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(Flash Talk) Camila arrive at LAX airport and Lauren is waiting for her...
  • Camila: What are you doing here?
  • Lauren: Well... I heard that you have some questions and I think I have some answers.
  • Camila: Lauren...
  • Lauren: Oh, this is Leo by the way. He was crazy to know you.
  • Look, Leo... how beautiful she is. I think he likes you.
  • Camila: Lauren... we can't do this again.
  • Lauren: Can you just listen to what I have to say?
  • Camila: I... I can't. I'm sorry.... and yeah, he's adorable.
  • Lauren: Yeah, he is and I think he's in love with you already. Camila, can we talk?
  • Camila: No. Not now...
  • Lauren: So, when?
  • Camila: Lauren, there's so many things I have to process right now. I'm fine now. I'm finally fine. I need time...
  • Lauren: No, you need answers and here I am.
  • Camila: Now?? Months later?
  • Lauren: Can you at least think about us?
  • Camila: This is all I've been thinking about in the last few months.
  • Lauren: I'm sorry...
  • Camila: I have to go my mom is waiting for me.
  • Lauren: I'm waiting for you too. We are waiting for you, right Leo?
  • Camila: Lauren...bye. Bye Leo...and take care of her.

yo kids incase any of you get a message like this, IGNORE IT DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION

got this a while back and i thought it looked shady af so i gave them a fake email adress which is now locked (they changed the password to some random combination of numbers).
i don’t wanna imagine what they’d do with an email-account that’s used for e.g. onlinebanking.

the blog behind this looks very active and they seemed very authentic so kiddos be careful and don’t trust strangers on the internet who want your personal information, no matter how normal they might seem!!

feel free to reblog this to inform other people!

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istg.. this run ep was near rookie king levels of physical affection i really don't know what to do with myself!!!! yg was all over jimin from the start and dear god, it looks so natural and comfortable between them??? even when yg was straight up running his hands up and down jm's back, it's all just so!!! and yg got so flustered a couple of times, like his little smile when they're all ~as expected, like he's trying to say 'yeah yeah i know i'm whipped you guys can stop it now' im just!!!

The way yoongi touches jimin has got me so fucked up?? he just casually feels him all over n massages his shoulders n rubs his arms n back n it’s so affectionate yet subtle. And thAts whEn they’re filming. I’m so shooketh I need to write a fic abt y cooking for j bYe 

yoongi (among millions of other things when it comes to jimin) seems to particularly enjoy standing right behind jimin and not at a distance but almost with his cr*tch glued to jimin’s perky behind 👀

yoongi’s arm was behind jimin so much and ever since the mirror incident i dont trust him anymore i need all angles 👀

i just….love that y feels the constant need to touch jm whenever they’re next to each other,,,,its so soft

he’s been doing so much lately !! even at the bbmas he spent a lot of time hovering around and behind him,,,, and if he can unthinkingly do this on camera, just. imagine what he’s like in private. now we know why having them in a team together like this only happens once in a blue moon

if Adrien had the peacock miraculous...
  • you think this boy likes dancing, look out, he’s going to be dancing all the time now. 
  • and posing. 
  • so much elegance boy calm down
  • and he knows he’s pretty and thinks he’s all that, it’s so much worse now.
  • he displays to LB and Marinette at each and every meet (also, for peacocks, displaying is the same as flexing)
  • Adrien doesn’t know what subtly is. 
  • Duusu constantly pushes him to live his dreams, go do what he wants. 
  • she is a huge enabler in Adrien’s life.
  • she pushes for Adrien to play piano more, likes to sing to his music.
  • Adrien adopted a habit of humming. 
  • when Adrien goes out flying it’s hard to get him out of the sky, if he could he would fly on for hours; bonus if he could get his Lady to join him. 
  • probably more confronting, Duusu pushing him to be more open and clear about his stance and views.
  • will sometimes pretend he’s Tuxedo Mask, especially if he has a a top hat and/or cape.
  • this nerd would probably base his suit design off Tuxedo Mask. 
  • to add to it, he’ll carry around a rose to present to his Lady. 
  • so many bird puns.
  • Duusu will pun with Adrien for fun 
  • Duusu gives Adrien a lot of scares because she has a hard time staying hidden and will pop out, especially when excited. 
  • they have a lot of close calls.
  • could probably rival Tikki. 
  • neither Duusu or Adrien are good at thinking things through, both of them are driven by their heart/emotion, and both rather act than plan. 
  • Adrien and Duusu both cry easily at sad scenes in movies. 
  • Adrien shows Duusu all his favorite animes and these nerds share so many references together. 
  • Duusu likes to share with Adrien stories about his parents when they were younger, their blunders and their strengths and Adrien just inhales these tales and hearing different sides of his parents that he didn’t know before. 
When you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP

Harry collapsed on his bed.  He’d just hung up with Niall who had mentioned that he and Louis thought the idea of a break for at least a year might be good for them.  They all had wanted time off, but they thought a year of no touring would be enough.  Or Harry had, anyway.

How did a year of no touring turn into a year of no band requirements outside of the bare minimum?  A year of possibly only seeing the boys in passing once every few months as they signed some papers here, did a photoshoot there.  If that were the plan then the no touring idea would likely be closer to two years and…honestly that scared Harry a bit.

The two month break they had between the Asian leg and the European leg this year had been hard enough, and now they are suggesting a full year?  A bloody year.  What the hell was Harry going to do with himself?

He looked around his room and noticed that he still hadn’t gotten all of his paintings hung.  Then again, he didn’t spend as much time here as he had expected initially.  He preferred to spend time closer to his family and particularly loved London.  So many good memories there, and his house was close enough to Louis and Niall that they could often get together without much thought given.

Harry blew the air out of his mouth as his phone gave a chime.  Picking it up, he found a text from Louis asking if Niall had called yet.

yep. a year?  really?  H

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so you know how toddlers are like little shits and manipulative to get what they want? could you imagine the first time Bucky's kid said she hated him bc Bucky wouldn't let her do something/have something he would probably nearly die and you'd have to reason w him like Bucky no she didn't mean that she just really wanted the dessert you cannot buy her a three tier cake now or she'll start saying she hates you any time she wants something

“But baby, she said she hates me” Bucky whines, looking up cake places online. 

Daddy Wednesday™

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Unknown is like "I'll destroy your pathetic make believe world" as he stomps and destroys crops as the Green Giant, leaving Seven in tears because he worked 7 years to make his crops beautiful

Grandchildren sit around his chair, looking up at their beloved Grandfather. “Grandpa,” the littlest starts, “What happened to your farm? Why is it so smooshed?” 

Seven looks back on that day, now years later. With a dramatic look out the window, he whispers, “It all started when my brother betrayed my beautiful crops. It was a dark, depressing day. The day…. war was called upon Saeran, the Jolly Green Giant.” He wiped away a single tear of reminiscence before looking down at the little children. “I guess you can say he was green with envy on how well my crops grew, compared to his,” he said, slowly beginning to rock his chair, “And he has never come back, he had lost that war.” 

The children all jump in shock and realization, the oldest child piped up with a shaky question, “Did…. did he die?” 

Looking to the ceiling, Saeyoung nodded, “Oh, how I miss him so.” 

A muffled voice from the conjoining room yelled out, “SAEYOUNG! STOP TELLING THE CHILDREN I’M DEAD!” Everyone’s attention suddenly on the doorway, Saeyoung wiped another tear from his eye.

“Sometimes, I can still hear him. He comes to me in my sleep, reminding me to eat my vegetables. His hearty laughter echoing in the distance.” ~Admin 404

Edit: to those only seeing this, it’s based on this post

I shitting myself right now, because I think Gabe is the guy that invited is whole family at some party or whatev and now he is realizing that it was a very big mistake because they’re all embarrassing him by being terrible dancers (except Lucio). And now he is just sitting in a corner looking at his stupid kids showing their “sick” moves on the dance floor (and in the street cuz they’re all drunk). At the end of the party he’s like to the rest of the invitees “haha no I don’t know any overwatch members, talon agents, robots or criminals at this party dancing like they thought they stepped out of a fucking musical comedy- Oh my god what is Jesse doing. Jack and I did not raise him like this- oh my god I think HE actually did”
Also, Hana is using her fucking mech


I’ve been drawing for maybe four hours and I personally think my arm looks awesome ^-^ Hope you guys like it a little too! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much, I got really really drained from all the moving stuff and thinking about things and aaaaa right now all I can do is talk a little, draw, and watch youtube :/ sorry. As soon as I get a little better I’ll try my best to reblog more amazing art :) but for now I need to relax and rest. So I hope maybe this makes up for it a little but probably not :)) so oh well! I hope everyone has a really nice day!!!

since im not sure when ill be getting a new tablet ill just go ahead and reveal my Big Plans for the little mermaid au

the next few comics would play out something like this.

after a few moments of bargaining, bing finally agrees to do the operation for 6 dollars and a piece of lint shaped vaguely like elvis

edd: cool! so how does this stuff work? am i gonna see any kickass looking magic?

bing: what? no! dont be an idiot. magic doesnt exist. besides you can get the same outcome with a pair of hedge clippers and a hot glue gun. now hold still.

the operations a success & bing casually asks edd what he wants the legs for, however by this point edds passed out from lack of oxygen since hes now human. tom mentions that edd has a fixation with beating up some ugly sea captain, and then he and matt go to help edd up to the surface. as they’re leaving bing shouts after them that they have three days to complete their task before edd gets gangrene and dies.

later on larry (a one eyed eel and bings right hand man) finds out the sea captain theyre after is tord. it ends​ up being a conflict of interest for bing, bc tords crew members get killed so often that theyre actually bings main supplier of spare body parts. he goes to stop edd and at the end they all face off on tords ship, but edds legs fall off and a bolt of lightning strikes the mast.

there are no survivors

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How would the Uf / SF skelebros react if they some how switched bodies with Thier brother!?(bonus if they find Thier s/o kissing Thier brother while Thier brother just has a shocked look on Thier face well technically HIS face)

Hoo, boy. ~Mod Feral

UF Sans

He notices the shift once he wakes. He’s taller and stronger, so clearly he’s not himself. He checks real quick to find out he’s his own brother. He goes into the main room and that’s when he sees the scene in front of him. At first, he’s shocked and not sure what to do, and that’s when he remembers that he’s the stronger brother now. He forces the two apart, and then explains the situation.

UF Papyrus

It’s not like him to sleep in, so when he realizes it’s been morning for a while, he’s forcing himself out of bed, only to see the chips on his arm. He freezes for a bit before rushing out of the room, completely ready to get Red to do something about this. He freezes when he sees you kissing… Him? His brother? Both? Whatever, all that matters is the next thing he does is shout at you two. Or, as much of shouting as Red’s body will let him.

SF Sans

He also notices right away because of height. He’s actually scared for a bit, but leaves for the main room once calm. He can’t help but get angry upon seeing you kissing his brother. He doesn’t care if you don’t know it’s not him! You should! Also, his brother’s practically crying! Yeah, he’s kinda unintentionally throwing you and Puppy with magic that he previously didn’t have.

SF Papyrus

Oh, no. He’s very, very quick to know that this is his brother’s body and not his own. He moves as quickly as he can into the main room. You two aren’t kissing anymore, and Razz had been giving you a lecture for a while. He buts in and helps make more sense of the situation, and then proceeds to try and think of a way to fix everything.

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So I'm eating at a Five Guys, tongue fucking the straw to my drink letting out frustrated (and honestly kinda lewd) groans and moans because the fucking straw won't cooperate and go in my mouth all while playing MysMe, and I'm now hysterically laughing as I imagine like the individual reactions of the RFA members. My sister is eyeing me like I'm crazy.

lmaooooo im here to provide

-thinks its relatable af
-looks at you weird if you keep doing it though
-“mc please” when u get too loud

-“what are you doing”
-“im frustrated, jumin”
-“it sounds like you’re fucking the straw”
-“i know”
-his face is priceless

-thinks its rly funny but if people start staring he begs you to stop or quiet down

-“mc please”
-“the straw isn’t wORKING, jaehee”
-“why don’t you get another straw?”

-thinks its the funniest and most relatable thing
-will start doing it with you
-you both don’t care about the staring


30 Day Selfship Challenge Day 12 : A Gift You’d Like to Give Them or Receive from Them

Well, it looks like I’ll be jumping all over the place with this challenge rather than doing the prompts in order. Inspiration struck about two weeks ago and I knew I had to sketch out some ideas right then and there before it left me. … And then it took the next two weeks until now to finish the darn thing. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

“Why a fleece blanket, though?” … Because future blanket cloak shenanigans of course.

Next prompt up will be who-knows-what tbh.

(Also @ potential future post-PCC followers since I realize this may be the last art thing I post here before the con, thus potentially the first thing you guys see. Uh… Hi. I swear I post more art than just self-insert scribbles. Also I tag this stuff if you don’t want to see it in the future.)

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Okay but at first he has the same look as last Friday. But she hasn't. She doesn't even look at him. I really think he thinks she doesn't like him but know he notices she's different. If she didn't care she would be the same, look at him and smile like always. But she doesn't and he notices and he desperately want her to look at him so knows he was right because he don't know what to do if he was wrong. But she doesn't so he was wrong and now he knows. He knows and I hope he will fight for her.

noooo it’s not the same look at all!! fridays look is more of a “i can’t believe ou’d do this” / angry/disappointed look while todays clip was more of a shit i did something wrong. as soon as he sees her, he knows something is up. which means his facial expression isnt a reflection of her mood, but a reflection of his own feelings. which makes me wonder if elias mentioned anything?? i feel like he MUST have mentioned something to at least one of them??

But does Noora flicking her hair mean something more than to just emphasize the two so different states that Noora and Sana are now on? Is it just to show how Sana has just now started to look more on their differences ( Sana doing her hijab too tight VS Noora flicking her hair ) or does it also mean that she gets to have Yousef while Sana doesn’t just like the trailer indicated? What has been hapenning between Noora and Yousef?

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Daddy, I'm really, really scared. I live in the UK and I'm so worried about what happened in Manchester. My friend and I want to go and see Green Day in Hyde Park but now I'm really worried about getting tickets in case something else happens. I'm probably overreacting, but I don't know what I can do. My heart goes out to everyone in Manchester 💖

I don’t think you’re overreacting. I can understand your fear and looking at yesterdays event I sadly have to admit this fear is justified. But…we cannot let things like that keep us from living our life and to enjoy it. If you really want to go and have a great time, please go. If you are too scared, which is really ok, then please don’t. It’s just that things like that can always happen and it’s dangerous to think too much about the “could”. Stay safe, Darling

And the final result is done! Changed her face quite a bit from the original sketch (you can find it and other ow fan art on my blog) but I really like how she turned out. Maybe she looks a little too happy for a Widow but oh well. Guess she has good days too :D

I’ve had a minor artblog with painting recently and never really thought that this would get finished. Now I feel bad that I didn’t record the process :C

Already asked on Instagram which Overwatch character I should paint next but I might as well do it here too. Any suggestions? Tag your favorite hero or send me a note and we’ll see what I can do!

Also pls don’t repost on other sites! Thanks :3

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hey I'm just looking for comfort tbh be I feel horrible. I went to the doctor bc I think I have ADHD and it's affecting me super bad, and when u told him my symptoms he basically said "your just stressed about exams, this is a part of your personality you have to accept" and acted like I googled it and made stuff up. I tried to get help and it did fuck all and now I don't know what to do. I'm too humiliated to go back there :((

Hhh keep looking. The first two ppl I saw about me being ADHD told me i couldn’t possibly be adhd bc I had decent grades. Next two doctors I saw told me I was very obviously ADHD and asked why the fuck I had never been treated before. You need to find someone who listens to you

Catching up on some k-chan news. In 04/05 broadcast Shige said he does fasting, he did it for 4 days somewhere late March. Just how much do you plan to grow in my eyes? Also one message was a girl working as a dog trimmer asking Shige how old is Tegoshi’s dog. He whined he didn’t know. What was that about, really?

In 05/17 Koyashige talked about getting older. They said they don’t have any sexy dreams anymore and their bodies are not like they used to be but not necessarily in a bad way. Shige said it’s actually kind of stimulating now that they need to put more effort to keep in shape. He also said after they got Biteki he started doing a lot more, like skin care.

There was also message praising Shige’s nape and it got them talking about looks. He once again said he doesn’t really like anything about himself, that bastard, but in the end they ended up talking about his voice. He said he finally grew to accept it and when Koyama noted that it’s rather unique Shige agreed saying recently he got recognized by someone purely by his voice.