what do we call this ship anyway

yall singlets really like romanticizing DID, huh? and i don’t mean by making atrocious movies like Split, no - Split’s a whole ‘nother level altogether. i mean y’all really like making content in which your ‘fave’ has “different personalities” that really only exhibit the feelings and interests of that person, and then go ahead and ship them with themselves which feels fetishistic? idk but i usually only see Those “sinful!!!” Straights do this shipping part of it.

but anyway, y’all often times don’t even know what DID is - it’s dissociative identity disorder, a defense mechanism against horrific, repetitive childhood trauma by the brain splitting the child’s identity into two or more distinct people/personalities (called alters) in order to cope. prominent symptoms not including the two or more personalities of it include dissociative amnesia, impairment of an individual’s ability to do day to day things, cPTSD, and so many other things.

like y’all just make your faves interact with these ‘different personalities’ and do silly shenanigans, but they don’t… struggle like we do. they may have depression or anxiety, but it’s not the same.

it’s nice that y’all are having fun with it and everything but idk i just feel like. you’re taking something away from a community that’s already scarce with support throughout media and irl too. like those characters don’t… experience life with the flashbacks, the fear, the constant change in everything that you are - not even being sure who ‘you’ really are. the refusal to eat, the difficulty of looking at a mirror because “this body isn’t yours”. god, the dissociation; not being here one day, then suddenly coming to hours later, maybe days or months or years later. being disoriented when switching, switching because of the littlest things - a name, a song, a smell, a posture. hell, i never know who’s dealing with collateral damage after someone’s out anymore - me or the alters?? 

the constant denial of you and of your alters’ existence. the pain, the anger, the hurt. 

i’m not saying that DID is this awful terrible horror-story thing to have, it’s just.. hard. i hate that our struggles are always disregarded, always ignored, never even brought into the light. sometimes i wish that DID was like how y’all portrayed it, but fact of the matter is that it isn’t. maybe on some good days it could resemble something close to it, but in the long run it will never be like that. 

International _______
  • Scott: why wouldn't you answer any calls from the island John?
  • John: this is why...
  • *plays tape* John: this is International Rescue, what seems to be the problem?
  • Alan: come on John you have to spice it up "this is international rescue, what stupid thing did you do today?"
  • Gordon: or "international rescue, where are you?" No how can we help bull. If they are calling us, they need help.
  • Alan: "International what did you do now?"
  • Gordon: "international moron savers"
  • Alan: "international yeah I got it we're on our way anyway"
  • Virgil: hey guys how about "international LET JOHN FINISH AND GET ON THE DAMN SHIP!"

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Standing ovation for your post on Sam and MacKenzie! Beautiful collage and great comment. I can't stand the vile comments I've seen on some blogs either and I am glad that other shippers call these "fans" out. Respectful shipping is accepting that your fantasy is not the actors' reality. Nobody said that shipping is forbidden, but this fandom needs to stop accepting that tinhatting is normal. Your post is a step in that direction. Thank you!

Some of what I read truly left me speechless, and I really don’t know where all the bitterness comes from. I once believed Sam and Cait were a couple, too, but I don’t plan to harass them or their partners anytime soon. We can all do better.
Anyway, thank you, lovely anon!

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“Hello?” Danny croaks into the transceiver, tossing his now empty water bottle to the side and praying for a response. The sun is beating down on the little life raft, as it had been for hours now and he’s feeling dizzy with the heat, “Hello? Anyone?” he asks again, letting off of the button and getting only static in response. The same static he’s been getting since the plane went down and his life officially went to shit.

Actually, his life really went to shit more around the time that the life raft he was in got separated from the others during the night. Or maybe even when he realized that he had a broken wrist on top of being stranded in the middle of the ocean with a concussed pilot, an injured flight attendant, and some smoke inhalation. Or when the three of them realized that they only had two bottles of water to share.

“Hello? Mayday?” He tries again, losing more and more of his patience with each unanswered call, “Pick up the fucking phone you assholes, people are dying out here.”

Once again he’s only answered by static.

He squeezes the transceiver in frustration, threatening to break it before lobbing it to the other side of the life raft and leaning against the side of the pontoon, staring off into space. The sky looks beautiful, blue as far as the eye can see, reaching out until it blends into the ocean on the horizon. The wall of blue is only marred by the bright summer sun where it’s sitting high in the sky. He sighs and closed his eyes against the intense light.

He’s going to die out here, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean headed towards a place he never wanted to move to in the first place and worst of all, he’s never going to see Grace again. He laughs as the horrible realization sets in, it seems like a much better idea than throwing himself overboard.

-do you read

Danny lifts his head when he hears the noise, quiet and broken up, and looks over to the pilot and flight attendant in the raft with him. They’re still unconscious and certainly not the ones speaking to him.

This is the USS Port Royal

He shoots up, rocking the raft with his movement, and scrambling around looking for where the transceiver had fallen.

Please identify the voice tells him just as his fingers brush over the plastic, I repeat, this is-

“Yes! Yes, I hear you!” Danny practically shouts into the microphone in his relief.

This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett of the United States Navy. Please identify yourself. the voice tells him.

“This is Detective Daniel Williams. I was on flight 1682 from Newark to Honolulu that crashed about eleven o'clock last night. I am stranded in a life raft.”

There’s a pause before, Are there any other survivors Danny?

“We got everyone alive out of the plane and into life rafts before it sank but we were separated in the night. I’m with a flight attendant and one of the pilots, I can’t see anyone else near me.”

Can I speak to the pilot, Danny? Steve asks so Danny gets back onto this hands and knees and scrambles the six feet to the other side of the raft. He shakes the pilot but neither he nor stewardess leaning on his shoulder make any sign of awareness. Swallowing down the sudden rush of dread, Danny placed his fingers onto the pilot’s pulse point, the skin is hot from the sun but there;s no pulse beating against his fingertips.

Danny? Steve asks as Danny repeats the process for the stewardess, breathing a sigh of relief when he feels her heartbeat, slow but steady.

“The pilot’s dead, the stewardess is unconscious, I think she hit her head during the landing,” he says into the transceiver, noticing for the first time an ugly bruise starting to blossom over her temple.
Okay, Steve says after a pause, sounding much more somber, Listen Danny, we’re talking with the FAA right now. The other survivors were picked up by a ship this morning, now we’re trying to get the location where your plane went down to try and figure out where you are.

“What time is it?” he asks in lieu of acknowledging the fact that no one had any idea where he is.

It’s thirteen twenty-four hours.

“And what’s that in normal language?”

One twenty-four in the afternoon.

He does the math, fourteen hours adrift in the ocean. That means that he could be miles away from where the plane went down so even if the rescue did manage to figure out where to go, that still didn’t mean they would find him in time.

Okay Danny, can you tell me what type of radio you’re using? Steve asks after a long silence.

“I don’t know,” he says, turning around the small box in his hand looking for a make or model, “It’s like a walkie-talkie thing, uh…. it says Kenwood on it,”

Okay, Danny, that’s great, that model only has a broadcasting distance of about ten miles.

“That’s still a lot of ocean to be lost in,” Danny grouses, but he does feel better with the information.

It’s a whole lot better than searching the entire span between California and Hawaii, Steve retorts and Danny can hear the sarcastic tone.

“Not by much.”

Are you always this negative?

“I just survived a plane crash and am stranded with a dead guy and an unconscious woman, forgive me, but I think I have the right to be negative about a few things,” Danny slings back only to get silence on the line and he panics, “Steve? Steve!” he yells, wondering if the connection is gone.

I’m here Danny, just was talking to my CO, Steve’s voice filters back over the line and Danny lets out a breath of relief.

“Okay,“ He takes a deep breath to calm himself and then, because the only way Danny is ever calm is when he’s talking, he pushes the transceiver button again, "So you said you were a commander right?”

Lieutenant Commander.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t a Lieutenant Commander usually do more important things on a ship. Whose Cheerios did you piss in to pull phone duty?”

I’m covering for a friend while she was called into a meeting,/ Steve chuckles, honestly, I’m not even usually on this ship. I’m in the reserves, this is my training weekend.

“Lucky me. So, if this is just your just a weekend warrior, what do you do the other five days of the week?”

I’m head of the Governor’s task force on Oahu, Steve says and Danny can practically see his head swelling with pride, You said you were a detective right?

“Yeah, that’s right.”

You work with HPD?

“I was supposed to start next week.”

So, we probably would have met each other anyway.

“I think I would have preferred meeting you without the life threatening situation, thank you.”

He Danny, listen up, Steve interrupts his story about his first drugs bust some time later, we coordinated with the FAA and NOAA on the plane’s flight route and ocean patterns, we narrowed down our search to about five square miles accounting for your life boats drift. We’re sending out our two helicopters so if you see one I want you to send off one of your flares, okay?

“Roger that,” Danny assures, giving a sloppy salute even though there was no one to see it.

How you doing out there buddy? Steve asked, sounding much less Lieutenant Commander this time.

“Oh, you know, just working on my impression of a boiled lobster.”

“Hey Steve,” Danny croaks, interrupting one of Steve’s stories about surfing on the North Shore, “Can I ask you to do something really shitty?”

Yeah, what is it, buddy? Comes Steve’s immediate reply.

“I’ve got a daughter, her name’s Grace and she’s eight. She moved to Honolulu with my ex-wife and her new husband and I was following to be with her.”

That’s amazing Danny, Steve says but he can hear the worry in his voice.

“Yeah. Listen, if this thing goes south and you don’t find us in time I want you to tell her something for me.”

Don’t even say it, Danny, we’re gonna find you.

“I’m being baked alive here Steve, just please…”


Thank you,“ he says and fights the urge to cry even though he’s so dehydrated the tears won’t form, "Just, tell her that Danno loves her okay?”

I’m not gonna have to, okay buddy? You’re just gonna have to suck it up and hang in there because it’s gonna be my ugly mug coming into that life raft to save you. Steve tells him and he laughs, smiling and saying “Listen, Babe, I don’t care how cute you think you are, I don’t put out on the first date.”

“Hey Steve,” Danny says, staring at the blinking red light on the top of the transceiver, “I lied about something.”

What was that Danny? comes curious Steve’s voice.

“I do put out on a first date,” he admits with a smile, hearing Steve’s laugh reverberating through the speaker, “You got people looking out for us right?”

Yeah, we got two birds in the sky and everyone available is topside looking for you.

“Good. That’s good,” Danny says, licking his dry lips, “Listen, I don’t know how much juice I got left in this thing so I’m gonna send you a signal alright? Tell your people to keep their eyes open.”

Danny? Steve says as Danny drops the transceiver and picks up the flare gun. Fighting off a dizzy spell, he loads a flare into the chamber and leans back, aiming the flare gun high into the sky. Danny, answer me! Steve yells and Danny can hear the note of panic in his voice as he squeezed the trigger. The flare flies high into the sky and still Steve is yelling through the speaker until, just as the flare hit the water, the transceiver dies.

He wakes in a cool hospital room while a nurse is checking on his vitals. “Detective Williams,” she says with a smile, “Welcome back. Your daughter will be very happy to know you’re awake.”

Sixth Months Later

He’s responding to a back up call on Sand Island, listening to the chatter on the radio for a better location and lamenting that this has to be Meka’s vacation time. He finds the raid when a gangbanger runs in front of his car and he clips him with the front fender, jumping out and handcuffing him before he can recover.

When he looks up he sees a cop fighting hand to hand with another gang banger just around the corner and shoots him while he’s recovering from a nasty front kick to the chest. The bad guy drops and the cop looks around for the shooter, relaxing when he sees Danny’s HPD vest. He’s walking closer to ask the guy for more information about the raid when the guy tilts his head and says “Danny?”

He doesn’t remember a lot after the plane crash, but that voice has been imprinted on his memory. He’s so familiar with it, he swears that sometimes he thinks in that voice, and now he has a face to go with it.

“Steve?” he asks just as a woman runs up and informs them that the building is secure.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you again,” Steve says as he comes closer and Danny can take a good look at him. The only thing he can think of saying is, “I seem to remember asking for a non-life threatening situation when we met.”

 Steve throws his head back and laughs, gathering him into a hug. “I’ve been thinking about you, lately. Was wondering if maybe you wanted to have a conversation face to face this time.”

“Are you seriously asking me out right now?” He sputters, “There is a dead body next to us.”

Steve looks around and shrugs like this whole situation is no big deal, “No time like the present,” he says with a smile and Danny stares aghast, wondering if he suffered some serious mental health damage while he was stranded because he’s actually considering saying yes. When Steve continues to stare at him he gives in to the voice inside his head reminding him he liked talking to Steve and that it could be fun to just see where it goes, “I like Italian,” he says and Steve lights up like he just won the lottery.

I hate those arguments about how johnlock (BBC Sherlock) is more “revolutionary” than joanlock (Elementary) because they dismiss joanlock as “the same old shit” for being a “straight” relationship vs johnlock’s “gay” relationship and completely ignore that Joan is a WOC and an interracial “straight” relationship is different from a romance between a white woman and a white man.

East Asian women in (what society sees as) man/woman relationships in media is very different from white man/woman relationships. Many of these romances fetishize EA women and rely on racist tropes or turn them into racist caricatures through the “dragon lady” or “submissive doll” stereotypes.

Joan Watson is not (from what I’ve noticed anyway) like this. The friendship between her and Holmes doesn’t make her into less of a person and a potential romance between them isn’t going to do that either. 

A complex friendship between an East Asian woman and a white man where the East Asian woman is not fetishized is rare. You can’t dismiss joanlock for not being “revolutionary” when EA women have very few opportunities to see ourselves in any sort of relationship on screen where we are not dehumanized/sexualized/etc.

Yeah, m/m relationships in media are important. But you can’t call a ship between two underdeveloped white male characters “revolutionary” while dismissing a non-fetishistic relationship between a Chinese woman and her best friend as “the same old shit”.

I’m sitting here, drinking tea and watching Beauty and the Beast 1991 and I’m just like… My sinful antagonist needs some love (because LIKE I LOVE HIM MORE THAN I SHOULD ), soooo SHIPPING PLOTTING CALL. I mean I want to discuss what we do so we can see if it will work. ANYWAYS ON//OFF today. I am legit open to just about anything. It can be romantic and what not or dark and angsty.

Spaceballs! Sentence starters
  • "I am your father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommate."
  • "How many assholes do we have on this ship, anyway?"
  • "I knew it. I'm surrounded by assholes!"
  • "Oh, shit. There goes the planet."
  • "I can't breathe in this thing."
  • "I ain't shooting this thing, I hate guns."
  • "You listen. On this ship, you're to refer to me as 'idiot', not 'you captain'. I mean, you know what I mean."
  • "And you will not call me 'you'. You will never address me as 'you'. You will call me 'your royal highness'."
  • "I already called him, sir. He knows everything."
  • "Well not exactly over, sir... more to the side - I'll always call you first, it will never happen again, never, ever."
  • "May the schwartz be with you!"
  • "No, no, no. Go past this. Pass this part. In fact, never play this again."
  • "So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five? That's the stupidest combination I've ever heard in my life! That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage!"
  • "Listen! We're not just doing this for money! We're doing it for a SHIT LOAD of money!"
  • "Out of order? Fuck! Even in the future nothing works!"
  • "Say goodbye to your two best friends, and I don't mean your pals in the Winnebago."
  • "Excuse me! I'm trying to conduct a wedding here which has nothing to do with love, so please be quiet!"
  • "Are we being too literal?"
  • "Well, I hope it's a long ceremony, 'cause it's gonna be a short honeymoon."
  • "Hey! I don't have to put up with this! I'm rich!"
  • "Hey, you can't park here!"
  • "Yeah, can't you read? No parking!"

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Antis make it really hard to be a Finnrey shipper on Tumblr. I don't ship Reylo but I wouldn't be surprised if we get a love triangle honestly. And Rey wasn't physically hurt in the interrogation room like Poe was, and yes she was crying but it was because her memories was painful to her. Look at Mara Jade and Luke, their relationship started out no different at all. Hell, she even knocked Luke out. What do you call that???? There's no excuses! You guys need to grow up🙄 This is ridiculous!

oh look, a bunch of points that have already been addressed by many other blogs a million times! im not going to explain everything in all the detail i could because frankly youre not entitled to my time and energy, especially when others have explained this before. but i’ll go ahead and give you the gist:

1) how do antis make it hard to be a finnrey shipper? calling out content that is racist/misogynist/whatever? because thats what ive seen.

2)haha yeah buddy we aren’t getting a love triangle, a lot of evidence points to reysky and even if that doesnt become canon, a movie with a large audience of children isnt going to be all “dark and edgy” by having the villain and the hero get even KIND OF romantically involved

3) this has been addressed a million times? kylo hurt rey, and even if you want to argue not physically bringing up traumatic memories like that to make her cry still is not okay and is still abuse

4) i cant comment on the mara jade/luke thing because i honestly couldnt give less of a shit about the old eu and i havent really read those books but like? dont bring up a ship that i dont ship as a “ha got you” because if i dont ship it that really doesnt make me a hypocrite

also its funny how youre telling me to grow up when youre the one sending anon hate

do pardon the crumminess of this doodle, my tablet up and died so i’m stuck coloring with a mouse til my replacement ships and hoo boy is it a pain in the ass

anyway, Peachy Keen
exploring her human body type. Peachy is what we call in the biz call “fucking stacked”, or “thick as hell”, but lifting hay bales and plowing dirt all day will do that

Peachy is the tallest and heaviest NextGen in the Pandoraverse and could totally bench press a horse if she wanted, but she’s waaaay too shy to showboat like that

for all her size and strength, mama Cheerilee and pa Big Macintosh think of her as their precious darlin’ baby girl and baby the hell out of her, not that Peachy minds

Peachy is a total sweetie romantic at heart and a gentle, (if clumsy as hell) giant, but most people find her intimidating anyway, especially the fellas. No worries, Peach, you’ll find love someday, for now be content snuggling your old Smarty Pants doll at night

There can never be enough Halbarry. So anyway, this playlist is kinda an evolution: from Best Friends to not knowing what to do with these feelings to Boyfriends. Listen Here.

1. BFF - Bowling for Soup
2. What’s My Age Again? - Blink 182
3. Real Love - Ellektra
4. Sober - P!nk
5. Call Your Girlfriend - Robyn
6. Ships in the Night - Mat Kearney
7. When We Die - Bowling For Soup
8. Dust & Gold - Arrows to Athens
9. Counting Stars - OneRepublic
10. Fine By Me - Andy Grammer

Fans ship you with Lucy!

So how exactly do you feel about being paired with Lucy Fairy Tail characters?

Dan Straight: YES PLEASE!

Dan Straight: My Lulu Pie and I are destined for one another!

Lucy: Aren’t you a filler character? Filler doesn’t count.

Dan Straight: Filler totally counts!

Cana: Eh, I could get into it.

Lucy: Cana?!

Cana: What? We had Tenrou Island together, and that was full of shippy moments. We fought side by side against Freed and Bickslow in only bikinis! We relaxed at a pool together and got naked, I’m almost sure that we did something together off screen. I groped you with a smile on my face, and I don’t grope that many people.

Lucy: That last one is not a reason; Natsu’s groped me too and also seen me naked!

Cana: Oh yeah, well I guess I’m out of the running.

Lucy: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Erza: Lucy is one of my best friends in the world and I care for her deeply. I can see why the fans ship us, we’re hot.

Lucy: Erza, not you too?!

Erza: They are by definition crazy shippers Lucy, just go with the flow.


Mirajane: I’m a little surprised that people might ship me with her; I have a bit of a reputation for trying to set her up with other people; namely Natsu.

Laxus: Meh, she’s pretty cute, I’d do her.

[Cue bright red Lucy!]

Juvia: Juvia would not date her love rival, Juvia will only date Gray-sama~

Gray: Well she’s pretty, and we always have each other’s backs, Lucy’s one of my best friends in the world. I’m not surprised people could see us together.

Juvia: Gray-sama!

Gray: What? We just have that sort of chemistry.

Gajeel: Why would they ship me with her? Is blondie a masochist or something? I beat the crap out of her after taking her away from her friends and comrades, who I also beat the crap out of, but she should call me anyway. For reasons.

Pantherlily: I told you I could help you get with Levy Gajeel, why don’t you trust me?

Gajeel: …You be quiet.

Levy: Well we both love reading, and we both danced together on stage for Gajeel in those bunny girl outfits… Do you think if I dated Lu-chan she’d let me take a look at her novel earlier?

Background Gajeel: Why is she showing interest?

Hibiki: Well I’d love to spend more time with Lucy; she can come and see me any time. [wink]

Loke: She should summon me out more; I’d love to be the one to ‘light up her life.’

Sting: Who is this Lucy and why am I being shipped with her?

Rogue: She’s the blonde Fairy Tail Celestial wizard who Minerva beat up in the Naval Battle. Best friends with Natsu.

Sting: Have we even talked outside of those Kemokemo filler episodes?

Rogue: I… don’t think so.


Mirajane: I don’t think anyone actually pairs you two up Master.

Lucy: Natsu? You’ve been awfully quiet.

Natsu: So shipping is pairing up two people you think would be good together?

Lucy: Yeah.

Natsu: Can you come back to me please?

Zeref: I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever been in the same vicinity as this… Lucy. And I really think it’s best for me to stay away from people.

Jellal: Ditto.

Bickslow: Cheerleader’s alright I guess, I’d take extra good care of her soul.

Freed: No respectable young lady flaunts that much of her body to a gentleman in combat.

Lisanna: I’m surprised people would pair us up, aren’t we supposed to be fighting for Natsu’s love?

Lucy: I’m pretty sure that’s just fan interpretation, and while we’re on the subject… Natsu?

Natsu: You are my best friend and I know I can always count on you Lucy… I’d want to stay with you forever.

Pretty much everyone: Aww.

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lmao all of you NaLu shippers are the same you think your ship is the best but it's not. You should stop shipping it bc it's just Natsu grabbing Lucy's boobs lol get a life

This was my first question ever, I’m a bit disappointed lol. But this gives me the perfect opportunity to clarify some things that have been bothering me for a while.

  • 1_ “all of you Nalu shippers are the same you think your ship is the best and it’s not”

 No, we are not all the same. I really don’t like when people assume that, just because I ship Nalu, I don’t respect different opinions. I’m not saying that we are all angels because we are not, there are some people who take shipping to far. But guess what, THE MAJORITY OF US DON’T. I (and some other Nalu shippers to) have literally no problem with other ships, and we respect people no matter what. You have the right to ship whatever you want, and I would NEVER insult you for that. So for all the people who think that we all Nalu shippers don’t respect different opinions and we just insult anyone who doesn’t think like us, you are wrong. 

  • 2_“You should stop shipping it because it’s just Natsu grabbing Lucy’s boobs”

Actually, you are wrong. Believe me, if the ship was just “Natsu grabbing Lucy’s boobs”, I wouldn’t ship it. In my opinion, Nalu has a beautiful development, and honestly it’s pretty obvious that they view each other as more than friends (some people might disagree with me). Now, I’m not gonna deny that there are some moments in which Lucy is naked and Natsu accidentally grabs her boobs or something, but I can ashore you that Nalu is not just “grabbing boobs”

and my personal favorite:

If you think Nalu is just nudity, think twice! We have all of this beautiful moments, and many more! It’s really sad that people think us Nalu shippers don’t get hate, we do in fact. My point is, weather you ship Nalu or not, it doesn’t matter. But please don’t assume that all Nalu shippers insult and leave hate because WE DON’T. If you disagree with me in anything, THATS PERFECTLY F I N E WITH ME! I think that everybody deserves respect no matter what they ship. So anon, you call Nalu shippers rude but you tell me to “get a life”? but anyways, I really needed to say this things.

(no hard feelings haha)

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I have a feeling Jason is meaning to try and piss clexa fans off and I don't know why it's quite upsetting as we have had his back most if not all of the time

Real talk guys. I am really sick and tired of all of this and have been trying to avoid getting involved. But, I feel like I do at this point.  Stop reading so much into Jason’s tweets. Or what he says in articles OR what he decides to focus on.

Additionally, please think logically and with your business caps on when it comes to things Jason says or talks about. He is a show runner that is trying to retain the Be|larke audience from Bellamy going all Bellanakin Blakewalker and pissing people off. Jason is not going to add fuel to the flame by constantly talking about how much he loves Clexa. Jason, the writers and practically everyone involved with this show loves Clexa. They love the romantic relationship that Clarke and Lexa has and the platonic friendship that Clarke and Bellamy have. Well…had…had that is hopefully going to repair itself by the end of the season. THIS is the story they are telling. They have already shot this season and everything is set in stone.

I don’t know Jason personally, but he seems like a person that won’t let people influence or change the story he wants to tell. This show is his baby and he is going to stick with the story that is in his head. The only people that might be able to change his mind is his wife, Kim, or the network executives. If Clexa people are pissing him off due to them being entitled and ‘bragging’ about their ship and being rude (even if the rudeness was spurred by hatred coming out of the be|larke fandom) he won’t let that persuade his storytelling. He won’t let the Be|larke fandom bully him into anything either. 

I have avoided answering the question about Jason ‘calling the Clexa fandom obnoxious’ for a few days now. I want everyone to listen to what I am about to say: look at things in context with the ENTIRE article written AND from the primary source.  I see many people jumping to conclusions saying “Jason hates the clexa fandom! he called us obnoxious! he hates us and that means Be|larke will be endgame!” Guys….wtf. NO! This is why in school they tell you to look at primary sources and not secondary sources…. This is the excerpt from the article where he talked about social media and mentioned ‘shippers’:

EW: How about the fans? You’re active on Twitter, and you’ve seen people arguing about ships. Does that affect how you write the show?

Jason: Not at all, actually. I never think about, “Well, I really need to service people that want to see these two people together.” That’s just not the way my mind works. We’re telling the story that we think is the best story, and that said, we’re aware that we’re going to piss certain people off once we make certain decisions for sure. Unfortunately, the shipping phenomenon is kind of a double-edged sword in that people are really passionate, and it drives them to watch the show, [but] I don’t like what it does when it pits various groups against each other. I find that to be difficult to listen to and watch. Frankly, it’s lame when people are arguing and saying negative things to people about whether or not a ship has sailed, you know?

And by the way, the people who are getting what they want are obnoxious to the people who aren’t getting what they want, so I’m not faulting any one side. I just think the whole phenomenon, it’s unusual. It’s a new thing for me to be observing. … [As a midseason show], if anybody doesn’t like the story, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway, [because] we wrote and shot the whole thing before anybody saw anything. On a production level, we’re not racing against an air date.

Do you understand what he is saying? He is saying that people shouldn’t say “Be|larke will never happen you are delusional” because they have no why of knowing this. They aren’t the writers of the show or know what is going to happen. He is saying that the Clexa fandom shouldn’t say make little side remarks bragging about how their ship is ‘canon’ while Be|larke is not. If Be|larkers are calling Clexa toxic, are rude to the writers and claim OOC when they don’t get their way…just ignore these people. You shouldn’t value these people’s opinion and shouldn’t even waste your time on them. There is nothing you can say to change their mind. If you are attacked by a Be|larker just remember that them attacking you is a refection of their own personality and the type of shitty person they are. People that tear down you are already beneath you…they are trying to drag you down to their level. Don’t let them. Don’t let them turn you into into something you hate…something that when you look in the mirror you are ashamed of. So, don’t value these people’s opinions and don’t engage. You should only value the opinions of people that are kind, respectful and are willing to be receptive to what you have to say. 

Do you see how everything needs context? Jason in this article is saying that we should focus on the SHOW and not the SHIPS. He is saying that this shipping war is taking away from people enjoying and watching the show. It is turning people in the fandom against each other over such petty things. This stupid ship war, and people wanting to get “the last word”, will end up killing the show. To quote from this episode:

Indra: Blood must have blood. [Be|larkers and Clexa shippers attacking each other]
Clarke: Really? Because from where I stand, the only way that ends is with everyone dead. [from where i stand…this will end up killing the show and there will be no more characters to fight about]

Jason mad sure he talked about the Clexa fandom in this article too, because it is KNOWN that the be|larke shippers have attacked him and others. He is trying to say that BOTH SIDES are being petty and disrespectful to each other. The side that is getting what they want (Clexa Fandom) is rubbing it in the one that aren’t getting what they want faces. And the people that aren’t getting what they want (Bel|larkers) are attacking the people that are getting what they want. IT IS JUST A VICIOUS STUPID CYCLE!! This show is so much more than Be|larke and Clexa…if you follow my blog you will know about the grander messages that this show has about humanity, war, justice, etc. This show has romance in it… but it isn’t solely about that. Don’t fight over such stupid petty things and lose sight of THE SHOW. The show needs to survive in order for these important grander messages to be heard. I want the Clexa fandom to rise above the hatred and just don’t engage…someone has to stop the cycle…

When people send hate to you, they are just looking for a reaction. I am asking you to not respond, just block them and move on with your life. Focus on the show and engage in conversation with the people that love the show and respect it. I hope that the Clexa fandom will not become entitled. I hope that people will respect the story that the writers are telling and will be respectful, not matter what happens. This is THEIR story and we are just observers to the art that they are creating. The artist’s vision is the TRUE vision. We are open to interpret the art, but you should be respectful of that artists vision and realize that your interpretation is just that; an interpretation. If the artist vision doesn’t match up with your interpretation you should still be respectful and acknowledge all the hard work they put into making the ‘artwork’. In conclusion, be kind to one another and rise above the hate. Be the bigger person. Plus, please look at the sources of information and DON’T jump to conclusions.[gif]

Also, for some shippers, they analyse and make theories because they are dedicated enough to slowly observe, process and translate what they personally see onto a post. Remember, we do this because there is SOMETHING to see, there is something to analyse.

Also, it is rather ironic when haters, who probably have less knowledge on the ship call others out. Maybe you don’t ‘over analyse’ some moments because you didnt see? Because you didnt look close enough? Who force you to read them anyway?

Lastly it is humourous how they say we ship kpop merely to fetish gay couples. Well, If gay fetishing is the truth, then why do some people ship THAT ONE particular couple? For example, GD has a d, and so does harry S, then shouldn’t all kaisoo shippers start fetishing them rn bc they are both males??

All those assumptions u make on an entire fandom is not justified.

Beep Boop Bop

“And to make matters worse, some…vagabond has seized one of my ships.”

What an odd thing to call Roman, who is usually so sharply dressed. I wonder if perhaps Ironwood knows something we don’t about Roman that would prompt him to say that.

But perhaps Ironwood knew Roman when he looked a bit more vagabond-y:

I wonder if whatever Ironwood knows about Roman is why he just stuck Roman in a small metal box for a couple of weeks in lieu of taking him to an actual prison, as if he wasn’t sure what to do with him. But at the same time, the cell was seriously lacking in being anything other than a box–did Ironwood know Roman wouldn’t need much to keep going? Indeed, the cell doesn’t seem to have been a concern: the cell barely had sitting room, no bed, no toilet, no shower…yet not a hair on Roman’s head was out of place. He wasn’t even stiff.

Another odd thing about Roman is the way he fights. We’ve seen Roman fight several times–we’ve seen him lose several times too–and he’s shown incredible reflexes, strategizing, affinity with piloting mechs…but not once have we seen him use his Semblance. I wonder if it’s because he doesn’t really have one. If so, he’d share that distinction with Penny.

Interestingly, that’d be at least the second thing he shares with Penny, because his character basis and hers are already from the same story: Pinnochio. All of the other characters who share a story that we’ve seen thus far (e.g., the Inner Circle and the Wizard of Oz) are closely connected…but Roman and Penny don’t seem to be connected at all.

Unless…our successful, sweet Penny Polendina wasn’t the first curly-ginger-haired experiment conducted by Atlas.

Perhaps Roman is also a robot: an escaped prototype (pre-sword-backpack, hence the handheld weapon), and one who has given up on being a good “real boy” and has put his talents to use in crime. And perhaps as he grew in notoriety, he went from looking like Penny’s big brother to the Clockwork Orange character we know today.

Interestingly, Roman’s final outfit and weapon aren’t featured on his concept art page in the end credits, which is a departure from most such end-credit plates. I wonder if perhaps that’s a hint that there’s more to Roman’s final design yet to be revealed in the show…maybe some mechanical bits?

Roman being an escaped Atlesian android would also provide some motivation for what Roman told Ruby in Episode 11: “It’s not what I have to gain, it’s that I can’t afford to lose.” Now, there’s no disputing that Roman is a terrible person–he certainly delights in destruction–but at the same time, it seems like his story might be a little more nuanced than it first appears. As if perhaps he’d have been a more chaotic-neutral agent, rather than on the side of evil, except that he knows for certain that losing this war to Ozpin’s side means losing something critically important. Maybe he won’t survive otherwise.

I wonder what would happen to a malfunctioning mechanical man who returned to–or was successfully captured by–the side of good, and was put back into the hands and lab of someone who likes to experiment with stuffing Aura into robots. Do you think he’d ever be the same again?

There are some bets you just don’t take.

Imagined doom and gloom aside though, this reveal would bode well for Roman: a robot body probably has a better chance of surviving a Grimm nom (particularly because, as Cinder said, they probably can’t tell the difference between an Aura-imbued robot and a human, and so wouldn’t have done anything other than swallow him whole), as well as the subsequent explosion. Maybe he would even have gotten out relatively intact.

Whether he would take that opportunity to escape and let both sides think he’s dead (with the exception of Neo, presumably), or whether he would continue on fighting for Cinder…well, that’d be something worth betting on.


“We’re getting on, Mr. Carson you and I.  We can afford to live a little.”

Ring Pop

Author: @dianaflynn22

Rating: G

“Katniss, will you marry me?” His sunny curly hair flopped over his eyes as he looked up at her expectantly. His eyes were so blue and innocent, it was hard for anyone to say no to him as his arms lifted.

“No Peeta.” The exception being Katniss Everdeen, his very best friend who peered down at him suspiciously.

“But why?” he asked, his eyes taking on the look of a sad anime character, bright with unshed tears. Katniss rolled her eyes, angry at how easily her friend could manipulate her, but also to hide her guilt for saying no.

“But we’re only eight, Peeta!” she answered.

His lip quivered and she knew any moment her resolve would crumble like the ritz crackers in her backpack. “I know, Katniss, but I’ve loved you since I was like five. I know what I want!”

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