, but I promised I would do every single request, and here it is~ I admit, I was a little stumped for a while and so I hope you do like what I ended up with! Hope you are doing well. Also have fun in Korea when you go!

Warning: Explicit Content 

           “I’m sorry, come again?”

           “I actually sort of hate it.”

           Yongguk gave you an incredulous look as he carefully pressed the saran wrap around his chest. There was a moment of silence as you looked at the red inflammation that rose along the etched words on his skin. It was classic Yongguk, but you hated how it took up such a large part of his body, hated how it seemed to mar what was once clear and beautiful.

           “Do I even want to know why?” His voice was low, and even though he was turned away from you, you knew he was hurt. Yongguk was never one to be apologetic about his actions or his thoughts, but you also knew that your opinions mattered a lot to him.

           “Maybe.” As a couple, you made it a rule to never mince words, or to lie for the sake of the other’s blissful ignorance.

           “Then tell me why.”

           Truthfully, you had two reasons. One was more legitimate than the other, but it was the second one that was your initial reaction. “I don’t like thinking that you still have to hide behind something. I know how deeply you feel about your art, and how it has taken a toll on you, but I wanted you to be comfortable being yourself, and not the person everyone on the outside want you to be.”

           Yongguk had suffered from severe depression and there were marks all over his body from his past. Every time he got a new tattoo, it was to cover one of them. At first, you were okay because they were small, just tiny patches of art that could make his painful history a little more beautiful. But this time, the angry words imprinted across his chest seemed more like a statement than anything, and you were scared that he was using it as a defense mechanism against the angry burn mark on his heart.

           He looked at you and his lips parted. There was a pained expression on his face, and it was obvious he didn’t think your objection was anything beyond superficial. He picked up your hand and kissed the top of it. “My love. I’m done trying to hide from who I am, who I was. This was supposed to be a celebration of that. I had spent the better half of my life rebelling against convention and getting spurned for it. This is my declaration, my revolution that regardless, I would just be myself.” He touched the transparent cover and smiled softly. “This isn’t some pretty picture or some angry words. This is me embracing my story.”

           Relief flooded you and then you wrinkled your nose. “There is a second reason, and this one is less noble than the first.”

           Yongguk chuckled. “Is it because you think it’s ugly?”

           You rolled your words around carefully in your mouth. “Not necessarily ugly, but just so in your face.”

           He gave you a serious look. “In your face?” he repeated. You stilled, waiting for more of a reaction. Was he angry? Was he annoyed? Was he upset? Yongguk shrugged. “Well, I guess there isn’t much I can do about that.”

           This final reaction left you completely nonplussed. It was too blasé, too nonchalant. Bang Yongguk, what in the world were you up to?

           It took you a couple of days of careful observations to figure out just what exactly your boyfriend had in mind. He underwent a wardrobe change despite it being hot as hell. “Really, Yongguk? A turtleneck in the summer?”

           “I work in a place with plenty of air conditioning, thank you very much,” was his terse reply. It became exceedingly obvious to you that he was now excessively covering himself up so you could not see his tattoo… or his chest.

           “We’re at home. Surely you can change to something more comfortable.”

           He pursed his lips as if deep in thought. “You’re right.” When he reappeared, he was wearing a high collared T-shirt. “Better?”

           You let out a tiny growl of impatience but suppressed any words. Yes, it was technically your problem. You liked staring at the clear expanse of his chest and collarbones, and could not mentally get past the black ink that now marred it. Now that the inflammation has settled, the tattoo no longer looked as abrasive, and from the occasional stolen glances, it was actually quite attractive. But your pride prevented you from outright admitting that, of course. Bang Yongguk would have a field day. So you bit down on your tongue and waited for him to make the first move.

           The turtlenecks and high collars continued through the hot summer for a good few weeks. “Are you not burning?” You glanced at him.

It was the hottest day of the summer so far and Yongguk had on a shirt whose collar went all the way up to the base of his neck. Your boyfriend hummed and ignored your question. You saw a trickle of sweat trail its way down the back of neck, however, and you tiptoed to lick it away.

           He jumped a little at the sensual movement and when you landed back on your heels, saw the ghost of a smirk around the edge of his lips. “But you think my tattoo is too… in your face. I’m merely sacrificing myself to heat stroke so as to not offend your eyes.”

           “Bang Yongguk. Don’t you dare try to guilt trip me into anything.” But it was too late. The damage was done. He knew full well that you were moving onto the phase of acceptance, if not even appreciation. But he was also one who liked to play with his food before he ate it. So Yongguk kept the gloating to himself, and gave you a few days of false security.

           As drastically as he started changing into high necks, he began to slowly come back to V-necks, and button downs, with the first few buttons completely undone. Each day was like a slow elevator strip tease as more and more of his tattoos and his chest came into view. Despite the significant more skin he was showing, he still didn’t touch you. In fact, it has been at least a good month since the two of you have kisses, much less had sex.

           It took one particularly bad day and an outfit that consisted of a low, low cut black shirt with a tie thrown haphazardly around his neck. You came home, already irritated, and seeing him sitting all calm and prim in his not at all innocent outfit made you lose all restraint. His ego can be stroked, and your pride be damned.

           “Take it off,” you snarled.

           Yongguk  blinked, completely taken aback. “Take what off?”

           You walked up to him and tugged not so gently on the silk fabric. “This. And this,” you yanked on his blazer. “All of it.”

           A lazy grin started to grow on his face as he obeyed. “Missed me?” The question was uttered softly and almost washed away your ardent desire into something more gentle. Almost.

           You gave him a lopsided smile and tiptoed so that you can give him a hard kiss. “Carry me.”    

           The moment your back hit the bed, however, you pulled Yongguk on top of you and started to make marks down his neck. He balanced himself on his forearms, trying to keep as much distance between you two but the low moans by your ear was satisfaction enough. You loved watching the red blooms sprout on his skin.

           “I thought you didn’t like markings on me?” He asked, amused.

           “I only said I didn’t like things covering your chest.” You mumbled, still distracted by how soft his earlobe was. You enjoyed time with Yongguk like this, with him lying between your legs and you playing with his body.  You bit down on a particularly sensitive spot and he shuddered.

           Taking advantage of the fact that he was still hovering over you, you slid down to kiss the outline of his tattoo. The words were written in an old-fashioned font and you curled your tongue over the elaborate decorations. He was trembling with both the effort of keeping himself up and the soft kisses. When you reached the scar that was now an artistic addition to ‘Revolucion’, you paused.

           “I decided it was time to make my past into a part of me too. I went through all that in order to be who I am. No more covering it up to make it not exist. I wanted to make my scars a part of the art.”

           You kissed the puckering skin before taking his nipple between your teeth. You saw his stomach clench. As frustrated as you were, you were having more fun taking it out on Yongguk and making him suffer as much as you had. You pushed him away higher as you fumbled with the clasp of his belt. The moment the leather strap was undone, you took his zipper between your teeth and pulled down.

           Yongguk rolled over, his arms giving out. He already had his hips up, giving you an easy time to get rid of his pants as well. You left his underwear, smiling as you saw the fabric tent upwards.

           You sat back on your heels and took off your shirt. When you peeked, you saw that Yongguk had his gaze fixed solely on you. His mouth was slightly open and he looked so vulnerable, with his hair in his eyes and his hands next to his body. His fingers curled, however, when your breasts came into view and you knew he was picturing them in his hands.

           You planted a kiss on his erection and slid up so that you were lined perfectly with him. You ached to feel Yongguk inside you but he had to be disciplined. You leaned forward and dragged your breasts against his chest. The sensitivity had you rolling your hips into his.

           “Can you say you didn’t miss me when you were pulling that stupid stunt?”

           He was still cheeky. “Well I had my friend, Mr. Right here.” He waved his right hand at you. You slapped his arm as you sucked on his collarbone.

           “I guess I’ll just leave you to Mr. Right then,” you snapped, preparing to get off him.

           His hands gripped your hips. “Please,” the plea came out in a hoarse whisper. Yongguk licked his lips and the desperation was clear in his eyes.

           Your hands went to your underwear and you let it drop down your thighs. “Watch me.” The command was unnecessary. As if he had ever stopped looking at you. Your hands went between your legs and he watched as you touched yourself. The hand on your hips tightened. You raised your finger to his lips and watched him curl his tongue around the digit, sucking it clean.

           You made quick work of his boxers. Enough of the games. The look of pleasure on Yongguk’s face as he slipped inside you was orgasm inducing itself. As you moved on top of him, Yongguk cupped your breasts in his hands and brought his lips to them, biting and licking, abusing the already sensitive skin.

           Yongguk tilted you over so the two of you were lying on your sides. You held onto his arms as he began to move faster. Your legs locked against his as the friction against your clit increased. The heady kisses you shared didn’t help. You cupped his face and allowed his open mouth to swallow your moans. You shuddered underneath him but Yongguk didn’t relent. Even when you tried to pull away, he pinned you down and peppered your face with kisses to distract you as he sought his own release.

           The two of you laid side by side, out of breath. The air was musky and you were still tingling from the release of pent up desires. Yongguk made the first move, sliding over to kiss the inside of your arm. “How was it?” His voice after sex always increased your heart rate. It was deep, low and a little raspy.

           “Let’s not do this again.”

           “What? That?” He sounded surprise.

           It took all your energy to turn and face him. “No. No more of this denial. I missed you too much.”

           A hint of the mischief was back. “Well I wasn’t the one with the aversion to new tattoos.”

           You rolled your eyes. He was never going to let you get away with it. “Fine. I like it. I think it’s quite sexy, actually, now that I look at it.”

           “Especially when it’s peeking out from a poorly buttoned dress shirt?”

           Enough was enough. You promptly rolled over so your back was facing him. “Go to sleep, Bang Yongguk. That’s enough of your inflated ego.”

           He pressed against you. “Hmm, I don’t think it’s just my ego that’s inflated.”

           As much as you enjoyed his stamina, you were tired. You let out a tiny groan. “You’re going to be the death of me.” But you smiled when he wrapped you in his arms, completely respecting your exhaustion.

           “Good night, love.”

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how did u find voltron/when? and did u ship klance right away?? plz love me -mogi

My dad brought it up and at first I was like eh, but like every show I end up watching I saw a black character and immediately pushed over everyone in my way to get a front row seat.

Yeah I did ship Klance right away, loved their dynamic and what sold me on it was the scene with “I say Vol, you say tron” because Lance didn’t make fun of Keith for it???? He just said he’ll work on it and that was something I wasn’t expecting writers to do with a dynamic like theirs but they did???? You don’t see boys helping each other alot so that was great.

If I love you anymore than I do I’ll turn into cupid

is this a callout post? rant? no not really just kinda how i feel with what jojoagogo has been saying about me

so thanks to a very kind anon they told me that jojoagogo was talking about me behind my back! and so i decided to show some screenshots and tell you how i think! (i also did a small commentary on the pic, i am the red)

i don’t even know where to start on this…

first of all don’t bring someone who does not want to be involved! they didn’t do anything at all so don’t bring them into this. this is just you and me

second do you not understand what an ask meme is? this whole thing is just us having fun! plus we didn’t really interact with each other that much so pls calm down. i know both are relative and giorno is way to young but like i said this is for fun! we didn’t do anything inappropriate!

when did i say i shipped jotaro with giorno? THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF SUCH ACCUSATION, I STILL DON’T EVEN FULLY UNDERSTAND IT! and i’m 100% sure they only saw it as a silly interaction, i saw it a silly interaction. stop making bizarre assumptions about me

like what i last said i don’t ship jotagio or whatever it’s called, yes i do ship roichi i do not lie BUT i’ll be even more honest when i think of koichi i usually think of part 5 koichi so when i mean i like roichi i only really see part 5 koichi and rohan (i am very sorry i forgot to mention that fact) 

why would i even draw nsfw of jotagio??? first of all that’s part 6 jotaro and honestly that makes me feel kinda weird 

second, how would i even draw that? i can’t even draw hands right how do you expect me to draw to guys fucking????

yes i am 14 but just because i’m 14 doesn’t mean i didn’t go through some stuff ok. this one kinda upsets me because your accusing innocent people of giving me bad information, if this means that this community is bad for me then my home is bad for me. i grew up watching and understanding adult things, i knew what sex is, i knew what would happen if you killed someone. yes i am still young and i am still somewhat naive but i knew and know what is right and what is wrong. 

  1. nobody talks to me a lot so nobody tells me things
  2. i know whats wrong and whats right, do not make me into this naive little girl who believes everyone
  3. literally it took me a long time to even trust MY MOM to know my problems 
  4. i never said abusive ships and child porn is ok
  5.  i always think about things before i state my opinion, sometimes i over think it…

look i know your probably a nice guy ok? but you assuming i’m a bad person for liking a fictional ship is not only rude but fucking crazy. just because i’m 14 DOES NOT give you a right to talk about me like i’m a kid, i know i’m a kid, but that doesn’t mean you can bully me about it

it honestly looks like YOU are the kid to me

start acting your age and stop spreading lies about someone YOU HARDLY KNOW 



please, lets talk. let us get to know each other! i want to know why you REALLY hate me….

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Leaky Cauldron and Weasley's Wizard Wheezes?- Jenna Roland 💫

“Hey Jenna! Nice to see you again.”

Leaky Cauldron: Do you and your friends have a place you all hang out? If so, where?

“Whenever I do hang out with people, it’s always in places we can’t get caught. Y’know, different hiding spots and what have you. Fun, yeah, but moving from location to location is tiring.”

Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes: What are three things that make you laugh?

– “Experimenting with potions and turning someone (temporarily this time) into a different animal, whenever a teacher fucks up their lesson plan, and Rich everytime he runs into class late looking like he had just turned back from werewolf form. Ridiculous, right?”

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Wait what is it? I cant watch the vid right now so fill me in please

He’s doing an art showcase so if you draw something and put it in the tag #septicart, he’ll do like a little video showing it off! Idk why but it makes me just slightly suspicious but u feel like it’s just something he’s doing for fun

So, my birthday is this saturday (july 29), and I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while, so…. i am! 

what you gotta do:

  • be following me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • send me an ask w/ your birthday and a name/nickname (and if you’re so inclined, a fun fact about yourself)
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What you get:

  • a spot on the birthday page!
  • a shout out on the blog on your birthday
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  • my love

side note: if after you’ve entered you change your url/the url you submit the ask with isn’t the one you want on the page, please just let me know!


I’m bordering on manic today! 8D

“What are you smiling for, PK? I can’t imagine that’s very healthy.”

No, but it sure is fun! I feel like doing cartwheels and dancing on tables!! But I don’t think they’ll let me do that at the library, so I should bring it down a notch or two before I leave the house.

I’d like to believe this strange and wonderful mood is the result of all the change that will be happening in my life. I am simultaneously excited for and dreading the future! Just last night I thought to myself, “I should drive to Gamestop and preorder a few things. But wait… I can’t do that, because I don’t know if I’ll still be here in November.”

And isn’t that just the craziest thing to be thinking? Where will I be in November? The Pacific Northwest? Japan? Somewhere else entirely unexpected?!

Wherever I am, it can’t be here, so… time to get a move on.

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could we have hcs of how ace sabo snooj and law would react if they find out that their s.o (or crush idk) has a secret hobby and its belly dancing ?like they just walk in the room where they're in, and the s.o is just dancing around wow amaze. but since they're too anxious and timid to do so in public they get all flustered once the boys find out? thanks ! (#hint: thats me. i like belly dance . i do it since i was smol. :3)

Woa belly dance is really cool plus it’s the best part of the body and a really funny word (*´∀`*) ~


  • Let’s be real, he would join you.
  • He’s not even thinking about what you’re doing, it just seem fun and he want to join
  • Once you explain him he’d ask you to show him
  • He never stared so much at a belly with such concentration
  • He get flustered, your belly is so nice
  • And then he realise you’re not dating him and him staring at you like that is super rude and he get even more embarrassed
  • He would apologise and compliment how your dancing skill is on point and promise he won’t tell anyone
  • He will sometimes think about it and just blush
  • The next few time you saw you he set himself on fire by reflex
  • The whole world crew know his crush on you because of that


  • *intensive stare*
  • He’ll blush really hard if you catch him stare at you
  • He’ll try to leave but hit the door or a wall of even set himself on fire
  • He feel so panicked
  • Even if he want to ask you to keep dancing he won’t do it because he’s so ambarrassed
  • If he didn’t knew you could do that it’s because there’s a reason, so he’s not going to push you to show him more
  • But he really really want to ask you to dance again
  • He’ll come at you and start babling about it and even blurt out he have feelings for you
  • At some point he’s so confused he doesn’t even remember what he said or asked. He just know he talked to you
  • Next time you see him, tell him you’re dating


  • He won’t be discreet at all
  • He would ask you to keep dancing, he’s not really asking you in a perv way (a little but not entirely), he’s really admirative
  • How can someone be this agile with their belly ?
  • He would think about Luffy who’s really agile, put his head on your body and just no ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  • He’ll try to dance too but it’s more leggy dance than belly dance
  • He’d want to show the whole crew your skill and be a little sad when you say you don’t want to
  • But then he realise… “this mean i’m shaRING A SECRET WITH MY Y/N~~~”
  • He would often ask you do dance, but the fact that it’s only the two of you and a belly dance stop him from staying for too long
  • Chopper is really confused at why Sanji is nosebleeding when he leave the piece you’re in. He’d ask Robin
  • Robin understand it all try to spill the beans by asking you to date Sanji


  • He’ll dumbly stop right in the middle of the entrance and stare
  • He don’t really realise what is happening
  • When you notice him, he’ll stare at you in the eyes for several seconds, open his mouth to say something but back away
  • Law will enter a piece, realise he has nothing to do there and wonder why he his there
  • Next time he sees you, he’ll compliment you. He know that if he looks at you he may (more like he will) blush, so he’ll look away and try to say it casually
  • He will understand when you ask him to tell no one
  • Since that day he always knock on the door before coming in (the whole crew is so happy of this changement)
  • Even if know he knock on the doors, he hope he will “accidentally” see you dance again
  • He’ll ask you more about your passions, he’s now curious

Replies part I:

From:  tyrellsimsoficeandfire

“I really really like that World and your gameplay whenever I see. Speaking honestly, it wouldn’t be my very personal Taste, but it’s great anyway. I only can imagine the fun of creating such colourful and strange looking sims!!!!! It always leaves me impressed because you use creative possibilities others never thought about! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️”

   Reply @tyrellsimsoficeandfire: I admire YOUR painstaking recreation of times and stories that are miles apart from what I do..but really cool! So, feeling is mutual. :)

   I like this comment because I myself can also admire stuff that other people do even if it isn’t to my own exact personal taste..whether its Sims or RealLife ™. World would be rather dull if we were all the same yes?

anonymous asked:

What would the 1ps and 2ps do if they were having the perfect day with thier crush then out of the blue thier crush KISSES them and just as they start kissing back there woken up by one of thier friends asking them why thier making out with thier pillow in other words it was all just a dream!

What would the 2ps do if they were having the perfect day with their crush then out of the blue their crush KISSES them and just as they start kissing back they wake up in a world meeting in other words it was all just a dream

So  Here are 2 ask in one! yay!

America: I thought you tasted like cotton

England: I-i wasn’t snogging my pillow, I was just checking the softness with my face,….particularly my lips. >:c

France: You want to know what I was doing? I was having fun.

Russia: I was having a wonderful time, but then you showed up.

China: NOTHING! I was doing nothing!

Canada: Oh maple hockey, I knew it was too good to be true.

Italy: Awwww where did my bello/a go?

Germany: I was strategist, coming up with new battle plans.

Japan:…..I wish I was still asleep.

Romano: F*ck this sh*t I rather be back in dreamland then with you losers.



2p America:…..wait a sec, this isn’t my crush, but a pillow!

2p England: Oh goodness me! I’m sorry, I seemed to have dozed off for a bit!

2p France:…..why is this my life.

2p Russia: It seems that my unconscious self is trying to tell me something.

2p China: Booooooooo, this is no fun.

2p Canada:…..well sh*t

2p Italy: I wasn’t doing anything. Why, what did you see? I need to know if you need to be taken care of.

2p Germany: Well, I WAS having fun.

2p Japan:…..this is why I hate you people.


2p Prussia:….oh, I was really hoping that was true…

2p Austria: Screw you mortal, I have a queen I need to talk too.

n0pelani  asked:

oy! wear what you want, like what you want, and rub it in everyone's hostile little face.

yo i plan on doing that !! i love making ppl with a superiority complex angry by wearing shit they deem “ugly” bc it’s fun everyone should do it !! 

i don’t really get much out of this blog anymore to be honest - i don’t know where to go with it and i’ve had some ideas but none of them benefit me in any way & just don’t feel right. as much fun as i’ve had with this blog, it’s more like a burden to me now…

so i think i’m deleting this. not right now, i’ll let you guys know when i decide on a time, but i’m pretty sure that that’s what i’m going to do. i could just leave it and not be active but i feel like i would still feel pressured to do something with it. so yeah, sorry everyone. i hope you’ve enjoyed the time here.

the queue still has like 7 posts so im gonna wait those out and then get back to you. pls don’t tell me to change my mind bc it’ll just make me feel guilty about it which i shouldn’t.

i’ll still be on my main blog (a sad mental illness blog, though it’s currently running pretty much on queue bc my best friend is visiting for 3 weeks) -  @avpdkicking

and my comfort blog (cartoons mostly) - @larsanxiety

anonymous asked:

every time i tell a s/o about my bpd they act understanding at first but then when my symptoms start to show they get standoffish and some even go as far as calling me ableist slurs like a psycho and i don't know what to do. it's almost like i'm damned if i do tell them and damned if i don't.

I would very much recommend you tell them. Tell them that you understand that your symptoms aren’t fun to witness, but you need support, and that insulting you like that isn’t okay. Tell them you want to work with them to make everything easier for both of you.

this might be the dumbest idea ever?? idk? you tell me

what if there was like a group of people and we all would send a fic letter back and forth but like, each person would add a page to the fic? like i start and begin with a one page starter and someone else rps dean and someone could do john (cause i love daddycest don’t judge me) or we could just do like wincest and it just be two people idk

oR OMFG send a book to like a bunch of people and they underline in their color like their favorite lines in the book and then just keep sending to more people until it comes back to me

idk it would just be so fun

anonymous asked:

Deku #2! I'm glad you're doing these. They are so much fun to read!

I’m glad you like them!! 

2. What are they like on social media? 
Izuku likes to keep his social media fairly simple! He’d use Facebook, Instagram and occasionally Snapchat. He’s also a big part of forums dedicated to pro heroes! 
He’ll usually update things to do with his training and of his friends!