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you know what, i dont ship merthur i will ship the…



the hair flip and like ‘so what do they call you then’ (even tho arthur clearly said merlin’s name a few seconds ago) what a flirt

shirtless posturing

‘you know what i like about merlin? He never expects any praise. All these things he does just for the good of doing them.“

merlin is so desperate to stop gwaine from leaving

gwaine is so worried for merlin he runs to his rescue

merlin’s face when he realises its gwaine who is helping arthur in the melee

‘im doing this for a friend. not arthur’ *looks long and hard into merlin’s eyes*

is the only one to go and help merlin rescue gaius

is like the person next to gaius who hugs merlin the most

their faces just light up when they see each other

always make each other smile

merlin needs help? searches every tavern in engerd for gwaine (who he’s only met once at this point)

both are very talented idiots who can bitch about arthur to each other (even tho they both love him really)

So my pal @syrianne-art was v upset over the huge lack of shallurklance, and since they’re a rad dude I wrote this up for them ^^

           “Keith!” Lance called, sticking his head into the hallway. “Do you have my squirrel nut shirt?”

           “What? No, why would I have it?” The mullet head’s voice responded from the bathroom.

           “Are you serious? You’re like our local shirt gremlin!”

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do you ship anyone in voltron?

Anon: How do you feel about klance?

I don’t ship anything that much right now because I feel like I dont’ know the characters a lot but uh Klance is cute! I can mostly imagine them teasing each other and making bad jokes and stuff tho eheh

Shallura also seems nice

and Keith would have a little crush on Shiro maybe idk

(also Lance x that one tree)

shipping aside, Lance and Hunk just being good friends in general also Shiro being an older brother to Pidge 👌

do you have an opinion on shiro x coran (I’m curious cause it’s not a very popular ship) and if you do, what do you think of it?

I forgot Coran was his name bc I usually call him just “mustache” lmao I hadn’t really though about it tho so I guess (shrug emoji)

I’m sorry if this ends up being so long and I’m on moblie so it can’t be under the read more but here are all of my sing headcanons. All of them. Enjoy!

1. It was Buster’s dad’s life long dream to own that theater. He took Buster to see his first she when he was very young so he could fall in love with it the same way he did and obviously it worked.
2. Buster is probably 36 at the oldest.
3. He never quite figured what his sexuality was but he didn’t care (tbh he’s probably bi/pan. He’s hooked up with a few differnt kinds of animals in the past)
4. He isn’t really a relationship type of koala. I think deep down he would love to be in one, but he’s pretty ok with being by himself. Besides, his true love is the theater. And probably his bike.
5. Eddie went to some big fancy college becuase his parents could afford it.
6. Tbh he spent most of the time partying and a lot of the time, he would bring buster along to said parties.
7. Eddie had a mad crush on Buster for a while but over time it fadded because Buster is a pain in the ass and probably could never be in a relationship.
8. He still wishes it could’ve happened.
9. Eddie is gay. It was kinda obvious and his parents and Nann are pretty accepting. (They're  just super glad that he never ended up with Buster. Their son could do better)
10. Ash met Lance when she was 17. He’s a few years older than her and her parents did not approve at all. 11. The second she turned 18, she packed her stuff and moved in with lance.
12. Lance has gotta be around 21ish and Becky is like 17 tbh.
13. Meena’s parents were still in highschool when they had her. Her father’s parents didn’t support the situation, but her mother’s parents took them in until they got on their feet.
12. Meena’s dad worked hard to join the police force. He died on duty when meena was a kid (I’d say about 9 or so) so she and her mom moved back in with the grandparents and have lived there ever since.
14. Meena is gay. She figured that out pretty quickly in life but she never made a big deal out of it or even bothered telling anyone because whats the point. She couldn’t get a date if she tried, she has too much anxiety. Have you ever tried talking to a cute girl? It’s terrifying.
15. Johnny’s mom tought him piano.
16. She died when he was just a small boy. Some sort of gang related thing. I think Johnny was to young to know all the details.
16. Johnny, Meena and Ash all get super close and share music and all be great pals together. None of them really had friends before so its exciting for all of them.
17. Johnny and Ash got especially close at some point and thought they were crushing on eachother so they went on a really akward date once. They decided to just be friends and they are both super ok with that.
18. Rosita is obviously the #mom friend, but Johnny and Ms. Crawley have a really cute grandmother/grandson type bond. After piano lessons he’ll hang out for a while and talk to her, and keep her company since, besides Buster, she doesn’t have any family and he really likes being around her.
19. Johnny helps Ms. Crawley out a lot around the office when he can. If she’s too old to do something, he is right there to do it for her. She really likes having him around.
20. Mike is trans and he does not want anyone to know (tho everyone would be supportive if they knew)
21. Crystal/Diana is the only one that does know (I personally call his girlfriend crystal, but diana is the most popular headcanon from what I’ve seen. Tbh I like both names lmao)
22. Mike is bi as well. He’s closeted and kinda in denial about it. He totally had a crush on buster, btw.
23. Not a headcanon, but if you have an oc and ship them with johnny, I probably ship it, too. I really like johnny/oc its cute as heck.

Unfortunately I don’t have anything for Rosita or Gunter and I’m so sorry I’ll try to think of some if I can!! I hope you liked these???

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deku x kacchan

My friend, you. have stepped into a LANDMINE. This ship to me is nothing but pure angst. My version of their dynamics is basically I want them to suffer, but at least they will suffer together.  

Well, of course there’s fluff here and there. But yeah, mostly angst. Here we go.

The prerequisite of this ship is that Bakugou can pull out that stick in his ass, and genuinely tries to be civil with Midoriya. They start hanging out and realize they actually do click. Bakugou starts calling Midoriya “Izuku” again.

So Bakugou confesses (can you tell I love it when Bakugou falls first) and Midoriya is surprised, a lot. Of course he is opposed to the idea. He really doesn’t see Bakugou that way and he doesn’t think he will change his mind anytime soon. He wants them to stay friends and even though he is frustrated, Bakugou accepts it. He was prepared for a rejection from the start. 

So yeah they continue to be friends. Bakugou tries to reduce his shouting when he converse with Midoriya (his language doesn’t improve). Midoriya still finches when he raises his voice or when he gets too close, though, and Bakugou is aware of that. It gets better with time.

They get partnered quite a lot in trainings, and to the teachers’ surprise they slowly learn how to work together. They still headbutt a lot, though. 

After they graduated they live together, because: 1) With a sidekick’s salary they couldn’t afford to live comfortably alone in central Tokyo. 2) They are not partners, but their offices are located in the same district. 3) Midoriya can’t cook to save his life so his mother doesn’t let him leave the house unless he finds a roommate with decent cooking skills. 

Their apartment is a 2LDK, which consists of 2 bedrooms, a living, dining and kitchen area. It’s usually a mess until the weekend (when they have time to clean). Bakugou cooks and Midoriya helps out with other chores. They eat pretty simple. Bakugou trains Midoriya to eat spicy food by adding flavors into the curry little by little. Kirishima, Kaminari and Iida come over pretty often since they live nearby. 

They don’t date. Their friends often ask them jokingly why don’t they just date each other already if they are both single. Bakugou tells them to shut up, and Midoriya just laughs it off saying they are not like that, even though he questions it himself. For a few months he has started seeing Bakugou differently. They are at the point where they are comfortable being near each other, but lately whenever Bakugou leans in or touches him, he’d feel all hot and bothered. 

Bakugou notices Midoriya acting weird and confronts him. They then proceed to have a yelling contest and finally Midoriya just confesses that he might be falling for Bakugou. They fight for a few more hours because “What do you mean you might be falling for me you rejected me years ago wtf do you want to do now” and “Idek Kacchan you are confusing me and I still think us dating is a bad idea but I can’t stop wanting to kiss you and touch you and just you” until Bakugou decides he should just kiss the fuck out of Midoriya. And he does. And they make out on the couch, dinner forgotten. 

Their friends are happy for them, even though they don’t really understand their dynamics. They keep making excuses to ask them out in hope of catching some gossips, but stop after a while since these two switch between arguing mode and lovey-dovey mode faster than light. It gets annoying.

After the honeymoon phase their relationship starts to go downhill. As they become more and more independent from their respective hero mentors, they gain more fame and recognition from the public. Bakugou and Midoriya’s names start appearing incessantly in the news, and Midoriya even gets ranked in the top 100 heroes. This ticks Bakugou off to no end, but he doesn’t comment on it, and neither does Midoriya. 

Little by little, their achievements build up, and so do their rankings. They are neck to neck with each other most of the time: Bakugou gets more missions done than Midoriya, but the collateral damage he causes each time is usually criticized by the pros, so his reputation keeps rising and dropping. Consequently, every time there is a significant change in the rankings, they keep finding excuses to fight with each other to let out their frustrations. It’s something inevitable for them: as two men, but also as two heroes, there is always an instinctive fight for dominance. Things get so bad their friends want them to break up for good. 

Their conflict reaches its peak when Midoriya and Bakugou’s teams get paired up in a covert mission. Bakugou’s team makes a mistake and as a result, he is trapped within the enemy’s hands (Kacchan the damsel in distress, yay). Midoriya rescues him and finishes their mission with his team, but he also gets hurt in the process. Bakugou gets mad because Midoriya doesn’t think he can handle a mission like this and he is just doing pointless things and getting himself hurt. Midoriya gets mad because Bakugou doesn’t understand that the missions is more important than his pride and he should just accept that sometimes he is wrong. Basically the repeat of what made them so bad with each other when they were young. Yadda yadda, they fight, bring up old conflicts, insult each other, the whole package. Midoriya wants to call it quit: “We will never be able to be civil with each other if we keep fighting over these things” and Bakugou reminds him that he was the one who wants this in the first place. 

A few days later Midoriya moves out to his own apartment, which he could have totally afforded a long time ago. He calls his mother some time after to tell her the news “Love just gets me sidetracked, Mom”.

I’m gonna stop there because it’s getting so long it’s turning into a bad written fanfic and I really don’t have enough willpower to tell their whole life story. But basically I have tons of angsty scenarios for these two. PS they do get back together tho.  

I hope you liked this (even tho it’s probably not what you were waiting for)! Thanks for the ask!

Send me a BNHA ship and I’ll tell you my headcanons!

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I can't see the numbers, but "hero" for Percy Jackson and Frank Zhang :) I'm :) sure :) this :) will :) lead :) to :) non-painful :) things :)



“So, superheroes are next on the list.” I said, flopping down on the couch beside Frank.

His eyebrows shot up. “You have a list?”

I dug in my jeans pocket and handed him the scrap of notebook paper. “Have yourself a look.” I grinned. “Spider-Man is first.”

Frank’s brow furrowed. “This isn’t your handwriting.”

“You mean it’s not chicken scratches?” I shook my head. “My mom wrote it out. I just suggested things.”

“I think this is every even marginally popular superhero movie released since 1970.”

I cracked open a can of Coke, enjoying the hiss. “We’re catching Hazel up on nearly a century of pop culture. It’s kind of extensive.”

“You have Christopher Nolan on here.”

I shrugged. Truthfully, he wasn’t my favorite, but still. “Critically acclaimed. Therefore, pop-culturally important.” I glanced up. Frank was still frowning. “Not a fan of the Batman?”

“Not this one, at least.” His fingers tapped restlessly on the sofa cushion between us.

I grabbed his hand and anchored it to the couch. “Nervous?”

“Thinking.” Frank met my eyes. He looked oddly earnest, as usual. “Is Batman a hero to you?”

“I don’t know. I guess.” I gestured vaguely with the Coke can. “I mean, he’s kind of cranky. But I can relate.” I released his hand; he intertwined our fingers anyway. “What’s a hero to you?”

Frank pursed his lips. His expression was deeply thoughtful. Lately, he thought about every question I asked like it was the million dollar question on a game show. “I guess…Superman. Not him, specifically, but the ideals?”

“Truth, justice, and the American way?” I guessed.

He laughed. “Something like that. You know, duty, honor. Helping people.”

I smiled. Frank was one of the people in the world that made me glad the world had people. “Like your mom.”

For a second, I thought I’d overstepped my bounds. But Frank smiled at me, and my chest warmed again. “Yeah.”

I scooted closer, clutching my drink and hoping it wouldn’t spill on my mom’s new couch. He didn’t react much when I bumped his shoulder. “A lot like you.”

He looked surprised, like a puppy who’d gotten poked in the side. “Really?”

“Yeah.” I set down the Coke can so I could hold his other hand. His thumb automatically circled out over my wrist. I wondered if he could feel my heartbeat.

I looked him steady in the eyes. “You’re my hero, Frank.”

He blushed strawberry-red, and it was probably the cutest thing I’d seen all month.

Something made a loud snapping noise behind us.

Hazel was standing in the entrance to the living room, holding a camera and wearing a pleased smile. “Are you guys being sappy again?”

“What did we say about the Polaroids, Hazel?” I tried and failed to sound scolding. The shaky voice matching Frank’s blush might have had something to do with it.

“You said I was acclimating very well to modern culture through artistic expression.”

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it like that.” I muttered.

She put down the camera on the table and sat next to me, curling her legs under her. “If you’re going to have me watch five hours of Sam Raimi, you can let me take pictures of you. Besides,” She leaned forward and picked up the photograph the camera had spit out. “You look cute.”

I peered at the photo and my cheeks heated. From the angle Hazel had, you could mostly see Frank blushing and me leaning in to talk to him. It looked almost like we were kissing.

I passed it to Frank. “We do.”

He looked at me and said, utterly poker-faced, “We’re cute as heck.”

Hazel started giggling.

I handed Frank the first DVD, picked up my mom’s list, and crossed off Batman Begins.

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Thoughtful, Charming, Affection? :0c (i kno this is...Late. V Late. I Am Very Bad At Seeing Posts)

Thoughtful : If you could change your name, what would you call yourself?
if ur referring to my real life name, im not sure what it would be,,, im still checking some nice names but i do like the sound of ruah,,, tho i prefer that name for my kid so hm

Charming : Who helps motivate you?
my friends ofc!! id say my family too but its only like,,, 1% of them ,shrug,, mostly my bestie and my partner in crime

Affection : Who do you ship?
i have,,, too much in my hands

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Why do you ship Matt and Vladimir? I'm genuinely interested.

*cracks knuckles*

what’s better than a snarky vigilante and a sassy Russian crime lord?


I mean there’s the whole bit of Vlad seeking revenge from Matt, even tho Matt did nothing. But ep 6 is what really got it going for me ahaha

Matt isn’t gonna kill Vlad, not gonna let him die. They would be the couple who would have kinky sex tbh and would call each other names and would have rough kisses

I mean when Vlad was like “I have counterproposal: suck my dick”

and Matt just like had this mini moment of smirk + shock and couldn’t answer

and then when Vlad was willing to sacrifice himself at the end because he decided he’d side with Matt


I mean if they both got out of there together, Matt would have taken him to his house, and Vlad would be calling him like “pretty boy” and “Mudak” because it sounds close to Murdock l o l

and Vlad is taller than Matt

and that scene where Matt was pumping his chest and basically sat on him