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lololololol. um, yeah so everybody did the Thing™️ with the middle pic so I did the Thing™️ with the middle pic. these were taken weeks ago, since it’s summer, I’ve been looking more n more trashy n I can’t actually post a recent pic

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About the Player Meme


name: Sonja
nickname: Crim, Lory, Noblesse Prime
sexuality: Pan
pronouns: She/Her/They/Them - I really don’t care, call me a dragon
are you a morning person?: Nuh
when swimming, do you prefer to do it in the ocean, or in a lake: I don’t like swimming ;A;


anyone you would like to meet in real life?:
If I’d not be so shy, I’d like to meet everyone I have talked with, and even then I would be afraid af .3.
anyone you have met in real life?: @dragoonhawk, we are already real life bff’s so yeah
when did you first join? how old is your current account?: I made my first tumblr blog maybe… 5 years ago? I don’t know. It was trashblog what I deleted later, then I made another one and started rolling around rp communities, and now I have this one. I have been active here something like half a year with this account.
any peeves?: Dunno even where to start lol


do you easily get jealous?:
do you easily get angry?: Nope. I’m the chilliest one you can ever found! But you don’t want to get in my way when I’m mad…
are you easy to cheer up?: Nnnno.
what’s the most hurtful thing someone could do to you?: If someone steal my coffee!!! No really, betraying may be the worst thing
are you good at hiding your emotions?: … nope
what’s the very best way to cheer you up?: Sit down with me, hug, gief me something good to eat and suggest that we play something together ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


are you currently in a relationship?:
do you currently have a crush on someone?: Not really
do you kiss on the first date?: Nah
do you prefer going out, or staying home, when it comes to dates?: Staying home. I’m not the one who enjoys going out. Or even have a dates…


favorite drink:
Coffee and Wine
favorite food: Uuuh… uuuuh… FISH
most calming place: Home, next to my loved ones ♥
most stressful place: Public places where are lot of people. No thank you ;;
most prized possession?: My PC’s (lol I have three…) and doggo!

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tagging: NOT TAGGING ANYONE CAUSE I’M REBEL! Do it if you wanttttt~

“Love me a bit of Pussycat Dolls.”

“Ok, you know what? I’m going to take that all as a ‘yes Cole, we can hear you.’“

h EY so um y’all should check out my mystic messenger fic where i made all four mcs separate people, took every route and dunked em all in a blender to make this mess.

big props to my bro @buckettkun who has not written the majority of it but has been an extremely helpful editor/soundboard/shitposter and mood board keeper THX DUDE

Update on the Last Chapter of that Marvin x Whizzer College AU (ie "I'd like to believe that I'd do it again" on AO3): Good News & Bad News

• I was nervous about how the last chapter would go but I personally think that it is going /very/ well pacing and characterization and plot wise (all of which I think that the story has been spotty on every once in awhile). It is really coming together and i am excited for everyone to read it.

• I am dedicated to tying up all loose ends that the previous chapter left and re-establishing themes and I am referencing a lot of callbacks to earlier points in the story.

• I have been writing a /lot/ yesterday, Sunday, and today.

• Right now, about halfway finished writing a rough draft, it has 5, 247 words. It is going to be long.

• I know I promised you that it would be completed early/sometime this week, but given what I still need to write and edit and I have other irl stuff to do, that will not be possible.

• I’ll still be working on it, but expect the publishing date to be later - as in sometime next week.

I know that this is a highly anticipated chapter, which is why I have decided to take my time on it and not rush the process. My worst nightmare would be any of you disapointed in the ending bc I had been stupid and rushed it in order to stick to an arbitrary schedule.

TL;DR - The last chapter should be out next week, and it is very long.

I love how LinkedIn is like “10 jobs you might be interested in” like yeah sure I’m interested but the real issue here is would those 10 jobs be interested in me? Cause I feel like that’s the more pressing issue here.


Okay, well this is a first! I haven’t been tagged before by someone! Keeps me on my toes lol

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Name: Laura

Nickname: Laura-Dora the explorer (I frickin’ kid you not)

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′4 (I’m short, I know lol)

Age: 17 (But I shall be 18 in nine days!)

Orientation: Bisexual

Ethnicity: Caucasian 

Favorite Fruit: Either Strawberries, or Honey Dew

Favorite Season: Autumn (I love the changing colors, and I get to wear hoodies!)

Favorite Book series: Percy Jackson & The Olympians and Heroes of Olympus

Favorite Flower: I’d say probably Lilacs   

Favorite Scent: Weird question, but maybe Vanilla

Coffee, tea, or coco: Depends on the mood I’m in, but mostly tea

Cat or Dog person: Dogs

Average hours of sleep: 6-7

Favorite fictional characters: Most of Marvel, Most of Sherlock Holmes, All of PJO and HOO, The four ninja turtles, The Ponds, and the Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor

Dream Trip: No real destination just wants to travel the world

Blog(s): This one I created for writing purposes and @wholocked-for-the-tardis which is my main blog that I repost things I like. I don’t include my own things.

Number of Followers: 298, and considering I made this blog last month, this makes me extremely happy!

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The 20 most memorable moments from the Harry Potter books – as chosen by fans.