what do u guys even call him

🌸Best Friend Mark headcannons🌸

⚪Welcome back to the best friend series!
⭐Shoutout to Soo-Young :>
⚪ Even if you’re not good at rapping, he will force you to rap with him
⚪ Him always cheering you on
⚪ Wouldn’t that be adorable to have Mark Lee as your own cheerleader?!
⚪ Probably buys you stuff
⚪ “Mark I said I wanted skittles, that does not be 46 bags of king sized skittles.”
⚪ Roasting session w/ Haechan
⚪ “Mark ily, but not ur hair.”
⚪ Trying to hang out in public but getting swarmed by fans
⚪ “Young man I swear if another fan screams opp- you know what?!”
⚪ Getting tired of the word Oppa because of that
⚪ Doing his part in Mad City and purposely butchering it
⚪Telling fellow NCT members they can’t even look at you
⚪He’s like an older brother
⚪"Call her hot one more I dare u"
⚪"Mark I’m old enough to take care of my-“
⚪ “What was that? Did you want peanut butter and jelly or just jelly on your sandwich?”
⚪ Annoying him w/ Chenle
⚪"Can you guys stop laughing like dolphins.“
⚪You’ll walk in to the dorm, Mark’s chasing Haechan in circles
⚪ The Dream Team is probably just laughing their heads off
⚪You probably smack both of them
⚪But then Mark buys you ice cream and you don’t even question it
⚪ Mark giving you fashion advice
⚪ “Why are giving me fashion advice when your hair looks like that everyday.”

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Time for more BITTYPOOTS AU, meaning the story @gutsybitsy and I are working on where Jack is the tormented audience to Bitty and Poots’ unhappy and unsatisfying relationship (Original post / fic tag). NOW FEATURING: established relationship Patater and excerpts from Bitty’s twitter!

(Also accidental outing to a safe/sympathetic audience, and gay gossip.)

Away games in Las Vegas have gotten a lot easier these days. During his rookie year, they meant pitched arguments with Kent that lasted hours and left them both exhausted in the morning. After Kent broke up with him, they meant a couple years of holing up early in his hotel room and eating room service while watching tape.

But now Las Vegas trips are, quite tentatively… nice.

Somehow the crucible of two Stanley Cup finals against each other in the last four years have left the Falcs and Aces with a permanent rivalry that is enthusiastic, respectful, warm, and friendly. It could so easily have been bitter–but if Jack were to name a single factor that turned the tide, it was Tater’s defection to Vegas. You couldn’t quite hate a man who skated over during breaks and asked how your children liked their birthday presents, who complimented you on your improved form and laughed about your inability to score on his goalie, and then laughed again when you did before putting his head down and putting all his energies to beating your pants off. Tater’s shoulders are broad enough to carry all of the game’s spirit, its pettiness and nobility, its competition and comradeship–and Kent, the burden of the C removed from him by Tater’s presence, began finding it easier to be magnanimous in victory, graceful in defeat.

And the two of them know Jack doesn’t like big parties, so they leave Tater’s other A to lead the grand night out with the Falcs and whisk Jack away to a quiet dinner at their apartment instead.

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Nct mlt have a daddy/master kink?

oh my g od,,,,


  1. Hansol (the second you’d say it his eyes would just go dark and he’d smirk and oh my goD)
  2. Yuta (i lowkey see him as more of the ‘master’ type but once you said it he’d have you say it all the time, oh my god. say it in his ear in public and you’ll definitely get a punishing,,,,)
  3. Johnny (imo he is Daddy. like. the definition of it but idk im biased. y’all seen him in that suit tho, h o t d a m n)
  4. Jaehyun (S U G A R D A D D Y M A T E R I A L. that is all.)
  5. Kun (v e r y lowkey like he’d only have u call him daddy in very specific situations)
  6. Taeil (he would honestly love it but when you said it he’d be so flustered poor thing he wouldn’t know what to do or how to respond,,,)
  7. Doyoung (he’d be v similar to taeil except when u said it, he’d just get this adrenaline rush he’d be proud of himself and oh my god he’d teAR YOU UP dont even get me started i)
  8. Winwin (i see him as a master kind of guy but similar to kun, only in very certain situations but oh my god you say it and he just bites his lip and in his deep voice goes, “yes, kitten.”)
  9. Ten (i wouldn’t say he wouldn’t like it at all, but. i don’t see him taking full advantage of it, y’know? he finds it much hotter when you call him by pet names.)
  10. Taeyong (ok this is just me but taeyong is sucH A SUB I JUST CANT SEE IT IM SO SORRY THIS IS COMPLETE PERSONAL BIAS BUT)


i better not have forgotten anyone oh my god

Dating Minhyuk would include:

• Finding yourself being dragged to the most childish places 24/7 Minhyuk is like “babe! A new toy store opened down the street! We gotta get there before all the plush toys r gone”
• As he’s telling you this he’s sitting on ur bed surrounded by a mountain of stuffed animals.
• Secondhand embarrassment. lots.and lots.of secondhand embarrassment.
• Taking a trip with monsta X and you and minhyuk are chanting the name of the place you’re going to over and over until Hyungwon slaps y'all upside ur pretty heads
• Constantly trying to beat him at games but he always wins and does this little snarky victory dance until u give him a pouty face and he promises to let u win next time (but he actually will never let that happen)
• Every time you are in the same room and hear the phrase “food is ready” y'all immediately bolt for the kitchen nearly killing each other trying to get there first
• Hanging out with i.m all the time until minhyuk is like “hey changkyun :) don’t u have to go see jooheon? Like :) right now :)”
• Joke wrestling until one of you gets super serious about it. The coffee table is flipped over. You’ve shattered a lamp. Kihyun is giving you a look only disappointed mothers give their shitty children.
• Judging aegyo contests between the members and picking jooheon every time just to see minhyuk get heated af
• Him being super flirty and cute until u guys are about to do the do and he says some nasty shit in your ear and you’re like “BABE. … …..say that again.”
• Really dumb pet names…like think of the cheesiest pet name…now think of an even more embarrassing one. That’s what y'all are gonna be calling each other 24/7
• The rest of monsta X going “oooOOOOHHH” in unison whenever u guys so much as touch each other
• Long philosophical talks about tv shows meant for children
• Walking beside him and kicking your leg up behind you to kick his butt when he teases u
• Him tryna teach your aegyo-less ass how to act cute and you get super embarrassed but the entire time minhyuk is just *heart eyes*
• You’re basically dating a large six year old and his dumbass friends
• Despite the 24/7 clowning you both genuinely care for each other
• He’s surprisingly a really good listener
• You could spend hours in his arms telling him about your worries as he twirls your hair around his fingers
• Both of you show sides of yourselves to each other that you’re too afraid to show to anyone else
• The relationship gives you the kind of feeling you get when its 3 in the morning and you’re talking with your favorite person about everything and nothing at the same time.
• basically lots of nonsense and even more love

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omg what do u think of graylu

Oh lordy, even though I’m an avid NaLu fan, I won’t deny that GrayLu would make one of the most attractive Fairy Tail couples ahaha. Gray was originally the first guy in FT that I liked and I shipped him with Erza at first (until Jellal came along and I was like oh I see LOL) but anyway, I think both of them have great chemistry! Like it’s also pretty damn obvious that Gray is attracted to Lucy, I mean, come on, do you see how he treats her??? He has no problem calling her cute and complimenting her, there are a number of moments where him, Lucy, and Natsu are in danger, and Gray went out of his way to make sure Lucy is alright, not only that, but tHE AMOUNT OF TIMES HE BLUSHES WHEN HE SEES LUCY NAKED LOOL. Like because Gray isn’t as dense as Natsu, I feel like him and Lucy are able to have an actual regular conversation, with some friendly flirting here and there. I absolutely LOVE Natsu, but damn, I need a guy with the capability to have a deep conversation with you know? Especially with Lucy, since not only is she beautiful, but she’s a book nerd, so I remember one scene where Gray sneaked into her house and found the draft of her novel and began reading it or something– IDK. I can understand why Juvia would be jealous of Lucy… bECAUSE OF THE FACT THAT HE ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION TO HER. Anyway yeah, GrayLu is hella cute. Tbh, wouldn’t mind having just a nice threesome relationship with Natsu/Lucy/Gray lmaoo

Sorry I rambled a lot, here have an old sketch I drew of them.

to vld writers: how to write lance

okay imma split this into dos and don’ts so it’ll be easier for me to write and you to read.


lance swears in spainish its really annoying tbh

lance says random words in spanish for no reason

giving him the last name mcdoodlydoo (use Gutierrez instead it sounds better and more accurate until we get an official name)

making it known very annoyingly often how he “rolls his r’s”?????? why do people do that??? he has an american accent in the show?????

 people like to assume so many things like comparing his dick to churros???? what the actual fuck u guys?????? thats so gross like why??????

dont ever make him a stereotype latino like theres so much more to us and him???? like dont ever do that????? thats what this list is for????

dont name every single fucking character maria and jose?????? like use babynames.com its available??????


he can speak spanish like i like the thing where he calls his crush little pet names in spanish cause thats something we actually do even if we mostly speak english

let him swear in english its okay trust me

you can let him be proud of where hes from like he def can mention it and say how proud he is of his country like that is okay all good

he can also mention his fav cuban dish (or literally any latino dish from any one of those countries) ike this is okay u can do this

he can speak spanish like he can use sayings like thats also okay cause my fam says a bunch of stuff i catch myself saying

a PSA from an actual latino person thank for reading :D

(feel free to add more if u r a latino person who likes voltron but hates how some writers write my bby lance)

You're a 97liner (Block B)

Zico: -it was only after you had climbed into his lap and the two of you were kissing heavy. He was sliding his hand up your shirt that you stopped him and have him a look. ‘Jiho before you do something you regret I just turned 19(18) last week’ he looked up at you- “well I can’t believe that. I don’t remember being able to do that with my tongue when I was 19″

Jaehyo: -you were so innocent and honest with feeling bad that you weren’t his age. As soon as he started to get kind of flirty with you, you quickly told him how you were only 19(18) and he gave you a sad look- “am I too old for you or something? I think you’re an interesting person and I’d like to take you out on a date, is that bad?”

P.O: -you were an adult today celebrating at a bar was weird for you. While the other’s enjoyed the party Jihoon had built up the courage to talk to you. The two of you were hitting it off having many things in common when he asked what you were doing there ’celebrating my first day as an adult, I wasn’t having til you came and talked to me’ he was a little shocked by that but he was really interested in you- “I really hope you don’t mind I’m a few years older than you. I really enjoy talking to you”

B-Bomb: -they were doing some kind of game when they have to guess the person’s age. You were the maknae of your group and looked older to the others so the guesses of 20,23,25 were around their guesses but they were shocked to find out you were barely legal- “no way in hell that girl is 19(18) she looks our age.”

Taeil: -he’s been hitting on you for the passed 4 months since you guys worked for one of the same labels but didn’t seem to realize how young you were when he would flirt even when you had no idea how to respond to him. One day when he started again one of the members of your group asked what the hell he was doing flirting with a 19(18) year old and he looked at you in shock- “is that why you won’t respond? Am I too old or something? Lack of experience? What is it?”

U-Kwon: -he was being teased by many people and being called a cradle robber because you were 5 years younger than him. You guys had a strong friendship  before you were an adult and when you became an adult he asked you out. So he was getting pissed when people kept bringing it up- “you know she’s more than just a new adult. She’s a women who’s intelligent and gorgeous. I would really appreciate if people stop questioning my love life when it’s better than most idols”  

Kyung: -he’s always seen you as an adult even when you were a minor. You were very mature and made him look like a child at times. He wanted to take you out for your birthday to get your first legal beverage but you told him you didn’t want to drink and planned on remembering the evening instead of being drunk- “fine Y/N then let me take you out to eat or something. Eating’s better than getting drunk anyways”

S.Coups as your boyfriend:
  • Overprotective asf
  • If you’re hanging out at the dorm with them and it’s late and you have to get back home he’ll wanna walk you home and it’ll take a lot for him to agree to let you just go on your own
  • Literally once you leave the dorm he’ll call you
  • “I just left what do you want?”
  • “I just wanna make sure you’re safe jagi”
  • He’s always worrying about you and taking care of you even when you don’t need it
  • “Are you sure you’re comfortable I can get u more blankets?”
  • “shut up and go to sleep”
  • “yah you’re so fiesty”
  • “Bye”
  • He’d love it if you could keep up banter with him
  • He always has his hand on your thigh like when you guys are just alone watching a movie or talking with the other members
  • he’d get really engaged in the conversation and if you’re not really talking that much he just keeps his hand on your thigh squeezing it every once in awhile and turning back to give you a big cheesy smile to let you know he knows you’re still there¿before returning back to the convo
  • I feel like he’d spoil you 25/8
  • He’d surprise you with flowers all the time that soon enough it’s not even a surprise when he brings them but you still absoluetley love it whenever he does bc you love knowing he’s always thinking about you which he sure as hell is 
  • whenever you guys are apart he misses you 
  • when you guys started dating you became really close to seventeen you’re like a family to them more like a mother 
  • He LOVES when you wear his clothes
  • Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants he does rlly cringe worthy aegyo which usually ends up with a smack to the head and him getting what he wants in the end
  • “Come lay with me”
  • “I’m doing work no”
  • “Pls pls pls”
  • “Ugh I can never get anything done around you”
  • “You can do me”
  • Sexual innuendos all the time tbh
  • He literally treats you like a princess
  • He loves listening to you talk sometimes he’ll just sit back and listen and watch your lips smiling
  • When he’s away on tour or doing promo he’ll call you to check in on you, usually late night phone calls
  • If he’s coming home late from practice he’ll pick you up ice cream along the way and when he walks in he’ll make a big entrance
  • “Me, now hush my show is on”
  • Him pouting when you don’t pay enough attention to him
  • He’s like a puppy tbh
  • He’ll join you watching your shows no matter what it is, he’s into whatever you’re into, he’s not picky
  • “You bought me ice cream?”
  • “Yeah I thought you’d be hungry still”
  • “yahhhh you’re so cute”
  • “Nooooo”
  • He gets embarrassed whenever you tease him/baby him like that but he loves it
  • He wakes you up hella early and gives you a piggy back ride to the gym while you’re still half asleep in his hoodie and sweats
  • He honestly just wants you to come with him so he can show off smh
  • Then when you get impatient he starts tickling you to bring back a smile on your face and you can’t help but laugh
  • Him picking you up bridal style making you blush when people start to stare, taking you back to the house where you two cook breakfast together
  • once you guys finish eating you’ll realize how early he actually woke you up for the gym
  • “It’s only 8am?!!!!!”
  • “…yeah”
  • “ok no I’m going back to bed”
  • If he can, he’ll join you back to sleep and cuddles with him would be so warm and he’d wrap you up in his arms kissing your temple and stroking your arm as you fall back asleep with a smile on your face bc he’s so comfortable and sweet, he’s like a huge teddy bear
  • You guys take care of each other which is what makes you such a good couple 
  • The other members are highkey jealous of your relationship
  • If he’s upset after work you’ll make him dinner and set it up all nicely for him and make sure to give him lots of kisses bc he loves skinship and although you may not show it often, when you do it makes him super happy 
  • If you’re having a bad day, he’ll attack you with kisses and lots of back hugs and he’ll cook for you and carry you around wherever you need to go even though you insist that’s not necessary
  • He just wants to do everything possible to make you happy and comfortable


Ok there’s so much more that I wanted to write for this so maybe later i’ll do a part 2 bc I didn’t wanna make this rlly long but I hope you like it and pls send requests 

Part 3

“Y/N just hold my hand, okay? You can’t walk up that stairs alone.” Michael said. After three steps, Mikey gave up and said, “Fuck, we’re not going anywhere with this.” Before carrying me up. “Mikey!” I semi-yelled after he swooped me up in the air. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “I could take care of myself Mikey.” “Says the one who cried after getting a splinter.” Mikey snorted. “That was one time! But anyways, I should’ve just called in sick today.” “Nu-uh bitch. You got to show that little CEO that you could handle yourself.” He said before being interrupted by Mr. Hemmings coughing. “Mikey?” Mr. Hemmings asked. “Lukey?” Mikey asked before enveloping Mr. Hemmings in a bone crushing hug. “What are you doing here? I though Jack owned this place or something.” “Idiot. I’m the CEO here.” “Oh. Wait hold the fuck up! You’re the one who did some damage to Y/N?” He asked, getting more mad every second. “U-uhm..” “If only Y/N wasn’t here, me and Ashton would’ve beaten your ass. But even Y/N wasn’t here, only Ashton would because you’re far too precious!” Michael whispered the last sentence. “I’ll treat you some pizza tomorrow. And what did Ashton do to get dragged into this?” “Idiot. Ashton is Y/N’s brother. Y/N? Y/N Irwin? Ring a bell?” “O-oh.” Mr. Hemmings turned pale when the realization hit him whil Michael tried his best to hold in his laughter but failed miserably. “Yeah, oh. Just call me when you’re done with work Y/N. Bye guys!” He said before kissing my cheek. I could feel the tension rising between the two of us since I could feel the gaze of Mr. Hemmings on me. “Meet me at my office. Now.” I obliged and started walking, limping slighly while I prepare myself for the hell that I’m gonna go through. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “So about yesterday.” Mr. Hemming started. “What about it sir?” I asked dumbfoundedly. “I’m really sorry okay? I didn’t mean the words I said. I also didn’t mean to push you. Oh and uhm, I’m sorry for bringing up, uhm you know-…” “Why say words that you don’t mean?” I whispered, not really expecting that he would hear it. “I’m really really sorry.” “Oh okay.” “Are you sure you forgave me? Cause it doesn’t really look like it.” He tried his best not to let her hear his voice filled with hurt. “I didn’t yet.” “If only you knew that I liked you too.” He whispered and you were surprised that it made you stop walking out the door. “What did you say?” Not believing your ears. “I like you okay? And I’m really sorry.” “Then prove it.” You said before walking out the door, giving him a little smile. ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ “Y/N.” “Mr. Hemmings?” “Come on. It’s break time. I’m gonna take you out for lunch.” “No, really, it’s okay.” I said but deep inside I really wanted to go to lunch with him. “I insist. Now come on!” He said before dragging me. But then I saw the face of Calum with a ‘bitch i told you’ face. And I quickly mouthed, “Details later!” ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ Mr. Hemmings parked his car in front of McDonald’s, the happiest place on Earth. “H-how did you know?” “Michael. Now let’s eat!” ~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~~•~ We were almost done eating. Mr. Hemmings was just wiating for me to finish my fries and sundae. “Ew. Why do you dip your french fries in your ice cream? That’s gross.” “No it’s not.” “Yes it i-…” You cut him off by shoving a fry dipped in ice cream to his mouth. He moaned and said, “This is the best!” He squealed like a school girl. “Told you sir!” “It’s Luke outside the office.” He finished off with a wink. “Oh and by the way, I have something to tell you.” “What is it Luke?” “I don’t like you.” “Oh.” Nice going, me. I thought to myself. “I love you.” He said before smashing his lips into mine.

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Oblivious // Stiles Stilinski

Title: Oblivious
Author: Callie
Character: Stiles Stilinski
Trigger Warnings: none
Prompt: “First of all can you make a master list and then can u make a stiles imagine were Lydia and Alison know you have a crush on him but he does not know and fluff stuff or something”

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is it cool to request hcs with a male s/o bringing viktor home for the holidays? this time of year gets difficult for me sometimes ;; (u have a really sweet blog btw)

Of course, darling! I really hope things look up for you, no one deserves to have a bad time. Unfortunately, people won’t always be happy during the holidays… But I really hope I manage to make things a little better for you! (And thank you very much, that’s so sweet of you~ Also I hope this is what you meant, please tell me if you meant something different!)

-Viktor’s!! So!!! Excited!!
-The night before you guys leave, he’s hardly able to sleep
-Occasionally he leaves the bed to pack a little extra thing
-”viktor what the fuck will you go to sleep oh my god”
-”but?? what if I need to show your parents my really cool skates????”
-When you finally DO manage to bring him to bed, he’s just lying on his back, staring at the ceiling with the biggest smile on his face
-When you wake up, and get ready to head to the airport, he’s so fucking tired and it’s his own goddamn fault
-wtf babe i literally told you 70 times to sleep????
-Viktor is dragging himself around the house, dressing up, with the darkest bags under his eyes
-have you ever seen a happy zombie
-well you have now
-it’s hilarious trust me
-you’re fuckin brushing your teeth and you spit
-You look up and it’s like those horror movies
-he’s suddenly there, with sleepy droopy eyes and a sleepy/thrilled smile
-”I’mmmm gonna see your parents~” 
-you laugh so hard you almost snort the toothpaste foam
-”Yeah okay, get ready nerd”
-He calls the person who is taking care of Makkachin while you’re gone even though you tell him they’re gonna be fucking SLEEPING
-he is fuckin oblivious af
-the person answers the phone with a flat and drowsy voice, and Viktor asks if he can put Makkachin on the phone
-there’s a dead silence, and a big sigh, and you yell apologies from the other side of the room
-viktor gets emotional during the call, probs because he’s delirious af with lack of sleep
-i mean u totally don’t get teary eyed idk what ur talking about
-You guys are in the taxi now, and even though you insist he sleep a little, he’s just refusing
-Viktor leans his head against your shoulder, and his eyes are slowly closing, and you think he’s finally gonna get a little sleep but 
-Then his eyes shoot open, and there’s a wave of nervousness over him
-”what do your parents like? do they like dogs? should we have brought makkachin?? do you think they’ll like me? i mean, they should know about me, right?? i won the grand prix 5 times they totally know about me, they’ll love me. right??? Y/N???”
-you gotta settle him down and pat his shoulder, give him a lil smooch
-”calm tf down babe i told them plenty about you, it’s fine”
-When you guys are boarding the airplane, he’s still asking questions about your parents, but slowly he falls asleep
-Praise the lord
-The flight is long and quiet thankfully, he sleeps the entire way
-But he holds your hand while you do, and you try not to blush, omg that’s adorable
-When you guys land, you’re searching the crowd for your parents and now you’re lowkey starting to feel nervous too
-Your parents are waving to catch your attention, and you begin walking towards them, before Viktor pulls you back
-He’s serious now
-”Are you okay?” he asks you, before you can ask him, “Are you scared?”
-Now you’re the quiet one, and it takes you a while to reply.
-He smiles gently, and places a kiss on your forehead, before intertwining your hand with his
-”It’ll be okay! I want to celebrate the holidays already, let’s go!”
-The minute he shines a stunning smile towards your parents, he’s won
-And you just can’t help but laugh
-stop having so much power you fuckin dweeb 
-”He’s gorgeous, son, how on earth did you manage to snag someone like him?” Your mom asks
-Viktor laughs, and wraps an arm around your shoulders
-”Destiny! Or perhaps your son is just very lucky! I know I am~”


Boyfriend Inseong ♡ 

-the cutie boyfriend
- takes u to cat cafes
- mostly bc he wants to see the cats
- uses >.< or :3
- calls you cute every morning
-your best friend
 -loves u no matter what
-you guys literally never get into a fight because he always agrees with you even when you’re in the wrong b/c he loves seeing you happy
-once asked rowoon to help him make you a nice dinner
-ended up leaving the cooking to Rowoon but he didn’t tell you that
-always has the best movie recommendations so your movie nights are never boring
-if on the rare occasion you guys do fight it never lasts more than 10 minutes because he’s always the first to apologize with forehead kisses and back hugs and you can’t resist that 
-holds your hand in public to let everyone know that you guys are together and that you’re off limits
- “did he just look at you? you know you’re mine right? only mine?”
-he needs reassurance once in a while
-doesn’t care how you look because he loves just being with you so to him, you’re the most beautiful person he’s seen 

Okay y’all want to know what hooks me so hard about Iron Bull? Here you go:

He was on Seheron. He killed people. It was a war and the Qunari have fairly advanced technology. He probably killed a lot of people. Let’s look at the factions—Tevinter, who are generally agreed to be Evil, okay, that’s fine. The others were the Seheron rebels, fighting only to reclaim their homeland, and the Tal-Vashoth, fighting for independence from a system that would control them by whatever means necessary. Bull killed them anyway. A lot of them. He did burn out eventually, but it took a while.

Second, he has been trained to be a very good liar. That much is obvious from the Trespasser endings. To be a very good liar, he has to be able to keep his cover regardless of the situation. So Bull can do anything. Whether he thinks it’s right or wrong has no bearing on his actions. What he feels and what his hands do are completely separate entities. (Consider this in relation to the first point above.)

Third, he has so, so much power. His size isn’t just a quirk. He’s over seven feet tall and strong enough to swing around a giant axe all day without getting tired. That isn’t something you can just overlook—and he can’t change it. He is always dangerous by default, whether he likes it or not. It’s not just the physical stuff, either! He’s extremely smart and is constantly gathering information—it’s a reflex by now. In any given situation, he knows more than anyone else in the room. That’s not just for standoffs, either, that’s for shooting the shit with friends or consoling someone after they’ve had a bad day. He always knows more than they do. That separates him from them. From anyone, really.

So let’s think about Iron Bull having gone Tal-Vashoth. It used to be that he would do anything for the Qun—he could do anything for the Qun. Now he doesn’t have the Qun anymore. But he still has that capacity to do anything, which he exercised to great effect in Seheron. And he has the power to pull it off. Under the right circumstances, whatever those may be, he could hurt the people he cares about. He could kill them. He knew it, with the Chargers, and it was the Inquisitor who called him off.

And now he has to go around without any orders from the Qun and figure out what the hell to do with all that power. He’s the most dangerous guy in the room and he doesn’t have a leash anymore. So where’s he supposed to get his guidance? And does it even matter? It’s not like anyone could stop him.

The fear of Tal-Vashoth madness dogs him, yeah, but I think that’s what he’s afraid of.

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how would joshua be as a best friend?

  • he would be extremely supportive 
  • always telling u that he’s proud to have u as a bff
  • but hed also regularly tell u that ur a fucking nerd 
  • and that he lovs u
  • he wouldnt be afraid to tell u if he thought u were doing something idiotic
  • movie nights!1 omg
  • he may accidentally burn the popcorn a little but who even cares
  • he would ask u for music recommendations 
  • and ask what song he should learn on guitar next
  • u guys could go jogging together sometimes
  • he would make fun of u for being out of breath after 5 mins in
  • and u would tell him to buzz off
  • he would gladly teach u to play the guitar if u wanted him to
  • and he would get super excited to see u get better and better at it
  • if u were sad he would let u call him anytime
  • even if it was at 4am 
  • he would be an amazing listener 
  • and try his best to give u advice even if its something u dont wanna hear
  • he would get u in public and probably embarrass u to death
  • on purpose
  • bc hes a little shit
  • u would have A LOT of inside jokes
  • tbh being best friends w/ joshua would be bomb as hell 

-admin kida

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AAAAAAAY THERE COWBOY, explain to us The Rage against suga being the mom friend, juseyo

lol cowboy. this speaking..writing..typing…..w/e…style sounds very familiar…do i know u

thanks 4 asking so politely i will provide the rest of the discourse under the cut but here is a brief intro

my main problem w the mom friend sugamama whatever thing is. thats literally what hes known by even tho he really..is so much more than that. like fanon suga is completely unlike canon suga which is so sad bc canon suga is such a great character!!! someone literally said “i prefer it when suga is being nice and talking on the sidelines” like……the fuck my guy.??????? what did he do to deserve u doin him dirty like this

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Quotes From Skype Groupchat "The Womb Bromb Brigade" Sentence Starters
  • "Would your butthole like to watch something?"
  • "You sad racist, you."
  • "Afros may look fluffy but they won't support ass."
  • "I kinda just wanna hide in the bathroom forever."
  • "How do you do a leg? You doodleg."
  • "He's just straight gay."
  • "I was offered $5 to chug some marinara sauce and I refused but now I have regret."
  • "Not gay in the homophobic way, but gay in the..... gay way."
  • "Those pants! I can't see te details of his dick, but I CAN see the details of his balls."
  • "I'm gonna shove a dick so far down your throat it comes out your vagina."
  • "It's really hard to get through to you when you're just making jokes and fisting yourself."
  • "Why does he look like a mixture of Matt Murdock and Eggman from Sonic?"
  • "You gotta get somma that........... cletal stimulation."
  • "He can't help his small head size!"
  • "Only when he's fisting himself to the thought of Kenickie."
  • "He looks like a thumb, but an attractive thumb."
  • "I'm so mad there's no mail order daddies."
  • "My ex-grand-step-mom used to call her husband daddy. It's kinda creepy, to be honest, he's Canadian."
  • "Officer, you can handcuff me but only if you take off your pants."
  • "Snake titties. SNITTIES."
  • "I wanna be Madonna. Like a virgin. Cone titties. I'm down."
  • "Why you only freaky when you're sad?"
  • "Murder is concerning."
  • "It took me a second to realize you weren't saying 'Well, if I had an asshole'!"
  • "iCarly is actually a guilty pleasure of mine."
  • "I just realized that I lost my virginity to Netflix and chill."
  • "We gonna start a leg market. It's like the Black Market, but with legs."
  • "I don't have any side hoes to add!"
  • "You don't like hearing the word of god in a harmonic way???"
  • "You got a thirst for something and it's not self-betterment."
  • "Wow, this is so hetero. Like. Embarrassingly hetero."
  • "Is it bad that I have a massive hardon for Salvador Dali?"
  • "Cut yer hair, ya hippie!"
  • "I'm your cousin that you don't feel guilty for making out with at the family reunions."
  • "Hey, it's my favorite dildos!"
  • "Did you hear that? That's the sound of my orgasming."
  • "Is he a no boner bro?"
  • "His shlong, okay?! His dong is long!"
  • "He is literally a walking penis himself!"
  • "Please pull out your cash covered cock, please."
  • "Is he gonna pull out his dick or his wallet?"
  • "But how do you reverse missionary?!"
  • "What if the aliens all looked like Miley Cyrus?"
  • "She sucked his dick to prevent him from calling the cops and he laughed."
  • "I thought you were gonna end that at sex machine."
  • "Why do I like old tall men with great eyebrows? I'm finding a trend here!"
  • "She's probably never even seen an R-rated movie! ...But she suck dick."
  • "He cocks his cock pistol."

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So imagine Aomine going back to his car in the parking lot, and coincidentally there is a car that looks exactly like his next to it. But he doesn't know that, so when he sees a red headed guy rummaging through the front (probably looking for that damn wallet he dropped into the side abyss of nowhere), Aomine freaks out because he thinks some dude is trying to jack his car.

AHHH!! This was amazing, ya gotta come off anon!

Aomine being the dumbass he was decided to confront the guy LMAO (BC what the fuck u doing to my car amiright)
But the guy (kagami the sweetie, bless his heart) was almost as tall as him and prob. Even more muscled, so Aomine (he’s such a lameass) decided to just yell at him instead.


and Kagami turns around and he’s so confused like wtf man this is my car I just dropped my wallet under my car. And Aomine’s like DAMN FOO U HOT asf B UT I’m pretty fucking sure that is my car and u cant just jack my car srry.

Arguing ensues. Kagamj gets soooo annoyed and he’s looking around hands gripping his own hair, ready to scream in frustration when he sees the SAME EXACT CAR MODEL + CAR COLOR, 2 cars down from him. And he stops Aomine like yo man your car’s license plate isn’t __?

And Aomine stops midshout like actually yeah that is how do u….(and once in a while aomine’s brain works and it clicks.) he looks at the car in front of him, and realizes there’s no scratch from the one time he hit his car against a stop sign…

OMFG YOUR CAR IS RIGHT THERE THIS IS MY CAR kagami’s so fucking done

and Aomine blushes in embarrassment from the roots of his hair and he’s such a dumbass, omg man I’m so sorry can I pls make it up to u, and Kagami wouldn’t even look at the asshole for another second, but all this yelling made him hungry and…
Well five dinner dates later they’re dating, and obv. Kagami makes Aomine buy a different fucking car. (and whenever someone asks them how they met, aomine dies in embarrassment and kagami always starts out with, “Ok so i dropped my wallet one day, and this asshole….” 

omo thanks so much for indulging me with this! this was just some of my ranting fangirling at one in the morning so, and i said car too many times in this OTL