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Okay so I was looking through my phone and I found this moodboard (if you can call it that.) I made of exo as girls when I was bored and playing around with FaceApp. Chen looks like murderous doll, but the rest look pretty good, what do you thing? 😂


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Who is Sixpenceee?

Sixpenceee is an incredibly influential horror-ish blogger with a huge following on tumblr. While the total number of her followers is not known, some of her posts have received hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of notes. She is a very active blogger; since her blog’s founding in July 2013, she has made 14,000+ posts, meaning that on average she posts ~10 times a day on her main blog alone. She also has numerous sideblogs.

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In short:

She’s ableist.

She plagiarizes much of the content of her blogs.

She tried to exploit her mentally ill followers via a program called “sixpenceee heals”, where she was going to charge $30 a month to listen to your problems.

Her family has a child slave, and she defends their right to have one.

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Ok egos, serious question what would you guys do if Amy loses her memory?

Amy doesn’t remember the accident, and she doesn’t remember much else either. Some things are easy, her name and birthday, her family and where she’s from, but other things, like the fact that she’s dating a guy who likes to call himself Markiplier and his dozen or so clones that seem to think they know her. Amy wishes she could remember them, but those memories seem to be locked away somewhere just out of her reach.

Mark pretends it doesn’t bother him as much as it does. He visits her from time to time, but never too much, he doesn’t want to impose. Sometimes the “Egos” come with him, one or two at a time. The Wilford Warfstache one is always vibrant and cheerful, but after a few visits, he stops coming.

Bim Trimmer comes everyday around two, during his lunch break to drop off another vase of daffodils and chat for a while. Amy understands why she liked him before. He’s a sweet person and very understanding of her predicament, but still, she can’t ignore the disappointment in his eyes every time he thinks she isn’t looking.

Dr. Iplier is constantly giving her check-ups, asking her about her life and what she can remember. He seems to think that there is a chance her memory will return, but after weeks and weeks of trying and trying, he stops coming, too.

Oliver, the one who really likes yellow, usually comes with Bim bearing small gifts and treats. He cries a lot more than the others do.

And she hears about, but never sees, the man they call the Host. Apparently he doesn’t leave his library anymore, and he refuses to come see her, which Amy feels rather guilty about. If only she knew who he was…


V after D


“I want to hear more about him.” Dr Jackson said.


“Your ex-boyfriend.”

“Urgh. Really?” I grimaced.

“You say you were with him for around a month?”

This must have been the first therapy session for a while where I rolled my eyes, but that was more to do with him than it was the actual therapy itself.

“Yeah. He cheated on me. I threw things. The usual.”

“What about the actual relationship itself? What made it bad?”

“He was just… nasty.” I sighed. “He called me poo-eyes.”

I could see she wanted to laugh, so when I started giggling, she took that as her queue to join in, letting out a little chuckle, covering her mouth.
I wanted to start out with something a little humorous before I delved into just how horrible he was.

“Why?” She asked after her brief spout of laughter.

“He didn’t like the colour of them. Once said that he thought they were lifeless. I have… a scar on my leg, and I hate it. The first time he saw it he laughed, and called it ugly.” I could see her face dropping as I continued. “He always had something bad to say. He was always poking fun at my insecurities, y’know? He tried to stop me from talking to a few of my friends who he didn’t like, and when I didn’t stop he told me I needed to be careful. That he could do better than me, and he would leave if I wasn’t fully committed to him and our relationship.”

“And you didn’t leave him?”

“I… No. I guess it’s one of those things. It’s easier to look back and realise it was toxic, but at the time… I dunno. It felt normal. It felt right. But… I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone who was nice. They’ve all been fucking pricks.”

She made a few notes in silence, and to be honest, it was only just fully dawning on me that I’d spent a good percentage of my life around people who pulled me down, people who had driven down my confidence, and I’d been none the wiser because it was all I’d known.
When I’d moved to the city, everything in my life improved. I was away from my family, I was making friends with people I truly cared about, and who truly cared about me, but by that point the damage had already been done.
I was lucky, to be around people who were wonderful influences on me and my life, and I had to wonder what silent effects it had been having on me. I had to wonder how badly I truly felt whilst I was at university.

“And then he cheated on you?” She asked, once she was done writing.

“He did.”

“How did you find out?”

“Oh, he told me. He was very casual about it. It was very much, what do you want to have for tea? And also, I slept with someone else. Pizza maybe? Bastard.”

“You must find it difficult,” She sighed. “To accept… affection.”

I scrunched my nose, looking down to my fingers, fiddling with my clothing. We’d discussed this kind of thing before, but every single time it hurt to hear it. I hated that I’d wound up feeling that way towards myself, and I hated that I was only realising it after months of therapy. Without therapy, which I had been so reluctant to go to in the first place, I would still be lost within my self-loathing and totally unaware of it.

“I guess so… Yeah.”

“I’ve been trying to think of a way we can change that.” She placed her book down.

“Any luck?”

“Maybe. I already feel like you’ve made a lot of progress, and that’s good.” She smiled. “I think it’s also good that you now spend time with people who have positive influences on you. It all must be doing you a world of good, even if the rewards aren’t instant, or even fully noticeable.”

“I was just thinking that.”

“And I believe there’s quite a simple way that you can add to that. A way you can elevate it.”

“I hope you don’t want me to look in the mirror every morning and say three things I like about myself. I hate that kind of bullshit.” I snickered.

When I’d first started the sessions, my sarcastic comments were always met with more notes, silent stares across the table, and basically Dr Jackson despising every second of it as much as I was.
Now, I could make snarky comments like that, and she knew me enough to appreciate that that was just what I was like. That was my humour. That’s how I worked.
She smiled.

“That would work for some people,” She let out a stammered laugh. “But I know it wouldn’t work for you.”


“Mahatma Gandhi once said, be the change you wish to see in the world.”

“I’ve heard that one!” I grinned proudly.

“I think it’s a good one to live by. I believe that if you start being affectionate with the people you love, if you start being more vocal about how much they mean to you, how grateful you are for them, and everything in between, it gives out a positive energy. Does that make sense?”

“I guess so.” I shrugged, maybe still a little puzzled.

“Be the change you wish to see. I want you to make it your goal that no one you know ever has to feel as lonely as you did. No one has to feel as low as you did. Spread the kind of love that you should have been given your whole life.”

I nodded, firm, calm, collected.
She was right. Again, she was absolutely spot on, and she’d figured out a way help me, that would also suit me, what I was like as a person. She’d managed to work me out, and she was working with me, and I appreciated that so, so much.


March the 11th featured an uneventful Saturday afternoon, for the percentage anyway. I was sprawled across my sofa, a bag of crisps balanced on my bloated belly, and Titanic on the tele.
I’d invited Mo to join me, because I was almost sure he’d told me he wasn’t working, but when I’d told him I was watching Titanic, he’d blurted out that he was working.
I didn’t believe him for a second.
Especially when I heard some footsteps crashing about above my head.

“What kind of idiot doesn’t like Titanic?” I mumbled to myself.

Still baffled by the mere concept, I stuck my middle finger up to the ceiling and carried on enjoying the film in peace, but that didn’t last long.
My heart jumped when my phone started buzzing loudly atop my coffee table. It also meant that I’d have to move to answer it, which made me groan and sulk as I moved the bag of crisps and sat upright, stretching a little before I reached out for my phone.
I grinned when I saw that it was Harry calling.

“Hey!” I chirped when I answered.

“Hi!” He was just as chirpy. “You alright?”

“I’m good. Watching Titanic.”

“Surprise, surprise.” I could almost see him rolling his eyes. “Anyway, I come to you with a plan.”

“Oooh, a plan. Okay. Go.”

I hadn’t actually seen him since our meal the weekend before, but we’d been texting back and forth a lot. We weren’t even really talking about anything important, or noteworthy, but there’d been times where he’d had me howling. It felt good just to be talking with him again. It kind of reminded me of where we were before the fake dating, when we were just spending time together, getting to know each other.
It was nice.

“So, every now and then, our boss at work just tells us to close the bar. It literally happens like, once or twice a year, and he just says, alright, you’re not working tonight. So then me and the boys are welcome to spend the night drinking there. We raid the bar, totally free, and we’re allowed to bring a few people. It’s kinda like a lock-in for staff members, and a few friends. You in?”

“I’m invited?” I squealed.

“Yeah, of course.”

Although I understood the reasons behind it, I was still silently bitter that they only hired males at the bar where he worked. It sounded bloody ideal. I knew they worked ridiculously long hours, and they all worked hard, and they probably had to deal with a lot of idiots, but the perks of the job and the pay and everything else seemed wonderful.
I was jealous.

“That sounds amazing.” I sighed. “But, I was planning on drinking with the guys from work tonight. I’m sorry.”

“They can come!”

“Really? But that’s four of us.”

“It’s fine. Bring them along. I’d like to meet them anyway.”

“Okay, great. Good. Thanks, Curls.”

“So what’s happening on the Titanic right now?”

I settled back into my spot, throwing my legs back up and balancing my head on the two cushions I’d propped up so I could watch the film effortlessly.

“It’s sinking.”

“Well don’t spoil it for me!” He cried.

“Are you saying you haven’t seen Titanic?”

“I haven’t.”

“Well, you have to come round and watch it. I have it on DVD twice. You have to watch it. It’s great.”

“Why do you have it twice?” He chuckled.

“I just do. Also, can I ask… Did you genuinely not know the ending to Titanic?”

“No, I knew.” He laughed. “I just didn’t know you’d be so offended by the fact I haven’t seen it.”

“Of course I would be offended by that, Harry. It’s my favourite.”

He kept laughing down the line, the sound pushing through the speakers and swelling my chest.
We were doing incredibly well at this whole friendship thing, because even though a percentage of our time together had been based around falsities, we were incredibly natural around one another. We’d quickly ignored the mistakes of our past and started something new, and it was working wonderfully.

“I’m sorry. I promise I’ll watch it with you.” He chuckled.

“Good. I’m looking forward to tonight.”

“Me too. It’s always one of the best nights. V after D.”

“V after D?” I whimpered.

“Yeah. Vocatus after Dark.”

“Oh my god. No. No. The go to thing there is vagina after dick.”

What?” He cried down the phone. “No it’s not! That’s just you and your dirty mind.”

“If you said V after D to anyone, they would jump to vagina after dick. I’m telling you.”

“They would not!”

“Except, in that case, it should be D after V.”

“Except after C.”

“Fuck off.” I laughed. “You’re such an idiot.”

There was a small knock on my door, and at first I thought it would have been Mo, but then I knew that Mo would have just let himself in.
I lowered my brows as I jumped to my feet.

“I can’t believe your automatic thought was vagina after dick.” He huffed over the phone. “You’ve let me down.”

“Just know, I will not be calling this evening V after D. It just sounds rude. Is there a certain time I need to be there? Or should I just-”

I’d swung my front door open, and the sight of who was ahead of me had brought my sentence to abrupt halt.
I stood breathlessly staring at my sister.

“Ren? You there? You okay?” Harry quizzed.

“I’ll call you back.” I hung up quickly.

She looked just as uncomfortable as I felt, stood just outside my doorway, completely silent.
I could feel an intense anger crawling across my skin, and that was before I’d spotted the small gift she had held under her left arm.
I felt sick.

“If that’s a fucking present for me, forget it. I don’t want it.”


I left the door open, welcoming her into my home without actually being welcoming, and stormed back through to my kitchen. I didn’t want her to be there. I didn’t want to have to repeat the words I’d yelled at her last month because I knew they wouldn’t have gone in the first time. I didn’t want her pathetic pity gift and I didn’t want her intruding on my boring day. I liked my day being boring.

“I’m sorry I forgot.” She followed me swiftly inside, slamming the door. “I’ve just been so busy.”

I flicked the kettle on, in dire need of a brew to get me through what was bound to be a difficult conversation, and I leant against the counter, arms folded, scowling at her.

“What about mum and dad? Were they too busy too? You’d think mum would remember the date she pushed an entire human out of herself.”

“Florence, why are you being so crude?” She cringed.

“It’s a valid point! You managed to get an excuse out of them, too? Because I still haven’t heard a thing from them.”

“I spoke with mum, and I think she just doesn’t know how to approach it. She feels terrible. Please,” She held the present out to me. “Take it.”

“I don’t want it.”

“But I bought it for you!”

“When? Fucking yesterday? On your way here? That means nothing to me, Matty. Absolutely nothing.”

It sometimes feels like bullshit, when people say it’s the gesture rather than the gift, but in that moment, I knew it was the gesture that really meant something. A gift from her, no matter what it was, only meant something if there was some thought and love behind it, and there was zero.

“Fine.” She practically threw it down on the counter. “Look, I know I’ll never be able to apologise enough, but that’s not the only reason I’m here. I really need to talk to you.”

“About what?” I huffed.

“About what you said to me on the phone.”

“Oh, so you did listen? I thought I might have to repeat myself.”

“Florence, you told me I needed to fix this! So if you could just drop the attitude for five minutes and let me try, I’d be really grateful.”

I bit my tongue, feeling the heat of my sadness pushing from my stomach and shooting right up to my throat. I looked down to the floor, unable to face her, suddenly with very little to say.

“Fine.” I swallowed.

“Why wouldn’t mum let you dance?”

I scrunched my nose, not wanting to have this conversation again.
I shifted my weight from one foot to the other.

“She said something along the lines of… I’d make a fool out of myself. That I didn’t have the coordination for it.”

“Which is true.”

“Matty, I know it’s true!” I barked. “But it’s not really the point, is it? I wanted to dance, and it shouldn’t have mattered how fucking bad I would have been, she should have given me the chance! I should have been able to try and fail. It was an option for you, so why wasn’t it an option for me?”

“Maybe… Maybe she just wanted to save you the embarrassment.”

“MATTY, CAN YOU FUCKING HEAR YOURSELF? Stop trying to justify it!” I screamed. “I think the only reason you’re struggling to realise how shitty that is, is because that was just that start. I think me pointing this out to you opens your fucking mind up to how unfairly I’ve been treated.”

I could almost see it happening. I could almost see her regular memories twisting and reshaping as she saw things she hadn’t done before. She saw me waddling about in her dance shoes whilst our mother sniggered. She heard my mother praising her whilst telling me I needed to buck my ideas up. She remembered my mother helping her when she really needed it, and being disappointed in me when I really needed some support.
I got to witness her memories readjusting and adapting to match my own, and it was clear she had no idea how to handle it. Because it wasn’t her fault, but the fact she’d been so blind to it felt like a contribution to me. She’d ignored it, turned and looked the other way, and that hurt too. I felt like my sister should have been my support system, and she never had been.

“Have you… ever spoken with mum? About it?” She eventually gasped, unsure what else to say.

“I… No.” I felt defeated even saying that. “I tried… once, but… I caved. Couldn’t do it.”

“I’m sorry, Florence. I just… I’m not sure I’ve ever really thought about it before.”

“I know you haven’t.”

“Do you… want me to maybe say something?” She tried.

“No.” I shook my head, quick to answer. “It needs to come from me. I… I don’t know when I’ll have the guts to do it, but I will. One day, I will. It needs to come from me. It has to.”

I couldn’t blame her, when she found herself struggling to find the right words again. She was just starting to wrap her head around something that had been happening for years.
She was clearly a little baffled.
But I had been baffled too. It may have been brand new to her, but it was still relatively new to me, too.

“I never really understood why she was so harsh on you when you dropped out of university.” She sighed. “And… there were a million times I wanted to drop out. Even spoke about it with her a few times.”

“Really?” My eyes went wide. “What did she say?”

“Well she wasn’t happy, but… I know she will have supported me. I could tell.”

I expected nothing less, really.
Another spell of silence cast itself upon us, both of us with our heads down, lumps in our throats, and the realisation that even though the conversation had calmed, the crater in our family had never been larger.

“I don’t think you need therapy, Florence.”

Those words, for some reason, made me smile. But it wasn’t because I felt happy, or because I agreed with her. I was smiling because she was wrong. I was smiling because for once, I was aware that I knew more than my perfect sister did.

“I think I do.” I whispered, a raw honesty in my voice.


The muscles in Harry’s arms were flexed and tight as he rocked the cocktail shaker, drowning the silver appliance with his giant hands. He was smirking to himself as I sat on the barstool and watched him work, propping up my chin and ignoring the bustle of our group of friends who were all introducing themselves behind me as Harry prepared the first round of drinks.

“Only you could make that interaction with your sister a funny one.” He chuckled after my tale.

“I’m doing it to save my sanity. It was actually extremely draining.”

“You okay?” He turned to face me.

“I’m fine.” I shrugged. “It’s a good thing, really, in the long run. It just feels shit now.”

“You need this drink.”

“I do. I’m ready for it!”

He had around fifteen cocktail glasses all lined up, and once he’d done preparing the mix, he loosened the lid and began to pour out the liquid, smoothly moving so it poured from one glass to the next, and even though it looked like he was putting in no effort whatsoever, each glass held exactly the same amount.
I watched him fill the glasses, completely entranced.

“Your friends were looking at me all weird.” He commented.


“Your friends.” He nodded towards them, filling the final glass.

“Oh. Yeah, it’s because of the whole… Well… they think you’re my ex-boyfriend. So, they think we’re getting back together.”

“Oh yeah. That makes sense.” He stumped. “Shit, I’ve just realised my friends will think the same thing!”

“See, this is another reason we originally agreed to cut ties!” I squealed. “Because of all the weird complications.”

“Genuinely, did we think any of this through? At any point?” He sniggered.

“No. We just dove straight in. Seriously idiotic.”

“It was.” He agreed, still smiling to himself. “I wonder what it’ll take for me to regret it.”

I smiled to myself, liking that Harry was making it clear that even though we’d stumbled across a million bumps in the road, and our emotions had been torn and tattered and tested, that he still didn’t regret what had happened between us. He was still happy we’d been insane enough to go through with that ridiculous scheme.
I wanted to fire some form of witticism at him, but I couldn’t. My cheeks were burning up for some reason, and I think he saw it, and decided to add fuel to the fire that was already scorching my skin.

“You look amazing tonight, Florence Daisy Valentine.” He smiled, placing his drinks on a giant silver tray.

“Why are you trying to flatter me? What do you want?”

“Nothing!” He snarled a laugh. “Just being nice.”

I lowered my eyes slightly, thinking about what Dr Jackson had told me to do, about making the people in my life feel worthy and loved.
Something that needed pointing out to me, something I needed to be guided into doing, was something that just came completely naturally to Harry, without even a second thought, or a second motive.

“Spreading niceness. That’s your thing, isn’t it?”

“I-I dunno.” He shrugged. “I didn’t realise I had a thing.”

“Your thing is being just… the nicest person.” I put it into practice, that method we’d spoken of. “And I want you to know that I’m very glad we’re friends. Because anyone would be lucky to have you in their lives, and I now realise I was lucky. Stupid and lucky.”

He stopped his movements for a few moments, watching me with his features somewhat dropped. I figured he was a little thrown by my honesty, and everything I had just said to him.
But after two months of shutting him out, it was time to open myself up. Not just to him, but to everyone. But Harry was there, and I felt like maybe he deserved a little bit of extra attention.
Maybe I owed him that.

“Well… I feel the same way about you.” He eventually gasped

We were both just grinning at each other across bar, and it was quickly dawning on us the reality of our situation. Not just that we were being friends, and not just that I was obviously making a conscious effort to better myself, but it was something else.
It was the reality in general. This wasn’t fake. They weren’t words being thrown about in the hope of impressing our parents, or letting people think we were a couple.
We were being real, and maybe this was one the first times where the lines between our real feelings and our fake ones weren’t blurred.


“So tell me,” Zayn leaned in a little closer. “How many people here know about you and Harry?”

“They all know we exist.” I quipped, the alcohol I’d consumed audible in my tone. “Everyone knows about the existence of both of us. Amazing, right?”

“I’m sure you weren’t this sarcastic the first time I met you.” He scowled.

“You probably just blocked it out.”

“Probably.” He let out a low chuckle. “But you know what I mean! How many people know about the whole… fake… thing?”

I was many, many drinks down, as was everyone else. The earlier part of the evening had mostly been spent with us all in fits of laughter, everyone talking and bonding as a group. But as the sun started to rise outside, people had kind of drifted apart, conversations had toned down and the rounds were getting smaller.
The night was slowly ending.
I looked over Zayn’s shoulder, seeing Harry and Sasha sat laughing away over something or other. The two of them had formed a quick bond, and it was nice, the two of us joining our groups of friends together and everything working so well.

“Just you.” I said, turning to face him again.

“Just me?” He placed his hand on his chest. “Shit. I love that. I almost feel like I’m part of a cult or something!”

“That’s… a little dramatic, but I see where you’re coming from.”

I’d figured Zayn was an extremely forward person when we first met him on the train. He hadn’t shied away from talking to us, questioning us, holding my gaze when I’d caught his eye. Sitting with him then and spending my evening with him confirmed it. He was sat close to me, leaning his body my way, talking so lowly it was like there was no one else in the entire world. He had that same charm that the rest of the staff had; it was no wonder they’d taken him on. He was a little extravagant, extremely charming and weirdly confident.

“Can I ask you something else?”

“I feel like even if I say no, you’re going to ask me anyway.” I smirked.

“Are there any… real feelings there between you two?”

“Huh?” I gasped.

“Did you fuck?”

What?” I squealed, hitting his arm. “No, we did not! We’re just friends.”

He held up his hand, his little finger extended as he nudged even closer to me, a sceptical look raising one brow and doubt running through his eyes.

“You gotta pinky-promise me, because I don’t believe you.”

“Are you calling me untrustworthy?”

“No, but I’m just doubting your honesty on the matter.”

“We’re just friends.” I reiterated.

“Then why did you stop talking and then start talking again? I need to know everything. If I’m gunna do this fake dating thing with someone, I need to know the real repercussions.”

“How many times can I advise you against it?”

“How long do I need to hold up my pinky before you promise?” His other brow raised to join the first. “You like him.”

I clasped my hand around his, forcing his little finger down to join the others, giggling and shaking my head at him, tittering to myself as he waited for an explanation, and the scepticism on his face was increasing with every move I made.

“It went beyond the fake thing very quickly.” I said. “But it’s not like that. I think very highly of Harry, but how could I not?”

“He is a great lad.”

“He is.”

“And youuuuu like him.” Zayn sniggered.

I glanced over his shoulder and my eyes caught within Harry’s, and I noticed the way he was observing, shooting an almost jealous glare across the room towards us. I really hadn’t been expecting it, to be honest. He was obviously still a little attached to that ridiculous idea that me and Zayn were going to do the whole fake relationship thing, there was no other explanation for it.
I hiccupped, trying to ignore the fact that my head was spinning, trying to ignore that Harry was still watching the two of us. I was suddenly even more aware of our close proximity.

“You alright?” Zayn quizzed me.

“Bit drunk.” I sighed. “Think I’m gunna head home.”

“There’s a taxi company a few doors down.” He nodded. “They work with us so we can get home safe at the end of our shifts. Go to them and say it’s V after D, and they’ll give you a free lift home.”

“What was your go-to thought when you first heard V after D?” I asked quickly.

“Vagina after Dick.”

Thank you!” I cried. “I knew it wasn’t just me.”

I tried to get up to my feet, falling back down for a split second before I successfully lifted myself the second time, noticing that Harry still had his eyes fixed on me as I moved.

“I’m going home!” I called to everyone, saving me from doing the rounds. “You’re all very wonderful people. Thank you for a lovely evening. You’re all very nice and I like it.”

I just sounded like I was being one of those drunk people who got all lovey-dovey after one too many, but I was just trying to execute my new thing of spreading happiness, and I think I was better at it when I was drunk. It was extremely genuine. Not that it wouldn’t have been when I was sober, but there’s something about drunken love that seems so honest, so sweet.
They all chimed their goodbyes at the same time, loud and rowdy and drunk as hell.
I began to make my journey outdoors, and Harry’s head followed me like an owl until he twisted on the sofa.
I stopped briefly, snapping my body down so I could lean close to his ear.

“Thank you for tonight.” I whispered. “I’ve really loved it. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” He whispered back, turning his head so his lips lingered close with mine. “There’s a taxi company just round-”

“Zayn told me.” I smiled softly. “I’ll use them.”

“Right.” He nodded, turning to face away from me again.

I should have kept my mouth shut, really, but with an array of cocktails swimming gleefully through my stomach, I couldn’t quite bite my tongue.

“Are you jealous?” I whispered, being extra quiet.

“Of who? Zayn?” He snorted. “Fuck no. Definitely not.”

“I’m not going to do the fake thing with him!” I cried, as softly as I could. “You have to believe me.”

“I do believe you.” He turned back once more. “But he still wants to do it with you, and it’s… It’s annoying. It pisses me off.”

“Doesn’t matter what I say, does it?” I huffed. “Goodnight, Curls.”

I shot upright again, waving to everyone before I made my way out the front door, the cold air raising my skin as I began marching down the street, seething through my clenched teeth as an automatic reaction to the mornings bitter breeze.
I couldn’t wait to get home, to wrap myself up tight and wake up with a pounding headache. I was ready for it.


I whipped around as soon as I heard Harry’s voice, watching as he did a little jog to catch up with me, and it was hard to feel any negativity towards the freezing cold wind when it played with his hair in the way it was doing then. It fluttered across his face, wrapped around his skin, eclipsing his features and enhancing his beauty all at the same time.

“I’ll share a taxi with you.” He said once he’d caught up.

“You’re in the complete opposite direction.” I told him, even though I knew he was very well aware.

“I just wanna make sure you get home safe.”

I was about to argue, tell him that I was getting into a taxi with a company he knew and trusted, but I didn’t. I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t about to fight him on it, because really, I wanted him there. Not because I felt unsafe, but simply because I wanted him to be with me.

“Okay.” I smiled.

Once he was at my side, we took off again, our shoulders bashing together as we strolled down the street, and I watched my feet as we went, very wary that I could trip up at any minute.
We were quiet for the entire journey, only letting out a small giggle at one point as Harry pulled at my arm, dragging me to the side so that I didn’t walk into a lamppost. Other than that, we were both quiet up until we walked into the taxi firm, the man behind the glass grinning wildly at Harry as soon as he saw him.

“My boy!” He greeted.

“Hey!” Harry chuckled happily. “I need two drop offs tonight, that okay?”

“Whatever you need, Harry. Whatever you need. He’s pulling round the front for you now.”

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

There was a drunken man asleep in the corner, but obviously Harry was a priority, because within seconds a car appeared outside for us, and Harry was bidding the cheery man farewell.
We scurried outside and hopped in as quickly as we could, and thankfully, once Harry had given my address, we were soon speeding down the road, my head lolling back and my eyes falling shut, my stomach performing little flips and churns every time the road altered its level.
We stayed quiet.
Nothing was said, not even when I felt Harry’s fingers toying with mine. My hand was laying in the centre of the car, and from nowhere he began to modify it, accommodating my fingers so he could slot his own between them, and I instinctively clasped back, holding his hand tightly, totally natural.
What felt weird was the fact it hardly computed, it wasn’t something that felt strange. Holding his hand in that moment made me feel like I should always be holding his hand, like I’d merely be searching for his touch if it wasn’t already there, soft against mine.
When we pulled up outside my building, I didn’t want to let go.

“I’m gunna walk her upstairs.” Harry spoke to our driver. “I’ll be five minutes, do you mind waiting?”

“Not at all, pal.”

“Thank you.”

I squeezed his hand before I let it go, opening the door and tactfully clambering out of the vehicle, only experiencing a slight stumble, and then we were on our way, pushing through the front door and then making our way upstairs.
I wasn’t entirely sure why our journey had been so silent. Usually myself and Harry just bounced off each other, making jokes and laughing and just talking about anything and everything. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was unfamiliar.
When we reached my floor, I knew I needed to break it.

“You didn’t need to do this.” I swallowed.

“Do what?”

“Get me home. I can look after myself.”

“Ren, I’m aware you can look after yourself.” He shook his head. “But it doesn’t mean that the people who… care for you, don’t want to look after you. It’s nice to have support.”

I guess I’d never thought of it that way before. I’d always seen support and aid as co-dependence, rather than people actually wanting to be there for me.
The headache I’d been anticipating for the morning introduced itself early.
When we reached my door, I pressed my back against the wall just beside it, once again routing through my bag in the hope of finding my keys, praying I hadn’t lost them.
Harry watched me in silence for a few seconds, and then I noticed he was edging his way closer to me.
With my hand still buried in my bag I shot my head up, my eyes aligning with his momentarily. My throat was constricted, my eyes flitting down to his full lips. I felt sick.

“Ren, I need to tell you something.”

I took my eyes back to his, and they remained there, our gazes locked together, and our aura was intense, nauseating.

“Okay.” I hushed.

He looked nervous, like he was questioning whether he should really tell me what he was just about to, his mind racing and his heart pulsing wildly, but his eyes always with mine.

“I fucked some random girl.” He finally gasped. “I fucked some random girl and she meant nothing to me.”

My head fell back and hit the wall with a thud, and my heart ached.
That wasn’t what he wanted. He had never wanted it to be that way. He had waited 23 years to find someone special. He had been hoping for someone special to be in his life, and he’d lose his virginity to that person.
But it hadn’t worked that way, and that pained me.
Still staring at him, trying to be blind to the sadness that crafted the look on his face, I stuttered the only sentence I could articulate.

“I’m sorry it ended up being that way, Harry.”

“I… I know.” He finally dropped his head. “I just… I’m gunna go.”

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” He brushed. “I am. I’m good.”

“And I’ll see you soon, right?”

“Of course you will.” He looked back to me. “Really soon. Promise.”

With a weak smile, he once again pushed his head forward, planting a delicate kiss to my forehead, and then he began his journey home, this time not turning to see me.
I was left feeling completely lost, and praying that Harry didn’t regret his first time in the same way I did, because it was a feeling I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

mystic-mess-headcanons  asked:

whoa whoa whoa - 500 followers please clap for this amazing person? can I request an MC inviting the RFA members + V to go play laser tag?

thank you so much, love!💛 I love your stuff too! so @ everyone else reading this: check out this wonderful person’s blog too!! request things~

hope you like this, love( ´ ▽ ` )ノ i did it..a little differently than some of the others? idk, lets try this out!

It had been quite a long time since the rfa got the chance to meet up with each other since the last party. And even longer since they met up without the party being involved. So, MC thought it was a great idea to invite them all where they could all just relax and let loose with each other. And what better way to do that other than laser tag? They called the rfa and told them their idea…


  • he’s lowkey so competitive at laser tag
  • so he’s very excited!
  • bonus: he gets to shoot jumin han, it’s his lucky day
  • but he also stares at his clothes and skin when the lights turn off and they turn that glow in the dark color, you know?
  • its hard from his to hide because his hair is literally glowing
  • so is his coat can someone pl ea se give me zen with an outfit change?? he wears an Updated version to the coat at the party and ok sorry not on topic;
  • he makes up for standing out that much by having Skills
  • he’s trained for this. his aim is almost always on point
  • Zen runs pretty fast so he’s also good at dodging the others
  • offers to protect mc, be their knight
  • feels betrayed when mc shoots him in the back once
  • literally almost cries
  • he shoots jumin so many times and is Living
  • ends up in third place, though [ i had to think this through but listen mc gets fourth ] 
  • he would’ve got higher if he would actually shoot at mc but nooo


  • even more excited than zen
  • he’s not too competitive because its the rfa
  • but he sure does take his chance to show his skills and shoot lasers at them
  • probably tried to get Seven to team up with him
  • as well as mc! he’s ready to show them everything he’s got!
  • Seven didn’t join, though
  • listen, his username is not Shooting Star for nothing
  • is a very good hider and sneaks up on people at the most random times
  • he is a bit slower, though. which is why he uses those hiding spaces so much
  • only shoots at mc when mc shoots at him first
  • i said “not too competitive” but he also shows no mercy
  • especially towards V 
  • he got really into it in the middle of it
  • ends up in second place


  • at first, jaehee only said yes for two reasons. 
  • one: it was a break from work. two: she couldn’t turn down mc
  • however, it dawned on her that she could shoot mr. han and not get in trouble for it
  • …..(¬‿¬)
  • so now jaehee breaks out her skills
  • and she’s actually really competitive 
  • but with the rfa, she can’t find it in herself to shoot at zen or mc
  • so she doesn’t place very high
  • she does shoot jumin a lot, though
  • also shoots at saeyoung a lot, just because she can
  • yeah, jaehee! show him that you have a great aim!
  • which she does omg
  • she’s not that fast, but she’s smart and knows how to evade people 
  • gets people from behind a lot 
  • places fifth 


  • honestly rip jumin 
  • dead last
  • and he’s not very excited in the first place
  • but he goes for mc
  • and because he thought it would be a good bonding experience
  • didn’t know how to work the gun poor juju
  • when he finally figured it out, he had lousy aim 
  • for a few minutes. and then he actually had really good aim
  • but he ended up last because everyone was shooting at him
  • even mc wanted to avoid him so they wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire
  • he put up a good fight, though
  • found that he was really competitive at laser tag
  • and he wants to go back
  • next time, he’s going to destroy everyone

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • oh, he was so excited
  • laser tag with the rfa?? he’s probably dreamed about it before
  • it was having a good time with his family
  • first place, of course
  • he’s fast, knows all the hiding spots, and has a good aim
  • shoots at yoosung a lot, the poor guy 
  • when he finds mc, he puts the gun down and holds up his hands, seemingly going for a truce
  • mc decides to trust him
  • he shoots them a couple of times
  • never even let mc get back at him
  • he is a really good protector, though, so that made up for it
  • is probably extra enough to climb onto one of the rails and hang upside down from it to shoot someone

v / jihyun

  • jihyun was excited at the idea 
  • even if he knew he would suck at laser tag
  • he actually does a better job than jumin
  • sixth place  
  • yoosung kept shooting at him, but that’s ok with him
  • took the opportunity to shoot saeyoung a few times
  • and jumin 
  • jumin was betrayed 
  • didn’t want to shoot mc, but they made him
  • they shot each other at the same time to make him feel better
  • halfway through, he gets pretty competitive!
  • actually fires back at yoosung??!?
  • he pops out of nowhere and shoots the others 
  • and then disappears again!
  • he’s not even that fast, he’s just sneaky
  • “can we do that again, mc?”

anonymous asked:

Damn your seriously Fucking UGLY! I'LL Happily PAY FOR YOUR FACE LIFT, I am not JOKING Girl..

Hey, I really appreciate your input. I do apologize that my face isn’t what you’re into, but you should know this:
When I was in fourth grade, I was called a fatty for the first time. And the thing is, they were wrong. I was preparing to grow eight inches but kids don’t understand this. Neither did I, and their words killed me. From there, the names got worse: fatty, whale, you know the ones I’m talking about. So there I am, an eight year old who doesn’t like looking in the mirror or wearing shorts anymore. I wasn’t called ugly until sixth grade, but by then, I already understood that being fat and being ugly go hand in hand. I had exactly one friend, but she was fat and beautiful. I thought that maybe I was the problem here. Maybe I was the odd one out. I decided I was.

Flashforward to twelve years old. I met this guy. He was talented, super hot, smart, and well, absolutely hot. It took all of a month before he told his friends I was creepy. It took all of a month on top of that for the bullying to start. With only a month and a half of school left before summer, I just dealt with it. I was still too young to know what depression was, too young to understand what was happening to me wasn’t okay. The summer I binge ate everyday. I was home alone a good portion of the time so I would literally sit in front of the TV and eat. I have no idea how much weight I put on.

The bullying got worse in eighth grade. By December, I was suicidal. A week before Christmas, I tried overdosing on pills. It didn’t work. Two days later, I tried again. Nothing. I posted on Facebook about wanting to transfer schools or just wanting to end. The next day, the guy who started everything comes over to me and he tells me I’m worth it. And so I decided to start working out again and lose some of the weight I’d gained over the summer. The transformation was slow and steady, but I finally started feeling better about myself. I got braces and took a huge hit on my self esteem, yet again. But I just worked out more and got over it.

In case you haven’t caught on, all it takes is words to set someone off. Thankfully someone came and destroyed me before you came around so I’m unaffected. I’m sorry for whoever has hurt you, whatever has happened to make you feel the need to try to destroy people. Now, I don’t know you at all. You didn’t come off anon so I can’t have a personal conversation with you, but I feel like you could use some help. Therapy is absolutely amazing and can help you through any and all issues you have. I sincerely hope you can learn to love yourself so you too can see the beauty in all people.

One final thing. I am fucking beautiful, inside and out. I don’t need a facelift, I don’t need liposuction, in fact, I don’t need any surgery at all, because I don’t have to be tiny to be flipping amazing. There isn’t a specific weight or size that decides if a person is beautiful or not. I was beautiful at 173 lbs and I’m still beautiful at whatever I weigh now. I’ve replaced fat with muscle and I’m happy about the muscle weight I gain every single day.

So pro tip for anyone else who thinks about sending hate to me; don’t waste your time. I absolutely fucking love myself. Forever and always. I choose me.

Haechan Drabble

Anonymous asked:  Wait sorry can I have a Donghyuk Drabble with 31 & 48 not 47, sorry

31- Why won’t you kiss me?

48- I came to attack, not be attacked 

Genre: Roast wars / fluff / a lot of speech

‘I only know one thing that’s beautiful in this room, and that would be me.’

Your boyfriend, Haechan, said as he entered the room you and a few other members were in. The others sighed and got up, one by one leaving the room as if they knew what was going to happen between you two. Whenever one of you made a comment like that it always turned into a roast war, which could get pretty heated at times.

‘You do realise you just called yourself a thing right?’

You pointed out, raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms against your chest.

‘Now now missy don’t give me any of that sass, I came here to attack, not be attacked.’

He said, clicking his fingers and placing one hand of his hips. 

‘Look here mister, I don’t need your extra self right now. You realise you scared off your members right?’

You replied, rising to your feet. 

‘You mean you scared the members off? They must of got a sniff of your bad breath, need me to get you toothpaste because you need it honey.’

You glared lasers into him and for a split second he looked scared of you but soon regained his composure. He wasn’t one to back out of a roasting session, nor were you, which is probably why you guys got so into it.

‘Excuse me? If my breath is so bad why do you constantly insist to kiss me or cuddle me all the time? Can’t be that bad then can it or are you just attracted to the smell of crap because it’s all that comes out of your mouth.’

He pretended to be hurt and then burst out in applause.

‘Wow Y/N that was probably one of your best comebacks yet, I’m proud of you.’

He walked over to you and pulled you into his embrace, you gladly accepted it until he pulled back slightly to lean in for a kiss. You lifted a hand and pushed his face away from yours. He pouted at you and tried to lean in for the second time, but you just kept rejecting it with your hand. He started to get a little frustrated with you and frowned at you.

‘Why won’t you kiss me?’

He said cutely, trying to use his aegyo as his last attempt. You softened slightly at how cute he was but wasn’t willing to give in.

‘I thought I had bad breath, you wouldn’t wanna kiss someone with bad breath would you?’

You said, pretending to be annoyed to get an even bigger effect out of him. His eyes opened wide as he thought he had hurt your feelings and threw his arms around you, holding you close and mumbling an apology into your neck. You smiled as you lightly pulled his head away from your neck and moved it so he was facing you. His eyes were full of guilt and sadness, making you sigh at how gullible he was.

‘Haechan, you’re an idiot.’

You said, leaning in to place a tender kiss on his lips. He smiled mid kiss, making you giggle slightly. When you both pulled away you were both beaming, looking lovingly into eachothers eyes.

‘I’m your idiot Y/N~’

Okayyy I just want to say that I  L O V E Haechan so much and anyone who hurts him  will catch my fists. He’s actually in a position where he might over take Mark as being my ultimate bias spot in NCT…

Anyways guys, even though requests are closed you can still request edits, fake texts and NCT drabbles~

Love you all so so much and stay safe~

~Admin Stroni~

so i was reading the epikegster arc again because i fucking love pain and something struck me. as anyone who knows me will be aware, i’m a total nerd for speech patterns and something about parse’s struck me as weird. this frame, specifically:

i’m from wisconsin, and let me tell you, we are all about that “didja” “dontcha” “wouldja” kind of stuff. that is who we are. that is what we do. seeing this was like a calling card. a little hello. i immediately smelt the stench of dairy product and cranberries all over this dude.

so i continued reading on and suddenly the passive aggression is like, yeah, that’s basically how the midwest is. we’re very “smile in your face, stab you in the back” kind of people. we’re really only nice on the surface. and the plaid is like, maybe not a hipster thing in this context. maybe it’s a “i grew up in 20 below winters and this is warm” kind of thing

plus, wisconsin and most of the upper midwest are super big into hockey, because ice is kind of our thing. we have a lot of fucking ice. 

this is the kind of nonsense headcanons i come up with in the wee hours of the morning. fear me. regardless of whether this is even close to plausible, i think it’s really fucking funny.

tldr: i think parse is from the midwest because he says “didja” and is passive aggressive. 

okay but gul’dan’s voice lines from HoTS are pure gold:

  • drink, murky! embrace your destiny!
  • i am darkness incarnate! soon you shall all– *phone rings* always the worst timing. i’m so sorry. 
  • i have more power in my skull than you do in your entire body. just ask illidan.
  • don’t let others fool you. it is much easier being green. in fact, why don’t we talk about it over a drink?
  • i once was the head of a secretive council that controlled the orcish horde from the shadows. i called it… the shadow council… shut up! naming things is hard!
  • back then, “daemon” had an “a” in it, like i intended! it looks more mystical that way.
  • you’re saying there’s an alternate timeline version of me loose upon the cosmos?! you are so very doomed! they don’t even know what to do with just one of me!
Do me a favor

Please, today call your grandma…. or better yet visit her if you can. Tell her, “I love you” and some of the things you value her for. Today may be the last day I spend time with my grandma on this earth. I will see her again in eternity, but it is better to live knowing you said what you wanted to say.

anonymous asked:

i know this is kind of shallow but how did you gain followers so fast? i used to have a ton just being myself at my old blog, and now at my new blog doing the same things i have been stuck at a very low follower count for like a year.

Dear if i had the answer for this, i would tell you.

I don’t even know when it happened, this 4 years have been running pretty fast for me, I’ve changed a lot, I’ve lost and won, and people just… stuck with me?

Even at this point I am not sure what made so many people stay here with me, I LOVE THEM ALL a lot and even though I am flattered I always ask people to please avoid calling me popular or thinking higher on me because after all I am a human like all of you.

Mostly that a number or an audience I like to think of y followers as potential new friends or people I, in one way or another, need to take care of. I find happiness in helping people, being positive, giving advices, talking sweet and being as good as I can, not for me, but for everyone who deserves sweetness, and everyone who is having a sour time right now.

I think it may be that? I don’t do any of that for a fake fame or a need for people to stay (as I’ve said if you don’t like my content or me anymore you are free to leave), I do it because it’s what feels right to me, I love helping people being better, it makes me feel… big, I don’t care a lot about me (I think i suck ass tbh… in the bad way), but I feel some sort of attachment for the people who comes here, they are expecting something and I want to give everyone the best of me, without lying to them in the process, just my honest self.

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that marilyn monroe quote applies better to louis imo, and the distorted victim persona his stans have created

I think that quote can actually apply very easily to almost any celebrity, but I know what you mean. I think the reason @old1ddude added that comment about Harry is, perhaps, because there seems to be a lot of hate directed toward him based on people’s perceived idea of who he is/was. The quote was specifically about how people became angry at Marilyn when they realized she wasn’t what they had imagined her to be.

Louis’ situation seems a bit different to me. I haven’t seen him getting hate in that way. Louis’ “Victim persona” as you call it, is a complex thing. I can see how the perception of him “needing our help” to succeed seems to have been magnified and used by his team/label to get the fandom to do their work for them and to drive sales/chart rankings. IMO Louis was systematically abused and manipulated in a number of ways. I, personally, don’t look at him as a victim, though. I see him as someone remarkably capable, resilient, and strong who’s endured some pretty awful things over the past few years. This makes a lot of people feel empathy towards him and makes people want to see him get what a person of his character and talent deserves. I see the desire to jump in to drive his album sales and chart a single and raise money in his name as a way to remind him how much we believe in him and support his work. Not because he’s a victim incapable of doing it himself, but because we love him fiercely.  

Obviously none of us really KNOW any of them (including the people who make up their teams) so we create an idea of who they are in our minds based on things they’ve shown us or said in interviews. It’s easy to forget that we each process that same information through the lens of our own personal experiences –– which is part of the reason why there are so many varying reactions to events or articles (or quotes). 

🌵🌵Sci-fi western character?  🌵🌵
Yep, some time you wanna draw cowboys and dem aliens.  So basically the idea is what would have happened in it wasn’t just humans moving out to the west, but instead different species of aliens create settlements along side the humans and that has just become the new norm. Which basically mean aliens + western #aesthetic + space tech + robots 

This gals name is Quorra  Quin, she is a bounty hunter, since the “new frontier” has also become a very suitable hide out for many of the galaxies’ criminals.  

Humans are weird!

Okay… so imagine when aliens come to earth for social and historical research and finding this thing called “science fiction”. Imagine their reactions to what humans thought aliens might be and look like. From the sweet and funny to the fearsome and hyper intelligent … and then imagine them finding ANIME… and tentacle hentai

○ Humanologist G'wqa, what do you mean we should cancel ambassador kvYy-chs’ Earth visitation?! ● Commander Fhiltr may I request you please open the video file I just sent to your Private communicator? ○ Why the priva… ● PLEASE commander! ○ sighs *beeps and clicking sounds followed by unsettling human… noises* BY THE GASCLOUDS OF GRALLP WHAT IS THIS!?! ● Now commander PLEASE cancel the visitation! I don’t think the humans will react well to the ambassador’s appearance…

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Your sex life was in what you might call a dry patch. Harry had been more or less absent for the past 2 months. When he was home you were both tired. You’d both been invited to a launch party and it was really frankly the last thing you wanted to do. You would have preferred staying in and drinking rosé in your pjs but Jeff had insisted.

As you got dressed Harry frisked you the entire time. Touching any bit of exposed skin. You’d turn around and playfully pinch at him. In the hired car on the ride over he mouthed at your neck, careful not to leave any marks. Your hand casually rest across his groin and thighs giving him strategic teasing but no relief. This behavior continued through the night.

You ended up in an office to the back of the reception venue. Harry convinced you a quickie would be fine, no one would notice. He hiked up your skirt and skimmed his long fingers over your thighs. You undid the button and zipper on his trousers and freed him from his boxers. Harry pushed you onto the desk and leaned over you, forcing you to lay back. He kissed along your jaw and the column of your throat before teasing you with his fingers. He thrusted in leaning in to capture your lips. Your hands roamed under his opened button up, up his chest and raked over his biceps as he pulled almost completely out only to thrust back in, grazing your g spot on the way. He continued mouthing over your neck, ever conscious of leaving visible marks. You however were less concerned. If the boy couldn’t button a damn shirt was that really your fault?

“Babe, so close,” he huffed as his pace quickened. The lack of any sexual attention for the previous 2 months left you wound quite tightly. You were right at the precipice and ready to topple over any second. The next thrust pushed you over as you raked your nails down his chest and he finished with lip tugged between his teeth and his brow furrowed.

After cleaning up the freshly fucked look you both currently sported, you went to open the door. Only it was locked. You banged your forehead against the frame and groaned at Harry.

“It’s locked, babe.”

“Umm… I guess I’ll call Jeff, he’ll know what to do” he suggested. After he hung up with Jeff he said, “Looks like we’re gonna be stuck here for a while. Jeff called the super who’s out in Yorba Linda.”

“Everyone’s gonna know we were fucking Harry. I’m not ready for that kind of shame.”

“Well, at least we have plenty of time to clean up and make up an excuse,” he proposed.

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I hope everything is slowly getting set by your new place ^^ Since I'm missing your rants and writting lol, I'll give you a missionk, well, more like request hahah. Please write your first impressions vs. actual reality (or more how you think about them now) of the B1A4 members. Or do I call it more like expectation vs reality thing? XD (Take your time ofc^^ I do know how much work and messy it is with moving )

My first impressions of them are kinda the same for all of them, because they were freshly debuted rookies back then sharing a lot of the same awkward traits 😄 Also it’s kinda difficult to remember exactly what my first impressions of them were, but I will surely try my best~!

First Impressions:

  1. Jinyoung: Dependable, generally the least awkward out of all of them (more so that he was the best at finding appropriate things to say to fill silences) though more awkward in the sense that he had the oddest talents (yes he was doing the race care and vacuum sound effects even back in 2011) and facial expressions. Thin, focused, and caring.
  2. CNU: SHY, quiet, more stern, thoughtful, had awful hair lol, serious, not too comfortable with any attention on him, clingy. 
  3. Sandeul: Talkative, such a CUTIE OH MY GOODNESS rookie Sandeul will always be the cutest thing 😍 😍, sweet, had a great voice, not the deepest person (what you see is what you get kinda person), outgoing, friendly, able to get a long with anyone
  4. Baro: Talkative as well, was the most comfortable along with Jinyoung in interviews, the ‘mood-maker’ (some make argue Sandeul for this, but to me it was definitely Baro back then) sometimes would get a little too carried away with what he said (he’d pick on Sandeul and Channie sometimes), actually thought he was ‘cool’.
  5. Gongchan: An enigma lol my first impressions of Gongchan were probably the most muddled out of the group… like he would act super cute and adorable but you can tell he was uncomfortable with it and would rather just sit quietly and take everything in? And he was usually emotionless when he would just sit but then you also had these moments during their rookie days where’d he cry just talking about his family and when his family came to surprise him when he graduated he cried and when they surprised him at their fanmeet he cried… and yeah he was just a bunch of things rolled into one little cute puppy~

What I Think Now: (this is hard because they’ve CHANGED SO MUCHH ;;;)

  1. Jinyoung: Way more of a grandpa than I ever would have guessed, along with way more clumsy and carless (about belongings, not about serious things, where he’s quite the opposite), but also WAY more talented and amazing than I ever would have thought too. The same great, dependable leader as well~
  2. CNU: still quiet and thoughtful, less shy (especially when he’s with his members. Before he’d even be shy when they were there but cameras were around). A lot more complex, with his own firmly guided beliefs and values, and also more assertive in what he wants to do. A lot more of a do-gooder than I would have initially guess.
  3. Sandeul: Probably changed the least out of all the members lol, still the same outgoing, friendly duck, with an even BETTER AND IMPROVED VOICE OH MY, though throughout the years we’ve got to see the more deeper and emotional sides to him as he went through family troubles or opened up about his deceased aunt. 
  4. Baro: Toned down his antics quite a bit, though still the best one at delivering the funny quips and setting the mood for the situation. He really did become more…. reserved? Mature? thought the years compared to the rest of the members, who have opened up more (at least in CNU and Gongchan’s case– Sandeul and Jinyoung have always kinda stayed the same). Baro’s had the most emotional and personal growth, to me, and is now the one that I find hard to pin down.
  5. Gongchan: More comfortable being his weird self, more comfortable singing and being on stage, the epitome of sassiness now lol, also he’s a lot more intelligent and clever than I initially thought he was. He’s become a lot…tougher? Emotionally as well? Hm, no that’s not quite what I mean… maybe that he no longer has that immaturity of the common things that young kids miss: their homes, families, old friends etc. Now he’s grown and HE has become the dependable one.

aye putting myself back in that mindset of how young they were when I first got into them is making me emotional lol help

Oh man… I used to think the movie Bulleproof Monk was awesome when it came out lol.

I’m rewatching on Netflix and of course it’s become a CS AU in my head.

Killian the pickpocket where he helps mysterious Nemo save a little girl’s life at the station…

Then Neal’s crew try recruit him (cos Neal would totally call himself Mr Funktastic lol) then tries to beat on him with his crew…

But Emma and Killian do that flirty thing- I mean come on 

“what are you looking at?”

“You’re just so beautiful. Especially when you’re angry”

And she helps him win the fight with Neal… and of course he steal her necklace….

anonymous asked:

UT/UF bros are somewhere else (at work, at home or far away), and their SO sends to them a malicious and suggestive message, asking to the boys if they want to do some sex-text or an erotic call to pass the time or because they both need it. What do the skellis say? Do they enjoy it or find this thing obscene?

Mmmmm im not a fan of it myself. i dont trust most of my personal pics on any device really. but for you i can write it hun))

you guys go ahead and do the thing, him almost getting caught, cause hes still at work, but it only makes it better for him lol
(did i forget to add ‘risky’ to his kink list? i think i did…oh well. Ill fix it later.))

Nope nope nope nope nope. none of that while hes not at home please. its very unsettling and he doesn’t want to be stuck hot and bothered while hes out. He Doesn’t even look at his phone the rest of the day. Though he might do something with you later if that’s what you want. but apologize pls, he really was uncomfortable.

As soon as he saw the first text, he teleported back home and pinned you to the bed/couch. you should have known better than to tease him dollface, now youre gonna get it~

uhhhhhhh hes not sure how to respond to this. he cant text back, being in the royal guard and all, but he will be caught smiling at his phone from time to time…~
yep you gonna get it when he gets home.

Some Personal Details About Me

I decided to do a basic bio because I realized that there was next to nothing on this blog. When I get to a computer I’ll add a link to this post in my description.

Name: Mads, Max & Mad are just a few of the things people call me on a regular basis. Yes people actually call me Mad. I have no preference to any of them but if you’re interested I can tell you the story behind some of them.

Age: 20! Born on the 23rd of April 1997 if anyone’s curious.

Where I Live/What I Do: I am currently at uni in Canberra, Australia about halfway through a bachelor of science. I’ve done a bit of math/physics/psychology and a metric fuckton of communication theory and prac. During my holidays I go to a remote island off the coast of Arnhem Land (in the Arafura Sea) and work full time at the school as a communications officer.

Pronouns/Sexuality: You may refer to me as him/they/her interchangeably. I honestly have no preference. Sexually I sort of identify as fluid as I go through phases of being attracted solely to boys, mostly to boys, completely bisexual, mostly attracted to girls, solely attracted to girls. I am just now coming out of about 3 years of being mostly/solely attracted to girls and I’m thinking it’s gonna settle on completely bisexual for a while.

My Likes: I like to read quite a lot. I like fantasy/sci fi but I will fight you if you get the two mixed up. I like TV shows and movies and I’ve just recently realized that no, cartoons are not just for kids (and have subsequently made all my adult friends look at me funny when I mention my love for cartoons). I also like really, really, really dark stuff, psychological theillers/horrors are my bread and butter, I love a good dark story with a villain protagonist and twisted romance. For some reason I have a particular fondness for works depicting cannibalism (rest assured I have never felt the urge to eat a person, the topic just fascinates me). This is probably the only time I’ll ever mention any of this stuff on this blog as I would prefer to keep this blog safe for minors. My love for darkness aside I love happy endings for good people and hate unhappy endings. I love heel face turns and stories about dragons, I love comics and fluffy romance. On the non-fiction side of things, I love documentaries (not American ones, they’re way too dramatic) about nature and history, I love to go fishing on the riverbank and at sea on a boat, I like bike riding and swimming.

What I Don’t Like: I don’t like bullies and I really don’t like people who judge others because of their race (I can and will go on rants about how my people have been fucked over and oppressed by the English for hundreds of years and how our entire culture was ripped from us but you don’t see me blaming random English people for their ancestors’ actions toward my ancestors). On a completely unrelated topic I HATE love triangles with the burning passion of 1000 fiery suns and I WILL stop reading/watching something if a particularly annoying on pops up. That being said my policy toward the less annoying ones is “threesomes solve everything”. I also really hate it when people make up random shit about real historical figures for a TV show or movie or book.

Random Shit: I tried to feed myself to a crocodile when I was two. I look after my 16 year old brother because our parents live out bush and he needs to finish school in town. My friend circle is made up of 99 per cent autistic people and we only realized this six months in a swear it wasn’t deliberate. I’ve never been out of Australia and don’t own a passport, mostly because I hate being a tourist and if I’m going to go somewhere I want to like there for a while. I don’t believe in censorship of any kind. I can understand bits of creole, murrinh patha and yulngu matha (Aboriginal languages). My dreaming is Eastern long neck turtle and whenever I used to go out fishing by freshwater rivers I would always catch at least one, even when no one else got anything. I have eaten crocodile, kangaroo, goanna, snake and horse. And that’s all I can think of right now. If you have any questions you’d like me to answer and add to this let me know.

anonymous asked:

The thing about Jmo "playing a gay Sherrif": Emma IS gay, everybody knows that except Emma and JMo 🤣 (It's actually quite funny, I can just see her scurrying away with gay panic)

What JMo should have done is say thanks and moved on.  

What she did was react in a way that confirmed the opinion of everyone who thinks she has gay panic.  It opened the door for homophobic fans of hers to talk about how much they love the gays but calling someone gay is a traumatic insult.  It made her, in the eyes of her homophobic fans, a victim of the terrible gays.

All of that said … it was still a shitty performative thing to do.  It was an ambush with an awkward question filmed so that either you could get JMo to do exactly what she did or have her reaffirm the asker’s opinion thus proving that the only reason she has behaved like she has for the last few years is because she had secret PR orders from the show which she is no longer under the thumb.

Which … I want you to think about that.  This was an ambush video in order to use a real person to affirm or deny others.  No matter what answer I wish she’d given or think would have been a better one (see the first sentence) it was still an asshole move.  It’s a really affirming and positive thing when actors acknowledge their fans and what they see in the story.  But we’ve known for ages that JMo was not going to do that.  Laying a trap in hopes that she would do so spontaneously isn’t going to get her to do something she has had the opportunity to do for ages.

She doesn’t understand.  She doesn’t want to understand.  She’s just not that into us.  She doesn’t want us.  Don’t be the person chasing after someone who has actively through every measure shown she’s not interested in you, your money, or your adoration.  And don’t set yourself (and her) up for failure through manipulative ambush bullshit.