what do u have 3 say for yourself

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Yoooo, any tips for meeting Dan and Phil??? I'm super nervous...


2) know what you want to say beforehand and if you can have a small convo with them! usually if u don’t can anything to say they kinda have to just move along after a pose/selfie/hug ofc so be Ready™

3) honestly don’t be nervous cause they’re so sosososo sweet and genuine i was at their meetup this weekend and this one person started crying and dan just gave them another reassuring hug and was like “aw don’t worry it’s ok!!” and they were so aaaaaaA

4) know what pose for the pic to do beforehand too!

5) prepare yourself cause they smell great everyone can confirm this

B.A.P song asks (≧∇≦)/
  • Fermata: what’s a moment you wish to relive again and again?
  • Bow Wow: time for positivity! State one thing you love about yourself, can be anything :D
  • Unbreakable: are you the type of person to conceal don’t feel or do you prefer to have a good cry?
  • Carnival: if you could travel to another country and attend any event, where and what would it be?
  • Rainsound: list 5 songs from your rainy day playlist
  • I Guess I Need U: what’s your new obsession?
  • Power: do you have any life mottos/quotes you particularly live by?
  • Coffee Shop: next please! What drink would you like?
  • Do What I Feel: are you a straight-forward person or do you keep your opinions mostly to yourself?
  • Monologue: tell me something you are concerned about that the whole world needs to know! SHOUT IT OUT OR FULL CAPS, SAY IT ALL!
  • Bang X2: give me the 3 best songs you whip your hair to
  • Warrior: do you believe that your past experiences have shaped who you are now or did they change you?
  • Be Happy: close your eyes and think of happiness, what’s the first thing you see?
  • That's My Jam: *when new jams come out* do you listen to the same song on a loop or listen to the whole album/ep on repeat?
  • What My Heart Tells Me To Do: what do you REALLY want to do right now?
  • Badman: what's a quality you absolutely despise in people?
  • Voice message: tell me something you wish you did differently **record after the beep**
  • Killer: what/who really has the rhythm of your heart & makes it beat?
  • Back In Time: imagine time travelling is actually possible, which certain era/event in history would you want to experience and why?
  • With You: name something/someone you are thankful for :)

translations for [Quick Ask, Quick Answer] Lu Ke Ran:

Question 1: When you wake up in the morning, do you sleep in?
Ans: Nope.

Question 2: What is one thing you do every day?
Ans: ~dance~

Question 3: Emotional or Logical, which do you think you are?
Ans: In my work I’m more logical, in relationships I’m more emotional.

Question 4: When you’re in a bad mood, what do you do to dispel it?
Ans: Listen to music.

Question 5: What’s your favourite food?
Ans: Hotpot (t/n and something else I couldn’t really catch)

Question 6: What’s a phrase you say a lot?
Ans: Quick! It’s time for practice! We’re late! asdfghjkl

Question 7: What’s your favourite song?
(t/n: sorry, I don’t know the song so I can’t write it down)

Question 8: What do you like your fans to call you?
Ans: Keke (柯柯)

Question 9: Use a sentence to describe yourself!
Ans: The cutest Ke in the world!

Question 10: Use a pose to describe your love for the fans!
Ans: (1:07)

-Fan QnA

Question 1: Who do you think is the best? (t/n she says 范儿 here which is hard to translate, it kinda means “a nice vibe or style”)
Ans: I have to answer with someone in the group? Can it be me?
Q: Sure.

Question 2: What is Keke most scared of?
Ans: Butterflies and cockroaches.

Question 3: Say a little secret about yourself!
Ans: I’m actually really fat.

Wight Loss Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Consentration
  • White candle 
  • Picture of the castee 
  • Belief

 Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes prior to casting.

Light the candle and concentrate on the flame. Imagine your subject (or yourself) as light as the flame, weightless even. Do this for 5 minutes.

Now the picture is to be used if you can’t accurately visualize the person, but if you are able to you have no need for it. Visualize the subject and keep them as the focal point as your thoughts imagine them on a scale and the scales number is slowly dropping. How long u do this is all up to you.

Say this chant according to the amount of weight you wish to be lost. For instance, 30 pounds you say it 3 times so on so forth…Say:

“I ask of thee to help a friend (or yourself) to lose unwanted weight. What they may loose in body weight may they gain in happiness. I ask of thee to assist" 

After your last chant end with so mote it be. 

Responses to {Part 27} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU Asks~

 Please ‘Keep Reading’ to find my response to your ask ^^ As always, I have copied and pasted all asks into this post in regards to last night’s chapter to avoid clogging up people’s dashboards and to avoid spoilers for those who may still wish to read the chapter. Thank you ^^

(I have also included asks that I received before this IWSY chapter was posted ^^)


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hi! I'm rlly sorry if I'm annoying u but i absolutely love your writing so so much and its inspired me to write for dylan cos i love him so much etc. etc. ANyway i would love to post stuff to tumblr but I'm honestly so nervous cos like what if it flops or people don't like it or something, so i was wondering if u had any tips for this kinda thing?? <3 <3

Well, I started out and I had literally 0 followers. It doesn’t flop if you believe in it, it o my flops if no one cares, so as long as you do then it’s a success. I say, just have faith in yourself, you’ll be okay!

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do all of them

1. favorite season? fall, cause it’s not too hot or cold

2. prettiest thing u own? my sky hook

3. do u prefer to be outside or inside? inside, one hundred percent so i can avoid sunburn

4. furthest ever traveled? georgia from ohio

5. what’s your aesthetic in 3 words? messy, artsy, scribbly 

6 favorite gemstone? amethyst

7 best thing about yourself, in your opinion? i guess my hands

8 best thing about yourself, in other’s opinion? a lot of people say they like my freckles or my body but idk !!

9 what’s your weirdest fear? someone peeking around at me from a corner, and being chased up the stairs

10 weirdest dream you’ve ever had? i have weird dreams every night cause i sleep for about an hour and have all REM sleep but i had a fucked up one the other night about 

11 go-to hiding place? my room or lauren’s house

12 favorite place in your house? my room

13 earliest memory? being scared of the movie ‘what lies beneath’ and my mom not letting me sleep in her bed

14 do you believe in ghosts? yes, of course !!

15 favorite sea creature? loch ness, does that count??

16 cold showers or hot baths? hot baths, definitely

17 satin or lace? lace, on other girls especially 

18 gold or silver? silver, i never wear gold

19 hoops or pearl earrings? pearl, i love them

20 aesthetic song? bubble gum by clairo

21 top 5 songs? if its the beaches, bubble gum, jesus walking on the water, salina, same drugs

22 favorite time of the day? ten AM

23 favorite part of your body? nose!

24 do you drink alcohol? yes, yes i do

25 dream job from when u were a kid? teacher

26 messy or clean? messy

27 tea or coffee? coffee, i always have a cup of coffee in my hand

28 favorite book? flowers in the attic or my sweet audrina and lolita

29 zodiac sign? gemini

30 extrovert or introvert? introvert

31 celebrity crush? brian sella

32 early bird or night owl? night owl

33 do you believe in love at first sight? yeah, of course

34 favorite book quote? ‘the rest is rust and stardust’ or, ‘it was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight’

35 three wishes you have? pass uni, make unlimited amounts of friends to love and care for, soft blankets 4 life

36 do you believe in magic? no, but i wish i did

37 do you believe in soulmates? yeah i guess so although i wish a/b/o was a real concept oops

38 zoo or aquarium? aquarium, i like zoos but :-(

39 cats or dogs? cats, i love those lil babies

40 how many languages do you speak? english and french ! (not as good at french as i should be)

41 how has your life changed from last year? in so many ways, oh jeez, i lost friends and gained some, but mostly, i’ve made my tumblr, and that- is amazing to me, because i met all of you!

42 why do you have your name/url? i love wincest 

43 do you keep secrets? how well? yes, very well, unless they’re cute, cause then that makes me want to brag about how cute someone is

44 favorite animal? do soot sprites count?

45 what is love to you? something that makes you want to sleep in the same bed with a cutie and when you think of them you think of strawberries and beatles music and pastels

46 future children name? nora and i always wanted to name my kid oliver before but now idk because my bfs’s named ollie so, but maybe i still will

47 favorite color? forest green or mustard yellow or dusty pink

48 favorite movie? brokeback mountain! or gotg vol 2

49 cuddles or kisses? uhm both ! can’t they be a package deal

50 if you could have any person in the world over for dinner, who would be? jared padalecki 

51 someone to bring back from the dead? v.c. andrews

52 lipstick or lipgloss? lipgloss, i always used to wear it

53 are you street smart or book smart? street smart, i’d guess

54 your biggest strength? fresco painting

55 favorite sport? nope

56 favorite drink? blue coconut slushy with nerds from sonic

57 favorite winter activity? cuddling sledding

58 last time you went abroad? never! but i wish, i’d love to visit new zealand 

59 favorite dessert? lemon bars

60 favorite artist? michela hosp or elly dallas

61 favorite singer/band? the avett brothers, or clairo

62 favorite dancing song? outside with the cuties, frankie cosmos

63 favorite crying song? oh no, uhm, we can still be friends, bright eyes hands down

64 do you wear glasses? yes

65 first thing you do when you wake up? check my phone or pet gigi

66 how long do u usually sleep for? 2-4 hours

67 one thing you lost and you want back? @policeofficerdean

68 biggest fear? something happening to my dad, or my friends leaving me

69 favorite carnival ride? i’ve been to like one carnival but i loved the ferris wheel anyways

70 do u have birthmarks or scars? yes, lots of them, and two birthmarks

71 favorite childhood memory? my dad just being my dad, he’s the best human being in the world

72 what do u think about during a storm? sleeping and gigi and greta from frankie cosmos

73 one word to describe your life? sad

74 craziest thing ever done? i’m not very crazy in this sense 

75 do u have piercings or tattoos? yeah, i have a stick and poke that i did, my ears, and my septum and i’m getting a few more piercings coming up so look out for that cause they’re gonna’ be cool !

76 favorite flower? sunflower

77 do u have any pets? three dogs, five cats, a guinea pig

78 describe your style? i embroider all my own t-shirts with lil sayings and things, and ripped jeans i guess that are really old, and my doc martens? i guess?

79 choose one thing to change about yourself? how paranoid i get

80 do u play any musical instruments? clarinet!

81 if your life was a movie would it be a comedy, a rom-com, action film or drama? drama, and very boring

82 do u prefer dark, dramatic makeup or natural makeup? on me, none, but on other people, everything or nothing or anything 

83 favorite perfume? patchuli oil

84 biggest fandom? spn

85 favorite YouTuber(s)? marzia, michela hosp

86 OTP? hahah, wincest

87 country, state where you were born? ohio, usa

88 your parent’s name? crista and jeff

89 favorite snack? tortilla chips with cheese melted on them

90 pasta or pizza? pasta, only with red sauce though, i don’t like alfredo 

91 pen or pencil? pen

92 blue or black ink? black, i always use black ink pens, and i always have one in my pocket or bag

93 paper books or electronic books? paper books wtf, why is this even a question

94 history or geography? history, of course, i love history 

95 pastel or neon? pastel ! 

97  soap or body wash? body wash, it smells better longer i feel like

98  conditioner, no conditioner, or 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner? conditioner, every time

99 singing in the shower or not? i will never not sing in the shower, trust me

100  listen to music while bathing or silence? music, i always have music playing

101  blow dry, towel dry, or air dry your hair? air dry, i don’t do anything at all with my hair

102 morning or night showers? night showers, i love sleeping with wet hair for some reason

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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 🌈🌈

u rlly out here making me do this

  • im suprisingly smart irl even if i act like the dumbest shit on here (i didnt even  know a pickle was made from cucumber so whats the truth here)
  • according to sources im kind but like???? 
  • i dont mind taking the piss out of myself if it makes other ppl smile 

and my brains hurting too much to think of two more so ur getting 3

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~)

me, every second of the day: i love myself

me, as soon as i get this ask: what the fuc k d o i love

ANYWAY im gonna try to do this!! btw thnx rachel im love u

1. my sense of humour!!!!

2. i like that im a whole soft emo 24/7 (a marshmallow)

3. i like how i write sometimes,, will i ever post smthn? no but :P

4. uMMM i like that im rly good w technology?? idk n sometimes im proud of the shit i make on photoshop

5. my sense of style :~)

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (Non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 💖💖

whAT!!! why would u do this 2 me….. (sob) ok then

1. u u u u h i guess i…. i like my hair??? its floofy and soft. its funny when i try to style it.

2. i must admit im kinda proud of this blog like. i think my cool quirky internet persona™ is kinda rad :}

3. this is getting difficult uuuh!! i guess i like that i can play the piano. its one of the few things im actually confident about?? :‘0

4. i actually uuuh understand/learn things pretty quickly i think?? yea i think so…. im pretty happy with that tbh!! less effort needed…..

5. a a a a a h….. i like uh…… my eyes?? theyre brown but really dark so they look almost black but u can see that theyre brown in the sun, i always found that cool (kinda)

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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then, you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. (non-negotiable, positivity is cool~) 💗

Another one omg thanks <3

1. When I dedicate something, I’ll do it and fight for it with all my heart. 

2. I like how I can be so selfless and fair. 

3. I kinda love my appearance. Though I wish I’m somewhat more cute since I’m not. ;u;

4. I love my art skill…? XD

5. I love what makes me special and unique. 

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I'm so behind on my studies it's gotten to the point where I'm unmotivated to catch up and I get depressed thinking about all the work I have to catch up on and thinking I'm gonna fail these classes 😭 any advice?

Girl i’m gonna give you one of the greatest pieces of advice you’re ever gonna get in your life, so take a deep breath and relax :) are you ready? 

TURN TO DISCIPLINE! Look around you and you see most people looking for motivation, looking at motivation to help them accomplish a task. But the successful people? The people who GET. STUFF. DONE.?? They have discipline.

Motivation is doing something u need to do when you feel like it. Discipline is doing something you need to do even when you don’t feel like it.

Not saying that motivation isn’t great and necessary. It is! It will help you achieve your long term goal. But for short term, it’s like the play boy next door. Motivation is flimsy, unreliable, it can’t commit to a long term relationship (with success). It’ll hook up with you for a night and be gone the next morning without a trace.

So rely on discipline. Motivation will come and go naturally, discipline and will power will not. But they are the things that will GET. STUFF. DONE.

Furthermore, they’re like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger it gets. So apply it to every area of your life. Eg. When i go to the gym and say i will do A, B, C, if i get super tired after B, i will still do C, even if its half heartedly - its the fact that i had the discipline to follow through with a commitment that’s important (ofc if i won’t do it if it’s unsafe for my health). Like this, apply discipline to even the smaller areas of your life.

One method i like to use is the ‘one, two, three’ method. We procrastinate sometimes bc we overthink things and convince us that we don’t REALLY need to do that thing now. Basically,
1. Think about the thing to do. U know the thing now?
2. Count to three
3. START! (Starting is half the battle)

One thing that also helped me was instead of saying ‘i don’t have time’, i replaced it with 'i don’t want to’. Also, how you approach it is also important. Take a step back and look at the big picture. What do you have to do? The best thing to do right now is turn to your syllabus, or make a list yourself. Now divide these into small chunks and attack these each and every day. I remember in school i would do 10 minutes of each subject a day on top of my homework. It really helped me stay on top of my subjects. Like this, just do a little each day if you can afford to.

Finally, your teachers are there to help you. Turn to them for advice, go to them for help. I’m sure most teachers would be happy to help. remember, your good grade will look good for them too!

Anyway, i hope this helped! I know this isn’t my usual nicety reply but its an attempt to be more motivating (haha). Good luck with everything :) also i really recommend you check out my tags 'ask’ and 'organisation’ and maybe 'discipline’. I wasn’t able to condense a lot of the info here. Adios! Thank you for the ask ^^

2015 Asks

a-what’s your biggest goal for this year?
b- who do you admire most in your life? 
c- who is your best friend and how did you meet them?
d- how many relationships have you had? 
e- what was your most important relationship and why?
f- are you a virgin? if so, what do you want your first time to be like or what was your first time like if not? 
g- name your top 3 favorite celebrities and why you like them 
h- do you have pets? if so, talk about them
i- talk about your first kiss
j- what’s your favorite candy? 
k- do you have siblings? if so, talk about them 
l- do you have a mental illness or disorder? what is it? 
m- what’s your gender?
n- what’s your sexuality or romantic orientation? 
o- what’s your favorite tv show? 
p- your favorite food?
q- what do you value most? 
r- what is the most important trait in a person when you’re dating them? 
s- do looks matter to you in a relationship?
t- how tall are you?
u- do you have a crush right now? if so, talk about them 
v- what is one thing from last year that you want to change this year? 
w- write a short letter to yourself in middle school
x- what is your biggest sexual fantasy?
y- what’s your favorite subject in school?
z- write a short letter to someone who you have a lot to say to 
1. write a short bio for yourself, so people can get to know you
2. who are your favorite blogs on tumblr?
3. are you a cat lover or a dog lover? 

Things I need to ask Frank:

• how many tattoos do you have and do you even know

• also how many dogs do you have like what kinds

• how do you pronounce jamia bc i’ve heard you yourself pronounce it at least 3 different ways before and i just wanna get it right

• also back to the tattoo thing what’s your favorite

• are you gonna do more music with FIATC no rush i just love your music to death

• did u know that the pink water cures stomachaches is that why your album’s accent is pink or was that just me

• wHAT in the fRICK FRACK does the back of your tour jacket say it’s the one that says “i’ve been better” but what does the arabic part say

• what’s your favorite movie just wondering

• also do you like oversized sweaters

• last one do you know how fucking cute you are

PLANE (but not plain) SHIPS/BLOGRATES)

aight here’s the deal guys. i can finally type again (sorta… my wrist is hella sore but i’m dealing) but since im currently in the plane and the wifi isn’t the greatest, i don’t wanna start writing & posting things if they might get deleted halfway through AND since cdizzlethomashood is less than 200 away from 2k, i’m doing ships again.

i promise to start writing again tomorrow bc i’ll be home and wifi is moderately better there, i can actually post (also i’m seeing some joint pain specialists and neurologists on thursday so hopefully my wrist will be completely fine soon)

so here’s how we do

1) follow cdizzlethomashood (i don’t care if u follow me but u gotta follow her)

2) have a face/about me page or like try and describe yourself & i needa see ur name somewhere

3) reblog this shit to get the message out

4) post a wyr/mfk/mlt/ship me/whatever in my ask box along with your star sign (i.e. aquarius, scorpio, etc.) [ps don’t just say “i want a ship i’m a cancer” actually ask me something or ship me i want this to be fun for everyone]

here’s what you’ll get



3) ship name: 

4) url rate: epic | i love it | can i have it thanks | who did u suck for this

5) icon rate: epic | i love it | can i have it thanks | who did u suck for this

6) theme rate: epic | i love it | can i have it thanks | who did u suck for this

things you’ll get after my plane lands:

1) couple gif:

2) gif of ship:

3) edit of u and ur ship (if u have a picture of urself somewhere):

4) vine of ship:

5 tips on how to stay positive:

1. If you’re going through a rough time just tell yourself that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”. Just try to take things positively! If its hard for you to take it in then just think about the consequences, think of the what ifs.

 wanna hear a true story? 

One of my friend was upset that her parents didn’t let her carpool with her friend to Mid Valley and she didn’t understand why…then the person she was supposed to take a ride with ended up in a small car crash.. 


Stick to this motto and I s2g you will never have a bad day; even though your mom just scolded you.

 2. Have you ever stalked someone’s instagram and started comparing yourself to them? Well STOP; STOP COMPARING YOUR LIFE/YOURSELF TO OTHERS. Bad things tend to happen when you start comparing : 

-hate the person you’re stalking for no reason because you’re not them and you don’t have what they have

-you’ll hate your life/yourself by saying “fml” and when you hate your life/yourself, you won’t be YOU and you won’t be in your happy circle and u might just do some stupid stuff that involves pain; mentally and physically. 

So, don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. Cause you’ll start to be someone you’re not and wouldn’t be as happy as you were last time. So, you should..

3. Stop being someone you’re not. Stop pleasing the society. You are who you are. You’re special and beautiful inside and out in your OWN WAY. You should not let anyone else categorise whether you’re beautiful/pretty/handsome & etc. OH and don’t let the number of followers or likes you get on social media define you. 

Just..love yourself!!!!

4. Tell someone a joke and just laugh at your own jokes (even though they don’t find it funny).

5. Whenever you start doubting yourself, STOP. Just tell yourself the opposite thing you’re doubting. E.g.: “I can do it. No one can stop me” 

Everyone has different ways of keeping themselves positive. However, what I just said up there are the stuff that I remind myself whenever I start to feel down. 

but HEY there’s always UPS & DOWNS in life and not everyone can just be ‘OKAY’ with it in a split of second and some people just just need time to take it in. 


p.s. I still have my Bali, Bangkok & KL pics to post!