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I can’t believe it took so long for this to sink in but I am LIVING for the fact that there isn’t one damn song on Reputation about Katy Perry. Taylor’s like, “Yeahhhh… I don’t wanna waste my breath on you” 😂

Angel (V)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jackson

Rating: PG-13 (angst, depictions of chemotherapy / surgery)

Word Count: 4,479

Summary:  You’re a medical intern, always a perfectionist and used to being the best at everything you do. Jackson Wang is the male nurse beloved by everyone and constantly on your nerves. When you two are brought together, it could be the best or the worst thing that’s ever happened. (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @baebae-goodnight !) 

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When you do something you are proud of, dwell on it a little, praise yourself for it, relish the experience, take it in. We’re not used to doing that, for ourselves or for others. When things go wrong, they call attention to themselves. When things run well, we must actively bring them to our atten- tion. It is up to us to give ourselves recognition. If we wait for it to come from others, we feel resentful when it doesn’t and when it does, we may well reject it. It is not what others say to us that counts. We all love praise, but have you ever noticed how quickly the glow from a compliment wears off? When we compliment ourselves, the glow stays with us. It is still good to hear it from others, but it doesn’t matter so much if we have already heard it from ourselves.
This is the tragedy of some marvelous performers, who need endless applause to tell them how great they are, but who feel a chill as soon as they enter their dressing rooms. They have never heard it from themselves.
—  Excerpt from “How to Be Your Own Bestfriend” by Mildred Newman & Bernard Berkowitz
An outsider’s perspective

(don’t hate me).

My two best friends, we’ll call them L and M, from college and I live really far away from each other. But every week on Fridays, we set aside our lunch hour to do a gchat, and catch up on our lives, and sometimes we talk about what we’re reading/watching.

My girls aren’t big into the fandom (they have personal tumblrs but never use them anymore, they don’t pay attention to fandom stuff, etc.) but they love to talk about Riverdale as a group (mostly because we can just laugh about how ridiculous it is a lot of the time and how much we still love it). 

For context: They think Bughead are cute enough but L likes V*rchie more and M doesn’t really care one way or the other about the romantic aspects of the show, so I’m the resident Bughead ‘shipper. (At least we can all agree that B*rchie is 5000 shades of wrong).

Anyway, we got to talking about how everything played out in “Death Proof” and it was kinda fascinating to see how they perceived the J*paz/Bughead stuff.

We all agreed that the BH reunion was super rushed.

L said, “I YELLED at the screen when I realized we don’t even get to see them make up on screen after all that?” and M said, “If it was going to be that easy for them to solve everything why didn’t they just do it last week?”)

And then we were talking about the whole rebound thing and whether Betty is going to ask about Toni after she saw them in the diner, and M said, “I like how one minute he’s bummed that Toni doesn’t want his dick and the next he’s all mad at Betty for breaking his heart.” 

And L was like, “Yeah he’s wanted it both ways since she showed up.”

Neither of them think Jughead did anything wrong by fooling around with Toni. But to them, it was clear as day that it wasn’t like, a hurt/comfort thing, it was a “hell yes this hot girl wants me and I want her, let’s do this” kind of thing. 

And on the one hand it’s like, “Yeah, I see what they’re saying because the whole thing rubbed me the wrong way, too” but then on the other hand it still surprising that both of them came to that conclusion so definitively. Like, it wasn’t even a question in their minds. Yes, Jughead was/is into Toni, moving on.

Now I’m perusing reviews of the episode to see if other people outside the Bughead fandom came to that conclusion. And I saw this from Elle: 

After we see that Toni stayed the night at Jug’s trailer (wearing nothing but one of his t-shirts), the two grab breakfast and Toni puts an end to whatever was brewing between the two, presumably to leave room for Betty and Jughead to rekindle by the end of the episode. And let’s be honest, it wasn’t Jughead who seemed to regret what happened between them.

And yes, this is three voices out of the, what, 2 million people that watch the show? But it all just has me thinking: fandom can be a bit of a bubble and it’s easy to find comfort in confirmation bias. We study the minute details to glean meaning from every single moment to better inform our understanding of this thing we love and then other bloggers tell us they agree with us and it all starts to feel like fact.

But sometimes I think that means we can miss the big picture? None of us want Jughead to want Toni because that puts a much more sizable dent in our Bughead hopes and dreams. 

So we all start to try to get inside his head, her head, the writers’ heads to see this whole storyline in a way that could make sense. But these casual observers, who watch without looking for what they want to see, who just see what Riverdale is showing us on the screen, seem to have come to a completely different conclusion. 

I just want to be clear that I’m not discouraging deep dives and character studies and finding parallels and subtext because those things are, in so many ways, my favorite part of this fandom. In the past two weeks, I have ready so many incredible, insightful takes on Jughead and how his past is driving his decisions, and it’s helped me feel like I understand him better. 

I just am wondering how often in seeing what we want to see plays into how we interpret what’s going on on screen. Thoughts? 

So here are my favorite songs off of rep in no particular order:

1. “…Ready For It?”

2. “End Game (featuring Ed Sheeran and Future)”

3. “I Did Something Bad”

4. “Dont Blame Me”

5. “Delicate”

6. “Look What You Made Me Do”

7. “So It Goes…”

8. “Gorgeous”

9. “Getaway Car”

10. “King of My Heart”

11. “Dancing With Our Hands Tied”

12. “Dress”

13. “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

14. “Call It What You Want”

15. “New Year’s Day”

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I already shipped Shinnaga (before it was cool) and even before the game came out and? I'm so v happy u exist...

!!!!!!!! OMG THANK YOU  ;; mY KidS!! (spoils under pic)

^^^ me when i protec my kids. tbh i felt like he could have easily lied to angie like the chick is already pretty out of it like she believes in a lot of odd things?? UHH alternate chapter 3 where it’s like:

“Korekiyo! What are you doing here? Atua’s already said that only student council members are allowed to be out this late!”

“O-oh, uh… You see, I was called here…! Ah yes, by the divine voice of Atua!”

“Really!? You can hear Atua as well?! Angie has never met anyone else who can hear Atua!!! It must be true, because Angie was called to this room as well!”

“Well, perhaps-”

“Yep~! Atua wants Korekiyo to help Angie perform the ritual!! Welcome to the student council!”


She drags him to her lab with the candle. Korekiyo decides to just finish the ritual with her so she’ll leave him alone and he can finish his seesaw, but the ritual turns out to be really entertaining for him! He abandons the seesaw thing. They do more rituals and Angie exorcises him during one of them! Korekiyo realises that his feelings for his sister were actually made up by her so he’d have a reason to kill 100 girls. She was just bitter about other girls who were able to enjoy their lives freely without being bedridden!!

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Your writing is awesome. Any fun shipping involving Michael and Ryan in an Airport related AU? (Based off that list you reblogged)

Hey, anon, anon, you’re awesome. :-P. That being said, uh, this…became less of a prompt and more of an entire fic. I’m sorry if it’s not what you wanted! (I chose ‘we have the same luggage and didn’t check the tags before we left so i’m calling you to exchange suitcases (and you also had some interesting things in your bag so i’m excited to meet you) au’ from the list!) 

Thank you for prompting, though! I do hope you like it! 

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If you plan on doing the AU 5+ head canon challenge thing, may I request an ASGZC AU where Vincent is Sephiroth's Dad?

In what was probably the smartest move of his career, Vincent Valentine called for help when he thought the situation between Hojo and Lucretia became more than he could handle. Other Turks arrived and Vincent managed to survive. Hojo and Lucretia were under heavier surveillance and Vincent underwent some testing. After Lucretia gave birth, Vincent was re-released with a new assignment: he had to oversee Sephiroth now. 

With Lucretia missing, Hojo and Vincent made a very shaky truce and raised Sephiroth together. Eventually they became less hostile, but they would never trust each other. Hojo eventually let Vincent take care of Sephiroth most of the time: feeding, changing, and the like. It freed of more of his time and his techs’s time. As Sephiroth grew, he learned that Vincent was the one who would comfort him, hold him, and give him straight answers. Hojo would talk in circles. 

Vincent taught Sephiroth how to hack his communications relay before he left for Wutai. Sephiroth called every night. Sephiroth never explicitly said he missed Vincent, but it was pretty clear to Vincent that he did. There was a very long awkward conversation when Sephiroth asked how to make friends. Vincent was never really that good at it but coached Sephiroth as best he could. A few days later Vincent asked, “Hey Seph…did my advice…help?”

“No, but we’re friends now anyway.”

Vincent counted it as a success. 

Sephiroth had been to Wutai and back several times when he shyly asked for Vincent’s advice again. This time about…kissing stuff. Vincent had to blink a few times at that. 

“You’ve been kissing?” Vincent asked, now realizing he still kinda saw Sephiroth as the little five-year-old at his heels holding a storybook to read before bedtime. 

“Not really…but someone kissed me,” Sephiroth said, “I figured…Hojo used to say you did a lot of this kissing stuff with my mother…” 

“Do I know them?” 

“Yes, but you don’t have to shoot them,” Sephiroth said, “I just…I don’t know what to do.”

“I think you should talk to them first,” Vincent said, doing the second smartest thing of his life, “Your mother, Hojo, and I should have done a lot more of talking too.”

Sephiroth dragged them to him one by one. Vincent wondered if it was an on-again-off-again thing, but they all kept coming back, sometimes in pairs, sometimes alone. Vincent just decided to accept it. Sephiroth had always had a bigger heart that people wanted to admit. Vincent just didn’t think he was one of those people. They all made Sephiroth happy…all four of them looking at Vincent for approval kinda won him over. 

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So for yall, is the cultural context of manifesting your code different from showing the soul? Does the soul lore apply?

* there wasn’t a whole lot of actual ‘soul lore‘ built into the game, at least not from what i’ve gathered hearing the guys upstairs talk. that said, manifesting one’s code is a pretty private thing because you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at it. personality traits, habits, predispositions, what kind of modifiers they might have installed…

* everything, really. it’d be like if everything about who you are were written out on a whiteboard for everyone to see and read at a glance. so, yeah, definitely not something you do in front of just anyone. not that there’s a lot of call to do so in the day to day.

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I'm out. I will not give my viewership to a show that glorifies male rape and then has the audacity to call it a one night stand. Fuck you writers. I think they lost a lot of people tonight.

I don’t know why these writers think they can do things like this and people would be okay with it. (No one is okay with this. Not a single person.)

They did it with Graham in s1, only for him to get murdered within 7 episodes of the show’s start. And they never, not once, brought it up again. People have been asking for years on twitter for Adam to at least clarify what happened, only for him to brush it off with his bullshit nonsense responses.

Happened again in s4 with Robin but they made it all about Regina and how life was just “kicking me in the teeth”. Like um, excuse me? Did she really say that? But a man was raped, what does that have to do with you? Abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

Now they do this with Wish Hook? 

This show is fucking canceled.

s7? I don’t know her.

Omg I just saw Call Me By Your Name I am DEAD! Wow. Just wow. It’s perfect. Luca, you fucked me up! I was so SO wrong about this film. The cast is brilliant, I cannot wait to see what Luca does with Suspiria. Wonderful. I’ll post pictures from the Q&A with the cast a little later 😊Oh and Armie is 1000000000x more handsome in person than you can imagine! Tim is the sweetest most precious thing and talented way beyond his years. Do not judge this film by what people say online and don’t judge this film by the trailers alone, go and make up your mind yourself. Xo

BTS x American Interviews

I’m sorry but I just have to say this…

BTS got invited to do so many interviews in so many known news platforms. Yes, it’s great that they’re getting so much recognition… BUT ARE THEY?

Interviewers literally aren’t able to look BTS up and memorize seven fucking names, or even worse, HOW MANY names they should know. Jungkook was called RM at one point. Ryan Seacrest asked them to introduce themselves and said “oh, there’s more, they’re everywhere”.

They don’t even bother to know who BTS are or what they do. I know Mario was nice and all, BUT THE MAN ASKED THEM IF THEY DANCE. That’s literally part of their main thing: dance.

What the fuck is wrong with you? Do your fucking job. Try respecting them not by just being nice, but by validating their work, their art and their reason to even be there in the first place.

Just like you do with all your precious American artists.

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what’s the punkest way to deal with mosquitos?(we still have them here and it’s fuckin pissing me off) i don’t want to use the zapper bc I care about the lives of all beings and shit but they come into My House and bite me all over and they Won’t Stop

Well…. My method is usually kinda frowned upon and considered not really effective… I just kinda.. Catch them, throw em out of window and close it fast…

But there are also those mosquito repelling incense, candles, body sprays, the things you put in the electric wall pig nose thing (what the fuck do you call it in English??) and you put a tablet thingy in it. (I am sorry I give up on English forever now)

Also supposedly lavander but that never works for me

~ mod Petar

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So i was re-reading Nests and Cages from the beginning and wow you don't do anything accidentally do you? But what this message is actually about how much i love the concept of Jason & Cass being known around gotham as the twin bats/bat twins, i weep real adult tears thinking about them as a perfect unit that fills in where the other has holes, do other batfamily members start calling them 'the twins'? and tbh when will DC will finally confirm what you have known all along????

I have most certainly done things by accident but I’m so happy to have someone fooled. 

Jason and Cass will be called ‘the twins’ as a shorthand over the comms and whatnot if they’re working together / being sent to the same place. Most Gothamites also refer to Black and Red Bat as the Bat Twins for convenience and they come to be considered a duo by the public. Out of costume Cass is still pretty insistent that everyone remember she’s the eldest though.

As for DC I live in hope for many things I will probably not be getting. It just happens to be that Jason being Shiva’s son is the only clean solution to a fair amount of shoddy writing on their part.

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Not sure if I’m to late to ask for the q and a but I’ll ask. What are Romans and Pat’s parents like?

(You’re fine!)

Mom is a tiny woman, but very feisty. Dad is what people would call a “gentle giant.” -Roman

Mom always would tell us to find another way to do things when it looked like something was impossible. She’s a writer, and even had a book published! Dad was a mechanic until he retired. -Patton

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Huskies are often called stubborn, hard-headed, and owners are frequently warned never to let them off leash because of high prey drive, right? So why were huskies bred for pulling sleds, and why are they trusted doing so? Are they only stubborn when it comes to commands they see as pointless or repetitive? I've always wondered this.

The ‘stubbornness’ and hardheadedness comes from people expecting huskies to act like herding dogs or retrievers. They’re called that because they aren’t biddable like those other breeds. They just kind of want to do their own thing, which usually involves running and killing stuff, sometimes with some screaming involved because they’re also vocal. They don’t do stuff just to please their handler in the same sense that my german shepherd does, they do it with a sense of “what’s in it for me?”

You have to remember that they are bred to work relatively independently of their handler, and that the training they go through to pull sleds is incredibly time consuming and intensive.

The whole “never trust them off leash” thing honestly comes from people who just don’t know how to train their dog. They have their breed quirks, but huskies are not some magical super special dog that is the exception to all things training. It may take a little more time because again, they aren’t super biddable, but they can be trained to very high levels. You just have to have time and patience, just like with any other dog.

I know I have a few husky/sled dog blogs following me, so they may be able to provide more in depth information than what I can provide.