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For everybody who’s read the manga, do not spoil it for people who have/are only watching the anime. When Noragami Aragoto comes out don’t spoil the next episode for people on purpose.

I’ve seen this happen so much in other fandoms and I don’t want Noragami to become like that.

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Baahubali : The Beginning (2015)
“When you kill a hundred people, they’ll call you a Hero. But when you save even a single life, they’ll call you a God.”

FEALTY - 2/10: Arrival


WC: 6900
Relationships - Present: Jack/Caiti
[Acknowledged Past: Geoff/Gavin; Future: Geoff/Michael, Meg/Ryan, Meg/Ryan/Gavin]
Characters: Mainly Jack, Caiti, Michael, Geoff, Gavin, Ryan, Ray, and Meg–but the RT gang’s all here in later chapters.
Rated: T for non-graphic violence / E for sex and violence in future chapters

EXCERPT: “My story?” Caiti asks.
“The kingdom’s story, the kingdom’s saviors,” Mogar says. “The Razing, Ramsey’s Great Siege–every one of my brothers and sisters knows the songs by heart.”
“I do not understand, Mogar,” Caiti says.
“Dentes Gallus may know little of the world,” Mogar says, “but I tell you now: the world knows much of it.”

Thanks to tenlittlecock-writes, kanjiknitsumi & okbutwhatabout for proofing/beta-ing the first half!



If it’s not obvious I’m cleaning out my phone pics but YEAH, I never thought I’d have a growing collection of figurines AHA
They’re all gifts so it makes sense, cause I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy these _///_

  • The slashing Zoro (One Piece), chibi Yukiho (Idolm@ster) both fullsize and chibi Mars (Sailor Moon) are from beedalee
  • Venus (Sailor Moon) and Greninja (Pokemon) are from caiterprince
  • Hattori Hanzo (Samurai Shodown) is from battle-cries
  • standing Zoro (One Piece) is from sassking-trevor
  • Empoleon and Prinplup (Pokemon) are from my brother

I got tagged a loOoOoOg time ago to do the selfie thing but I’m so bad at posting pictures of myself I’m sorry (╥﹏╥) thank you to prince-celio and puphyun for tagging me! (you both are so gorgeous wtf) I tag yoongicloud, vipshawoloneofakind, queenofthealpacas, beauteouswanderlust, neverbefake, jokotomato, eatkookienow, fuckinston and anyone else who wants to do this, just tag me! :-)

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Your work is amazing, would you mind doing 32 with Cas and Candy?

Hii~ thank you so much, sweetipie 😘 hope you like it!

“Hi, Cas” I say as I see the redheaded boy at school and to my utter surprise he visibly jumps. “Why would you scare me like that?” he asks and I give him a puzzled look. “Since when have you been such a scaredycat?” I ask back, and he only frowns at me. “I’ve never been one.. I was just.. Thinking about something” he replies, shrugging.

“What were you thinking about? You know that you can tell me anything, right?” I ask, worried about this sudden change in his attitude. “It’s nothing. Just forget it. Are you free today?” he shrugs it off and I give up trying to make him talk. “I got some homework for tomorrow but other than that, yeah. You’re free to come over if that’s what you mean” I smile at the boy who gives me a weak smile back. “Yeah, you know me” he says softly, before turning back to his phone.


We walk to my apartment in a complete silence that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. It’s been only a few weeks since we started dating.. What if he has realized that this isn’t what he wants? What if he’ll break up with me? I try to not give these thoughts too much power over me, but I can’t help but to feel insecure about these things.

We get inside and I take my bag to my room, before walking to the kitchen to make some coffee. I don’t hear Castiel walking behind me and jump a bit as he wraps his arms around my face, his face against my shoulder. “Everything okay?” I ask, still trying to get him to talk to me, but he only nods. “Yeah, I’m just tired..” he replies, sighing softly. “Okay…” I say quietly, letting him be like that as I make the coffee.

“Would you want to eat something?” I ask and he shakes his head. “No… I’m not hungry… Just… Can we stay like this for a moment?” he asks back and I nod, placing my hands on top of his, gently stroking the back of his hand with my thumb. “We need to talk..” he says after a long moment, but doesn’t let me go just yet. “Uhh.. Okay..” I whisper, trying to not think of the worst.

“Can we sit down?” Castiel asks, and I nod yet again. He lets go of me and we move to the living room, sitting down on the plushy sofa. “I told you about my ex, Deborah, right?” he starts and I nod, not being able to say anything. I fiddle with my thumbs, looking down to my lap as he talks. “I… I loved her.. I really did. But she didn’t feel the same way about me.. She was only using me for my musical talent.. And when she got the job she had always wanted, she left me” Castiel talks, sadness in his voice and I try to fight the tears. Does he still love her? Is that what he’s trying to tell me?

“And now… I think I’m in love with you and… I’m terrified.. I don’t want it to happen again..” my eyes widen at his words and I look at the redheaded boy beside me. His hair covers most of his face so I can’t see his eyes, but I could tell he’s close to crying.

“Castiel…” I mumble his name, but he only turns further away from me. “Look at me..” I plead, and after hesitating for a while, he finally turns his gaze to me, looking like a scared little boy. “Is this why you’ve been so distant these last couple of days?” I ask, and he only musters a weak smile at me. “You should have told me..” I smile at him, climbing to his lap and wrapping my arms around him, and instantly feel his arms tightly around me, like he would be afraid that I just dissappear if he lets go.

“That’s not happening.. I’m not using you… I love you.. With all my heart.. I’m not going to leave you, okay? Trust me” I explain softly, keeping my voice low. He stays quiet for a long while, before opening his mouth again. “You’re not mad at me..? For even thinking that you’re like her?” he sounds still so scared, so far away from the normally confident guy I fell in love with. “No… I could never be mad at you for something like that..” I reply shortly, placing a soft kiss on his temple.

juliascookie amazingalouette This is a drawing.. (drawn by me) I basically morphed both of your ideas together with what I had in my mind (weird, trippy ik) which I thought were pretty cool. One had the idea of a Kirby with a apple and also a rose and the other had the idea of animals with nature. This post is a thank you! Thank you for letting me get both of your ideas. *tries to make caption short but fails because there is a lot going on with this drawing* Drawing belongs to me and me only Thank you Danke Arigato Spacibo Merci Gratias Grazie :)

I was talking with my brother’s gf last night about how much I disliked cheerful people and how annoying I thought my siblings were when I was little. I hated everytime my younger sister smiled and posed for the camera and how easy my older sister would laugh. It annoyed me so much that I pretended I felt nothing when being tickled, and started to look angrier every time I was taken a picture.
My niece, who’s 4, resembles a lot like how my 23 yo sister was in looks and personality when she was her age ,only that I like my niece. So, I was thinking that maybe I’m not that bitter anymore; I actually like seeing my siblings happy and I enjoy making them laugh, but then I remembered how seeing other’s bonding and laughing and doing fun things ruin my mood. Literally. I go from feeling nothing or from laughing at cat videos to something I can’t even describe. It makes me want to punch someone in the face or hit my head against a wall.