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Rip i wanted to look at ur newest update for transfixed but it's blocked by tumblrs stupid "safety" feature, i wanted to let u know cuz im sure they mislabeled ur post

I haven’t replied to an ask separately in a while but I’m just… so annoyed. I…. why


what did I do?????????

oh my god idk what to even do about that. hnnn I’m really sorry about that. Idk why… tumblr would get my post?? I keep transfixed as pg as I can… I didn’t even rant in tags and stuff… man… what?? Is it because I asked for readers to see if my other posts have this… restriction, on them??

Sorry about this, I’ll try to get this resolved asap but… sorry if this is ruining anyone else’s reading experience…

Alan: HEY GUYS I finished stuff anyone down to celebrate

Alan: gordon ur done right

Gordon: yeah but I’m busy

Alan: with what? Ur on break

Alan: what could be more important than me?

Alan: I am ur bro

Alan: ur #1 bro

Alan: ur bromeo

Alan: we could go 2 the brocery store

Alan: and get some BROcoli

Virgil: I hate this conversation

Gordon: alan you don’t even like broccoli

Alan: I will do anything for a good pun!!!

Kayo: nothing about that was good

Alan: honestly how dare u

when you're autistic but you still wanna be cool online

- when ur reblogging a post about your special interest and ur trying to decide whether or not infodumping and screaming in all caps in the tags would be annoying

- “am i close enough with this person to use u instead of you? do i even need to wait? can i use “u” with strangers??”

- “you’ll have to forgive me for this…” no that sounds way too formal what’s the Normal way to phrase it?

-“is this a situation where proper grammar and spelling is necessary?”

- “i’m feeling an emotion ?? what do people do when they feel an emotion? swear??? yeah i can do that what’s the right swear word to use in this context?”

- when you’re re-reading a post before you post it and find words like “therefore” and u gotta rewrite the whole thing

- when your grammar is both too formal and too casual and ur not sure if what u said was phrased awkwardly

- when you run out of words to say so you respond to everything with ‘aaaaaa’

- “was that a nice thing to say???? did that seem blunt or rude? how do i tell?? i don’t want them to think i hate them. best to be overly positive just to be sure”

- typin how you talk in real life…… so there are fuckin ellipses everywhere……… cause you pause a lot. and then you feel weird about it.

- “is this person being rude or am i misinterpreting it? best to just not respond at all”

I should’ve known you didn’t love me back
because you only called me when you were lonely
and your kisses always tasted like vodka
rather than love unlike mine which was always so full of it

but i was too engrossed in the way
your hands felt in mine
to ever really get a chance
to open my fucking eyes and see
that i wasn’t the only one
you wanted to hold
hands with

i should’ve known you didn’t love me back
when i woke up that night alone
with a text message saying you had somewhere else to be
leaving me feeling empty and used

i guess that place was in her bed rather
than mine
and i shouldn’t be bitter
because you weren’t mine to begin with
and i saw it coming from a mile away

when you said you loved me
not looking me in the eye
ripping apart my fucking chest
right there as if you didn’t even know what you were doing
in that very moment

and i should’ve known i should’ve known i should’ve known you didn’t love me back

—  A.M// I hate that I didn’t figure it out sooner enough

“I said it, so now it’s your turn. But I know you, and I know you’d swallow your tongue before your pride. So go run off to Mexico, go wherever you have to go in order to discover yourself. But you’ll never find it. Your home is here, the people who love you are here. If you leave, I’m not letting that piece of me go with you. Don’t expect me to wait around for you. I won’t let you push me away again.”

do u ever get a seasonal urge to doodle zevran… i do so here’s sum elf doing the ‘dont trust even yourself self’ meme or idk bc as always it turned out differently from what i wanted to draw at first. and it seems im incapable of drawing anything in color im sorry

and i draw for hours not saving so if it crashes i definitely deserved it


NCT U The 7th sense x NCT Dream chewing gum concept // None of the pictures are mine and full credits go to the owners, message me if I’ve used one of your pictures so I can give credit //Masterlist //Send a request


drew these EXACTLY a month ago…. (26th march) didnt upload them so i thought i might… cuz i suck today lol

Silmweek is a full week dedicated to our beloved Silmarillion. Bring out your creativity in edits, fanfiction, art, and more as you make new friends! From the 3rd of april to the 9th we will post edits with a new theme every day.

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- starts monday the 3rd of april, ends sunday the 9th
- tag your creations #silmweek

Day 1 ~ Ainur
Day 2 ~ Elves
Day 3 ~ Men
Day 4 ~ Locations
Day 5 ~ Villains
Day 6 ~ Heroes/Heroines
Day 7 ~ Anything you want!
 - Ex. Objects, languages, one event, one chapter, genderbend, one ship

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A Sesshomaru for Valentine’s Day

ANNNNND here he is!! My one true Valentine. 

For the low low price of $00.000000001, here he is, right on your dash!!

Idk what’s wrong with me, I’m sorry lmao

Buut anyways! Pls enjoy this beautiful grumpy boy if you do not have a Valentine, or if you do have a Valentine, or if you just love Sesshomaru like I do. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


One of my fave things about 2016 was definitely Brian Molko’s intsa activism

I also love how he low key indirectly dragged the people in the comments who called him a “social justice warrior”. You tell’em Bri

(also the comment section in general on their instagram went pretty batshit about it, which is why he sadly left. Bri pls come back we need you)