what do you do with a baby seal


Levi: “It doesn’t matter what you think. You have to. There’s no other choice. We’re out of options. Our forces are struggling so desperately, there’s nothing else they can do. You have to succeed.”

Eren: “I will. I’ll do whatever it takes to seal the wall!”

Levi: “Calm down, Eren. […] Learn how to restrain yourself. Don’t succumb to rage and lose sight of the goal. We can’t afford another mistake.”

Eren: “Yes, sir!”

Eren x Levi - S02E03

  • basil - creativity 
  • rosemary - creativity
  • nutmeg - confidence
  • spearmint - mental clarity
  • chili pepper flakes - energy

I want to do this jar a little differently than my others. I want you to craft and make this jar in your creative space. I want you to add bits of other things if there are specific things that inspire you or mediums that you work with (glitter, pencil shavings, etc) to make this more personal. I made this particular one for my wife, so I didn’t add anything particular because her medium is more musical than anything else.

So, I want you to do this all in your creative space because I want you to be able to visualize yourself creating the whole time as clearly as possible and to be able to draw energy in this mindset as best as possible.

As you layer in the ingredients, speak out loud that you are going to create, what you want to achieve, how you want to do it, etc. But say it as an “I will” or “I am” rather than “I wish”.

Once you are finished, meditate a bit and really visualize yourself and your creativity physically blooming out of you! Cork and seal that baby up (I wanted to add glitter to my wax, but again, this was for my wife and not for me! Haha!) and keep it at your workspace. Give it a little tap or shake or meditate with it when you need a boost, and don’t forget to charge it in the moonlight from time to time!

If you don’t know how to seal it up with wax, I have a tutorial here. I have all my other spell jars here. And if you’re interested in personal spell jars, I take personal requests and create specific-for-you spell jars for commission!

I also love love LOVE seeing your recreations of my jars, you can mention me, or tag me (I track the witchy-woman tag!)

And as always, I am always here to answer questions!

Bun in the Oven- Logan Paul Imagine (Part Two)

Bun in the Oven Part Two-Logan Paul Imagine

Life was good for you. Six and a half months pregnant, looking as healthy as ever and knowing that you were having not one, but two little baby boys, kept you going each day. You were waking up, to pee of course, at 2 in the morning, when an extremely harsh knock scared you out of your socks. You froze, not knowing who could be at your door at this hour of the night. So, you being as cautious as you were, you grabbed the closest, deadliest object near you. Taking your wine glass to the door you opened the deadbolt lock. You didn’t live in a bad part of town, right on Hollywood avenue but still, living alone always frightened you. Taking a deep breath, you swung the door open. You were extremely shocked. As you looked at some very familiar eyes. Light blue ones, that were now surrounded by a light shade of pink. He was soaked to the bone.
“Logan?” You barely whispered. He flashed a small white grin.
“Hey, you- you look amazing. I guess the pregnancy glow is real, huh?” His two hands reached out to your stomach, but you backed away on instinct. A very hurt expression came over Logan’s face. You were still standing in the doorway with a confused look on your face. Trying to figure out what he was doing here was like trying to figure out a quadratic function.
“Can I come in please? I am freezing out here.” You debated making him stay in the hallway and suffer, but you didn’t. Instead you moved out of the way and let him in.
“I can put your clothes in the dryer, yeah?” You said as you went to grab some of his extra clothes out of a box.
About half an hour later, Logan was sitting on your couch uncomfortably.
“Look, babe- “
“Don’t call me that.” You snipped.
“Right, sorry. I came here because I just needed to apologize to you. It’s been eating me alive, what I did to you. I can’t sleep most nights, I worry about you every single day. I needed to tell you that I’m sorry and I want you to come home. With me.”
“I am home Logan. Besides, you kicked me out. You didn’t want me there. Why would I come back?”
“Y/N please! I need you!”
“You need me? You need me?! I’ve needed you for the past 6 months! You weren’t there! I’ve been waddling around for 6 months by myself, supporting myself and not one, but two babies with no help, and you need me?” your voice was bouncing of the walls.
“Two babies?”
“Who the hell do you think you are Logan Paul? Some fuckboy who can get whatever and whoever he wants? You think I haven’t seen you hanging around dozens of girls? What the one hookers name? Ayla? Yeah, I know you slept with her.”
“Don’t talk about Ayla like that! You know what? Those two babies in your stomach wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for me! You better remember that. I tried to let you come back without any issue. But now, now you’ll be hearing from my lawyers” Logan’s finger was in your face and you harshly slapped it down.
“What? You’re going to sue for custody of two babies you wanted me to abort? The court will love that Logan! Love it!” you laughed in his face, clapping like a seal. Logan grabbed your wrist tightly out of midair and held them tightly at your sides. “Ow, Logan you’re hurting me. Let me go!’’ His strength was overpowering you, and there was nothing you could do but stand there. His alcohol stained breath fanned your face as he said:
“Do you ever hear about the non-famous parent winning the case? No, you don’t. Because it doesn’t happen! Those babies, will be mine, so you might as well give up now.”
“Do you ever hear about the dad winning the case?” you shot back, to which he responded by putting your wrists to your chest and shoving you backwards into the wall.
“Fuck you” he slurred.
“You already have dipshit!” you yelled as he walked out. You moved from the wall and winced as you held your back and stomach, praying that he wasn’t going to sue you.

WOOHOO THE HIGHLY AWAITED! Sorry about the late update seriously I feel so bad    fort 3 will be up by tomorrow at noon though  I was thinking for part three skip the court case drama and go into when the kids are like five or so and have one parent see the other out in public with the kids you know give me some thoughts or if you have a better idea let me know and ill give shoutouts and creds and all that yeeee thanks for reading 

Nothing Better Than This, With You

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Park Jimin

Summary: Jimin’s thoughts and doubts wont let him sleep, Yoongi does all he can to reassure and affirm the dancer.

Too much fluff, 1.6k

Note: I’m at an internet cafe !! I don’t really like these places because they’re full of boys playing games but I couldn’t stomach not going on tumblr for so long a time urgh. Hope you guys like this! It’s part 1 of 2 c:

Originally posted by jimiyoong

“Hyung? Yoongi-hyung wake up”

Yoongi stirred from his sleep, eyes bitter and a little disoriented from being woken up.

“Jimin? What time is it?” He lifted his head off the pillow slightly, turning to look at the dancer tucked into his side.

“A little past two. I’m sorry.” Jimin mumbled, face heating up out of embarrassment. “I should’ve just let you sleep.”

“No baby, it’s okay.” Yoongi mumbled, shifting his body so he could wrap his arms around Jimin, letting the younger boy cuddle into his bare chest. “Talk to me.”

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Movie Night (Baekhyun x OC)

Description: Choi SooRi and Byun Baekhyun are best friends. They even have weekly movie nights. Isn’t that sweet?

Genre: Smut/AU

A/N: So I posted this on AFF but since Byun Baekhyun got me fucked up and has no manners, I decided to post it here. Not sure if there will be a part 2 yet. Hope you all enjoy! (The Texan in me wanted to type “y’all“ soooo bad)

“Byun Baekhyun, if that popcorn is burnt, I swear to Jesus-”

“Shut up. It’s not good to swear. And it’s fine! I didn’t burn it this time! See?”

SooRi moved her head to the side as the buttery snack was shoved in front of her face by her best friend.


Baekhyun glared at the woman as he settled next to her on the couch in the dark living room. “What? No thanks? No "good job?”

SooRi popped some peanut M&Ms into her mouth before smiling cheekily at the man next to her.

“Well, you don’t applaud a fish for swimming.”

He flicked her ear childishly, stuffing a handful of popcorn into his mouth.

“I hate you.”

“Love you too, baby. Now hush, the movie is starting.”

Twenty minutes into the movie and there was already an explicit sex scene. They were watching some movie that Baekhyun had suggested earlier in the week. 

Their weekly movie nights had changed pretty drastically recently. What used to be nights filled with Disney movies and cheesy action films turned into erotic borderline pornographic evenings that had SooRi clutching her Pooh Bear pillow close to her body and scooting to the furthest corner of her white fluffy couch.

She had been friends with Baekhyun for nearly three years now. He was her first friend when she arrived in Korea and had shown her around. He was smart, funny, handsome; his numerous admirers and ex-girlfriends knew that well enough. As much as she entertained the idea of trying something more intimate than friendship with Baekhyun, she just couldn’t bring herself to admit it, let alone ruin the one good friendship she had.

But then her mind wandered. Why were they watching this? Or the other movies Baekhyun had suggested recently? Why had Baekhyun been more touchy feely in the past two months that usual (and that’s hard to do because Baekhyun loves touching everyone)?

No. She couldn’t think like that. She was just the best friend. Nothing more.

She chanced a peek up at him and held her breath as her eyes met his dark ones.

He looked down at her lips and that’s when she snapped.

“Oh shit! I forgot I bought ice cream. Be right back!”

She ran off like her ass was on fire and sighed as she reached the safety of the kitchen.

‘What the fuck was that?’ She thought as she got a bowl and began to prepare her ice cream.

She placed two scoops of vanilla ice cream into her bowl when a voice rang through to the kitchen. She grabbed the carton of vanilla ice cream and set it on the counter as she made herself busy in the kitchen.

“Yah! Fix me some too! No whipped cream though!”

SooRi rolled her eyes and fixed her bowl complete with chocolate syrup, Oreo crumbles, and whipped cream and Baekhyun’s with chocolate syrup and a few diced strawberries. She tip toed back into the room and sat even further away from her friend, handing him the cold glass bowl.

“Finally! You missed the best part though.”

“Oh, I bet,” she mumbled under her breath.

The movie was actually interesting minus the unnecessary sex scenes. SooRi was so engrossed that she didn’t even feel Baekhyun scooting closer.

“Let me get a bite,” he whispered in her ear causing her to jump.

“What? Baek, you don’t even like whipped cream. Get out of my face.”

He looked at her with his sweet puppy dog eyes. “Please. I’ll give you some of mine?”

SooRi rolled her eyes, but put the spoon in his mouth just to shut him up. He groaned a bit too much and SooRi had to look down as he opened his eyes and looked at her, licking his lips free of any ice cream.

“Yours is pretty good. Here, taste mine.”

Right as SooRi was starting to open her mouth, the ice cream dropped off of Baekhyun’s spoon and onto her chest. She had worn an old, low cut crop top with her leggings and grimaced as the cold ice cream began to trickle down her cleavage.

“Dammit, Baekhyun!”

She used her index and middle finger to wipe up as much of the mess as she could and looked to see if she brought any napkins into the living room.

“Sorry. Here, just…”

He trailed off as he took her fingers and slid them into his warm mouth. SooRi froze as she watch the man close his eyes slightly and suck her fingers clean.

'Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. What is he doing?!’

He released her fingers from his mouth but still kept his grip on her wrist. He looked into her eyes before looking down at her chest which was becoming sticky from the melted ice cream. Before SooRi could even back up, he swooped down and licked her chest free of any ice cream residue. He placed open mouthed kisses on her chest, neck, and jaw.


She was cut off by the needy pressing of his lips against hers. SooRi placed her hands against his chest to push him away but instead pulled him closer as he started to massage her tongue with his own.

SooRi knew the man could kiss, but damn, she was not expecting this.

She whimpered when he bit her lower lip, simultaneously tracing his long fingers down her torso and into her black leggings. SooRi mewled and sucked on his lips, pressing herself closer to him.

‘This is wrong. This is wrong. This is so wrong.’

Her wetness almost made Baekhyun pull away to tease her, but he couldn’t drag himself away from her soft, pouty lips. He had wanted to wait and be gentle with her, but she made it so hard to be subtle. But as he pressed his long middle finger inside of her, he determined that it was too late for that idea.

SooRi leaned back in shock as he pumped two fingers in and out of her. Instead of stopping, all he did was move his lips to her neck, kissing and nipping there until he was satisfied with the pretty marks he’d left on her tan skin.

SooRi felt it. She felt it and she was so embarrassed and wanted to drop dead, her stomach coiled and her body washed over with a wave of heat as she felt her orgasm approaching.

“B-Baekhyun, I’m-”

He kissed her lips before leaning back slightly, his forehead still pressed against her own. He locked gazes with her dazed eyes, his own brown eyes fierce as he sped up the pumping of his fingers.

“I know. Cum, SooRi. Cum all over my fingers.”

That set her off. She clamped her mouth shut with her free hand, the other going down to grab the wrist of Baekhyun’s hand and was inside of her. She tightened around his long fingers and then released, breathing heavily against her palm. She closed her eyes, trying to calm down but as soon as she opened them, she almost went into cardiac arrest as she watched Baekhyun lick her release off of his fingers like he had done with the ice cream. He smiled and moaned, the nerve of him. 

Looking at her, he held her gaze as he slipped off the couch and between her legs. He pulled her leggings and panties down in one swift motion before burying his tongue inside of her.

SooRi damn near screamed as he assaulted her still sensitive body. He hooked an arm around her leg and brought it up over her shoulder so that her foot rested against her coffee table behind him. She wanted to tell him to stop. She wanted to ask what the hell he thought he was doing on their annual movie night.

But did she?

Fuck no.

She started to grind against his mouth, sighing as she looked down at him. Somehow, partially because of her forbidden fantasies about her best guy friend, she knew Baekhyun would be amazing at eating a girl out. His lips were just right, not too thick and not too thin, and he knew just where to kiss…and lick…and suck…to make SooRi throw her head back so hard that she almost cracked her skull open against the back of the couch.

“Baekhyun, stop! Shit-please! I’m gonna-”

Her warning fell on deaf ears and he closed his lips around her clit and sucked like his life depended on it. SooRi gripped his dark hair so tight that they were both sure she ripped out a few strands as she moaned deep in her throat. Baekhyun took his time cleaning her up before he stood up, keeping eye contact with her the whole time.

SooRi waited for her heartbeat to regulate, staring up at her ceiling fan before her eyes widened and she pulled her panties and leggings back on. She was feeling the gravity of the situation crash down on her and she scurried to her feet, face hot with embarrassment and shame.

“What the fuck, Byun Baekhyun?!”

Baekhyun followed behind her, grabbing her arm quickly before she retreated somewhere and shut him out.

“I’m sorry, okay? I couldn’t help myself…”

“We’re best friends! We don’t like each other in that kind of way and here you are trying to mess up three fucking years of friendship!”

Baekhyun scoffed and moved his face closer to hers. “Who said anything about liking each other? Listen, I want you and you want me. Shut up, don’t even try to say you don’t, Choi SooRi. But go ahead, lie to me. Humor me. Tell me you don’t want me right here, right now.”

SooRi looked up at him speechless, words frozen in her throat. He kissed up her neck, her jaw, and sealed his lips over hers in a more seductive, slow kiss.

“I can do so much for you in just one night, baby girl. All I need is one night with you, I promise this won’t fuck up our friendship or whatever other shit you’re worried about. Please?”

SooRi looked up at him, reading his face.

'What the hell should I do?’


In which Newt motivates you that giving up shouldn’t even be an option.

It was unbearable.

Nobody could care less about your sanity, even if it continued to diminish by the second. It was almost as if continuing on, would drain you completely.

It was hard to keep up with the battle. And frankly, you knew well that it was your time to rest.

But he had a different idea.

“Hey! No matter what happens, remember to always stay optimistic. Okay love? No thinking negative, no quitting, nothing like that, alright?”

You frowned, “Newt.. It’s impossible. Do you know what I have to go through?”

“I don’t, darling. But I believe in you. I believe that you can fight this. I trust you to never let go. And to keep your head high. Alright?” He was grasping your shoulders.

“I’ll.. I’ll try?”

“Do you promise to never leave me?” He held out his pinky.

You smiled weakly, “I promise, baby, I’ll never leave you.”

You looped your pinky with his and sealed the promise with your thumbs.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

It was one of those nights, where your mother had unleashed her wrath to the nearest person she can. You.

On normal days, back when you were mentally strong, you could handle her poisonous words. But the venom she had today, was strikingly hurtful. Not to mention she’d decided to get physical, thus resulting to your skull nearly cracking.

You’d returned to your little house with Newt, a solemn look replaced your normal, cheerful smile. Newt had been busy nurturing his beasts, while you stared out the window, gazing at the stars above.

You wondered how it’d be like to become one of them. You wondered how it’d be like to finally leave the living hell you called a life.

You wondered how better off you’d be if you were gone.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

Newt had just finished taking care of his beasts, and he’d climbed up from his suitcase. From the late hours of the night, he’d already expected for you to be tucked into bed. He was rather surprised to see you still wide awake, doing nothing but staring at the sky in silence.

He thought you looked beautiful in the illuminating gleam of the moon. He smiled. How lucky he was to have you.

He dusted off his hands, slowly approaching your figure. The smile he had, suddenly vanished as he neared your still figure.

You were crying.

He’d pulled you towards his chest, combing his fingers through your hair. He didn’t need to hear any words from you. But what he knew was, you needed him and his arms.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see you giving up.

You couldn’t control the sobs that wracked your body. You could only pull him closer. The pain you felt was unimaginable. You wanted nothing more than to finally be happy, and yet happiness seems to be light years away.

“I love you”, was all he said, “Don’t give up on me. On us.. please.”

You could only stay silent, as he pulled you closer.

“Newt..?” Your voice croaked.

He gently pulled you away from him, wiping your fallen tears with his thumbs. His heart had sunk from the horrid sight. His princess was broken, and he couldn’t do anything. He felt helpless. If it wasn’t for his self control, he himself would’ve cried.

I love you.”

His eyes watered. He pulled you back in his embrace. His voice was shaking.

I love you too, Princess.

The night had fallen, and the both of you had fallen asleep on the balcony, tangled in each other’s arms.

Newt was the first to awaken, the bright sun blinding his vision. He winced from the brightness, stretching and yawning away the sleep he had.

He looked down at the beautiful creature in his arms. Amongst all the fantastic beasts he had met, you were still, without a doubt, the most beautiful he had ever encountered.

He lightly shook you, in hopes you would waken and grab some early breakfast with him.

“Love, wake up. It’s morning.”


He chuckled, strengthening his shake a little more. You were always so stubborn.

“Princess, c'mon. Up you go.”

No answer.

His smile faded, “Hey.. wake up sleeping beauty.”

No answer.

His voice cracked, “You said you wouldn’t leave me. You promised.”


He was crying. “No please.. I can’t do this.. without you..”


“Please wake up.. you promised me!


“I can’t do this..”

His heart had fallen. His world had crashed.

A white sheet tucked in your pocket had caught his attention. Wiping his tears, he reached for the slip of paper.

The beautiful sight of your handwriting had nearly brought him to another set of tears. But he held them back.


Where do I even begin? Well, let me start by saying I’m thankful I met you. I’m thankful for the happiness you brought me. I’m thankful for the kindness in your heart. I’m thankful for the wonderful memories we were able to create. I’m thankful for the times you were here by my side, when everyone left.

But most of all, I’m thankful for your love.

It was your love that got me this far. It was your love that motivated me to keep fighting this battle. May it be that I lost, you of all people should know, that I went down with a fight.

And I just want to say, I love you.

I really really loved you. More than I should love anyone in fact.

But at the same time, I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I’m so stubborn. I’m sorry for cheating when we play games. I’m sorry for the times I would hurt you. I’m sorry that I never got a chance to give you your Christmas present. I’m sorry that I never finished the wonderful dinner you made. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to keep my promise.

I’m really sorry.

Well, take care. I’ll always be here. I’ll never leave your side. Because no matter what happens, I’ll always love you to the moon and back.

- Your Princess.’

A silent tear had fallen from his cheek, and to the letter.

He already misses you.

Newt knew how sick you were. It pained him to see you suffering, but nothing pained him more than to see your lifeless body, asleep in his arms,


Takes place during training camp, Yams is asleep and no one wants to wake him


“You wake him!”

“No! You do it!”

Yamaguchi heard the whispers from what seemed like miles away. He drifted through unconsciousness, unaware of the torment he was putting his teammates through.

“I can’t do it, look at his face! It’s too cute!” A familiar voice whined.

“You do it Tsukishima! You’re his friend and you’re heartless!” The same voice continued.

Someone nudged him with their foot and he unconsciously clutched a pillow tighter, softly sighing while doing it.

A chorus of aww’s followed.

“Ahh! He’s just so cute! It would be like waking a baby seal or something.”

“Well someone has to wake him, he can’t sleep all day we are still at training camp.” An authoritative voice reasoned.

“I still think that Tsukishima should do it…” A voice trailed off, most likely being glared into submission.

“No” a firm voice responded, leaving no room for argument.

“Rock Paper Scissors. We settle this like men.” Someone piped up, noises of approval came from around the room.

A whispered count of “Rock, paper, scissors!” Followed quickly by “you cheated!” The sound of someone being tackled was enough to break Yamaguchi’s thin layer of sleep.

He yawned widely and sat up, rubbing his eyes while momentarily being blinded by a bright flash of light.

He fully opened his eyes to Tanaka and Nishinoya wrestling on the floor while the rest of his team looked down on him as Sugawara tucked his phone away quickly.



First (really short, sorry)fanfiction I’ve posted on Tumblr! Cute Yams, because I’m trash for that. If you squint really close, possible Tsukkiyama. Could go either way, honestly.

My Fair Warrior: Part 9

Setting: New York City, New York, 2021

Summary: Feyre gets adjusted to living and working with Rhys, and she learns some things that could change everything she knew about her former fiance’s family.

Ship: N/A

Rating: T

Word Count: 3,239

A/N: Part 9 of my Modern ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU. As before, some lines come directly from ACOMAF and belong to Sarah J. Maas. Also, things get a little political in this chapter concerning September 11th and veterans and stuff, a lot of which comes from my own experience in a military family/knowing veterans. I did my best to consider how these characters would respond, not just my own opinions, but it’s still a sensitive topic so I thought I’d add a note about it.

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SasuSaku Headcanon Masterpost

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while, for people to have an easier time to read the ones they want and all. So… here is a list of all the headcanons I’ve answered thus far. :)

They’re not categorized in “genres” (though I could do that if you guys would like it better) but they are in order of oldest to newest. :)



How often do they have sex?

Would Sakura stop taking missions when they have kids? /  Favorite time to have sex?

Is Sasuke/Sakura a jealous person?

What do Sakura’s parents think of Sasuke?

Their reaction when their child gets seriously injured on a mission?

How does Sasuke make up for the hurt he caused her?

What if Sakura’s parents walked in on them having sex?

How would Sakura help Sasuke cope with his trauma? / Would Sakura address his momentary insanity?

Sasuke’s reaction to his daughter’s first boyfriend?

How do Sasuke’s ninja cats feel about Sakura?

What does he do when their daughter asks about sex and Sakura is not around to answer?

How would they explain the Uchiha massacre, Sasuke’s betrayal and killing attempts to their children?

How would they feel if Sakura was infertile?

Do they have any kinks?

What if Sasuke misunderstood Sakura was cheating on him?

Sasuke’s reaction to Sakura being pregnant? / Would he be present when she goes into labor?

What if Sasuke was sterile, instead of Sakura?

How would Kakashi and Tsunade feel about them dating?

How was their first time?

Do you think Sasuke likes to make Sakura laugh in the bedroom?

Sasuke brags about his sexual escapades to prove he is straight, in the presence of Sakura’s dad. Reactions?

If the massacre never happened, do you think SasuSaku would have gotten together?

Do you think Sasuke is ticklish? How would Sakura take advantage of that?

Reactions to a NaruHina/SasuSaku double date?

How would Sasuke act with his son compared to his daughter?

What would happen if they learned their 16-17 year old daughter was pregnant?

How would they make up after a really huge argument?

How do you think Sasuke would feel about how close Naruto and Sakura have gotten?

How would they react if one of their kids was born blind?

How would Sakura react if Sasuke ended up horribly scarred from Madara’s attack?

What would they do for the anniversaries of the Uchiha massacre and Itachi’s death?

Sakura is demanded to marry a ninja from Kumo to cement the alliance and in exchange for Sasuke’s pardon… what is Sasuke’s reaction to this?

How would Sakura and Sasuke react to the latter having the same lung disease as Itachi did?

How would they react to one of them dying of old age/natural causes?

Sasuke’s reaction if he overhead the girlfriend comment but not Sakura’s reaction to it?

How would Sakura feel about Taka visiting Sasuke after the war?

How do you think Sakura and Sasuke’s relationship would have progressed if she’d succeeded in keeping him in the village?

Would they take turns taking care of the kids? / Would Sakura quit the hospital or would Sasuke be a stay-at-home dad?

How would Sasuke react if he got Sakura pregnant with twins?

How would SasuSaku have progressed if Team 7 brought him back from the Land of Iron when he was half blind?

How would they react to their child getting the mangekyou sharingan? / Would Sasuke tell his children about how he had to transplant Itachi’s eyes?

How would Sasuke feel if all their kids were girls?

How would Sasuke deal with the curse of hatred after he moved back to Konoha?

Do you think Tsunade or the elders would punish him with jail time or a probation? How do you think Team 7 would react?

Would Sasuke get other symptoms in addition to his nightmares? / Would Sakura suggest professional help?

Do you think Sasuke could attempt suicide? How would Sakura react?

How would Sakura and Team 7 react to Sasuke being Hokage?

What’s your ultimate prediction for SasuSaku in the end?

How would Sasuke react to his child becoming Hokage?

How would Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi react to Sakura becoming Hokage?

How would Taka react to Sasuke and Sakura getting together?

How will Sakura to finding out the truth about Itachi?

How would Sakura react to Naruto hooking Sasuke up on a date?

How would Sasuke react to Sakura being hurt or believed to be dead after they got together?

How do you think Sasuke would have reacted if Gaara succeeded in killing Sakura?

What would Sakura do if Sasuke picked up smoking?

How would Sasuke react if Sakura died during the war?

What do you think would be their relationship problems? How would they resolve their differences?

How would Sasuke propose to Sakura?

How would Sakura react to the knowledge of an Uchiha’s love being the strongest form of love?

After getting together, what kind of lovey-dovey things do you think Sasuke would do for Sakura? And Sakura for Sasuke?

How do you think Sasuke would react to Sakura surpassing Tsunade?

How do they react to seeing each other naked for the first time? Is it right before they have sex or an accident?

Do you think they would move back to the Uchiha compound after they got married? / Would some of his old stuff still be there?

How would they react to Sasuke getting an injury that prevented him to be a ninja anymore?

How would Sasuke feel about Sakura taking up gambling like Tsunade?

Would Sasuke be overprotective over his daughters? / How would he react to his daughter marrying Naruto’s son?

How would Mikoto, Fugaku and Itachi feel about Sakura?

If their son didn’t want to become a ninja, how would they react?

How would they react to seeing the curse of hatred in their own kids?

How do you think their life would be if Sasuke still had the cursed seal?

How would they react if they cheated on each other?

They get caught having sex in Naruto office, by Naruto himself. Reactions?

How would they feel about using protection?

What would their pillow talk be like?

How would Sasuke feel about having TonTon in his apartment and around his kids?

How picky would they be about picking a baby-sitter?

What would Sasuke major in, in college?

How would they deal with their kids cussing?

Do they have a small or big wedding? / Who is invited? / Where do they go for their honeymoon?

How would granny cat feel about Sakura and SasuSaku babies? / How would Sakura feel about ninja cats around her kids?

How would they react to finding out the other wasn’t a virgin?

How do you think Sakura would act if she could go back in the past and change anything?

How would Sakura react if she found out Sasuke still took drugs after he came back to the leaf?

How would they react if they caught their kids having sex with their boyfriend/girlfriend?

Do you think it’s likely Sakura was adopted? / Would Sasuke help her find her biological parents?

How would Sasuke react to noticing his two sons have a relationship similar to his and Itachi’s?

How would they react to one of their kid’s friend having a crush on them?

How would Sasuke react to the village still branding Itachi a villain? / What would Sakura do?

Their reactions to Sakura having a miscarriage?

How would Sakura react to seeing him cry? / How would Sasuke respond?

How would Sakura react to seeing Sasuke has Itachi’s eyes?

SasuSaku headcanons before Shippuden?

Do you think Sakura would like Sasuke with a beard?

How would they react to Sasuke unconsciously playing favorites with his kids?

How would his kids feel if they saw him lose control in the same way he did in FoD?

SasuSaku RTN headcanons?

How would Sasuke react to a guy being overly nice to Sakura in front of him, while they were married?

Would Sakura suffer from trauma/PTSD after Sasuke’s killing attempts? How would they react to that?

What kind of underwear do they wear? Is there a particular type that they prefer the other to use?

Any SasuSaku ninja academy headcanons?

How would they react if one of their kids left the village in search of power, like Sasuke did?

What would their reactions be if they had three pink haired sons?

SasuSaku gender-bender headcanons?

How would SasuSaku have progressed if Sasuke came back after killing Itachi and didn’t learn about the truth? / Would have Sakura told him about it if she learned before him?

How do you think Sakura would feel if Sasuke just flat out killed another ninja without remorse?

How would they react if their child died?

How would Sakura tell him she’s pregnant and how would Sasuke react to it?

How would they react if Sasuke did go insane after they were dating, like a mental illness considering his family history?

Would Sasuke push her away because he feels he doesn’t deserve her? Would he bring up Naruto’s feelings for her in the past? / Would Sakura ever bring up her confession to Naruto?

Do you think Sakura would use the same jutsu Tsunade uses to appear younger than she is?

Do you think Sakura would get used to him walking around their apartment naked or just out of the shower with a towel around his waist, after they move in together?

Do you think Sasuke only thought of Sakura as a friend before he left or something more?

How would they respond to their kid being bullied?

How bad would she baby him if he got sick?


Holy crap I never realized how many I’ve done since now. ENJOY. 

It’s A Dirty Job, So I’ll Call Mommy (TAEMIN)

Type: Fluff

Request: Taemin fluff where he’s taking care of his baby daughter all alone and has to change the diaper, so he calls you for help XD

Summary: I’ve never been more scared in my life.

He stared down at the small little girl who laid calmly on the changing table Micha stared up at her father. “Ok I got this” he tells himself as he undoes her little onesie revealing her small diaper and a boatload of smells. Taemin gagged but tried to stay calm as he looks back at her, he began gagging again. Turning away he took his phone out of his pocket and dialed your number.

“Hello” you answered “babe how do you change a diaper?” he asked you. “What haven’t you changed her diaper before?” you asked him “I mean I have but you were there beside me” he speaks as he heard Micha whine from behind him. Do what you normally do” you tell him. 

Sighing he turned back to her resting his phone between his ear in a shoulder slowly undoing the diaper. Holding his breath he looked down at the nasty mess that was underneath it and sighed heavily. Throwing away the diaper away he grabbed wipes, powder, and a new diaper before he put his phone down on table as he began wiping her clean. 

He cooed happily at her as he sealed up the now clean bottom “stinky little baby. Yes you are” he tells her as she smiles. “Oh you’re proud to be stinky” he coos as he buttons the onesie and quickly scooping her up “thank you for working with appa and not having a huge mental breakdown” he say as he kisses her cheek lightly. 

Attempting Romance

prompt: kakashi trying to get sasuke and sakura to make more babies but his attempts/ plans keep getting ruined
a/n: Prompts about Kakashi the shipper amuse me greatly inside.

Sarada was his favorite godchild. He could proudly admit to that. Boruto and Himawari were great but they weren’t the same. The two of them did not look up to him the same way. He had an inkling that the reason was due to Gai. That man was probably slipping the children sweets when he wasn’t looking. Just because Gai was their uncle Neji’s sensei, the Uzumaki children decide to overlook the fact that Kakashi was their father’s sensei. It was not fair.

But that was quite alright. He still had Sarada. Sweet, young Sarada who idolized him and followed him around town when he goes on his daily walks. But Gai had two followers and he only had one. Despite how many years has passed, their rivalry was still going on. Gai would continue to hold this over his head unless he could think of something to one up Gai. 

But what?

Kakashi glanced down at his feet. He wasn’t surprised to see Sarada crawl out from underneath his Hokage robes. She had been playing around his robes when he paused to stare blankly into the window of a bakery he was standing in front of. He normally didn’t like wearing the robes but Sarada had sat in his office with her puppy dog eyes and pouty lips. He wondered when was the last time he let a woman have this much control over him. Even though Sarada was only four years old.

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anonymous asked: Imagine Claire doing something while pregnant that Jamie doesn’t approve of in Modern Glasgow.

Modern Glasgow AU

When Jamie heard Claire’s key in the door, he pushed back his chair from the kitchen table, stood, crossed his arms, and waited.

She breezed through the door, still clad in her rumpled scrubs, face beaming with delight.

“I had the most amazing day!” she exclaimed, dropping her satchel and hanging her tartan scarf on the peg in the hallway.

“Did ye, then?” Jamie’s voice was low, even.

“Yes! I got to volunteer in the emergency room today - they only let the top students do that, you know? I was able to assist the doctors and sew up some wounds and put dislocated shoulders back into joint!” Her hands absently caressed the small swell of their baby as she looked up at him.

And frowned.

“Jamie? What’s the matter?”

“Ye were supposed to be home two hours ago.”

“Was I? I was having so much fun - I must have lost track of the time.” She approached him and gently lay a hand on his forearm.

He always would have taken her hand and threaded his fingers through hers. But he didn’t.

“I’m no’ mad, Claire. I ken weel ye’ve worked so hard in yer studies, ye truly enjoy being around sick people. But I - weel. I’m worrit about ye.”

Her brow creased. Jamie counted ten curls that had popped loose from the chignon he’d helped her with that morning. They framed her face in such a beautiful way.

“But why? I wasn’t in contact with anyone who was contagious - only physical injuries. You know I’d never put myself, or the baby, in harm’s way.”

He swallowed and rested a big hand on her belly, cradling and sheltering their bairn.

Three years they’d tried. Doctor’s visits, menstrual charts, hormone shots for Claire. Tears every twenty-eight days when she bled again. The crushing fear that they’d never be able to share their life with a child of their own blood.

They had almost given up - and yet. In her third year of medical school, Claire finally became pregnant.

To say that he - that *they* - had been ecstatic was the understatement of his life.

“I ken that,” he said softly. “Just - I dinna want *anything* to happen to ye. Or to the bairn. Ye - ye both - are so very precious to me.” He swallowed back the lump that had suddenly formed in his throat. “It doesna matter that the patients dinna have something catching - what if there’s a crazy man on drugs, who is lashing out, and he kicks ye in the belly? Or what if ye cut yerself, and the patient has some kind of disease, and bleeds all over ye?”

“Jamie - I wear gloves and an apron, there’s no way - ”

“Or what if they make ye stand on yer feet for ten hours and ye start getting those pains again? Christ, Claire - ye were bleeding last week, and even though Dr. Abernathy said ye were fine, I’m still so scared for ye.”

His eyes searched hers - pleading.

“Jamie - ” she stroked his cheek, surprised to feel wetness. “Jamie - I promise you, I’m not overexerting myself. The doctors and nurses all know I’m pregnant. They won’t push me.”

“I ken they won’t push ye - I’m worrit that ye’ll push yerself, Claire.”

She sighed, and wrapped both arms around his shoulders. He settled bonelessly against her, relishing the small, hard swell of the baby between them.

“You know me too well, James Fraser.”

He kissed the side of her neck. “Of course I do. That’s my job - to take care of ye, and make sure ye take care of yerself.”

She sighed, so happy to feel so much love from this incredible man.

“I’ll be more deliberate in what I do. I promise.”

“God, Claire - if anything were to happen to ye, I dinna ken what I’d do. I - there’s - I canna even think - ”

“Hush. You won’t have to. I promise.”

He turned his face for a kiss. Her lips met his, sealing her promise.

Sometime later, he pulled back, pushing the wisps of hair from her eyes.

“I canna help but feel jealous of all those strangers who ye laid yer beautiful hands on today, *mo nighean donn.* I was wondering - ”

She arched one brow, intrigued. “Yes?”

He smirked. She melted.

“I was wondering - if ye could maybe - doctor *me*, for a bit. If it’s no’ too much trouble, that is.”

She narrowed her eyes, hooked her thumbs into the belt loops of his jeans, and pulled him toward their bedroom.

Washed Up Memories

Read it on AO3.

(A continuation of the tentacle!AU; small little slices of their backstory by the beach. This one is SFW)

“Why did you save me?”

He’s slumped in the tub, head barely above the water level, eyes open to the merest slits.The tentacles that comprise the lower half of his body stir sluggishly, curling in on themselves.

“Oh,” says Saitama, looking up from where he’s spreading ointment on one of the many deep-cut wounds littering his flesh. One hand holds a dinged up bowl while the other rubs over him, covered in strong-smelling goop and Genos’ own slime. “Well you looked pretty bad when I saw you on that rock.I couldn’t just leave you there, the birds would’ve eaten you alive.”

The man, the creature, the person with such a young-intensity look on his face, does not say anything for a good, long, time. The silence stretches until Saitama loses himself in the gentle rhythm of tending to the creature’s wounds, mind far away and face blank.

Genos’ eyes are closed when he speaks again, voice deep and distant.

“Thank you. I owe you my life. What is your name, human?”

“Eh? It’s Saitama.”


“…And yours?”

He’s asleep.

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The gems are all different sorts of colors. Chances are, you are going to paint yourself light blue, orange, purple, any color of the rainbow. THAT’S AWESOME! A lot of the designs can be pretty simple and easy to cosplay! So it’s a good way to get started in cosplaying! It’s awesome!




And below I’m gonna expand on why and some tips! Like, seriously! It’s easier for everyone INCLUDING YOU!

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Bottled Up Vengeance

summary: He killed in the past. It was a fact he couldn’t change. He didn’t see a future past his vengeance. There was no weakness to him to hold him back. Until now. Now he has two.

a/n: Just a one-shot exploring the what if possibility that Sasuke’s past deeds comes back to haunt him. And instead of targeting Sasuke, they target the ones he loves most — Sakura and Sarada.

“Sakura-san!” a voice weakly called out. A girl with dark blue hair slowly tried to get up as a few rocks crumbled by her side. A large slab of rock was nestled on top of her right leg and the girl struggled to sit up.

“Miku, I finally found you!” Sakura called out as she ran to the side of the girl. Quickly, Sakura lifted the rock slab off of Miku as she tossed it to the side. “You’re injured!” Sakura claimed as she began to heal the wound on Miku’s leg.

Miku smiles. “You came for me.”

“Of course! You are my responsibility. If I had known you would have run into trouble, I would have not sent you to go by yourself to pick up the scroll.” Sakura concentrated as the wound on the leg slowly began to close up and traces of any injuries began to disappear from sight. “You should have been careful. Especially around these areas. Cave-ins are so easy to occur if you make one wrong step,” Sakura scolded gently.

“The thing is, I caused the cave-in on purpose.”

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Sinbad no Bouken 72 RAW + Summary

Sinbad no Bouken 72 RAW + a summary! :)

A lot happened this chapter! Good things, sad things and… weird things… 

***Disclaimer : Sinbad no Bouken is not my work. These summaries are not to be taken as the official spoilers as I am by no means a professional translator. I do this for practice, because it’s fun and of course because I love Sinbad! I would like to thank anyone who stops by to read my summaries. Also, please be sure to vote for Sinbad no Bouken everyday on the MangaOne app if you have it!   

The rest of the chapter and the summary are under the cut~ Enjoy!

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Sometimes after an easy hunt the boys like to chill; get high, and lie down. Tonight their pressed shoulder to shoulder flat on their backs on Dean’s bed. Lazily passing the third blunt of the night between one another. Sam rolls on his side watching Dean take a hit, he takes the offered blunt and takes a slow pull for his self.


He snickers around Dean’s name like it’s the silliest word on the planet. 

"Yeah Sammy?”

Dean’s slurring just a little, his drawl a tad lazy from the weed. It makes him sound smoother than silk, which makes Sam shiver involuntarily- cock fattening just a little in his jeans.

“Tell me somethin’… anythin’- a secret? or maybe somethin’ you’ve just never told me before.”

 Minutes pass like the blunt between them until Dean rolls over and mirrors Sam’s position. He tucks a stray hair behind Sam’s ear and smiles fondly at the younger Winchester.

“You’re beautiful, and it’s not the weed talking… eh- maybe a little, but it’s true you really are.”

Sam snorts so hard he chokes a little on his exhale.

“I’m beautiful huh? anything else deanna?”

“I’ve probably been in love with you from the moment mom put you in my arms. You were so tiny. I looked down at you and you just stared up at me with those hazel eyes and back then I just knew…”

“Knew what?”

Sam presses closer, tucking his finger under Dean’s chin; lifting his face a little to make eye contact. But he meets Dean’s glossy stare he knows those beautiful green eyes are wet for an entirely different reason.

“I knew that you were my whole world, and I’d do anything I could to keep you. I just wanted to protect you, and as we got older… I-I just knew I needed you, more than any brother should. Shit I knew I was goin’ to hell, that’d I’d burn for how I felt; but fuck Sammy it’d be the sweetest burn. Cause you’re it for me.”

The weight of Dean’s words settle between them, making the air crackle and pop- it almost feels like too much. Their mutual high diminishes just a bit and things feel sober, startlingly so. Sam smiles slow and lazy, anything to ease the pressure.

“Do you remember the first time we got high together?”  

“Ye-yeah I do, why?”

Sam slides closer, breath ghosting over the splatter of  freckles across Dean’s cheek.

“We did that thing… ugh what’s it called again? when you take a hit and blow it into my mouth? shot something?”

“Shot gunning" 

Dean supplies, smirk already in place at the memory.

"Yeah that! can we do that? It’s kinda my favorite way to smoke thanks to you.”

“Mine too, Sammy”

A deep drag is taken, Dean’s leaning in- closing the small gap between them. Sam seals his lips over his and sucks in as Dean exhales. They pull apart just a bit- Sam tugging on Dean’s bottom lip. He chases after Sam’s lips, but Sam teases him; feathering small nips to Dean’s lips. Pulling back to just rest his forehead against Dean’s.

“Damn baby boy, you have no idea what you do to me”

“The feelings mutual big brother…”

Olympic AU Part 2

Frank ended up winning the gold.

But that wasn’t good enough for him. Will Solace, the American had come in second, winning the silver, but Frank ready to blow a gasket when he saw an interview that Will had done when he said that he was done with professional archery, and that he was going to medical school.

“A doctor. He’s going to be a doctor!” Frank ranted. “I have nothing to work for now!”

“What do you mean?” Nico questioned. “You have yourself.”

“Myself? I have no one else to beat now. I need to beat someone!”

“You know, for being a Canadian, you’re very aggressive.” Nico pointed out. Frank took a deep breath to calm himself.

“It’s just that I worked so hard to beat him and now it’s over and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now.” Frank flopped onto a couch across from Nico.

“Worry about Rio.” Nico said. “Or go to med school.” He added the last part quietly, as not to give Frank any actual ideas.

“Bro, but Aquaman is not gay, alright, he-” Percy Jackson, Olympic star, and cousin of Nico di Angelo walked in, talking to Jason Grace, fencer. “Nico!” he shouted across the room, midsentence.

“For the love of god, Percy. Do not, do not, make another poor soul listen to your stupid super hero rant.” Nico yelled back. Being Percy Jackson’s cousin, he himself had heard the argument a million times. The people in the Olympic village had not been faring much better.

“ But, dear cousin, I am just trying to rid the world of ignorant people who still believe that the hero of my childhood is gay!” Percy bounces next to Nico on the couch and shakes his arm, making his famous ‘baby seal’ eyes.

“And gay people can’t be heroes?” Nico questioned.

“You know that’s not what I meant,” Percy said. He was always worried about overstepping the boundaries on Nico’s sexuality. It had been a really emotional time when he’d come out earlier this year.

“Oh good, I’m glad that no one has to explain to my adoring fans that I can’t be their hero anymore.” Nico said with a cheeky smile at his cousin. Percy punched him lightly on the shoulder.

“How’s your dad taking it?”

“He’s…adjusting to the idea I think. He can’t be here tomorrow, but he called to say good luck.”

“Oh, Neeks.” Percy laid his arm around his younger cousin’s shoulder. “That’s good that he’s coming around to the idea, but that sucks that he can’t be here to watch you win gold tomorrow.”

Nico shrugged. “You and Aunt Sally are gonna be there though, right?”

“Are you kidding? I think she might be more excited to watch you than she is me.” Percy said with a laugh. “Her flight comes in soon. Want to go with me to pick her up?”

“I can’t. Coach Hedge has officially lost it, and is enforcing a 7pm bed time.” Nico told him with an eye roll. Percy had heard all kinds of stories about Nico’s crazy coach, and had even met the guy on a few occasions. Percy thought that he should maybe be locked up, but Nico did well under his tutelage and Hedge seemed to have a soft spot for the kid. “Alright, well, I’ll tell her you said ‘hi,’ and that you love her. Have fun in lockdown.” Percy said as he got up.

“Hey, Perce.” Nico called after his cousin. “If you eat all the cookies that I know she brought I’m gonna kill you.” Nico threatened, but Percy simply laughed and walked out the door. He wasn’t joking. He hadn’t had any form of junk food since he started training for the trials three years ago. Nico glared at Percy’s back and turned back to Frank and Jason.

“Frank, are you going to do anything crazy? Or can I go take a shower?”

“Go, I’m just going to sit here and struggle through my existential crisis.” Frank said miserably.

“I’ll watch him, Nico. Enjoy lockdown.” Jason said, and Nico smiled gratefully at him before turning to walk to the stairs. As he was walking, he was unceremoniously tackled to the ground.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this.” An amused voice said from above him. Nico saw the bright smiling face of Will Solace, silver medalist, destroyer of Frank’s life.

“I should at least buy you dinner before I try and get you under me.” Will added when Nico didn’t say anything. At that, he blanched and pushed Will off of him. “Hey, it was a joke. I mean, unless you want me to buy you dinner. You’re kind of cute.” The blonde stood up and leaned against the wall, smiling handsomely at the small gymnast.

“Not a chance in hell, pervert.” Nico said and walked away, a blush creeping up his cheeks the whole way.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman - Supernatural Version

Do You Wanna Fight Some Demons

Do you wanna fight some demons?
Come on let’s go find dad
I haven’t seen him in some days
Please come back to old ways
It’s the family business, after all
We used to be Hunters
And now you’re not
Because you went off to law school
Do you wanna fight some demons?
It doesn’t have to be a demon!

“So get this, Dean”

Okay, cool

Do you wanna fight a demon?
Or gank a ghost, we just got a call
Since I’ve been back from Hell, you’ve become something new
I’ve started talking to
the Impala,
while you’re AWOL
(I love you, Baby)
I know you’re meeting Ruby
I wish you would tell me why
(66 seals, 66 seals, 66, seals)

Castiel, I know you’re out there,
Something happened in the cage!
They say Sammy has no soul, but where did it go?
Can we fix him!?
I need my little brother
It’s always been Sam and Dean
What am I gonna do?
Do you wanna fight some demons?

anonymous asked:

How do you set the cream makeup the best?


Remember this stuff?

Okay so this is pretty much important for everyone who ever re-blogged this tutorial

In the case of the cream makeup, the problem is that a LOT of people just assume that once it’s dry, you don’t have to do anything. NOT the case.

Basically what you need to do is:

  1. apply the makeup with your fingers or a makeup sponge
  2. wait for it to dry a little
  3. put either baby powder or transparent Ben Nye sealing powder on top of semi-dry cream 
  5. if you don’t have Ben Nye spray, use hairspray.
  6. This is VITAL for the paint to seal.
  7. Blow dry your face. Don’t just let it “air dry” but instead, use the blow dryer on a low setting. 
  8. if the paint becomes wet again (say from dribbling food/water) just let it dry. don’t rub it in/around. it will smear the makeup and strip it off. It will look weird at first, but you have to just wait. 
  9. This stuff is more resilient than snazzaroo, so it will usually not come off if you eat or drink but try not to ingest it.
  10. Nothing will happen if you do, as long as you’re not straight eating it out of the tube. (I still wouldn’t recommend excessively licking your lips or anything)