what do they look like now


  • i used to want to save the world.
  • what one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think.
  • i learned this the hard way. 
  • and now, i will never be the same.
  • where are you going?
  • a scorpion must sting, a wolf must hunt. 
  • what if i promise to be careful?
  • fighting does not make you a hero. 
  • war is nothing to hope for. 
  • can i see it?
  • it’s beautiful. 
  • you’re safe, and there is nothing you should concern yourself with. 
  • you keep doubting yourself. 
  • you are stronger than you believe. 
  • are you hurt?
  • i love her as you do.
  • you’re a man. 
  • don’t i look like one?
  • men are easily corrupted. 
  • is it true you saved his life?
  • you let this little thing tell you what to do?
  • you can either do nothing, or you can do something.
  • i am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
  • who will i be if i stay?
  • it’s hideous. 
  • a deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable. 
  • you’ve got to put down the sword. 
  • is there anything else you want to show me?
  • this is a terrible idea. 
  • who gets paid for honour?
  • i am both frightened and aroused. 
  • you should be very proud. 
  • everyone is fighting their own battles.
  • i may as well teach you how to dance. 
  • they call us heroes. 
  • i don’t drink.
  • we work well together.
  • now i see that you’re attention is, elsewhere. 
  • you know nothing of the gods. 
  • what i do is not up to you. 
  • you don’t believe me. 
  • what are you?
  • why are they still fighting?
  • they don’t deserve our help. 
  • we’re all to blame. 
  • it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe.
  • i believe in love. 
  • i am not your enemy.  
  • i wish we had more time. 
  • i love you. 
  • you can save the world. 
  • only love can truly save the world. 
“Don’t Go” (Trust Issues part 2)

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Part 1

“H”, she started, carefully nudging his feet, making him look up at her and reply with a low “hmm?”

“You don’t seem oka-“

“For God’s sake, Y/N!”, he spat at her, immediately getting up from his lying position. “I told you I’m fine! Didn’t I?!”

“Yes, bu-“, she didn’t know what to do. The change of the mood around the room and his now loud voice were way too sudden for her liking.

“But what?! Huh?!”, Harry was fuming.

“I just want to help! And you know it! Just let me in! Please! Will you ever do that?” She was desperate by now and if she weren’t as invested on Harry’s every movement, she would’ve noticed the tears pricking at her eyes.

“Just get off my case, would you?! God, you’re so annoying…”, he finished, and even though he murmured the last part more to himself than to her, Y/N still heard it.

“No! Harry!”, she was exasperated, standing up from the couch as well and trying to ignore his last few words. “You’re not fine! You’re not okay either! Just cut the crap, already, yeah? I just want you to talk to me, is that too much to ask for?!”

Harry could literally hear the despair in her voice but he couldn’t stop now.

She was hurt. Hell, she was breaking. The one person she looks out for the most is shutting her out in a much harsher way than usual. He had never yelled at her. Never said those rude things to her either. She felt so small in front of him that she didn’t know what to do. She felt as though all of her effort and attempts were going down the drain, as if they meant nothing.

“Yes, it is! Just leave me the fuck alone for once, yeah?! Isn’t it clear yet that I don’t want you here?!”, Harry said and before she could say or do anything else, he walked out the door with a loud slam of the door, leaving her alone on the couch, crying her eyes out.

Deep down she knew he didn’t mean the words he said — God, she prayed he didn’t— but boy, did they sting in her heart. Y/N’s mind was divided. Did he mean all of that? Does he really want her out of his life and gone? She really didn’t know but she wasn’t ready to give up on him just yet. She could tell that behind all of that strong facade he had built up in front of him, he was asking for help. Hell, he needed help.

On the other hand, she loves Harry so dearly. Y/N often finds herself thinking and considering his feelings more than her own. She wanted to see him happy and if she needed to walk away from his life in order for that to be happen, that’s what she was going to do.

She was torn between the two options she had. Did he really mean all of it and does he really want Y/N out of the picture? Or did he say all of it simply because he couldn’t handle the pressure and didn’t know how to react?

Y/N didn’t want to make any mistakes either. She didn’t want to leave if he really didn’t want her gone and she didn’t want to stay if he did not cherish her company anymore. So she decided to wait—wait until he got back from whatever place he went to. They were going to talk.


After what felt like days since he was gone, although it was merely 2 hours, Harry was back home — his house, though.

Y/N had gone to his apartment to gather some of her belonging scattered around his place. She never moved in with him — he never asked her to and neither did she — but she still had some stuff left at his house — some t-shirts and sweatpants, for when she’d spend the night, as well as a toothbrush and other belongings like that.

All in the while he was gone, he never gave her a call nor sent her any texts. Harry didn’t answer her calls either and that was all the confirmation she needed. At this point, Y/N was just plain insecure. The heat of the fight they just had, the harsh words thrown at her and the fact he only ignored her attempts of reaching out to him only added up to that pile. She figured he really wanted her gone, so she decided to drop by his flat to get some of her things and wait until he got home — that is, if he got home; she really didn’t know.

Her heart jumped as she heard the door close softly behind his heavy footsteps. Her heart was racing so fast and her head was on the brink of spinning like crazy. Y/N’s heart shrunk with the anticipation of the moment yet to come. She was certain this would be one of her last minutes spent with him and although she didn’t want to be thinking about it now, she couldn’t help it. Her happiest memories were made with him by her side. She wouldn’t bare the pain to see him go.

Had he acknowledged her presence yet? Would Harry even want to talk to her at all?

Her trace of thoughts was interrupted as soon as Harry entered his kitchen. His face held a very stern expression and she knew what was to come. At the sight of him, Y/N’s heart felt even heavier than before and, in attempts to ease up the situation, even if just slightly, she pulled a chair out and motioned for him to sit.

At that, he indifferently glanced at the chair and turned his gaze back to her, pretty much ignoring her invitation for him to sit down with her.

“We need to talk.”

Y/N took the deepest, yet shakiest breath she could as to prepare herself for the moment that was to come — although no deep breath would ever manage to make her feel ready for this. In response, she only gave him a shy nod — she couldn’t find the strength in her to actually speak.

Harry lead them out the kitchen and headed to the living room, where both of them sat on different couches, opposite to each other so they could still look at the other.


“I was thinki-“

They immediately shut their voices when they heard the other speak and, Harry sensing Y/N was slightly embarrassed, let her go first.

“Um… Well, I was-… How can I say it..?”, she was lost in her own words. How was she supposed to tell him that she’d leave if that’s what he wanted even though that was the last thing she ever wanted to do? How was she supposed to just walk out the door and never turn back? “I thought about um, what you said and I- well, I figured that I’ll leave if that’s what you want. I also wanted to apologize for making you feel pressured. It’s obvious that you don’t want to-… be open with me and I have to respect that.”

She gulped hard when she finished, surprised with the fact she hasn’t cried yet. However, it was still noticeable — at least to Harry — that she was way more than just nervous. She kept her gaze down to her fidgeting hands most of the time she spoke and he could also hear her voice shake. She also stammered as she spoke — something he noticed she did when she was anxious and scared. Y/N, though, thought she was doing a great job at hiding how affected she had been with this whole situation.

Feeling the silence around them eat up at her, she immediately looked up to Harry, who was silently starring at her. Y/N felt so small in front of him, specially when his gaze was starring right through her and with that frown upon his forehead. If she had the strength to run away right here and right now, she’s sure she would have run off already.

Once again, the silence — the lack of response, to be exact — was all she needed to confirm her thoughts. She had to leave. Harry wanted her to leave.

But how? No- I mean, how? Should she give him a hug? Thank him for her best and favorite memories and 9 months she’s ever lived? Or straight up just walk out? How does one even say goodbye to a loved one like that? She didn’t know what he wanted. There was no way she could — she wasn’t exactly a mindreader.

“Um… I should probably go then…”, as soon as she got nothing but silence in return, she stood up and reached for her bag. Y/N was on full silent-sobbing right now and she didn’t even try to cover it up. She didn’t find the strength in her to do so.

Truth be told, she’s never felt weaker than she does now. Y/N feels as though her heart is being stomped on repeatedly, over and over again. She feels her brain begging, screaming at her for her to stop crying, for the pain is too much. She feels her eyes sting with all of the tears she’s let out and her stomach twisting. She can’t stop though, and she knows she won’t any time soon. So she just lets it go — all of it.

What she doesn’t know, however, is that Harry was silent not because he wanted her gone. Harry was silent because he didn’t find the words in him. His brain was at a thousand miles per second, where every possibility and outcome ran through his mind — including every worst case scenario. What was he supposed to do?

He wanted to apologize. For everything. Looking back now, bow did he even find in himself to call her annoying? Or ask her to leave him alone? Y/N had mentioned to Harry once or twice that being called annoying is probably one of the worst things someone could call another. Perhaps it is because of the fact that ‘annoying’ can cover a lot of things — from the way one speaks to the way they act and their personality or character. Y/N had never liked the term itself either. It just sounds aggressive to her.

He knew all of it, then why did he do it? Harry admits he didn’t think through his words, or else, they wouldn’t be on the spot they are now. But still, why did he say such harsh things to his Y/N? Nothing would ever justify those words.

When he told her he wanted to talk, he meant that he wanted to apologize, to try and make her understand why he has real bad trust issues. He wanted her to know that it was nothing personal and that he wanted to try talking about his feelings and emotions — his pain, specially — with her — that is, if she still wanted him around, of course. But now, he sees that all she has in her mind right now is how personal it is that he doesn’t want to talk to her and how much he doesn’t want her presence. Hell, if it were him on her spot he’d think the same too. He’s literally been silent since she began speaking.

However, as soon as he heard the front door click open, he immediately shot up from his sitting position on the couch. He absolutely hated how his perception of time was much slower than reality sometimes. Who knows? He could’ve been too late and lost her for good.

He got to the front door just seconds before she stepped out. Fearing she’d magically disappear, he stuck his hands out and held her upper arm tightly — not enough to hurt her —, stopping her from leaving his house — from leaving him. As soon as she turned back around, behind the puffy eyes and red spots on her beautiful face, he still saw how surprised she was at his actions. Hadn’t he just indirectly said he didn’t want her anymore?

“Wait! Don’t go…”, Harry said.

But what got to her was that he didn’t just say it. He meant it. Y/N swore on her life her knees almost collapsed at the tone of his voice and the expression on his face. Could she be wrong, after all?

“What? Why not?”, she blurted out.

Harry’s heart broke at how she sounded: so hopeless and broken. And unfortunately, he was the one who did that. He was so caught up onto his own pain that he ended up causing it to someone else; not just someone else, but his Y/N. He was so focused on shielding himself from any harm that he ended up harming her delicate, loving heart instead. And that’s why he promised himself and to everything that’s most precious in this world that he wouldn’t do it again. Only he knows how much it hurts to see her like that.

And to make matters even worse for him? Y/N wasn’t even mad. There was no hint of anger or irritation upon her delicate features. She was just… sad. And heartbroken.

Harry realized that she must’ve had so much respect for him that she took him into consideration way more than she took herself. Not only that, but she was also willing to prioritize his happiness over hers. After all, she was leaving because she thought that was what would make him happy and whole again; even if that wasn’t what was right for her.

“I’m sorry. God, I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he let go of her arm and took her hands into his, instead. “I never meant any of those words. Never did and never will. And specially, I don’t want you to leave. Please, don’t leave me. Stay, please, love. Stay…”. At this exact moment, all he could think about was trying to make her stay. He wanted her to see his part of the story too.

With a silent nod, she re-entered the house. As soon as the door was locked, Harry immediately wrapped his arms around her frame and hugged her as tightly as ever.

“I love you. I love you. So much, love. Please, let me explain. Hear me out.”

She teared up at his words even harder. They had never exchanged those words before and now that he said them, she didn’t know what to do. What if he brought her back inside so they could talk like proper adults and later he actually asks her to leave? Her mind was racing and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking all of this was over — that they were over. Also, should she repeat those words at this moment? She knows she loves him too. A lot. But is this the right time? Tired of debating with and against herself, she decides to save them for another hour. They needed to talk.

Leading both of them to the couch—the same one, now—, he sat as closely to her as he could. He wanted her to know how serious he was about those three little words and how much he meant every single word he was about to speak.

So he began. And he told her everything. From what made him so closed off to people, to what had recently made him upset and act the way he did. He had shared with her every piece of his that he hadn’t shared with anyone else in a very long time. And Y/N had been even more understanding and loving in response than he thought she would. Not that Harry thought she wouldn’t give it importance or would just brush it off, no. But she never ceased to surprise and amaze him.

She is too kind for this world he often finds it hard to understand. But that is just the way she is. And he loves every bit of her.

Their talk was rather emotional and she still managed to make him cry even a bit harder. With words of assurance, she told him she’d be there for him through everything and all, through the bad and the worst and through the good and the best. Harry also made a promise to himself and to her to never let it get that bad again. He was going to try to open up more to her.

And just from what he had shared with her tonight was enough to make him feel as though a whole building was lifted off from his shoulders. He felt as light as a feather and relief wouldn’t even begin to describe the feeling in his heart. Harry was forever thankful for Y/N and he was going to make sure she feels as appreciated and loved as she deserves on every day ahead of them.


Their talk had ended just a couple minutes ago and they were now just intently looking at each other with a small smile tugging at each of their lips. Pulling her closer to him, the both of them closed their eyes and breathed each other in, mostly enjoying their presence and company.

“Harry?”, she lowly said, interrupting the silence.

“Yeah, love?”

“I love you too.”

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nb shou is… good

Yk a very important thing I notice, is people dont seem to realize they’re idols are human.

Ill use an example ive seen thrown a lot, aphmau got famous bc of her fandom so she owes them something.

She owes you gratitude, but that does not translate into “ I have to do whatever they want me to do now or else im being ungrateful”.

A sense of idolization goes hand in hand with growing entitlement, just because you enjoy and look up to someone doesn’t mean they have to bend over backwards for you from now on and bid your every will.

People are human, doesn’t matter how long you’ve admired them at the end of the day, they’re a person like you with virtues and faults, and unless they’re doing something harmful theres no reason for you to wish harm upon them just because they didn’t give you what you wanted.

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Can you give headcanon about Touka and Kaneki with piercings and tattoo.

Oooh, I can try…


She has stripped herself of her shirt and bra, but leaves her shorts on since he didn’t tell her to take them off. Yet. He practically commands her to get on the bed and on her belly. 

He doesn’t even take the time to appreciate her nakedness like she expected he would. It’s like he has something else in mind.

She’s only just met him, but she’s easily obeying him. 

How the hell does that happen? 

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My brothers thoughts of the ew guys

“Who is she” that’s a boy “only girls wear red to show of the color of the other hoes they’ve fought”

What do you think his name is? “red bitch” that’s not a na- “ RED BITCH, NOW SHUT UP YOU DEAD CARROT”

“Her hair looks like she wants to flap the fuck away” still a guy “haha sure whatever I don’t understand artist anyway everyone looks like a girl I mean his hair is to long then”

“He is the dumb one right? He looks like the dumb one.”


“Ok so like are his eye hole like contacts or they a never ending hole where I can yeet the red bitch in”

Whats his name “probably something emo like Jeff or Jake or chase”

“Hes 1000% gay no one has hair like that and is straight plus blue is gay” you’re wearing blue. “Did I fucking stutter”

“What’s up with his hair did his mom fuck sonic the fuckin hedgehog??? Image him nutting and Sonics like goTTA BLAST then boom single mother”


“What’s with these bitches and flappy wings for hair-OH MY GOD HIS HAIR IS A SPORK DUDE WHAT IS THIS”

“Ok so you told me one of them is a communist” correct “it’s him he looks like he doesn’t know what he’s doing with life so he just said fuck it”


“I bet if someone brings him water he ask if it’s vegan” I’m 70% sure he’s not a vegan “Right the other 30% is equal to 100% so I’m right”

“I bet he dabs to every song”

“I wanna say he’s a Frankie but I also wanna say he goes by big F.”

“His hair looks like it could cut a bitch like ching chong mother fuckers”

“Hes wearing green. You know what else starts with green? Gay. Give him the treatment we are all gonna go through hell just because he’s cute he can’t escape it.”

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Okay so I have been trying to figure out why this song was released before others. I mean I thought she was going to go for a more meaningful song with depth cause we already got the fun/sassy/Dancy song with the first two. I thought the point of promo single is to show what the album has to offer? Why do you think she chose this?

well i might be wrong, but taylor always tells a story and not only with her albums but the way the tracks roll out.

look what you made me do was basically the alarm going off in the world’s ears… to say listen up bitches y’all done pissed me off and here is the thing i know what you said and you all suck and you wanna call me a snake fucking fine im gonna embrace being a snake so hard that your insult doesnt hurt anymore because me and my fans are all gonna be wearing snake merch how do you like that one… and things are different now and im not putting up with your shit or playing nice imma be honest AF..and im going to do things my way. In line with not doing any promo and sharing personal things on social media all that. And then also a, ‘hey im back’. So that was the alarm. The prologue to the story if you will.

But then i think that then ready for it is supposed to be the general introduction to the main plot story - to joe, to the fact that the album is gonna talk a lot about him, their love story, to the things that came to the table and then how she sees her future with him forever and ever and ever and ever 

and then with gorgeous, now she is backtracking and going okay kids, here is how the story actually started. 

and it will continue to unfold. 

Rostelecom Cup Men’s FS

Can’t do the format from yesterday because every single person brought their (close to) A-Game. So I’m just going to go in results order for the men that I really want to mention:

1. Nathan Chen: What can I even say about Nathan Chen. I’m genuinely in love with his skating. I can’t believe I never really could appreciate his skating before but wow. I’m absolutely in love with his free skate. For me, everything about this Skate worked. I think I’m well on the Nathan Chen Train now and I’m not going to get off!

2. Yuzuru Hanyu: I have one word: Majestic. He just knows how to do it doesn’t he? He look like this Majestic Warrior Prince and I was captivated for every moment. His first 4Lz right in time for the Olympic Season. I really loved tonight’s program. I might get a lot of hate for this but I do slightly (0.01%) prefer Hope and Legacy but this was absolutely amazing.

3. Mikhail Kolyada: I’ve spoken about my (unhealthy) love for Mikhail Kolyada. It’s still so frustrating to love him because while the program was pretty good its just not what I wanted from him. He has the ability to Skate clean and it was slightly frustrating to see him but I’m sure he’s going to fix the mistakes.

4. Misha Ge: I’ve never cried more in my life. It was beautiful, emotive, artistic and sometimes I stop to wonder what we’ve done to him. There is never really enough to say when it comes to Misha and no amount of words can communicate what his programs can make someone feel. Absolutely beautiful.

5. Moris Kvitelashvili: So much better than I expected! I loved the music though at times he did seem a bit slow and a slight bit off. The spins were really good. I think his PCS could’ve been slightly higher but I’m not complaining!

6. Dmitri Aliev: I don’t know why, but I’ve really fallen in love with Dmitri Aliev here. He may not have had a clean skate which was quite frustrating but I really enjoy the music and the program. For some reason there’s something really enjoyable for me in watching him skate. I’m sure he’s going to grow but it’s a good start.

7. Deniss Vasiljevs: He’s going to grow leaps and bounds, there’s no question about that. There is one thing in his program that really stood out for me: His Spins were absolutely beautiful. I’m really excited to see how he comes along and hopefully, he and Stephane can come up with the future dream team!


While watching @frankiesmileshow stream his art on twitch the other day I got the itch to try some pixel art and learned about a program for pixel art called GraphicsGale. I used to do sprite/pixel artwork for fun a literal decade ago in high school so I wanted to see what I could do this time around. It’s supposed to be a shotgun blast but I made it real messy so I guess its something else now. This isn’t completely done, there are frames for little smoke trails that need to be done and I might add another shade to the flare itself along with two more shades of grey. Who knows when I’ll do it though!

Edit: I don’t know why the yellow/orange turned out weird, it doesnt look like that in any of my previews

Yo, clickbait, you’re gonna have to do better than Natalie Dormer if you expect to surprise me over what she looks like now. She’s in a play in London, I’ve seen interviews with her now. Come on.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 2 Recap (spoilers)

Wiggety what, what’s that-ITS THE MICKSTERECAP!

1:31 This action packed science fantasy starts out swinging with-A SAD OLD MAN SITTING AT HIS DESK! Edge of my computer table I am.

1:34 ZOOP-its Piccol-I MEAN-Watts, VILLAINY TIME!

1:54 …okay I know that all schools have secret rooms of secrecy, but that looks WAY too villainous. Watts redecorated didn’t he? You gotta learn when to say NO Leo.

2:08 We are then treated to-THE ORB GRIMM OF MYSTERY! What could it possible do? TURNS OUT…its basically a video phone…huh…makes sense but admittedly disappointing. 

2:30 Watts acts like a sassy bitch and-CINDER SPEAKS! HOORAY-now she can insult people again!

3:00 Leo than says that HE found the Spring Maiden but ol’ ARTHUR WATTS( I LOVE that his name is Arthur that rules) gets the credit. Never working for that eldritch witch if I get the option…okay yeah I would, I’m broke as FUCK!

3:34 Oh MAN Cinder’s hate boner for Ruby Rose is STILL GOING STRONG!

3:50  HYOO BOY-the orb latched a tentacle to Leo! We’ve all seen enought hentai to know where THIS is going!

4:48 “Tyrian’s in need of a new tail”…she says that…like he can get ANOTHER ONE?! Hyoo boy, some unlucky scorpion faunus is GIVING A TRANSPLANT!

5:10 We then close out that convo with Watts saying the students AREN’T pushovers. Well ain’t that nice!

5:38 Cinder then argues with her Mom that things are going to slowly-RIGHT-before she says she wants a word with Tyrian. Ooooooooooooooooh, someone’s getting grooooooooooooooooooounded!

6:45 Cut to Weiss still on cargo ship 3-THE FIGHTIN’ TRES-looking over and seeing everyone’s favorite fantasy cliche-FLOATING ROCKS IN THE SKY! Like the Strawberry battlefield up in this bitch.

6:58 ZOOP-scratch that,  pilot says their “No-where good”…which means BATTLE TIME BABY!

7:10 CRASHING SKY SHIP-this is my FAVORITE place in Remnant now!


7:50 ….well shit, those people are dead. Work faster next time Weiss-GOD!

8:09 Weiss finally states she’s done with this do nothing bull shit, AS IT TURNS OUT-Cargo ship 3 has…a FUCK ton of Dust in it! Atlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas is smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggling!

8:22 There’s just something satisfying about loading a sword with bullets, just magical.

8:50 The cargo door is open, BLASTING wind, but thankfully Weiss’s skirt never flips up! Some damn sturdy combat skirts.

9:13 Its at THIS point I just realized something…why doesn’t that ship have built in defenses? You live in a world where MONSTERS not only exists but will also kill you without a moment’s notice.

9:44 AND THEIR HOOKED-holy crap it can’t even take a simple Grimm hook-WHO DESIGNED THIS CARGO SHIP?!

Basically this was the scene in general:

Weiss: I GOT ONE!

Pilot: Great kid, don’t get cocky!

10:51 Geeze Weiss, are you tired? Only been out of the game for a season, DAMN your out of shape.

But enough about that- QUEEN LANCER BOSS BATTLE!

11:20 Oh man its immune to magic-TRY THROWING FURNITURE AT IT!

11:52 Weiss I JUST said it was immune to magic, you wasted all those dust crates for NOTHING! Bad ass explosion, but still.


12:20 Ladies and gentlemen, the return of-WEISS’S BAD-ASS WOW LOOKING KNIGHT! Which…she probably should’ve used earlier but FUCK IT-it looks cool!

13:00 Sweet Jesus that was the most insane mid-air battle I’ve ever SEEN and it was awesome! Well time to crash Launchpad McDuck style!

13:30 But enough about whether Weiss and Unnamed Pilot are alive-LET’S SEE WHAT ADAM IS DOING!

13:48 We see Highleader Kahn REALLY chew out Adam for his acts of mass terrorism…but…doesn’t seem like he’s getting fired…what kind of rinky dink terrorist organization are they RUNNING-punish stricter!

15:26 HEY-its Ozpin’s exboyfriend Hazel! How you doing, death voice?


16:23 Lady wants humanity to fear the Faunus, but doesn’t want to start a war…you….you really don’t think realistically do you?

17:00 We WILL win against the humans, because mutan-I MEAN Faunus are the dominant species!

18:00 All and all this seems like a pretty standard meeting-OH SHIT-all the White fang in the room are loyal to Adam! Well I’m sure things are gonna turn out fine, every organization benefits from a strong female leade-OH SHIT-Adam just killed her!

18:50 Adam acting like the psycho he is uses the corpse he just made to further his own agenda…this got dark. Like,  RIDICULOUSLY darker than we thought this series could dark.

Also NOT to speak ill of the dead but…MAYBE she should’ve just fired him? She and Ozpin share that classic “Let a threat sit in the background and wait until it kills you” style of leadership.

19:10 Hazel: When were you planning on telling me about that?

Yeah Adam, you gotta SHARE your murderous plans, you can’t just SPRING a murder when you invite someone to the vaguely Asian inspired faunus castle! Unit cohesion is key.

19:32 Hazel: Nobody needed to die today.

Okay dude,dude, DUDE…you WORK for MALEFICENT! Don’t get bent out over a little murder!

19:48 We then see Weiss wake up from the crash and see everything’s fin-OH SHIT RAVEN…wait, your telling me WEISS found Yang’s mom before Yang?!

All in all good action based ep, and I can’t wait to see Adam lead the Brotherhood of Evil Fanus against the forces of the…X…faunus? Shoulda stopped at the Magneto joke-GRAH-what is wrong with me?! See ya next week folks!

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how do I not feel bad and like I’ve wasted my potential because I’m smart enough to go to a top college and yet here I am at a huge and not great university just because I was diagnosed late and screwed up my whole life before and after? I know I shouldn’t be sad and/or jealous of others and yet?? I am??? I just feel like I will never amount to anything

I want to encourage you to think about the possibilities from where you are now. Worrying over the past isn’t really useful, since we can’t go back and change it. What matters is what you do going forward.

So think about where you’d really prefer to be going to school, and look into transferring. What would you need to do in order to do that? Is it an option? If yes, you now know what you need to do. If not, it’s still not the end of the world.


Because you can finish your degree where you are now, and then look at further training and graduate studies at other schools. My brother went to the University of Ottawa for his undergraduate degree, and then he went to the University of Toronto for his Masters degree. He then went to the University of Edinburgh, where he did a one-year program prior to doing his PhD. He also did a year at the University of Britain at Rome (he’s a Classicist). I did my Bachelor of Music (in Composition) at the University of Calgary, then completed the coursework for a BA in Psychology at Lakehead University, then did one semester of a BMus in Music Therapy at Capilano College (it’s now a university), and now I’m doing a Publishing Certificate through Ryerson University’s distance education.

After you finish high school, there is nothing that says you need to follow one strict path in order to achieve what you want to achieve in your education and career. You can take a winding path to get there. You can go straight where you want to go. What matters is the journey itself and that you arrive, not the precise path you take on the journey.


inktober day 21! Prompt from @dropthedrawing‘s space travelers list: The Intergalactic Family

and now to do all the tagging for the characters Left to right is the blob Alluvian (no tumblr is provided, they’re scrabb’s brother), @thelastpilot‘s Pilot, @nerdworld01‘s Doctor World, @zekazeno‘s Houx’aehr, @wynter-of-flowers‘s Nick, @rowantreeisme‘s Ve’elo, my Tallira, @scrabblezard‘s Herlium, @madness-and-witchess‘s Euraina, @astra-across-the-stars‘s Astra, @animika123‘s Macen, *deep breath* and @jero1331′s Jero

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If you had to disappear and start a whole new life, what would you want your new life to look like?

Logically, what else am I going to do?

If I left my life now and changed my name, what would I do exactly? go to another area and what? hide in the sewers? Scavenge for food? Hunt in the woods? make my own home out of used appliances found and things I made?

All the stuff I do now in my own life.

Things have been rough at work. Every day this week I have had all day meetings, breakfast meetings, lunch meetings, dinner meetings, and a couple work related happy hours. I’ve eaten only one meal on my own this week. I like the people I work with, but I need a moment to myself once in a while. So today I treated myself to a manicure with friends at one of those places that has a bar inside the manicure shop. I’m a little tipsy but my nails look fabulous! Now I’m headed to a birthday party for a girl I barely know, but hey, more drinks!

I promise to start writing again tomorrow!

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The Princess and the Frog - sentence starters

1. “There is no way in this whole wide world I would ever ever ever, I mean never, kiss a frog. Yuck!” 

2. “So what now? I reckon you want a kiss?” 

3. “Kissing would be nice, yes?” 

4. “Hold on. If you’re the prince/princess, then who was that waltzing with _____ on the dance floor?” 

5. “Yes. Yes yes! This is exactly the answer! You must kiss me.” 

6. Look, I’m sorry. I’d really like to help you, but I just do not kiss frogs.” 

7. “What did you do to me? I’m green… and I’m slimy…!” 

8. “_____ just talked to me. The dog just spoke to me!” 

9. “The bayou’s the best jazz school in the world. All the greats play on the riverboats.”

10. “Pardon me, but… your accent. It’s funny, no?”

11. “We’re all gonna pull together. Down here, that’s how we do. Me for them and them for me. We’ll all be there for you.” 

12. “Step aside mister/lady. Watch and learn.” 

13. “I admit it was a charmed life, until the day my parents cut me off and I realized… I don’t know how to do anything.” 

14.  “Not bad for a ____-year-old blind lady/man.” 

15. “Hit it hard with a couple of shots of Tabasco and it’s the bees knees.”   

16. “What we want, what we need, it’s all the same thing, yes?” 

17. “Your daddy/mama was loving wo/man, family through and through. You’re your daddy/mama’s son/daughter. What s/he had in him/her, you have in you.” 

18. “Dig down deep inside yourself. You’ll find out what you need.” 

19. “S/he was trying to propose! That’s what all the fumbling was about.” 

20. “Get me out of this box!” 

21. “This is proof that what we saw isn’t what we thought we saw!”

22. “Would you hold still, you big baby.” 

23. “At this point, you have two choices: woo and marry a rich young lady/man, or get a job.” 

24. “All right, fine. But first we dance!” 

25. “We’re all going out dancing tonight. Care to join us?” 

26. “A gift this special just has to be shared.” 

27. “You know, the thing about good food, it brings folks together from all walks of life. It warms them right up and puts little smiles on their faces.”

28. “Yes, you wish and you dream with all your little heart, but you remember, ____, that old star can only take you part of the way. You gotta help it along with some hard work of your own, and then, hey, you can do anything you set your mind to.” 

29. “Here’s a little something to help you get started.” 

30. “Ssh. You are frightening the food.” 

31. “There is no way I am kissing a frog and eating a bug on the same day.” 

32. “The evening star is shining bright, so make a wish and hold it tight.” 

33. “There’s magic in the air tonight, and anything can happen.” 

34. “Just promise your _____ one thing: that you’ll never ever lose sight of what’s really important. Okay?” 

35. “We’ve got magic, good and bad. Make you happy, make you real sad.” 

36. “A little word of advice: my ____ always said that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” 

37. “I know. I miss him/her too.” 

38. “The people down here think I’m crazy, but I don’t care.”  

39. “There ain’t nothing gonna stop me now, ‘cause I’m almost there.” 

40. “Sit down at my table, put your mind at ease. If you relax, then you’ll enable me to do anything I please.” 

41. “I’ve got Voodoo, I’ve got Hoodoo, I’ve got things I ain’t even tried.” 

42. “You will enjoy it, I guarantee. All wo/men enjoy the kiss of _____. Come. We pucker.” 

43. “Aren’t you tired of living on the margins while those fat cats in their fancy cars never give you so much as a sideways glance?” 

44. “It serves me right for wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want is from hard work.” 

45. “When I’m myself again, I want just the life I had. A great big party every night. That doesn’t sound too bad?” 

46. “Life is short, when you’re done you’re done. We’re on this Earth to have some fun.” 

47. “What you give is what you get. My _____ said that and I’ll never forget. And I commend it to you.” 

48. “You do not know how how to have fun. There, someone had to say it.” 

49. “I’ve never danced.”

50. “In all my years, no one has ever done anything like this for me.” 

51. “Folks will be coming together from all walks of life, just to get a taste of our food.” 

52. “I gotta hand it to you, ____. When you dream, you dream big.” 

53. “My _____ may not have gotten what s/he wanted, but s/he had what s/he needed. S/he had love! S/he never lost sight of what was really important.”

54. “I have to do this, and we are running out of time.” 

55. “All my life I’ve read about True Love in fairy tales, and ____, you’ve found it.”         

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#1 with either Wilford or Yandereplier(your choice!)

1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

You wondered where he was right now. William, or Will, or Wilford- whatever he was calling himself now- was never very… sane, but whatever happened at the manor that left Damien, Celine, and another one of his friends you couldn’t remember the name of nowhere to be found had left him broken beyond your repair, and not knowing what to do about it, you’d left on a whim. You wondered if he hated you. Or if you’d just left him devastated.

You didn’t have to wonder for very long, however, as suddenly there was a flash of pink in front of you. “Will?” You said, stunned. He looked nothing like himself. His mustache was pink, and his hat and coat were gone. His glasses were hardly staying on his face. They looked like they’d been stepped on.

He reached forward and touched you with a shaking hand, almost as if to make sure you were really there, and then he was on you, holding you so tight, you thought he might have broken one of your ribs. You hardly even noticed that he was kissing you.

You melted into him, letting his hands tangle in your hair, then drop down to your hips, as if they couldn’t decide where exactly to go. The kiss was sweet, until you tasted… salt? Was he crying?

It didn’t really matter. He wouldn’t let you go until you were gasping for breath.

“I-I’m so s-sorry,” his voice had a strange slur to it. “I-I’ll be b-better, I sw-” You consumed his lips, hoping you could tell him without words that you didn’t care. That you knew he needed you, and you were prepared for whatever came.

He seemed to get the message.

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Could you at least start putting next and previous links?

sorry i cant

trust me

it looks so simple to do but tbh it’s a super tedious process

especially since the comic has a fuck ton of asks

there used to be a navigation page though,

i put all of the arcs well the arcs til i stopped in there, along with links to every important page in that arc

so not every interactive comic page is linked there, only the ones i decided were important

but that was as hard to update so it’s gone now lmao

if you wanna see what it looked like (no actual links though), it’s under the cut

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sweet dreams [JiKook]

Throwback to a birthday drabble for @amlu69​ I wanted to share >.< Hope you like it~ 

pairing: Jimin x Jungkook
genre: fluff, sleepless nights and bad dreams

Jimin slowly opened his eyes, feeling a weight on his left shoulder. With an annoyed grumble, he grabbed his phone that was next to his pillow, turning on the screen so that he could get a closer look at the person’s face.

If it was Hoseok again, he didn’t know what he’d do; yell at the elder to get lost, or just kick him off the bed like that.

However, Jimin wasn’t expecting the person next to him to be Jungkook.

That was odd. It was usually Hoseok, or Taehyung when he felt down, or Yoongi when he felt like it. Seeing Jungkook in the same bed was a huge surprise for Park Jimin. Jungkook, who had always pushed the older male and his overly affectionate nature, now in the same bed as he was, against his warm body.

This was too good to be true.

“Hyung, you’re so warm.” Jungkook whispered into Jimin’s shirt, hiding his face in the thin material.
“Jungkook, what’s wrong?” Jimin’s voice broke the comfortable silence around them. Jungkook lifted his head a little, his grip on Jimin’s waist tightening as he whispered, “I had a bad dream. Is it okay for me to sleep with you tonight, Jimin hyung?”

This was it. His chance to push him away, like he had done with Jimin every time. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

But no. Even Jimin knew he could never bring himself to do that.

“Sure, kid. Make yourself at home.”

Jungkook smiled at Jimin gratefully, before hiding his face back in his shirt. Lifting his hand ever so gently, Jimin brought it to Jungkook’s head, patting it gently, running his fingers through the soft black hair as he had always wanted to do.

Jungkook nuzzled his face further into Jimin’s shoulder, letting out a content sigh as Jimin stroked his hair, gently lulling him to sleep.

Gentle snores filled Jimin’s ears, telling him that the youngest was now asleep. He slowly turned towards Jungkook, before pulling the younger male towards him in a tight, yet comfortable hug.

“Good night, Jungkookie. Sweet dreams.” He grinned.


Elie: Tell me you can fix it. Tell me you can fix it right now or so help me-

Marin: I can fix it. There’s a therapy. It’s just you might- the cost - I-

E: Will the therapy harm my son?

M: No. Not at all.

E: Will it heal any harm done?

M: I think so. It’s restored Alexis fertility. It looks like it can halt, if not reverse all the known side effects. It’s a one off treatment. 

E: Then do it. I don’t care what it costs you. You fix this and then you get the fuck out of town and our lives. You understand?

M: I do. 

E: Lead the way Dr Criss