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someone once told me that “obsession isn’t the same thing as love” and tbh it shook me up and i still think about it because… do i even love??? or am i just obsessed with everything that i’m passionate about? because w bpd, when i love something, i become obsessed with it, so for someone to tell me that those two aren’t interchangeable really messed me up


Okay, so the newest episode of Steven Universe made me re-evaluate Navy’s character a LOT, particularly her behaviour in Hit the Diamond. Originally I thought she was just flighty and oblivious, but like…

I think it was an act here, too. I think she knew DAMN well our Ruby didn’t belong with the rest of them and something was up, but she smugly pretended otherwise because…Idk, she thought they’d gain more information by playing along? Or maybe she’s a true Agent of Chaos and she just wanted to see how things would play out? I’m not sure, and I’ll def rewatch that other Rubies episode to see how I feel about that, but man I just don’t buy this lady at all anymore. “What a turn of events!” no longer sounds like like anything other than SARCASM to me. What do y'all think?

Please consider the following AU: Shiro is a former pianist due to a tragic accident in his past—hence the prosthetic substituting his right arm—who wants to learn how to play again. But it’s been years since his hands have touched a piano, which is why he has decided to take personal lessons. And that’s how he meets a very charming young man named Lance who just happens to be his music teacher.

Now, imagine Lance and Shiro:

  • Hearing each other sing
  • Singing together
  • Playing the piano together and “accidentally” touching hands and getting flustered
  • Staring into each other’s eyes to apologize but instead they begin to lean in…
  • Pulling away from each other before anything else could happen because this is not what they signed up for, which is…


Just to be clear

You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
You can be polyamorous and still cheat.
Y O U   C A N   B E   P O L Y A M O R O U S   A N D   S T I L L   C H E A T



Valentine’s Pity Rose [fic]

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! I hope everyone had a wonderful day, and I hope this fic makes it a little better!

This was written for @percyyoulittleshit  who gave me the prompt:  “So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Party?” I hope it lives up to your standards, Mari! 


“So let me get this straight. You want to hire me to be your date to a Valentine’s Day party?”

Annabeth sighed. Honestly, it sounded terrible when you said it that way. Well, she guessed that it would probably sound horrible any way you said it.

“Yes,” she snapped, tapping her foot against the sidewalk. “You just have to come to the party with me. We only have to stay for a few hours.”

Percy was silent as he considered. He was loading his band equipment into the back of his Jeep. Annabeth had seen him outside when she got home from track practice, which is when she decided to cross the street to his house and solicit his help.

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Sanders Sunshine

We all know that Thomas is an actual ray of sunshine, and by extension so are his sides

You’ve got Morality who is the noon day sun, full on brightness, providing even light and warmth, constant

Then you’ve got Prince who is like the sunrise, brilliant rays, dazzling and bursting over the horizon, symbolic of hope

Then there’s Anxiety, who doesn’t quite have the confidence to produce his own light, be he will reflect the light and love the others give him, he is the moon that lights the dark, waxing and waning but always there

And last is Logic who is the sunset, the light that clings to the sky, refusing to go to bed. A quiet time of day when the light and colors are surprising and unexpected if one takes the time to look. Bridging the gap between the day and the night.