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I get really upset every time I see someone say that Derek and Stiles hated each other, and people say it all the time, and it’s really getting to me at this point because I do not believe that they ever really had reason to hate, as in not being able to stand each other, detesting/loathing each other. And what I hate even is more is saying that SCOTT BROUGHT THEM TOGETHER BECAUSE NO.

Stiles was the first one to trust Derek. He didn’t think Derek had ill intentions. When he saw Derek drive Allison home from the party , Stiles saw it as a nice and kind act and he didn’t think there was anything to be wary of - until Scott started claiming Derek was the killer and Stiles of course trusted Scott more than someone he (as far as we know) only heard about, someone who lost almost his entire family in a suspicious fire and who then disappeared. Stiles probably recalled all the villain stories he’d heard/seen/read and concluded, hey, Derek had all potential to be that villain. Except that Allison was safe at home like he had expected in the end. Nonetheless SCOTT GOT BETWEEN DEREK AND STILES FIRST and was the reason that Stiles suddenly had no idea what to do with Derek because he was unsure what was going on. And Scott stayed wary and uneasy around Derek long after Stiles fully trusted him.

Stiles’ first instinct was to trust Derek.
Then Scott ruined that and kept ruining it, even when Derek proved otherwise.
Then suddenly Scott went to Derek for help with his shift, whereas he totally disregarded Stiles’ attempts to help. Scott was becoming a part of something that Stiles couldn’t be part of and so it probably felt like Derek was taking away the only friend Stiles had. Derek, who Scott claimed was dangerous. He knows Derek’s a werewolf, which could very well justify him being dangerous.
Then they find half of Laura in Derek’s yard, and yeah, Stiles is scared. He has all right to be. (Fear doesn’t equal hate though)
This new werewolf thing is way over his head, and it’s distancing Scott from him and people are dying and they don’t know what’s going on, and Derek is suspicious.

I don’t see any hate in that.

Stiles might say he wants Derek dead but we see in later seasons that that’s just one of the things he says. I mean, he looks terrified of Derek dying from the wolfsbane bullet in Episode 4. He doesn’t actually want to experience Derek dying. As early as in Episode 4. And I can’t remember when I last watched the show and which episodes I watched but as far as I can remember their relationship only builds and gets better after that.

None of the behaviors showcase any hate to me. They’re in life threatening situations, they don’t trust, they CAN’T trust, and they threaten each other because of that, they are rough toward each other because many lives are in danger and because they are in over their heads, not because they personally have something against each other

You know, something just crossed my mind and it’s kinda funny tbh…

A few weeks ago during this month in feb 10-11th around I had this one chick come and comment on my Hisomachi Post. Which was my opinion as to why the ship wasnt popular.

So this girl comes and comments her disapproval of it and this got me thinking…about something interesting. I just remembered something I myself never do out of respect towards other HXH fans.

Is to go into specific tag about a certain ship and comment negative shit about it. I never do it even if I don’t like the ship because I want to let people enjoy what they enjoy…

So my question is, Why do you feel the need to trash my Hisomachi posts when I don’t trash your Hisoillu posts?

If I’m so stupid/unintelligent/bitch as you say then I guess i should not consider others and do what you did to me awhile back.


I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing about you two girlies. Not only did you trash talk about my ship but you both got so salty when you were confronted and debated but it did not end there….One of you decided to come to my page every fucking day to see every daily post I would reblog or well post on my page.  So eager to see whether or not I would mention either of yo names…..Like did it hurt you so much that you really had to spend almost 4-5 weeks stalking my page?????????? Not only that but you accused me of sending hate to your other friend…

That was not my fault maybe if your friend wasn’t such a huge bitch she would not be getting anon hate in the first place. Either way, i’m just glad i’m a whole lot more respectful and considerate with other hxh shippers like myself because obviously neither of you two idiots have this great attribute to yourselves.

P.s you are a fucking racist. Haha, hope you are proud of yourself for embarrassing a poor half Japanese girl. This is one of the biggest reasons why I have lost absolute respect for you.

when there are new cast i can just picture all the little friend groups salting about the other contestants… :’) heather and courtney talking mad shit while sharing a bottle of wine, the drama brothers and sierra, beth tyler and lindsay, team escope,,  all of them just chilling in their little pods of friendship



so many inconsistencies in this chapter rip i have to edit some pages

anyway im going to be busy this week so i figured id post these ahead of time ish (i usually aim for the weekends or slightly earlier) i am V TIRED already just thinking about it

i have a bunch of asks in the inbox ive been meaning to answer too so hopefully ill get around to it tomorrow afternoon? who knows. 

uhmm... do you guys hear that?

ANNNNND here he is!! My one true Valentine. 

For the low low price of $00.000000001, here he is, right on your dash!!

Idk what’s wrong with me, I’m sorry lmao

Buut anyways! Pls enjoy this beautiful grumpy boy if you do not have a Valentine, or if you do have a Valentine, or if you just love Sesshomaru like I do. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

do you ever just do something ridiculously neurodivergent, and you’re very suddenly struck with the thought of, “wow, i am… so not neurotypical.”

Don’t be fucking immature.

Sorry for the rude words, but some people are just way too childish (Maybe because most of us are between 14 and 16 years old? We’re not adults yet ya’ know?)

I’ve seen some people from the YOI fandom calling “homophobic” Yuzuru Hanyu’s fans just for not wanting to see our shit on their tag and guess what? 

That’s because we (YOI fandom) shouldn’t be there in first place.

Guys, Yuuri is not even based on Yuzuru’s career, personality, style or whatever, he has nothing to do with the show, so please stop using # Yuzuru Hanyu to post stuff related to Yuri On Ice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love YOI and I love Yuzuru, yes, I got interested in him after watching Yuri On Ice but Im still watching him because of how beautiful his performances are and for himself, not influenced by the anime anymore.

Yuzuru Hanyu is a real human being, Yuuri Katsuki (who is actually based on another Japanese skater) is a 2D drawing, an anime character, he is not real outside the show nor Victor. Please be respectful towards RL figure skaters, towards REAL HUMAN BEINGS and stop filling up their tags with fanarts and comics and stuff that is not related to them. 

(probably gonna loose followers but idc since I also feel kinda frustated everytime I see something from YOI on Yuzu’s tag)


Someone convinced Andrew and Neil to pose for the covers of Exy Today and Men’s Health. They only do it because they get to talk about the foundation they just started, that helps LGBT kids in the foster system.

for @audreil for the upperclassmen valentines day exchange

I just stumbled across an instagram account reposting a LOT of fan art. Most if not all is uncredited, some is nsfw and still shoved in every tag imaginable. They even admitted to trying to find ones that have been seen less, which maybe they think is good intentions, to try n get those pieces some more attention, but when they’re not giving credit it doesn’t do shit for those artists and I feel bad that I can’t find them now.

I don’t recognize all of the artists, but I hope those of you i do know of don’t mind being tagged… 

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Aries: Freezing screens right at the good part.


Gemini: Spotify ads

Cancer: Slow wifi

Leo: Slow people


Libra: People that don’t tuck in their sheets. TUCK THEM

Scorpio: Binder clips that won’t fully cLOSE

Sagittarius: Sharp things on a chalkboard; silver utensils scratching on plates

Capricorn: Wet. Socks.

Aquarius: People that cough in your face, or sneeze your way. ON PURPOSE.

Pisces: Smudged screens


HEY GUYS, i’m sure you love seeing these badass vagilantes beat the shit out of rapists as much as i do but they need your help 
there are four more episodes left in the first season of sweet vicious but after that the future of this incredible show is not set in stone. there may not even be a future, this show has yet to be renewed for a second season 
i know not everyone can watch this show through mtv and give it the ratings it deserves but please, please tell mtv you like it. 
tell them you want a second season. tell them how much it means to you. 

do you want to see ophelia’s bisexuality explored? do you want to see the way jules and ophelia’s friendship develops? do you want to see more of kennedy or any of the zeta girls? more of harris being adorable? do you just want to see cool montages of the girls beating people up? 

tweet them, facebook them, tumblr them, email them, hell even mail them a letter but DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE! KEEP TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THIS SHOW 
i would be devastated if this show didn’t get the time it deserves to tell its story. please. 
communicate it to @mtv in any way you can that you want more of this show.

anonymous asked:

Hey I just found your comments about the decline of ragehappy and domination of Fake AH Crew AU's. I've been trying to break in and my only real success has been my one GTA story. There were two I put literal days into writing and people just didn't even give a shit. It's super disheartening because I feel like the only way to do well outside of Fake AH is to be already well known - but you can't do that without compromising what you want to write anymore...

Hey anon, yeah it does really suck that fake AH Crew fics get more attention than others. But , to be fair , the ragehappy side of the fandom has severely declined in general. I remember like last year, I could post a fic and get 20 comments in a day, Fake AH Crew or otherwise! Now I’m lucky to get a few. Interest has just severely declined and I’m not sure why. Hopefully it will pick up again soon but , i don’t know. Maybe a lot of us have just grown out of AH. Even I find myself watching and keeping up with the content less and less these days.

But if you wanna link me to your fic I’d happily read it / show some love !!!! :)

Okay but straight fans need to understand that fetishizing mlm/wlw couples has a much more significant and harmful impact than they think. It goes way beyond a straight girl/guy thinking a same-sex/gay couple if hot (which is already disgusting tbh what the fuck)

The moment you make an LGB couple purely sexual (not that there is anything wrong with being sexual just hear me out till I’m done rambling) and see LGB relationships as something purely based on sex (which is lets be honest what happens when you fetishize something sorry to be the one to break it to you) you are being homophobic 

((I’m sure there are many more reasons but I'm just going to focus on this one))

The idea of LGB people being only sexual or having only sexual relationships is not new. It is what religious people have been using as their main argument for years. The myth that LGB don’t have any kind of emotional feelings, that LGB relationships aren’t based on everything a straight relationship is (mutual feelings,trust,etc,etc) is used to demonize us. There is a reason sodomy is a sin and yet being gay isn’t.(also I am in no way stating that sodomy a sin but that is a discussion or another time) Literally, all religious preaching seems to think that gay people aren't’ people just some weird sexual beings that dont deserve to live.

So while you have fun getting riled up thinking about malec and keep referring to gay people as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ and shit I’m having fun not being able to exist in my home country for myths you are supporting and honestly i am fucking tired when will straight people listen and s t o p

For the mounting questions of “Are Weiss and Neptune together is this Au?” Simple answer Yes, they are together but it was more fun to hint at it. 
Weiss is running the Schnee Dust Company now and Neptune is a Hunter so they are not always together but their relationship is good.
Yeah I ship it. If you don’t sorry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )