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Descendants 2 a summary:
  • Uma: Say my name say my name, when no one is around you say baby I love you.
  • Harry: and us we were pity sex nothing more and nothing less.
  • Gil: *white noise*
  • Carlos: what the heck I gotta do to go out with you?
  • Jay: I'm too hot. Hot damn.
  • Mal: hey guys it's me. The biggest disappointment you know. The kid couldn't hack it she's back and she's walking real slow.
  • Ben: SOS please someone help me it's not healthy for me to feel this Y O U are making this hard.
  • Evie: I know my sister like I know my own mind you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind!
Descendants 2 Soundtrack Review

So I’ve been busy listening to the Waitress soundtrack and forgot to listen to the album when it dropped! But today I sat down and listened to the album and here are my thoughts, song by song.

Ways To Be Wicked: kinda stale atm, tbh. I wonder how it will fit into the movie (if it’s even in it at all) but still pretty catchy, not gonna lie.

What’s My Name: probably my favourite original song for the movie. Besides the atrocity of Harry Hook’s scottish rapping skills, I’d be down to play this in public.

Chillin’ Like a Villain: My number 2 favourite song. It’s catchy as fuck and summery which is a plus (side note, the 1st movie had a severe lack of summery songs, which is sad). The lyrics are sometimes cheesy but it’s for kids, so what can you do.

Space Between: tragic gay ™ Malvie love song. Not my favourite but sounds nice. I’m sure it’s gonna be sad af during the movie but atm, not a huge fan.

It’s Going Down: OMG. So basically Hamilton with Descendants (which is something I’m DOWN for). And Ben’s solo is gonna be in slo-mo, calling it now.

You and Me: will be played during the credits, calling that now too. Not that remarkable but nice to listen to.

Kiss the Girl: It’s alright. Jay’s background speech/singing is probably the worst part of the song. Pretty bland.

Poor Unfortunate Souls: Uma sounds like a 5-year-old during the beginning verse? Why? And also when she goes on about “Idle Praddle” it pisses me off. WHY DID SHE START FUCKING UP THE BEAT? Ugh. Still, it’s the best Disney cover Descendants have done though (looking at you, Be Our Guest).

Better Together: rip off

Evil: rip off

Rather Be With You: rip off

I think I like this one better than the first, but it’s not that remarkable. I liked listening to it though. Not that bad. I’m keen to see the movie now.

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Are you named after anyone? my dad said he named me after a queen but idk which one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When was the last time you cried? last week

Do you like your handwriting? nope, it’s awful

What is your favourite lunch meat? i don’t eat meat

Do you have Kids? oh god no, i don’t want kids

If you were a different person would you be friends with you? idk, i’m too introvert so it’s hard for ppl to talk to me

Do you use sarcasm? sometimes

Do you still have your tonsils? yeah

Would you bungee jump? i’m scared of heights but hell yeah

What’s your favourite cereal? none since chocapic is made with stevia ;__;

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? i have to, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to take them off 

Do you think you’re a strong person? physically no, mentally yeah, emotionally kinda

What’s your favourite ice cream? chocolate, lucuma & vanilla

What’s the first thing you notice about people? eyes

What’s your least favourite physical thing about yourself? everything lol

What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now? black pijamas & gray slippers

What are you listening to right now? highlight - seventeen

If you were a crayon what colour would you be? lime green or any shade of light green, it’s my fave color & it’s related to nature

Favorite smell? rain & grass

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? my mom

Favourite sport to watch? skateboarding maybe…

Hair colour? dark blonde

Eye colour? blue

Do you wear contacts? nope

Favourite food? french fries but also salad sdhsuhd ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scary movies or comedy? scary

Last movie you watched? harry potter & the chamber of secrets

What colour shirt are you wearing? black

Summer or winter? winter

Hugs or kisses? hugs

Book you’re currently reading? a clash of kings

Who do you miss right now? no one

What’s on your mouse pad? i don’t have one

What’s the last tv program you watched? can’t remember

What is the best sound? cats purring<33333

Rolling stones or The Beatles? the rolling stones

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? brazil

Do you have a special talent? I can wiggle my ears & annoy ppl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where were you born? chile

Sometimes I wonder what some of y’all think BigBang have been doing for the last eleven years (more if you count trainee time) - I saw a post yesterday saying “I can’t wait for BB to bully Seungri about his name being Richard this is so funny” like, uh, pretty sure it’s not news to them just because fans are only now finding out.  Also why would they bully him?  Why is anyone acting like this is some ridiculous joke?  It’s just a name?  It’s cute, it’s interesting info to know…why are people making fun of him about it?

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Are you named after anyone? 

- Nop. There’s and aunt with my name, but Mom says she just really liked my name

When was the last time you cried?

- Umm, like genuinely either happiness or sadness? I don’t remember? I think it was in the last GotG movie. For myself I don’t do much crying

 Do you like your handwriting? 

- Yeah, it’s pretty normal. Though is frustrating cause is a bad copy of my mom’s handwriting and hers is so pretty~ >.<

What is your favorite lunch meat? 

- So, I looked it up in Wikipedia, and sausuges and salami, I guess

Do you have kids? 

- No, thank the gods

If you were a different person would you be friends with you?

 - Sure,  if I can make myself not be the quiet self I am if I’m not fangirling

Do you use sarcasm? 

- Yeah, not many opportunities, but I can be really mean with it sometimes

Do you still have your tonsils? 

- Ehm, yeah, I don’t have problems with them

Would you bungee jump? 

- Hell yeah

What’s your favorite cereal?

 - Corn pops, i guess, but I really enjoy frootlops and cornflakes too 

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

- Yep

Do you think you’re a strong person? 

- Umm… No??? But I don’t think I’m that weak either, but it’s probably cause I’m not very emotional or empathetic. Something in the middle probably.

What’s your favorite ice cream? 

- Chocolate or napolitano :3 

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

- Face and the expression, and then the body lenguaje, generally 

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

 - My mouth. Not my lips, no. My freaking mouth. Eight fucking years and still not done with the treatment :)

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? 

- Jeans and no shoes 

What are you listening to right now? 

- I’m seeing a Dross YouTube video

If you were a crayon what color would you be? 

- Blue, I guess

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 

- A guy about some photos of my graduation

Favorite sport to watch? 

- I don’t really watch sports, but the ones I enjoy the most on olympics are gymnastics, volley and soccer

Hair color?

 - Brown 

Eye color? 

- Dark brown

 Do you wear contacts?

- Nop, glasses 

Favorite food? 

- Salami, if I had to choose

Scary movies or comedy? 

- Comedy!

Last movie you watched? 

- The last movie of Transformers

What color shirt are you wearing?

 - Dark blue 

Summer or winter? 

- Winter, though the last few years there’s not many differences

Hugs or kisses? 

- Hugs

Book you’re currently reading? 

- Well, it’s called “Resistance” in Spanish. I don’t know if the title is the same in English. It’s by Julianna Baggot

Who do you miss right now? 

- Something I’ve never had: life goals

What’s on your mouse pad? 

- A yuri on ice pic

What’s the last tv program you watched? 

- Game of Thrones (me too!)

 What is the best sound? 

- good music that gives you goosebumps (same~)

 Rolling stones or The Beatles? 

- I have to confess that I’ve never heard any of them properly, but my parents prefer The Beatles, so that

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? 

- I don’t know if Denver, Colorado or Cuba, don’t know the distances

Do you have a special talent? 

- Nope. But I write sometimes, and I did folkloric dance in preparatory

 Where were you born? 

- Mexico~!

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Are you named after anyone? 

- i dont think so, maybe my great grandmother that was called Elisa too

When was the last time you cried?

- wednesday and almost yesterday too lmao iw ill probably cry soon so whatever

 Do you like your handwriting? 

- aesthetically speaking yes but you see, i cant even read it its just fucked up but it looks nice in general 

What is your favorite lunch meat? 

- lunch meat? like protein um idk.. i dont eat red meat so fish or chicken it’s fine? 

Do you have kids? 

- no. thankfully. not ever. 

If you were a different person would you be friends with you?

 - yea?? if i were another person i would be friends with me but propbably not the ‘me’ becasue im distant af

Do you use sarcasm? 

- i do sometimes

Do you still have your tonsils? 

- what 

Would you bungee jump? 

- no, not my thing 

What’s your favorite cereal?

 - corn flakes and anything fibrous?? i always add some cinnamon 

Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

- not really only if they’re like boots and big shoes like that

Do you think you’re a strong person? 

- whats this question.. of course not like, im bearly hanging on lmao. mentally and physically fucked could describe me. 

What’s your favorite ice cream? 

- vainilla or any frozen yogurt is fine. oh also bubblegum 

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

- in this order: eyes, neckbones, neck, then mouth and smile. then hands and arms then everything else lmao ehats wrong with me 

What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself?

 - um, my slightly not flat stomach i would die for .. cellulite… my face cheeks … acne… ??? shit man 

What color pants and shoes are you wearing right now? 

- boyshorts and no shoes 

What are you listening to right now? 

- You by Weird Milk

If you were a crayon what color would you be? 

- black or purple or blue Favorite smell? - cinnamon, vanilla, brown sugar :0 

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 

- a guy friend of mine 

Favorite sport to watch? 

- volleyball or.. soccer i guess .. i dont watchh sports actually

Hair color?

 - brown 

Eye color? 

- darkish green 

 Do you wear contacts?

- nope 

Favorite food? 

- probably yogurt 

Scary movies or comedy? 


Last movie you watched? 

- Spiderman Homecoming :^) 

What color shirt are you wearing?

 - black 

Summer or winter? 

- we have no seasons here but winter 

Hugs or kisses? 

- dependsss but hugs are so good 

Book you’re currently reading? 

- :^) i wish i had time

Who do you miss right now? 

- My emotional stability

What’s on your mouse pad? 

- what? 

What’s the last tv program you watched? 

- Game of Thrones 

 What is the best sound? 

- good music that gives you goosebumps

 Rolling stones or The Beatles? 

- the beatles? yea 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled? 

- um, when i went to US like 10 years ago 

Do you have a special talent? 

- ? no¿ i draw, paint, dance and sing sometimes. that’s pretty much it. 

 Where were you born? 

- Costa Rica ♥

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What do you think the Pevensie kids took as a form of sports in college/uni? (Modern AU)

I did a sports headcanon for Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Edmund. Their names are linked to those headcanons. Honestly I think they’d do what I said in those headcanons. But some of them never made it to college

Some Modern!AU things that differ from my headcanons:

  • Peter will probably still do fencing, maybe baseball
  • Susan will be on the swim team and do archery
  • Edmund plays cricket when he’s in Europe and baseball in America
  • Lucy still dances, but with a lot more contemporary and pop

It’s sleepover time!

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i think ur like, so cool..... what do u call ur aes and ur fashion style omg?? honestly ur a big part of my style inspo and i wanna find more stuff and ppl who are like it..

omg thank u sm!!! i take insp from a lot of stuff ig?? im jus a weird punk goth art kid lmao i dont have any particular name!! i just wear whatever i think looks cool and id recommend ud do th same cuz its fun and will look Cool

Some Kpop groups in a nutshell
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> old school legends, no one can compare. Loyal af fans, still stan them after Hyukjae's bad eyebrow era and all the scandals. Kings of hosting shows. Literally it's just Heechul holding down the fort and exposing everyone he can while everybody else gets their military service done. #justiceforSungmin #makeSiwonCEOofSM<p/><b>Big Bang:</b> kpop kings, basically carved the way for third generations. Were hella problematic sometimes but tbh who hasn't. G-Dragon could literally sing about crayons and make a music video with TOP while they pee on each other and still top the charts....oh wait, he did. Daesung out here setting the beauty standards for everyone in s. Korea. #getTaeyangashirt #makeSeungriCEOofYG<p/><b>SHINee:</b> kpop princes, but everyone and their mom knows they're kings. It's just 4 proud moms taking care of their sonshine, Lee Taemin. They don't attend variety shows, variety shows attend them. Out here roasting everybody including themselves, and every producer is scared to have them guest tbh. Vocals out of this world, get ready to be blessed. #shineeorpinee #whereisJonghyun'skazoo<p/><b>Infinite:</b> invented synchronized choreography. Hella supportive of each other and will probably jump off a cliff if Woohyun suggested it. Tbh no one knows what's going on in Dongwoo's head, but it's all good bc he's the resident happy virus. Only the members are allowed to pick on their leader, they'll bite your head off if you do. Still one of the most underrated groups, it's insane. #redchilipepperpaste #kingsofsychronization<p/><b>EXO:</b> just a single mom raising her 8 kids after a tragic breakup. There are two types of fans: ot12 China line forever & everyone is gay for each other. Still waiting on Baekhyun to adopt us all. Everyone suffers when EXO isn't promoting. Always fighting something/are angsty in their MV's ??? #lipstickchateau #yixingcomehome<p/><b>BTOB:</b> legit the most extra group ever. Besties with Vixx, Ilhoon was probably a love child between Minhyuk and Hakyeon. A member can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and the other can break a whole watermelon with his head...don't test them. Have the most amazing ballad songs but are always underrated. #Peniel'swalltwerk #stopChangsub<p/><b>VIXX:</b> concept kings, there isn't a single thing they couldn't pull off. We were all baptized by Hakyeon's dancing. Have the best relationship with their fans, even wrote a song about Starlights. Call Ravi if you wanna make a cute diss track about your enemy. Possibly might be the epitome of contradiction, you're gonna have whiplash after every comeback. #whereisLeo'ssolo #KenVi4life<p/><b>BTS:</b> actually are hella cool once you get past the problematic fans. Massive headaches are all you're gonna experience after trying to figure out the meaning of a music video. Buddies who watch porn together, stay together. They go so hard on their choreography ?? Shook. The true definition of "started from the bottom now we're here" #gucciislove #gucciislife<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> could probably rule the third generation of kpop if they weren't so underrated. They have nothing to do but go around and kiss men's lips all day. Peppero embasadors. Titty Boyz. Fans are loyal af, and probably have one of the cutest fan names ever. They're each others biggest shippers, probably. #hanjooruinedme #WOW<p/><b>Got7:</b> if you thought btob was bad, you're gonna have a stroke. Dab7. Diversity at its finest. Always needing to be in trend and act hip, just don't let Bambam near the aux cord. Besties with probably every group out there. Stop taking off your shirt literally no one cares ???? No cucumbers. #EEEEEAAAAZZY. #welcometoYoungjae'sclass<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> were so awkward around each other during No.Mercy but are now the best of besties. Everyone wants to know what Changkyun is thinking. Shownu, please drop that screamo album. Someone is always screaming at some point and no one knows why. Hyungwon is on his way to becoming an international meme/runway model. #pepewho? #bringwonhosomenoodles<p/><b>Day6:</b> not the Fandom name we wanted, but it's the one we deserve. It's just jae trying to westernize his 4 meme kids, while also attempting to teach them the meaning of life: Bob. Everyone is shook now that JYP finally knows what to do with them. Tough love with father jae, but he totally doesn't hate the second maknae. #lobsterforjae #wonpildumbasalways<p/><b></b> lmao don't be offended by any of this bc I literally have no life so u have nothing to be offended about<p/></p>
Things the Hogwarts Houses say

(loosely based on conversations I’ve had/overheard)

Hufflepuff -

  • “If you don’t start singing along to High School Musical with me in under 30 seconds you will no longer be my best friend" 
  •  "I swear on my chicken nuggets-”
  • “Yes I made that joke up by my self - no it’s not from Spongebob Squarepants how dARE YOU-”
  • “Speaking of Spongebob can we just take a few moments to discuss how much of a masterpiece that first movie was please”
  • “Ah yes, it’s 3 in the morning, time to get emotional and tell all my friends how much I love them”
  • “You made me chocolate??? Oh my God I love you so much thank you I’ll have some right no - THIS HAS RAISINS IN IT YOU TRICKED ME
  • “Oh my God yeah I saw that movie, my favourite part was when - oh shit wait there’s this adorable kitten video I meant to show you last week and I completely forgot let me get it up on my phone”
  • “Sorry I’m late I was up all night watching those videos where kids get surprised with puppies”
  • “Are you awake? Great, let’s start planning our future homes together, I have a pinterest board ready”
  • “This is my favourite photo album! It’s full of photos of all the cats and dogs I’ve made friends with on my walks, I’ve even given them all names”
  • (crying) “Stop calling me emotional God damn it”

Ravenclaw -

  •  "Of course I remember you said you liked the colour red, you told me at like 1:35 am last year in May"
  • “What? Simplifying equations? No, I can’t help with that but I do know all the words to every Simpsons episode in the first 5 seasons if that helps"
  • “Sorry I really can’t go out today. No I’m fine, I’m just stressed I’m doing something important. I’m trying to memorise all the words to this documentary about frogs - What? Yes of course it’s important!”
  • “I discovered and fully analysed that meme 3 weeks ago, step up your game”
  • “What do you mean why do I have a folder full of strategic plans on how to succeed at animal crossing, that’s not weird?”
  • “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude but I’ve been doing my own research and you’re getting all of this wrong. Well yes I know I’m not the teacher here but - Yes, actually, I’d love to teach the class my self I’ve already made a lesson plan, thank you”
  • No, I won’t come and see Jurassic World with you. Because it’s completely unrealistic! Do you have any idea what dinosaurs are actually supposed to have sounded and looked like? Even adult velociraptors weren’t meant to be that b - OK you know what, I will come, but I’ll be pointing out every single problem to you. No, it’s too late, you already invited me. I’m buying our tickets right now, don’t move”
  • “You really think you can beat me at Mario Kart? I have spent YEARS studying this game and honing my skills, spending hours upon hours training until my hands cramp and even my tv is judging the amount of time I’ve spent playing and you think YOU can beat me? Let’s fucking go
  • “I think these guys think I want to murder them because I followed them home but it’s only because I overheard them talking about what would happen if Pokemon is real and I wanted to see how good their logic was”
  • “Shut up? Shut up? I haven’t shut up for 17 years and I’m not about to start now”
  • (crying) "I just want Shakespeare’s ghost to be proud of me”

Gryffindor - 

  • “I’d love to have a sleepover but it can only be when there’s a thunderstorm so we can dance in the rain, let me check the weather forecast”
  • “Did that bee just try and sting you? COME BACK HERE BEE YOU COWARD I’M GONNA FUCK YOU UP - wait shit no run”
  • "What did you say? Don’t touch it? Alright.” (touches it as soon as the person turns away) “Sucker”
  • “Whaaat? Someone wrote on the desk? No it wasn’t me I would never do th - My name was there? Well, I’m not the only one in the world with my na - My surname was there too? What are the chances?!”
  • “Help me I started saying lmao ironically and I can’t stop”
  • “Before you say anything it wasn’t me - unless it was something awesome then I definitely planned the whole thing”
  • Excuse me? They said what to you? … I have to go for a second, I just remembered something completely unrelated. No, no, I’m not taking this fork with me for any particular reason”
  • “Um, did you just tell me it’s impossible to sing along to a guitar solo? Stand back. Your mind is about to get blown”
  • “I am so not drunk! I’m completely drunk! … Wait shit I meant sober”
  • “I bet I can stay up for longer than you - what no I’m not tired shut up - nO THAT WASN’T A YAWN I WAS JUST SHOWING YOU WHAT IT WOULD LOOK LIKE IF I WAS TIRED - SEE I DID IT AGAIN TOTALLY ON PURPO - ok fuck you I’m going to sleep”

Slytherin - 

  • “Oh my God, just tell me what you did already so I can start complaining”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Did you say STOP saying fuck, or KEEP ON saying fuck?”
  • “Over your dead body? I was hoping you’d say that”
  • “If you even LOOK at them one more time I will take a stick as big as your ego and stick it right up your-”
  • “Don’t come near me or - OK fine, we can snuggle for exactly 15 minutes. I’m setting a timer now”
  • “Hey, I saw you posted a picture of us on instagram yesterday where my eyeliner isn’t completely straight? You’re gonna have to delete that, if anyone thinks my eyeliner isn’t drop dead perfect every day and that I’m not a literal make up goddess I’ll lose my reputation as the Regina George of the school”
  • “But keep the one where I’m wearing no make up so that all those bitches know I still kill it without trying”
  • “Oh come on, you know I’d never do anything to embarrass you! Speaking of which, that video I posted on youtube the other day of you falling down the flight of escalators in the shopping centre has reached over 1000 views”
  • “My dad told me tattoos were trashy so I got a giant tattoo saying ‘trashy’ on my back I’ll send you his reaction later”
  • “I’m not a sentimental person but if you touch my teddy bear I will turn you into a stuffed trophy to put next to him”
  • “What do you mean I look smug this is my normal face”

Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

here’s what I, a person who has not listen to taz but does have a busy dashboard, think that taz is about:

a gay wizard named taco, the party tank who has a vehicle proficiency probably, and merle (and im gonna be honest I have fuckall idea what merle’s class is. carries a weird dollar store bible??? fucks plants???) are An Adventurers. they immediately blow up a town and maybe are hired by lucretia, who seemed evil but turned out to not be and has a journal, to find some kind of Quest Object that can, I think, alter time or memories or something, and looks like a jellyfish. they buy gear from apparently literally garfield the cat who runs a fucking costco, jesus christ griffin. that kid from the detective conan anime is a character and so is kravitz, about whom I know three things: he’s death somehow, he’s dating the taco man, and every single fanart of him is hot. there are some sad crime lesbians who turn into a tree and some not sad lesbians named carey and killian but i dont know what they do??? I love lup although I barely know who she is i just know i love her and greg owes her money. everyone’s real sad about an umbrella, they all live on the moon except for when they dont, and maybe they’re all from off-brand NASA and are aliens???? and somehow, tom bodett

Misha’s first headshot…

“I was 24 at the time and had already grown a single whisker. I was skinny, looked 15, and wore extra, extra, extra large shirts.

Then a classmate told me that my legal name “Dmitri Krushnic” would never do and that I’d need a stage name. Everyone had always called me “Misha” so I was sticking with that, but the question remained: What would my new fake last name be? Below is the list of top contenders, which I found in the “Acty Things” folder on my computer dated July, 1998…

Misha Clarke
Misha Nichols
Misha Hudson
Misha Collins
Misha Coltraine
Misha Bear
Misha Cole
Misha Parker
Misha Watson
Misha Coleman
Misha Wilder
Misha Carpenter
Misha Carson
Misha Riley
Misha Denis

I now regret having not chosen “Misha Bear.” Anyway, once I had settled on the name (Collins is my mother’s mother’s mother’s maiden name and I chose it because somehow I felt like less of a sell-out/whore using an actual family name), it was time to construct the ultimate… ACTOR’S RESUME. However, since i had done very little “acting” at this point, i felt compelled to “improved” my resume by adding to it things that i had never done—this was easy back then because the internet didn’t yet catalogue this sort of thing.  VIDEO: Misha & Jensen Resume-off “

—Misha Collins (Excerpt from Misha: A Concise Autobiography)

I love how he references the You Tube video of his “resume battle” with Jensen from Jib :) And he should have totally gone with “Misha Bear”…

my name is Stanley Almodovar III
i carry the name of my father and his father before me
i’m twenty-three years young
i dyed my hair saturday but no one got to see it sunday morning
my name is Amanda Alvear
i am twenty-five years young
people know me as a pharmacy tech, the girl who lost almost two hundred pounds, the girl who takes too many selfies
but the only place i was truly myself was where i was that night
my name is Oscar Aracena
i am twenty-six years young
i’m a student at Valencia College
i was so close to getting my degree… so close
my name is Rodolfo Ayala-Ayala
i am thirty-three years young
i am a supervisor at the OneBlood donation center
i never did know if my job was the one who tried to save my life
my name is Capt. Antonio Davon Brown of the U.S. Army Reserve
i am thirty years young
i almost have my doctorate degree of management in organizational leadership
my name is Darryl Roman Burt II
i am twenty-nine years young
i just received my master’s degree in Human Resources Management
tonight, i was celebrating
mi llamo Jonathan Camuy
soy es veinticuatro anos
trabajo en una cadena de televisión española
realmente estaba deseando volver a trabajar el lunes
my name is Angel Luis Candelario-Padro
i am twenty-eight years young
soon, i will be an ophthalmic technician
i cannot wait to begin my new job in a few days
my name is Omar Capo
i am twenty years young
i love to dance
i always said i wanted to die doing what i loved
my name is Simon Carrillo
i am thirty-one years young
my partner and i just came home from a little getaway to Niagara Falls
i was really looking forward to our next vacation together
my name is Luis Daniel Conde
i am thirty-nine years young
my best friend is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
he’s been by my side since high school
my name is  Juan Pablo Rivera Velazquez
i am twenty-two years young
my best friend is  Luis Daniel Conde
seems only fitting we left this world together
my name is Cory James Connell
i am twenty-one years young
my brother is getting married this fall and i am to be his best man
don’t tell him but i have no idea what to say in my speech
my name is Tevin Eugene Crosby
i am twenty-five years young
i am the owner of a marketing firm, Total Entrepreneurs Concepts
hard work truly does pay off; i can’t wait to share my latest meme with all of my facebook friends when i get home tonight
my name is Anthony Luis Laureano Disla
i am twenty-five years young
i love to dance, i want to be a dancer
tonight, i want to go dancing with my friends
my name is Deonka Deidra Drayton
i am thirty-two years young
for the first time in a long time, i can finally, confidently, say
that i am happy
my name is Leroy Valentin Fernandez
i am twenty-five years young
i love to sing
no matter what happens in life, no one will ever take my voice away from me
my name is Mercedez Marisol Flores
i am twenty-six years young
i am studying literature at Valencia College’s West Campus but my true passion is party planning
i’ve been thinking about switching majors
my name is Peter O. Gonzalez-Cruz
i am twenty-two years young
all i want to do is make people smile
i’ve always thought that laughter could cure anything
my name is Paul Terrell Henry
i am forty-young years young
i am the proud father of two amazing kids and i have the most magnificent boyfriend
i cannot thank god enough for all of my blessing
my name is Frankie Hernandez
i am twenty-seven years young
i have a little sister, she’s one of my best friends
i cannot wait to see the person she becomes when she grows up
my name is Miguel Angel Honorato
i am thirty years young
i have three sons who i love more than life itself
i hope they will enjoy what i have planned for the next birthday party
my name is Jimmy De Jesús
i am fifty years young
i love my job but i am so thankful i have tomorrow off
i plan on having a good time tonight
my name is Javier Jorge-Reyes
i am forty years young
i am so, so proud of who i am
no one can take that away from me
my name is Jason Josaphat
i am nineteen years young
i love life, i love my life
and it’s only just begun
my name is Eddie Justice
i am thirty years young
i have a huge family, but i am a mama’s boy at heart
i always make sure to text my mom everyday
my name is Christopher Leinonen
i am thirty-two years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Juan Guerrero
i cannot wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us
my name is Juan Guerrero
i am twenty-five years young
i am madly in love with my boyfriend, Christopher Leinonen
after a long week at work, i just want to unwind with my love tonight
my name is Alejandro Martinez
i am twenty-one years young
i have only been living in Florida for two years
but i have always met so many kind people here; that must be why it is called the “sunshine state”
my name is Brenda Lee Marquez-McCool
i am forty-nine years young
i beat cancer twice
and i have never felt more alive
my name is Gilberto Ramon Silva Menendez
i am twenty-five years young
i am studying health care management at the Ana G. Mendez University’s Orlando campus
all i want to do is help people
my name is Kimberly Morris, but you can call me ‘KJ’
i am thirty-seven years young
i moved to Florida to be closer to my mother and grandmother
i love my job as a bouncer at Pulse Nightclub
my name is Akyra Murray
i am eighteen years young
i just graduated from West Catholic Preparatory High School
my name is Geraldo Ortiz-Jimenez, but you can call me Drake
i am twenty-five years young
i love Selena Gomez
i hope to meet her one day
Joel Rayon Paniagua
i am thirty-one years young
i love dancing
i am going to meet my friends for a night of dancing
my name is Jean Carlos Mendez Perez
i am thirty-five years young
not to brag, but i am the best salesperson Perfumania
you can ask Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
my name is Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon
i am thirty-seven years young
growing up wasn’t easy but i can finally say that i am comfortable in my own skin
and i am lucky enough to have Jean Carlos Mendez Perez by my side through it all
my name is Enrique L. Rios
i am twenty-five years young
i am from New York
but i came to Florida to celebrate my friend’s birthday
my name is Eric Ivan Ortiz Rivera
i am thirty-six years young
i don’t really like clubs
but it’s for a friend, so tonight, i will go
my name is Xavier Emmanuel Serrano
i am thirty-five years young
i have a five year old son who is my entire world
i just hope i will raise him to be a genuine and compassionate person
my name is Christopher Sanfeliz
i am twenty-four years young
i am a personal banker at J.P. Morgan Chase bank
i am very thankful to have Sundays off, especially tonight
my name is Yilmary Rodriguez Solivan
i am twenty-four years young
i am a proud mom and wife
my youngest baby is three months old
my name is Jean Carlos Nieves Rodriguez
i am twenty-seven years young
i just brought my first house
i just want my mom to live somewhere nice
my name is Edward Sotomayor Jr.
i was named after my father
i am thirty-four years young
i love my boyfriend and i love adventure
my name is Shane Tomlinson
i am thirty-three years young
i am the lead singer in a band
i love to bring music to the lives of others
my name is Martin Benitez Torres
i am thirty-three years young
last month, i enrolled in college
i hope to be a pharmacy tech
my name is Juan Rivera Velazquez
i am thirty-nine years young
i love being a hair stylist
 i love making people feel beautiful
my name Luis Vielma
i am twenty-two years young
i love my job, especially working on the Harry Potter ride at Universal
but one day i really want to become an EMT
my name is Jerald Arthur Wright
i am thirty-one years young
i have a huge family, both biological and my coworkers 
tonight i am celebrating my friend’s birthday
—  say their names
(cc, 2017)

“Please man, I beg you, don’t write about what I’m about to do,” says Colin Farrell, standing over an Apple laptop in his kitchen. It is 1.30am and we are approaching the end of an interview that has lasted the best part of half a day - one that has included a couple of hours with us both practically naked and smeared in honey in a Russian bathhouse, and enough revelations about drink, women and extreme drug abuse to make your hair stand on end, turn white and then fall out - so I am intrigued to know what is coming next. He opens his web browser and pulls up Google before carefully typing, one finger at a time, “Colin Farrell” into the search panel. “I’m ashamed to admit it, but I was bored the other day and I looked up my name. Who am I kidding? I do it all the time. Anyway, I want to show you this photo.”

  • Steven: Not so fast, Lars. You heard Garnet. We’ve got adventures to go on, Lars - just you and me - and sometimes Sadie and sometimes Lion, but never the Diamonds. You want to know why, Lars? Because they crossed me.
  • Lars: Okay, take it easy, Steven. T-T-That’s dark.
  • Steven: Oh, it gets darker, Lars. Welcome to the darkest year of our adventures. First thing that’s different - no more Diamonds, Lars.
  • Lars: Oh, geez.
  • Steven: I turned myself in to their government, but I made them and the government go away. I’ve replaced them all as the de facto matriarch of the universe, Lars. Beach City wouldn’t have accepted me if I came home without you, so now you know the real reason I rescued you. I just took over the galaxy, Lars, and if you tell the Cool Kids or the Gems I said any of this, I’ll deny it, You’re gonna deny it. because they’ll take my side because I’m a hero, Lars. And now you’re gonna have to go and do whatever I say, Lars, forever! And I’ll, I’ll go out and I’ll find some more of those Cookie Cats, Lars.
  • Lars: What are you talking about?
  • Steven: Because that’s what this is all about, Lars.
  • Lars: Cookie whats?
  • Steven: That’s my one-armed man! I’m not driven by clearing my mother’s name, Lars! That was fake. I-I-I’m driven by finding those Cookie Cats.
  • Lars: Cookie Cats?
  • Steven: I want those Cookie Cats, Lars! That’s my series arc, Lars.
  • Lars: What the heck?
  • Steven: If it takes nine seasons, I want my Cookie Cats, Lars.
  • Lars: What are you talking about, Steven?
  • Steven: That’s what’s gonna take us all the way to the end, Lars. Season Nine! Nine more seasons, Lars. Nine more seasons until I get those Cookie Cats. What is that? For 97 more years, Lars! I want those Cookie Cats, Lars.
The types and what I think of them based on what I've seen from my friends(and probably a little insulting)

~as an INTJ

- quiet
- can make a bitch face that makes you cry
- probably thinks u stupid
- says that MBTI is shit
- fashionista
- has an ENFP friend(“ENFP no!”)
- savage
- that friend who has ultra weird ideas when drunk
- probably most adorable smile on earth
- smart
- most of the time just rising eyebrows and blinking

- bossy af
- prima ballerina
- she is beauty she is grace
- she will punch you in da face
- always in warm socks
- also an actress
- knows how to build things
- basically good at everything
- will shout at you if you do something wrong
- probably slept with almost all male friends

- a n n o y i n g AF
- never shuts up
- meme queen
- so loud
- not funny jokes
- make up queen
- at least smart
- thinks she’s better than you(and maybe she is)
- if you take a sip from her mug u die
- has an ENFP slave
- kinda selfish
- another fashionista
- if she laughs the whole room laughs with her
- soooo much self confidence wow

- garbage lord
- writer buddy
- has ton of OC’s AND GAY SHIPS
- cannot into decisions
- junky food
- understands(really)
- don’t like loud people
- constant lala land
- savage without even noticing
- 4w5
- has 8 minute long video of herself eating french fries on her phone
- impressive self control
- cute laugh
- cute
- the best person to rant with

- can’t stay in one place for a minute
- suddenly disappears in a middle of a party
- daydreaming a lot
- cheerful
- likes to drink A LOT
- too many friends
- nice for everyone ugh
- that laugh which sounds like a puppy riding a pink bicycle in a tuxedo
- can bring ENTP back to earth

- mom friend
- has too many friends HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE
- gonna steal your friends without even noticing
- likes fancy drinks and kitschy things
- obsessed with doggos
- sudden outbursts of anger
- hypochondriac
- really anxious when driving
- doesn’t understand a concept of a personal space

- another bitch face
- can rise one eyebrow HOW U DO DIS?????
- doesn’t understand memes
- smart
- lack of self confidence
- secretly hates u
- wears comfy clothes but looks so good
- has a lot of savings but hardly ever uses them
- they knows better ok? don’t even try to tell them that they are wrong
- don’t particularly like pets
- perfect teeth
- so so so smart once again
- sometimes are rather calm but sometimes… don’t ask

- that kid who asks too many questions during your presentation
- constant bitch face
- hot
- stingy
- falls asleep during parties
- a rant person
- bossy
- hard working
- teachers like her

- has a lot of friends
- drinks a lot
- hard-working
- daddy’s little princess/mama’s boy
- assertive
- smoking a lot
- tells everyone what to do

- white Kanye West
- would kill u if u did something with his shoes
- likes weird electronic genres of music I can’t even name
- on 9gag all the time
- knows all memes
- League of Legends pro player
- can make funny faces
- looks like he was angry
- black humor(especially likes jokes about Jews)
- awkward silence gains a whole new meaning

- the whitest person I know
- “what do u meat it was sexist?? it was funny!!!!”
- only wears yellow pants
- likes PE teacher probably a little too much
- can’t find a girlfriend
- will massage your feet if u don’t watch them properly
- has stupid ideas
- likes basically every person
- drinks wine at parties even though he says that true man should drink only vodka
- don’t know when someone is mean to him

- loud
- hey lets go to the another city and get drunk!!! because why not
- class clown
- talks about her life too much like seriously
- and also about various secretions of her body
- probably gonna end up in jail
- smart and stupid at the same time
- lazy
- has problems with concentration
- talkative
- has problems with self-esteem which she covers acting out like a douche

Don’t take this personally lol
This City Never Sleeps

Word Count: 3421

Pairing: Eventual Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Requested: Nope

Warnings: Light cursing.

Summary: You learn Peter’s secret, and it doesn’t take long for him to learn yours.

Note: This is really reader-heavy. but I really felt that in order to move on in this verse I had to develop that character and her relationships with the other characters. So, sorry if you wanted more Peter, but I promise there will be more of him in future installments. Also this is the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever written in my life.

“(Y/N)! Has Peter told you about his new internship yet?” Ned asked excitedly, sitting down at your usual lunch table. Peter wasn’t there yet, but that wasn’t abnormal. He had chemistry before lunch and had recently taken to spending some extra time in the lab before coming to eat.

“No,” you said. “I haven’t really seen him yet today.”

“Oh, man, I don’t want to spoil it for you but it is crazy!” Ned said.

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so i was talking with @turianmailman about what if the kids in class 1A had to do that thing where they have to take care of a fake baby and

  • Izuku accidentally names his Deku. he can’t change it. is somewhat ok at taking care of the baby but it comes back a little worse for wear
  • Aoyama is just. bad at this. the baby hates his room. he tries to fix it by adding more sparkles. it makes things worse
  • Mina accidentally melts part of her baby. also part of Aoyama’s baby
  • Tokoyami gets a giant egg instead of a baby. it hatches by the end of the project and inside there’s a little Present Mic plush. he doesn’t know how to feel about this
  • Sero is actually?? really good at this??? he swaddles the baby in his tape and tapes it to his chest like a proud papa and gets weirdly over protective of his child
  • Tsuyu is great at this b/c she’s had to take care of her younger siblings since forever
  • Tooru loves dressing her baby up all the time
  • Shouji is also really really good at this and has absolutely no trouble with the baby b/c of his extra hands
  • Iida is really good at the technical stuff but the emotional stuff still kinda stumps him. he’s the fastest diaper changer in the entire class. 
  • Momo is the most loving mother in the whole class and treats the baby like her own and the class has never seen her look so happy and content and cute it’s so heartwarming to see. the only thing she struggles with is making the baby laugh/entertaining it
  • Mineta stuck his to a wall on the first day and forgot about it
  • Satou is also really really good at this????? he never had any problems at all he’s just very good with the baby
  • Kirishima gets one of the best grades in the class b/c he’s also just. really good with babies apparently??? 
  • Jirou suffers because she can hear it’s cries louder than anyone else thanks to her quirk and desperately tries not to destroy it with a sound wave and does a fairly good job of taking care of it otherwise
  • Ochako is fairly decent at taking care of her’s too, but she can be clumsy and forgetful at times so the baby comes back a little roughed up, but fine overall
  • everything Todoroki does is unintentionally funny to the baby and he has absolutely no clue why
  • Ojirou uses his tail to hold the baby most of the time and he’s also a really good papa to it. a very loving and sweet papa
  • Denki accidentally destroyed his during the first week
  • Kouda is very kind and patient with his baby b/c to him it’s just like caring for baby animals
  • Bakugou was the only person not allowed to do his project alone because without supervision there’s a 98% chance that when it cried he’d throw the baby at the wall repeatedly until it broke or blow it up out of anger and he’d fail the entire project, so he’s forced to partner up with someone. (the idea we had is Ochako b/c she’s 13th in the class and really really really needs a good grade and isn’t afraid to work with Bakugou)