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Perv (Harry Hook x Reader)

Request: #50: “I can think of five good uses for that mouth.” With Harry please 😊

Pairing: Harry x Reader

Warnings: Dirty talk ;), Light smut

You woke up with your head on his chest, listening to the same rhythmic heartbeat you fell asleep to. The heartbeat of none other than your boyfriend, Harry. His steady breathing making your head rise and fall.

You looked up at him. He was still asleep, so you decided to wake him yourself. You began kissing just above his collarbone and trailed up to the skin where his jaw and ear met, earning a soft moan from him. That moan was followed be a chuckle.

You continued your work, kissing along his jaw and back up to the corner of his mouth.

He opened his eyes. “I can think of five good uses for that mouth.” he smirked, his voice raspy.

You lifted your eyebrows. “Oh really?” You sat up and slowly straddled his hips. “And what might they be?”

“Let’s just say none of them involve kissing me. Well, up here, at least.” He ran his fingers through your hair and pulled you down so your faces were millimeters apart.

You laughed.

“What?” He laughed back. “A guy’s got needs.”

You started sliding your hand down his arm. “And what do you want me to do about that?” you asked seductively.

“Something. Anything.” he pleaded.

Your hand stopped at his hip, and moved to where he needed it most. His head fell back as his eyes fluttered shut .

He let out a groan of satisfactory and you giggled, landing a single peck on his lips. “Perv.”

You got off of him and stood at the side of the bed. His eyes shot open. “Wh-What?”

You laughed at his expression. “Come on, Harry. You know we have to train with Uma first thing in the morning.”

He groaned again, this time more reluctantly. “But I don’t wanna.”

You tugged him up by the arm, only for him to throw himself back on the bed. “You know,” you whispered in his ear. “Good boys always get rewarded.”

His eyes widened and he sat up. “Well then we better get training!”

He grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you out the door excitedly.

All throughout the training session, Harry was giving you ‘the look’ and whispering dirty things to you when no one was looking. Until finally, Uma dismissed everyone.

The both of you walked back to his room, and the second the door shut, he grabbed your shoulders and slammed you to the wall.

“You’re gonna regret leaving me hanging earlier.”

Requested by @superwholockz

im at the gay club on goth Tuesday and a woman wearing makeup that makes her eyes look infected asks me for the time. I swing my pastel pink purse that I got at h&m for five dollars on sale to the front of my black velvet dress.

“Let me check my naruto pocket watch”

Instantly, without even searching, something faux brass shines in my hand. It has the hidden leaf village symbol embossed on one side and on the opposite it has the familiar NARUTO logo. Classically it hangs from a chain. With the press of a finger it unfolds to a clock face.


“They already played my favorite Specimen song and the DJ’s transitioning to witch house now. What do you say you come to my place?”

I can feel her dark aura lurching to enthrall me but a gorgeous person inside and out has my devoted heart and I love them completely without distraction.

“No thanks. I’m taken.”

The woman cries. I walk outside and call my mom to pick me up. Music from the club makes it hard to hear the call. She’ll arrive in a half hour in her jeep cherokee to take me home. I brush my hair out of my face. I exhale an exasperated sigh.

“Every single time”

One Hell of A Birthday


Prompt (Anon request): may i request a oneshot where bucky and the rest can’t spend your birthday w/ you bc of an event he has to attend and you feel kinda sad and end up hanging out w/ an ex and accidentally showing that in a facetime w/ the fam making them tease overprotective boyfriend bucky c: 

Words: 1183.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took so long, but my life is hectic right now. Thank you so much for requesting, dear! Requests are open.


“I’m sorry, doll,” he finished, his voice wavering a little.

“Bucky, it’s okay, I get it,” you said.

You really understood the situation, even if you didn’t like it.

Your birthday was in two days and Bucky, your boyfriend, wouldn’t be able to spend it with you. He, along with the team, got a track of an enemy base and had to take it down. Finding the location would take longer than anyone anticipated.

You really understood the situation, but you weren’t happy about it. In fact, pretty sad.

“I really wish I could do something about this.”

“I know.  Me too.”

You finished the call making him promise to be careful and kick some ass.


You’ve had a pretty bad day. And it was your birthday.

As a matter of fact, ‘pretty bad’ seems like an understatement. For starters, Bucky and the rest couldn’t be there. You had to work; okay, only the morning shift, but it was still morning. Your alarm malfunctioned and you were late, which wasn’t good for your relation with your boss. Then, work never seemed to end. As you were leaving - starving because you had absolutely no time to take a break for a snack and you didn’t bring anything with you because you were late – rain started pouring. You managed to get home after two hours in traffic and subways, dripping wet and sporting a headache. You were supposed to go out to eat tonight, so any food you were hoping to have for lunch simply didn’t exist in your apartment. Which made you change clothes and go to the grocery store.

Your family was supposed to arrive at 5 p.m. that day, so you were picking some things to actually cook at your house. Taking the day you had so far, you were not making yourself available to another thing going wrong (like maybe your reservations).

Your phone ringing brought you back to reality.


“[Y/n], hi!” your mother exclaimed on the phone. “Happy birthday!”

“Thanks, mom,” you smiled, relieved to hear her voice. You glanced at the clock hanging on the wall near the fruits, “Wait. Weren’t you supposed to be on the plane an hour ago?”

“[Y/n], the flight was canceled. Something about the weather here, no places are taking off,” she sighed. “I’m sorry, honey, but we won’t be able to go spend your birthday with you.”

“It’s okay, mom. I really wanted to see everyone, but I understand.” What else could you say?

You finished the call and sighed. What an amazing birthday; no family, no friends, no boyfriend, no plans. You shouldn’t have left your bed this morning.


You turned toward the source of the voice and came face to face with someone you didn’t expect.

There you saw him: Harry. Your ex-boyfriend.

“Harry, hi!”

He surprisingly embraced you in a hug. He was smiling he pulled back.

“I was thinking about you,” he said.


“Yeah. I saw the date and I remembered that today was your birthday.” His smile then became softer, “Happy birthday.”

You smiled back, “Thanks, Harry.”

“So, big plans tonight?” he asked, glancing at you while picking some apples from the pile behind you.

You could say ‘yes’. You could, you definitely could seem like pretty busy person with lots of friends to party with on your birthday. But what is the gain in that?

You shrugged. “Not really.”

“Wanna talk about it?”

So you ended up telling him the entire story.

“Wow,” he sighed, “You’ve had a rough day.”

“Yeah. But it’s okay. I’ll pick some ice cream and binge watch some show tonight. Hopefully, nothing else will go wrong.” You really hoped so.

Harry scratched the back of his neck.

“If you want, maybe I could stop by. Keep you some company or something.” Upon seeing your face, he quickly added, “Just as friends! I wouldn’t want to intrude between you and your boyfriend.”

What would be the harm in that?


And that’s how you ended up alone with your ex-boyfriend at your apartment on your birthday.

Harry was currently serving the dinner he had bought when you received a Skype call from Bucky and ended up telling him who you were spending your birthday with.

“Bucky, we’re friends. Nothing more,” you said for the billionth time.

“I know, and I get that,” he answered, “But it had to be him?

“Who? Be who? Are you talking to [Y/n]?”

Suddenly, the entire team was trying to fit into the screen, all talking and wishing you happy birthday at the same time.

You couldn’t help but laugh at the scene. “Thanks, guys.”

“[Y/n]?” Harry called when he reentered the living room, a bit hesitant since you were talking on the phone. He expected you’d get some of those when he was there, but didn’t know if you wanted people to know he was there and he didn’t want to cause any trouble.

“Who’s that?” Nat asked, pulling the camera towards her.

“Did your family made a nice flight?” Steve asked, pulling the camera to him.

“Did they enjoy the reservation?” Tony squeezed himself between the two.

“Are you having a nice birthday?” Wanda jumped on Steve’s back and gripped her arms around his neck to secure herself.

“Did you get out present?” Sam appeared near close to the camera.

“It didn’t explode, did it?” the camera focused on Bruce, standing kind of afraid on the side with everyone, including you, screaming, “What?!”

“I didn’t get your present, so I don’t know if it exploded. My family never came, they were stuck in the airport due to the bad weather. I canceled the reservation, none of you guys were here. And I was talking to a friend, Harry.”

Somewhere between your explanations, everyone fit on the screen again.

“Who’s Harry?” Thor asked. “Is he a brave warrior?”

“Nope,” Sam replied, smirking. “He’s [Y/n]’s ex-boyfriend.”


“Sam, how the hell do you know?” you asked, confused.

“I happen to have my ways, [Y/L/n],” he mocked, scrunching his lips and snapping his fingers in a ‘Z’ form. What you didn’t see was the way he and Tony high-fived behind Thor’s back.

“Let me get this straight: [Y/l] is spending her birthday with her ex-boyfriend and not with the overprotective – and needless to say, currently – boyfriend?” Tony asks, a teasing tone to his voice and a grin on his face.


“Oh, Barnes, you’re never hearing the end of this, my friend.”

“If you want, Asgard could use a powerful warrior such as yourself,” you heard Thor saying quietly to Bucky.

Two days later, after they returned home and you made them have a few hours of sleep and Tony sent a private plane to pick up your family, they took you out to dinner on your favorite restaurant and even invited Harry. The entire time the team spent teasing Bucky, who made Harry seat far away from you on the giant table. You had never laughed as hard as that night.

Oh. And their present didn’t explode. Until Tony switched a few cables. 


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Little Girl

Requests: “I’m really,really sorry I thought I was done honest but I saw the Kai gif thing and now fluff, cooking cupcakes with Kai for your little girls birthday party (yum cupcakes) Please and Thank you ~S” (Credits to gif owners!) 

Kai’s daughter meant everything to him. From being a lost cause, to falling in love for the first time, learning how to control himself, getting married and having a daughter, she was his whole world. Its her birthday. Her fifth birthday to be exact which sort of came as a shock to Kai. He knew exactly how old she was going to be yet he couldn’t believe five years ago he didn’t know what to do in the hospital room.

He wasn’t exactly sure what to say, or how to hold her. Or how to react when he saw her face between the thick blankets for the first time. For so long he was confused with emotion, but he cried. He cried with the biggest smile on his face when he cradled her in his arms. He was wrapped around her finger ever since.

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Bossy as Usual

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Jinyoung

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,827

Summary:  Almost as soon as you sit down, your seatmate starts hitting on you. You’ve resigned yourself to eight long hours of misery and boredom when the man from across the aisle offers you a way out. You take it. 

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“Everybody has a secret world inside of them… Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe.”



Twenty years.

It had been twenty years since Todoroki Shouto died.

It had been twenty years since Izuku received Shouto’s last phone call, on a pretty spring day where the sun was gleaming and the sky was brilliant, where Shouto had left the house, claiming he would go out on a run and come back home as soon as possible.

It had been twenty years since Shouto went missing for several hours, much longer than “a little late”, and, concerned, Izuku had prowled the streets, trying to find where his fiancé had gone.

It had been twenty years since he’d tapped into location services, knowing Shouto’s phone would have still been on, and had been confused when it lead him to the isolated part of the city, within a long-abandoned construction site.

It had been twenty years since Izuku found Shouto’s body, pale and covered in blood, a metal beam sticking out of his stomach and a cracked, bloody phone by his head.

It had been twenty years since Izuku held Shouto’s corpse in his arms, sobbing, crying, and cursing, holding Shouto’s cold left hand tightly and desperately clutching onto the silver, bloody engagement ring he had given to Shouto so long ago.

It had been twenty years since Izuku lost his world, and, consequentially, lost himself.

As of this year, Izuku reached forty-two years and ten months, the title of Number One Hero under his belt while being renown as one of the most self-destructive heroes. He was a workaholic, constantly taking down as many villains as possible per day, and rarely took time off for himself. His old teachers, classmates, and mother had constantly expressed concern for his mental state, begging for Izuku to take more time off for himself—to see a therapist and do something other than fight and fight and fight

And today… today is Shouto’s twentieth death anniversary.

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Warnings: angst

Requester: @jeffreydeanneganstrash 

Gif/Photo Credit: Gif #1 / Photo / Gif #2

Closing the bathroom door, you let out a sigh of relief, having finally stolen a moment alone. While you knew everyone was there to celebrate your engagement, it was still a bit overwhelming. There were so many people congratulating you, yet also asking personal questions, such as wanting to know every detail of the upcoming wedding, wondering when you were having children, if you were still going to work or be a stay-at-home wife, etc.

Pulling some lipstick out of your clutch, you touched up the edges of your lips, where the red stain had started to fade. You almost let a groan of annoyance slip out, at the sound of the bathroom door opening behind you.

Preparing for another well-wisher to assault you with a falsely wide smile and a round of questions, you looked up at your reflection in the mirror. You gasped loudly, in surprise, at the more masculine, and more familiar, visage staring back at you. Elijah.

You hadn’t even seen him enter the party, when you had been greeting guests, earlier. You had no clue how he had even known about the party in the first place, since you hadn’t sent out an invitation. In fact, you hadn’t heard from him since the two of you broke up, over a year ago.

Turning around to face him, you found it hard to breathe at the sight of him before you. God, he was so handsome, with his perfectly coiffed hair, clean-shaven jaw, and espresso eyes that bore into your own. He was wearing an impeccably tailored suit, and, as per usual, every single inch of him was polished and in control. However, you had been known to make him lose his seemingly unbreakable control more than once in the past. Had seen his hair ruffled from your fingers, five o'clock shadow on his face as he looked at you with sleepy morning eyes.

Giving yourself a mental shake, you broke the silence. “What are you doing here?”

“What, I can’t come say congratulations to an old friend?” he replied, his voice giving away none of his thoughts.

“An old friend? Is that what I am?” you said, heart dropping into the pit of your stomach.

You shouldn’t care what he viewed you as, since he was the one who had said it wouldn’t work between the two of you. That a human had no place with a vampire, no matter how much you said that you loved him and wanted to be with him.

“You look ravishing,” he commented, eyes taking in your sleek, black dress and heels. Was it your imagination, or did he look, for just a moment, almost sad?

“Thank you,” you replied, standing up to your full height, shoulders back in a weak display to try and show that you didn’t care what he thought. “I should get back to my party, now.”

“Of course,” he said with a nod. “I just wanted to give you a small gift, then be on my way.”

With that, he stepped forward, and his hand had encircled your own before you realized what he was about to do. Lifting your hand, he laid something small and hard into the palm, before closing your fingers around it. He then leaned down, his lips brushing softly across your cheek. The touch was so light as to be barely felt, yet it still left behind a trail of fire, your eyes closing automatically in response.

When you opened your eyes, a few seconds later, he was gone. Looking down, you uncurled your fingers to find a ring. It had a delicate, silver band, with a beautiful sapphire stone in the middle. Tears gathered at the corners of your eyes at the sight.

It was the daylight ring that he had presented to you over a year ago, when he offered to turn you into a vampire. You refused his offer, saying that the one thing you couldn’t lose was your humanity. That was the same night he had left you, and hadn’t returned.

If you could go back, do it over again, would your answer still be the same? Looking down at the ring, logic told you that yes, you would still give him the same response.

But your heart disagreed.

Written by: flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash


Warnings: Fluff at the end and some swearing

A/N: this is supposed to be in that beautiful time when brendon wasn’t the only member of the band

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What were you doing there? And the most important question, why were you there? 

Basically, Dallon invited you to a concert of Panic! At The Disco and you couldn’t say no to him. He’d been a good friend of yours since high school. You knew that everybody in the band loved you and enjoyed every time that you were near them. But the main problem was that Brendon Urie, or Shrek like you called him, couldn’t stand you. And you couldn’t stand him. It was like a mutual hate.

Nobody knew, not even him, why he hated you that much. When you two met for the first time everything went right, he even tried to flirt with you. But magically he changed his mind and instantly he didn’t want to see you or hear about anything related to you. That change of attitude made you hate him too. And that how our beautiful story started.

You parked you car in a parking in front of the stadium in where the guys were playing that night. It was huge, a lot of people will attend to the concert. Dallon sent you a text message minutes before saying that you should go to the box office and say your name. He’d be waiting for you on the inside of the site.

So you did and went directly at the box offices. A group of girls who were trying to buy tickets started to cry when they told them that all the tickets were sold out. They reminded you when you had 15 years and wanted to go to concerts with your best friend. You two always waited until the last day to buy the tickets and the most of the times, you couldn’t attend to the concerts.

“Do you want to buy tickets too? They’re sold out. And the concert don’t start until 8.” a woman inside of the box ticket said to you. She was in a really bad mood.

“No, no. I’m (Y/N). Dallon Weekes must have told you that I was going to come.”

The woman looked at you with one brow raised. She scared you a bit.

“I don’t see any (Y/N) in here.” she mumbled while looking at a huge list of names. “You sure that you’re not a…”

In that moment you saw a security member of the stadium walking right behind you. He recognized you instantly and you smiled with relief. Your salvation.

“I was looking for you. You’re (Y/N), right?” you nodded. “Someone forgot to write your name in the lists. And they told me to come after you.”

The guy looked at the woman in the box office. “She’s a band guest.”

She gave to you an accreditation and you hang it around your neck. It wasn’t the first time that something like that happened to you. Basically every time that Dallon invited you at a concert it happened. You were kinda used to it.

You followed the security guy to the inside of the stadium. Then you saw Dallon, who was leaning against a wall. When he realised that it was you he smiled.

“Here it is. The most beautiful girl in this place.” he was trying to butter you up.

“Again? Seriously?” you chuckled. “This always happen to me.”

When the security guy noticed that you didn’t need him anymore he just left.

“Destiny doesn’t want you to see us in concert.” Dallon moved his fingers in front of you face. “Anyways, fuck the destiny. You’re here. And everybody wants to see you.”

He gestured to me to follow him. You thought about asking him if Brendon knew that you were coming but you didn’t really want to know the answer. So just walked in silence behind your friend.

Dallon took you to the backstage. Everyone who noticed that you were there came quickly to say hello. You didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. At least not for the first five minutes. Brendon appeared in front of you and Dallon.

“What are you doing with a hobbit next to you?” he asked, probably thinking that it was a funny joke. It wasn’t.

“At least I’m not the only one who have something small in here.” you fought back. Brendon looked angrily at you while Dallon chukled.

“The soundcheck will start in a couple of minutes.” Brendon said trying to ignore that you were there. “And before that I want to talk with you about something. The hobbit can stay here.”

Brendon made a gesture with his head, so Dallon followed him. “Fuck you, Brendon Urie.” you thought.

You took your phone from your back pocket and called your sister. She was a huge fan of the band and wanted to know every detail of the concert.

“Are you there?!” she screamed.

“Wow. Hello to you too.” you said trying to annoy her. “How was your day?”

“Who cares about that? Have you seen him?” 

“I have. And he has been as rude as always. He has called me hobbit again. How can you like him? Seriously, he’s such an ass.”

“Hey! Don’t talk like that about my future husband or I’m not gonna invite you to our wedding.”

Even your sister’s voice was high enough to deafen anyone, you couldn’t hear her very well. A lot of people in the backestage were making noise. You saw a door opened that maybe was the guys’ dressing rooms. You went over there so you could hear your sister better.

“Hello? Anybody there?”

“I’m here. I was going to a place without that much noise. What were you saying?”

“I was saying that I won’t invite you to my wedding with Brendon.”

You laughed. “I might be able to live with it.”

As a reflex action you started to walk through the long corridor full of doors. You and your sister kept talking for a while when you stopped in front of one of the doors. More specifically, Brendon’s dressing room. You could hear some voices inside of it.

“You know how she makes me feel, Dallon!” it was Brendon’s voice. “I can’t concentrate when she’s near. And you know it.”

Yes, they were talking about you. Quickly you said goodbye to your sister, promising to call her later. 

You weren’t a snooper but if that conversation was about you, basically you had to know it.

“I thought that you hated her. Why are you saying this now?”

“How could I hate her?” those words made you open your mouth. You couldn’t believe that. “She’s the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever seen.”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Dallon shouted surprised. “And why are you acting like an ass while (Y/N) is here?”

“I told you! She makes me feel nervous!”

“I can’t understand you, Brendon. You like a girl but you act like if you hate her. That doesn’t even make sense!”

“Should I tell her about it?” Brendon asked dubiously. “She doesn’t like me.”

“You stupid bitch! She doesn’t like you because she thinks that you don’t like her!”

That was true. Dallon knew you very well.

“Tell her! Go and tell her everything that you haven’t said in all this time!”

“Right now? We have to start with the soun–”

“Fuck the soundcheck! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.”

“You have?”


You couldn’t believe. Maybe you were dreaming and that was all in your head. But when the door opened and hit you in the face you realised that you weren’t dreaming.

“(Y/N)! You okay?” Dallon asked while laughing.

“Yeah. I think so.” you rubbed your forehead. “Spencer sends me. He says that the soundcheck needs to start right now.”

“And why he sends you, hobbit?” 

“Stop calling me hobbit, Urie!” you shouted angrily. “And stop being an ass with me! What have I done to you? You don’t even know me!”

Dallon hit Brendon’s ribs with his elbow. “I’ll be out there.” and he left. Leaving you two alone.

“You’re right. You deserve an apology.” you raised your brows. “I know that I’ve been kinda rude with you–”

“Kinda? You’ve made me to hate you without any good reason.”

“Sorry about that.” he apologized and pulled his head down. 

“Brendon” you called. “I’ve heard the conversation.”

He looked at you immediately with his eyes wide open. “Why? I mean – Yeahm why?”

“I was talking with my sister and heard you and Dallon talking about me. And I have just done what any human would do.”

“Then you know everything.”

“It’s possible. But I want to hear it from you.”

Brendon smiled. “So, you still hating me now that you know why I act like that with you?”

“You have to earn my forgiveness.”

He took your hand and kissed the back of it. “(Y/N), also known as the hobbit, will you forgive me for all this time being a stupid?”

“Not at all.” you kept acting tough. “What else would you do?”

“I could kiss you but probably you will slap me in the face.”

“Why don’t you try?”

He thought for a second, trying to process all that information. “Shall I take the risk?”

You didn’t notice that he was getting more and more closer, you could feel his breath on your face. 


Both smiled at the same time. Brendon put a hand in your cheek and pressed his lips with yours. It felt better than what you expected.

“That’s my boys!” you heard that Dallon shouted from the other side of the corridor. “Keep going. I’m not here.”

And you didn’t. You didn’t want to stop kissing Brendon.

“That kiss has been too good for a hobbit.”

“Thank you.”

I’ll Do This On My Own Terms -Part One

Rating: MA for language and themes
Warnings: Mentions of sexual assault, victim blaming, and the aftermath of both.
Fandoms: The Royal Romance
Characters: Olivia Nevrakis, King Liam Rys, Leo Rys, Drake Stallinburg, Bastien
Pairings: Prince Liam/Nixa Parker (MC), Prince Liam/Olivia Nevrakis (one sided), Nixa Parker/Drake Stallinburg (one sided), 
Description: Desperate to find Nixa and to find out what happened to Olivia, Liam makes some executive decisions to figure it out at all costs. However, he may find that the answers are not as simple as he would like.
Authors Note: I combined the ROE, Lovehacks, TF/TS, and Endless Summer stories together so there’ll be mentions of the MC’s and characters from each book with this mini-ficseries but I’ll try to make it clear who’s who. For this chapter all you need to know is that the MC, Nixa Parker, is the cousin from ROE who severed ties with her mother after ROE B3 and spent two years in NYC learning how to be a kind human being and working for tips without touching her inheritance money and was NEVER pregnant in this canon. 

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Proposals and Kids?

Request: Alec imagine where you are a witch a max asks you to teach him about magic while you’re talking he tells you Alec is planning on proposing to you and your like what and max is like I can’t wait for more siblings cuz he doesn’t understand they’d be his nephew and just super fluffy alec


Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None really 

Authors Note: Hey! Sorry if this is terrible but I hope you enjoy anyhow :) Also thank you guys so much for all of your amazing support! LYSM <3 Also! Requests are currently closed because I have so many ideas coming in so unfortunately they will have you be closed for the time being, I hope you all understand 😊


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“Max! Food is ready!” You scream from the kitchen, you had just finished up making his lunch. Dinosaur shaped ham sandwiches with a cup of lemonade, Max’s all time favourite.

You were currently baby sitting for the Lightwoods, whilst the whole family went to Idris to sort out some difficulties the Clave were having with the whole Valentine ordeal. You didn’t mind though, Max was like your little brother.

You could remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. A cute little bundle of joy, Mrs Lightwood had described him with a huge grin. Alec had always said that was the way he would be with your kids, when you guys actually did have some. Full of love and care, making sure nothing in the world could hurt them.

You smile at the memory, your boyfriend was all that you could ask for. Even though you weren’t accepted by the Lightwood family straight away, being a Downworlder and all. But Alec and Izzy both fought for you and eventually made their parents see that you would never do anything against Shadowhunter Law. You were taught by the one and only Magnus Bane, you would never disrespect him like that.

You are pulled from your train of thought when you hear little, bare feet pattering against the wooden floor. A small patch of moving hair was visible from over the kitchen counter, then suddenly a cute little head popped up, grinning at you then to his meal.

You move around to lift him up onto one of the stools, then sat beside him.
Taking a sip from your cup of tea you made earlier.

“ So after you finish your lunch, unfortunately we have to do some tutoring” you say as you watch Max devour his sandwiches. He paused to take a drink then looked you at you.

“ Can you teach me about magic please, Y/n?”  He says with the cutest puppy dog eyes, how could you refuse?

“ sure thing, but you need to eat all of your sandwiches and I might have made some strawberry jelly for afters” you ruffle his hair as you get up to tend to dessert.

After lunch, you cleared up the kitchen whilst Max read out a story from his book of fairytales. He was genius when it came to school work but when it came to runes and magic he was a bit on the iffy side.

So you both then headed into the living room, and plonked yourselves onto the large couch.

“ Right, do you want to start with runes?” You say gathering the flash cards up.

“ Sure, can we do ceremonial ones? Izzy was telling me about Parabati runes and how powerful they are”  he mumbles placing his story book onto the coffee table.

“ Yeah we can do that, so what runes do you know of that are used in ceremonies?”

“ Well I know the Parabati one and thats for the bond of love and friendship between two warriors, to make them strong in battle” he says looking up at you will a childish smile. You smile back and nod to signal what he was say was in fact correct.

“ Then there is the marriage rune… Y/n? ” Max asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“ Yes?” You reply looking up from the flashcards.

“ How are you and Alec going to get married if you cant have runes on your skin?” He says curiously.

“ Well, Me and Alec haven’t talked about marriage before” you say simply.

“ It just I overhear him talking to Jace      about proposing to you on your birthday… And I was wondering how would you get married? You could have a beautiful mundane wedding! With flowers and cake!!” He says excitedly jumping up and down on the couch. You were gobsmacked… Alec was going to propose?! Wait…what?!?!!

“ Hey” you say setting Max back down “ when did Alec say this exactly? About him proposing?”

“ Yesterday” he grins.

“ See me and Alec have only ever talked about having kids because marriage would be too difficult with the Law” you mumble, looking at Max with a weak smile.

“ Wait! Im going to have more brothers and sisters?!  I cant wait! We can play forts or play in the garden looking for worms… Hide and seek would be so much better!” He stumbled out, obviously only hearing the word kids in your sentence.

“ Max ” you laugh out trying to calm the excited child, who was running around skipping. “ They wouldn’t be your brothers or sisters, you would be their Uncle” Max stopped straight in his tracks.

“ So I’m not getting anyone to play hide and seek with?” He says with a wobbly lip as he turns to face you.

“ Of course you will, but you would have the responsibility of looking after them, making sure they don’t do anything silly, you would be like a cool big brother”  you say scooping him up and giving him a hug, he snuggled into you; wrapping his arms around your neck.

“ Y/n?” He says in a small whisper.

“ Max?” You reply in the same tone.

“ Do you think I could have a nap before Mum and Dad come home?”

“ Yeah, sure you can… We will just say you did some work, yeah?” You say setting him down on the floor with a little smile.

A huge grin formed onto his face and he ran off down the corridor towards his bedroom.

You quickly snapped your fingers, making the flashcards, that were spread out on the coffee table, slid perfectly back into their box. You spot Max’s story book and pick it up.

You flip through the pages and discover a bookmarked area, it was a fairytale wedding. It was obvious that Max had scribbled on the characters to make them look like family members. Alec was the groom and you were the bride. Max was so adorable it made your heart swell.

You set the book back down and pull out you phone from your hoodie pocket. Quickly pressing the call app, you scrolled down to Alec’s name and clicked call. He picked up on the second ring.

“ Hey! Y/n whats up? Are you okay?” He says with concern, you guys hardly ever called each other, because you preferred to text .

“ Hey! Everything’s fine, I was just wondering what time you guys get back?” You say, as you begin to wander the hall towards yours and Alec’s room.

“ Actually, we are heading to the portal now… So maybe about an hour depending on if we have everything sorted” he explains.

“ Oh good” you laugh “ Its just we need to talk about something when you get back.”

“ okayyy…” He stressed “ About what?”

“ It can wait till you get back, I cant wait to see you!” You smile down the phone.

“ I cant wait to see you as well, I’ve missed you so much” you sense him smiling too.

“Yeah! He hasn’t bloody stopped talking about you since we got here!” You hear Jace shout in the background, making you laugh.

“ shut up Jace!” Alec yells away from the phone.

“ anyways I will be home soon, I love you!”

“ I love you too!” You say quickly then end the call, grinning at the phone for a good five minuets, before deciding to watch some tv in your room.


You feel the bed dip from behind you, and strong arms snaking around your body.

“ Y/n… We’re home” Alec whispers kissing your neck.

“ Hmmm” you mumble, sleep still controlling your body, you must of drifted into a deep sleep whilst watching tv. You turn over so that your facing Alec and bring your hand to his face, stroking his slight stubble with your finger tips.

“ what did you want to talk about” he mumbles, leaning into your touch.

“ what do you think about marriage?”
You say in a whisper.

“ I like the idea of it, what about you?” He says keeping strong eye contact.

“ I love the idea of it but how would we, say if we were to get married, carry it out? Its not like we can have a Shadowhunter ceremony…” You say softly, moving your hands to his lips. Tracing the outline of them.

“ I don’t want that… Clary was telling me about the crazy things you can do in Mundane weddings, some people even go scuba diving!” He says with a growing smile.

“ I just thought you would want to be traditional, and I cant give you that” you whisper, looking at his lips then to his eyes.

“ I want you… Nothing can change that… I have always wanted you” he says softly leaning in, placing his lips onto yours. After a couple of seconds you pull away.

“ Did you know Max thinks that our kids are going to be his siblings? I didn’t know we had already had a son” you giggled.

“ Well we cant disappoint him can we?” He smirks as he leans in to kiss you again, this time with a lot more passion.

anonymous asked:

Light fluff of Cal and Kandros???

If you insist (she said, as her rubber arm was effortlessly twisted).


After the day he’d had, it took one full drink–and not a weak one at that–and most of a second for Tiran to stop running scenarios and worrying about strike teams and regretting poor decisions. Sending Quebec out on the kett thing? Bad. It was only pure luck and maybe some damn watchful Spirits that had gotten them all back alive, and he was pretty sure they’d need to be retired, leaving a gap in his roster he didn’t know how he’d fill at such short notice. 

Maybe two drinks wasn’t going to be enough.

Drinks or no drinks, he still glanced at his omni-tool every time it vibrated, and winced at the ever-increasing list of notifications all, of course, marked ASAP or Urgent! or Immediate Reply Requested.

He didn’t quite groan when he looked up from the last perfect sip of his relaxation in a cup and found Cal Ryder standing beside his table. At least she wasn’t in armor; armor would most certainly have translated to Immediate Reply Requested. She shifted from one foot to the other, and he thought her expression was supposed to be a human smile but it mostly just looked pained.

“Hi,” she said. “Uh. Sorry to bother you? I was just… here? And I was wondering if we could, um, talk?”

He sighed. “No rest for the Pathfinder, I guess. What do you need, Ryder?”

She blinked at him. Her eyes were almost the same color as his; he’d never noticed that before. He almost managed to convince himself it was the second drink that made him stare a little too long and a little too hard, nearly missing her reply entirely.

“Oh. Actually. It wasn’t about APEX. Or work. Or Pathfinding. I promise. Vetra said I should just–well. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want to bother you.” Even the flickering, colored lights from the dance floor behind her couldn’t mask the way she blushed beneath her freckles. She ducked her head, her loose hair falling to cover half her face. He had the strangest urge to push it out of the way. Maybe let his hand linger.

Tiran chuckled to cover his own discomfiture. “Well, if it’s not work, it’s no bother. By all means, pull up a seat. Drink?”

“Yes, please,” she said, slipping into the seat opposite him. One hand–one strange, human hand with all its fingers–toyed absently with the fabric wound around her neck. “Whatever Dutch makes is fine.”

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weak link

Anonymous asked: Shit well now I gotta see that Lance throwing up thing as a fic

Anonymous asked: You should totally write the bit about Lance with the rlly bad stomach bug and the IV and all that ;w;

well, you convinced me. this was supposed to be a short drabble and ended being 6k words so i hope you enjoy

read on ao3

Lance isn’t sure what wakes him at first. His eyes open and he’s staring into the dark, because it’s still night—or what equates to night in the castle’s hours. His music is still playing, too, so what…

In the span of a few quick seconds, it hits him. He’s suddenly very hot—burning—and can’t get out of his blankets fast enough. But as soon as he sits up, nausea creeps into him like searching fingers and wrings his stomach. He leans forward and grits his teeth, feeling sweat bead on his back and forehead. Pressing a hand to his mouth, he takes several deep breaths in through the nose and begs the sudden feeling of sickness to go away.

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How about "we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you” au

“No,” Steve says, looking down at the bottle in horror.

The group starts heckling as Bucky preens. “Aw, c’mon Stevie. I know you’ve been jonesing for these lips for years.”

“Not true!” Steve says, feeling his face go red.

And it’s not. Honestly, the idea of kissing Bucky is just… kind of… yucky. Weird. Wrong. He’s Bucky, not somebody Steve would ever kiss.

Besides, Bucky kisses people — a lot of people, if he’s to be believed — and he’s never asked Steve to kiss him, so it’s obvious that Bucky wouldn’t want this, either. Even if he is sitting across the circle from Steve wiggling his eyebrows.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I’m not doing this,” he says.

“Aw, buddy, c’mon. It’s just seven minutes in the closet. Not like you and I haven’t been in close quarters before.” There’s a chorus of ‘ooooooooooooooohs’ around them and Steve rolls his eyes even harder.

“Fine,” he huffs. “Natasha, start the clock.”

“We don’t start it until you’re in the closet and the door is closed, and you know that, Steve Rogers.”

Steve glares at her and says “I know” through gritted teeth. Jeez, it was for effect.

“Stevie,” Bucky says, holding out a hand and wiggling his fingers. “Our closet awaits.”

Rolling his eyes, Steve brushes past Bucky, and heads towards the closet. “You’re so mean,” Bucky whines, but follows along.

And then they’re in the closet.

And then Clint is closing the door.

“Seven minutes starting… now!” Natasha calls from the other side, and some bad pop music starts playing, though it’s muffled coming through the closet door.

And then it’s just Steve and Bucky and a lot of coats Sam’s mom never actually wears.

“Kinda crowded,” Steve says, trying to find a space where he’s not touching Bucky. It’s not really working. “And dark,” he adds, as he knocks into a scratchy peacoat.

“Come over here,” Bucky says. He reaches out and takes Steve’s wrist gently. Steve knows that it means Bucky’s giving him a choice, that Steve could brush him off if he wanted to. But Steve knows that it’s no use; it’s either get close to Bucky, or get strangled by a fur jacket that hasn’t seen the light of day since 1982, so he lets Bucky drag him close.

Steve just listens to the music for a minute, trying to make out what song it is.

“Hey,” Bucky says, quiet. Steve can feel Bucky’s breath on his ear, and it makes him shiver a bit. It’s just… unexpected.

“Hey Buck,” Steve says, still trying to make out the music. Except now it’s just to have something to focus on besides Bucky, who is very, very close to him. “What song do you think they’re playing?”

“Dunno,” Bucky says. He pauses, and Steve notices that he hasn’t let go of his wrist. Weird. “So,” Bucky says.


“You wanna kiss?” he asks.


“No,” Steve says.

Bucky drops his wrist. “Okay,” he says.

There’s a moment of silence.

“I mean, you don’t want to kiss me, right?”

“Think I could hack it,” Bucky says. There’s something very level about the way he’s speaking, even if his words are light. “Dunno what else we’re gonna do for another six minutes.”

“Eye spy?”

Bucky chuckles, and oh wow, there’s that feeling of his breath on Steve’s ear again. “Steve, I dunno how this escaped your attention given that pointed this out a mere forty-five seconds ago, but it’s dark.”

“Oh.” He shifts, and accidentally brushes his butt against Bucky’s leg.


“You’ve played this before, right?” Steve asks. Bucky makes a little noise of confirmation. “Like, with our friends?”

“Clint’s a bad kisser,” Bucky says, and Steve snorts. “Sam’s pretty good, though.”

“You’re not weird with them now, though.”

Bucky pauses. “No, we’re not weird now. I mean, Clint’s always weird, but nothin’ changed.”

“So it wouldn’t be weird if we kissed, right?”

Bucky pauses again, this time longer. Steve almost tells him to forget about it when he says, “Probably not. Won’t know unless we try.”

“And you… wanna try?”

“Do you?”

“I think I could… stomach it.”

“Gee,” Bucky says, “thanks.”

“Why don’t you prove me wrong, then?” Steve asks, laughing, but then Bucky’s hand moves to his hip, and Bucky’s gently turning him around, and then Bucky’s other hand is on Steve’s face, thumb stroking his cheekbone and they’re…

And they’re kissing.

It’s just a small kiss at first, Bucky’s lips pressing gently on Steve’s then pulling away. Bucky hovers in front of Steve’s face, big eyes blinking open, looking like he’s ready to say something, when Steve just dives back in. He pulls Bucky close, going up on his tip toes and pressing his body flush against Bucky’s. Before he knows what he’s doing, he’s got a hand in Bucky’s hair and another in his back pocket. They kiss, and Steve can hear Bucky’s little breaths, feel the way that Bucky’s fingers press into his hip.

It’s amazing.

And Steve thinks to himself:

This will be over too soon.

Five minutes is not enough, five minutes could never be enough, and he kisses Bucky harder, thinking that it may be the only chance he ever has.

And too soon, Clint opens the closet doors. “Well dudes, seems like—“

And Bucky shuts the door in his face.

“Steve,” he says, sounding breathy, almost anxious.


“I dunno just what happened but I kinda want it to happen again. And often.”

Steve bites his lip. “Me too.”

“So I dunno if you wanna be my boyfriend or whatever but…”

“Let’s think about it.”

“Okay,” Bucky says.

“Okay,” Steve repeats with a firm nod. Then he adds, “You wanna kiss some more?”

Hell yeah,” Bucky says and dives back in.

No one else gets to use the closet that night. Sick of the sexual tension between their two dumb friends, no one in the group really minds.

Unexpected Win

Summary: Connor thinks he can keep his arms up long enough to be able to tickle Jared back.

A/N: I tried so hard to think of another title.

Jared wanted a quiet evening.

Evan had to work late, so Connor had walked home with him and made himself comfortable on Jared’s bed, jeans kicked onto the floor and Jared’s coding club sweater swallowing the thin boy. As Jared attempted to play a game on his laptop, Connor stretched over him to pull him close.

“Hey…boyfriend.”Connor murmured, kissing the spot just under Jared’s ear.”Whatcha doing?”

“Playing Witcher 3.”Jared grumbled, tapping keys quickly to attempt to kill the enemy fighting his character.

“Actually, you’re ignoring me.”Connor looked up at Jared through his lashes, a pout on his lips.”I don’t know if you noticed or not.”

Jared quickly placed a kiss on the top of Connor’s head before turning his attention back to his game.”There.Now you’ve had my attention. Can you move so I can get back to my game, please?”

“No can do.”Connor gently nuzzled Jared’s neck, smiling against his skin as Jared tensed up.”What’s the matter?”

“You’re being a distraction.”Jared insisted, attempting to pull one arm out of his boyfriend’s hold.”And I’m winning. I don’t need a distraction to make me lose.“

“You sound grumpy.”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“You sound very grumpy.“Connor tucked a strand behind his ear, sitting up.“Like an old3\ man who like, kicks kids off of his lawn for fun.”

“I’m not grumpy,I’m focused-what a fucking comparison, though."Jared chuckled, tapping a button on his laptop furiously.

"I need attention,Jared!"Something in his voice made Jared listen to Connor’s next words particularly closely.”Special attention.“

"So…you’re horny?"Jared asked, nudging his glasses up on his nose with his arm, hands staying on his laptop.”Just go to the bathroom and rub one out.I’d blow you but I’m busy-“

"No."Connor watched his fingers run across the keyboard closely.”I want attention. You know, personal attention.“

“I do know. I just want to hear you say it.”Jared had a wide grin across his lips, not looking at his needy boyfriend.

“You know, you’re an asshole.”Connor tried to sound upset, wiggling his fingers under Jared’s arm to gently prod at his ribs.

“And that’s where we cross the line!”Jared shut his laptop, quickly moving away from Connor’s curious fingers. “Go on, lie down. You’re just begging for it today, huh.“

“I want to- uh, I want to tickle you this time.”Connor looked at Jared, pulling the sweatshirt down.”Please?” How was he supposed to even ask about it?

“I’m not ticklish.”Jared crossed his arms defensively, even if Connor could see right through him.

“You’re full of shit! Any time Evan or I kiss your neck you just scrunch up like a turtle!”Connor laughed, moving to straddle Jared.”Come on, baby. What do I have to do?”He pouted, gently running his hands down from Jared’s shoulders to his elbows and giving a gentle squeeze.”Anything?”

Jared thought for a minute, raising his eyebrows as Connor leaned close to start kissing his jaw.”Keep your arms up.”

“What?”Connor pulled back, eyebrows furrowed.”What do you mean?”

“I mean, if you can keep your arms up while I tickle you, I’ll let you tickle me.”

“That’s not a fair fight, but okay.”

“Not a fair fight, but you’re already lying down.”Jared smirked as Connor’s face reddened.”What are you doing?”

“What do you mean what am I doing? I’m laying down-“

“Take the sweatshirt off.”Jared hummed, playing with the bottom of the purple shirt.”I want bare skin.You’re much more ticklish without layers.”

“How long am I keeping my arms up for?”

“As long as I say to.”Jared hummed, taking a seat beside Connor’s body. He ran a finger across the bottom of Connor’s stomach, just above where his boxers hugged his hips.

“Pick a time limit, jackass.”Connor’s breath hitched at the touch, eyes fluttering shut.”Five minutes?”

“You won’t last three.”Jared leant down to press a wet kiss to the spot just above Connor’s bellybutton.

“Three minutes. If I keep my arms up for three minutes I get to tickle you-with your cuffs.”

“Uh, excuse me-“

“Fine, no handcuffs.”Connor pouted, resting his head on his hands tucked behind his neck. “But I still get to tickle you. Set a timer on your phone.”

“Are we using the safe word?”He questioned,”what’s the safe word, Connor?”

“I won’t need it.”Connor smirked smugly.

Jared rolled his eyes.”What’s the safe word,Connor?”

“Oberon.”Connor rolled his eyes, wiggling his toes.

“And if you can’t remember that one?”Jared gently dragged his nails down his lover’s left side.

“Red.”He answered, attempting not to jerk away.

“Alrighty then. I’ll set the timer and you can lose your bet-“

“Wait!”Connor tilted his head back just before Jared hit start.”Kiss first?”

“Of course, you sap.”He leaned down and connected their lips,Connor’s soft against his own. Jared reached over and tapped start, his hands gently starting to walk their way up Connor’s sides, tweaking each rib.

Connor giggled into the kiss, turning his head away from Jared’s wide grin.”Don’t tease, jackass!”

“You started it. As a matter of fact,I think you asked for it.”Jared’s fingers worked their way over Connor’s protruding ribs, taking their time to wiggle into the skin of the spaces in between. He grinned at the louder giggles Connor let out. He moved his hands down to Connor’s stomach, clawing one hand and gently vibrating it into the smooth skin.

“You’re reheally h-holding back, huh.”Connor gripped his hair, attempting to keep his arms up as he laughed.”It’s a-almost like you wahant mehehe to tickle you.”

“Those are some pretty arrogant words coming from a guy who begs to be tickled hold the time.”Jared bit his lip as he looked at his phone.

A minute to get Connor’s arms down.

He started to gently scratch his way down from Connor’s arms from his elbows to the hollows under his arms. Even his featherlight touch got loud, booming laughter from Connor as he wriggled and squealed and kicked, never once asking for mercy.

Thirty seconds.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jared was going to lose.

“H-How much tihihime!”Connor laughed, his cheeks red but his fingers still locked behind his head.”Shihit! Not that!”He fell into silent laughter as Jared spidered his fingers into the hollows under Connor’s arms, grinning at Connor’s thrashing.

“Don’t worry about how much time! I’d be more concerned that it tickles like hell,Connor.”Jared shrugged.”You know, I think you’re even more ticklish than last time you begged me to tickle you-“

The Walking Dead opening theme started to play as Jared’s phone buzzed and Connor yanked his arms down, laughing loudly as Jared’s fingers kept up their wiggling.”Stohahap! Stop cheheheheating! The tihihimeher!It’s over! I won!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”Jared feigned innocence, pouting as Connor finally grabbed his wrists and pulled them away.”Fine.”

“I won!”Connor panted.”I won. Your turn.”

“I mean…no-“

“Jared! You lost the bet!”Connor sat up, grinning at Jared.”Lie down so I can finally show you how nice it is-“

“I doubt it’s nicer than the other ways you’ve been on top of me.”Jared grumbled, lying flat on his back on his bed.H looked up at Connor, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth.”Go easy on me?”

Connor straddled Jared’s hips, giggling excitedly.”I’ll make you a deal-“

“Oh, joy-“

Connor ignored his sarcastic interruption, tapping his fingers on Jared’s stomach.”You tell me where you’re most ti-ticklish,I’ll go easy there-“

“You can’t even say the word.”Jared smirked up at his boyfriend.

“Strike one.”Connor hummed.”Where are you most ticklish!”

“You know where.”A blush crept up Jared’s neck to his face as his eyes looked anywhere but Connor.

“Strike two.”Connor hummed, sliding Jared’s shirt up to reveal his soft stomach. Connor ran his fingers over Jared’s stomach, smiling as his arms came up to protect his bare skin.”Where,Jared? Just tell me where and I’ll go easy on you!”

“You’re full of shit-“

“Strike three!”Connor beamed, skittering his fingers over Jared’s stomach.”You’re very soft, baby.”

“It’s thehehe fahahat!”Jared tried to turn onto his stomach, gasping as evil fingers wiggled their way up to his ribs.”Fucking ahahasshole!”

“Oh, you don’t mean that, sweetheart.”Connor grinned, one hand finding its way to Jared’s neck. He grinned as Jared’s shoulders scrunched up and his laughter rose an octave, panicky and loud.”Wow! What a good spot on a giant grump.”

“Shuhuhut up!”Jared laughed loudly, writhing under Connor’s fingers.

“Where’s the spot? Where’s the good spot?”Connor grinned, keeping up his tickling at Jared’s neck as his other hand reached back to squeeze his hips.Jared’s laughter increased tenfold, high-pitched and squeaky, snorts interrupting every few moments.”Did I find a good spot,Jared?Huh?”

“Fuck off!”Jared’s arms were useless, loud laughter leaving his body.”Jehehehesus! That shit tickles!”

“You know what’s even worse?”Connor leaned down close to Jared’s face, grinning at his laughing boyfriend.

“Connor! Don’t you fucking dahahare!”

“You’re all talk.”Connor moved down to sit on Jared’s knees, his fingers coming down to knead Jared’s sides.”But anyways! As I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, raspberries are even worse!”Connor licked his lips before taking a deep breath, pressing his lips against Jared’s skin.He took a deep breath, blowing against his squishy stomach.

Jared let out the loudest peal of laughter yet, eyes squeezing shut. Connor felt his limbs give up the fight, instead choosing to lie limp by his sides as he laughed.

Connor’s fingers slowed and Jared’s laughter simmered into sweet giggles and quiet snorts as Connor curled up beside him.”I told you it’s not that bad.”

Jared didn’t look at him, unable to hide his smile.”I can see why you like it.”

“I told you, its fun.”

“It didn’t turn me on, but it was fun.”Jared admitted, pushing his glasses up on his nose.

“Aw, your hair is all messy.”Connor smirked.”You look like you usually do after I blow you. Messy hair, red face, panting and looking at me like I just gave you the time of your life.”Connor kissed the shell of Jared’s ear.

“Fuck off, jackass.”Jared laughed, pushing Connor’s shoulder.”Get away from me.”

“You didn’t say stop.You didn’t safe word.”Connor smiled.”I figured you’d like it.”

“Oh, just shut up and be a good cuddle for once.You’re all corners and bones.”

“Which is why I’m cold!”Connor curled up to Jared’s side, tucking himself under his arm.


Stay with me, safe and ignorant—just stay with me.
I’ll hold you and protect you from the other ones—
the evil ones don’t love you, son.

Pain is nothing new. Pain is life. Pain is the thing that wakes him up in the morning and the way the sun rises and how his blood beats through his veins and is absolutely nothing that could ever scare him, but this—this fucking hurts.

“I really don’t know why you’re going through with this,” Dean says. Sam’s facing away from him, fiddling with the blood on the table, and his shoulders are high and tight in that stupid sling. Weak-ass bitch. “Your brother’s not coming back.”

Sam sighs. “Would you stop with that,” he says.

He sounds—he sounds bored. The black licking fire behind Dean’s eyes rages and he swallows with difficulty, puts a smile on. “What’s the matter, Sammy,” he says, lingering over the name. “You don’t like the truth, I know, but someone in this family’s got to stop the lying, sooner or later. Might as well be me.”

He earns a disgusted glance over the shoulder, for that, and he forces his smile a little wider. Sam turns and plants his ass on the edge of the little torture table, folds his good arm under his screwed-up one. “Are you hearing yourself?” Sam says, giving him a fake little smile back. “You’re a demon. All you know how to do is lie.”

“Is that right,” Dean says, leaning back in the stupid chair. The rope chafes over his wrists and the Mark pulses hot and dangerous, tucked up under the pin-prick wounds inside his elbow, and the blood singing through him is a constant burn of acid, fever-hot and distracting, but not distracting enough from the pure pleasure of the thought that occurs, with Sammy smiling at him so smug and superior. So certain. “So it doesn’t matter what I say. I’m hurt.”

Sam rolls his eyes. “Right,” he says, and goes back to filling syringes, or whatever the hell.

Dean licks his lips. The last traces of holy water sting on his tongue. “Too bad, you know. Let’s say this works. Let’s say you change me, and you get your brother back. Poor sucker’s better off buried, as far as I’m concerned.” Sam gives him another hard look and Dean shrugs, makes his expression beatific. “Let’s face it, the real reason you want me back is you want to make me your bitch, all over again.” Sam stands up straight, mouth open and face all shocky. Dean smiles, and nods at the sling. “I guess it’s hard to do the five finger shuffle with the bum arm, but come on, buddy, this is kind of going the extra mile for a piece of ass. Can’t you train another dog to go ass-up for you?”

“That is not what—“ Sam cuts himself off, swallows, but he’s all pale. Yeah. This’ll work. “Shut up,” he says, eventually, “I’m not talking about this with you,” but Dean’s just getting started.

“All these years, letting you do whatever you wanted? It’s pathetic. I couldn’t wait to get away from you as soon as I turned, did you notice? Crowley offered me an out and I took it. I don’t think you can really blame me. Even the King of Hell is a step up from letting your little brother fuck you over, and I mean that in every sense of the word.”

Sam’s shaking his head, rigidly upright but looking down at the floor. “This isn’t you talking,” he says, and fixes Dean with a bright-eyed stare. “It was never like that.”

“Oh, you don’t think so,” Dean says, lifting his chin, and then Sam steps forward and stabs in the next syringe and the wave of bloody pain rolls over him like a goddamn tsunami, mind-blanking, agony so deep it feels like his cells are breaking apart. The world goes hazy and he feels like screaming—maybe he is screaming—and sweat breaks out fresh, the stinging salt just another ripple of pain in a shocked-apart world. His vision flickers and he can’t see Sam, for a second—Crowley’s there, smiling at him, running a hand through his hair. Smug prick that he is, it still feels good. Crowley always gave him what felt good. No strings, not ‘til the end. He tries to focus. How is he going to get Sam to kill him, if he doesn’t do his part—and so through the roaring haze of blood he clears his throat and feels it tear and he licks his lips and hurts and he opens his mouth and hopes that his voice works and says: Letting you fuck me, that was simple self-preservation. You’d do whatever you wanted anyway, and it’s not like Dad was ever around to keep you in line, so hey. Carrots are easier than sticks, you know? You think, maybe we didn’t know any better, and so it was just two kids messing up, messing around, and it’s something normal, now? Something that’s precious? Please. I fucked Crowley the first night we left, in a hotel outside Lincoln. Nothing’s special about fucking, Sammy. Oh—what, you going to get jealous? Baby gonna cry because someone got a piece of your pie? Come on, that ship sailed a long time ago.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Dean blinks and the world swims. His veins hurt. He didn’t know that was a thing that could hurt. He keeps talking, his mouth sore, his throat a dry wracking spasm. “What, you think you were the first,” he says, to the spots dancing in front of his eyes. “I was fucking guys twice your size before your dick even worked right, dumbass. There’s nothing about me that’s all yours, and there never has been.”

“Dean—what? Wait, what do you mean—when—“

He swallows against the dryness and there’s Dad, standing tall and forbidding and staring at him, and Dean smiles as wide and fucked-up as he knows how and says, “Yeah, you wanna hear about it? How I was putting food in our mouths? Where did you think the money came from, idiot?”

Dad frowns at him, shakes his head, and Dean closes his eyes, tips his head back. No point to it. His father was a piece of shit and his brother’s no better and Crowley’s a pathetic shitstain who can’t be trusted, even with Dean’s mouth on his dick, even when they were having the best time of Dean’s life, absent all guilt and everything that tied him to the earth, and Sam—Sam needs to stab him, okay, Sam needs to dig a knife in deep and carve into Dean’s heart and make all of this blinding pain just—stop. It’s the least he could do.

“Stop, stop it,” he hears, and Sam’s got a big skinny-fingered hand clamped around Dean’s wrist, where it’s slippery, and he blinks open his eyes to find that he’s rubbing his skin raw, bleeding up against the ropes. Whoops. Blood’s supposed to be going in, not out. “You’re hurting yourself.”

“You’re hurting me,” he says, voice a weird rasp, and Sam looks right at him, eyes deep dark wounds in his pale face. Good. “You’ve always hurt me. Nothing’s left, kiddo. You’re a monster and I’m a monster and we’re all going down together. Some of us just got there a little earlier than others.”

“That’s not true,” Sam says, kneeling up close. His eyes are earnest on Dean’s. “I’m going to get you back. I’m gonna save you. I swear, Dean.”

If he leaned closer Dean could bite into his throat, where the heart pulses strongest. Get his dose of human blood the old-fashioned way. He smiles at Sam, instead. “You swear, huh.” He closes his eyes, lets the fresh ripple of pain roll through. Tastes the sulfur at the back of his tongue. “Well, I swear too, Sammy. We’ll see who gets to keep his word.”

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I got caught today and while I’m a beginner I still got away with like 6 trips or so which isn’t even a lot but yeah. All of today I’ve been nervous and jittery then I went into the store. I was ridiculously nervous and sloppy I told myself multiple times I was going to get caught but I did not stop. I kept thinking about a post I saw that said something asking the lines of what in saying right now. I went to a new shoot I thought was concealed and to my other concealing spot that I’ve been to every time but I’m not sure if that’s what got me this time. But PLEASE DO NOT PUSH IT PLEASE BE SAFE AND KNOW YOUR LIMITS!!! I was stupid I am a minor so my parents were contacted and are facing an 100$ fine for my actions. Please don’t push your luck guys.

Battle Wounds

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Request - Victor discovers Reader has self-harm scars that she’s ashamed of, he thinks they make her prettier because it adds character. They take turns explaining a few of their cuts.

Pairing - Victor Zsasz X Female Reader

Wordcount - 1,950

Warnings - Mentions of self-harm and abuse

Dating Victor was sometimes difficult due to his extensively dangerous job. Yet the moments you lived for were the moments that Victor dropped his wall and let you in. Victor was awfully charming and kind when he was with you. To everyone else, that was not the case.

As your relationship developed getting stronger and stronger by the day. Everything was going great yet Victor noticed something strange about you. You wouldn’t change in-front of him. You always wore long-sleeved shirts and full-length trousers. When Victor tried to run his hands up your shirt when you were beginning to get heated. At first, Victor assumed you were disgusted by him. Did you not want a murders hands on your bare skin? When you agreed to be Victor’s girlfriend you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into. You disproved that Victor’s theory when one morning you walked over to him kissing him passionately, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. Victor knew you were attracted to him. He just wanted to know why you wouldn’t show your arms, legs and torso. At this point, it had gotten past Victor’s lust and desire to touch your bare skin, Victor needed to know what was going on with you, he feared something was seriously wrong with you…

After a particularly long night, Victor returned home via the window to see you in a pair of  long plaid pyjama pants, a black vest top and a long black cardigan. It was clear to Victor that you hadn’t been expecting him home for an awfully long time, Victor had never seen you dressed like this before. Victor liked this look on you a lot. Creeping up behind you, Victor wrapped his arms around you, kissing your neck softly.

“Victor, I wasn’t expecting you home until the early hours of the morning.” Victor swayed you both side to side.

“I nearly wasn’t home. The target had more than back up that first thought. Now I’ve got to add eleven to the count tonight.” You nodded as you turned around in Victor’s arms you had missed him, the worry that consumed you while Victor was out was indescribable. Victor pulled from you picking up two glasses and the bottle of bourbon that you kept in the cupboard, taking hold of your hand Victor lead you to the bedroom to get away from everything. He didn’t want to hear the traffic outside of the window, nor the yelling of the couple next door who were having a yet another dispute. Pushing open the bedroom door, Victor was quick to shut the bedroom door and the window, blocking out the world from everything else. Maybe tonight he could finally discover what exactly were you hiding.  

Victor opened up his jacket pulling out his knife before he began to remove his jacket and then his waistcoat before unbuttoning his shirt before throwing it to the side. Victor stood before you in nothing but a pair of slacks and his shoes. Victor walked closer towards you, closing the gap that separated you both from each other.

“Sometimes I wish the world would just stop its constant noise. There would be a moment’s peace where I could just get on with my work without having to deal with people’s stupidity. You know how much I crave these moments where it’s just you and me.” Victor ran his arms up to the arms of your cardigan and you froze before pulling away.

“You have a lot of marks to add tonight, I’m just going to get changed and while I’m doing that I’ll grab the first aid kit.” Victor sighed, he had enough of you hiding away from him. You were his girlfriend, the person he swore to protect and to love. If someone had hurt you he had no problem in redressing right this moment and killing them. He would make a special place for their mark right above his heart.

“What are you hiding from me?  Every time I go to touch you, you back away from me. Your legs, torso and arms are always covered. Except for tonight because you didn’t think I would be home! Have you met someone else? Has somebody hurt you? Or is it because you can’t stand having a murders hand on you?” You shook your head, you run your hands through your hair. Shaking your head you walked away going to grab the first aid kit. You didn’t want to have this conversation right now. Victor was not having you avoid the conversation following right behind you once you were both in the bathroom he slammed the door.

“Answer me! Why do you hate me touching you?”

“It’s not you! I’m not seeing anyone else, how could you think that?” You replied Victor saw the hurt flash within your eyes.

“You never let me touch you, what else am I supposed to think.” You sat on the edge of the bath, rubbing your face. You didn’t want to have this conversation with Victor yet it seemed that Victor wasn’t giving you the opportunity to avoid it.

“I’m ashamed of myself.” You admitted, pushing up the sleeves of your cardigan. On your arms laid the scars from your darkest hours, Victor would surely leave you now upon seeing just some of your marks. Victor squatted down in-front of you.

“Why are you ashamed of scars?” Victor asked running his finger tips over them, Victor couldn’t see the problem with you having scars.

“Because I did them, to myself.” Victor understood what you meant, grabbing the first kit, Victor picked you up, throwing you over his shoulder.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking you to our bedroom, where we are going to talk” Victor took you into your bedroom placing you down gently. Victor rummaged through the chest of drawers that laid in the corner until he found what he was looking for.

“Here put these on” Victor threw you a pair of shorts, you raised your eyebrow. Victor now understood that you were insecure about your self-harm scars, but Victor wanted to see all of them after all, Victor wasn’t like most people. Understanding your reluctance, Victor undid the button of his pants, pulling them down leaving him in his boxer shorts. You admired how confident how Victor was, he didn’t seem to care that he had scars. You knew that he carved them for a different reason but still. Taking a deep breath, you untied the bow of your pyjama pants, shimming out of your pyjama pants, replacing them with the shorts that Victor had passed you. Victor poured out two large glasses of the bourbon before closing the bedroom door re-creating his paradise. Victor sat down beside you, passing you the glass as you took a large sip of the bourbon feeling it burn your throat. That was the glorious thing about it. Victor wasn’t content with you sitting beside him, as he moved deeper onto the bed resting his head against the headboard, he used his finger to signal you over.

“Do you want to know what happened today?” Victor asked as you crawled deeper onto the bed, Victor wrapped his arms around you before lifting you onto his lap.

“Sure” Victor moved the hair off your face, before removing your cardigan, throwing it onto the floor.

“Penguin called me up, offering me this hit. Told me the money was good, said I would be able to take you somewhere nice with this reward. So I go, anticipating, five men including the guy that Penguin has the hit on. Says he betrayed him. I turn up to his warehouse, it’s perfect, places to hide, the perfect place to gain control quickly. So I show up, hide up on the top balcony there’re not five men. There’s eleven, so then I have to think of the best plan to get rid of the ten somehow managing to leave the hit till last so I can take extra care with him, so Penguin knows I did the job. I take out one goon and the whole place breaks lose. How I didn’t get shot it amazes me. So I take out the ten and I leave the eleven, trust me that took a least three hours because the hit made me take so long I take extra care with him. He doesn’t scream, he doesn’t plead for life, he just takes it. So I send the image to Penguin as I leave there’s only one thing that passes my mind. You. Wondering if you were going to be awake when I returned home, wondering if you were curled up within our sheets safe from the coldness and evil that lurks outside these walls. I felt myself smiling as I wondered how on earth did I find a woman as perfect and beautiful as you that excepts me for who I am and what I do. Yet I’m bewildered to discover that she doesn’t see herself the same way. She’s been petrified for all this time because she thinks I will leave her because of her scars from her past. Well Y/N you’re wrong, I happen to believe that your scars are extremely sexy, in fact I will go above that, your scars make you even more beautiful than any women I have ever seen and I intend to very much show you. But first, I need to keep up my tradition, while you tell me about some of your scars.” Victor took his knife off of the bedside table before looking at where he had left off previously, he could finally have the last tally before starting a new tally.

“Okay, well this small group of scars was after a really horrendous day I was about fifteen and the bullying wouldn’t stop every class I walked into, things seemed to get worse. It was like an avalanche, everything was covering me and I couldn’t get out of it.” Victor looked down at the scars that were nearing towards your elbow he stopped, taking his blood covered hand, taking hold of your arm Victor brought it towards his lips kissing it softly. You leant forward on your legs, allowing Victor to kiss the marks that you had just mentioned.

“The mark I’m cutting right now is for the man who thought it was best to get in my way, I shot him in the head.” You leant back on Victor’s lap.

“The worst was when I returned home, my Mother had spent the day drinking, as soon as I closed the door, she verbally battered me. Never in my entire life had I been called so many cruel names before. I couldn’t take any more, so I did the only thing at the time I knew to relieve all of the pain that I was experiencing, I cut and made sure they were deeper than any I had cut before. All I remember was blackening out and by some miracle I awoke in a hospital.” Victor looked up at you, his eyes said it all.

“Your Mother should have never said those cruel things, never to such a beautiful, intelligent, caring, independent, sophisticated yet devilishly charming woman.” Victor lifted your arm to kiss your wrists repeatedly.

“Unfortunately, my love I’m afraid I’ve gotten blood over you.” You slipped off of Victor’s lap.

“Then I’m going to take a bath, care to join me?” You asked Victor smirked jumping out of bed chasing after you. Victor felt overwhelmed that you were able to open up to him but flattered that you trusted him enough to open up to him. Besides, Victor loved battle wounds….

Ruined-Jonah Marais

Requested: Yes

♥ ♥ ♥ 

A ray of sunshine peeks through the curtains of the hotel room and you squint before opening your eyes and taking in your surroundings: An empty pizza box filled with discarded crusts, a sea of used pool towels and a mountain of empty candy wrappers lay on the floor and counters of the suite.

The concert last night was great. You got to hear your boyfriend Jonah and his band, meet tons of their sweet fans, and then you got to spend the night with Jonah in your very own hotel room. You hadn’t seen him in what felt like forever, and you were happy to have him back, even just for a little while.

A yawn escapes your lips and you stretch your legs under the warm covers slowly, trying not to wake the beautiful boy in the bed next to you. You attempt to get up but before you can even get one foot out from underneath the blankets, a pair of strong arms pull you back in.

You were facing him now, and even though you can tell he was using all of his strength to keep his eyes open, he still manages to look as good as ever. “Where were you going?” he asks, his voice raspy and low, a frown beginning to appear on his face.

“To take a shower.” you say with a small smile, your fingers begin to absentmindedly curl themselves in his fluffy brown hair and he smiles as he closes his eyes again. “Noo.” he pouts. “Let’s just stay in bed for five more minutes.” he pleads and you can’t help but agree.

“So what are we doing today?” he asks sweetly as he begins to trace invisible patterns on your back. “Whatever you want. I just want to spend as much time with you as possible.” you answer, trying not to think too much about how in less than twenty-four hours Jonah would be leaving you again.

The plan was that you would hang out with the boys the day of the show, go to the show, and then spend the night with Jonah. From there, you would spend the whole next day with him before sending him off to Los Angeles in the morning. It wasn’t much, but you learned to make the best of it each tour.

Jonah pulled you closer and you just couldn’t stop the tears from coming. “It’s so hard being away from you.” you say softly into his chest. “I know baby, I know. But the tour is almost over. Besides, we have today and tonight. We can save our tears for the morning.” he says, trying to make you laugh.

“Three more shows.” you repeat before wiping your tears. “You know I hate it when you cry.” Jonah says, placing a kiss to your forehead. “I know, I’m sorry. I just love you so much.” “I love you too. So much more.” he says and reaches behind him to grab his phone from the nightstand next to the ginormous bed.

“It’s been five minutes.” you groan, pulling away from him and getting your shower essentials together before heading to the bathroom to take a shower, taking your clothes for the day with you to change into when you’re done. While you’re shampooing your hair, you hear the door to the hotel room open.

You weren’t usually one to pry but something told you that whoever had just entered the hotel room had some big news or else they wouldn’t have come completely unannounced. On your tip toes, you creep slowly to the door, wrapping a towel around yourself before opening it just a crack.

The rattling of the water from the shower makes it hard for you to make out who is talking at first but you soon recognize the voices of Jack and Daniel. “Sorry Jonah.” Daniel says sincerely and you hear Jonah sigh. “You’ve got to be kidding me. We practically just got here!” Jonah says angrily.

You try to brush it off, you try to force yourself back into the shower, but you can tell by Jonah’s tone that something’s up and you continue to spy on the three boys. “I know it sucks but (Y/N) will understand.” Jack says and your heart starts racing.

“What could possibly be wrong?” you think to yourself as you close the door lightly. Their footsteps get closer and closer to the hotel room door and you scurry back into the shower to finish. Once you’re done, you brush your teeth and dry off before putting on your clothes, wrapping your towel around your hair.

“Did someone come in while I was in the shower?” you ask innocently and Jonah just nods. “Daniel. He thought that I had one of his hoodies.” he shrugs and even if you didn’t know about Daniel and Jack’s little visit, you would still be able to tell that Jonah was lying.

“Oh.” you say plainly, removing the towel from your head before styling your now damp hair in the mirror, standing by the window, the place farthest away from Jonah who was still laying in the same spot on the bed that he was in when you left. “You look really pretty.” he says as you start on your make up.

“Thanks.” you mumble, not looking away from your own reflection. “Well I’m gonna shower and you can decide how we’re gonna spend our morning okay?” he suggests as he rummages through the dresser for a towel. “Okay, try to hurry.” you say with a small smile.

Jonah disappeared to the bathroom and now you were alone with your thoughts. You didn’t want to push Jonah to tell you what was going on… For one, you didn’t want to spend your time fighting and second, you honestly wanted him to tell you on his own. 

When he exits the bathroom, he rushes over to you and hugs you from behind, enveloping you in a bone crushing hug as he places kiss after kiss on your cheek. You smile and nudge him playfully, momentarily forgetting that you’re supposed to be somewhat (secretly) mad at him. 

“Quuuiiiiiitt.” you groan and after a few more kisses he obliges and sits across from you on the edge of the bed. “Think of anything?” he asks as he runs a hand through his damp hair. “We could go get brunch. Eat food and you know, talk about things.” you suggest and he smiles widely. “Sounds perfect.”

Grabbing your purse, you and Jonah make your way to the parking lot of the hotel where you left your car last night. “Do you wanna drive or do you want me to?” Jonah asks, a small smile playing on his perfect lips. “You want to drive don’t you?” you smirk and he nods dramatically.

“Okay but be careful.” you warn, throwing him the keys before hopping into the passenger seat. “Ah, did ya miss me baby?” Jonah jokes, stroking the wheel of your car before adjusting the seat and steering wheel. When he finally turns the car on, you turn the radio to your favorite station and turn to look out the window.


“Where to?” Jonah asks as you pull into town and you look around for a moment before answering. “How about the breakfast place that we ate at last time?” “Hmm, the one with the waffles bigger than my head?” he asks with a giggle. “Yes, that one.” you laugh and lean back into your seat once more.

As much as you were trying not to think about Daniel and Jack’s talk with Jonah, it was eating away at you and you desperately wanted to know what Jonah was keeping from you. “You’re being awfully quiet.” Jonah comments, his right hand making its way to you and gripping your thigh softly. 

“I am?” You mumble. “Sorry I’m just hungry I guess.” you lie before grabbing his hand and intertwining your fingers with his. “Okay well problem solved.” he says as he pulls into the driveway of the small breakfast cafe. He grabs your hand and leads you through the small doors, picking a small table by the window.

“This is exactly where we sat last time.” he says sweetly as he pulls out your chair for you before sitting down in his. “Thanks Jonah.” you smile and before you get a chance to actually talk to him, the waitress approaches you. “Hey guys, can I start you off with anything to drink?” she asks warmly.

“Yeah, I’ll have lemonade please.” you say and Jonah quickly pipes up as well. “Coke for me please.” When the waitress leaves, Jonah picks up one of the two menus she left you and scans it with squinty eyes. “Why are you looking at the menu when you know you’re gonna get the special?” 

He looks up at you accusingly. “Rude. But true.” he says, placing the menu on the corner of the table before looking at you again. “Are you okay? You seem a little cranky today.” he says and you look away from him. “No I’m fine. Anything that you wanna tell me?” you ask, your attention back on the menu.

Your eyes relentlessly scan the breakfast options and you fiddle with your hands nervously in your lap as you wait for Jonah to answer your question. Hopefully, you think to yourself, he’ll be honest. By the time you know the menu by heart, Jonah has yet to speak and you see your waitress approaching your table. 

“Well, I…” Jonah starts but is quickly cut off. “Alright, here’s those drinks for ya. Do we know what we want or do we need a few more minutes?” your waitress asks. “He’ll take the special and I will have the ‘Early Bird Breakfast’.” you say briskly and she jots down your order before taking the menus. 

“You were saying?” you ask, taking a sip of your lemonade. “(Y/N)…we should talk about this later.” he says and your heart drops. What could be so bad that Jonah didn’t want to tell you in public around other people? “No, I want to talk about it now.” you push and Jonah sighs before speaking again.

“I don’t know, it would be better if-” Once again Jonah is cut off, but by you this time. “I already know.” you lie, sitting up a bit in your chair to look more confident in yourself. “What?” Jonah asks surprised, his eyes widening as he waits for you to explain yourself. 

“I heard you talking with Jack and Daniel while I was in the shower. Why didn’t you just tell me Jonah?” you ask, faking a hurt look on your face. “I’m so sorry (Y/N).” he says, his eyes getting glossier. “Why didn’t you tell me you knew?” he asks, his tone containing a hint of anger.

“So this is my fault now? Sorry I was going to wait and see if you would actually tell the truth!” you say and you’re not exactly mad until you hear what comes out of his mouth next. “It’s not my fault that we’re leaving early for L.A.!” he shouts and your face falls along with your heart.

“You…you’re what?” you cry, tears beginning to pool in your eyes as you look at Jonah in disbelief. “I thought you knew. You said you heard us!” Jonah argues, his voice barely above a whisper at this point. “Well I heard them come in and I could tell you were angry but I-” “You didn’t know.” Jonah finishes for you and you shake your head sadly. 

“And you were just gonna sit here and not say anything? Let me think that I have more time with you than I do?” you say, not angry but hurt that Jonah had tried to keep this a secret. “I just didn’t want to ruin our time together. Not yet at least.” he says, looking away from you and down at the table. 

“I’m so sorry (Y/N).” he apologizes. You go to speak but there’s really nothing you can say to him at this point. There’s nothing you can say to make it better so when you finally do speak, you make it worse. “Well consider it ruined.”

♥ ♥ ♥

Author’s Note: Hmm, the anon didn’t really specify what happens next so I will let you guys decide if we need a part two or not! Let me know what you guys think! ;-))))

It is, After All, a Happy Family

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Giggles are heard in the room, high pitched and light hearted, you can feel the happiness and joy.

“Jungkook!” Jimin squeals, his face red.

“What? I’m making you laugh, aren’t I?” Jungkook says, pink dusting his cheeks.

“After all these years, you still make me smile and laugh and blush. You make me fall for you all over again each day and I hate how you make me feel like putty in your hands. I hate how you make me feel so safe. I hate how you make me feel so happy, I always feel like my chest is about to combust!” Jimin sighs, resting his head on his lover’s shoulders.

“I know you do, but no matter what you say, I’ll always make you feel that way.” Jungkook says.

“I promise to protect you from all the bad in this world and we’ll go through it together, hand in hand.” Jimin takes Jungkook’s hand in his small ones and intertwines their fingers.

“Daddy! I’m home!” their little, well, not really, girl calls from the door.

The two men rush down the stairs to greet their daughter, whose arms are wide open, wide enough for them, for all the love in the world. 

“Hey, sweetie~” Jimin sings while pinching his daughter’s face.

“Dad, I’m not five anymore!” she whines, but they all know she loves it.

“Hey, baby girl!” Jungkook says from behind Jimin, engulfing his daughter in a hug.

“Daddy, I brought home someone today. We’re going to study, is that okay?” she asks, her eyes wide.

“Fine, but stay in the kitchen or living room.” Jungkook concedes.

“Thanks!” she gives them both a peck on the cheek and ushers her guest in, A BOY!

Jungkook glares at the poor boy, sad that his little girl has grown up.

Jimin puts a hand on his shoulder, and looks at Jungkook, as if to say “leave them alone”. Jungkook rolls his eyes and walks back up the stairs, smiling at himself and his perfect little family.

“BAEKHYUN!!” he hears his daughter giggle.

“Sorry, Chim. THIS KID IS DEAD!” Jungkook narrows his eyes and runs down the stairs with Jimin trailing behind him. 

They are, after all, a happy family.

To that beautiful anon from Italy! Here is your request~ I twisted it a bit, though. That’s okay, right? I hope you enjoyed this!!!! Love you~