what do why happening

Amethyst is certainly sneaking out, why, though? Oh please don’t tell me she’s running away because of what happened.

Steven why couldn’t you just freaking do that earlier

The… what? This sounds like a pornstar’s name.

Amethyst what the freaking shit?

Isn’t it like, literal cheating for an alien with superhuman strength and magical powers to be participating into a wresting match with regular people? They’re going to get seriously injured, if not worse. Why is Amethyst doing this?

And, the gems meet humans pretty frequently, do people know that this is Amethyst? Don’t they find it kind of strange for a big purple super muscular dude with long hair and an amethyst gemstone embedded onto his chest to be participating?

levi when confronted with the ocean, an unimaginably vast expanse of water and a symbol of the freedom promised by the outside world–the world he spent his so many years in the underground dreaming about: looks at hange

“Love conquers all”
“Making history”
“Wish fulfillment” “Pulling The Rug”
“Most intense”
“Proving them wrong”
“I f w e c a n p u l l t h i s o f f,,,”

“What is this, some kind of trick?”
“This isn’t a trick; it’s a plan”

Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is

Edward Nygma who thinks you either like boys or you like girls

Edward Nygma who knows he likes girls but thinks he might like boys and is confused by that 

Edward Nygma who forms feelings for Oswald Cobblepot but has no idea what they are, what they mean

Edward Nygma who thinks Oswald has feelings for him but is still confused about his own feelings

Edward Nygma who, when he meets Isabella, projects all of his feelings for Oswald onto this girl because he knows he likes girls

Edward Nygma who, once Isabella no longer wants to be involved with him, comes to realize that his feelings for her weren’t genuine

Edward Nygma who realizes what his feelings for Oswald are, who no longer thinks you have to pick one or the other

Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is until he realizes and accepts what his feelings for Oswald are

Edward Nygma who shares this with Oswald

Oswald Cobblepot who only likes boys but doesn’t have a single problem with his boyfriend also liking girls so long as he likes him the most

Bisexual Edward Nygma who didn’t always know what his sexuality was but found it much easier to accept with the help of his boyfriend

Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot in a healthy and supportive queer relationship

I’m not better, okay? I’m not better! And I keep waiting for someone to figure that out, and - they don’t! I mean, of course they don’t. ‘Cause as long as I say the right things and I act the right way, they’re happy because that means they cured me, right?
—  How did we get here? - Red Band Society

What I should be doing at 3am:  sleeping

What I am doing at 3am: Ignis text tone ヽ(*>∇<)ノ


sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean

Don't Call Me Binary

Tonks: /Sometimes it doesn’t matter how I change my hair, or my eyes, or my face… sometimes everything just feels wrong/

Tonks: /Like being caught inside the wrong body/ 

Tonks: /It took years for me to figure out why this happened, and what I needed to do on those days to fix it/ 

Tonks: /gender is about as existent as Voldys nose/ 


Remus: Hey Tonks have you-… wow

Tonks: is this weird?… 

Remus: Quite the opposite actually… you look great 

((OOC: when you get tired of peoples ignorance whilst also loving the idea of a gender fluid Tonks)) 

Does this count as inktober