what do i name the kid

So Jason owns a restaurant that’s a front for all his crime lord deals, somewhere in or close to the Narrows, and his food is amaaaazing, but affordable, or sometimes even free because he can afford that, and he takes care of all the kids, or young people, or old people, or literally everyone and their pet in the neighbourhood. But, no one actually *knows* it’s the Red Hood that runs the place, and his employees/henchmen, etc. don’t advertise it either, and basically, Batman totally doesn’t know about this place.
And then Bruce beats up some thugs when he’s working a case one night and one of them insults him as they do, but in sort of a weird way, like, “You’re a weak bowl of [insert fancy soup name here (what do I know about soup)]!” and Batman frowns, because that is a fancy soup someone from the Narrows wouldn’t even know of. And the guy’s already not paying attention to Batman anymore, he’s going on about how he would know, because he has had the finest [fancy soup] in all of Gotham, and if Batman were a soup he would not be that. And he goes on to describe it, in all its delectability, and Bruce is thinking, this is starting to sound a little familiar.
He wants to ask the guy about where he would have had the soup, but the cops show up before he can, and he decides maybe it’s not important, so he leaves. But he mentions it to Alfred, and the entire thing kind of bothers them both, so they investigate. Eventually they hear something about this restaurant, and for whatever reason that’s not just Because I Want, they decide Alfred would be the one to visit the place. They’ve deduced it’s very obviously a front for some shady dealings, so Alfred goes in disguised, still wearing a good suit and looking like he’s come to do business. So after the waiter gives him his menu, she scurries off to the kitchen to inform Jason there’s a too-fancy-looking customer who’s never been there before and she doesn’t know what to do; the guy looks serious. Also, he wants the [fancy soup].
Jason takes a peak, and recognizes Alfred immediately. So he orders the staff away, and sends all the other customers out with the rest of their food in take-out boxes and everything on the house (but, subtly, like every other table at a time).
And when the place is empty and it’s just the two of them, he brings Alfred the soup himself.
And the first thing he says is something like, “Are you alone?”
And Alfred looks a little stunned – because this is the first time he’s seen Jason since his resurrection. So he takes out the earpiece (maybe mumbling something at Bruce so he’s not too alarmed?), and Jason sits down, and there’s some more staring, before Jason prompts him to eat the soup. And he’s sitting there, while Alfred complies, trying not to be too nervous, even though his hands are shaking in his lap and his eyes are the size of saucers… And when Alfred finishes the first few bites, just to get a taste, Jason waits expectantly, and then a huge grin breaks out on his face when Alfred nods his approval and says he likes it.

(because I read this and it made me think of Jason)

FUCK THIS, FUCKING FUCK FUCK. Bruh, all I wanted from the moment I started listening to K-Pop was to know the boys names. NOT TO GET SUCKED INTO THIS PIT THAT I CAN’T GET OUT OF BECAUSE…….😭😭 I’m literally so done, I’m an English girl in love with all these k-pop boys but I know I’ll never meet them and I don’t know what to do. I’m literally screwing right now, I can’t deal with it 😂😂

I like to think about what the Loud kids would name their children sometimes and tbh I don’t mind them keeping the L name tradition, but I feel like some of them may not want to do that because that’s what their parents did.

I know a lot of people in the fandom do that as well, and I don’t mind but there’s only so many names you can use that start with L and have 4 letters. It’s fun to think outiside the box and try something new

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[Falls from the ceiling] Be More Chill is a book, a movie, and a broadway musical [i personally do not like the book or movie.] In the Musical a kid named Jeremy Heere wants to be popular and the way he does that(or atleast tries to) is by using a SQUIP. about the squip: to quote the movie: "It's from Japan. It's a gray oblong pill; quantum nanotechnology CPU. The super computer in the pill will travel through your blood until it implants in your brain and it tells you what to do"

so it’s like a weird Jekyll and hyde shit?
with the cool verison of Jeremy vs loser jeremy?

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If Brittany and Santana had kids what do you think their names would have been? Im so sappy id think they would name a girl Valire but that seems kind of fanfitiony(not that that has stopped glee before). Anyways what do you think a boy and girls names would be?

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Hello yes today’s prompt’s nature and I’m super weak for Bakugou feeling mushy feelings (though you’re being weird again Blasty stop that)

transcription of all of arin’s stories in the battle kid finale

2:11 - “rasputin.. is.. ready.. i don’t know what i’m doing, i have a hard time keeping my cool in situations of stress”

3:50: “this battle is for real. i have a good feeling about this one, i’m bringing it downtown, y’know? right? i’m- i’m playing music on the street, i’m getting a noise complaint but y’know what? i don’t even care! because this is my art, and no- FUCK

4:16: “one day i was walking down the street and i met a guy named carl. carl was nice because he gave me some ice cream, and- AUGH DAMMIT

4:37: “mark mistakenly ordered me nine pizzas. i wasn’t sure if i should keep them or not because i really enjoy pizza, but when i opened them up, it was pineapple and ham. and i don’t like ham, and i’m allergic to FUCK

5:08: “rocket the hedgehog was a lonely young hedgehog in the sonic the hed- DAMMIT

5:25: “i knew a guy named jesus. i asked him, ‘hey, isn’t your name pronounced jésus?’ and he said, ‘no, my mom is very religious.’ and i said, ‘wouldn’t that have prevented you from having the name jesus?’ and he said FUCK

5:56: “radical republicans really wreck my… rectal reAAAGH

6:14: “purple plants make me feel uncomfortable when i walk towards them. they say ‘hey arin, how’s it goin?’’ and i say, ‘it’s goin’ okay,’ but it’s not really going okay, i just didn’t wanna share my emotions with the purple plant! cuz fuck, i don’t know him! he’s not dAMMIT

6:52: “jerry wrestled bears for a living, but he wasn’t happy with it, so instead he changed his profession to golfing. he wasn’t happy with that either. he just realized he was an unhappy dude in general. so he saw a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist- fUCKING GOD DAMMIT

7:21: “jennifer dumped me”

7:38: “recklessly, i touched a car that didn’t belong to me. it was a very nice car, a 1978 bugatti. that’s not even a real car model! i made it up! and i dAAAGH! DAMN

8:06: “register now at your local supermarket for the rewards card. it will save you 10% on FUCKING GODDAMN BULLSHIT FUCK

8:27: “my mom’s a nice lady, but sometimes, y’know, UUUUGHH

8:42: “i was caught murdering some man named steve. i talked to the police and i refuted i had anything to do with the murder. the police said, ‘wait. wait. then why are you stANDING ABOVE THE DEAD BODY GOD-

9:09: “my dad really likes that i’m doing music right now. but he’s kinda disappointed that i’m not good, at it, because, he spent his whole life writing music, and i’ve only spent a couple FUC- GOD- I- I. AM. NOT OKAY.

10:08: “as a child i always wanted to be on who’s got-”

10:25: “legends of the hidden temple was one of my favorite shows of all time. i always wanted to be on it. kind of a considerissive- continuation of the last story, however, i have to say, i am very close, TO BEATING THE GODDAMN PLANT MONSTER! but he’s not dying! and we’re not stopping! this is happening! i’m so,, close! i’m like a god damn jiggalo, ready to burst, and she’s saying, ‘no, three more minutes, at least.”

11:26: “why is there a plant here? what is he doing? what’s his purpose? why did he have to open up when i showed up here? he coulda just been hangin’ out and then i coulda just shot ‘im in the fuckin’ butt! it woulda been fine! nip it in the bud, they say! that’s the term! i’m getting close! why do i have to point that out?! it always makes me worse! aah! haah! FUUUCK! i was so, goddamn close!

12:03: “ 🎶 gerrymandering politicians always get their way unless you veto their vote in a voting booth! 🎶 you have the power! as a citizen of the united states! register to vote! at your local dmv! so that you can control the fate of your country, at least somewhat, i mean there’s the electoral college and everything, but i don’t know! i don’t know much about how politics work! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT I’M DONE! I’M FUCKING DONE! THIS IS BULL SHIT! RED PLANT, PURPLE PLANT, BLUE PLANT, THIS IS SOME… [ross comes in]”

why keith is considered ‘the best pilot of his generation’

  • can eat a whole mandarin in one bite, skin and all
  • knows all the words to ‘paul blart mall cop’
  • swallowed some tadpoles at the garrison because a kid dared him he wouldn’t and he also wanted to see if they’d grow into frogs in his stomach
  • his favourite snack is tomato sauce on ice cream
  • once made eye contact with a baby at walmart and refused to look away for 46 mins for fear of looking weak
  • stubs his toe on a daily basis and doesn’t even flinch
  • mispronounces 'ask’ as 'axe’
  • spells it as 'axe’ too
  • 'i’ll just axe him nicely shiro’ 'ok keith let’s not do that’
  • chews on pencils instead of sharpening them
  • still believes in santa claus at age 18
  • 'i have a crush on lance what should i do?’ 'flowers are always nice-’ 'you’re right shiro i’ll steal his social security number and get him arrested for fraud, then bail him out so he falls in love with me’
  • can sing in a perfect falsetto all the words to celine dion’s 1997 smash hit 'my heart will go on’
  • bought his jacket from the kids’ section
  • legally changed his name to 'flurb’ because he was feeling sad and needed something to make him laugh
  • can flip pancakes perfectly
  • doesn’t need to use conditioner
  • wears leather and carries lighters to impress boys but lies down on the sidewalk and wails when he sees a small dog
  • grew a mullet because nobody trusts him near scissors
  • can’t use his knife to cut it either because truthfully he doesn’t know what knives are used for, he just thinks they look cool
  • got expelled for coming to an exam 2 hours late and yelling 'what the hap is fuckening’
  • keith: 'so i’m half alien…is this why i pour milk before cereal?’ kolivan cringing: 'no that’s just you’

me: i have lots of important deadlines and so much work to do

also me: screw work draw more leverage


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Sanders incorrect quotes!

Thomas: Hurry up! What do you think I’m paying you for?

Patton: You don’t pay me. We don’t even exist. We’re just a clever visual metaphor used to personify the abstract concept of thought.

Thomas: One more crack like that and you are out of here!

Patton (Falling on his knees and begging) : No, please! I have three kids! 

I’m Not Your Real Mom!

Context: we are playing a homebrew in which a little girl goes missing. Our party consists of Fey, my sorceress, a rogue named Ravi, and several other characters.

We discovered that hobgoblins May have taken the kid and followed them to their camp. Ravi had her cross bow drawn and tried to sneak into the camp, but failed a roll. All of the goblins have seen us and are advancing. Fey uses Alter Self to become a five year old.

Fey: Mommy, Mommy why are we out ere?!? *tugs on Ravi’s sleeve*
Ravi: I’m not your mom! What are you doing?
Fey, with a more serious tone: Mommy, I want to go home.
Ravi: I’m not your mom!
Fey stomps on her foot: Mommy, why. Are. We. Here?

By now the goblins are extremely confused, I’m laughing and can’t talk, and the dm has slumped into her seat in defeat. We see the girl and ask to talk to her, and Fey takes her friends hand, asking for a chaperone. They talk to the kid and learn some information.

Meanwhile, a new player with a barbarian mermaid begins to crawl out of the pond and flop stealthily to us. None of our characters know she’s there and she rolls to intimidate.

Fey doesn’t react well; as a five year old, she freaks out and wets her pants.
Fey: Mommy, that mermaid scared me!
Ravi: look kid, I’m not your mom! You’re adopted! I was gonna tell you on Christmas but you’re annoying me too much now!
Fey: you lied to me!? I’m only five and you lied!
Ravi: you didn’t ask!

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> feels good to be back with some new series. I wonder why i stopped watching sho-<p/><b>Shipdrama:</b> *is the only thing in the tag*<p/><b>Me:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> oh<p/></p>

Interviewer: do you have an “It” text group?

Finn: the “It” group chat is called Derry’s Dickheads, which is what Nick Hamilton, who plays Henry Bowers, named it. Because apparently that’s a big thing to call each other in Australia.

Derry’s Dickheads.

Operation Henderson and Harrington Pt. 3 ~ Mini-Series

Summary: The kids take it upon themselves to test their matchmaking skills. With a little help, they form a plot to get you and Steve together by Halloween.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x (Henderson!You) Reader

Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: Language! Mostly from Dustin.

A/N: Part Three is up!!! Enjoy!

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven FINALE 

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Phase Three of Operation Henderson and Harrington: Shopping.

You hummed as you made your way through the Halloween store that was located about a mile outside of Hawkins. Everyone knew this was the best place to go to for all costume and decorating needs. You already had found black attire at a regular clothing store, attire meaning black leggings and a black shirt to wear underneath the signature pink jacket, for yourself and the two girls but the pink jacket could only be purchased at a costume store.

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