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I am back. Here’s a merLance (based of the Voltron merfolk) been what I’m guessing is probably the queen most distracted guard ( also that armour is useless). I may do more like this for ’#MerMay’ Still struggling with my colour but i’m working on it. If there is a mistake then I don’t wanna hear about it 😓. For those of you that followed the progress of this peice in the ‘story’ posts, what did u think of that? Should I do it more often? As you may have noticed I’m back from comic con and for the next 11 days you have my attention and then I go to New Zealand to meet family. So in that time I’ll be drawing my arse off and trying to finish 2 mini comics for you while keeping up with my post every 2 days rule. For those of you that came to see me at comic con thank you so much, it was a pleasure to chat with all of u and Big Cheers for the support, hopefully I’ll see a few of you again at SupaNova.
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I would litterary????? Let any of your creatures eat???Me???? (I'm so sorry)

What do u think this is?? A VORE blog???? do u wanna get VORED????

jk hathoth would put you in her mouth if u asked and she likes u
Not eat u, but
People could finally live half of their dreams…..laying on a giant tongue

guys for a creative writing project I’m wrtitng a story/series about 8 teens who has elemental powers and save the world from darkness. the first story is called Aqua. Naomi is a bisexual latina who controls the sea and communictes with water type animals. She ran away from her home in San Francisco because her sister died of a illness and her father kicked her out because of coming out and murdered her mother (who accepts her).

She ends up at the beach and a storm comes over and washes Naomi far away and she ends up on a magic island with spirits that can help with powers and train her to find the other teens to help save the world. What do u think? Should I do it? I’ll add the chapters on my blog if you’re wondering

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It looks like Barry gave up on everything and couldn't make himself to go home because he has no one to go home. Probably closed Star Labs. I swear there was a few pic of Grant in a graveyard filming in the same outfit that he wears in the promo 🤔 Maybe future Barry goes the cemetery for Iris every day and this time he bring him along huh? What do u think

I agree on both fronts. He has no one to go home to, so he stays in STAR Labs, obsessing over the board (with the headlines), beating himself up and trying to figure out how he could’ve done things differently. Also yes, present!Barry most likely visits Iris’s grave. The question is, how long has it been since Barry and Joe seen each other? And if that’s future!Joe visiting her grave as well, will he notice Barry looks different considering future!Barry didn’t know what a shower or haircut was? Or did Joe even get a chance to see future!Barry grow out his hair, etc? Did Barry leave as soon as Iris died? Mm.. I’m being extra now, lol.

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what do u think about when you're mixing?

I daydream a lot, when I mix alone I often close my eyes and picture myself somewhere other than my room. I think alot about being in a small spot. the decks are in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone’s dancing around it. The only thing thats lighting the room is just one big screen behind me with visuals by myself or people who’s work I enjoy. Strobes going off non-stop, hearing the Amen break loud as hell etc. 

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What do u think about sag mars x sag mars in bed

they’d probably feel great together, they have similar levels of energy and they can both be very versatile so it can work out well 

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( sorry I know it's a lot of questions but u seem pretty cool:) )What do you think about school orchestras? What's yours like? What's your birthday month and which youth symphony do you go to?

I think school orchestras are so so important, yet greatly affected by the social environment of the school. my school is entirely sports driven and it’s definitely an atmosphere where music is considered inferior and generally less acceptable to actually have as a passion. people at my school usually do orch for college apps and i can count the kids who take it seriously on one hand. (maybe 1.5 hands if i’m being generous). that being said, i really appreciate that we even HAVE a program bc i love waking up and playing music every morning, and lots of kids don’t have the time/money to do outside orchestras or lessons so i’m happy that they have school orch at least.

my birth month is april :)

The Great Ace Attorney Replay: Investigations, Case 4, pt 1

Alla these are chats to my gf:

now i’m tiny bratty baby Miles on his first investigation. That means Von Karma’s here. So great. So glad to see more of him.

what do u think of my prosecutor’s badge VK.

the weird thing about showing everyone ur badge as Miles is he actually doesn’t wear his and keeps it in his pocket and doesn’t really show people, in contrast to Phoenix. but i still show it to everyone and the game has to make up a pretense for that.

so like with Gumshoe it was all like “Mr. Edgeworth u dropped something” and Miles was like “OMG MY BADGE FELL OUT OF MY POCKET HE MUST NEVER KNOW I WAS SO CARELESS.

well apparently it’s VK’s fault he doesn’t wear it. "Remember a prosecutor’s badge must never be flaunted”.

 "omg i will" 

“Besides, you don’t want to get holes in your fine garments”

…ru kidding me vk


“remember it’s not fashionable for a prosecutor to wear his badge”


miles i think you just read what you wanted to into that speech it sounds like he’s mostly concerned about fashion, since he is the height of it, clearly.

how many awful mentor- speeches has Von Karma made that Miles reininterpreted into something beautiful and profound and motivational while VK was just like “eh”.

We get to see younger Gumshoe again, he’s a super new detective here. It’s weird seeing him not being super in love with Miles. He keeps calling him “boy” or even “little boy prosecutor” and it is making Miles VERY ANNOYED. yeah well that’s what happens when ur 19 and it really shouldn’t be legal for u to do this job Miles.

Miles was all “i’ll find the perfect proof” and VK just randomly freaked out and was all “A WORTHLESS PERSON LIKE U HAS NO RIGHT TO PERFECTION” and Miles like…wasn’t even surprised by this random mood swing? There was just an awkward silence. So I guess random mood swings where suddenly VK yells at Miles he’s a piece of trash and then goes on like nothing just happened were like, common throughout his whole childhood so he’s not surprised by it at all. which is not unexpected, but yep. Poor Miles.

VK to Miles: “We have to make you a first rate prosecutor. It wouldn’t be very interesting otherwise”. WHAT A TOTALLY NOT-OMINOUS THING TO SAY.

like he’s literally looking at this kid thinking “it’s a SUPER IMPORTANT step in my revenge plan he becomes a REALLY WELL-KNOWN prosecutor so it will be all the more painful for him when I frame him for murder”.


I’ll say this for VK, he’s dedicated.