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BTS confession #11

i honestly didn’t really get why big hit got so serious and wanted to take legal actions against hate comments in the beginning. tbh i felt like it was kinda dumb cause everyone gets hate when they’re famous n when you’re one of the biggest ones u kinda expect it?? i dk??

BUT then i saw some of the hate comments that fueled this and some exo fans (exo-l’s? idk the fandom name) started rumors that taehyung was a CHILD OFFENDER??? and a plagiarist?? like… can u fuckin imagine taehyung reading that he’s a child offender because he pULLED A GIRLS HAIR WHEN SHE WAS SHY?? TAEHYUNG


the oNE member in bts that continuously mentions his grand love for kids and how much he wants to be a good dad. idk man breaks my heart. and a plagiarist because of his hwarang pics that look like baekhyuns’ pics like iT’S HIS FIRST DRAMA HE AIN’T CHOOSE SHIT ABOUT IT he must’ve been so happy and so proud and now this!!

so pls don’t misuse this opportunity to report silly shit like people calling jungkook coconut head but be selective and send in shit like THAT cause what the fuck

i just hope they have thick skin cuz i felt sad 4 sure when i read it

okay but luke would totally be that guy who’d make you slide around the house with him in your socks and he’d accidentally bump into you and he’d just giggle and catch you before you fall but end up slipping and falling too

Hey, it’s jeongguks grill ya girl, Nikki, back at it again with another follow forever \ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ/ I didn’t include everyone i’ll do that in my 3rd one when i hit my milestone i promise but these are some of the blogs !! (ily all tho)

I guess you can say this is a mini follow forever ?? ? idk //sobs

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oh my god Hide and his smile will be the death of me, like, seriously ;;

hey I’m done with my art school entrance exams :’) I was super stressed so here, have some nerve soothing HideKane fluff

isn’t it funny how I drew Hide and Kaneki in two completely different styles hahaha ha    haha….haaaaa


anything, he answers and falls

Hello yes my name is Hari and I absolutely detest asking for help, but it looks like my hand is forced at the moment

I’ll be honest– My family is on the verge of sinking with all these bills and debt and loans, and a single music teacher’s salary isn’t going to cover all this and the necessities of a family of four. And since I can’t get an actual job until the car that got totaled gets replaced, I have to start earning money somehow. Hence, commissions.

Honestly, I feel bad about charging so much, but seeing as I don’t actually have very much time left, I’m a little desperate. For that, I apologize, but still.

Information for prices is here. Message me to order at my personal. Thank you for your time.

“A-Aha, I–  I-I can’t draw as well as Chris, but here..!;;”

Okay everyone you all can have a bit of random Mb art and get on with your lives
For those of you who don’t know, MB stands for Monster Boy.  I used to be fairly well known in this fandom but i think that died aha


bUT.  I stayed the night over at your precious King’s house, and I guess staying in the kings castle makes you catch on to the fever.

JOKES ASIDE.  I did stay over at Wynt’s house, and she was toying around with my mini tablet drawing Boy on Sai.  She then handed it to me because she wanted to see me draw, and I didn’t know what to do so I ended up drawing Boy too . v.

Idk I’ve never really drawn /actual/ fanart of MB.  I’ve done simple little things, recolorings, etc etc, so this is.  Kind of a first <8D;;
whoops i swear to christ I’m forgetting something on him I MADE SURE I REMEMBERED HIS FRECKLES I HAD TO KEEP REMINDING MYSELF

uhm i dont really know where the idea came from, I guess everyone wanted to join chris in drawing and they all showed each other their drawings.  I can see Boy being more into the cartoony style of drawing idfk but he’s clearly a bit shy to show his drawing of a very crudely cartoon rabbit drawn by me i apologize boy i made your own art look worse


Internet Support Group 5 - danisnotonfire (transcription)

Disclaimer: this is an audio transcription designed to be used as an aid when watching Dan and Phil’s videos for those who have hearing issues. It is fan-made and I don’t claim to own any of the content of these videos. There may be a few minor mistakes; if you notice one, feel free to let me know! 

You can request any videos you want transcribing here

Key for all my transcriptions:

[words in square brackets] = actions taken on screen/other notes from transcriber

(/./) = very short pause

(.) = short pause

(2), (3), etc = pauses graded by length (not by seconds, but relative to other pauses taken in the video)

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