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Imagine Dean talking about you

“So now that we’re alone…” Jody drew her words out, wondering whether to go with the subtle or straight forward approach. Maybe bluntness was best here. “You gonna tell me about that girl who’s living with you?”

“Y/N?” Dean lifted his head in surprise but the moment his eyes met hers he knew his younger brother had been meddling “Let me guess, you’ve been talking to Sammy?”

“He might have mentioned a few things, I’ve heard she’s an amazing hunter.” Jody recalled the stories Sam had told her, still pretty impressed about the vampire nest you’d taken down with nothing but yourself and a machete. “Apparently good with her hands.”

“Hell yeah she is.” A smirk crept up on Dean’s face, his head nodding in agreement as he bit his bottom lip. He suddenly cleared his throat, realising what he’d said with a slight blush on his cheeks. “What’s your point Jody?”

“It’s good to see you actually smiling for a change Dean.” Jody’s words were sincere as she placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing ever so slightly. “And if this is what I think it is, she’s one lucky girl.”

“I’m the lucky one.” He whispered the words, quietly admitting what the two of you had been keeping a secret for so long.

Dean was completely head over heels for you.

Jody could see it in the way his eyes lit up the minute your name was mention, it was in that proud smile that beamed when he talked about you and she couldn’t help but laugh. “So when do I get to meet the girl that tamed Dean Winchester?”

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Since last October when the Pitchfork Unsung feature on me was first released, I have received an overwhelming amount of messages and emails asking for the “Tame Impala Photoshop Tutorial” I talk about sending to a young boy’s father in Taiwan. It’s a good story, but the way the video is edited and my unfortunate choice of the word ‘tutorial’ instead of ‘email’ makes it seem like more than it really is. I simply sent a short email outlining my techniques, most of which are explained in the Pitchfork video. Because I have received so many requests- below is a basic explanation of my techniques that aren’t discussed in the video.

I think I explain the masking and airbrush enough in the video, but the most important detail not outlined is the use of Filter->Pixelate->Pointillize to achieve the grain. People assume I use Filter->Noise->Add Noise, but I rarely use that as it’s way too fine. I always work at 300dpi in RGB colorspace with CMYK Proof Colors turned on (dpi and color settings greatly change the look of filters and blend modes, and everything is converted to CMYK before print) and apply the textures at the very end. I usually finish the composition and colors and then copy a merged version of all layers and paste that as the very top layer and then apply Pixelate->Pointillize with the foreground color set to black and background color set to white, usually at size 3, but sometimes higher if I want the grain to be bigger. I then desaturate that layer and set the layer blend mode to Soft Light or Overlay depending on how severe I want the effect to be. I usually adjust the brightness and contrast of this layer to get things dialed in.

In addition to the Pointilize filter, I have a collection of paper and print textures I have scanned from old books and magazines that I use as overlay layers (always desaturated and adjusted to be as close to 50% gray as possible). There are always several layers at the top of my files effecting the layers below. I view this like mixing or mastering music, a final process to blend everything together and make things mesh and seem less digital, despite being made entirely in the computer.

I also use a totally convoluted system to achieve the colors. Often I work on something in a completely arbitrary color pallette and adjust the colors with a combination of Hue/Saturation and Color Balance adjustment layers or with solid colors set with different opacity and blend modes.

You can see in the image below the Tame Impala “Currents” cover with and without these adjustment layers and color overlays and how the look is drastically different. Without the overlay layers it looks very digital- cold and clean, and you can see the colors I worked with are completely different.

I’m constantly experimenting and changing the way I do things, and I encourage others to figure out their own way to get what they’re looking for. There is no right or wrong way to do things in Photoshop and it’s taken me years of experimentation to figure out how to achieve what I want to do. I wish I could respond to every question I receive, but there are just too many, so hopefully anyone interested in how I do things will find this post.

And feel free to tag me in any experiments you make using tips from this post!

Okay so today I made a new friend. I head into the back yard at work and there is a fat pigeon just standing there looking at me.
He’s white and grey speckled, chubby and not afraid of me. So I assume he’s tame (he had some tags on his legs) or hurt. But I didn’t want to bother him too much so I say hello and call him pretty as you do and leave him be.
I can see him waddling around the yard from my desk so I’m wondering what to feed him, trying to remember how my grandad taught me to handle pigeons and by this point I’ve named him Speckled Jim.
This was not a fortuitous name.
Jim unfortunately met his violent and grisly end at the beaks of two crows whilst I wasn’t looking and was discovered sans head.

What I have learned from this Animals of Farthing Wood flashback triggering episode:
A) cherish your pigeons their time on earth is swift.
B) so that’s why a group of crows is called a murder.
C) I have just lived a filler episode of Dragon ball z (episode 6 ‘gohan makes a friend’) and it’s not the one I wanted (episode 125 'goku’s ordeal’)
D) don’t name your animal friends cursed names

RIP Speckled Jim my homeboy

Why is it so hard sometimes?

Trying your best to hide that demon inside
Taming it with pain and suffocation.

Everything is normal sometimes it’s all good and amazing but sometimes things just don’t go our way leading us to do things that ridicule us later.

Embracing is not a big deal but how long, that’s the question that doesn’t let’s me sleep at night and haunts me whenever I see or hear about her.

Is there an escape from this maze of Hopelessness?

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It would be great to know what you think about it, consider it as your ask.

Keep your porn and extremely violent stuff, or anything suggestive, out of shows/games/comics/movies that are also entitled to children out of the main tags of please. Even if you do tag it ‘NSFW’, kids will still see it. Even on search and browsing sites.

Be considerate of what others might think. Most people probably don’t want to see it. It is gross. Even if it is something for all ages, still. Just don’t. Children guys. 

I just saw something gross in the main Minecraft Story Mode tags and I thought I would like to give out a small reminder. I am not trying to bash anyone but just sayin’. -shrugs-

EDIT: Also, no matter how tame it is it still isn’t for minors or young eyes to see. For example: A PG character in a stripper suit and pole dancing. Again- just don’t.


People on Tumblr: X ship is disgusting and anyone who ships it is evil.

Me, a classics major: *swilling orange juice from a champagne glass* y’all ain’t seen shit.


so that whole purple team up thing seems to be quite popular so its a thing now

im inviting all u purple souled idiots to join me so we can be a hella damn cool gang. ill even design us a jacket n everythin

i know a lot of ur goin to camp undersoul too so we can start plannin our pranks on the cyan faction cause i cannot believe were supposed to be the most tame group like honestly what the shit

so first order of business whats the gangs name and whos gonna be in it?

You are a monster.

I give you my heart but this is what I get.

My lips are red from the bite of your teeth
My skin burns, caused by the fire called your hands
My heart is an open wound from an irreparable tear
You say you don’t love me but your claws refuse to let go

You are a monster, so you won’t
So I’ve decided to let you stay
Tears morphed to steel
Emotions twisted to armor

My heart still beats red, but no longer hurts for you
I grab your hands with just as much fire as you do
You start to attack less
Celebrating in the response that’s been given to you

More twisted grins, lesser cruel snarls
More somewhat welcome mornings than long nights in cages
I learn how you work and revel in how well I’ve worked you
Spirit burns fiery red not cool blue

You’re a monster
But I have tamed you

Or have I become one too?

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"this movie was going to be some next level sh*t" What do you mean by that? Can you explain?

What are you referring to?


This was in reference to the tags I put on the Zootopia post. 

What I mean was that before Zootopia became what it is now, it was a much darker film that more explicitly discussed oppression dynamics. In it, the predators are given shock collars to “control” them. In that story, Nick was the main character and Judy was the secondary protagonist. 

There’s an especially haunting scene where this polar bear mob boss has a taming party for his son which is when he gets his shock collar. It’s a fantastic metaphor for when minority children are presented to the ugliness of racism at an early age and how from then on they will have to navigate the world differently.

Basically, had Disney gone through with this, I feel that it would have been a really relevant, and poignant film about power dynamics and oppression. When I say it would be some ”next level s**t”, it would be an animated film that tackles relevant issues in a mature,

While I still love the Zootopia we have and for it’s nuance, I can’t help but really want the Zootopia that could have been.


Not the only reasons some of us hate Vorona.

Of course Izaya’s done far worse than Vorona. Her wrong-doings aren’t even close to the reason I dislike her.

(warning for spoilers, Narita criticism and Vorona hate; scroll past if you’d get offended or upset, and blacklist the #hate tag if you haven’t already.)

“[T]here does seem to be a general idea on tumblr and amongst certain shippers that Vorona causes Shizuo danger and, for lack of a better word, to regress in his development.”
What? Who thinks this? She’s the reason Shizuo’s becoming something other than the character I love. He’s becoming tame. He’s becoming boring. He’s changed, and most people think it’s for the better, but I hate every word of it. It’s like OOC fanfiction (which there’s enough of in Shizaya fanfiction, tyvm–not that there aren’t some amazing Shizaya fics, and Love Blind Eyes is amazing despite being OOC), except it’s by the author so I have to believe it. To me, there’s not nearly enough build-up to make me believe it caused Shizuo to change like this. Well, then again, I’ve only read snippets and spoilers.

People are super appreciative of how much Vorona has helped Shizuo “grow”. I don’t like this Shizuo. I don’t like it at all. Of course he deserves happiness, but Narita can write him living a peaceful, happy life, without even snapping even once or relapsing into hurting someone close to him again, I won’t believe a word of it.

Vorona is very strong, yes, but she’s still no match for Shizuo. Shizuo is still capable of accidentally hurting her if he ever snaps again. I have no interest in a relationship like that, and the fact that Narita is trying to make it work makes me dislike her even more. Oh, so because of her (and maybe Akari, idk), he’s learning to control his rage, which he’s never been able to do before, and he’d stop if she were there to stop her? It sounds forced. It’s gaggingly cliche, and not even the tiniest bit moe or romantic.

She’s not the first person to not be afraid of him. Kasuka was. And then Shinra, Izaya, Celty, Simon, Tom, etc. With a person of his situation, the most romantic options for who to pair him up and are either: a) the first and only person who’s not afraid of him, and is the only person who can physically stop him if he were to lose it again and not get hurt in the process (whereas Vorona does just by being there and idk batting her eyelashes?*, which I just don’t buy)(while this option CAN be done, Narita didn’t pull it off at all–plus, many people who weren’t afraid of him came before her), or b) someone who’s not afraid of him, and is the person who can drive him over the edge the most, be the outlet for his pent up rage, manipulate him without getting truly hurt by him in the process (and wouldn’t even matter if Shizuo really did hurt that person), and most importantly can stand up to him with an equal but different kind of strength. Narita could’ve come up with someone who could fight on par equally with Shizuo and has the same level of strength, but that would completely ruin the point of Shizuo’s character as the strongest, unrivaled monster. For a romance to work for Shizuo in my eyes, it’d have to be with someone equally as strong, or else there will always be that inevitability that Shizuo will end up hurting them. Instead, Izaya, who is weaker, rivals him with not fists, but technique and manipulation. It’s neither sugary nor sweet, it isn’t love, and is definitely unhealthy and mutually abusive, but it’s way hella more interesting to me. Heck, my favourite headcanon is that Shizuo’s possessive over his right to kill Izaya, and visa versa, even though I know that’s not canon. And I dreadfully want to see it in v13, but it most likely won’t happen.

“This misconception (in my opinion) is an easy one to make though if you saw the anime and the ShizuoSaika arc and all you have heard is that Vorona’s orgasmic dream is to kill Shizuo and get in the way of Shizaya but - you see - it is actually quite the opposite.”
Maybe there are people who hate Vorona only because of certain spoilers that suggest she has bad intentions for Shizuo, and people think she only has bad intentions. And there are definitely people that hate her purely because she’s a cockblock. And then there are the people (well, me included) who hate her because we don’t believe that she has enough power over Shizuo to make him ignore Izaya. Those aren’t the only reasons, though. she’s laughingly predictable. She intended to get close to him and kill him; oh, and of course she had to fall for him. Seriously? Are you serious??
To be fair, about 30% of that hate is unfair resentment because of how accepting the fanbase was of her even though she’s not nearly as interesting as she could’ve been, and because I was upset at people who multishipped or jumped ship. But just 30%.
She’s boring, she makes Shizuo boring, and I’ve never liked kuudere characters much, either. Even if she were male, I would still dislike her.
And I will never, never, forgive her for being the one to nearly kill Izaya. That should’ve only been done by Shizuo.

I never expected a happy ending for Shizuo and Izaya, and I didn’t want a canonical happy ending for them either, but I also didn’t want either of them to find a happy ending with anyone else.

Still, the one I can’t forgive the most is Narita, who made Shizuo change like this in a way I find to be neither believable nor interesting, who doesn’t even understand that Shizaya is not a love-hate relationship, and gaybaits us anyway even though he has no intentions of making Izaya the one to have the most power over him, and especially for making Vorona be the one to do the deed, not Shizuo. What makes us happy is the promises that the shipping bait suggest. Empty promises don’t make anyone happy. I would rather that he not give us hope and just let us give up on it.

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Things I’d like to read Sakuraiba

1. College Au, Sho retakes a class because that cute af guy on campus is taking it and it’s his only chance to seduce him. AKA kouhai notice me. 

2. Fairytale au Sho goes to rescue the princess but is appalled when it turns out to be a prince! Furthermore he is better at taming the dragon than he is! There is no way he is marrying this guy!

3. An arousal spell gone wrong. Sho/Aiba hits everyone except their intended target. 

4.  warning master/slave prompt…. Pleasure slave au. Bonus points for pairing up the other members. (Odd number? *coughs* honorary 6th member Toma)

5. Sho buys condoms; the cashier gives him a hard time

I’ve been playing around with designs recently and I really really love boss monsters with dragon like features. ):3c However, I also like furry cute things, so that is where this Tori came in.

Originally I was going to post this on my nsfw blog, but… why? 
All that’s shown are some very tame nipples, so if that bothers you I do not Rightly Know what to Say
|D In any case, I wanna make more designs in this same vein, so next up are the skelebros, and then Undyne if the streak keeps going!




(for more examples of what I can do, here’s my art tag)

just to quote from the image up there, the flate rate is $50 USD, with additions of $15 for additional characters and $10 for complex backgrounds. 

(click through the photoset to see descriptions of what each image is an example of)

here are a few guidelines!

  • I would prefer to keep subject matter PG13– this involves keeping couples and ships relatively tame! Same goes for gore– blood and minor wounds are a-okay but Hannibal-level flesh artistry is a bit much!! 
  • people? Animals? In betweens? Heck yeah I’ll draw those! I have my reservations about my ability to draw mecha but other than that, try me
  • payment is thru Paypal only, in US dollars! That is, unless you happen to live in New Zealand and want to send me money or cookies in the mail
  • 8.5x11 is just my default canvas size– I can work with what you want 
  • I’m not outlining a number of slots due to the relatively low amount of interest I expect but I WILL make a post when I close/pause commissions. I don’t want too much on my plate at once– it’s best for all of us!

I think I’ve covered it all– I’ll update this if I forget anything obvious. 

If you’re interested, contact me at cerigart@gmail.com 

love u nerds


I have $30 icon commissions going too! See the post heeeeere

It really annoys me when people complain vaguely about “the subject material” of my work because HMM I WONDER WHAT YOU COULD BE REFERRING TO. I don’t do a lot of violence/gore, and my erotic art is always always labelled and tagged appropriately (and honestly very tame???) so what else could they really be talking about? Other than the fact that 99% of my work is non-gender conforming and bodily/racially diverse??
Why would someone like that even keep up with my work in the first place???

Go find one of the hundreds of artist who draws cis straight white people oh my god

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1) Why did you choose your URL? well I mean it. it’s their names. Ash and Candy were my first two muses and it sounded cool and artistic until you realize it’s just. their names.
2) What is your middle name? I mean I have one by birth but I really really wanna change it, so I’m still figuring that out
3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be? can you tame a manticore
4) Favorite colour? black
5) Favorite song? honestly I don’t have one but Cobrastyle’s been stuck in my head for days, so
6) What are your top five fandoms? um. homestuck, random-ass musicals, teen wolf, monsterkind?? not really sure I have any others, honestly.
7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr? I like writing and I like communicating with people but I hate actually talking to people, so
8) Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they do the 8 questions too): person who tagged me, person whose blog is too new to show in mentions, sweetredchevy, myhungerboys, imnotboobear, heartsinchains, person who I’ve never spoken to, homxwrxckxrs, fiexry

Theatre Kids Don't Fuck Around

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Relationship: Ryan Haywood/Ray Narvaez Jr.

Characters: Ray Narvaez Jr.Ryan HaywoodOriginal Character

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - High School,Theatredrama club auInjuryBroken Bonesmentions of painidk this is really tame and fluffy compared to my usual stuffTrans Character,Trans Male Character,trans!Ray

Words:  2492

Chapters: 1/1

Prompt: “So what if I broke my arm, I’m still doing it.”


“Dancing through life, Skimming the surface, Gliding where turf is smooth…” Ray’s voice broke on the last word, like always. God damn it; he couldn’t hold a note to save his life. It was  his senior year, for fuck’s sake, he’d been practicing for forever for this night.

Tonight was opening night of the school musical, and Ray was playing  one of the main male roles. He was ecstatic when the teachers chose Wicked for this year’s spring musical. But, never in a million years did he think he’d get the role of Fiyero. His entire High School theatre career, he’d played small roles; with only a handful of lines and never singing outside of the choir, it was almost impossible to fuck up.  But for some unknown reason, his teachers thought he had talent.

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I know we shouldn't take spoilers at face value, but I do think it's what they said about Derek - that we might not like him in S4 (at least I think that's what it said, I sort of skimmed everything ^^; ). Any speculation? I personally wonder if they're going to tackle the "feral" trope with Derek post his 2 month capture.

I just scanned the bitecon tag. but I didn’t see anything like that. Can you link to it? The feral trope has the potentical to be all kinds of awsome, but that might just be me remembering all the Sterek stories in which Stiles ‘tames’ the feral Derek.