what do you do with a baby seal

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So….I heard you like seals.

Where my mom is from (Nantucket–it’s off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which is in Northeastern US) a whole colony of gray seals flock to the beaches usually in the late spring season. There’s tons of them though, and they often fill up the whole coast. So I thought you’d enjoy this pic–it’s quite a site to behold haha (but like you should come visit Nantucket someday it’s really great. Especially if you like seafood and that cobblestone + brick aesthetic)

Jokers Daughter Headcanon

  Harley and her will often snuggle each other and whisper into each others ears giggling and refuse to tell Joker what they’re saying which drives him crazy.

♦ Joker grinding his teeth watching them exchange secrets and play with each others hair.
♦ “What are my girls saying over there?”
♦ “Nothing daddy.”
♦ “Nothin Puddin!”
Joker getting fed up looking like

♦ Joker wiggling in between them to break up the whispering.
♦ Them doing the seal the lips and throw away the key motion.
♦ “Princess I thought you and I didn’t keep secrets from each other remember?”
♦ Her looking at Harley and smirking
♦ “Don’t look at your mother she’s crazy look at me.”
♦ Harley and her walking away continuing to giggle and Joker following them like a puppy.
♦ “After everything I do for you two!”
♦ “Fine I don’t want to know anyway to hell with you two!”
♦ “Babies I’m sorry I didn’t mean it you’re my girls. please tell me.”

♦ Harley and her feeling bad 
♦ “Daddy we were just saying that shirt looks funny with that jacket!”
♦ “Puddin stop putting gold and silver together.”

♦ Joker regaining his confidence and pretending he isn’t whipped.
♦ “I thought I said I didn’t want to know.”
♦ “You two looney tunes don’t understand fashion.”
Her and Harley rolling their eyes at him
♦ “It’s Gucci!”

With the Steven Universe fandom becoming lager and a good portion of the characters cosplay are unnatural skin tone I have something to tell all you cosplayers! SEAL YOUR FACEPAINT! SEAL IT!

No seriously I mean it SEAL it. If you don’t seal it please don’t wear facepaint period. There is not excuse not to. If you try to say ‘professional sealers are to expensive to buy’ hear are so cheap ways to seal.

-Hairspray (only use as a emergency) 
-Baby power
-Ben nye sealing spray
-Ben nye sealing power

There are of course different types of sealers of course but those are the most commonly used as well as cheapest ones but depending on your body paint you use please research what would be the best type of seal to use for your body paint! Sealing your body paint is extremely important and a must do!

I know this fandom is young and full of people who have never done facepaint and while that is okay I do not want this to be a repeat of the homestuck fandom! Have fun with your cosplay but please make sure that you don’t ruin someone else cosplay and/or stuff because you didn’t seal!

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Takes place during training camp, Yams is asleep and no one wants to wake him


“You wake him!”

“No! You do it!”

Yamaguchi heard the whispers from what seemed like miles away. He drifted through unconsciousness, unaware of the torment he was putting his teammates through.

“I can’t do it, look at his face! It’s too cute!” A familiar voice whined.

“You do it Tsukishima! You’re his friend and you’re heartless!” The same voice continued.

Someone nudged him with their foot and he unconsciously clutched a pillow tighter, softly sighing while doing it.

A chorus of aww’s followed.

“Ahh! He’s just so cute! It would be like waking a baby seal or something.”

“Well someone has to wake him, he can’t sleep all day we are still at training camp.” An authoritative voice reasoned.

“I still think that Tsukishima should do it…” A voice trailed off, most likely being glared into submission.

“No” a firm voice responded, leaving no room for argument.

“Rock Paper Scissors. We settle this like men.” Someone piped up, noises of approval came from around the room.

A whispered count of “Rock, paper, scissors!” Followed quickly by “you cheated!” The sound of someone being tackled was enough to break Yamaguchi’s thin layer of sleep.

He yawned widely and sat up, rubbing his eyes while momentarily being blinded by a bright flash of light.

He fully opened his eyes to Tanaka and Nishinoya wrestling on the floor while the rest of his team looked down on him as Sugawara tucked his phone away quickly.



First (really short, sorry)fanfiction I’ve posted on Tumblr! Cute Yams, because I’m trash for that. If you squint really close, possible Tsukkiyama. Could go either way, honestly.


So, this is what it looks like when I’m truly happy… Today was f*cking amazing.
Do you guys remember when I posted the photo of “Squinty” the sick, baby elephant seal a little while back?
After a challenging/successful rehabilitation at @CAWildlife, she was released back into the wild with her friends today, in great health and great spirits!

Honestly, can’t thank @CAWildlife enough for teaching me so much, and sharing all of this with me! If any of you care to join me in volunteering, do it!!

[get more info and follow: @CAWildlife]