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this is how we broke up: Missed Calls  (Anthony x Reader)

Word Count: 933

Warnings: i dont even think i swore in this one…

Authors Note: Ok so this series is super personal to me. I’ve noticed it isn’t my most popular but for some odd reason I stopped giving a shit about notes for the first time. This series makes me want to write again - and i feel so bubbly and anxious to put it out there. I can’t sleep or do anything else because i just wanna write this.  When your writing starts coming from the right place; you’ll know because you’ll be happy that even 1 person read it.  I’ve never written in this style before but yeah, let me know what you thought. Part 3 will be out tomorrow. love you lots.

Summary: how many missed calls does it take for you to come back to him or get out of his head? 

this is how we broke up: 6 P.M. (Part 1) yes you do have to read this for it to make senseee


Anthony’s mind went blank. His vision was blurry from his tears which fell from his face in slow motion onto the library log, smudging the black ink that you’d written minutes prior. The summer breeze gave him goosebumps despite the heat, and he turned around as if this was all some sick joke. As if you’d be there right behind him, the musical melody of your laughter the only noise that filled his ears rather than the blood rushing to his brain in the dead quiet neighborhood. You’d wrap your tender arms around him and pulling his body flush to yours and smile against his skin. The tickling of his baby hairs on the back of his neck made him paranoid as he whipped around - It felt like you’d just brushed by him, and he’d missed you by a millisecond. He missed you by minutes, hours at most. You had been there, right where he was - just minutes ago taping the envelope onto the doorbell, tears streaming down your face, your hair pulled back messily. He imagined you standing there, crying despite your actions that betrayed your feelings. He could see you. He could feel you if he tried hard enough. The tingle his skin would feel when your fingertips lightly traced from freckle to freckle on his forearms was now replaced by the lonely summer wind. Your abrupt departure hit him like nothing else and his mind wandered as he closed his eyes, breathing coming in hiccups. How could you have left so easily - without a goodbye or closure. Had he missed you just minutes ago, or had he missed you 2 years in time? Had the past 2 years been him chasing nothing but the idea of you? Dating the idea of you, kissing the idea of you, loving the idea of you.

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It looks like Corona used to have extensive mining (the illicit mine behind the Snuggly Duckling and now the tunnels under Varian's village) but it all the decorations in the palace are all sun and sea. Yet the forest is only lightly touched, you would think wood get scarce after few centuries for building material and fuel, so they are rich enough to pay to leave the trees alone. But Corona seems so small, the wall looks to be ~10 miles from the palace. I wonder how they do it.

What makes you assume the mines connected to the Snuggly Duckling and Varian’s are illicit and not just abandoned?

As for the forest, let’s go to the map, shall we?

If you look off to the bottom left, the map calls the woods “Big Forest”

It’s difficult to say how far the forest goes. We’ve seen so little of it, really. And no one says that wood cutters don’t go farther into, let’s call, “unincorporated Corona”, beyond the wall to get their wood, leaving part of it to be scenic for view from the palace.

But yes, Corona appears to be very wealthy. I personally headcanon that they have an active vineyard and winery, as is evidenced by the wine in Tangled Ever After.

As you can see, each and every one of these barrels is stamped with the mark of the Snuggly Duckling, which means the pub itself is also associated with a winery. Also

they keep barrels in that abandoned mining tunnel previously mentioned.

A really good wine industry could easily make Corona a wealthy kingdom.

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what's another embarrassing story you have?

Alright let’s talk about my last day of high school.

So like, my school had this program where seniors could actually leave school like a month and a half early and work as interns for people in the neighborhood or something (Senior Study? Community Study? I forget what it was called). Most people did it because, hey, getting out of school early AND if you did it you didn’t have to take final exams- but some people chose not to and some couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it because, I think I had too many detentions (long story)? I don’t remember if that was the reasoning, but I didn’t actually wanna apply in the first place because the idea sounded lowkey terrifying to me at the time for whatever reason. So anyway, our grade had suddenly dropped from like hundreds of kids to like, maybe 15-20 something. So, naturally, everyone left had even more of  ‘Kings of the School/Senior Privilege’ attitudes than usual. We were mostly just dicking around at this point.

So basically, all the classes that were just seniors were like…anywhere from 2 to 5 people max. So the teachers kinda stopped paying attention too, and didn’t really even seem to realize who was there and who wasn’t. And high school was such an…exhausting time in my life that I was thrilled with this, I just wanted it to die already.

So we get to my final day, and I am relaxed to the max. All I had to worry about that day was my fifteen minute “Fault In Our Stars” play for Theater last period. I slept through most of my other classes, or texted my friends from other schools, or read, or ate candy. It was a great day. And after how tiring, stressful, and emotionally overwhelming high school had been, I was really loving this as my last day. I deserved this for my last day, you know? A nice, calm memory!

So, I’m in my forensics class, and it’s maybe 15 minutes to the bell but I was worried I might have had a chemical on my hand, so I asked to go to the bathroom. Mistake one: Not just waiting to go until after class. Mistake two: Leaving my phone in my bag instead of slipping it in my pocket.

So I go to the bathroom, it was like down two halls and on the corner kinda. I could see the doors that lead to the stairs on both ends, and the elevator, and the door to the upstairs gym from the entrance. I go in, wash my hands and I start to walk back out.

And the fucking alarm goes off.

Not the fire alarm, the “We have a gunman in the school” alarm. We were in full fucking lockdown.

Before I can even fucking react, All the doors are slammed closed. There’s a rule that teachers have to lock the door and cover it and not open it for anybody but the principal who knows a secret knock code, which I didn’t know. The doors to the stairways were closed, the gym was probably locked, and I wasn’t gonna risk an elevator. So I ran back into the deserted bathroom.

Now, here’s the thing- usually, when there’s a lockdown or a lockdown drill, comes over the loudspeaker and says whether it’s real or not, and if it’s a drill we’ll have been notified it was going to happen because the teachers tell us. My forensics teacher didn’t even give me a hall pass, so he clearly hadn’t been anticipating this. My school had only had an actual, real life lockdown once, and that ended up being a false alarm- it was right after Sandy Hook, someone looked on the grainy security camera to see some boys holding an umbrella like it was a gun, people panicked. Right now there was no announcement, just the alarms blaring, so I was freaking out.

And then I start fucking hearing someone pounding down the halls.

And I’m just like…not fucking today. I do not deal with all this bullshit just to die on my last God damn day of school. We are not doing this, Satan!

So some surge of need for survival that I’ve never experienced blasted through me, right? So I fucking run into one of the stalls, and brace my back against the wall, with one foot up on the toilet bowl and one foot on the paper dispenser, and my arms against the door and the far wall, so that when someone came in to see if people were in there, they looked under the doors and didn’t see any feet. The person eventually left but I didn’t get down because the alarm was still going.

I need you guys to understand how hard this was though. Like, first, I had to keep my head and neck at a painful angle so my hair wouldn’t be visible over the top of the stall. Also, I have like, a lot of back problems, and bad ankle, and shitty knees (I’m literally an 80 year old man), so to hold this position for 40 minutes as I ended up having to do was quite a fucking feet let me tell you.

And I was so fucking terrified while this was going on too. At this point I’m positive it’s not a drill, because those last 15 minutes tops. I didn’t have my phone on me so I couldn’t text anyone to see if they knew what was going on. Someone is still walking around and banging on doors, and I’m certain it’s not a police officer because wouldn’t they be talking???

And then all the sudden, the alarm shits off??? And the principal comes over and is like “Everything’s fine go to class” WITH NO GOD DAMN EXPLANATION, and I hear people moving through the halls and loudly freaking out about what just happened, and I am forced to come to terms with the fact my body has ceased up I literally can’t get out of this position. Oh my God.

Finally, after like ten minutes of using my one moveable leg to kick the wall in hopes of getting someone’s attention, some random girl comes in and hears me. She deadass had to climb under the stall and open the door to get it open before helping me down. She was cracking the fuck up the entire time and her friends who were using the other stalls were demanding to know what was going on like. Holy shit.

(side note: apparently it was a bomb threat but they ended up finding no evidence of anything in the school. Although, like? Wouldn’t you want to remove people from a building before looking for a bomb? Is that just me?)

So that was well and good, but then??? I guess she mentioned it to her older brother who was in my gov class??? Because next thing I know all the remaining seniors and some junior boys were going “YEAH JAVERTS A CHAMPION” and cracking up whenever they saw me that day. And like, I can appreciate the humor in it and was like “Oooh yeah I #SURVIVED” and all that but I was just. Cringing so hard the entire day. I only thought to respond to your ask with this story bc someone just messaged me about it on facebook. I’m never stepping inside a high school again omfg.

Fic: The Outlaw’s Lady part 2

This started life as a one shot but now looks set to be a multipart story. This part was based on this prompt from @lauraelizabeth77. Hope you enjoy it


Hi! I saw your request for prompts.. I notice you do fluff really well ( I love fluff). How about a bit of Murtagh and Claire bonding? Also! I noticed your back writing fic after a 10 year break. Well done! I’ve taken a 15 year break, started a few Outlander ideas.. you are inspiring me to get back to it!

Part 1 is here 

Claire woke to the sound of raised voices. That wasn’t unusual amongst the Highlanders, but what was unusual was the number of times she heard the words “Claire” “Mistress Beauchamp”, “Sassenach spy” and more than once “English bitch”. She threw off her cloak and groggily searched around for her clothes. The sat in a pile in the centre of the room. She flashed back to the previous night and her face flushed hot. She was engaged. To a large red headed highlander, who also happened to be a notorious outlaw. A notorious outlaw who also happened to be the single great love of her life. It all made so much sense to her now. She had tried to get away on occasion, and it had always been Jamie who had found her. She wondered if that she had subconsciously made that happen. If she had’t really wanted to leave, but done what she thought she must through duty, through loyalty.

Frank. He was her husband, but was he really? He wouldn’t even be born for nigh on another two hundred years and in her six weeks in the past the memory of him had grown blurry in a way it had not even in six years of separation through war. The war had taken its toll though, but she had thought that perhaps with time they could have fixed that had she never gone to the stones. Had she never found Jamie. But she had. She felt some regret that Frank would never know what had happened to her, that there would always be questions, but she also knew Frank. He had loved her, but he would move on. It was just who he was.  His fiercely pragmatic nature alone would ensure that. And for her, her heart and soul belonged elsewhere, she could never truly go back now.

She got dressed slowly, listening to the noise below escalate. Jamie. Dougal. Ned Gowan attempting to intercede between the two.

“Ya canna marry the Sassenach, Jamie. Colum will lose his head. Or you might lose yours. Whatever were ya thinking man?”

“She needs protecting. She has no people, no husband to take care o’ her. If you insist she must stay here with us, she at least deserves that. A lady of her station shouldna be by herself”

“Oh and you’re just the man to protect her, aye?” The derision was palpable.

There was more shouting this time less distinct but no less vehement in tone. She was dressed now and wondering what to do with herself. She didn’t really fancy throwing herself into Dougal’s firing line, but at the same time felt that really should be offering moral support to Jamie given that this wasn’t exactly something he had gotten into by himself. There was an alarming crash and the sound of a door banging. Heading to the window, she saw Dougal stomp across the yard towards the stables at the same time she heard footfalls on the stairs. Hurriedly raking her fingers through her wild morning hair she attempted to make herself more presentable expecting Jamie. It was Murtagh, however, who knocked and entered the room.

They eyed each other speculatively. Claire raised her chin slightly feeling slightly unnerved. It was however, Murtagh who broke the silence.

“I brought you some breakfast, lass. I figured you’d no want to be getting between Dougal and Jamie when they have their danders up. Even if you are the cause of it” He raised an eyebrow at her at this and walked over and placed a tray on the table in the corner. “Dougal’s stomped off, but I have nay doubt he’ll be back as soon as he’s thought of some new names to call the lad. I figured we’d just leave them at it for now at least”

She had expected Murtagh to leave immediately after setting the tray down but he surprised her by leaning against the fireplace.

“So, lass. Why do you want to marry Jamie?. I ken why he wants to marry you, the look on his face when he thinks no one is watching him watching you, is all I need to know about his feelings. But you? Why have you agreed to this? You ken he’s an outlaw?”

“I do” she replied.

“And ya ken he’s no land or money.”


“So why?” The scot looked at her intently, his bushy brows meeting. The silence stretched between them.

After a moment Murtagh spoke again. “I love that boy like he’s my own son and since his parents died he might as well be. I dinna think him taking you to wife is a good idea. I’m not going to lie about that, but I ken he loves you something fierce. He’s a good bit of both his Mam and Da in him and they loved passionately and not always wisely. He’s romantic and he believes in marrying for love. I dinna think any of us expected it to be to a mysterious Sassenach who near dropped out of the sky though.”

These were more words than she had heard Murtagh speak since he first found her at the stones those six weeks past.

“I love him too. I know that he has no land or money. I know that he’s an outlaw with a price on his head. I know all this and I still want him. Its him that I want. Not a position, not a name or title. Hell, I don’t even know his real name, but I’ll bet my shift it’s not MacTavish.”

The wiry scot’s mouth lifted a little at the corners with that. “No, its not. But its for Jamie to tell you who he is, not me.”

She nodded at that and he carried on. “It clear you’re a lady. High born and gently reared. Despite your foul mouth.” It was her turn to smile slightly. “Are you really prepared for what life with him could be like? If things go sour at Leoch. You’d have to take off. You could maybe head for France or the such, but it will no be easy for the two of you. Both of yis are in that mad bastard Randall’s sights. If he catches wind o’ yer…”

“I want him” her voice was almost a whisper and it shook slightly. There was another pause between them.

“Aye. Aye, I know you do, Mistress. You’ve the kind of face that just isna built for telling lies. But I needed to ask ya. I promised his Ma I’d always take care of him and I willna break that vow. Ya no the only one who loves him, ken?”

She kent. She did not know the taciturn highlander well, but she knew him to be stalwart and true. Jamie trusted him without question and she knew that she could too.

He rose to his feet.

“Well then… Claire” He looked slightly uncomfortable at the use of this familiarity and followed it with a world class scottish noise. “You finish your breakfast and come on down. We’ve some plans to make, aye?”

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what's your favorite fic/chapter that you've written so far and what do you look forward to writing in the future? 😊

How about my favorites from each of my big three (cause I can’t pick just one) and then one from Imagine?

My favorite chapter of Faith Restored is Jamie meeting Faith for the first time. It was early in the fic and will probably always be my favorite no matter what else I write in that one. I’m most looking forward to writing Faith and Brianna getting to know one another but that’s way down the line; in the more immediate timeline of the fic, there’s a certain someone who––like Faith––miraculously survives in this fic and his reappearance is going to be a tricky but hopefully rewarding bit to write. 

For The Nature of Choice it’s gotta be the whole sequence of Jamie’s return to Lallybroch: discovering Claire and Bree are there, meeting Bree, reconnecting with Claire. It was tricky but fun working to combine elements from both the printshop reunion and Brianna’s sudden appearance in Drums while also making it my own. (I am also quite partial to when Claire realizes Jamie knows she’s pregnant again). In the (relatively) near future, I’m looking forward to writing the birth of Jamie and Claire’s new bairn and Jamie + baby fluff. But I also have a lot of the later plotting for Bree’s return through where and how I plan to end the fic that I’m really excited about now cause it’s all falling into place.

My Jamie through the Stones favorite is probably not what is most popular with readers, haha; as much as I love getting to write Jamie and Brianna getting to know one another with Bree at this age my favorite chapter (and though it’s three here, they’re all one chapter over on AO3) is when Claire tells Frank she’s leaving and taking Brianna with her. I’m a sucker for angst and getting to sink my teeth into something like that is just so much fun for me to write and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I’m going to get to work on another stretch that has similar tension to it cause in the not-so-distant-future the divorce proceedings will be happening (which means Jamie and Frank finally meeting each other face-to-face). 

Of course, my favorite fic I’ve written for Imagine already let me play with how the two of them would interact: Collision Course. I’m so proud of how that fic turned out as a whole and self-contained plot but the scene with Jamie talking alone to Frank is my favorite. And while that particular plot is finished, I absolutely have plans to continue in this AU; working on a plot involving Claire and Jamie in France that involves them trying not to get caught up in all the Jacobite plotting (already have a few prompts set aside to works with). 

Gone - Part 3

@ mayfeather27  here’s part 3!!


You are now six months pregnant, and are currently living in Tony’s mansion in Ireland. You and Natasha were preparing for the rest of the Avengers to visit. New York was quiet and Tony had gotten the Fantastic Four to agree to watch over the city while they were away.

“Y/N! What are you doing? Let me get that” Tasha called out

You chuckle and squat down anyway, picking up your phone from where you dropped it. “I’m pregnant, not an invalid, Tasha”

The spy stopped beside you, “You could hurt yourself if you fall, and Thor isn’t here to bring you to the hospital”

“I’m not going to fall, and even if I did, I’m a Super Soldier, I’m pretty sure this body could take a fall. Just give it another month or so and you’ll get tires of having to pick everything up for me”

“I’ll never get tired of preserving your help, Сестра”

Sir and the rest of the Avengers have just arrived

Out of habit you look up to the ceiling, “Thanks, JARVIS”

You are quite welcome, Ms. Y/N. May I inquire on the state of your child?

“Now, I know that you have systems that monitor me all day, so you already know how the baby’s doing”

While that is true, I cannot gauge the activity of the child, or how you are feeling

“The baby’s really active today, and I’m fine, a little tired, but fine”

Thank you, Ms. Y/N. I will inform the doctor of your condition

“Thanks, JARVIS”

Before either you or Natasha can move, the door bursts open and Tony walks in. when he catches sight of you he runs forward, intending to scoop you into a hug, but Tasha steps in his way

“No, Tony. You cannot be too rough with her. I will not stand for any of you to injur Y/N or the baby”

“Well it’s good to know that some things never change” Clint calls out, tossing his duffle bag onto the hallway floor

“You may be my best friend, Clint, but if you hurt her, I’ll hurt you”

“Tasha” you snap, she immediately stiffens and glances back at you, “Stop threatening them, they are on vacation. You and Thor are going to have to get used to other people touching me and my stomach.”

Tony steps around Natasha and gives you a gentle hug. “I missed you, Y/N, I haven’t had anyone to watch cheesy horror movies with”

“Well, if you’re staying until the end of the pregnancy then we’ll have plenty of time to catch up”

You pull away from Tony and walk toward Bruce, “Hello, Bruce”

Bruce blushes, “Hi, Y/N.”

“Hello, Hulk”

Bruce’s eyes flash green, “He missed you, too. There hasn’t been a code green since you left. I was wondering if we could go outside and he could …”

Ever since you had joined the Avengers you had made it your goal to bring Bruce and Hulk closer. You had wanted them to understand each other. Eventually Hulk had calmed, would only come out if Bruce wanted him to, or if he was needed. There were practically no more unwanted transformations, and Bruce was a hell of a lot happier than he had been before.

“I’d love to see Hulk, maybe after dinner?”

“Yeah, I’d really like that”

Captain Rogers and Thor are requesting assistance at the quinjet

“Never mind, JARVIS, we got it” Steve called

“Steve!” You quickly waddle over and hug the other Super Soldier, “I missed you!”

“I missed you too, Y/N” Steve gently holds you at arm’s length, “Wow, I think you’ve gotten even bigger since the last time we video chatted”

You chuckle, “Yeah, the baby just keeps on growing!”

Steve’s face suddenly falls, “I’m so sorry, Y/N”

You look up at him, confused, “Why are you sorry? You just got here”

Steve sighs softly, squaring his shoulders, “I told Bucky about the pregnancy”

You choke, your eyes widening in horror, “Steve …”

“I didn’t tell him where you were, or where we were going, but he saw one of the pictures that you sent us. He was furious, calling you names for going and getting you knocked up right after your breakup. I just got so angry, we ended up in a huge fight. I shouted at him that the baby was his” Steve locks eyes with you, “I’m so sorry”

You lift a trembling hand up to your mouth, “I think I need to sit down” You whisper.

Immediately Tasha takes you by the elbow and leads you to the living room, gently sitting you down on the couch. “James has been looking for you for about a month and he hasn’t found us yet. Please calm down, worrying isn’t good for the baby”

“You knew?”

“Of course I knew. Steve called me as soon as Bucky stormed out of the Tower. JARVIS has been keeping track of which Houses he’s been to already”

“I didn’t want Bucky to know about the baby” You look up at Tasha, frantically grabbing her arm, “I don’t want him to take my baby away! You guys can’t let him take my baby”

Steve sits down beside you, “If he even tries to get to you, he’ll have to go through all of us”

You nod quietly and look up at everyone in the room. All of them were nodding along with what Steve had said, “Thank you guys. I think I want to take a nap, I hope you guys don’t mind”

“Go ahead, we’ll start making dinner, and get settled in”

“Thanks, I’ll be up in a little while”

Steve gently pressed a kiss to your forehead, “Let JARVIS know if you need anyone, we’ll all be right here”

Another month has passed and you are rapidly approaching your eighth month of pregnancy. It was getting increasingly difficult to walk around without someone hovering over you. Currently Bruce and Thor were out grocery shopping, Tony and Steve were talking to Phil and getting an update on New York, and Natasha and Clint were playing Mario Kart in the living room. This left you as the only one to answer the door when someone knocks.

“Gimme a minute! I’m moving as fast as I can!” You call out

Ms. Y/N, Ms. Natasha has been alerted to the knock. She has asked me to tell you not to open the door

You chuckle and take a step away from the door “Alright, not need to get nervous, JARVIS. I just wanted to see who it was”

Natasha walks up behind you and grabs the door handle. She pulls the door open about two inches and glances at the person on the other side. As soon as she sees the visitor, Tasha slams the door shut again.

“Go up to your room, Y/N” Tasha growls, pulling out one of her knives. It’s so rare for her to look anxious that is immediately puts you on edge.

“Who was it?” You whisper, dread beginning to fill you

“Сестра, please …”

You step forward and grab the door handle, “Move, Tasha”

Surprisingly she obeys, stepping away from the door, her shoulders hunching slightly in defeat. You throw the door open and freeze when you make eye contact with the person on the other side of the door.

James Buchanan Barnes stood there, his eyes sweeping up and down your body, zeroing in on your protruding stomach.

“Bucky …” His name nothing more than a breath.

He raises his eyes to yours, “Steve wasn’t lying, you really are pregnant”

You nod quietly, “Yeah, I am”

Bucky gently nudged you back inside and steps into the mansion, “Do you know how hard it was to find you? No one would tell me anything, and then they all just left. Eventually I just started going out to all of the properties that Tony owns. I’m sorry it took so long to find you, but JARVIS refused to be any help”

You could feel the shock wear off, and anger rise up to take its place. “That’s what you’re sorry for?!? For taking too long to find me!? Did you ever think that I didn’t want to be found? You left me! I didn’t want you to know about the baby! I didn’t want to force you to stay with me! Our child deserves more than that!” By the end of your rant you can feel tears flowing down your face. Tasha steps forward and hands you a tissue.

“The stress is not good for the baby, Y/N, you need to calm down” While Tasha was extremely gently with you, she rained down all her anger onto Bucky. “How dare you show your face here, Barnes! You think you can just show up and everything will be alright?!”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N” Tears were filling Bucky’s eyes, “I had to leave you, I didn’t have a choice. That day at the café Rumlow called me, he demanded that I end our relationship. He threatened to kill you, to take you back to HYDRA. He had a gun trained on you, and I couldn’t disobey. If I had you might have been killed.”

“If you think that excuse is enough, then you are wrong” Tasha growls

Bucky wasn’t listening to her though; he was only looking at you. “By the time I tracked him down and destroyed the facility, you were gone. I went back to the Tower to get some help. That was where I saw the picture of you pregnant. I just got so angry that I started calling you names and then Steve told me that the baby was mine. That was when I realized why HYDRA wanted you so badly.” Bucky let out a soft sob, “He wouldn’t tell me where you were. And then when I went back a week later everyone was gone and JARVIS wouldn’t tell me where they went. I managed to track then here, to you.” Bucky drops down onto his knees and grabs your hands, “Do you – do you think you could ever forgive me?”

You sigh quietly, “I don’t know, Bucky. I hurt when you left, it felt like you didn’t even care, like I meant nothing to you”

“I know, and I’ll do anything to make up for that! Just – please give me a second chance. I’d never have left you if I had the choice, I just didn’t see any way out of it”

“One chance, Bucky, only one, that’s all you get”

Bucky peppers kisses all over your hand, “Thank you, thank you, thank you …”

“You have to get everyone else to forgive you too, Bucky” you tell him, Bucky nods frantically, “One mistake Buck, one, and you’re gone”

“I promise, Y/N. I promise I’ll do anything to make it up to you”

“I’ve already accepted your apology, it’s the others that you have to worry about”


Does anyone have a name suggestion?

I have never understood feminism’s obsession with STEM fields (and this is coming from a woman majoring in a STEM field). So many people give statistics like “only .5% of women have a STEM degree” or “STEM fields are 53% male” (note: I made those numbers up) like it’s indicative of some problem that needs to be fixed or some kind of oppression.

But… maybe girls just aren’t as drawn to STEM fields? Why can’t girls be free to choose whatever major they want, regardless of the statistics? Also, doing this rides on the premise that STEM fields are superior to other kinds of majors. So what if a girl wants to major in english or history or art? Why does this make their choice wrong? There is nothing stopping girls from majoring in STEM fields except their own interests and goals. Why do feminists believe that equal opportunity is the same thing as equal numbers in statistics? 

I just don’t get it…

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Noo don't stop the event! It's fun and interactive *throws pie at the other ppl* And if anyone deserves to be freed from the void it's Gaster!

That’s what I try to do with my events. I like to get other people involved, it’s fun to see what you guys put in my ask box and a lot of you guys make me laugh. That’s kinda the whole point of this blog. Entertainment, laughs, and being involved. I won’t end my event because a few people don’t like it. It’s their loss, not mine

time travel concept whoop

so time travelers exist, but act as safeguards of each other. to prevent serious history and future alterations, time traveling is made by unanimous decisions of 8 people–8 separate time travelers, that is. they don’t know each other, and for obvious reasons will likely never see each other in real life, mainly to prevent a single time traveler from being able to ruin or coerce the others into doing what they want.
anyway, time traveling is insisted by a sort of feeling, you can sense a pull in either direction (forward or backward in time), and it’s very similar to the idea of telepathy. time travelers can get a sense of motives, too–especially as the jump gets larger and requires more power. jumps of a couple minutes or hours are usually accepted with ease, but larger jumps are usually more heavily debated. rarely are jumps unanimous when it starts to grow to years. additionally, small jumps usually merge the travelers. it’s easy to place them back in their body from moments ago, the time is easier to mend to make it happen. however, large jumps usually cause a fracture, resulting in duplicates, a scenario that is undesirable unless by necessity. the jumpers keep their powers, while their duplicate loses theirs, so that the number of travelers stays the same. were they to meet, the one without the powers would, unfortunately, die. if they jump so far that they leave their own lifespan, it’s a 50/50 shot on who keeps their powers. at least, if you somehow ran into the person who you took powers from or who kept their powers at the expense of yours, neither of you would die.
so what happens when a traveler dies? their powers get thrown onto someone else. you aren’t born with them, as the power manifests itself in adults. nothing really changes once you become a traveler, either–you can still live out a fairly normal life. i’m sure it’s possible to go your entire life without using the power once. when you receive the power, you receive the knowledge needed to understand and use it as well. you just become aware of the dangers and the need for secrecy, and all else that would apply. it’s more like an awakening, like this power lies dormant in everyone and only few people have the keys to unlock it. when those people die, they simply pass their key onto someone else.

one day, however, a pull towards the past is felt hard and strong. one traveler is using everything they can to go to the past–so far it was hard to tell where they were going. let me repeat, this pull was strong. regardless of the other travelers denying this request, the one kept pulling for it relentlessly, trying to force it, cheat the system, and their malicious intent was evident. almost as if in an effort to protect itself, time suddenly stops. it’s a stalemate. the eight travelers are able to move and interact with the world still, but it is frozen in time. it doesn’t take long for them to realize what must happen–they must find and neutralize who was trying to force the jump. they just don’t know who, or where, they are. travelers, in their anger, fear, and distrust, once finally happening upon each other, try to kill on sight in their desperation to fix things. as the wrong travelers die, new ones wake up somewhere else in the world, and finding the culprit doesn’t get any easier. it doesn’t seem like this will ever be resolved.

that is, until they woke up. 

Good night, guys.

After this I’m not responding to anymore messages for awhile. I love the support we’ve been getting but I’m going to pull away from here for a bit.

I’ll keep in touch with some of you through messages in the chat. And anyone who wants to talk there is more than welcome to send me stuff!

And I’ll post an update after our vet appointment on Friday.

All I want out of this is for Opal to be okay. No matter what we end up having to do, Opal is my number one priority. I know she deserves more than I have ever been able to give her but I love her so, so much. And I will keep working my ass off to be better for her.

Good night, friends. I’ll be back soon. Keep the good vibes flowing for my fluffy mutt.

Um but like can we talk about all the stress that I’m getting from school and oh DID I MENTION someone stole my phone and I use a wallet case so they got all my credit cards and then BOUGHT A $500 GIFT CARD WITH MY MONEY and now I’m still fighting the charges like what the heck :c

kingnidus1  asked:

Hey man I m curious about the furry community but don't know what to think

Hello, friend! First off, welcome to the furry community! There’s all kinds of stuff here from visual artists, to tech enthusiasts, to stage performers! :D 

I think the best thing to do when going into a new community, furry or otherwise, is to channel something you’re generally interested in, and using that as an avenue to get to know people in that community.

For instance, if you’re a musician, try looking for other people in the community that are into music! :3

Other than that, I’d just say to explore all the different things people are sharing online to get a sense of the type of things that people produce in the furry fandom. Hope you enjoy your stay! 

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I remember people got so pissed off years ago when Naruto told Sasuke "everyone saw so much trouble trying to get you back!" (or something like that) and Sasuke was like "good for them" I personally found it just hilarious, I mean Sasuke never asked them to come after him why get butthurt over that.

They came cos Tsunade put them on a mission. Shikamaru explicitly said he didn’t give a flying fuck about sasuke as a person, but this was a mission. 

For real tho, a lot of people are like that in real life, if they don’t get you to do what they want from you, they think you’re selfish.

Today I told my boss: “We are where we should be the day before, tying up a thousand loose ends but getting there.”

We’re getting there. I swear we are. Somewhere there is an end to the tunnel, down the road, the light bearing down on us.

There are always more loose ends than you expected. You spend a day a week a year, finding them, tying them up slowly. So slowly. Your hands ache and your eyes itch.

What they do not tell you is that the older you get the more loose ends there are, faded and tangled. You can’t keep track of where they all came from, set to the side yesterday or four years ago or from a time you can’t remember, when you just didn’t have the energy or ability to deal with them, knot them up, knit them together, these disparate pieces of you, swinging against your ribcage, like longing or dreams or history. There are days weeks years left still to find, to trace, to burn your calloused fingers against, tying up loose ends.

There is no recipe for greatness. A thousand thousand loose ends, tracing us backward to where we began, forward to where we so desperately want to be. Tangled and fraying, we triage the mess, set it aside for whole, new cloth in characters and shiny relationships and today’s cup of coffee. But those too, one day, fray. And we find ourselves once more, sorting through the loose ends on the path to greatness.

We are exactly where we should be. Aren’t we? But there is no recipe for greatness. Just one more loose end. Tie it tight and move on. We’re getting there. Say it to yourself until you believe it. We’re getting there.

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I know you are not supposed to wear your binder for more than 8 hours but I have worn my regular every day for over 12 and there was a couple days when I wore it for more than 30 hours at a time and I haven't taken a break in like 6 months I honestly forget I'm wearing it I just wondering what is the danger?

You could break your ribs from binding too long and if you break a rib you are at risk of puncturing a lung. You could also really discord your chest, and in extreme cases this could lead to not being able to get top surgery. Please do not bind for too long, even if you think you feel fine.


These are all articles from the site/blog Digital News Media by the “founder” of the site Paul Resnikoff. Before you get mad and find the articles yourself- DO NOT CLICK THEM. That’s what the author wants: clicks, views, numbers, profit, etc. Just understand that the allegations in those articles are very clearly stated in a way meant to bash Bangtan, and that the author is ignoring facts just to get more views.

Take the hand cream article: Bangtan released their first Hip Hop Monster hand creams in conjunction with the WINGS album (btw Yoongi’s is Shea Butter and it smells wonderful and I would 100% recommend buying it) in 2016, whereas the hand cream BTS is accused of plagiarizing (Big Bang’s Moonshot) only came out in January of this year. Not to mention the unnecessary and provocative mention of bangtan in the article about Big Bang reaching a new follower milestone.

The best course of action would be to report it to BigHit, but since the reception period for that ended in November of 2016 there’s nothing else we can do except ignore this site. Block it, tell other ARMYs, don’t let them give this guy what he wants. I repeat: DO NOT USE DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS.

When I was at the hospital, the lady that did my papers was Filipino. She looked at my info and said, “….. you don’t LOOK Filipino. I look Filipino.” 

I was too sick to say anything, like I had no voice and could barely whisper so I just shrugged. But I hate that shit. STFU commenting on what I do or do not look like, like your opinion will change the fact that my mother immigrated from the Philippines. People look different??? 

Like I get this reaction a lot from older Filipino ladies and they are almost angry at me. Like I’m trying to pull one over one people or something. 

Nah, sorry. Luck of the genetics draw gave me red hair and freckles but I’m still who I am. 

Break (Shawn Mendes Imagine)

requested: can you do an imagine where Shawn and the reader get into a heated argument and it leads them taking a break?

pairing: reader x Shawn

a/n: let me know what you think! requests are currently open, feel free to come and request things! :)

“I just don’t understand why you hang out with her all the time, Shawn. She sees you more than I do,” you say firmly, throwing your purse on the couch. You and Shawn just came back from a party that his label was throwing to celebrate the end of his next album production, and you had been giving him the cold shoulder for the past hour. 

“All the time? I’m fucking sorry, y/n,” Shawn strains out the word sorry sarcastically, loosening up the top few buttons on his button up. “But that’s ridiculous. There’s not a ton of people I can trust in this industry and you go around and critique the ones I do hang out with?”

“I’m not critiquing her, I just don’t trust her intentions around you. She’s always touching your chest and calling you ‘Shawnie’. People think you’re dating her!” 

Shawn chuckles out in frustration, sucking in his cheek a bit before responding. “So you don’t trust me? Is that what this is about?” 

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