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@vicemirrored did an extraordinary thing. And, I intend to share it with the world. For Ahkmenrah will likely do this, and he will (surely) be lectured for eternity by @huntpirates 





cass-ian replied to your post “ACOMAF Crackships Question, because I was thinking about this today…”

I would rather have Mesta than moriel/nessian tbh

Tell me why??? :)

@wpbianca99 said:

I like Rhycien more than Elucien 😅

Ooh, see now that’s really interesting to me and I’m curious as to why you prefer it? I enjoy the Rhycien headcanons and fics and find it interesting, but in general, people seem keen to keep it as a history between them and not something in the present/future of canon. Do you just enjoy it more than Elucien in general because it’s more interesting/entertaining to you as a story/ship? Or do you actually want it to be canon over Elucien? Or… something else entirely I’m not reading?

@kitashiwrites said:

*waves at her fandom shipping twin* Cazigan for the win, but Moriel & Nessian for the canon lol

*waves* Hi love of my life! I see you and I feel you, as usual. :)

why tf is kara having to say how super she is again all of a sudden

in the beginning of season 1 kara did a lot of reaffirming for herself as supergirl in front of enemies and friends. it’s generally considered bad writing to do that, and yeah, it’ll make the character come off as arrogant sometimes and can be awkward to watch. but those lines and little monologues were then used sparingly and saved for bigger moments in 1b because the audience already knew kara and what she was capable of and we trusted who she was.

now, in 2b, I’m noticing they’re starting that tactic up again. and aside from the fact that it’s pretty ridiculous to have your established lead declare things about herself 30 episodes into her story, in runs counter to what they’re actually showing. 

so sure, kara can tell the audience that she’s the girl of steel and she laughs in the face of opposition and she always accepts a challenge, but that shit should be evident by now! why is kara having to prove herself again? having to loudly declare her strengths to people who should already know them

it’s almost as if something, or idk, someone… is tacitly undermining kara and making her a pale shadow of the woman she was. someone who maybe, for example, says that her tendency to be fearless is annoying instead of admirable. or that she’s a bad judge of her own capability, or that she’s really not a hero but just selfish. 

so yeah. obviously if you’re doing that to your main character, you’re going to make her say some good things about herself to “even it out”, even if at the end of the day she’s still in a relationship with the one character that uninhibitedly belittles her. 

remember: if she has to say she’s great, she’s not. if we have to hear that he’s changed, he hasn’t. 


That feel when u know u did good when u made a drawing with an inverted colour scheme, and inverting that brings back almost all the correct colours :’D

This was honestly super fun to do though. Colour scheme was so bizarre since it was like, all colours I rarely use, but it was great practice!
Also posting both versions ‘cause both are awesome in their own way lol

Also my friend says she looks like Elsa in the first one (would’ve been had I not made her skin darker lmao), but my mom says she seems more Space-themed. I get Elf vibes from it, myself, so I guess it’s open to interpretation :D


daehwi’s cover of paper hearts aka the only cover that matters to me rn.

TSW, SWL, and Blogs


Watching all the Secret World Legends stuff blow up has been a clear example of the 5 Stages of Grief. I’m pretty much as close to acceptance as I can be at the moment, so long as I get to keep my Scrivnomancer hat in the new game. (FITE ME, ANDY. I WANT MY HAT.) But this means restarting Niirah. Sooo… Let’s take a peak inside the gift horse’s mouth…

I’m gonna actually start two side blogs, I think, for Niirah and LXSTHRY. Yep, baby Lumi is gonna actually get love this time. Which means more story, more pics, and an actual record of Niirah’s time in Kingsmouth! So now is the time. If you have any ideas and want to feature in Niirah and Lex’s story somehow, let me know.

Fashion Check is not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be racing back up to Nightmare content. See you all at the top of Orochi Tower 2.0.

Tagged by @rainbowpatterns Thanks for the tag dude, we don’t know each other (as far as I know) but thanks! I’m flattered that you for some reason thought to tag me in this <3

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Relationship status: single

Favourite colour: It’s a toss up between grey and purple I think (though I’m fond of many colors)

Pets: Too many to name I’m afraid

Wake up: Tired lol

Cats or Dogs: Did you mean: Cats AND dogs

Coke or Pepsi: Coke.

Day or night: Night.There’s just something about the night that I find very settling and nice. Mmmmm. And stars. Stars are great. Especially when you live in the middle of no where like I do and there isn’t any light pollution and you can see sooooooo many.

Text or call: Text. Please.

Chapstick or lipstick: Lipstick. Blood red preferably ;)

City or country: Mmmmmm hard to say. They both have their draws I think but I don’t mind either too much though I’ve never stayed in the city too long. 

Last book I read: Uhhhhhh, last book I picked up was The Vinyl Detective by Andrew Cartmel, last book I finished was American Gods by Neil Gaimen I think??? That sounds right at least. That was months ago though. The last thing I finished reading though (that should totally count as a book honestly) was a fanfic by @erinchu called In Bloom (which is now one of my favorite fics I have to say)

Last song I listened to: What Am I Becoming by POP ETC

Five facts about me:

1. I haven’t finished reading an actual book in months probably (which is sad but I mean…fanfic so *shrugs*)

2. My hands and feet sweat near constantly and I assure you I am far more disgusted by this than you are

3. I have brown eyes (exciting I know)

4. Today I helped a bee!!!!! He was on his back and had gotten into some water so I scooped him up with a nearby cup and got him out of the water and saved him. 

 5. I’m currently working on (what will end up being) a huge fic and honestly I’m dying. I dunno if I’ll be able to finish it lol. 

 And I’ll tag @laurenallyse @corvegaassemblyplant @erinchu @quarterpasttiredand ehhh whoever else wants to do it that all i can think of off the top of my head and I’m tired so yeah