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I wanted to save this for a milestone, but…what the heck, why not? Let’s have a follower appreciation dice giveaway! ♥ This one will be followers only, for y’all who’ve stuck with me so far. Thank you so very much!

Winner will receive one standard polyset of dice, valued at $15 or under, from anywhere on the internet! Feel free to ask for help picking out a set you know you’ll like. I’ll also pay shipping.


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Hawkeye (2012) #11


So I might have become quickly obsessed with a certain ink demon

With some zoom ins if you click! 
(I only used the highest quality pens I have, for Bendy. And per usual ink standards, I couldn’t fix any mistakes once they were made, so if you see any, I probably already know)

Wow drawing a 1930 style isn’t easy and I’m sure I’m not doing it right in 500 places, but I enjoy the simplistic face bendy has as it’s more fun to, well, bend.

Things People Have Said in my APUSH Class

- Who put the map on the back of The Declaration of Independence?

- People marrying for money seems to be a recurring theme in this class.

- I bought this Donald Trump shirt as a joke because I’m moving to New Zealand and I can watch the failure from outside the country, but I had to donate money to his campaign and it ended up costing me about $60.

- Is Pocahontas real?

- John Francis Fitzgerald is Edmund Fitzgerald’s grandpa.

- You know it, you love it, you smell it on the way to Chicago, that’s right kids, Gary, Indiana.

- Did Abraham Lincoln get shot because he revealed the location of The Book of Secrets?

- One time I saw Nicholas Cage at a parade and now we’re friends.

- The musket is a terrible weapon, Mel Gibson is a liar, and The Patriot is not a good movie.

- What do you mean New York City is on an Island?

- Someone on Tumblr sent me anon hate because I called Thomas Jefferson bae in the tags. (side note: I sent that person anon hate about Jefferson)

- Maybe Aaron Burr can shoot me instead so I don’t have to take the final.

- Can John D. Rockefeller pay for the textbook I may or may not have lost?

- Teacher: (describing an affair without saying they were fucking) They were getting to know each other in the biblical sense.

Student: What religion were they practicing?

Teacher: Baptist.

- Student: Why isn’t Lincoln on any paper money?

Teacher: He’s traditionally on the five…

- The Americans won the Revolution because they hid in the woods… like squirrels…

- Mrs. Lincoln was a female dog.

- Folks, watching the John Green videos is not enough.

- When you graduate high school you will not remember anything from The Missouri Compromise. What you will remember is “Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa, Gone to the White House, Ha, Ha, Ha.”

- Here are the three presidents I would fight, in order: Woodrow Wilson, Thomas Jefferson, and James Buchanan.

- And Hamilton was so pleased with himself that his bonds plan was being used yet again, so he rose from the dead, wrote a musical, and won a grammy

- If you’re..uh… sensitive.. leave now. *pulls out a copy of The Jungle*

- Student #1: He’s the richest man in the world! He sleeps on a bed of gold!

Student #2: Carson, are you telling me you don’t sleep on a bed of gold?

- Everyone from the Democratic Party wanted this nomination. Even William Jennings Bryan wanted it, and he’s dead.

- And then part of the tape was (air quotes) “ accidently” erased. *teacher aggresivley shakes his head*

- You will need to acquire, either by theft or by asking, a credit card to pay for the AP exam

- I just read an essay that compared the New Deal to Wilson’s actions during the Civil War. And it was one paragraph. Good luck on the AP everyone.

- Teacher: The AP is in 5 days. It’s time to panic.

Student: I thought it was time to panic 15 days ago.

Teacher: Some people didn’t get the message. Now it’s really time to panic.

- So is there like… a meal included in the $90 exam?

92817 // so i decided to just stop doing the 100 days of productivity bc i realized it wasn’t really helpful or motivating but rather pressuring and to be honest.. quite useless.. so i will just go back to sporadic posting! here are some of my notes for us government 🌟

I saw a few people in my recent tags asking HOW and one kind sweet user asking what bears the most money so I’m going to share my success story. I’m tagging @alice-elizabethscott , @xxkalleexx , @drunkenwhaleer , and @seismitoadsbutt,    cause I saw y’all in the notes There were a lot more but they were anons


You will need a game year, roughly 928 Starfruit seeds, the greenhouse, 6 iridium sprinkers, as many kegs as you can possibly craft, 157 casks, your favorite music, and a LOT of patience.

I’m putting it under a readmore because hot dang it’s a long post. It woudln’t be as long but I wanted to put pictures in 

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Why Reviews Matter

This is an issue I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while, but with Gruvia week fast approaching, I thought now would be a good time to finally broach this subject. Mind you, this is hardly a new, or unaddressed issue. This has been brought up on Tumblr many a time, and in many a fandom. But I wanted to address it again, because it is so important.

*Also, because I know many people don’t like to read long blocks of text, I have included random pics of Gruvia with even more random comments to keep people entertained. Enjoy!*

Since my time in the Gruvia fandom, I have always made it a point to participate in Gruvia Week, and likewise, I have always regretted it.

Why? Because the amount of effort/time put into writing fics for Gruvia Week was never worth the amount of feedback/acknowledgement I received in return for my efforts. I don’t like begging for reviews. In fact, when I first entered the FT fandom, and started writing Gruvia fics, I would NEVER ask for reviews. I figured, if people wanted to review, they would. But over the past couple of years, I started asking for them. You know why? Because the amount of written feedback compared to the amount of notes/favs(if we’re talking about fan fiction DOT net) I received on fics was wildly imbalanced.

Was it just me, or was the anime filler unison raid more magically impressive than the official one?

And have I gotten more reviews since I started requesting them. Not at all. Quite the contrary, in fact. Part of that is the FT fandom has shrunk, but another part of it is the *type* of stories I usually put out. I like writing one-shots. I find it more enjoyable to just get a completed story out there all at once. I don’t really have the patience or dedication anymore to keep up a multi-chapter fic. But multi-chapters DO often get more reviews. Why? Because those reading want to encourage the writer to continue the story. And that’s great. That’s how it should be. BUT, that’s how it should be for completed fics, too. And yet, it’s not.

Because I am giving my readers an already completed story, there is no incentive to review. Which from a writer’s perspective, is so discouraging. For a writer, putting out an ending to a story (and mind you, many of my one-shots are 6,000-10,000 words long, so definitely not SHORT) is when they need feedback the most. They want to know whether it was liked or not. That’s the most important time to review. But so many people don’t, because what’s in it for them? They already received everything you were giving out.

Do you see how horrible that is, though? Someone took the time (some fiction takes hours, days and even weeks and months) to write and share a whole story for free, and the least a reader can do, “the review,” is not worth most people’s time. But if that’s the case, then why should I, the writer, waste my time putting out a story in the first place? Liking or faving a story isn’t enough. We want to know what you liked (or even didn’t like) about it. That’s how we improve. We thrive on feedback.

I imagine they might say these kinds of things in bed together, too.

So, yes, as far as one-shots go, why should you leave a review? The story is complete. You don’t need to ask for another chapter to see how it ends. I’ll tell you why. Because while you received a story this time, there’s no guarantee there will be another one in the future. And I know I’m not the only writer or artist who feels like this.

And yes, writing should not be all about the reviews. You should absolute write for yourself above and beyond anything else. And I DO. However, the story is already in my head. I’m already enjoying it. I don’t really need to write it down. I do that more for others rather than myself. And yet the lack of appreciation for this kills my motivation to write anything else.

And all writers KNOW people are reading but not reviewing. The amount of traffic, favs or notes my stories receive in comparison to the amount of reviews are not even close to matching up. If you enjoyed a story enough to fav, follow, like or reblog, then please think about also leaving a comment. No one is asking you to match their story with a novel of your own in a review, but sometimes even a few short words are so appreciated by writers and artists.


If you don’t acknowledge your artists and writers, your fandom dries up. People leave or move on. People stop making gifs, writing, drawing, etc.. If your fandom dries up, then content for the things you love also dries up. Is that really ok? Not only that, but imagine writers and artists who are new to fandom, and new to art and writing in general. Imagine how hard it is for them? You could make the difference between someone giving up and never reaching their full potential, or your review inspiring them to improve to the point that they one day become a famous author or artist. Never think your review doesn’t matter. IT DOES.

Now, back to the topic of Gruvia Week itself. I think the lack of feedback during Gruvia Week especially is a combination of things. Firstly, there’s a lot of content (which is very good! That’s what everyone wants for Gruvia Week, but…). That also means a lot of competition. Things move faster in the tags than normal, things get pushed down, and the sensory overload kicks in, so fics and/or art that would usually receive tons of notes or more feedback on a normal day, just don’t receive as much appreciation during Gruvia Week.

Secondly, there’s the “one-shot” effect I already explained above. People know that no matter what, most users who are participating in Gruvia Week are likely going to post all the content they already prepared. So, you’re going to get “the product” regardless of what you as a reader or spectator do. So, there’s no incentive to encourage the artist or writer, as you will receive that content regardless.

Did Juvia give Gray that butterfly t-shirt? And what did Gray want to tell Juvia before he got made into swiss cheese by the dragon spawns? The mysteries of the GMG forever unsolved.

Now, I’m not saying Gruvia Week is bad for all artists or writers. I actually think for artists and writers just starting out, it’s a GREAT thing. Being reblogged by the Gruvia Week tumblr, which surely has a massive following, helps your art/writing reach more people than it usually would.  

So, I’m not trying to discourage people to participate at all. On the contrary, I’m trying to ENCOURAGE people who read fics or like seeing art/graphics/etc, to ALSO participate. If you can’t draw, or can’t write, but you enjoy it when other people do, LET THEM KNOW. No one wants a dead pairing week, and not providing feedback is the fastest way to kill future ship weeks.

The reason I kept participating every year, for the last three years, was because I hoped things would be better this time. They never were. If anything, if got worse year after year. I’m not saying everything I write is a masterpiece, and I should be showered with a constant stream of praise. But as I explained at the start, the amount of notes and favs do not add up with the amount of actual reviews/feedback received.

This is the most manga time conscious Gray and Juvia have had together in the last six months *cries*

I know some people can be shy. I know some people just like to lurk. But please think of the person creating the content that you just enjoyed. Yes, they drew art this week, or wrote a fic this year, so you already received your reward. But what is the artist’s reward? What are they getting out of it, and what is their incentive to write another story, draw more art, make another graphic, or video? You are not giving them a reason to. And that is exactly why so many people quit drawing, writing, or contributing to fandom all together. So, please don’t let that happen. Please make this Gruvia Week different.

Gray: We are so attractive. 

Juvia: We really are, Gray-sama. I hope people read this whole thing and didn’t just look at our gorgeous faces. 

Gray: I can’t blame them if they did just that. We are fabulous. 

hello friends! i recently hit 7k+ followers, which i still cannot believe??? I’M BEYOND SHOOK. thank you so much, everyone! to celebrate, i’ll be doing blogrates!

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“Buried” (Chapter Five)

So… people die in this chapter. Nothing graphic, but there are bodies lying around. We get a chance to see Tony being a genius, Steve being an absolute BAMF as well as Steve being concerned/protective/mushy over Tony. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think! I had to do just an astonishing amount of research to get my stats right about the gun thing, so you guys should appreciate it lol

Drop a note in my ask box if you would like to be tagged in upcoming chapters!


Enjoy :)

“Tony!” Steve was shouting over the gunfire and Tony pried his hands off his ears to try and listen.

“We have to get back to camp.” Steve was speaking directly into his ear, the words coming rapid fire, but his deep voice calm. “We have to get back to camp and get my pack and try to save anyone we can.”

“Tony, listen to me!” Steve cried, because Tony’s eyes were practically glazed over, his lips moving as he mumbled something, his forehead was wrinkled in thought.

“What are you doing–” Steve’s eyes widened when he realized Tony was counting, rambling off information interspersed with numbers faster than Steve could keep up.

“–The M2, Ma Deuce, created in 1918, probably has a air cooled barrel since water cooled are kind of a bitch to handle. Five. Has a basic load of 400 rounds, and depending the version, can spit anywhere from 450 to 1300 rounds per minute–seven– unless of course they have it set for a rapid firing mode which then has different numbered bursts-five- with a short pause between bursts of only—We have to move now!”

Tony was on his feet in an instant, hauling Steve up with him and taking off back towards camp, counting rapidly under his breath as he went, and all Steve could do was follow in bewilderment, ducking when Tony did, sprinting every chance he got.

The helicopter finally tired of spraying the temple clearing and took off in the same direction as them, and they hit the ground when bullets started flying ahead of them as the helicopter moved towards camp.  

“They’re shooting up the camp.” Steve groaned, his voice quieter now that the helicopter wasn’t directly above them. “Tony, we have got to get back there.”

“I’m with you.” Tony tightened the straps on his backpack. “I’ll follow your lead, just tell me where to go.”

Steve met his eyes for a moment. “Wait. You trust me?”

“Of course I do.” Tony snapped. “You’re my best chance for getting out of here, so maybe you stop overthinking it and get moving!”

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Using Quotation Marks


@legit-writing-tips Have you done anything on quotation mark usage? I feel like no one teaches that

Okay, so. You probably learned a bit about quotation marks in basic grammar, but the rules are a little more complex when you get to fiction writing. Here are the basics - 

1. Use quotation marks for direct quotes, but not for reported speech.

Correct - “I hope you can forgive me,” said Jamie

Incorrect - Jamie said he “hoped Caleb would forgive him.” 

2. Use a *comma when you’re using a dialogue tag. If you’re not using a dialogue tag, end with a period. 


“She went to the store,” said Sylvia..

“She knew about this.” Sylvia looked at Henry.

(Additional note - a question mark replaces a comma. So it’s correct to write, “What are you doing?” Sylvia asked, rather than “What are you doing,” Sylvia asked.)

3. If you’re using quotes to separate something out from the sentence - i.e., what are often called “scare quotes” - then no period or comma is generally necessary. You also don’t need to capitalize.

Ex. Their honeymoon in “paradise” turned out to be a weekend on a garbage-covered beach in the worst motel Alyssa had ever seen. 

4. If you’re quoting a question, the question mark goes inside the quotation marks. If the quote is part of the question, it goes outside. 


“What did she say?” asked Patrick. 

Have you ever heard the saying “love is blind”?

5. If there’s a quote or “scare quote” within an existing quotation, you use single quotation marks rather than double.

Ex. “Did you hear what Vivienne said about her ‘best friend’ Damian the other day?”

6. If you’re writing out a lengthy quotation that includes multiple paragraphs, you don’t end the previous paragraph with a quote. BUT you do begin the next paragraph with a quotation mark.


Lance took a sip of his beer, turning to Alexandra. “There are times when I think about the past. When I wonder if my future will ever be as bright and beautiful…it’s strange to think about.

“When I was younger, I used to think about everything I’d do when I got older. And I haven’t done any of those things. I’ve done nothing. My younger self would be so disappointed in the man that I’ve become.” Lance sighed, a solemn expression on his face.

If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll answer!

How To Get Christmas DLC Secret Route

yoooooo okay so I noticed there’s been a lot of confusion on how to get Unknown/Saeran’s route for Mystic Messenger’s DLC. I have gotten the Unknown route, so these steps will for sure get you into his route.

So with my gameplay, I didn’t participate in any of the first day chats. I started the DLC around 11:00 p.m. (23:00) and just read through all the missed chats. The only required chat from Day 1 is the 23:01 Christmas Soon! chat with 707 and Jaehee because after that chat, there’s a gamebranch. Overall, on Day 1 I got 9% participation. Therefore, I don’t think you need to specifically go for 707′s route, or anyone else’s for that matter. Of course, I didn’t get any Visual Novels on the second day because of the 9% participation lol. 

For Christmas Day, the 00:01 Ungrateful Christmas chat with Zen and 707 has specific answers that get you hearts for Unknown. I’m not sure if you need to choose those ones to get the route, but better safe than sorry. There are only two choices in that chat that give Unknown hearts:

  • Does that mean you have to practice all over again? That’s too much.
  • That’s right. I hope they treat their actors with more care.

After this chat, you will receive a text from Unknown. I chose “Yes. I want to know who you are.”

You have to participate in two other chats to get texts from Unknown: 

  • 08:43 Yoosung and C&R chat with Jumin and Jaehee
    • Choose “I’ll send you the address for the event. [Send address]
  • 16:07 All because of [Name] chat with 707 and Jaehee
    • Choose “It ends at 9. I’ll be waiting. You said you’d come find me soon.”

Participating in the  00:01 Ungrateful Christmas08:43 Yoosung and C&R, and 16:07 All because of [Name] chats are MANDATORY if you want to get into Unknown’s route. If you don’t answer them or get all of them, you won’t get his end. 

You’ll know if you got into his route if the 18:10 Reached the Goal chat appears. Have fun~~~ 

spread to your buds if they’re having trouble :)

NOTE: This is ONLY based on my gameplay. There are other ways to get into Unknown’s route!!  I only missed all of the first day chats because it was my fourth attempt to get onto his route, so I didn’t want to waste another full day. I reblogged this post and added some other info (mainly ways other people got into his route that were different from my method and some clarifications on my instructions), so if you don’t want to do what I did, you can check there too! It’s under the tag #CLARIFICATIONS. I haven’t tried their methods yet (I’ve only played for Unknown once), but if you’d like to try how they did it, go ahead! I also tagged them in it, just bc what they said to me were a little vague, so you can send them questions if you want to. 

Honestly, my method was a pain just because I didn’t have the MAX SPEED button D: but it only took me around thirty minutes to go through all the missed chats instead of doing the whole day, so I thought that was fair LOL. 

a place to call home // will you ever find out?

he was
ghosting again
               tiptoeing down
      haunted alleyways
and singing songs about forgotten religions.
            we’re all just looking
      for a fragment of god; you can
open a jam jar or
                             break a window
        but you’re still lost.
anyone can buy a map, but can they read it?
        i’m still listening to the sound of the universe
and it’s rattling. the sunset settles in,
    everything is glowing, everything is soft.
his knuckles
        are bruised.
what are you looking for?  

                                                       - sep ‘17, divya @ antigoneblue

“Let’s go home.”

Mary, Sam, Dean, and Cas walk out of the barn slowly.

Mary takes a deep breath and, with her head down, heads straight for her car.

Sam looks to Dean, who stares at Cas, nods, then follows Mary.

Cas looks at Dean, and for a moment they just stare at each other in silence.

Sam and Mary whisper quietly in the distance.

Cas opens his mouth to say something, but before he can Dean has his arms around Castiel’s waist and his head in Castiel’s neck.

Cas wraps his arms around Dean as well, seeming to say that he meant what he said, that the Winchesters are family.

Dean takes a deep breath and sighs into Cas. He strengthens his hold around his waist.

And in his relief, Dean decides to say what he should have said long ago, and now only with the courage that comes from hearing it said to him first.

“I love you too.”

Flustered Kadi Analysis

Hello anons,

So while I was typing out both of your guys’ response, I noticed that I started putting very similar information so I combined them! So here it is:

Kyungsoo is quite an intricate person to examine. If I had the time (I might actually do this in the summer or my next break), I would like to study Kyungsoo’s body language so I (and you guys of course) can understand him better. He has said that he likes to show a different person than who he truly is based on what he’s doing (e.i his ‘D.O’ persona, his ‘Do Kyungsoo the Actor’ persona, his public person and his at home/personal/true persona aka, his core persona). And it’s actually quite easy to do but can get confusing when it’s something you made and not your brain, which is why when he’s doing interviews and they ask questions he’s been asked before, some of the details are changed/come out different. this sections is getting too long oops i’ll talk about this more if i do the d.o personality analysis

Now Jongin, as we’ve seen is very confident on stage. He has a persona that intrigues us all and we love that persona very much. But even the most confident people falter! And it most certainly happens to Jongin in a form called Do Kyungsoo :)

I would like to say that I do kind of agree that Kyungsoo seems to be the type to get very flustered but, after time it’s only natural for him not to get flustered anymore. So what we will be observing is kadi becoming flustered,shy and giggling messes due to an action done by the other.

[Quick Note: I use the terms dominant and submissive (and related words) to describe certain gestures. I would like to point out that those gestures do NOT reflect in anyway towards their sexual relationship. Please do not tag this post with top!soo or top!jongin simply because I said one of them did a dominant gesture.]

Angel Performances - Kyungsoo’s giggles

In the performances of Angel you can see that Kyungsoo becomes a giggling mess whenever Jongin is facing him and dancing in front of him (who wouldn’t I mean look at the way Jongin is looking at him, personally i’d melt and faint)

It’s more clearly seen in the video but whenever this moment of the dance is about to happen, Kyungsoo is already holding back a small smile; he knows he’s about to see Jongin, he knows what’s coming. Then once he turns around and faces Jongin, his heart bursts and the giggles explode out of him. I’ve truly never seen Kyungsoo more happy than in this moment right here. This is the moment where Kyungsoo lets himself go, it’s the moment where he looks the most free, ethereal, and happy. 

Then of course, Jongin starts smiling because who doesn’t want to smile when the love of their life is looking at them like that? Again, it’s more notable in the video, but Jongin starts of his usual serious, focused on the dance, sexy self. A couple seconds later though, he sees Kyungsoo’s reaction to him and he starts to smile real big and chuckles at the sight! He breaks out of his kai persona and becomes Jongin for that little amount of time and I think that’s really beautiful.

Now back to kyungsoo haha, in the video you can see that after Jongin leaves, he realizes that it’s almost his time to sing. But… he’s still on the high of happiness! So what does he do? He expands his mouth in order to calm himself down. This gesture is usually done for this very reason, to stretch out your mouth and force your laugh/smile into another gesture. This can be done to conceal a laugh/smile due to it no longer being normal for the situation or because you have to speak and don’t have time to let your laugh/smile die down by itself. Kyungsoo is about to sing so he obvious has to do this but I have a feeling that he also does it because he knows it must look it a bit unnatural for him to be the only other member smiling like that.

(bonus: @ 1:45 kai bites his lip when d.o makes his way over to him)

Jongin’s Stare - Causes even the most serious of hyungs to falter

Originally posted by kaidoscopes


In this glorious gif we see Kyungsoo laughing about something and we also see Jongin staring at him (per usual) And like most lovers, Kyungsoo’s first instinct is to look at Jongin. This is because, when in a group of people, you will instinctively look at the person you are closest to while laughing. I know a lot of people say this but no one’s explained why so here we go:

The reason people look at the person they are closest to is because humor initiation and appreciation is sort of a way that people initiate and maintain social relationships. Humor is in a way a form of people trying to express their interest and gauge a corresponding level of agreement with others. There has been a repeated case study (where the outcome is always very similar), that showed that most people will laugh more/express themselves more when the person they are with is someone they have a interest in or they know really well. This is again, because you are trying to maintain a steady relationship with that person you are looking towards. It already knows the person really well/wants to get to know the person and so you feel more free to show this positive side of you to them. (in this situation of kd) This then turns into the idea that someone that has interest in you (and vice versa) will repeat an action you have done because of wanting to show that you are interested in them. You want to show that you are alike and are to be trusted because of that. Kadi do this a lot, especially while laughing, and this gif shows that too.

Now that we’ve covered that haha, we can see that Jongin finds this adorable side of Kyungsoo very amusing. He especially shows this by bursting out in smiles and turning to show the audience, almost like “look, my Kyungsoo is so cute!” This causes an immediate burst of flustered-ness and giggles from Kyungsoo who even goes as far as bend slightly because of all the emotions. 

Jongin’s “I love you” - *Kyungsoo forcing himself to not get flustered*

Originally posted by minyoangi

Ah I absolutely love this but it also makes me mad that Kyungsoo had to strictly only say “ah i see” because we could see a proper reaction :((

In this gif, all of Kyungsoo’s true emotions to what Jongin has just said are shown through his eyes. The eyes are very good indicators at true emotions. 

First we see Kyungsoo’s eyes go down and to the left. This means he’s deep in thought/thinking to himself. He’s probably doing this because he’s trying to create a way for himself not to properly react to Jongin’s words and make it seem completely banterish and normal rather than romantic and meaningful. His eyes, then stay down and move to the right which indicates that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is very expected since the person he loves just told him “I love you” on a broadcast(?) and so he is experiencing an overwhelming emotion aka causing him to get flustered and shy. 

Then we see him adorably and lovingly look at Jongin. From the way he swoops his head to make eye contact with Jongin to the way he glances up at him, he is replicating the gesture done by people when looking at someone in a submissive manner (this has nothing to do with sexual submission). It’s just a gesture of shyness like when Person A compliments Person B and Person B turns to the ground for comfort then slowly half looks at Person B since they are all shy and flustered. 

Jongin’s Menacing Stare - Poor Kyungsoo just wants him to stop 

Originally posted by teapearlsoo

I’m sure we’ve all seen this gif at least one time in our kadi shipping lives and I’m pretty sure we’ve all read an analysis on this moment at some point or another so I’ll keep this one kind of short (or at least try to)

First let me point out that Baek is looking at the ground, Suho is speaking and looking towards the camera, Chanyeol starts off staring into space but then turns to face the camera and kadi, well they’re staring at each other. Jongin here, has the evident dominant gesture as he is the one causing the fluster in Kyungsoo. Jongin seems all chill about it but of course Kyungsoo is being heavily affected.

So let’s start with his eyes. You can see that he immediately starts blinking rapidly which is a sign of nervousness, a unconscious rapport, anxiety and/or stress. In this case we can combine his other gestures (pupil movement, gulping, mouth twitch, all of which I will talk about in a sec) and assume that he feels nervous, anxious and possibly unconscious rapport. In summary, this point alone is key to him being flustered. Then of course, his pupil movement. Eyes express more than we want them to and Kyungsoo’s eye movement that floats down and to the right shows that he is attending to his internal emotions. This is his body trying to control the anxiousness/nervousness caused by Jongin’s strong stare. 

Next, his gulping, also another sign of nervousness/anxiousness. Gulping in moments like these is because of a sudden rush of adrenaline that causes excessive saliva to build up in our throat. And, on top of that, his mouth twitches upwards, another means of nervousness/anxiousness. 

In general, this boy is just a flustered nervous mess under Jongin’s stare haha.

Kyungsoo’s Aegyo - Jongin’s biggest fanboy moment

I really like this moment because of not only Kyungsoo’s adorable aegyo but because of Jongin’s reaction! Jongin getting giggly is fav just saying haha  I’d just like to quickly point out that Kyungsoo getting embarrassed and flustered over his own aegyo is so beautiful haha

This is quite the legendary moment because it was such a grand moment. Jongin is the only member who reacted to such an extent, well, really reacted at all. All the other members laughed of course, they thought it was funny! It’s no big deal to them, obviously. But to Jongin, it seems to be. This man literally became the fandom when Kyungsoo did his aegyo - I for one know I reacted the same way. 

First, he has to turn away because he can’t handle the emotions and he’s trying to find another person to share this huge emotion with (he doesn’t find anyone lol which I’ll talk about in a sec) Then we have his legs that are stomping the ground, another form of trying to let out a huge emotion when you can’t totally express it. It’s almost like the same gesture he does when he’s laughing so hard, he starts hitting something to let out the (positive) frustration of the huge emotion of laughter. It’s just so much that his body’s instant reaction is to hit something as another form of letting it out since simply laughing won’t do. This is also similar; he’s in a position of not being able to fully express his love/excitement for Kyungsoo’s aegyo that his body has to show it through exciting his legs into movement. 

Finally, when he notices that he’s the only one with such a reaction, he runs his hand over his thigh in a form of comfort/ to calm him down. Then he adjusts his legs by spreading them open a little bit, a form almost similar to the feeling of restarting oneself or in simpler terms going back to your original position (in Jongin’s case a relaxed position in which he is being interviewed along with his members). 

Kyungsoo’s ‘Chocolate’ during My Lady - Jongin has to turn away

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Dec 10, 2016 at 8:25pm PST

Ah, I’ve already talked about this before (x) so I’ll keep this short:

First, the way he tilts his head away (again because he is in a position of restricted movement that his body is trying to contain the emotion). This is commonly seen when person A compliments person B and so person B has to turn away so that person A won’t see them smiling/blushing. It’s a form of not wanting to show the other person this ‘weak spot’ of yours which is why you turn away. Though here, I think Jongin was trying to keep us (the fans) from noting that he couldn’t contain his emotions but in reality it made it more obvious. For one, because he was the only member that was looking at Kyungsoo. Second because he turned while none of the other members were moving and when no other thing except Kyungsoo could’ve caused him to move. 

Then obviously we see Jongin’s little smile pop out. He probably thought something along the lines of ‘ah kyung, why do have to do this to me~’ . He probably knew that if he stayed looking at Kyungsoo that he’d be reprimanded so he turned away. I love this moment so much

Kyungsoo saying Kai-sshi - Jongin losing it ft. exo members also losing it

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jun 15, 2016 at 10:08pm PDT

This one is kind of here for fun. The video itself is very self explanatory as to why this is here (even the show/broadcast could tell jongin got flustered/nervous by Kyungsoo lolol). This was supposed to not be this long lmao

The first major gesture we see here is that Jongin freezes up. When this happens it’s usually your body going into a state of shock. In this case, it appears that Jongin is very shocked by Kyungsoo’s “Kai-sshi”. In fact, it seems that Kyungsoo purposely emphasized it that way. His tone raises slightly and his voice is a little louder. He even had a little smirk but that camera flashed to Jongin before we could fully see it. Kyungsoo (in the video) is in a position where he is ‘in control’ of the whole interview. He has quite some power right now (obviously to a very small extent lol but still) and he is enjoying it. He takes this opportunity to be a little tease toward his members and this is a great show of it. Kyungsoo’s smirk which showcases that he is feeling very smug right now definitely threw Jongin in for a loop. It even surprised the whole of exo! Jongin especially acknowledges Kyungsoo’s teasing by doing the continually movement of raising and lower his eyebrows which is an invitation or acknowledgement, it can be friendly or sexual, in this case it’s a friendly acknowledgement. Almost like saying “Well how about that !”

Jongin proceeds to laugh it off (and so do all the members) but now he’s nervous. You can tell because he starts rubbing his left ear. Though rubbing the ear can mean lying as well, due to the above paragraph and our knowledge of Jongin and his hardworking-ness, we know he isn’t lying about what he’s talking about. Anyway, it doesn’t take long for him to regain posture and answer the question properly… but after he’s done talking, MC Kyungsoo strikes again.

Instead of being smug though, he is very playful this time. He’s straight up messing with Jongin to elicit a reaction. Jongin laughs again, but not because he finds it funny but because he finds it amusing. You can tell because when he finds things funny his laugh pitch is raised but when things are amusing to him, his laugh pitch is a lower tone (this is a more general observation). Then Jongin does the iconic ‘raising and lowering’ of the eyebrows. (as stated previous) This suggests an invitation or acknowledgement. In this case though I believe it’s a more sexual, teasing “oh ;)”. This is also emphasized by the slight tilt of the head and movement of the jaw (and possibly the tongue but the video isn’t great quality so I can’t be for sure)

And, if you’ve seen skam, it is very similar to Even’s teasing towards Isak in this moment (and we all know where this leads to lol):

Originally posted by obartell

Jongin’s Dancing - Kyungsoo can’t handle kai’s dancing

A video posted by @alvabear94 on May 20, 2016 at 8:21am PDT

“D.O": Although kai is my dongsaeng, he’s really cool and sexy to the point where you can’t help but fall in love with him when you watch him performing on stage. His facial expressions are not rookie-like at all. When I ask him questions during dance practice, he doesn’t act tired by it at all and really teaches you step by step.” 

Whereas the other gifs/videos I’ve talked about have flustered kadi in an adorable or teasing way, this one is more sexual.

First, let’s start with Kyungsoo’s bedroom eyes. This gesture is shown through the whole video, it literally never leaves his face. This look (as you may have guessed it or known), is used to describe a person who looks at another with sexual longing. This is even more supported by the fact that he blinks less, and every time he does, it’s slow. This is also in combination with how he prolongedly stared at Jongin. (also if you watch carefully, you’ll notice that he blinks when Xiu_min covers Jongin from his view).

Then, we see Kyungsoo gulp or swallow and as mentioned before, this is a sign of nervousness. But, this is a different form of nervousness. This isn’t nervousness due to someone’s stare and you don’t know what to do but a nervousness due to sexual want (as the expression goes, ‘he is thirsty’ lol pun lowkey intended). This only gets more sexually implying as many have noticed that Kyungsoo looks towards his crotch after he gets up. And really, the only reason people look at crotches is (especially as a male) 1) because they are attracted to it 2)  to compare sizes 3) check for a boner. And I’m pretty sure Kyungsoo isn’t attracted to his own crotch nor does he need to compare it since it’s his. So the only other thing he could possibly looking for is for a boner. Especially after being as aroused as he was with Jongin, who wouldn’t?


Cockblocking Suho - Kyungsoo trying to be indiscreet but being caught

Since this is only two pictures and not a gif or video, I can’t really comment too much on it. But, for general purposes: 

Kyungsoo, in the first picture, is staring at Jongin (casual bro things you know?) He seems to be finding something funny so it brings us back to the ‘people stare at the person they are closest too in a group while laughing’. (I’ve explained this above so reread that if you forgot or care why). He seems to not have expected Jongin to notice (as seen through the second picture). but he might’ve forgotten that Jongin appears to have a “Kyungsoo alarm” so Jongin ended up turning towards him and smiling at him. Kyungsoo of course, who didn’t expect this, reacts by looking down, a shy smile on his face as he looks down and to the right. The staring to the down and to the right, as I mentioned previously, is a showing that he is attending to internal emotions. Needless to say, he got very shy and flustered by Jongin haha.

Well, there you have it. I apologize for any typos (especially if they cause misunderstandings). I’d like to quickly credit dika-dika  and dohkyeongsoo for some of the gifs I needed, very much appreciated! 

I hope you anons see this and I hope everyone enjoyed!!

Prompt: “What about a Soulmate one with bones.” -Anon

Word Count: 2,140

Author’s Note: In doing my research for this one, I learned that I think I love this trope. It’s so cute. I hope you guys like this, we’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

Tags: @bkwrm523

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anonymous asked:

Okay but listen, MC being super self conscious of her glasses with the RFA and V

Glasses are so cute though~
-After after endings- 
Small note! So when I tag things as -After after endings- That now includes V! I don’t think his after ending is out yet, but it just means his part will take place with what happened after his “Good ending”. But that’s now going to become normal so I’m not going to post it as V route spoilers anymore >.<
I’ll make a seperate post saying this, but this is the first request that’ll do that!
~Mod L 

♡ After his accident with Unknown, he has glasses too! 
♡ So you guys could get matching glasses?
♡ You two totally get matching glasses 
♡ He absolutely adores you in your glasses and loves that they match 
♡ He’s hoping that by having glasses just like you you don’t feel quite so weird about it 
♡ Once his eyes are healed and he doesn’t need them anymore, he pops out the lenses so he can still wear the frames
♡ He’ll wear them whenever he goes out with you so you so you don’t feel like it’s quite as weird 
♡ He keeps all this up until you feel more comfortable in your glasses
♡ But even after that he’ll wear them sometimes for fun 

♡ He has an old pair of fake glasses for a play he was in when he first started acting
♡ They’re huge 
♡ He’ll put them on to be silly around you
♡ “Come on babe, if I can look this handsome in these, you can still be stunning in yours~” 
♡ They’re pretty ugly glasses 
♡ You start to appreciate yours a bit more that they’re not quite as dorky as the ones he had to wear 
♡ But regardless he still tells you about how you look absolutely gorgeous in yours
♡ He actually prefers you when you’re wearing them because he thinks they make you look adorably nerdy 

♡ After she quit working for Jumin she never touched her glasses again, so she understood the distaste for them 
♡ But you need your glasses, and she thinks you look rather cute in them
♡ She never had much of a choice of the frames and colors, so to help you feel a bit better she takes you to buy another pair in a new style 
♡ When you two were going through and you were trying on different pairs the two of you couldn’t help but put on the goofiest ones you could find 
♡ To stay polite you two were trying not to burst out in laughter in the store 
♡ It got really close a few times 
♡ After seeing yourself in so many different pairs you decided you didn’t look that bad in your actual pair after all 
♡ Jaehee was ecstatic to hear you say that, and always tried to remember to tell you how beautiful you looked in them 

♡ He thought you looked stunning in your glasses, but understood if you didn’t like them 
♡ He offered to get you any other pair you’d want 
♡ Or contacts? 
♡ Laser eye surgery? 
♡ He’ll do it for you 
♡ When you seemed adverse to any of those options, he realized he just needed to help you love the way you were now instead of trying to change it 
♡ So every night, he just told you about how beautiful he found you 
♡ All he wanted was to you to see what he saw in you, and wanted you to be nothing less than perfectly happy with yourself 

♡ When he learned that you felt self conscious in your glasses, he knew exactly what to do 
♡ He got you a pair that looked exactly like his 
♡ You told him he looks cute, so if you looked a bit more like him you’d find yourself cute? That’s how it works right? 
♡ Alternatively he gets himself a pair that looks exactly like yours 
♡ Initially he didn’t tell you he did that, and so he hid your actual glasses and wore your replica 
♡ You thought he was wearing yours and was so confused when you put them on and you couldn’t see? 
♡ And then he gave you the ones that look like his and when you put them on you could see? But they weren’t yours? 
♡ The pranks never die 
♡ He couldn’t help but have fun with it, but when he told you what he did he did genuinely tell you that he loved you in your glasses 
♡ He just loved you in general, and thought the glasses was just the cherry on top 

♡ His eyes didn’t heal perfectly so he had a pair of reading glasses 
♡ He didn’t often have the need to wear them, but he could if he needed to 
♡ When he found out that you were self conscious of your glasses is when he showed you he had glasses too 
♡ He looked absolutely adorable in his, and you fell right in love with them 
♡ “This feeling of loving my glasses? That’s how I feel about you~” 
♡ Even if they’re just on the top of his head he tries to wear them out more 
♡ They didn’t look like yours at all, but he still liked to say you two were matching when he was wearing them 
♡ When he got the courage to try painting again, the first thing he did was a portrait of you 
♡ He was completely entranced by you, and only hoped that you could see the beauty he did 
♡ He never showed that painting to anyone, only keeping it in your guys’ home and let you decide if you wanted to keep it dear to you two or to show the world


Hey guys, I finally made a commissions post!  If you’re interested in commissioning me, please contact me via the tumblr messaging system or by sending me an email at doctorsatrn@gmail.com (no “u” in saturn) and leaving me an ask letting me know you sent one!

Every time I do a pixel I post the original artwork, and then a zoomed in version.  So if you’re a fan of the zoom in pixel aesthetic keep that in mind!

Seriously, I love drawing people’s OCs, never be afraid to ask. And I’ll do fanart of whatever you like even if I’m not in the fandom so don’t worry about that either (most of my fandoms are obscure OTL).

If you don’t receive your commission within 30 days of paying for it and I haven’t told you I’m going to be away from my computer for a period of time, you’ll get your money back.

Under the cut is just some extra notes on what I can do and a few more examples of stuff.

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anonymous asked:

hi! so i just made an archive of our own account and i don't know what to post first. do you have any tips or advice for posting on ao3? do you have any tips for ao3 in general? thank you!

Hi there anon! Thank you for your question!

First things first: I think to a certain extent, what to post first is going to be entirely up to you. Whatever you feel like writing, whatever format it’s in, you should write it up and post it! Or, depending on how long you’ve been using the site as a guest, you can look through other people’s content to pay attention to tagging, author’s notes, formatting – that kind of thing. AO3 is user-friendly in most ways, and you’ll grasp it pretty quickly.

But, I do have a couple tips to help you out on your first run-through (and actually some helpful tricks I think some more familiar users may not know, as well)! 

BTW since we’re on the topic, if you use the subscribe function on AO3!!! Did you know about the different ways to subscribe to an author, a series, or an individual work?

You can only subscribe to an author from their dashboard or their profile page! If you are in the middle of reading a particular fic, and you hit the subscribe button at the top of the page, you will only subscribe to updates for that fic. Same deal if you want to subscribe to a series, you must be on the series page. Subscribing to a fic within that series will only subscribe you to that specific fic – you will get updates if that story is updated/chapters are added, but not if a new work is added to the series.

I suspect some people are unaware of this, due to the frequent amount of subscriptions I get on one-shots! (But, idk… maybe there’s just some really hopeful people out there laijefliajelsjf)

Anyway, now, onto the rest of this textbook (it got long)!

When you go to post your very first work on AO3, you’ll go to Post > New Work at the very top to open up AO3′s drafting tool. From here, you can go through and copy over a work from Word or Google docs or whatever writing program you use, or just write up your fic in the post box itself! 

Either way you choose, you can then decide to post your work right then and there (Post Without Preview), or if you are still editing it, you can choose the Preview option. This will take you to the work as it will appear once posted; from there you can go back to the editing page, which will now have a Save Without Posting option. Use this if you would just like to save your work and come back to it later. Note: drafts are saved for one month only.

When you open your drafts/start a new work, the main field for your text has two options: HTML or Rich Text. HTML just shows you all HTML codes in your work. Rich Text is probably what you want to work in while editing, because you’ll only see this bar in that format:

However, sometimes you will want to use the HTML section in order to copy over text from another source that allows HTML format; for instance, Tumblr! I always copy the HTML from my tumblr fics over to AO3 when posting, because it is the easiest/fastest way to ensure the formatting stays intact. Here’s where to find that:

This is a pitfall I encountered with my first fic I ever posted. When you create a draft, the date of posting defaults to the date you first saved the draft. So if you are like me and you draft fics way in advance of posting, you need to make sure to update the post date before you actually hit post, or it will backdate your fic – this happened with This Place in the Sky, and it was several hours before I realized it had backdated by a week, and no one was seeing it T.T Learn from my mistakes, younglings

(And if you want to backdate a draft, then you would go in here to alter the date.)

Some people have noticed an issue with AO3 that causes fics to have odd spaces after punctuation (periods, quotation marks, dashes). This is a glitch related to italicizing when you transfer over fics from another source. To avoid having to search your entire fic for those spaces, always italicize the punctuation that precedes/follows your italicized words. For instance: 

No!” – quotations/exclamation not italicized, glitch makes it show up as: 

“No!” – all punctuation italicized, now shows up as:

:D It’s just less of a headache to have to comb through and find all the random spaces, I find, when you just italicize beforehand! A preemptive strike. 

Let’s look at the variations of line spacing in a posted fic: 

And here’s what this looks like in AO3′s Rich Text editor:

Sorry that is so tiny, but notice the clear difference in spaces between paragraphs while editing! There’s no actual correct way to do this, but! The “regular” option of spacing is the most common on AO3, and also the easiest to read. Avoid the no spacing option at all costs! It can be a huge headache to read, unless you are indenting paragraphs (less common on AO3, but acceptable). I tend to dislike the double spacing option as well because I feel like it breaks up the flow of wording, but that’s just personal preference.


Frequent posters may also have noticed a thing AO3 does where it will insert double spaces at random intervals, often for large sections of the fic at a time, for no discernible reason. This happens often when you copy your work over from another source. But there’s an easy fix!

On MS Word and Google docs, find the “Add space after paragraph” option, and enable it for every fic you write. When you hit Enter (ONCE) to go to a new paragraph, it will autospace for you (meaning, you should not need to double tap the Enter key).

Now when you copy this over to AO3, it will read ONE SPACE reliably, giving you that regular spacing option up above. Cool news: if you copy your HTML from Tumblr to HTML on AO3, you don’t even need to worry about this. HTML be chill like that

Another thing I see people asking is how to add hyperlinks! But also, did you know you can add links, bolded, and italicized text to your summary/notes as well? You just have to put them in HTML, and this:

<a href=“LINK GOES HERE”>Hyperlink</a>

will show up as:

You can easily bold/italicize/add links in the Rich Text editor, but summary/notes are HTML only and you will have to use the above. These are the most useful/common options you’ll need, I think. Try to preview before posting to make sure you got it right (and haven’t bolded your entire summary and the world with it on accident). 

There’s an easy way to link your stories to Tumblr (or Twitter) that automatically includes your title, tags, summary, and all other relevant information right in the post! Just hit this button at the top of your fic, once it’s posted – it’ll take you to the Tumblr log-in screen, so log-in and from there you can edit the post. This is what I use to make all my AO3 fic posts on Tumblr \o/

Finally, more of a stylistic note! Be thoughtful when tagging your fic/writing a synopsis. In general, try to be clear and concise, so people can see what they’re getting into at a glance. Tag what’s important to the theme and tone of your fic. This really varies from person to person… maybe you want to tag every single thing your fic encompasses! I find really long tags to be overwhelming when browsing AO3, and prefer simple ones. I tend to overtag more for smut-heavy/PWP than I do for longer, plot driven fics.  

Your summary should also be clear and to the point, and describe the content of the fic. You can put any other thoughts in your beginning and end notes; if you are leaning towards saying anything like “sorry this sucks this is my first fic/I am bad at summaries/etc” just leave that out! If you don’t like summaries, use a quote from the fic. You don’t have to apologize for posting, even if you don’t think it’s a Shakespearean masterpiece. You still wrote a fic, and that’s awesome!

This is everything I could think of for the time being…I hope it’s helpful!!