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hi!!!! i followed u a LONG time ago when i still liked su, but now my interest in it is long gone. i still follow your blog though just because you're such an amazing, cool, lovely, warm, friendly, fun person and i appreciate u a lot 💘 thanks for blessing my tumblr dashboard!!!

Oh you sweet fruity goo I am SO FLATTERED! 

Hey it’s ok, sometimes we move on from interests, that’s fine, I feel like apologizing to you tho bc even tho this is technically a personal blog it’s gravitates a 90% around Steven Universe so I never tag that (I’m sorry omg). 

You’re super sweet and really thanks you for enjoying what I do and bearing with my loads of SU junk every time! I hope you have a fantastic day, cherry pie! 

when you're autistic but you still wanna be cool online

- when ur reblogging a post about your special interest and ur trying to decide whether or not infodumping and screaming in all caps in the tags would be annoying

- “am i close enough with this person to use u instead of you? do i even need to wait? can i use “u” with strangers??”

- “you’ll have to forgive me for this…” no that sounds way too formal what’s the Normal way to phrase it?

-“is this a situation where proper grammar and spelling is necessary?”

- “i’m feeling an emotion ?? what do people do when they feel an emotion? swear??? yeah i can do that what’s the right swear word to use in this context?”

- when you’re re-reading a post before you post it and find words like “therefore” and u gotta rewrite the whole thing

- when your grammar is both too formal and too casual and ur not sure if what u said was phrased awkwardly

- when you run out of words to say so you respond to everything with ‘aaaaaa’

- “was that a nice thing to say???? did that seem blunt or rude? how do i tell?? i don’t want them to think i hate them. best to be overly positive just to be sure”

- typin how you talk in real life…… so there are fuckin ellipses everywhere……… cause you pause a lot. and then you feel weird about it.

- “is this person being rude or am i misinterpreting it? best to just not respond at all”

hi pals!

so as we all know, my dumpster fire of a family, the pittsburgh penguins, have done some fuckups lately! i’ve gotten a couple of asks about it and i thought i’d just make a post.

A: buddy, i sure do!!!!!!

A: buddy, i sure am!!!!!! you can tell because i have yelled a lot. i plan to yell some more, all season, until they’re like, “why won’t this girl leave us alone?” and then i’ll be like, “YOU KNOW WHY PITTSBURGH!!!! YOU KNOW WHY.”

A: listen…………no. sorry. it doesn’t. i feel weird and conflicted about it, but they’re still my favorite team and i still want them to threepeat unless they lose in game 7 to the marc-andre fleury golden knights. that would also be fine.

A: i am a complex person capable of loving something and being disappointed in and angered by it at the same time.

A: i’m really sorry but it doesn’t work like that, and even if it did work like that, literally the only team in the NHL that is not guilty of something is the las vegas golden knights and that’s because they are 3 days old. i’m not saying it doesn’t matter just because everyone is doing it! of course it matters. arguably it matters more, because it is a symptom of the toxic and greedy shit the NHL does, constantly. of course it is fair and right to be angry, specifically, at the pittsburgh penguins, and even specifically sidney crosby, who had the platform and the opportunity to do a good or even just morally neutral thing and instead chose to do a gross thing. i support 100% your and my right to be angry at them/him. 

it isn’t that i think it’s not a big deal. i think it’s a very big deal. i’m so, so angry at them. i’m angry with them while i’m watching them play and i’m angry with them while i’m ignoring their interviews out of spite. remember that scene in sex in the city where charlotte is like, “mommy loves you but she can’t look at you right now” to her dog?

that’s how i feel about the pittsburgh penguins.

but i still want them to threepeat. if you feel like you have/want to give up being a fan of the pittsburgh penguins, or even make them your hockey nemeses, i support you doing that. do what you gotta do, bub. we all have our limits about what we can tolerate in the things we love, and if this is your limit, then please! abandon them. i don’t blame you.

A: i know, buddy. i know.

A: okay, well. we’re all works in progress.

A: i get it!!!! be free, little bird.

I should’ve known you didn’t love me back
because you only called me when you were lonely
and your kisses always tasted like vodka
rather than love unlike mine which was always so full of it

but i was too engrossed in the way
your hands felt in mine
to ever really get a chance
to open my fucking eyes and see
that i wasn’t the only one
you wanted to hold
hands with

i should’ve known you didn’t love me back
when i woke up that night alone
with a text message saying you had somewhere else to be
leaving me feeling empty and used

i guess that place was in her bed rather
than mine
and i shouldn’t be bitter
because you weren’t mine to begin with
and i saw it coming from a mile away

when you said you loved me
not looking me in the eye
ripping apart my fucking chest
right there as if you didn’t even know what you were doing
in that very moment

and i should’ve known i should’ve known i should’ve known you didn’t love me back

—  A.M// I hate that I didn’t figure it out sooner enough

do u ever get a seasonal urge to doodle zevran… i do so here’s sum elf doing the ‘dont trust even yourself self’ meme or idk bc as always it turned out differently from what i wanted to draw at first. and it seems im incapable of drawing anything in color im sorry

and i draw for hours not saving so if it crashes i definitely deserved it


“I said it, so now it’s your turn. But I know you, and I know you’d swallow your tongue before your pride. So go run off to Mexico, go wherever you have to go in order to discover yourself. But you’ll never find it. Your home is here, the people who love you are here. If you leave, I’m not letting that piece of me go with you. Don’t expect me to wait around for you. I won’t let you push me away again.”

The Tumblr Poetry Aesthetic, or: the stars, the sea, Icarus, dark suburbia, and the (un)intentional pandering and ungrowth of the well-established

this conversation was initiated for me (madina) personally by giana @syrupbrat and stefan @travelingsalesman. epoch discussed this extensively in our discord chat, and the content of this post is mostly pulled out of that discussion.

When browsing through the usual tags used to promote one’s own writing on Tumblr, such as #inkstay, #spilled ink, #poets on tumblr, etc, we seem to drown in the sameness of everyone’s writing styles that it all is indistinct. It boils down to a haze of blah blah blah stars, blah blah blah yet another comparison to a Greek mythology figure, more love poetry, girl as dangerous, boy as god, alcohol is the only way we’ll survive.

These themes originated in what one might call the heydays of Peak™ tumblr poetry (this is starting to sound like a school essay & smh I can’t let this post go that direction), circa 2013(?)-2015. Most of it was documented in @nosebleedclub‘s “Memories of a Certain Spring: A Workbook” – Nosebleed Club was, in fact, what you would point at if you were asked in 2014 what “Tumblr writing” is (cue the emphasis on was, the evolution of NBC continues until now & I feel like a proud daughter about it). Multiple networks and groups have then spanned from that model, some which are still going until now, some abandoned and left to the dust – just so that you could be part of that “elite cool kids club”, whether the original one or not. the writers in the original collective also had their writing styles copied and/or plagiarized to capitalize off how prevalent and popular this aesthetic is but nvm that’s not my place to extensively rant about

I do love the stars. The sea, mythology, dangerous teenage gods, I love them all and I honestly would die for them (yes, the planets, ocean, and those tragic myths included) – but when people write about them just because they think it’ll be popular, just because it fits into the predefined box of what is proven to be well liked – an aesthetic that has since consumed us – exploration and experimentation dies, and that’s when it becomes dangerous. Everything posted will only be the product of rehashing and emulating what has been written and consumed before – shallow imageries without anything to say, without anything to make it yours. It got over-commercialized fast and crumbled. Let’s not even mention those who made a fake persona to make their poetry feel more “real” and authentic, those who write about drugs and alcohol w/o experiences backing them up and only stereotypes & what other people have written about it.

This phenomenon is further supported by Tumblr itself being a bad site in general bad platform for writing on its own – those notes, those likes and reblogs, really do shape up to define you, whether you’re conscious of it happening or not. We all crave for that feeling of being noticed because that’s just how it is. I myself can’t even say I never wrote something just for those notes, and I’m sure others that started out writing in Tumblr can say the same. If you don’t realize it yourself; if you don’t become self-conscious of the fact that really, Tumblr is a bubble, and do not actively seek out for anything new because you don’t see the need for it – you get stuck in it. Even if you wrote with the aesthetic that we all fell in love with, there’s a chance that you won’t get the recognition you think it deserved – it crushes you, and the cycle repeats again.

(this aesthetic, in turn, bled and drenched almost every tumblr roleplay until they all became the same and unrecognizable individually, whether with the usual tropes of characters: Sad Rich Girl With A Heart Of Gold. Bad Rich Boy With A Heart Of Gold. Gay Guy With A Bad Past So He’s Hypersexual Now – or situational: your edgy Welcome To This Small Suburban Town Where Everyone is a Supernatural Creature, or perhaps your This Is A Simulation of a Real Life Town for People Who Have No Lives)

Personally, I do believe in the existence of Bad Poetry – though “underdeveloped” is the word I prefer to use (maybe it’s just because I’m a softie and I can’t say outright that it’s bad, but let’s be real, bad poetry is bad poetry). No soul and nothing else to offer than just a few pretty words and fleeting concepts. Pseudo-profound bullshittery. u wanna get off it?

  • internalize the fact that we unconsciously seek for approval
  • get off tumblr for a while and write in your solitude 
  • consume more than u write.
  • explore & experiment upon different themes and structure. get out of your comfort zone in writing
  • write about your own memories and experiences, whether good or bad or interesting or not interesting, not what is deemed is consumable
  • turn to your culture and read up those local myths

– Honestly, I don’t know how because it cannot be forced. But recognizing that this exists will in turn make you think even more critically about your writing.

oh, that’s it – be critical. To the words that surround you & the words that come out of you.

To close this off: “its Everywhere like i get it . u wanna be a vampire cheerleader with a smile too big. i Get it . lets do something else” - @arckhaic