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Percy Weasley

“Hello, Minister!“ bellowed Percy, sending a neat jinx straight at Thicknesse, who dropped his wand and clawed at the front of his robes, apparently in awful discomfort.

Donut’s probably dead.

Hope you feel better soon, friend~

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wait a minute are there ppl out there calling youngjae a visual hole?? excuse me?? choi youngjae of got7, resident sunshine, the one nichkhun called got7′s visual, the one who has no bad angles in selfies, the one with the most angelic voice, the one who loves fans and told them politely to give got7 their personal space but also worried abt the fans safety, the one who couldn’t dance at all when he became a trainee but only trained 7 months before he debuted, the one who worked multiple part time jobs for money for classes so he could become a trainee, the one who is so talented and so loving and caring, that choi youngjae? i’m sorry but he did not work this hard to have ppl hate on him no idol works this hard for ppl to hate on them goodbye

So apparently I’ve been “misleading”

It has come to my attention that I am not a good representation of a person interested in fitness because I am “thick” and “bigger.” So at the risk of misleading more people, here’s a disclaimer:

- I am not skinny

- I’m not petite 

- “One-size-fits-all” clothing does not look flattering on me 

- I don’t have a low body fat percentage 

- I have rolls when I sit down, a lot more than I would like too 

- I don’t have a thigh gap 

- I’m not “ripped” or “shredded” or “lean” 

- My BMI is considered overweight 

- I won’t wear a sports bra and spandex in public because I don’t have the ideal body type to do so

But here’s what I am:

- a competitive soccer player of over 12 years. I won several titles, was MVP, played every position under the sun and worked harder than anyone on my team 

- Without experience playing basketball, I made my JV team in high school. by the end of the first season, I was moved up to varisty and was a starter within the year

- Never rowing in my entire life, I tried out for my college crew team. Within two months I was practicing and in the lineup for a D1 NCAA rowing team. 

- I’m a runner. I run on a weekly and daily basis. I’m signed up for my first half marathon this spring and I’m both excited and terrified. 

If my size is the determining factor in how fit I am then I am ashamed of what this world is coming to because I have more talent, work ethic, and determination in my thick leg than most people have in their body. I’ve never been the smallest on any of my teams but surprisingly that never stopped me from being one of the most successful. I’m so sick of this culture emphasizing thin as the key determinant for health and fitness level. I have my body and my body kicks fucking ass so you can take your “misleadings” and shove them up yours. There’s nothing wrong with being lean and shredded and impressively muscular. But those aren’t the only ways to be in shape and more people need to understand and accept that.



I have no space or patience for your stress, please take it elsewhere. Thank. 


VIXX: Concept-dols (ver. Super Hero) [1/??]

Sorry, little theory I’d like to make regarding the availability of Type: Null to you, the player.

We see from the recent JP trailer that Gladion’s Type: Null eventually evolves into Silvally. So we can’t count on the chance that he gives you a Type: Null personally, and it’s unlikely that his Silvally can breed out a Type: Null egg.

So how do YOU get a Type: Null? Well, here’s what I think is going on.

I believe that in-game, there are TWO Type: Null.

Gladion has one, and you get the other at some point. The Type: Null that you get, I guess, would be one that Aether Foundation made, mainly as a countermeasure against the Ultra Beasts. Of course, until it finds a Trainer that it can connect with, it has to keep its limiter mask on for the safety of itself and others. This one would hang around Aether Paradise, and occasionally show interest in the player as the story progresses. At some point in the game, it will fully trust you and can join your party.

As for Gladion’s Type: Null…it might have also been made by Aether, but if they are a benevolent group, then I doubt they’d have made two wild superpowers. There’s still the chance that Gladion’s was made by Team Skull, to fight against the Ultra Beasts, to suppress and capture them, as just some superpower, or something. Whatever the case, it seems to trust Gladion above all the other Team Skull members, so it was assigned to him.

But Mr. Author, you silly goose, how would Team Skull AND Aether Foundation have the same blueprints for making that cyborg-Jesus?“ you may ask. Well, how did both Dr. Fuji and that unnamed organization coincidentally make Mewtwo that only differed in implied gender? Best not to question such odds in Type: Null’s/Silvally’s case.

These might not even be the first Silvally to exist. They could have been created in olden times as well as divine powers on earth. You know all these Pokémon Sun/Moon alchemy theories going around? Alchemy has been around for a long time, and one of its biggest points is creating life. In a world as fantastical as the Pokémon World, is it really unreasonable to believe that the people in the past had ways to create Silvally?

…You know, we could take this a step further. The most popular theory of how to make Type: Null/Silvally is by using the powers of Rowlet (salt), Litten (sulfur), Popplio (mercury), and Rockruff (lead). This could still be part of that ancient Silvally-making formula…

What if…What if Team Skull made their Type: Null first by using Pokémon that they kidnapped? The boys at Aether would have rescued these Pokémon at some point. Possibly unaware that Team Skull has their own, Lusamine reluctantly decides to make a Type: Null as an Ultra Beast-countermeasure. With modern tech, getting the essences is likely as easy and as harmless as plucking one little hair from each of the four Pokémon. After that, Lusamine might have sent the three starters (and maybe Rockruff, too) to Hala, to give to promising new Trainers - the kind that might be the friend that Type: Null needs.

…Okay, not a little theory. But a theory nonetheless. I had to put quite a lot of thought into this, especially while I was typing. But let’s see how much of this holds water when Sun/Moon come out on November 18.

The scary part about the whole “Misha is the Antichrist” thing is that he could be like, “Yeah I came from hell. I’m actually trying to take over the world with kindness and acceptance” and I’d 130% be like okay sign me up 


what do I do?:

I take care of birds all sizes and colors in the exotic bird sanctuary ran by me and whoever comes to volunteer to help me! since there’s so many medical supplies and food stocks I need to buy, all the money I receive from the town of ponyville goes towards that, leaving none for any other paying employees! I actually live here at the sanctuary so the birds that need constant medical attention get the care they need.

What birds do I have here?:

well a few different types of  macaws, indian ringnecks, cockatoos, conures, love birds, pigeons, and just a few natural outdoor as well as indoor birds that are common around this area of equestria. Although our sign says exotic bird sanctuary, we never turn down a bird in need! At the moment, we have 52 different breeds here and 216 as a whole.

My favourite bird?:

well I can’t really choose, there are so many wonderful breeds! but if my life depended on choosing one, I’d have to go with the Toucan! It’d be horrible for one to have to stay here but it’d be an amazing experience to handle and care for one some day!

thank you to those who sent asks!:








Alright crazy kids- this thing happened a few days ago. I reached my next 100 !! I would have done this earlier but I’ve been real sick and lazy. I appreciate you all so much  ❤

I’m not sure what I should do to celebrate this achievement; so if you have any ideas, let me know! Keep in mind that I really lack computer skills 

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