what do u call this ship

Ya’ll I just realized something funny about 3 of my fav ships.

Tales From the Borderlands Episode 2:

Miraculous Ladybug i don’t remember the episode I think the gamer one:

Yuri on Ice episode 2:

What does this similarity mean though

Imagine Dean being overprotective of Cas AND jealous af
  • Dean: Why the f do u have so many missed calls from Meg?!?!?
  • Cas: um she wanted to meet up to discuss the issue at hand-
  • Dean *ignores him*: WHAT A DEMON SKANK! Does she think she has some kinda... I don't know... claim on you?
  • Cas: ...
  • Dean: Like listen to this voicemail.
  • Meg: "Call me back later. Goodbye."
  • Dean: "Good" bye? She likes u if u she says "good" bye. I don't like t Cas. Not one bit.
  • Cas: I don't like her in that manner...
  • Dean: Yeah sure you don't.
  • Cas: You know what? I'm gonna have a beer.
  • Dean: Yeah you go do that. Maybe have one with your demon skank while Ure at it.
  • Cas: *eyeroll*
  • Dean: *pouts*

*Xuezhang = Upperclassman/senpai

**These characters are from ‘Their Story’

Second year Xuezhang meets first year Qin Xiong aahhh!

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yo what do you call the kenxmark ship? e.e i'm really into it but have no idea how to call it aaahhh. love your art, btw~ (alsoareyounitopewdieplier?causeimfallingforthattoo)

i personally call it CinnamonPlier . (bc the Ot3 ken/jack and mark is called CinnamonSeptiplier. ) (๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ

U should take a look tho’ ! they’re kyote !two manly manly boys ! (*☌ᴗ☌)。*゚

Actually Ken said that if he could choose, he would like to be paired with Mark. ( That’s from an oold Broken podcast ft mark. but let’s say it’s still legit.. )

And yea’ sure! pewdieplier is a gr8t bro’ship! Pewds is makin’ a lot of reference to him in his videos! i totally love it !


my amazing friend Lars started talking about a GhostHunter AU, and things escalated from mindless shenanigans to INTENSE FEELINGS and these four are the culprits (and also a hell of a lotta fun to design :D)

Eren The Turkish Vessel, Armin The Scandinavian Psychic, Marco The Louisianan-Creole Empath, and Jean The Trapped Ghost from the 80′s

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Hey, can you please not call people's fics trash in your fic recs? It's exceptionally rude, regardless of how you feel about certain ships.

???? but? i called myself trash??? for reading it??????

 i mean come on, it’s marichat and p much pwp, 2 things i generally avoid in fic. i feel like i am allowed to call myself trash for reading something that is usually out of my wheelhouse lol. the fact it’s on the list means i think it’s worth checking out soo… 

PSA: Don’t ‘ship’ idols and sexualise every thing two males do together if you don’t actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t use our sexuality as a means of entertainment and to get yourself off, but then turn round and not care about REAL people in these situations.

The amount of bullshit I’ve seen excusing what Jaebum said on Celebrity Bromance is fucking ridiculous. Here’s some words from an Actual LGBT Person: It was homophobic. There’s no misconstruing or people overreacting. Saying you would beat someone up for wanting to take a guy out somewhere is homophobic. I don’t care if he was nervous or it was a joke or you show me a picture of him holding hands with a guy once. It. Was. Homophobic.

If you excuse people’s comments as not serious or just jokes instead of actually calling people out just because you like them as singers, you are being homophobic too. Listen to actual LGBTQ+ people who are telling you this was wrong of him to say instead of taking it as just a part of his personality or his culture because you don’t want ‘drama’. There are real fans who must feel fucking heartbroken at someone they love using threatening language about LGBTQ+ people. It’s not people overreacting. It’s people hearing an idol say something that we hear time and time again out of the mouths of homphobes, and we have every right in the world to be upset and call him out.

If you shrug it off or actively defend him, you don’t support LGBTQ+ people and you can unfollow me right now, and take your shitty attitude and your love of fanfic with you. 


okey sherlock fandom listen up. right now emotions are high and everyone is kind of in a state of disaster. some people seem to be really mad with how the episode turned out, but lets just take a moment and turn off all filters.

stop thinking about ur ships stop thinking about the so called ‘plot holes’ stop thinking about all the meta u read. just look at the episode for what it is. if you really watch the episode for the genius it is, it was actually so amazing. I mean, come on. these writers are fucking amazing. they know what they are doing. it doesn’t get much better than this. there was so much planning so much thought so much eFFORT put into this show to make it what it is. and what it is, is truly a work of art.

okay so some are mad they’re ship didn’t become canon… so what? you have all the context you need to make it canon your self. continue writing fanfic and living out your ships. that’s all the creators ever wanted you to do anyways, take the show and run with it. look at all the context they give you for your ship and take it from there. as for the 'plot holes’, if you really think about it, a lot of them are far fetched. eVERY season has its 'plot holes’ (or like tiny things that don’t matter but people point out). i’ve seen the biggest one so far was mary getting shot. a) she’s a trained assassin and jumped beFORE the bullet was shot. and b) people are complaining about he bleeding more than sherlock, but we have nO way of knowing that they get shot in the exact same place. case closed. do this will all the 'plot holes’ and i’m sure you will find some way to reason them out.

all in all this show was amazing and i think we as viewers need to forget all these little things and all our ships and remember that this show is sherlock. sherlock holmes. the detective. that’s what the show has always been. we have to pay more respect to this amazing show. the creators need to know how amazing they are. let be real, basically everyone wants another season, and complaining about how 'bAd’ the season/episode was is not going to get you anywhere. take a step back and look at this show for its mastery.