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You know what kind of fics just freaking annoy me so much, are the character(s) x reader. Like those are so annoying and I don't want to be in the story. It weird. Like people can like what they like but those kinds of fics are not for me.

Oh my god, yes, 100%! To each their own and if you enjoy self-insert fics good for you! Honestly, have fun! But personally I do not like them at all. (And it annoys me to no end how I’ve seen so many people tag their imagines with our ship name - don’t do that. Write your thing but don’t bait shippers just because you know it’s a popular tag.)

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What annoys me is that some of my best works (ones that I put more than 30 mins of effort into, and slave over and world build for), are non-klance centered, and are less popular because of it, while my lazily written pieces are super popular just because they're klance. Not gonna lie- I've tagged non klance stories with klance just to get more attention. It's the same thing people do with Klance stories, tagging other ships that are barely mentioned just so it shows up more.

Honestly the standards for Kl@nce shit is so low its kinda sad in a way bc there are amazing pieces of other work regarding other ships and characters that get no appreciation yet someone could literally take a photo of two turds on the ground and colour one red and one blue and people would be like wow good kl@nce art omg

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Honestly what do u think about making mutuals here ? Bc I want Robb's ur mutual ?

omg i meant be ur mutual ,,,,, fUck I wld robb ur mutuals cos they seem nice

Depends tbh, I’m like a turtle when it comes to socializing outside my friend group. Will stay closed off until a  lettuce of friendship is shown. Then as more lettuce shows and I recognize the person I’ll be more comfy to stay out my shell

Don’t rob my mutuals pls I lov them♥♥♥

Send Me Some Prompts/Requests!

Hello, I’m in a bit of a writer’s block at the moment, and I think some prompts/requests might do me some good to help me get back into that writing groove~
Pairings I’m willing to write:

• Levihan
• Jearmin
• Eremika
• Springles
• Honestly, I’d be okay with any 104th trainee/104th trainee ship!

Some rules, though, first:

• No nsfw requests (I’m not entirely comfortable writing actual smut, you know? I’m sorry :P)

• No minor/adult pairings or minor/adult AU scenarios

• And I will absolutely not be willing to write any non-con/ extreme gore / disturbing situations, or any of that shit…

That’s pretty much all~!! Send away!!!

stuff about me;

Rules — Answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to know better ( repost, don’t reblog )

1. Nicknames: Nikki, Leafie, Chester (at times). 
2. Gender: Female
3. Star sign: Gemini
4. Height: 5'3
5. Time: 8:40am
6. Birthday: June 10
7. Favorite bands: BSB, Zac Brown Band, Lifehouse.
8. Favorite solo artists: Alicia Keys, Nelly, Sara Bareilles, Chris Stapleton
9. Song stuck in my head: Adam’s Song - Blink 182
10. Last movie watched: I honestly can’t remember. Logan?
11. Last show watched: FRIENDS
12. When did I create my blog? May 2016.
13. What do I post?: Barely anything of importance. 
14. Last thing googled: The time a bridal boutique opened.
15. Do you have other blogs?: @zilaiyc @nikkxb and a few barely active side blogs.
16. Do you get asks?: Yeah, but rarely unsolicited (usually from memes, ask calls, etc.)
17. Why did you choose your url?: It was a suggestion and I really liked it.
18. Following: 194
19. Followers: 809
20. Favorite colors: Purple, Blue, Gray, Green.
21. Average hours of sleep: 7-8.
22. Lucky number: 13
23. Instruments: Voice, piano. At one time guitar, but not anymore.
24. What am I wearing?: Comfy shorts and a t-shirt.
25. How many blankets do I sleep with? One.
26. Dream job: Own a bookstore. 
28. Favorite food: Zucchini Bread.
29. Nationality: American
30. Favorite song now: Real Thing - Zac Brown Band

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story time: presidential edition
  • so you know how everyone has a story
  • you know
  • like the story
  • like if you’re at a party and someone turns to you and says, tell the story
  • and you know exactly what they mean
  • the story
  • well 
  • i have a story
  • and not unlike most good stories, it involves three key components:
  • barack obama
  • pre-2008 reebok sneakers 
  • and the absolute earth-shattering horror you can only feel after making the worst mistake of your life

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We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.



“Gee, Mister. You must know Wedge Antilles really well. What’s your name?” “Luke Skywalker, at your service!” — Star Wars: X-Wing Rogue Squadron Special


she wasn’t interested in telling
other people’s f u t u r e s
 she was interested in going out
and finding h e r own

 lee ji eun as b l u e  s a r g e n t — the raven cycle

But unless you are someone like Harry - who is immensely talented in so many different areas - I think it’s really important to stay in your lane and do what you do well.
—  Louis Tomlinson, 20/7/17 (BBC BTY article)

breathe.  Just breathe.  Now … reach out.  What do you see?

Light … darkness.  The balance.

I meant to post this on may the 4th but I stopped working on it and didn’t come back until now 

new blog! hopefully i’ll be posting more art here!


Yesterday was super lousy for me, so obviously the best way to stress relieve was to draw Pap in different outfits for the rest of the day.

We all like to imagine him being cute and stylish if he wore normal clothes, but I think realistically, he would probably have a closet full of nothing but Ed Hardy and random metal band t-shirts that he thought looked cool. :B

the signs as random shit kids have said in science class (part 1)
  • Aquarius: I don't see with eyes. I see with brows.
  • Pisces: That light bulb is a good boy. A good rainbow boy.
  • Aries: Ty...Ty? Did you bring your purple vibrator again?
  • Taurus: *repeatedly chants* I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF
  • Gemini: Screw the science-ing; become a singer!
  • Cancer: Brendon Urie is a good dad dog.
  • Leo: My dad bought the sun for ten million dollars and he called it Sun.
  • Virgo: (to the teacher) I can't hear you. I can't hear fake news.
  • Libra: I love Jewish people! They make the best falafel.
  • Scorpio: Bill Nye: Teen Heartthrob and International Sex Symbol
  • Sagittarius: A supernova is NOT a suicide.
  • Capricorn: The fastest thing in the universe is you nutting. Zoom.
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Oh my god “try harder” is what all my teachers and counselor told me for the four year duration of middle school whenever I said I didn’t understand the material in class or when I said I couldn’t focus and it was h e l l. Honestly I think teachers say that cause they think students are lying, so that they can go “Oh I did my job I didn’t ignore them” when in reality they’re still doing that. I get close to flipping my shit every time I hear someone say it now.

Try harder has been my mantra through all of my childhood right the way through to my adult years. Try harder. 

Like honestly the whole time I was at university I was having a perpetual meltdown, there was no way I could have possibly tried harder. I graduated with a 2:1 with honors (I have no idea how to translate that for the Americans, sorry, it’s pretty good though, like not 4.0 good but Up There) and the first thing my professor said to me, with a big ole smile on his face was “now imagine what you could have done if you’d just tried harder” and all I could hear after that was the Kill Bill siren in my head. Like I’d just coasted my way there, and hand’t spent four years torturing myself, crying daily and completely destroying my personal life to try and keep it together long enough to reach graduation day.

And that’s a summary of my entire school life right there, with report cards that say “Joy is extremely clever but just doesn’t try hard enough”, “could be wonderful, if she only tried harder.” And it took until last year when I was joking with @jeneelestrange that it’s odd that I know all the things that I know because I’m not all that clever, and haha isn’t it funny that I’m able to remember these things despite this this and this, and there was this moment of pause which you could hear even over the internet before Jenee very gently nudged me with “hey…uh…that uh…that’s a learning disorder, you have a learning disorder” and I went haha no I just don’t try hard enough, I’m just not all that clever…right? I’m just stupid, right? Why else do I struggle so much with academic things…

Wait, what do you mean ADHD gets overlooked in girls because it presents differently than in boys? What?! What do they mean it’s hard?!?! WELL WHY DON’T THEY TRY HARDER?!!