what do you guys think this movie would be about

I was thinking about Doukyuusei recently, and I realized one thing - if the second season of Yuri on Ice will feature a more explicit kiss then I’d want it to look something like this:

It’s explicit without being lewd, it’s intimate without being sexual, it’s soft and gentle without being overdone.

It’s actually all I’d possibly want from a kiss in an anime (and a kiss between Yuuri and Victor especially).

Personally, I don’t think we need a more explicit kiss, but if we would get one then I’d like it to either be a casual kiss on the cheek/forehead (the way most couples share them) or something like the one you see above. I think that would be a good way of keeping it clear and romantic without making it self-indulgent.

And if Yuuri would be the one to initiate the kiss, that would make it absolutely perfect.

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what do u think of the new Rodrick for the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie

dude i havent consciously thought about diary of a wimpy kid in like a year

im looking him up rn

why did you send me this ask i thought he would be outrageously hot

he kinda looks like this guy i dated in middle school

i get why theyre having a whole new cast but this is such a downgrade what the fuck

ok for everyones convenience:

old rodrick, from like??? 2011??? or something

i think he wears eyeliner in one scene 7/10 would smash

new rodrick. why/10

Will Kyuubi be transferred to Boruto?

Someone from the fandom and i were talking and they were telling me how they added new panels in the Boruto manga that wasn’t in the movie. Check it out:

Then we also have this official art drawn by Kishimoto himself for the Boruto manga:

I mean isn’t that kyuubi sage mode? So what does this mean?? Is it possible that this is a foreshadowing of the Kyuubi being transferred to Boruto? Would they actually go as far as to kill Naruto off for the sake of giving Boruto a power up? In my opinion i wouldn’t be surprised if they did, but a lot of fans would be super PISSED (me included).

What do you guys think about this?

Discord Server

Alright, so asking one more time, how would you guys feel about having a Discord server? I’m not sure how’d often I’d be interacting (since I’m shy as heckie) but I would love to have art streams or movie/show nights, some conversations, and splat sessions with y’alls! What do you think? Would you join?

Alright Phandom, I’m really curious: 

If Danny Phantom was to be made into a live action movie, or a series of movies, what would you LOVE to see in it?

Or do you think the series would only be done justice as a TV show? Would anyone watch a live action show when there is original cartoon already? 

Seriously, I wanna discuss this so bad. Like, do you wanna see an updated story or have it set in 2004? Are there any plot points you really want to see happen? What plot points and twists do you wanna see? Character development??? Music???!!!

God this gets me so excited! I wanna talk about every aspect of what you guys want see out of a Danny Phantom film and what the ‘Phandom Collective’™ can come up with…


»»Imagine being friends with Clary and Simon««
It had been a long day, and to be honest, you just wanted to sleep and eat. You had just opened the door to your apartment when you heard the voice of a certain vampire.
“Hey y/n, are you okay? You’ve been acting strange all day.”
“Yeah, I’m fine, just tired.” You simply reply, the thoughts of you warm comfy bed soon filling your mind.
Meanwhile, Simon started getting suspicious.
“That’s weird, Clary been acting weird too, almost like she was barely even awake…”
Simon stopped. Something happened last night and he was gonna find out what.
“Y/n….. do you wanna watch star wars tonight? I was thinking about having a movie marathon.”
You were caught, you never thought that he would suspect what you guys did last night, but you underestimated him BIG time.
“How did you find out?” You sighed, curious in how he figured it out.
“You were humming the star wars theme, and Clary was making a lot of star wars jokes. Plus, I know things….” Simon deduced, trying to make himself sound smart.
“Wow, thank you for your deduction Sherlock” Clary quiped sarcastically.
“Lord have mercy on us all, the shadow world has invaded my habitat.” You murmured, though they both heard you anyway.
“HEY!” They yelled in unison.
“Well, it’s true,” you replied.
“Now can you both leave, I NEED some sleep!” You grumbled.

do you ever think about harry and louis’ routine when they’re apart like…they would be texting as much as they can, probably leaving voice messages on whatsapp when they know the other is going to be tied up for a few hours…they make sure to say goodnight and good morning to one another without fail no matter what the time difference…they probably set skype or facetime dates and stick to that time and sometimes they have long conversations and sometimes it gets dirty and sometimes they watch a movie or cook together…they share weird memes and random news events and they bring friends and family members into the conversation occasionally when they can…and they’re strong individuals who can spend time apart but they have a count down to when they will be reunited again anyway

Request for anonymous

Can you do a smut with the Omaha squad where they have a game night and it starts off really fun and it’s all laughter and teasing but then sexy games like truth or dare and twister happen! And have it get really smutty because everyone is riled up (maybe like a G and nate 3 some?) 🙊

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I was just reading through the comments on that i09 article you posted recently, and it’s kind of disgusting how nearly everyone there is defending Marvel to the hilt and acting as if Portman and Paltrow are the ones primarily responsible for their characters not appearing anymore. They recycle all the usual BS about Portman supposedly hating Marvel and act as if Feige is somehow the victim here. Listen, the guy is a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE. If he can’t handle being criticised for making (not-so) subtly sexist comments, then he should REALLY get out of the film industry. Can we please all stop worshipping at Feige’s altar?

Lastly, just imagine if a female movie producer had made similar comments about two male characters. What do you think the response would be like?

FosterTheory replies:

Meltdowns, galore.

Sounds like it was good that I forgot to read the comments.

day in


Requested: YES.

What do you think Nick would be like on a day in?


nick would probably be the mushy type of boyfriend who demands to make breakfast with you and do everyday household activities with you because he seems like the kind of guy who, on the outside, would pretend to not care but when he’s with the girl he likes/loves he disregards everything and wants to make her happy. nick would most likely want to either stay in bed all day and cuddle or stay on the couch watching 4529297 movies and stay up until four in the morning and kiss you every chance he gets


I’m curious to know, you said you haven’t done film for 5 years, did you in this film, did inspire you to do other, are we gonna see you in some other soon?

I’ts an interesting question, because as you are asking, I’m asking myself, you know it’s easy to… 5 years goes by pretty quickly uhh, and there’s lot’s to do in life, it’s a wonderful world that we live in and I’m a really curious person, so I don’t know, I don’t know what’s next, I haven’t made another film since this. But you know the movies that I like to make, are the movies that I would love to see, and I think those films are few and far between. And you all guys hear about me like getting cast  as the next super hero next week , but you know I mean, who knows no rules right? but i don’t have any plans right now to do anything, you know I’ve made some really especial films, I’ve worked with these great directors, Aronofsky,  Terrence Malick, David Fincher, and now Jean-Marc, this little movies they can break your heart, because most of the time they don’t really turn out  like you hope they would, so it can be tough. source

“What We Do In the Shadows”

Undead hilarity for all your Roleplaying needs

  • “I think we drink virgin blood because it sounds cool”
  • “I think of it like this. If you are going to eat a sandwich, you would just enjoy it more if you knew no one had fucked it.”
  • “We’re Werewolves, not Swear-Wolves.”
  • “He’s a really great guy. A bit a of a pervert.”
  • “Leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet!”
  • “I lost a really nice silk scarf in about 1912.”
  • “I tended to torture when I was in a bad place.”
  • “We should get some slaves!”
  • “If you’re going to eat a victim on my nice clean couch, put down some newspaper on the floor and some towels.”
  • “We’re vampires, we don’t put down towels.”
  • “The point is that you have not done the dishes for 5 years.”
  • “I was thinking, maybe… I just should bring a broom down here for you if you wanted to sweep up some of the skeletons.”
  • “Well, I’m glad to hear that I’m cool.” 
  • “At first I wanted to kill him. But now I’m glad I’ve spent the time to get to know him.”
  • “I transformed into a dog and had sex.”
  • “What are you doing tonight? Are you going to kill some perverts?”
  • “I go for a look which I call dead but delicious.”
  • “Yeah some of our clothes are from victims. You might bite someone and then, you think, ‘Oooh, those are some nice pants!’.”
  • “Vampires don’t do dishes.”
  • “The other day, I dragged mans body down the hallway, and noticed that there was no dust. Like, I kind of… I kind of swept the hallway.”
  • “We have the kind of master-servant relationship which works nicely.”
  • “Who would have sex with her, I wouldn’t.”
  • “Like one big circle, just biting each others dicks.”
  • “I am doing an erotic dance for my friends. And you ruined it.”
  • “I don’t want to break that friendship but.. then again, what do you do when
    someone tells you that they’re a vampire?”
  • “Get up and stand on this ceiling like a man!” 
  • “Well, his soul is in hell, so…” 
  • “Get your hands off my balls, Beast!”

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I'm an actress; I spend a lot of my time singing/looking over scripts. I'm driven by my emotions and an open book. I care for people fiercely. I love baseball, movies, and kids. I have chronic illnesses that can get in the way of life sometimes (a fact I'm very insecure about). One of my favorite things in the world is just to lay in the arms of somebody I love... and I live purely off of soda the way Barba lives off coffee... ship wise I go back & forth btw. Raf and Sonny. What do you think?

I ship you with Sonny Carisi.

Like you, Sonny is a pretty emotional guy, his actions at driven by them. When Sonny falls for someone, he would be fiercely protective over them. He loves that you perform, he is happy to sit and watch you for hours as you prance around the house getting his opinion on your skills. He always says you are brilliant and sometimes you wonder if he just says it because he loves you, but turns out, you rock pretty hard, and Sonny ain’t no liar.

As you’ve probably guessed, Sonny is a baseball fan, he would take you to all the games your heart desires. In fact, it becomes your family tradition and your kids would be diehard Mets fans.

Sonny is pretty understanding about your illness. He is patient and caring, despite his germophobic nature. He knows when you are unwell and will lie in bed for endless hours to comfort you. He is pretty smart and would put in the hours of research to find obscure treatments to help you to feel better.

He likes to eat healthily (despite the bad pastry habit), so he would do his utmost best to try and break that habit. Not that he would get anywhere, you can be pretty stubborn about your fix.

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I'm 5'7, and I have medium length brown hair and I have hazel eyes, I can be really energetic or really lazy- there is no inbetween - I play guitar and I sing and I love music, I dance but i'm not good, I look like a weirdo.❤️💙 thanks

^I also forgot to include something, I have braces and i’m curvy af^

Ok, I ship you with Gray! I’ve mentioned this before, but he would love that you sing! He’d do anything to hear you sing, and would love to play piano with you! I can also see you guys having really goofy dance battles. You’d have a good variety of dates, and he’d be very open to just having lazy days, where you talk, and eat ice cream and watch movies for like 17 hours. I feel like you guys would really be yourselves around each other, and notc are about what other people think! xx

lmao I have terrible friends


I was skyping with a friend who’s lived in another city for…years now. Love her to bits, went to middle school and high school together

and we’re having a lovely chat

and then she looks at me and goes “by the way, what do you think of the new beauty and the beast movie”

and all I can do is put my face in my hands and she LAUGHS AND LAUGHS 

I’m like “you might want to take back that question” and she’s like “something felt off about it to me so I wanted to ask your opinion”


okay when I was younger…and also okay probably still now. I had lots of Opinions about media - especially movies. And I was very vocal about them.

and my lovely, beloved friend KNEW I would have something to say about this mess and SHE BROUGHT IT UP ON PURPOSE


BTS reaction to them when after watching a scary movie,lights turn off

*BTS reaction when you’re scared after watching a scary movie*

Anon said:  Can you do a BTS reaction when you watch a scary movie with them and when you go to bed to sleep with them lights turn off by themselves? Btw i love your blog and I have birthday today so I wish you will do this for me! <3

- Happy birthday! :D <3 Hope you have a wonderful day and than you I love you!  I had soo much fun making this reaction lol

Jimin: When you guys are laying in bed,talking about the movie and the lights turnn of in the hall..Jimin would be so scared,even more scared when you scream a little noticing that too
“Mooooooooooom” *shouts* 

Jungkook: *notices lights turn off*
“Jagi..I think..We,should not watch scary movies anymore” *scared* 

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J-Hope: “What was that jagii?” *gif*

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Rap Monster: *lights turn off*
“Run for your lifeee jagii!” shouts and runs out of the room *trying to scare you even more*

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Suga: *doesn’t care,falls asleep*

Originally posted by yoonsaur

V: “Go check” you say *gif*
“No you check” laughs at you

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Jin: You guys ar eating in the bed after watching a ascary movie,lights turn off..
“Did you see that?” he asks eating his food *little bit scared*

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RFA and what kind of friend they are

~so I was thinking about what kind of friendship MC would have with everyone, and she is the nice friend who helps you through your problems, but what kind of friends are the rest of them? First HC, ever~

*Would do ALL the cutesy things
* Wanna go to a con? He already bought tickets
*“Yoosungie, come watch this cuuute movie with me!”
* There in .456 seconds with tissues
* because you both are gonna bawl your eyes out
* You guys go to the pet store together
* no, neither of you can have that puppy
* would do Top 40 karaoke together

* Grown up fun friend
* Goes to the club with you, cause no one else will
* ….maybe Seven would
* Dances all night
* stop dancing so close, perv
* Would pretend to be your bf when s/o wasn’t around and someone was trying to get up in that
* Always tells you your outfit is amazing
* Gets pedicures with you
* Will beat up s/o if they don’t treat you right
* only karaokes ballads, flexes while doing it

* Mom friend, duh
* helps you with your taxes
* does them for you when she is tired of trying to explain deductions
* Goes to see musicals with you
* at least one coffee date a week to talk about girl stuff
*just fan girls over Zen
* bitches about work all the time
* low key gossips about everyone
* gives hella good advice, but is like Jumin in her delivery of it

* expensive friend
* gives best gifts, remembers like every occasion to give gifts
* always asks for advice or explanations
* would probably put the crew up for a trip though, if it was suggested
* “MC, could you accompany me to an event this weekend?”
* best at suggesting makeup and outfit combos
* seriously, just ask him what to wear
* don’t forget Elizabeth the 3rd cuddles
* sends cute cat pics all the time

* fun fun friend
* teaches you how to cheat at Mario Kart
* y'all partner up to prank other people
* has ridiculous voicemails
* gives really good mental health advice though
* can hook you up with cosplay tips and materials
* really good at crafts
* has the dankest memes
* roasts you constantly
* don’t play competitive games with him
* you will lose


Basically, charlesdances and joons were discussing the following…

“Also joons and I were talking about how imagine Butterfly Bog - JURASSIC WORLD AU??? With a lot of changes ofc. Basically Bog is Owen (omg the scars could come into play here). JOONS CAME UP WITH THE RAPTOR NAMES, TROUBLE, MISERY,STUFF AND THANG. WHAT DO YOU THINK? ALSO MARIANNE AS CLAIRE. YISSSSSS.


I prefer that unlike in the movie Bog and Marianne have never met so the first time they interact both of them are more snarky. Like instead of the really likeable guy Owen is, Bog would be more sarcastic and gruff and is very suspicious with Marianne and really doesn’t want to have any part in the whole attraction she’s a part of. Meanwhile Marianne would be a bit different from Claire from the get go. Instead of just being someone who foresees the park, her father IS THE FOUNDER OMG DAGDA AS HAMMOND. So it’ll mean a lot more to her then just facts and figures. And Marianne has heard A LOT of ‘The Man Who Controls Raptors’ and is at first very excited to meet with him. But then after interacting with him she get’s a little pissed that he thinks she’s exactly like the execs and that he’s got her all figured out so she JUST PROVES HIM WRONG I’M NOT SURE HOW EXACTLY BUT SHE DOES AND SHE GETS HIM TO GO TO THE PARK AND FORESEE THE I-REX.”

…I basically put my head in my hands and sobbed out “MY PEOPLE!” 


Marianne Fairfield gritted her teeth as she stamped after the absurdly tall man, her heels clicking across the catwalk. To think that she had been excited to meet him, the famed Man Who Controls Raptors…not the first time a man has disappointed you, is it?

She tried calm the burn of irritation flooding her body, and rallied herself for another attempt. “Mister King, I know that in the past there have been concerns over the park not fully appreciating what goes into the creation of these creatures, but let me assure you, I am fully committed to honoring my father’s hopes for this place -”

The man let out a snarl of a laugh. “Your father was a visionary, Miss Fairfield, but visionaries are often blind to what’s right in front of them.” He turned and pointed a finger at her, and she once again tried not to stare at the scars that tore down his face, brutal even after being healed. “You created these creatures, aye, but they were never meant to be attractions.” He spat out the word as if it tasted foul. 

Marianne tried very hard not to growl at him. “What would you have me do then, hmmm? People want to know more about these animals, they want to be educated, not think of them as monsters! Would you rob them of the opportunity to learn, to experience that adventure?”

He paused at that, and there was a new look in his eyes - incredibly bright blue eyes, Marianne couldn’t help but notice - as they swept over her. Marianne repressed the urge to fidget under his searching gaze, and she was certainly not about to start blushing…

Then Roland gave a laugh behind them. “Buttercup, they are monsters! What else could ya call such dangerous beasts? But we can use them to achieve…amazing things! Just imagine, an army of ‘em, following our orders -!”

“The only orders they follow,” Bog growled, turning to Roland, “are mine.” 

Roland immediately backed away, holding his hands up innocently. “Of course! Who else could do it, Bog? I’ve been sayin’ this whole time, that’s why I want you to work with me -”

“No.” The answer Mister King - Bog? - gave sounded very final. “I won’t let you turn my pack into weapons.” He turned back to Marianne, his distaste back in full force. “And I won’t let some Princess playing with Daddy’s toys try and turn them into some playground exhibit -”

Marianne’s mouth fell open. Of all the nerve! She stepped right up to him, returning his glower with a snarl of her own. “You listen to me, you scaly, scarred up -”


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Well……I finished it!

Ok so it didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. I just couldn’t scrap this one! I mean, look at his cute face!

Glad I could get something new done. It was about time I did a pencil picture of a happy Bog. I never can tell what his “hair” is actually doing.

I always go back to how I learned to draw him, from frozenmusings’ ref sheet she did of him.

Let me know what you think!

Strange Magic © Lucas Films

Art © goldwerewolf

Refs: Strange Magic movie still and poster

Effects: Enlight App

Exo’s reaction to your kissing scene

Original: Hai ! I was wondering if you could please do an EXO reaction when you’re are playing in a movie and you have tu kiss the main character and they watching the movie from home?

Kris: “This guy is the worst actor of the entire movie tbh” *jealous*

*Looks at you* “I will show you what a real kiss is”

Y/N: “Kris, there’s no need to..”

Kris: “Did you say something?”

Y/N: *Can’t stop thinking about what he will do with you later*

Luhan: “She wouldn’t choose him”

Xiumin: “How can you be so sure?”

Luhan: “Because 

Suho: “Hes cute, but i’m the sugar daddy here”

Baekhyun: “He’s not even good looking”

Sehun: *When the character says that he would love to have sex with your character*

“That’s something i CAN get”

 Chanyeol: *When he hears that half of South Korea is shipping you with the actor*

“Let’s make a movie together”

Tao: “Give me a kiss, NOW” *Completely not jealous*

Kyungsoo: *When he sees the actor*

Lay: *To high to care*


Y/N: “His kiss is better than yours”

Kai: *When sex scene starts*

“I can make you moan louder”

Y/N: “It’s just a movie”

Kai: “I don’t care”

Xiumin: *Doesn’t care because he knows it’s just a movie*

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