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people really think they can come to MY blog and say shit abt my sims? yesterday i was making cultural appropriacion and now my sims are super skinny. what do you guys want? do you really think i’ll change my sims just because you think they are ‘super’ skinny? fuck off. If you don’t like my sims, just unfollow me and stop comming to my ask saying shit.

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Heya, just to remind you all, you guys can send me suggestions for screenshot packs! It’s written on every post of it, but some people aren’t aware. I don’t straight up do requests, just suggestions I’ll keep in mind and maybe I’ll do them. It’s just to let me know what people are interested in. I rarely get any though, so I just kinda have to assume what people might want.

I think I’ll start offering video downloads soon as well, for people to make gifs from. I gotta keep a good variety of things so I wanna add in something new soon.




People still think of Lando as “The Guy Who Betrayed The Trio” and that’s some grade A bull. 

I mean what would you do if you had people to protect and Darth Vader, Scariest Dude in the Galaxy, comes marching up to your door with a whole battalion of soldiers? Like? How much choice do you think he actually had here? Not much because Vader literally changes the rules on him every scene they’re together so the deal goes from “Trap the smuggler and his friends” to “Han’s being tortured and frozen in carbonite and taken away and the others that were supposed to be left untouched are also being taken capture indefinitely right now” and Lando has all of no control over any of it.

And then the second he realizes what’s happened he risks everything to help Chewie and Leia out. Leaves his cozy home to help them. Joins the Rebellion? Frees Han? Blows up the second Death Star?

But sure he’s just that sleaze ball who betrayed the gang. Sure. 

I just feel like Lance is this type,

*get’s papercut* *complains about it ALL day long* *everyone is annoyed*

*is actually bleeding out* “haha, how many free stays in the pod before i have to pay rent?” *everyone is freaking out*

Like he’d joke about it to make it seem less serious because he’s scared and if he’s joking it’s fine. Litltle things he’ll complain about though, because there’s no real danger there


Seriously guys, stop it. Don’t be fucking rude to those who find joy in something that you do not. Grow the fuck up. And personally, I advise everyone in this fandom to not ask the cast/crew about the Voltron otps/ships. It’s just awkward to me… and I also believe it is for them, too. They have to think about what to say so you guys don’t bust a nut over whatever response you get.

It’s 2017, y'all. Have some respect.

hunk is obviously that One Friend™ that everyone lowkey(highkey) has a crush on
so the paladins have two different groupchats
one is the Spade Squad™ and has all five of them
and the other is the Hunk Appreciation Squad™ and it doesn’t include hunk and that’s where they all talk about the cute/attractive things that hunk does

🌠Space Squad™🌠
lance: you gUYs you will not beLiEVE what hunk did today
lance: he put his hair in a ponytail while we were training
lance: I’M SO GEY

a minute later:
💛💛Hunk Appreciation Squad™💛💛
lance: fUCK

🌠Space Squad™🌠
hunk: ummm… thank you?

hunk asks them about it later
“soo.. do you guys like, talk about how hot you think i am behind my back?”
everyone else: UmMm *sweats*

Translation: Kollektivet (The Flat Chat) - at 20:40 - 11.12

Who took my frozen pizza?

Not me.

It was me, had to fix some food.
I’ll transfer money, Linn. Sorry.

Okay, how’s Even?

How is Even doing?
Linn, you owe me a cold coke with ice.

Better, I think. Or, it seemed like it was going better earlier. I don’t fucking know. He’s sleeping right now. But I was texting with Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s down. So, yeah. But he did eat half a pizza. So that’s good. 

Huh, I don’t owe you a coke? From when?

Ohh <3 Isak. To think that there’s so much care in that grumpy, little teenaged body of yours.


It’s just a saying, Linn.

But what are you guys doing tomorrow during the day? I’ve fucked up my 10% and have to go to school. But I don’t want Even to be here alone.

I’m home until 14:00 pm tomorrow, when do you finish school?


I’ll get home around one, so I can take over when Eskild leaves.


I can put together a week schedule. Report wishes and needs Linni and Nori, and I’ll add it in. Noora, you have Excel on your computer? 

It’s not certain he’ll stay the whole week, though..

Why doesn’t he wanna go home?

He might go home, but is it okay with you guys if he wants to stay here?

Yes, where there’s room there’s hearts.


Where there’s home there’s hearts.

Home is where the heart is.

Thank you

(sorry I’m late, my laptop crashed on Friday, having major issues with it 😞  )

markiplier… my guy…. pewdiepie deserves human rights- i agree! but he also deserves consequences. his jokes are catering to nazis. literal nazis are into his nazi jokes.

what did you expect youtube and disney to do? do you think they want to be associated with someone who makes nazi jokes, especially a company which makes content for children?

Lance: Wait… Guys what are we gonna do when Katie gets her period?

Hunk and Keith: ?

Lance: I mean she’s 14 so technically it might not happen for another two years but we don’t know how long this is gonna take! What if Alteans don’t have anything similar and Allura doesn’t-

Hunk: I think you’re misunderstanding something here?

Keith: Yeah she’s not going to-

Katie, from the other room: I have a dick Lance.

Lance: …?

Lance: OH! Oh okay that’s why you pretended to be a boy at- oh okay nevermind crisis averted why am I always the last to know these things guys come on.

anonymous asked:

How do they deal with sexual frustrations while being away from a s/o? Esp if s/o sends them teasing pics/texts/messages

Noctis does not fare very well when he opens his phone up to a lewd text or photo from you. His face turns ten different shades of red, and someone is always bound to notice. He ends up dealing with himself in the shower, and has to bite his knuckles in order to keep quiet.

Prompto is pretty good at texting dirty things to you, so he employs that as much as possible. He’ll ask what you’re wearing and then ask you to take it off, and when you send him a photo or a short video of you doing as he says, it drives him wild. He’ll sort himself out by going off into the woods and finishing there, but he’s not that quiet. The other guys usually now what’s going on at camp and deliberately make lots of noise to cover it up.

If you think you can best Gladio at this game, you are dead wrong. If you send him a dirty text, he’ll send you ten straight back, each increasingly more depraved than the last. He’ll be the one to send you nudes, reclined on a bed in all of his glory, with his erection at full attention with his hand on it mid-stroke. Once or twice one of the guys had walked in on him doing this and immediately slammed the door and ran. Gladio wasn’t bothered by it at all and ended up just picking up where he left off.

Ignis is the most collected out of the four. His sex drive isn’t as high as the others, or at least he’s able to keep it more under control. Sometimes though, when he has privacy, he’ll call you on the phone and engage in phone sex with you. He hears you on the other end pleasuring yourself while he’s doing the same, until finally the both of you release at the same time. It doesn’t happen all that often, but when it does, it’s enough to tide him over until you see each other again.

The Tinder Tutorials

I get a lot of asks about Tinder and I thought it would be worthwhile to collect my “best of” posts right here.  Each of the topics I list has the relevant links immediately following.  These tutorials will have you swiping and matching in no time!

Is the guy that just matched you more vanilla than sugar daddy?  These links help you figure out which he is and include a sample text/message. It clearly communicates that you are a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, not a vanilla FWB!

I met a POT on Tinder a few weeks ago, I stopped talking to him because he seemed more “vanilla” than SD. But he’s reached out to me recently, but I haven’t responded. He’s a really nice guy, but I don’t want to waste my time. Do you think I should reply? If so, what should I say to steer him towards SD?

 I have a match on tinder with an 48y man and I think he’s a sd. I haven’t told him yet I’m a sb but I think he suspects that. He just asked me what I’m looking for but I dont know how to make it clear. Can you please help me?

 So i met this nice gentlemen on Tinder and we have texted and really hit it off but since I took the tinder approach I am not sure if he understands that I am a sugar baby and need certain things. How do i SUBTLY let him know what I’m looking for? I could do the spoiled girlfriend approach but I dont want to ruin something with such potential.

Tips on how to set up a Tinder profile as a sugar baby.

How do I get a sugardaddy on tinder?

Besides outright stating I’m a SB, what else should I put on my Tinder profile to attract sugar daddy’s? Like is it the same as a profile on SA or should I keep it short?

Initial messages on Tinder are critical, yet guys don’t always grasp the importance!  Here are my thoughts to “get the ball rolling”

How do you spice up conversation with men on tinder/SA who have nothing in their bio that you can use to your advantage to spice up the conversation? I keep getting the hi , how you doing , nothing , where you from type of conversation. You would think older men would be clever and interesting in messages.

So after matching on tinder with men that are interested in being a sugar daddy wth do I talk to them about lol, do I tell them what I want because I really have no clue what to keep talking about after that. I’ve read post here to not talk to them about allowances thru there but to do it in person but I have no idea want to talk to them about after they say they are interested.

This post details the basic steps of moving from Tinder match to Arrangement

So I met this pot on tinder, and is it me just being paranoid or is it sketch that he would rather talk through the site. I offered him my email and offered to take his number

Don’t try to judge a guy’s wealth based on a Tinder profile.  

I was thinking of using tinder for SD searching, but I’m not sure of how to tell real wealth. I know that the clothing is apart of it. Do you have any tips to identify it in pbotos

And last, but definitely not least, I am including a link to a post that I found (the sugar baby who posted it has been since deactivated, so I can’t give her a proper shout out) that gives great tips on how to use Tinder.  As an added bonus, her tips can be used with sugar websites as well.  It is very good and definitely worth the read!

It’s going down; I’m yelling Tinder

My North Star (pt 8)

Originally posted by nycbtslover

A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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Misunderstandings // Min Yoongi (ft. Jimin)

Originally posted by btsfunboyz

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst // Fluff

Summary//Request: As you plan a surprise birthday party for Yoongi with the help of Jimin, he gets suspicious and insecure about your relationship as you spend all your time with Jimin. Fluffy ending ^_^

A/N: So, I decided to try out a new thing were I actually include texts as pictures to and from the reader and the person in the story! (instead of writing them in bold as I have done previously). Let me know what you guys think of it, and I’ll make sure to do more!

You threw your phone in your lap out of pure frustration after reading what Yoongi had sent you as you gently massaged your temples, feeling a migraine making itself at home in your frontal lobes.

“Woah, what happened?” Jimin jumped in surprise, almost letting all of the air out of the balloon he had been blowing up and trying to tie for the past 10 minutes.

“It’s Yoongi – he thinks there’s something going on between you and I because I’ve been ignoring him all day trying to organise his birthday surprise” you let out a harsh, disgruntled sigh as Jimin gave you a look of complete disbelief before nervously chuckling in response.

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There’s been a fourth. And there’s something different this time.

Guys. I know some of you are panicking about TLD, and unresolved issues in TST. I fell asleep last night wondering what the hell Mofftiss is trying to do. I woke up at 5:30 am and had an epiphany. I wept for 10 minutes because… if they are doing what I think they are doing, The Final Problem will indeed be insane wish fulfillment and the culminations of love conquers all. I’ll try to unpack TLD and TST and all the callbacks with gifs and text in the coming days to sort out the plot, but I want to get the premise out there - mostly to calm some nerves, start a discussion, and please feel free to run with the idea as well if you agree.

To date, we’ve been told explicitly there are three storytellers in Sherlock: John, through his blog; Sherlock, through his MP; and Jim Moriarty. John’s blog, whether the one online or the one in the show has been our go-to – to learn about the cases, behind the scenes, and what might be hidden between the lines. Sherlock’s deductions, which began in RL in ASiP, then via MP to further our understanding of his reasonings, and then, in S3 and beyond, his emotions. Jim Moriarty revealed himself as the storyteller in TRF, but we all know Moriarty casts its shadow over the narrative as early as ASiP.

So what, you asked?

We already know John’s blog is the version of Sherlock that John presents to the public. In addition, it’s the version of THEIR LIVES HE PRESENT TO THE PUBLIC. In another word, a FACADE. That’s right, a facade. As we bear witness to their adventures, there’s something definitely more than meets the eyes, and dots that don’t quite connect – he knows it, we know it, but none are written or spoken out loud. His blog is another version of the truth (as Lestrade kept reminding us in TLD) – about the cases, and likely, about their lives. What does that tell us about TST and TLD?  

Sherlock’s deductions began as a device for us to understand his reasoning, then it advanced to his MP so we get a glimpse of his beautiful mind; then, his vulnerable heart. We literally witnessed his struggle for love and heartbreak in S3. But what happened before? We saw Sherlock falling for John even if Sherlock himself didn’t realize, yet – as if there’s a virus in the data. He began to sort through the pieces in TLD; yes Sherlock IS the lying detective, but it’s so much more than just Culverton Smith; Sherlock’s mind is lying to himself, and we won’t know what until he does.

Jim Moriarty, Richard Brooks, James Moriarty, Professor Moriarty, or simply, Moriarty. Moriarty is a name; Moriarty is… anyone. There’s a dominant narrative in the stories of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson during the past 130 years, I don’t need to tell you what that is, do I?

If you find TST and TLD confusing, try to unpack the story using these three narrative perspectives. And yes, including the BIG BROTHER in Moriarty camp – anyone, remember that. Forget about the plot or timeline, for now, just LOOK, AND I MEAN REALLY LOOK – Mary did not take a bullet for Sherlock; the weirdness of the whole baby/no baby mystery is a facade (didn’t Mofftiss say the dog ate the baby?). And the scene at the morgue where Sherlock’s being beaten to a pulp? That’s Sherlock realizing what he did to the one man that loved him with all his heart when he jumped off the roof of Barts – yes Sherlock indeed killed John Watson’s “wife”, and he finally realized the extent of John’s grief.

Oh and the fourth? IT IS WHAT IT IS – the story that’s been HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, and we’ll finally see the missing pieces, the true meaning of insane wish fulfillment. What’s a title for? THE FINAL PROBLEM – no wonder Mofftiss chose the most iconic of all ACD canon. There’s something different this time.

They Slap You During a Fight *TRIGGER* (BTS)

Requested by the enchanting @poody1608 <3 (BTW guys we DO NOT condone domestic abuse in any way, if it is/has happened to you or you see/hear it happening to someone else, PLEASE HELP OR GET HELP! No one deserves to be treated like that ok)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Don’t own the gifs yo*

Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: *exhales* Ok. I honeslty think it would be so out of character for him that it might even shock him more than you. There’d be a minute of silence between the two of you until the waterfall of apologies started rushing from his mouth. I feel like (even though you should never do this) it might be easier to get over this bump with him than a few of the others because he’d be so torn up about it himself

YOONGI: Yoongi would just freeze, he really wouldn’t know what to do. Unlike Namjoon, it would actually take him forever to even talk, much less look at you (but you wouldn’t be looking at him either so). Then once he got half his courage back, he’d hit you with a super anguished expression

HOSEOK: If you thought Namjoon would feel torn up about it, you haven’t met Hobi. He would be horrified of himself. He loved you more than anything in the world and never ever dreamed (nightmared) of ever hitting you. He would def start sobbing and he might even try to leave but (and I’ve got a soft spot for this boy) seeing how awfully regretful he was, you’d pull him into a tight hug, stopping him

SEOKJIN: Jin I feel could be a toss up. He’d either get super dissapointed in himself or super angry (you are the one he loves most after all). But mostly I think he’d see himself differently after that incident. He’d beg you to forgive him but he’d understand if you didn’t

JIMIN: (chimchim is such a sweetie why) So He’d be shocked silent as well, just kinda staring at your face and his hand. He’d never been aggressive towards you before (even the rough sex was pretty gentle) so you’d be stunned too. You’d start to walk away from him, but he’d clutch at your arm, begging you to stay (and probably hit him back)

TAEHYUNG: When he saw your frightened, tearful face, he wouldn’t forgive himself. He’d stand there for a minute, feeling like a monster. He wouldn’t try to apologize or touch you, feeling like he didn’t deserve it. He’d leave, but he’d come back if you called out to him

JUNGKOOK: This kid would be so shocked and just confused (almost as if he didn’t realize he did it). In a daze he’d reach out to you, but when you screamed at him and walked away, he’d let you go. He would feel like he didn’t deserve to even be around you


Prompt: You volunteer to go to Spencer’s high school reunion. 

A/N: Just wrote this, no proof reading or editing, just posting xxxx 

Update: I proof read, and fixed some silly spelling mistakes, thanks for the love.

“I honestly do not remember the last time I had a weekend off, how do you even spend a weekend off?” you set the fresh cup of coffee in front of JJ “What are you doing this weekend?”

“Hanging out with my boys, I think we’re going to the zoo” she said taking a sip. You guys were guaranteed a weekend off, which was rare. Unless people started dying left and right, in the same city, around the same time, with some more than suspicious similarities you were off.

“That sounds awesome, what about you Spence, any big plans?” Spencer had been reading through most of the flight back home. “I had this high school reunion thing” he said not looking away from the page.

“Had? Had as in you’re not going any more?” you questioned, “Yeah, I don’t think I want to go” he said still concentrated.

“Why don’t you want to go” probably a question you shouldn’t ask. You and Spencer weren’t completely close, mostly because he wouldn’t warm up to you. After months of being of the team, seven months to be exact, he still would not look at you in your eyes. He wouldn’t laugh at your jokes, no matter how much you tried to bond with him, it wasn’t happening.

“I don’t want to see a bunch of people who bullied me for years” he said coldly.

“You’re an FBI agent how is any one going to bully you now?” you asked .

“Everyone is probably married, with kids, a family, I wont fit in, once again” he said refusing to look at you.

“So you won’t go because you don’t have a date?” JJ said.

“I’ll be your date” you said before he could answer her question “What?” Spencer said looking up at you confused.

“If you seriously want to shut these people up, I’ll be your date, Ill go”

Spencer was shocked that you would ever suggest that. “You don’t have to do that.”

JJ was equally as shocked, “Worse case scenario you guys have a fun weekend in Vegas, you should go” she said trying to be supportive.
“I cant think of a better way to spend my first weekend off! Vegas it is!”

After spending the flight sleeping you and Spencer headed to the hotel where the reunion was being held. “Hello, I am here to check in my name is Spencer Reid” the young girl started to typing. “Im sorry but I don’t have anything under that name” she looked up at Spencer waiting for his response. “That’s impossible because I reserved a room weeks ago under Spencer Reid” he said confused. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t have anything under that name”

“Look up Y/FLN” You said over Spencer shoulder “Oh yes, I have a reservation for that, unfortunately since it was made so late I only one room, queen size bed available”

“That’s fine, well take it” you said calmly.

“Perfect, these are your room keys, and some pamphlets with some information, you guys are all set”

You took all the information, and grabbed your bags and started walking away.

“You cancelled my room reservation?” Spencer said in an angry tone as you both got into the elevator. “Spencer couples don’t request separate bedrooms, if you want to fool every one of your old classmates, whom are by the way staying at this very same hotel, I suggest you be okay with it.” You said dragging your suitcase into the elevator. “Of course, definitely okay with it”

“So I was thinking about it and I am just going to attend the dinner tonight, after wards you’re free I’ll be flying back home” Spencer said watching you as you unpacked part of your suitcase.

“What? Why would you do that?” you said concentrated on your unpacking. “Because this is ridiculous and although I appreciate you doing this it isn’t necessary” he sounded annoyed.

Spencer was reading a book as he waited for you to be ready he was in his usual attire, you decided to spice things up, you walked out of the bathroom, having finally finished your make up. Spencer closed his book and his mouth dropped when he saw you, wearing a tight back dress, with black heels, simple, elegant, a small diamond necklace around your neck. “Alright let’s get this show on the road” you said grabbing your clutch and cell phone. You both walked into the elevator Spencer pressed the ground button “You know in order for this to work, you’re going to have to pretend to be in love with me” you said laughing. “Pretend, right, got it” Spencer said in a serious tone.

The evening actually went better than you could have imagined. You spent the night chatting with everyone, telling crazy stories about the BAU, embezzling them just enough to make Spencer sound like a hero, which he had been plenty of times. Spencer continued to make sure your glass was never empty. Everyone’s eyes were on you both, and surprisingly Spencer had been dealing well with the situation. He held your hand when you walked, brushed the hair out of your face, threw his arm around your shoulder, and even kissed your cheek. You loved every minute of it, it felt so natural, so right, nothing felt forced, or rehearsed.

 It had come to the end of the night, Spencer could tell you had way too much to drink. He held your hard as you walked to the elevator, once you were inside he pressed the number four. You rested your head on his shoulder, until the elevator doors opened and he led you to your hotel room door. You took off your shoes as soon as Spencer opened the door, and stumbled over to the bathroom.

When you walked out you found Spencer preparing the couch. “Just sleep with me” you blurted out. “What?” he said confused by what he had just heard. “Sleep with me, in the bed, don’t sleep on the couch” you said clarifying your statement.

“Right” he said stiffly. “Good job out there tonight, pretending you loved me, everyone couldn’t stop looking as us, payback is a bitch”

“Pretending, yeah, good job”

You had enough of his cry cut responses for one night, “Spencer why don’t you like me, I mean for god sake I try really hard, and you’re not even nice to me” you blurted out.

“I do like you” his voice was low, almost a whisper. “What!?” you almost shouted.

“I do like you Y/N” he repeated “Just not like this”

“What does that even mean?” you were confused.

“I like you, I like you, like you, not just as friend, or co worker” he said unable to look at you. As soon as you processed what you had just heard you walked right over to Spencer pressing your lips against his. His tongue making his way into your mouth, yours reciprocating its movements. You couldn’t believe this was happening. “You could’ve just said that months ago” you said pulling away from him.

“Well I am sorry I am late, but I’m pretty crazy about you”

Rough ~D.L, S.M.~

Summary: you and stew get into a fight and you meet Derek

Requested: yes

Note: yay my first imagine from my little break. Sorry it took so long. So some of the requests I’ve received I’m just gonna make them texts or Instagrams or twitters because I haven’t done that in a while and I think it’ll be cute.

“I swear to god it’s not that serious.” I roll my eyes at my boyfriend.

“What do you mean not that serious? Y/n basically said you didn’t trust me in front of everyone. How is that not serious?” Stew says looking exhausted.

“Because you know how I am. I have serious trust issues and every guy has broken my he-”

“So you really don’t trust me?” He says interrupting me.

“I think I love you stew but I’ve never been 100% sure on that. I’m all kinds of fucked up. Trust doesn’t come easy” i look in stews eyes.

“Well if you’re not even going to try then what the point y/n?” He says sighing and closing his eyes.

“Stew, don’t say that. I’m try-”


I look at stew and feel my heart shatter. He really can’t handle me. I audibly gulp and nod my head slowly. I grab my purse and walkout to my car. I pull out of stews driveway and head home. Was that a break up? Did I just lose stew?

Fuck it. I haven’t cried over a guy in 7 years. I’m not starting now.

I arrive at my house and began getting ready to go out. I hadn’t been out to a club in a long time.

As I finish the last piece of my hair. My uber arrives. I hop in and head to the club.

I’ve been here for 15 minutes and this hot guy is already buying me drinks.

“You look beautiful. What’s your name?”

“I’m y/n, you?”

“I’m Derek” he says smiling. I could see his tattoos peeking out from his tshirt.

“Well Derek it’s nice to meet you.”

We entered Derek’s house and he pushed me against the door he just closed. Our lips together in a feverish kiss.

He moves down to my neck biting and sucking hard.

“Fuck Derek. Please I need you.”

He picks me up and carries me to his bedroom.

“Call me daddy princess.” At his words I let out a moan and buck my hips.

He begins taking off my shirt and kissing down my stomach. As he began kissing my hips he makes eye contact with me.

I grab his sheets tightly and bite my lip. He chuckles and pulls my shorts and underwear down and kisses back up my legs.

He winks at me and dives in. He sucks my clit while his fingers tease my entrance.

My moaning is out of control and I can feel myself getting closer.

“SHIT DADDY DONT STOP. IM SO CLOSE” my back arched off the bed but Derek stopped. I opened my eyes to see he was right above me with a smirk on his face.

“Pretty sure I said don’t stop” I say grabbing his neck.

“Pretty sure I’m your daddy and I’m about to fuck you senseless so I suggest you shut up babe” he says positioning himself in front of me before slowly sliding in.

He groans and I let out a moan at how big he is.

He moves slow but hard and I can barely breathe. It feels so good.

He then starts pounding into me at impossible speeds and I’m thrashing and convulsing. My eyes are rolling to the back of my head.

“Fuck baby girl. Your pussy is so tight and warm, do you like when I fuck you like this. I bet you love it when my big thick cock rams into your tight little pussy Huh?.” He lightly grabs my neck and I’m basically screaming at this point. He moves his hand down to my boob while he dips down and sucks and bites my neck.



“Good girl. Now let it all go. Cum all over my cock.” I scream and stop moving. I cum and clench around Derek and hear him groan. He keeps pounding at the same pace and I feel it again. He pulls out and hits his tip on my clit. I cry out and squirt. It goes everywhere as he rubs my clit furiously. He pumps himself and cums on my stomach.

He cleans us up and tells me to go sleep and that he’ll cook us breakfast in the morning. He puts his t-shirt and boxers on me as I’m falling asleep.

I wake up and smell my favorites. Weed and Food.

I throw my hair up and stumble downstairs. I see Derek without a shirt but basketball shorts and socks and slides. He’s cooking breakfast with a blunt in his mouth. He turns around a smiles at me.

“Hey princess. How’s your legs?”

“They’re hell” I say laughing. He walks over and hands me a plate. He kisses my head and sits in front of me.

“You smoke?”

“Hell yeah.” I say grinning. This food was good as shit, he was cute and he handed me a blunt

“Good. Oh my friends are on their way over just letting you know” as he said that there was a knock on the front door.

I moved into the living room after putting my plate in the dishwasher. I rolled another blunt because the one Derek gave me was barely anything.

“Wassup Derek, how you been?” I hear someone say. I shoot my head up cause I know that voice too well.

“I’ve been good, is this your little brother?”

“Yep. I brought him cause he doesn’t believe your lean is the best. Y/N?”

I look ovjer and see Nate and Stew staring me. I quickly look down at the blunt I’m making. I set it down and try to avoid their stares.

Derek sits next to me and pulls me into his lap. I hold his cup as he makes his lean. He hands the cup to stew and tells him to try some.

He doesn’t seem to notice the awkwardness.

Stew takes a sip while staring at me. I look down while Derek rubs up and down my thigh.

“So nate, how do you know y/n?”

“She’s my ex” stew says rudely.

“That’s your fault Stewart.” I say rolling my eyes.

“Still didn’t expect you to fuck some random guy the same night.” He says laughing dryly.

“Oh fuck off, there’s a hickey on your neck so don’t act like you’re all innocent.” I say standing up from Derek’s lap.

“I have one hickey. I made out with your friend to make jealous. You fucked my brothers friend and now you’re acting like a groupie. There’s a huge difference between us.” He says standing in front of me.

“You know what maloley. Everyone’s right. You’re a fucking idiot and you’ll be stuck in your big brothers shadow for the rest of your life. Making out with my friend to make me jealous is just about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard come out of your mouth. Which is saying a lot. Me and Derek fucked, but I didn’t know you or Nate knew him. It doesn’t matter anyway cause his dick game is stronger faster and better than yours will ever be.” I spit out before walking up stairs to get dressed.

As I’m grabbing my phone to leave, Derek grabs my arm and pulls me into him.

“I didn’t mean to cause drama princess. Here’s my number. Text me as soon as you get home and we’ll hangout another time.” He says kissing me and letting me go. I walk out to the uber that I called.

Ok, but seriously, imagine Isak doing exactly what we have all been doing and thinking back to that locker room scene and what he said about not wanting mentally ill people in his life. Imagine him looking back and thinking about how Even must have felt….just like we have all been doing.

Guys, listen, imagine it like this: Isak is texting his mum and arranging meet with her. Even asks him what he’s doing and he’s like “oh I’m just going to see my mum tomorrow.” So Even, who hasn’t heard anything about Isak’s mum since that time in the locker room, is surprised and says something like “So are you talking to her again now? That’s great!” Isak’s a bit confused for a moment and then he remembers their locker room convo as well and that he had mentioned to Even at the time that he wasn’t speaking to her. 

So anyway, later that day they go to a party and they both get pretty drunk. The minute they get home they collapse into bed and soon fall asleep. But Isak’s still drunk enough that he can’t sleep that well at all, he tosses and turns a bit and ends up waking up after like an hour. He can feel Even breathing next to him and he starts thinking about him and their relationship. He looks over at Even and feels a wave of relief that this guy is really here, this guy who he was so close to losing is here and is with him. He thinks back to some of the times things very nearly went wrong and they almost never got together {he is still pretty drunk rn so his thoughts are getting emo - just bear with me here guys}. Their meeting in the locker room that time pops into his head. He thinks about their conversation, about what he said to Even about his mum. And suddenly it hits him like he’s been plunged into ice. He told Even that he didn’t want mentally ill people in his life. Isak’s heart starts contracting in pain as he thinks about it. As he thinks about how much that must have hurt Even. He feels shame wash through him like boiling water and hot thick tears start streaming down his face. 

At this point, Even stirs, it’s like he senses that something is wrong. He turns on his side to face Isak and mutters “mmm what’s up? you awake?”. Isak can’t answer, he is trying to suppress his sobs coming out in quick little gasps. Even reaches out a lazy hand and lands it gently across Isak’s chest and feels it trembling. Even stirs again, he opens one eye to see the outline of Isak in the darkness, “Baby, what’s wrong? you’re shaking.” Isak takes a deep, shuddering breath, “Even..?” Now Even is really worried he hears the anxious and serious tone of Isak’s voice and both his eyes fly open. His full attention is on Isak’s silhouette. 

“Even, you know when you came to see me that time when I was doing PE and we were talking in the locker room?” “Yeh?” Even’s heart starts to quicken. “Well, eh…you know…eh, remember what I said about my mum and….” Isak’s voice breaks.  Even is motionless terrified about where this is going. “Remember I said that I didn’t want mentally ill people in my life…” Isak lets out a huge gasping sob and the tears are running down his cheeks now, coursing down his neck and onto the pillow. Even feels close to tears as well but he is frozen, he is scared about what Isak will say next……..’is this it?’ he thinks. “I……I…..I I’m so sorry!” Isak manages to blurt out. “I didn’t know….I was stupid….I’m so sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry” Isak’s chest is heaving now underneath Even’s hand and Even is crying now: thick, hot tears. Partly because he can feel Isak’s pain, he can feel how awful Isak feels about the whole thing and he can’t bear to see him hurt; but also he is crying for himself. He remembers all too well how heartbroken he was after that meeting, how he had walked home in shock, feeling like he’d been slapped, feeling like his insides had been hollowed out and all that was left was cold. 

Even moves his hand from Isak’s chest and gently, using his thumb, finds Isak’s forehead and traces down to the soft hollow underneath his eye to feel his tears dripping out.  He wipes Isak’s tears away and then slowly moves his thumb over his eyelid, feeling his eye close underneath. “It’s ok. It’s ok now” he whispers to Isak, “You didn’t know about me then. I should have told you, it’s not your fault, I should have told you”. Even can feel Isak’s breath on his hand, coming out in deep, slow sighs. Isak’s hand is in Even’s hair now gripping on for dear life, “I shouldn’t have said that. It wouldn’t have mattered to me. It doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t have wanted to lose you. I - I…I want you in my life I do. I really fucking do.” Isak’s tears are trickling out slower now but his chest still feels tight. 

Even moves closer to Isak so their noses and forehead’s touch, Isak can feel how Even’s breath shudders and he realises that Even has been crying too. “Hey,” Even whispers, “I’m not going anywhere”. Isak presses his face closer to Even’s so their lips are almost touching, “Neither am I.” Even kisses him, a long deep kiss. Isak lets out a stuttering sigh and whispers, “In this universe we are together”. Even lets out a soft chuckle and a small tear escapes from the corner of one eye, “In this universe we are together” he echoes back. 

And for an hour or so they just lie there like that, hands entangled in hair, soft kisses, tears and sighing and muttered drunken phrases. Clinging onto each other in sheer relief. And they fall asleep that way, unsure who said what last. And when they wake up the next morning they see each other with red puffy eyes and small smiles and they just lie there for a little bit longer than usual; drinking in each other’s presence like they have done so many times before. Except this time, it is quieter and more precious somehow. They don’t say anything more about last night but they don’t need to. And when they are ready to get up, Even leans over and presses his lips to Isak’s forehead and inhales. Breathing in Isak’s smell, Isak’s warmth, all of Isak. And he smiles against Isak’s forehead in contentment. 

{ok so this is super long and emo but this is what the skam drought is doing to me guys sorry!} 

Re-blog made some corrections :).