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When I read “Satan as the good guy” texts I of course came across the two main satanic groups Church of Satan and The Satanic Temple.

Neither group actually believes in Satan (or God for that matter) but they both use him as a symbol of defiance.

Church of Satan is of the “Do what you will, there are no rules, but try not to be a dick” mindset, while The Satanic Temple is more of the “Try to make the world a better place, respect other’s freedom, fight back against oppressors” mindset. Both also have a great respect for science.

Church of Satan is responsible for the Satanic Bible and has rituals and black masses as symbolic gestures, while The Satanic Temple mostly just have “rituals” for fun, like their pink mass where gay people kissed over the gravestones of noted homophobic people. The Satanic Temple’s main thing is fighting for women’s right to abortion, protecting children form corporal punishment, gay people’s right to marry and religious freedom.

They are not entirely Tumblr friendly though because they believe that you can say whatever you want, even if it’s deeply offensive, as long as you don’t harm people. So you can say women should have no rights, but if you try to take their rights away there will be trouble.

And if you’re wondering where all the goths went, look no further than the Satanic groups.

Shoutout to all the young women who are told they are a disgrace to their family name for not being married yet, for not wanting an arranged marriage, who have turned down marriages, who are pressured about marriage, who love and respect their culture but still believe in freedom of choice and know their beliefs have nothing to do with culture, you are not a bad person for being the black sheep, you are not an embarrassment for knowing what you want from life. Shoutout to us for having a backbone and speaking our minds against inequality and oppression in our culture. We got this.

Almost all of us have been continually reminded of what our parents have done for us and how much we have to be grateful for it, but if you think about it critically, from parents point of view, why would they keep their children hyper-aware of it? Why wouldn’t they want their children to rest assured there’s enough space and food and resources and people to care for them and not to worry about it?

If you have a child, and it’s most important to you that this child knows exactly how much it owes you and everything you’ve done to keep it alive, if you want it to always be aware that YOU are the reason they’re alive and get to eat and sleep… then why exactly did you have the child? So you could have someone be grateful to you that they’re alive? So you’d have someone indebted to you and you could make them repay it endlessly? So you could “own” someone? So you would have another person who is dependent on you so they wouldn’t be able to run away or reject you no matter how badly you treat them? So you could use the fact that you’re helped bring them into life against them? So you would make them regret they’re being alive if they displease you? So you could enjoy having control over someone else’s life? So you could blackmail them since you’re the only one who has resources to keep them alive? So you could use the resources you have to control a person? So you could hold someone’s birth and life against them?

If you’re not having a child in order to help another human grow and develop, if you’re not doing it to keep them safe and happy and loved and free, but for your own sake, to fulfill your own needs, to feed your ego and fill your life and to grant you power and control and dreams, for child to act out your ideas and concepts of what they should be, you’re not parenting the child, you’re exploiting the child. Children have the right to resources. Children have the right to freedom. Children have the right to live and exist and eat and sleep and be nurtured and cared for. If you hold this against them, if you withhold it from them or keep it hanging above their heads, you’re exploiting them for your own benefit. You’re not a parent. You’re an abuser.

Every Single Companion Condemns Anders for the Chantry Explosion
  • Alistair: “You... You killed all of those people! All of those women and children, and Priests and Templars who were just there to guard some finger bones! And now what? You’re going to watch a bunch of other mages take the blame for it and get slaughtered? Do you really think you’re making anyone’s life better by doing that? No, don’t answer that. It’s time for you to just die.”
  • Loghain: “Funny. I’ve just watched you murder all those innocents, and I don’t even hate you. Outrage is a luxury for younger men, I suppose. I actually think I understand you. I know what it is to try so hard to protect something that you destroy it without even noticing. I’m doing you a favor, right now, as a young hero once did me a favor. I regret merely that I can’t do it as kindly as it was done to me; you do have to die.”
  • Oghren: “I knew I never trusted you. Squirrelly little mage. The Commander should’a given you to the Templars! I’ve done some messed up things in my life, aye, but I’ve never bombed a bunch of orphans! Killin’s all I know how to do, but ‘least when I kill you, I’ll know it’s the right thing to do.”
  • Shale: “I find it hard to be upset about the deaths of a few hundred humans. Humans are always dying; perhaps they should stop making you all so squishy. It will squish nicely, though, I think. I understand that it has done this in order to unleash even more mages upon society. Decent mages exist, but only a small quantity, as I think it has just proved. No, best to squish it, and its little revolution, and call it a day.”
  • Sten: “I must thank you. During my time in the south, I have met mages who lead honorable lives despite their lack of faith in the Qun. Never before have I met such an obvious example of why the Prophet Koslun demanded additional submission from the saarabas. Your kind are dangerous, and when I return to Par Vollen, I will tell the Arvaarad of what you have done, and they will tell the saarabas, so that the saarabas might better understand the weight of and the need for their sacrifice. Know then, that your death will inspire young saarabas to choose glory under the Qun rather than misery and death in their doubt. This is more comfort in your final moments than you deserve, but I offer it, regardless.”
  • Leliana: “Grand Cleric Elthina? But Justinia spoke so highly of her! Why would you do this?! You are a Grey Warden, sworn to abstain from politics. You do not even live in a Circle anymore! Everything Most Holy has done--everything Cassandra and I have done--to keep this under control... You just... blew it all up! And there is only one way to mitigate the damage. You have to die.”
  • Zevran: “Ah... Far be it from me to make a moral argument against murder, but this seems a tad artless. Perhaps even tactless. How do you know who was in or around that building at the time, or who might even now be burning to death in one of the resulting fires or trapped under a Darktown landslide, where she will die a slow, agonizing death while awaiting a rescue that will never come? You don’t know, of course. You couldn’t. Which makes this... rather less of an assassination and more of an indiscriminate slaughter, something that even the Crows did not allow. As you die, remember that you have fewer morals than the Antivan Crows.”
  • Morrigan: “How utterly pathetic. You had many opportunities to strike at your real enemy, but instead you struck at an impotent old woman, like a coward. And now you expect these Circle mages to fight your battle for you, in your name, as if what you’ve done is a rallying cry rather than a death sentence? Hmph. I will live to see the Circles fall. You, however, shall not.”
  • Wynne: “I remember you. The boy with such a talent for healing, who squandered what could have been a bright future in the Circle out of spite. We used to feel sorry for you, you know. Irving in particular always tried to be so gentle with you. I hope you realize that what you’ve done will weigh on more consciences than yours. The least I can do is make sure Thedas knows that the Circle that produced you also stopped you.”
  • Aveline: “Don’t! Whatever it is you were going to say, just don’t. There is no justification for this that could ever make it okay. I should have turned you in years ago. I didn’t, because the refugees needed you and because I was trying to be a good guard captain for the mages. Unfortunately, I’m not the one that paid for that mistake. The least I owe your victims now is justice. You’ll die for this.”
  • Carver: “Are you insane?! You can’t possibly think that helped?! Grand Cleric Elthina wasn’t the bad guy! I’m not even sure there *is* just one bad guy, but I know it wasn’t her. She was one of the few who just wanted to help. Everyone. And now she’s gone, and that’s exactly what you wanted. You don’t know as much as you think you do about Templars, Anders. Sometimes, I wonder how much you really know about mages. But it doesn’t matter now, because my duty is clear. You have to die for this.”
  • Fenris: “There is nothing to say. Death is the only thing left for you.”
  • Isabela: “I... Look... Shit, Anders, what were you thinking? We’ve talked about this before: about justice, and all that bollocks. You hurt innocent people, so now they deserve justice. I’m probably the last person who should be doling out justice, but here we are. I just hope you think this was worth your death. And theirs.”
  • Varric: “Oh, Blondie... It didn’t have to be like this. You killed innocent people, and destroyed who knows how many other lives. You’re not the man I thought you were. I guess that makes what I have to do next a little bit easier...”
  • Sebastian: “Your death will never be enough, but it’s a start.”
  • Bethany: “How could you do this?! The Circle never wanted this to come to all-out war, with so many innocent people dead and an army of Templars descending upon us! This wasn’t your decision to make. If you wanted to help, you should have TALKED to Orsino, and--You know what, forget it? You didn’t want to help, did you? Not the mages of Kirkwall, anyway. It makes for a better narrative if the largest Circle in the Free Marches is slaughtered, sacrificed for your narrative. I can’t let you do that; not to the Kirkwall Cirlce, and not to anyone else. This ends here, Anders. I’m only sorry it has to end like this; we could have worked together and found a non-violent solution, if only you’d reached out.”
  • Merrill: “Anders, you know there were people in that Chantry, right? That doesn’t sound like justice to me. And if it was vengeance, it wasn’t very good vengeance, since it hardly killed any Templars, and killed a lot of people that weren’t Templars! I’m sorry, Anders, but that spirit of yours is out of control. I can’t let you do this anymore.”
  • Blackwall: “Huh. Dare I even ask what your justification for this was? No. I don’t. All murders have their justifications. One day you wake up and realize that it was all just lies you told yourself so you could sleep at night. Maybe you really do think you’re helping; that lives have so little value that they can just be sacrificed to some greater cause. Maybe it’s a mercy for me to kill you before you can realize the truth.”
  • Cassandra: “The situation in Kirkwall has been out of control for some time, but your actions will only serve to make everything worse! The suffering of innocents has gone on for too long! All who fight against peace must be stopped!”
  • Iron Bull: “You know what I really came to hate during my time in Seheron? ASSHOLES WHO BLOW UP BUILDINGS FULL OF CIVILIANS! I don’t care if you’re Tal-Vashoth, Fog Warrior, Vint, or whatever the Hell you are, if you do that, you’re an asshole, and when I meet assholes, I kill them.”
  • Sera: “Oi, mage-tit, do. you know how many innocent people you just killed for your stupid war?! If you wanted to attack the Knight-Commander, you should have just attacked the Knight-Commander. Stupid! This is why no one trusts mages. ARROW TO THE FACE.”
  • Cole: “I used to think that I could free mages with death. When they’re dead, you don’t hear the pain anymore. Sometimes the silence is worse, though. It’s silent in the Chantry but the rest of the city is screaming. You’re screaming too. It won’t stop when I kill you, but it will be quieter. Better.”
  • Dorian: “Hm. A bit of fire, grandiose speeches, and a mage sacrificing people for his own political agenda. This feels downright homey. I detest when the south feels homey. You know, it’s times like this that I wonder: Is it true that if you give mages an inch, we’ll take a mile? Is my homeland the inevitable consequence of mage freedom? I don’t want to believe that. There has to be a way for mages and non-mages to coexist as equals. But as long as men like you are about, we’re not going to find it, so I know what I have to do.”
  • Vivienne: “Shall I even bother to point out the irony of you using magical talents you honed at the Circle to bring about their downfall, or would that go over your head, just as the fact that your actions here tonight will only serve to turn the people of Thedas against mages did? There were abuses in this Circle, certainly, but only an idiot or an Abomination would think that the solution was to murder innocents and provoke a slaughter. Whichever you are, you are a danger to others, and the people *will* see a mage put you down.”
  • Solas: “An interesting way of achieving justice. You look at a world where the Chantry violently oppresses mages, and decide to give it even more ammunition. I know much of rebellion. A good one takes years to plan, and starts not with an explosion but with a ripple. All you’ve done is throw unprepared mages throughout Thedas on the scant mercy of angry mobs. Perhaps you meant well, but that hardly changes the fact that the mages are better off without you.”
  • Cullen: “Maker help me. I never wanted to see the Kirkwall Circle annulled, and now you’ve guaranteed it by pushing this conflict to its breaking point. Perhaps the Knight-Commander was wrong--IS wrong--but so are you, and I must stop you in order to have any chance of stopping her.”
  • Josephine: “All that innocent life, destroyed for a war that most of them had nothing to do with... I do not enjoy being in this position, but I cannot stand by and let the slaughter of innocents go unpunished. You, Anders, have to pay for your crimes.”

Reasons #83748646383 and so forth why I kind of adore AIDA’s meltdown.

1. She can’t read people at all.  Fitz is moaning about how he’s ruin everything with Jemma. She’s says she understands, especially better now since she’s human. And somehow that translates into - well Jemma will reject you, but I’ll still love you, so logically you will choose me.

Um no. That’s not how this works. Despite everything, his heart will only ever contain one person, and that’s Jemma Anne Simmons.


Excuse me while I…

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2. She doesn’t understand what a choice actually means. What free will actually means. SO WHAT if you worked so hard in the frame work, be so loyal, do all the unfair shit so you can get a choice?  You having a choice doesn’t NEGATE everyone else in reality having a choice. HE HAS TO CHOOSE YOU, AND HE DIDN’T, AND THAT’S WITHIN HIS RIGHT, YOU SADISTIC ROBOTIC BITCH.

You basically went against God, science, and nature to become human, so really, you don’t get to complain that when given the freedom of choice that someone else uses their FREEDOM OF CHOICE NOT TO CHOOSE YOU.

Choice doesn’t work that way. LOVE CERTAINLY DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY.

3. Fitz’ reaction to AIDA’s overreaction = GOLD.  Like it’s brilliant.  He’s like, sure, I was devoted to you in the framework, but in reality…

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Oh shit, she is.

And then she’s basically a baby in an adult body throwing a damn temper tantrum.

And this is me:

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Capable of Change - 4 (Savitar!Barry/Reader)

Imagine, remnant Barry getting asked out by you and he decided to say yes…

Part One Part Two Part Three

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You walked in with Allen next to you. You turned to him smiling. He could see how excited you were to have him there, “So we’re rehearsing to record a few trailer shots. I’d love your opinion on them. A fresh perspective.”

“Me? I don’t know anything about this stuff. I’m not sure…” He started to deny you but he fell silent when you put your hands on his arms.

“I know we haven’t sat down and watch tv together…or movies…or anything like that, but I’m going to assume that you have.” You smirked a little getting him to roll his eyes, “That being said, I’m also going to assume that you’ve seen movie trailers. So…will you watch the spots while we play?”

He let out a small sigh that turned into a smile, “I knew this wasn’t just a visit…you’re putting me to work…I should demand pay.”

“Oh I’ll pay you.” You winked at him.

“Will I like this currency?” He asked as he took a seat in front of a small tv.

“I don’t know…did you like it the other night?” You whispered taking off your jacket as people began to file into to their positions.

He felt himself flush a little watching you step up to the podium. He watched as you called everyone to attention. You gave a few announcements before taking a remote and turning on the spot.

He started out watching the cinematic trailer, but eventually his eyes drifted over to you. He watched your arms gently flow through the air easing in ebb and flow of the music. Your expression reflected the tonality of the world the orchestra created.

You were so beautiful.

Your expression was so genuine. Not just here and now, but all the time. He liked how your smile made him feel happy. He liked that you asked him questions, but didn’t force him to answer anything. Somehow you knew he wasn’t ready to talk…somehow you knew his wounds were too deep still.

He looked away from you back to the screen. He needed to get out of this and fast.

When everything ended he stood up as you stepped down from the podium. He sighed when he saw your smile again, “So?”

“It was great…everything was really great.” He swallowed looking down.

“Allen…” You frowned looking at him, “Everything okay? What happened?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” He looked back to you forcing a smile, “I just…I got a text. I need to run to work.”

You crossed your arms, “Allen…I know we’ve only gone out a handful of times…but I know when I’m being lied to.”

He exhaled heavily through his nose as he bit his lips together. He swallowed before he opened his mouth, “I…I think…we’re moving too…fast.”

He felt his heart sink when he saw your nose turn a little red. A sign that you were suppressing tears, “Ah…I see. Alright…”

He stood there a moment, “I’m gonna go.”

“Right.” You nodded slowly letting your hands fall to your sides, “Right, of course.”

“…” He opened his mouth to apologize, but the words didn’t come. Finally, he stepped away heading for the door.

It was stupid to have accepted the invitation the first time. It was reckless to go out the second and third time. The rest…was…

“Allen!” His heart jumped when he heard your voice. He stopped when ran in front of him putting a hand on his chest.

“Y/N…” He was cut off by your lips silencing him. When you parted from him he stood there silent staring at you unable to understand what was going on.

Finally, you spoke, “I jump…maybe…when you figure it out you can too.”

His heart skipped when you smiled and moved past him. He shut his eyes feeling everything slow around him as he let out a breath.

He opened his eyes stepping in front of you watching you move in fractions of a second. He had dumped you…yet you came after him. You wanted him for some reason, or at least endured him. He hadn’t felt that in a long time. He didn’t know how to respond to it.

Could he have both? Could he hurt Barry and find a way to continue seeing you? He was the future Flash…he could be a lot. He could be many places. He could do many things.

So why was accepting that he cared about you so hard?

He moved back into place reaching back for you. Your look of surprise made him smile. He didn’t think you were taken by surprise often.

His hands reached up taking your face in his hands, “I’m afraid.”

Your eyes softened, “Allen…”

“I loved someone once. She was the love of my life and I jumped, as you put it.” He sighed before he continued, “I did everything for her…everything…but she still died. The fall from that jump…”

You put your hands over his, “I’m sorry…I didn’t know…”

“I didn’t tell you.” He smiled a little, “What I’m trying to say…I’ve been hurt a lot and I have a lot of pain still. It’s one of the reasons I’m in town. I’m hoping to ease it and put some things to rest. But meeting you shifted something in me. You brought me back to this cliff that I never thought I’d come back to.”

You smiled a little, “I…will wait until you make a decision. I know I can be pushy…I just…I’m not going to live my life wondering. So if I get too much…you just have to tell me.”

“I know.” He nodded, “All that is what I like about you. I like that you’re not afraid to just tell me exactly what you’re thinking. I like that you just do what you want. I wish I had that freedom.”

“You have it with me.” You shut your eyes nudging your nose to his, “You don’t have to be afraid with me. I know it’s easier said than done…”

He smiled a little resting his forehead against yours, “I promise I won’t let you wonder for too long.”

He kissed you before letting his hands fall from your face to your shoulders. He liked just being next to you. It felt calm.

He let out a small sigh, “I need to go.”

You opened your eyes understanding racing through them, “Okay.”

“I will call you.” He took a step back.

“I know.” You smirked watching him walk away, “After all I need you to pay you in that special currency or ours!”

He paused glancing back at you as he walked out the door. He needed to think about his next steps in his plan…and the next steps with you.

Winter Shadow - chapter 11 (The End!)

Half way through, I had an ‘oh shit’ moment because I’d remembered how the triggers work wrong. So here’s 5000 words of ‘covering the plot hole’. I was going to split this into two chapters but it seemed a bit pointless because I don’t think many people are actually reading this, so it’s better to just get it over and done with.

@pixierox101 thank you for sending me such an awesome amazing prompt (which I’ve just re-read and realised I’ve veered away from, I’m sorry!). This whole fic is over 24,000 words and I’m sorry it’s all a bit crap, maybe someone else can take the idea and do it justice! <3

Sorry the tenses probably keep changing (I’m ill!) and sorry I suck at endings (and beginnings and middlings, but especially endings).


There was silence in the room after Wanda had finished speaking, just for a moment, before Steve suddenly burst from his seat with an explosive burst of energy.

“What do you mean Wanda, this… no, you screwed with all our minds, you manipulated us, showed us our worst fears, you played around with our thoughts, and now you’re saying you can’t do this for him?”

Wanda was sitting still and calm, she had expected a reaction like this, and knew that this was Steve’s grief and fear coming through.  She watched him for a second. His arms were crossed tightly across his chest, as if to trap his hands, stop them tearing at his hair. She could feel the fury and sorrow pouring off him.

“Will you let me explain?” She was watching the other women out of the corner of her eye as well.  Natasha was watching Steve, her face full of pity. Bucky’s companion – the Shadow – was withdrawn in her chair, pulled into herself, sitting on her hands, head bowed, as if she had given up every last ounce of hope.

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So you want a violent revolution but you’re one of the good ones, your intentions are noble and your heart is pure, you’re not motivated by lust for power or a compulsion to foist collectivist aesthetics on others by force, you sincerely want the greatest good for the greatest number.

Let’s say you want to end the tragedy of homelessness.

One could imagine various ways of doing this. Cheaper houses! Public houses! Dedicated case managers for mental health and addiction issues! These programs can be revenue neutral or even profitable on net once you take into account the full cost of homelessness on society, let alone on the homeless people themselves, so implementing them is simply a matter of politics.

But no, you’re convinced that pursuing any of these programs through existing political channels is a fools errand, that only violent revolution will solve the problem of homelessness for all time.

Okay, fine. But once existing institutions have been overthrown all options are on the table and everything is up for grabs, so your first priority is to suppress all opposition and prevent another violent revolution against you.

“But I will give the people freedom, they won’t rebel against that!”

Will you, though? What if they make decisions you don’t like? What if they reinstate the old system?

You’ve just destroyed the only system we had for resolving disputes, made a lot of people angry, and given every ambitious proto-tyrant an opportunity, so if past experience is any guide you will spend the next ten years either being as ruthless as possible or get replaced by someone more ruthless than you.

“But once the new system is established, it will be better!”

What if it isn’t? Do you have a graceful way to back down if it turns out you’ve broken a lot of eggs and don’t even have an omelette to show for it?

How confident are you that violent revolution will make things better? Now consider how many groups advocating revolution have different politics to you, what would you tell them? Why are they wrong?

Are you willing to wield the icepick when the time comes, if they don’t come for you first?

The Sun and The Stars {2}

Previous parts: Part 1

Word Count: 3158

Warnings: some light nsfw content

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You have to leave. That man knew you and if anyone knew you, then it was time to leave, but you were thrown off by what he’d called you. My star. What a strange thing to call someone.

You couldn’t recall a single thing about this man but the way he looked at you, with a certain tenderness in his clear blue eyes…it unnerved you. He knew you and something deep inside you told you that he cared for you, which was unthinkable. No one cared for you.

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The bandit/irregular/soldier loop

[This should have been a rigourous text full of notes and citations and names and dates, and possibly maps. Instead, it’s a stream of consciousness. I apologise for the mess.]

It occurred to me that the history of outlaws and assorted glorified bandits, and the history of knights and assorted glorified warriors, have A LOT more in common than either I or @we-are-knight would like to admit.

Like, there’s a very common pattern all over the world, where brigands who were used to a) targetting whomever they pleased, and b) having a price on their head, would get sanctioned by a state authority of some sort to focus on specific targets from now on, according to said state’s interests. At which point the brigands can be called irregulars or mercenaries or allies (diplomacy permitting, because it’s entirely possible to arrange the whole thing in secrecy instead), although they’re doing the exact same thing they did before, only to different people. And the state stops bothering them, because they’re useful.

But now they have bargaining power, and they might ask for more than just amnesty for their previous crimes and immunity for their present ones - which the state probably doesn’t consider crimes at all. They could ask and get funding, rewards, lands, offices, or titles if available. And the more powerful and respectable they become, the more they become competitive to the state’s authority, and eventually the state will have to either integrate them completely (do you want knights? because that’s how we get knights), or go “I’ve made a huge mistake” and turn them back to outlaws and start chasing them all over again.

But it’s not necessarily a straight trajectory, it’s a tangled mess. For one, “the state” is a VERY relative term. Even when the brigands operate within a single sovereign entity, an empire or a kingdom or a republic, there are local lords, landowners and officials who can offer or withdraw patronage independently from central authority, and there are court and/or parliament politicians with their own agendas and personal interests to promote, and religious institutions with land and money and their own interests. Any and all of these could change the brigand’s status back and forth, depending on the power balance between them.

Add borders into the mix, especially fluid borders that move due to war and politics, and it’s a complete toss-up whether the brigand will be perceived as a bandit, a mercenary, a rebel, an outlaw, an irregular, a soldier, an elite warrior, or a revolutionary. (From South America all the way to China, bandits have been instrumental in overthrowing regimes.) In periods of instability, it could change from day to day, or depending on who you ask. Place the action at sea, and you have a very similar mess, except now the terminology also fluctuates between pirate/privateer/corsair and the like.

The opposite trajectory is also a common pattern, which would explode every time a prolonged conflict ended. Basically, when you hire a bunch of irregulars to do your dirty work for you, for wages and/or loot, and the conflict goes on and on until your side wins (or retreats but with survivors), and then you tell them “alright, you fought for me, you bled for me, I don’t need you any more, go fuck yourselves”, chances are, they won’t go fuck themselves. They are still armed, and most of them have no property and know no trade. THIS is their trade. If you don’t offer them a nice retirement, they’ll just keep on raiding, and this time they have zero incentive to stick to designated targets. Aaaand you call them brigands again.

It doesn’t have to be irregulars to begin with. Levies can easily end up like that after a vicious war (that’s what the incredible Broken Men speech is all about in A Feast For Crows), and even standing armies. But regardless of where they came from originally (a peaceful farm, an outlaw hideout, or the barracks), by that point their profession is raiding. If conditions permit it, they can organise and seek employment “officially”, and do somebody else’s dirty work. And then you call them mercenaries, free companies, condottieri.

…And it’s still the same people, doing the same thing they did yesterday. At some point you have to wonder why the hell we need all those terms at all. Brigand, irregular, mercenary, soldier, it’s one and the same if you ask the victims. But nobody ever asks the victims. Nobody gives a flying fuck about the victims, unless they can be framed as “our” victims and there’s a propaganda potential to be exploited. It is known.

Quick and Dirty Deconstruction of the Outlaw Bandit

Myth: Outlaws are INDEPENDENT. They stand against state authority, and they fight the authorities, and they’re a beacon of freedom despite their shady practices. So common folk support them, especially when the government is unpopular.

Reality: Almost always outlaws have a patron of some sort. Could be local, could be central, either way what they do is fight AN authority, on behalf of or in (mutually opportunistic) cooperation with ANOTHER authority. Common folk do support them when they fight unpopular rulers, but also because they have no other choice. When outlaws are especially successful, then for all intents and purposes they BECOME authority. That’s not freedom. That’s textbook “here comes the new boss, same as the old boss”.

Myth: Outlaws steal from the rich and give to the poor.

Reality: That’s usually true, but it’s not for a noble cause. It’s because the rich have money and the poor don’t, and because the poor can provide excellent shelter from the authorities, so it’s useful to be on their good side. Plus, they’re very easy to please, since small amounts of money are a big deal for them. Even so, it’s not always true. Sometimes outlaws pillage indiscriminately. And sometimes, to get over with the ugliest side of this, they do the exact opposite: the systematic persecution of minorities is often conducted by bands of outlaws sanctioned or tolerated by the state for that reason. (Of course, other times it’s just armies…)

Quick and Dirty Deconstruction of the Noble Knight

The word chivalry is derived from the French cheval, for horse. By a staggering coincidence, so is the word chevauchée.

anonymous asked:

this isn't really about Onion, but i've been looking at lots of blogs like yours and i'm starting to get uncomfortable that i'm a 17.5 yr old girl dating a 26 yr old man. i feel like he emotionally abuses me sometimes, he gets mad when i fall asleep early and tells me i don't love him. once, he told me he took 10 of his antidepressants at once and i was sobbing and shaking because he wouldn't respond to my texts. he said he wanted to die and i'd get over it. (1/2)

an hour and a half after he told me that, he was suddenly perfectly fine and he told me he actually only took 2 pills. i don’t know what to do. do you have any advice?


I don’t know you or your boyfriend personally so I don’t want to come off like I’m telling you what to do, but I’m going to pass along what “knowledge” I have and hopefully it will help. I’m going to say “you” a lot, but I’m talking in general, not personal. There are two major red flags I see.

1. The age difference

There is a HUGE power imbalance when a 17 year old dates an adult and it’s very layered so bear with me. 

I’m going to be saying “power imbalance” and “power scale” a lot. What I mean by that is if someone has a higher position on the power scale in a relationship, they could use that against the person in the lower position to manipulate/control them. The further apart the people on the scale, the easier it is for the person higher on the scale to control the person lower. I hope this makes sense.

Emotional imbalance: I’m not saying it always happens, but it WAY easier for a 26 year old to emotionally manipulate a 17 year old than another 26 year old. A great example of this is actually Greg!

You can see that the relationships he started with 17 year olds and an 18 year old lasted WAY longer than the two relationships he had with women in their 20′s (Green and purple dots, they’re not actually dots they’re lines too but the relationships were so short the dots overlap). Both of the relationships with the women in their 20′s only lasted a few weeks and this is because they saw RIGHT THROUGH his emotionally manipulative tactics. Greg said that Hannah broke up with him because he told her he loved her after two weeks. This not normal. It’s a RED FLAG and it seems she took notice. Compare that to Lainey who was a 17 year old high school student when they began talking. They started dating Feb 27th and were already engaged by March. His pickup line was asking Lainey why they think he is their soulmate. Love-bombing a googley eyed teenager with a crush so they can get the relationship moving very fast and very intense. RED FLAG!

If you want, Greg’s ex Adrienne wrote a long email about her experience with Greg. (She was 26, he was 25) Although it is very long, I HIGHLY recommend it because she points out a lot of Greg’s manipulative techniques and she actually confronted him about it.

There is also a common technique adult men use on teenagers, I don’t know what it’s called, but they’ll say things like: “I don’t usually date someone so young, but you’re mature for your age.” “I’m afraid to talk to you because I might fall for you and you are so young.” etc etc.. they know full well what they are doing. It’s 100% BULLSHIT to make the teenager feel like they must be special to gain the interest of an adult and that THEY need to PROVE themselves to the adult. RED FLAG!! This puts the adult higher up on the power scale.

Financial imbalance: Dating a 26 year old as a teenager can be very appealing because 26 year olds generally make more money than other teenage potential dates. It could seem very luxurious. Like dating an 18 year old boyfriend, picking you up in his used car, getting a slice of pizza, then going to his parents house to watch a movie. Compare that to getting picked up in a nicer car, get taken out to a decent restaurant, then go over to his own apartment! It makes the teenager feel like an adult. That you’re more special than other teenagers you know. Again, puts the adult higher on the power scale.

Another financial aspect is dependence. Most 17 year olds are dependent on their parents and trying to figure out what they will do with their life. Go to school? Start working? Try to move out? An adult dating a teenager can give them the illusion of financial independence. Move in with me! It might feel like freedom at first. You aren’t dependent on your parents, you don’t have to worry about your future for the time being… but this could all be a trap. You went from being dependent on your parents to being dependent on your partner and they might use that against you. This very much puts the adult way higher on the power scale than the teenager.

This can also get tricky when wanting to leave a live-in relationship as a teenager. Moving back home with your parents? Starting financially over from square one and having to listen to “I-told-you-so’s” from your family? It almost seems better to just stick it out and wait for the good times.

Life Experience imbalance: 26 years olds tend to have more life experience than a teenager. A 17 year old teenager doesn’t really know what is normal and not normal in a relationship, how fast should things move along. What is normal and not normal in the bedroom. They would not know how to properly introduce things like BDSM or poly relationships into their life and generally adults will take advantage of that when that’s something they want.

Brain development: A 17 year old brain isn’t fully developed. They just aren’t it’s fact. That’s why in the US the drinking age is 21. The rational/decision making/consequence predicting part of the brain is not fully developed. It doesn’t matter how high your grades are, how mature your body looks, or how mature everyone says you act. You’re going to make dumb decisions, we all do it at that age. 

2. Emotional Abuse

This part I will get personal. It’s good that you recognize what he is doing might be emotional abuse because it is. Threatening suicide is 100% a fucked up, emotionally manipulative things to do to someone. The fact that he only took two pills tells me he had NO intention of dying and only wanted to control you. Again, Greg is a great example of this. In 2012 he publicly threatened suicide because he was trying to gain the attention of his ex-wife so he could convince her to cancel their alimony. (Here is his posts and videos from that time.) What did he say about it years later? That horrible time in 2012 when he was sooo emotionally distraught he was thinking about killing himself?

In the 2016 video “Re: List of Onision Abuse Accusations”, Greg admits he used threatening to kill himself as a manipulation tactic against Skye: “That is true. I did publicly threaten to kill myself. I have no defense for that because publicly threatening to kill yourself is really stupid. Especially since that was a manipulative tactic and I had no actual intention of killing myself.” He says he was angry at Skye for lying in court to get more money from him.

It was fake. He faked it. He admitted it was an emotionally manipulative tactic. No intentional of killing himself. 100% bullshit, 100% RED FLAG!

NOW.. If any of this resonates with you and you believe you are in an emotionally abusive relationship and want to get out, you can do it! 

Emotionally manipulative people like control. They might make it hard to leave. I think the best way to get is no contact. Break up and walk away, block them, ignore them. They might try all kinds of things to gain back control over you like threatening suicide, trying to get you back, or spreading lies about you. Hopefully none of that will happen, but if someone does threaten to commit suicide after you break up with them and they can’t seem to be talked out of it, try not to get back together with them to make them feel better. I haven’t been able to find any guide or what to do on the internet about a situation like that (I tried to find one a few months ago for a friend, but had no luck), but I knew someone in HS in a situation like that. They called the police and their ex had to explain to the police and hospital that they weren’t actually suicidal.

If anyone has any better advice for a situation like that, please let me know. Again, I had a hard time finding information online.

I did find this article about how to leave a narcissist, but I think it could apply to any emotionally manipulative person because it gives steps to to prevent the narcissist/emotional manipulator from gaining back control over you.

If anyone has any better advice or want to correct me please do so!

Good luck anon!!!

Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 2

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 3k

Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3


“Did she take it?” He asked in the same flat tone he always used when she was on his mind.

Felix once told him it sounded forced and unnatural. That was the day he received the awful scar that would become his distinctive feature. Ever since that day nobody ever mentioned her again unless Pan initiated the conversation, which he rarely ever did, for the obvious reason that he couldn’t even say her name, even after a century. The Shadow nodded and flew away, like it usually did.

A storm was brewing this morning, following the uncharacteristically calm night. All living souls on Neverland knew they better stay in their shacks and not upset him further, for the weather on Neverland was merely a reflection of Pan’s state of mind. What was so different today? Today was special – special to him. Time didn’t pass in Neverland that was true. Not a minute had ticked away since the very first day, but still it was a special day. No one so far had connected the dots yet every 365 days, there was a storm ravaging the island.

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Do you Know what is happening in Venezuela? This is what is happening. This is what has been happening during a week. The students have been protesting in a pacific way against the repressive and tyrant government that we have since 1999 (yes, 15 years living with insecurity, food and medicine shortages, deprivation of liberty, and media blackout) and what is the police and the army doing? Beating us, shooting us, and recently some students were condemned to jail for 13 years!! For what crime? For claiming justice and democracy. Please, share this post, the world needs to know.



Misfortune Hex Potion

After gaining a lot of inspiration from @witchthatiam: Banishing Powder With A Punch post, I got a little creative and creating a potion for hexing, Black Witch style. 

For those not into hexing, that is completely fine, and can still use @witchthatiam amazing banishing powder to get rid of those against you. So I CAUTION to hex at your own risk. I’ll pass on the recipe, but this Witch isn’t going to give the instructions on how I use it, what I do in the shadows, stays in the shadows.

(using some inspired main ingredients)

- Coffee Grounds

- Salt

- Pepper

- Cinnamon

- Paprika

- Brimstone

- Jezebel Root

- Olive and Castor Oil as an base

I was lucky enough to find Brimstone (sulfur) and Jezebel Root (picea) at an local shop, but you have the freedom to use different ingredients, to add your own twist to your hexing oil. However, if not wanting to use for again, I suggest again to use @witchthatiam‘s banishing powder recipe, or even use the potion as an banishing oil!

- The Black Witch

Passing as Christian temporarily for safety in historical Bavaria

I’m planning a historical fantasy novel whose protagonist is a young Ashkenazi Jew living in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps in 1590. I myself am not Jewish. Judaism was banned in the Bavarian Duchy, but he and his mother live with a permit on the property of a relatively tolerant local nobleman. When she dies, he senses that the atmosphere of tolerance is wearing thin in the surrounding villages, and decides to leave Bavaria for a territory where Jews have freedom to practice, probably Furth or Venice. But to get to the borders, he has to pretend to be Christian for his own personal safety. In the process, he gets conscripted into the bankrupt Duke’s alchemical program and forced to work in Munich. He prepares his own food and has no interest in pretending, but given the region’s history of violence against Jews, especially in the 1300s, what are your thoughts on the “passing” he would have to do to survive until he gets out? Do you have any suggestions?  

“…decides to leave Bavaria for a territory where Jews have freedom to practice, probably Furth" 

You’re right about Fürth being a center of Jewishness in pre-Shoah Germany, but was it not always Bavarian? That caught my eye because my folks are literally from there and if I were on a different computer I might be trying to find pictures to paste into the post from my trip there in 2007. 

Anyway, moving on –

“what are your thoughts on the “passing” he would have to do to survive until he gets out? Do you have any suggestions?”

Well, as Rose Lerner pointed out in her excellent Jewish Regency romance True Pretenses, he wouldn’t be able to have sex. Sorry for my bluntness! Other than that, as long as he was reasonably familiar with various tidbits about Christianity and was willing to go through the motions as much as was normal for the locals, he could probably fake it. I think Bavaria is Catholic so maybe this means taking communion illictly; Catholics have a bunch of little rituals in their services just like we do so he’d have to learn them all to not stand out in church, I guess.

I’m not terribly familiar with this period in history so I can’t give anything specific. But yeah, if you were planing on giving him any partners watch out, because that’s a big way he could get outed unless they keep things PG.

I’m also not sure if there were way to be a gentile atheist/non-churchgoer and not attract attention, at this time period; that may also be worth looking into.


The term “atheist” was newly attested in the 16th century, first in France and then in English text in 1566.  Not sure about Germany but if it was around, it was a new word.  Plus, it didn’t really mean a nonbeliever at the time, but more like a libertine or a hedonist (presumably because only a godless person would behave in such a way).  Having a fear, if not a love, of God was broadly considered to be a precondition to being a good person, so professing a disbelief in God would not be a good way to avoid notice.  Nonetheless, the area in question was in a lot of religious flux at the time, and the advent of the printing press, which put vernacular Bibles in the hands of everyday people, allowed your average Joachim to develop his own opinions on religion, which may or may not have jived particularly with the huge numbers of different reformist sects and Catholic movements that were springing up (many of the well-known Catholic orders date from the Counter-Reformation).  It was expected that an everyday person would be a part of a congregation, but if the character is traveling, he’s not likely to be missed.

From reading about the history, I think it would be fine line to walk, between professing a Christian belief without being too specific.  He’d probably want to avoid preachers, reformists in particular.  They all had strong opinions.  Remember that Luther basically declared Huldrych Zwingli Dead to Him after they had a minor disagreement about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

–Mod Nikhil

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Twenty

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up 

 Loki tried and failed to calm himself as he paced his rooms, he had to make Ariella see sense, she could not marry that man. She did not deserve to be pawned off to some old fool that would not care for her. But how could he get her to admit that she did not want it? If she would only say it once in the presence of his father, it would all be stopped. He had to get Ariella and Odin to meet.

He was about to leave his rooms when Frigga entered. “I have somewhere to be mother,” he stated dismissively.

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Letting go and moving forward

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, many of us spend our years working hard to live life, feed our families, and even just make it to the next day. No one knows your story…we sometimes forget what it is to be human, to take a deep breath only to enjoy the process of air filling your lungs. We forget how to say hello to another person, our day to day interactions become play by play text in real time but without the emojis we so heavily send… gratifying a false and misunderstood sense of emotion. As we get older we start to look back on our lives; some of us just take a glance while others look further into the dark recesses of thier minds to better understand where they are. The milestones come and go in our lives but it takes patience and self awareness to remember and be humbled by the big or small events or people that got you where you are including yourself. My father always says: “dame una palanca y muevo el mundo” - “give me a lever and I’ll move the world.” Sometimes we think that we have to carry the world on our shoulders, perceiving our reality and our dreams to be impossible, unattainable, and not practical, but if we live our lives consistently trying to come up with solutions rather then dread the current outcome our mindsets change, if we started to eliminate words/phrases like “maybe”, “I don’t know”, “possibly” and replace them with “when this happens” , “ I don’t know but I will know”, and possibly to “yes I can” then what starts to happen is your world, aspirations, desires, and wants slowly start to come to fruition of course lead and fueled by your actions. There are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. So, sir down and ask yourself what you do with the 168hrs we have in a week. Then look in the mirror really look at the person you are the man or woman you have become and allow yourself to start thinking of your desires and dreams as facts, soon to be reality and continue to do this everyday and I promise with action, conviction, sacrifice and belief no matter the odds against you will prevail.


I am again unsurprised by this sites inability to differentiate between a being who just wants the Legions destruction so brings Argus to us so we can wipe them out and a being who wants to rip the freedom from someone just because they could be the “chosen one” to stop the Legion.

Don’t use the “hand of fate must be forced” line against Illidan when 1) You fail to actually understand the line and 2) You think what Xe’ra was trying to do was okay and Illidan should have just rolled over and let her do it and 3) That it was hypocritical of him to resist.

Illidans actions against Xe’ra were justified and what he says about the situation is spot on, what she was trying to do was totally different to what Illidan did and he was actually kind of right with bringing Argus to us because if we don’t take out the Legion they will keep coming back again and again to try and wipe us out.


Sun Opposite Uranus

These natives are very radical in their approach, and will go to the extreme to be heard. They love to challenge the status quo, and could possibly have experienced a traumatic childhood. The father may have had an explosive temper, and parental arguments could have caused exits from the household. With this aspect, the pathway of your growth points is towards individuation. Meaning, you aren’t truly satisfies until you have found the freedom to be yourself. The need for independence is strong and being able to make your own decisions in your own time. Anything that threatens the ego identity or self-expression can induce a rebellious behavior. Often wanting to do the opposite of something someone tells them to do. You’re nothing if you’re not original, and your energy is high, magnetic, and erratic, you’re full of surprises. You dislike being tied down and prefer to keep your options open; you also may find yourself involved with what goes against tradition. You have the tendency to get involved with negative, dangerous, contrary, activities or groups despite your better judgement. Communication, computers, electronics, and everything new-wave is your cup of tea. It’s advised to let your energy flow with the universe.

Just imagine sub!harry, alright? Laying on the bed on his back and shirtless, his arms stiff at his sides because you told him not to move. You slowly unbutton his jeans, tutting at him about how he had been misbehaving during the dinner party that night.

“I clearly told you to stop touching me, Harry.” You pout jeeringly, tugging his jeans down his thighs. You can see his Adam’s apple bob up and down once, his chest rising and falling evidently faster.

“I-I know, baby, but I was just–”

You cut him off by squeezing him through his briefs, a high strangled yelp emitting form his throat. “I don’t want to hear it. Now what are you gonna do to make it up to me?”

You slowly begin to move your hand against his growing bulge, the way his legs twitch and hands fist at his sides showing just how hard he’s working on restraining himself. You lean down and press warm sloppy kisses down his happy trail, lapping lightly along the waist band of his undergarment.

“I won’t ask again,” you say warningly, “what are you going to do to make it up to me?”

“I-I’m going to be a good boy.” His voice is meek and quiet, a small breath puffing out at the end of his sentence as he tries to gather his wits. “I’m going to beg.”

“That’s right.” You hum, your fingers disappearing inside his navy briefs. You gently tug him out, his warm excitement coating your fingers as you start to work him from base to tip. “Go on. Do as you said.”

Harry’s entire body is trembling as you pleasure him, his thighs and pelvis becoming a flushed shade of red.

“P-Please, Y/N.” He moans lowly, biting down onto his lower lip as his cloudy eyes flick from your hand where it is pumping him and back to your eyes. “I won’t misbehave again, I swear.”

You release him from your hold, immediately straddling him. His hands remained clenched at his sides like you’d ordered, knowing that he has to follow your rules. You tug his head back harshly, making his eyes focus on you as you start to rock back and forth on his hard-on. Small whimpers slip from his swollen lips, his eyes seeming to slowly begin to shatter at how desperate and wired up he is.

“Faster, please.” He breathes, and you respond by grinding down harder. He lets out a stuttered groan, tilting his head back and letting his eyes flutter shut in bliss. His jaw tightens as you continue to rub your bare heat on him, his sounds of ecstasy jumbling up in his mouth.

You lean forward, digging your teeth into the skin along his collarbone. He mewls and the broken sound makes you feel as if you were about to release right then and there.

“You won’t do this again, right?” You reach a hand under you and position him correspondingly, gently tucking his head inside yourself. He gasps out in distress, nodding his head vigorously.

“I promise, darling, I promise.” Harry’s hips buck up without consent as his body tries to satisfy its hunger.

You smile down at him. “You’re my good boy, yeah?”

“Always will be.”

“My good boy wants to get fucked?” You purr against his neck, sinking yourself down a bit farther onto his deliciously thick length. He was immense, but you wouldn’t let him dwell on compliments just yet.

“Really badly.” Harry’s voice cracks as you clench around him– a small sound of vulnerability.

“How much do you want it?” You growl against his hot skin, gradually allowing yourself to sink down to his base.

“I don’t want it, I need it.” His willow green eyes are large with a silent plea. “Can I touch you?”

You decide to give him this bit of freedom, your walls beginning to crumble like sand as you feel him throbbing inside you. You need it just as much as he does. “Yes.”

His hands fly to your hips, his fingers digging into the soft flesh. They coast up to hook around your back as you lay forward with your chest pressed to his, his touch electrifying.

“Please, baby girl. It hurts.” He murmurs softly, his legs bucking against the mattress. “I’ll be good. I’ll do anything you want.”

“What I want,” you start to move, his length smoothly leaving and entering you rhythmically, “is to have you completely ruined by the time I’m done.”

Your words ignite a fire that boils deep in Harry’s stomach, his breathing becoming dangerously shallow as he completely lets himself fall apart. “Y/N, please fuck me. Please. Ride me until I can’t move and use me like a toy– I don’t care aslong as you keep fucking me the way you are. Fuck me.

His words push you into action and you pick up your pace, the way he arches his back and releases short bursts of deep groans and garbled screams encouraging you to not stop.

“You’re a fuck toy.” You grit out, using his own words to wind him up farther. One of your hands wraps around his throat, not too tight but tight enough to make him have trouble breathing. The other rakes down his chest, leaving angry red scratches along the soft tan skin. Harry breathes out heavily, humming quietly as he feels his skin ripple with pain along the rough marks. He loves it when you’re rough with him.

He tilts his head back, allowing you to dig your nails under his chin to keep your dominant stance.

He stares at you with lighting in his eyes as you take over him, his body convulsing under you.

“I’m a tool,” he agrees, letting a loud moan rumble from his chest, “now fuck me until I break like one.”