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Thank youu ❤️ music tags are my faves rules: you can tell a lot about a person from their music. hit shuffle on your music library and put the first 10 songs; no skipping. tag 10 people to do the same and pass it on.

2. What’d I Miss - Hamilton // I promise I have a lot of music other than Hamilton oops. no, rlly
3. Trickster - David Usher // gives me chills every time
4. Lies - Glen Hansard // this is so pretty, I forgot I even had it on my ITunes?? blessed
5. Heimr Àrnadalr - Christophe Beck // let’s pretend this isn’t from Frozen’s OST. like. I got it for sentimental reasons. or something. .. and it’s pretty good
6. Bare - The Cure // that’s an another surprise for me tbh oops
7. Jar Of Hearts - Christina Perri // I love Christina so much, she’s so talented and lovely. i remember watching her liveshow when i was in like.. primary school?? she was the cutest girl ever
8. Ode To Sleep - Twenty One Pilots // look. I could write essays about every single TØP song. including this fcking piece of art.
9. Honeymoon - Lana Del Rey // bring on the vintage-retro-lolita-daddyissues-melancholy-freedom-love vibes. her voice. I can’t.
10. Left Hand Free - Alt-J // good shit, that’s some good shit, i love.

Okay, this was super fun, yay!

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Tumblr users based on how they use tags

Lawful good: uses tags strictly for content of the post, including any possible content warnings
Neutral good: mostly uses tags for content and warnings, but also puts commentary occasionally
Chaotic good: still tags for content and warnings but mostly uses tags for talking

Lawful neutral: uses tags only for content of the post, but sometimes leaves off content warnings
True neutral: uses an even mix of content tags and commentary
Chaotic neutral: tries to tag content and warnings but does so unreliably and sometimes uses them for commentary

Lawful evil: never uses tags?? Ever??? Who are you people?? Even bots use tags what are you doing
Neutral evil: only uses tags for chatting but does so rarely
Chaotic evil: doesn’t even use the tags they just add their commentary directly onto the post itself and makes the OP cringe every time they check their notifications

what scares me is how we’ve developed new ways as a society to disempower queer people and make them nonthreatening while acting like we support them

the ass-backwards progressiveness of portraying gay people on tv as white, affluent suburbanites when 40% of homeless youth are queer and poverty rates are exponentially greater for queer people (particularly queer poc) who can also be fired in 29 states

portraying queer people as carefree and “sexually liberated”, equating our entire lives and identities to who we sleep with (no to mention excluding asexuals and aromantics)

making our pride parades into big, loud, corporate-sponsored circuses where all the complex issues that plague our communities are boiled down to rainbows and marriage equality so straight, cis people don’t need to question themselves or how they contribute to our suffering

“I can’t be homophobic, I support gay marriage!” (and so on and so forth in a million different iterations)

giant corporations exploiting our symbols and struggles to win brownie points with peak liberal americans (apparently monsanto is a great lgbt-friendly workplace, go figure) selling t-shirts with rainbows on them and profiting off of people’s inabilities to separate obvious pr from sincerity

queer people are dying and starving every day from this bullshit and you think the sassy gay friend on your favorite show or your rainbow face paint is gonna solve any of this? 

On 4Chan

Ok guys. 

I’ve been on tumblr about 5 years now. AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR usually in the summer (I assume that’s when teenagers have nothing better to do with their time. And honestly who fucking uses 4Chan?) 4Chan “raids” Tumblr. They put shitty things in popular tags. Harass people in their inboxes. Threaten to “hack” accounts. (They never actually do, because I guarantee they don’t even know where to start.)

The whole thing blows over in a few days. 

Just. Turn anonymous off. Stay out of the tags. If you wanna go super above and beyond report shit blogs to Tumblr staff. But generally. Ignore them. 

This isn’t some kind of “internet war” that requires a million “FAQ Posts” and reblogs. Don’t go to 4Chan and read what they are “going to do, to take tumblr down” because they aren’t going to do anything. Don’t go to 4chan and post on their threads.

I am not at all the kind of person who says “Just ignore it and it will go away.” to really anything. Anyone who reads my blog knows that. 

But seriously. Just ignore 4Chan. They will go away. They are not capable of actually doing any lasting damage. 

I actually put peanut butter on my bagel. I really like peanut butter and I like to ruin the bagel. You know what’s even crazier that I do sometimes? I do cinnamon raisin bagels with peanut butter. It is really, really out there. People say, ‘Evan, don’t do it! Don’t put that peanut butter on that bagel.’ And I do it anyway.

let's put this in plain terms

if, when presented with the news that twelve people were killed because they drew satirical comics concerning religion in a secular country (and that’s also incorrect because eight of them were actual writers/artists, the others were a guest, the porter of the establishment and two police agents who certainly did not partake in creating the satire itself), your first reaction is bringing up the content of said satire as if it matters one bit to the problem at hand, it looks like you’re saying that eight people deserved to die because they drew satire comics in a country that freely allows them to do so while four others deserved to die because they were either financing the newspaper or because they were guarding the building or because they were in the way.

if that doesn’t sound problematic at best to you, and completely fucking out of this world at worst, taking a step back and looking at your life and your choices would be a good idea.

they could have been the worst bigots on this planet or absolute comic geniuses, it doesn’t matter. you don't murder someone because you’re offended by their opinion and you sure as fuck don’t justify it or try to make it less bad or try to make it sound as if they went looking for it. the end.


i was SUPER BORED so i made a cape but realized that some people might not know how to make the bestest cape ever! Your basic cape is just ‘tie a blanket around your neck’ but that never really ends up right, does it? Heck, you could even mark out where you put your fasteners and sew in buttons and buttonholes for a more resilient blanket cape!


I can’t stop you from posting those pictures, although I think it’s disturbing to even put something like this on the internet as “screenshots”, because those are pictures of drugged, tortured, half-dead girls. Even though they’re fictional character, I think it’s important to understand that those images still represent what they represent in the game.

But if you decide to post them after all, PLEASE TAG THEM PROPERLY. I don’t even have triggers for things like this and I am extremely disturbed by those photos. They’re very realistic and graphic, so think about people who do have triggers and how much emotional distress you are causing.

Thank you for your attention.

“People have essentially gotten to read my diary for the last ten years. I still write personal songs, and sometimes people like to put a very irritating, negative, spin on that — as if I’m oversharing, as if it’s too much information — when this has been the way I’ve lived my life and run my career the entire time. So I do think it’s really important that I continue to give people an insight into what my life is actually like, even though it comes at a higher cost now.”

I saw much ado about nothing at osf this past june and at one point while two people were talking benedick was just sitting off to the side popping a tin of altoids into his mouth one by one until he was holding all of them in his mouth at the same time with no idea why or what to do and if that isn’t the most in-character thing you’ve ever heard then I don’t even know what to tell you

I don’t get ship hate.

Like, I have a lot of ships that annoy me, make me groan every time I see them on-screen or on my dash, there are even ships that gross me out but you wanna know what I do? I scroll past them. 

If it seriously bothers me I blacklist them so I can forget they exist. Download Tumblr Savior blacklist the ship tag and all variations of it and move along, don’t go harassing people, trashing the fanart and fanfics they put hours into just because they like something you don’t. 

Ships make us happy, I know yours make you happy, so don’t ruin someone else’s happiness just because you think person X belongs with person Y or that person Z is -insert sexuality- / -insert romantic orientation- while someone else doesn’t. Not everyone is going to agree with you, just like you’re not going to agree with everyone.

Ship and let ship, guys.

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your zodiac sign sucks, no exceptions
  • aries:is it too much to ask to put things back in the fridge after you've used them. is it really.
  • taurus:please do the dishes. it looks terrible in here.
  • gemini:ngl i stopped listening five minutes ago
  • cancer:you're not cool when you're trying too hard
  • leo:you're pretentious but you have a nice butt
  • virgo:your fav anime is shit
  • libra:the one who holds people back from killing a bitch
  • scorpio:you're obsessed with everything, that's why no one likes you
  • sagittarius:stop breaking things on purpose, its not an ideal way to deal with your emotions
  • capricorn:obnoxious narcissist. gives bad advice.
  • aquarius:your best friend hated the gift you got them
  • pisces:people think you're nice but really you're just a brutal crybaby
cute little compliment jar thinggy

yoooo, so I’m gonna do a compliment jar thinggy in 2015

if you reblog/like this i’ll write your url down and put in the jar and everyday I’m gonna pick someone out and send them a cute little compliment/message to brighten their day :)

also i know aLOT of people are doing this so even if it only gets like 3 reblogs or likes i’ll still do them x 

hm… running this blog as its gotten so much popular over the past couple of weeks has been an experience. i’ve gotten hundreds upon hundreds of followers, a constant stream of requests, and so many kind messages. i’ve gotten ‘fanart’ of a kind with people saying they were inspired by me.

but i keep my activity page up constantly. i scroll through reblogs as much as i can and i read the tags people leave on my artworks. i read the messages people send me even if i don’t post them. i know most of my artworks are used as vents and as a good way for people to relate.

but i also see what you guys say to yourselves, and how you put yourselves down. i get plenty of messages like “i can’t draw for shit but–” or “everything i try to do sucks but–” and then go on to compliment me. don’t do that. don’t do that because it makes me feel guilty, no, but because it makes me feel sad.

you’re worth so much more than you know, and every moment you continue to be yourself and continue to keep trying is another moment you need to be proud of yourself for. even when you feel really bad and think no one loves you, people do. i do. you’ve made it so far living every day, and it’s okay to take a little break to love yourself for doing so well.

you can draw. you can be happy. you can be loved. let yourself do it, and if there’s anything i can do to help you believe in yourself, i’ll do it. because you deserve to be happy. i love you.

It’s gotten to a point where like posting my art online isn’t even smthn I want to do anymore !!

No1 cares or respects me and other artists to listen to anything we say, like people put my art everywhere. It’s on icons with NO credit in sight ! It’s on blog layouts w/ NO CREDIT, it’s spread all the hell over facebook Some douche was editing and posting my art on deviantart with my sig photoshopped out like what the f ?? & I’m sick TO DEATH of everyone tagging my characters as theirs !! 

People are sooo fuckin rude I don’t even want to post art anymore, honestly I am seriously considering deleting this is redic, I don’t have the energy for it and the cool positive feedback I get doesn’t outweigh the negative feelings from disrespectful a-holes with no consideration for what me and my friends do like WOW

Literally all I ask is respect, for me and my art, like thats really not that hard. I try to not complain a bunch on here but I’m really so fed up I can’t deal with it quietly anymore and politely messaging people is getting me nowhere SOOOO

Draw Each-Other

So I made this post a week or so ago about a little fun thing for people who love to draw to do where each participant gets another participant to draw, and I had a lot of people who seemed really excited about it, so I thought that I would put out an organized post about what that would entail, and I have tagged people at the bottom that reblogged/liked the original post.


  1. You don’t have to be a fantastic artist or even an artist. As long as you have a passion for drawing, you are welcome to participate!
  2. I am picking the person you draw at random to make sure that everyone gets one drawing of themselves. You do not have to pick someone.
  3. You can use whatever media you want, digital or traditional.
  4. No one should tell the person they are drawing that they are drawing them. Keep it a surprise!
  5. Together, we can set a date that all the drawings should be posted. On that date, which I think will probably be some time in the beginning of July, all the drawings will be posted and the artist will tag their ‘muse’ and everyone can see each-other’s drawings. I will also reblog them all to make sure they’re all seen.
  6. Be creative and have fun! If you like working in a minimalist/cubist way do that, if you like being a hyper-realist, do that. Make this a fun piece of art!
  9. BE NICE!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!@!#!$ THIS IS NOT YOUR TIME TO CRITICIZE A PERSON FOR THEIR BODY TYPE/PHYSICAL FEATURES/ANYTHING. THIS IS ABOUT POSITIVITY AND LOVE AMONG ARTISTS! Also remember that everyone has different skill levels, and if you are not happy with the drawing, you are not allowed to tell them directly or criticize them in any way. More of these will be done if this one is successful.
  10. As many people can join as they want up until June 13th.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me, I’m fineartwhore. I will communicate with you directly in your inbox once everything is up and running. I’m looking forward to starting this with you guys!

Tagging people that previously showed interest…religiously-sad-girl moonrisekid birdbrainn fineartslut c-h-e-e-z-u-z exxyst spaceekiddo hawtblawger notebooks-on-the-nightstand cumbercookietime mymurderofcrows thurma ongakuu peinturebubs leoissmiling peculiardaydream wittywaffle dream-drowned oxygenproducers okeeffekid beartsybehappy quitestark thenomadicyeti snaesthetics bisexualaesthetic helloissay

(it’s okay if you didn’t reblog the first post or are not on the above list, those are just people who were interested before. if you are interested now you can still participate. just a gentle reminder! :))

–Ana ( fineartwhore )