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Things Can Only Get Better Part 6 - Black

Slow Burn!Steve Harrington/Reader
Word Count:

A/N: Surprise! Happy Thanksgiving, to my American lovelies. Sorry I’ve been too busy to fulfill requests for the last couple of days. As both an apology and a fun holiday…thing…have an extra chapter of TCOGB. I should have Part 7 up by Sunday morning at absolute latest. As always, requests are OPEN both here and on AO3.


(PS, if you wish to be tagged, I’m far more likely to see your request if you send me an ask than if you just comment on the post. I *think* I  got everyone, but I’m not sure, tbh)

“What do you mean a connection, Dustin?” asks Steve before you have a chance to get over your shock.

“Look at this. So Hop told us about how El’s mom was a part of MKUltra and whatever, right? So, like, I was wondering why this woman looked so much like Eleven. And I think this person right here is El’s mom. Nobody’s named, or anything, but when we get a chance, we can ask El if this is her mom.”

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the tudors as parks & rec quotes
  • Henry VIII: Yes, I am big enough to admit that I am often inspired by myself.
  • Katherine Howard: I don’t want to do things. I want to not do things.
  • Mary I: Sometimes when you make an omelet, you’ve gotta break a few eggs. What’s the alternative? No omelets at all? Who wants to live in that kind of world? Maybe birds. Then all their babies would live.
  • Catherine of Aragon: If you ever speak to me in Spanish please use the formal usted.
  • Jane Seymour: When life gives you lemons make lemonade. I read that one on a can of lemonade. I like to think it applies to life.
  • Henry VII: Sit tight? Take a beat? Relax? I don’t really do any of those things. In fact, while I was in that meeting I was also planning my mother’s birthday party in my head.
  • Jane Grey: No, no, no, that’s way too much responsibility for me.
  • Elizabeth I: Guys love it when you can show them that you are better than they are at something they love.
  • Anne of Cleves: One time I accidentally drank an entire bottle of vinegar. I thought it was terrible wine.
  • Elizabeth of York: I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know I'm doing it really really well.
  • Anne Boleyn: What I hear when I'm being yelled at is people caring really loudly at me.
  • Katherine Parr: You've got several options. They're all terrible, but you have them.
  • Edward VI: I wish my reign had lasted longer -- but I'm happy with the decisions I made, and the people I fired.

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prompto showing ignis how to correctly use tumblr

As a wondrous friend has told me with this pop-up series: “And thus, the Gates of Hell were opened.” 

Prompto showing Ignis the Tumblr ropes:

  • “No, dude, you’re not ‘tumblng’ when you do things on Tumblr.”
    • “Well. I thought it was clever.”
  • “This is the reblog button, it’s how you add a post to your blog while crediting the original source.”
    • “Yes, but what’s a hashtag?”
    • “A tag is used so people can find the post when they search for it.”
    • “…So, to find this naked drawing of me, I would search the: ‘Sexy. I want to bang him so bad, Iggy, touch me’ tag?” 
    • *tearing up* *holding back laughter* “Dude.”
  • Prompto regrets showing him how to reply to posts, he always has ‘constructive criticism’ for anything food related. He is also a kink-shamer, who knew?
    • “That is inappropriate to mention in public. I do not care if you are using the name filthy-milfy182 instead of your given.”
  • Ignis is the first of he, Prompto, and Ravus to ever get hate from an Anonymous User. 
    • *furious typing* “We are all entitled to our opinion, good sir or madam–”
  • Prompto told Ignis he could just type relevant words into the tags and he does so, but he also types in full websites and irritatingly long recipe titles.
  • One he was shown the user-tag system, no man was safe. 
  • Ignis took his newly found knowledge to his best parent friend Regis and now they collaborate: Ignis with his creative recipes look just darling pictured with the King’s knowledge in interior decorating. 
  • Fact: Two Blue Bloods make one entire Sandra Lee. 

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Chell (portal) A7????

…and I hope you don’t mind, but that face screams ‘Unsure about something dumb Wheatley just suggested’ so I had to do a partnering ‘Wheatley realizes what that looks means and he’s reevaluating his life choices’ with B7 xD

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Flash Give Away!

Since I’m bored at work, I am gunna do a flash give away type thing for the tag!

Reblog this and reply with a Morphing Potion or PB you want. Price isn’t an object, but only enter if you’re going to use it and not resell.

When I get home from work in the morning, I’ll slap names in a randomizer and give the winner what they asked for! c:

EDIT: people are still reblogging this, but the giveaway ended a few hours ago. Sorry. :c

But! I liked doing it so much I’ve decided to make it a monthly thing, with 2 prizes next month for the holidays! So you can have a chance yet! c:

Falling (falling) pt. 2

Part 1

Ayee back at it with the dad au (this is short and shitty, but eh this is just filler so y’all know how Roman gets along with the kids) 

Tags: @chipped-lesbian, @puns-and-patton, @tripleaaaqueer, @gigglybitch1215, @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch, @lizethemotherlycat, @fandoms-n-ship, @justanotherpurplebutterfly, @gaysonofjafar, @thesleepyraziel, @captainhadeslover, @yoshimicherryopal, @shipperofallthings-vk (If I forgot anyone or you wanna be added, just message me/send me an ask!)

Also side note: all “baby-babble” in this fic is omitted. Use your imagination on the way the twins pronounce words! What kind of speech inflections do six year olds have? Kindergarteners are actually really good at pronouncing their r’s and their l’s, and don’t really shorten words as much as younger kids. They may use words like “meaned” instead of “meant” and stuff like that, but ultimately, the “Sowwy daddy I fowgowt” isn’t actually a thing. And! Kids stutter! Especially using big words and when they’re emotional! Thank you this has been my Ted talk

Virgil meets Roman the next day, during his break between class and work. It’s late, but Roman seemingly doesn’t have anything to do, so he meets Virgil at a coffee shop near the current house of the couch he’s sleeping on. Virgil can’t judge, though; when he was with– …the boys’ mom, before they were born, they did their fair share of couch-hopping. 

He can, however, judge the man’s career choice. 

“…Acting? In rural Florida?” He asks, raising an eyebrow. Roman had informed Virgil that he was three years out of college for teaching high school literature, but he had decided to pursue acting, and that’s the reason why he’s currently jobless (and, consequently, homeless). 

Roman simply just scoffs at him. “There are plenty of theatre opportunities here! Local theaters pay community actors quite well, actually, for their professional productions. They’re just…few and far between…” He seems to deflate. “…And even then, the part isn’t guaranteed… And you have to pay for your own transportation if the venue is far away… And–” 

“I get it,” Virgil sighs, rubbing his temple. He has a feeling that Roman could go on and on, if he let him. “How are you with kids? You said you could provide childcare for my twins until you could afford to pay rent?” 

“That I did!” Roman says, perking up again, but soon his confident grin falters. “…How old are they?” 


“Six?” Virgil nods, not liking the other’s now nervous grin. “I…have seen a six year old before. If that goes for anything.” 

Virgil sighs. “Well, you’re the only one that’s replied to the ad, and I think you’re the only one that will. So…the spare room is yours.” 

The “spare room” is actually Virgil’s, they don’t have any more rooms, but he can sleep in the basement; it’s half flooded most of the year and smells of mildew, but he has no other option. There’s no way a full grown adult would want to share a room with another full grown adult, and the boys already share a room. 

He can brave the basement. 

“So? Is it a deal, then?” Roman asks, raising his eyebrows. Virgil nods, and his new roommate grins. “Perfect! When can I move in?” 

Roman is able to move in the next Thursday, before the twins come back from school. There’s only a few things to put in his new room, so Virgil and Roman chat idly on the couch. Soon the door slams open and Patton comes running in, Logan following behind slower. 

“Dad! Dad! The big kids hitted Logan in the face today! It throwed his glasses off his face!” Patton yells, tugging a startled Virgil by the hand to his brother in the doorway. Logan has a darkening bruise on his cheek, and immediately parental rage flows through Virgil. He scoops up Logan, looking at his face and fussing over his youngest. 

“Logan, sweetie, are you okay? Oh, dear, I’m so sorry. Patton,” He looks down to Patton, still fussing over Logan even though he keeps trying to squirm away (”I’m fine, dad, put me down”). “Did those boys get in trouble?” 

Patton nods, pulling something from his backpack and handing it to his father. “The teacher said to give you this. The boys are su– sp– s’pended.” 

“Good.” He kisses Logan’s forehead before setting him down. “Why didn’t I get a call?” 

“Th’ school didn’t wanna b- bother you.” 

Virgil is livid to hear this. 

“They wh–” He crumbles up the ball in his hand and tosses it in the garbage across the room, groaning. He sighs, smiling at Patton. “Thank you for bringing me the note, Pat. You’re very responsible, little guy.” 

“Hitting isn’t right.” Patton says, crossing his arms with a frown, stomping a little foot. “Why are big kids so mean?” 

“I don’t know, love,” Virgil mumbles, patting his eldest on the head. “I don’t know. But– things’ll get better. Daddy’s going to be going to your school and talking to the principal as soon as he can.” 

“Daddy, the boys will only be meaner if–” 

“If they hurt you any more, then you’re moving schools.” 


“No buts. I love you boys, I don’t want you to be hurt.” He’s about to continue when Roman clears his throat behind them. 

“Ah, as much as I don’t want to interrupt, Virgil, I believe you said you had to leave at four and it’s almost that time.” He says, blushing a little bit as the twins finally notice him, rushing up to his side and looking at him curiously. 

“Who are you?” 

“Are you daddy’s friend?” 

“No, daddy doesn’t have friends, Pat. He doesn’t have time.” 

“Then you’re the person that’s staying in daddy’s room, right?” 

Roman looks down at the little kids, eyes wide, bewildered by the two six-year-olds flitting around him like little nymphs, looking at him curiously. 

“I– Uh–” 

“Boys!” Virgil says sternly, and the twins freeze in place, turning to their father. 

“Yes, dad?” They say in unison. 

“This is Roman. He’s the person staying in the spare room down the hall, and the person that’s going to be babysitting you guys.” 

“Is he nice?” Logan asks warily. 

“Yes, he’s very nice.” 

“Will he play with us?” 

Virgil smiles at Patton, ruffling his hair. “You’ll have to ask him, bud. Now, give daddy hugs, he has to go.” 

“Do you have to?” Patton wails, clinging to Virgil’s leg, and Virgil feels the usual guilt he feels leaving them. “Please stay, just tonight!” 

“I can’t, buddy, I have to work,” Virgil explains weakly, prying Patton off of his leg so he can kneel down and hug him. Logan immediately joins in on the hug, squeezing as tight as his little arms will let him (which is, surprisingly, a lot). “But I promise I’ll come check on you tonight when I get home, alright?” 

“But– but what if I can’t sleep? Or have a night– ni– nightmare? An– and you’re not here?” 

“I know it’s scary, but I promise you can tell me about it when I get home and I’ll make you hot chocolate.” 

“P- Promise?” Patton sniffles, and wipes his nose on Virgil’s sleeve. Virgil smiles, and nods. 

“Promise. Now you go play with Roman, daddy’ll be home before you know it.” 

“Kay…” Patton mumbles. Virgil taps his cheek and Patton kisses it with a grin. Logan follows, kissing Virgil on the cheek, and then both boys find their way to the couch next to Roman, still eyeing him curiously. 

“You boys be good, be nice to Roman, and I’ll be home soon. Okay, loves?” 

“Okay,” The boys chime, and Virgil smiles. 

“Roman, there’s dinner in the fridge, I try to keep meals stocked up for them. Try to feed them by six thirty, and get them to bed by eight. Are– Are you sure you’ll be okay with them?” 

“Yes, I’m sure. Don’t you worry.” Roman smiles at Virgil, and Virgil nods, smiling. 

“Then I’ll see you when I get back. See you.” 

…Roman should not have said he’d be fine. He is not fine. He’s completely useless here! The twins were able to make their own dinner and change into their pajamas by themselves, they watched tv until it was time to go to bed– and then they went to bed on their own! Roman tried to engage them, but they didn’t seem interested. They were hesitant and shy, as if he’d brush them off at any second. They were perfectly content to just play with each other. 

So here he is, sitting on the couch at one thirty in the morning, eating cold-in-the-middle lasagna, watching Sesame Street because he can’t figure out how to work the dvd player. 

Virgil returns to the house around four a.m., looking exhausted. He smiles at Roman, sneaking into the kitchen quietly to get some food before returning to the living you. 

“How were they?” He asks, voice low. “You didn’t have to stay up and wait, by the way. I work late, and have classes in between shifts, so I get home late.” 

Roman shrugs. “They were…independent. Didn’t need my help at all. Didn’t even ask for help when they wanted dinner early.” 

“They’re like that,” Virgil chuckles, shaking his head. “I wish it wasn’t like that, but I…I’m gone a lot, trying to keep up with bills and stuff. The babysitters they’ve all had have been lazy teenagers, so they had to learn to take care of themselves.” 

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Roman says, frowning. He wonders how much hell this man must’ve gone through with his kids. Virgil shakes his head, shrugging. 

“It’s life, don’t worry about it.” 

“It shouldn’t be.” 

Roman doesn’t know if he’s overstepping boundaries, but Virgil is beginning to look uncomfortable, so he decides that he is. 


Virgil shakes his head. “It’s fine. Hey, I’m gonna go to bed, you should probably do that too.” 

“A– Ah, you didn’t finish your–” 

“I’m not too hungry.” 

Virgil is quick to drop his leftover lasagna into the trash and put his plate in the dishwasher, before he disappears down to the basement. Roman simply just watches him, feeling guilty. He doesn’t know why– even though he just met this small family, he doesn’t know why he wants the best for them. He doesn’t know why he wants to help these kids and their dad. 

He doesn’t understand. But he’s going to do it.

He sighs, standing up, and goes to his bedroom. Later, as he’s laying in bed, listening to Virgil comforting a crying Patton after a nightmare, he mumbles to himself, “I hope life gets better for you…You deserve it.” 

“You guys are lucky! I was nice and made some of the test problems problems from your homework”

Considering that our homework consists of almost every single question in the textbook, and the in-class problems are also from the textbook, and that everything we do in the class is from the textbook… I would hope that would be the case, otherwise you’re testing us on stuff outside of what we were supposed to learn


When the new fresh drama[tm] hits the fandom of the thing you enjoy and now the thing itself is proclaimed irredeemably bad, but you dont care because your enjoyment of the thing is in no way connected to what other people in-fandom do.

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kei your yuuri is perfect <3 (I TRIED)




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


100 Days Challenge for Langblrs

Since the langblr community seems dead and studyblrs have this challenge that seems very productive, i thought i should try to make a langblr version.


  • There are 100 activities and you have to finish 1 task daily. 
  • There’s no particular order for these tasks. You choose what you feel like doing that day.
  • The tag for the challenge is #100daysoflanguages. In this way i can see how your studies are going and other people can get motivated knowing that someone else is doing the same challenge.
  • If you have time, write in your post what words/idioms you learned, what you’ve read/watched etc.
  • You can do this challenge for 1 or more languages.
  • Where i didn’t mention, there’s still a 95% chance that you still need to use your target language. [yes, i stopped writing “in your target language” at some point]
  • You don’t have to post about the challenge if you don’t want to, but i’ll be glad to see your progress or a post after you’ve finished the tasks. ^^


  • also, these tasks don’t really work for sign languages, at least not all of them
  1. Learn 5 new words.
  2. Learn 10 new words
  3. Learn 2 idioms.
  4. Sing a Disney song for 3 times.
  5. Translate a song.
  6. Memorize a poem.
  7. Read 1 article online about something that interests you.
  8. Name every thing that’s in the room for 5 minutes. Write down new words.
  9. Try 2 tongue twisters.
  10. Learn 15 words.
  11. Learn 4 idioms.
  12. Watch a movie/episode from a serie subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  13. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  14. Write about your day in 3-5 lines.
  15. Send a motivational message to another langblr. (in your target language of course) [it can be only a “don’t give up”, it still counts]
  16. Find 3 new songs in your target language and learn 5 new words from each.
  17. Learn 30 words.
  18. Learn 5 idioms.
  19. Write about your goals/dreams in 5-7 lines.
  20. Read 1 page from a book, any book.
  21. Write a dialogue between 2 people about anything; person A and B having each 10 lines.
  22. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  23. Write about your passions in 5-7 lines.
  24. Learn 5 words related to pets. [e.g. fur, claws, whiskers, paws, tail]
  25. Translate a short poem or song.
  26. Learn 1 Disney song. (you don’t need to learn it perfectly, if you know 3-5 lines without looking for the lyrics, that’s great)
  27. Try to talk for 3-5 minutes with someone and if you don’t have natives to talk to, write a mini dialogue about why you like languages.
  28. Choose a vocab list from tumblr, learn 10 new words/structures from there. [yes, it’s time for us to use those vocab lists]
  29. Read 2 articles about something that you like.
  30. Change your phone’s settings to your target language for 1 day.
  31. Learn 20 words.
  32. Learn 3 idioms.
  33. Watch a movie/youtube video subbed or dubbed in your target language.
  34. Write 5-7 lines about your favourite movie, serie, drama, anime, cartoon, youtuber.
  35. Talk to yourself for 5 minutes. [even if you don’t know a word, look it up, or change the entire sentence; just think in your target language]
  36. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  37. Read 3 pages from a book/comic/magazine.
  38. Translate 1 song.
  39. Translate 1 paragraph from a book in your target language. [if you don’t have a book, tell me the language and i’ll find you a pdf]
  40. Watch 2 videos on youtube in your target language or about your target language.
  41. Translate 1 paragraph from English/your native language to your target one.
  42. Translate 1 song from English/your native language to your target language.
  43. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  44. Write in 5 lines some things that you dislike.
  45. Learn 15 words.
  46. Talk to someone for 5 minutes/write a dialogue about anything.
  47. Write in 3-5 lines what you like about your target language(s).
  48. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  49. Read 2 pages from a book in your target language.
  50. How was your day? Tell me in your target language.
  51. What do you want to become? Why? Tell me in your target language.
  52. Tell me in your target language how you decided to learn your target language.
  53. Sing 1 Disney song.
  54. Learn 15 words.
  55. Make a vocab list of at least 10 words. You choose the theme. [if you want one; you could just choose random words]
  56. Try 2 tongue twister.
  57. Think in your target language for 10 minutes.
  58. Talk about your favourite animals in 3 lines.
  59. Learn 10 words related to school.
  60. Learn 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  61. Talk about your favourite sweets. [no limit]
  62. Talk about yourself. [no limit]
  63. Talk to someone in your target language for 10 minutes/write a dialogue/text.
  64. Learn 2 idioms.
  65. Read 1 article and talk about it a bit.
  66. Translate 1 paragraph from English to your target language.
  67. Translate your favourite quote to your target language.
  68. Summarize 1 page from a book, in your target language.
  69. Sing a song.
  70. Talk about your favourite celebrity. [no limit]
  71. Learn 15 words.
  72. Talk about your favourite book. [no limit]
  73. Watch a movie/episode from a serie/youtube video subbed or dubbed.
  74. Talk about a friend of yours/langblr that you like.
  75. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  76. Talk about a happy moment from your life. [no limit]
  77. Give in your target language 3 tips for learning a language.
  78. Translate 2 quotes that you like in your target language.
  79. Write in 5-10 lines anything. You choose the topic.
  80. Talk about your fears in 3-5 lines.
  81. Read 5 pages from a book.
  82. Learn 10 words.
  83. Write in your target language a sentence with the following words: earring, nightmare, bracelet, seahorse and jar. You can use the plural of these words.
  84. Talk about a pokemon. [no limit]
  85. Learn/Revise 1 new grammatical concept/make a post and explain a grammatical concept if you learned everything related to grammar.
  86. Write a motivational message in your target language to 2 other people.
  87. Write an advice.
  88. Read 1 article.
  89. Sing a song.
  90. Learn some lines from a poem.
  91. Summarize a story in few lines. [it can be a story from your life or a fairytale]
  92. Learn 10 words related to hobbies.
  93. Learn 3 swear words in your target language.
  94. Read 1 page from a book.
  95. Translate 1 paragraph from a book.
  96. Talk about a book you like.
  97. Translate 3 quotes that you like.
  98. Sing a disney song.
  99. Describe your room.
  100. Talk about what motivates you.

Since i made this challenge, you have for sure 1 partner if you decide to do it. We can motivate each other! ^^ I hope that many langblrs will try it. Good luck!

Some doodles I did on the side yesterday night ( @blesstale drew Zunde that there ) including Dreby taking his first steps. I saw this kid screaming “NOOOO!” at some meat in a grocery store before running to his mom, so there we go ✌️

#smut #nsfw #oblivious!harry

Prompts: @a-sisi-universe
Author: @queenofthyme

Warning: well, I mean just read the tags above. exactly as it says really.

There were pros and cons to being attracted to your boss. The cons, Draco wasn’t too fussed about. His reputation couldn’t get much worse anyway (he was an ex-death eater after all), and it’s not like he didn’t have the money to get by if he lost his job. The only reason he’d worked so hard to become an auror in the first place was because of Harry Potter.

And therein laid the pro - his boss was Harry Potter.  Gorgeous, delectable, dreamy, oblivious Harry Potter.

Draco certainly wasn’t the only one in the office charmed by Harry. He’d noticed some of the other aurors staring too - during the rare moments when he could pull his eyes away from Harry. And it wasn’t just Harry’s looks. If it were just that, Draco would have gotten over it years ago. No, Harry had to be brave too. And powerful. And a little wild. And above all, kind.

Draco knew it was sappy of him but, Merlin, did he find that kindness sexy. Harry was the type of boss who took responsibility in the media when you messed up in the field. The type of boss who would take over your reporting for you (despite his own ridiculous workload) when he could see you were stressed or affected by a particularly emotional case. He was the type of boss who never treated you as if he were your boss at all.

Of course, Draco wouldn’t have minded if Harry threw his weight around a little. The fantasies Draco had of Harry often involved him doing just that - albeit with a few orders that would be highly inappropriate for the workplace. But no matter how obviously Draco pined, Harry still didn’t seem to notice. He really had no idea of his effect on people.

So when Harry called Draco into his office - the start to many a fantasy - last thing on a Friday before he could leave with the other aurors, Draco knew Harry wouldn’t understand the thoughts that were running through his head. Empty Department. Friday night. Boss’s office. Harry Potter’s thighs.

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Mystic Messenger Shitty List of Blogs [20.05.2017]

Okkay! I hope it’s at least a bit useful! Here some basic info:

  • Mind that I don’t know all the blogs that exist, no one sent me any links so I assumed that you trust me lol.
  • Some blogs I may have not included because they’re no longer active (max 2 weeks since the last update).
  • I also tend to avoid blogs that reblog much much much more than post their own stuff, keep that in mind as well~
  • The blogs may include other fandoms/kind of content as well! The list may include SFW blogs along with NSFW. No one forces you to follow a thing, but if you click the link and see… well, things… I’m sorry but innocent;;

Scenario/Headcanon/such blogs:

@yandereshit (of course XD)
@mysmegifscenarios (as the title says!)

Art blogs:


Roleplay blogs:



MysMe AU week: @rfaauweek
MysMe Vanderweek ♥: @vanderweek
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Quotes: @mysticmessengerincorrectquotes
Official Cheritz blog: @cheritzteam

My Self-Care Tarot Routine

Have you ever felt stuck in a cycle of knowing you need to take some time out to do some self-care but are unsure of where to start? I’ve been there. Because of this, I wanted a way that I could do something on my low energy days that I knew would absolutely make me feel better. By utilizing the Major Arcana of any of my Tarot decks, I created for myself a small guide of self-care with the help of Tarot. I encourage you to use mine or create your very own self-care guide to help you. 

Step One:
Separate the major arcana out from your Tarot deck.

Step Two:
Shuffle as you normally would.

Step Three:
Pull one to three cards. If any of the cards are reversed, I turn them upright.

Step Four:
Look up your cards with the guide and do what it suggests.

The Fool
Stretch out your body.

The Magician
Take a Lavender and Vanilla bubble bath or a nice long shower.

The High Priestess
Eat some yummy pizza.

The Empress
Do a Rose face mask or wash.

The Emperor
Paint your nails.

The Hierophant
Meditate with your Tarot cards.

The Lovers
Sing aloud to your favorite songs.

The Chariot
Bake some cookies.

Make a pillow fort.

The Hermit
Brew some tea.

Wheel of Fortune
Make a list of wishes for the future.

Write yourself a love letter about how awesome you are.

The Hanged Man
Take cute and funny selfies.

Binge watch some new television shows on Netflix or Hulu.

Burn incense or a nice smelling candle.

The Devil
Treat yourself to something nice

The Tower
Color, scribble or doodle some art.

The Star
Cuddle stuffed animal or pet.

The Moon
Create a feel better playlist on Spotify

The Sun
Go eat ice cream

Call or message a friend for support.

The World
Take a long nap.

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Title: My Self-Care Tarot Routine
Copyright: © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Disclaimer: This is my own personal self-care regimen. I am not a medical professional, nor claim to be, nor do I suggest this post to be used in replace of medical treatment. This is just what helps me and I wanted to share it with others. As with all of my posts and content, this post in no way, shape, or form is intended to tell you how you must go about this topic. The intention of this post is to share my experiences. This isn’t the only way, the absolute right way or the way that you “should” approach this topic. I encourage you to use what you find useful and tweak or dismiss what you do not find useful. I am sure there are various other people in the world who choose to do things differently regarding this topic and that is perfectly okay. I can only speak from personal experience and what has worked for me for countless years. I encourage you to do your own research, to do what you are comfortable with and to tailor any advice provided henceforth to your specific needs and individual situation.
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