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Ok so, typing this up for @kcrabb88. I want to stress that even though I saw the police vs. “black bloc” scuffle that so enraptured reporters, this was only a very small part of the numerous protests going on, the “black bloc” did not do a hell of a lot of damage, and I wasn’t too freaked out. (Actually, a couple of times I thought, “Holy shit, this is going to be so useful for writing ‘Les Mis’ fic!”)

I went to out to protest in DC with a small group of friends. We were mostly following other, larger groups– we’d intended to go help the Black Lives Matter protesters shut down a check-point, but got a text that they had all the people they needed, and it would be better to join a group marching from Logan Circle, to shut down a different check-point. So we did. 

A bunch of anarchists were just ahead of us, shooting flares.  I honestly just thought it was a sort of celebratory, fireworks sort of deal. “How exciting,” said I, before we began having to climb over knocked over trashcans and newspaper dispensers. Some of the newspapers were on fire– but only the ones with Trump’s face on them. So far, nothing unexpected. 

Then people began taking baseball bats to parked cop cars and glass bus stands, and throwing rocks when they didn’t have bats to hand. I was just kind of confused by this, and looking around, as the Black Lives Matter protests I’d gone to before hadn’t included stuff like this, when I noticed the heavy-duty protesters dressed all in black and holding PVC pipes had pulled down Anonymous masks or pulled up scarves over their faces and ran up to a Bank of America and a Starbucks. It wasn’t until the glass actually shattered that I realized they were breaking windows. A lot of the other protestors seemed really pissed off by this and were shouting at the “black bloc” to come back and keep marching and to stop pulling focus. Then the chants shifted from “The people, united, will never be defeated!” to “Slow down, don’t run!” and “Don’t feed the alligators!” (This last one is I think a code for ‘the police are coming to arrest people’?) and then there was just a WALL of police officers in riot gear just behind us.

My group and I just fucking bolted down an alley on the opposite side of the street from the smashed stores and watched wide-eyed as the police inexorably marched on, followed by half-a-dozen cop cars and then police on bicycles (???). The alley had a little concrete barricade in front of it, to keep cars from driving in, so we stood behind it, half because I said, “Oh look a barricade!” and dragged people behind it and half because my friend Aurora, our BLM veteran, said that it would be best if we quickly made ourselves onlookers. 

We stayed where we were, watching the police disappear down the street, and then heard what sounded like a goddamn bomb going off behind us (this was probably the most alarming bit). Aurora said it was just the police firing sound grenades behind us. We saw the main core of serious, masked anarchists running past us, maybe about a block away to the left of us, chased by more sound grenades, and a truly absurd number of police. There couldn’t have been more than fifty people still running as a group, but there were hundreds of cops chasing them. A small contingent of protesters with bandanas over their faces surprised us from behind (we were pretty startled because we had thought the alley was a dead end) and told us to get the hell out of the street. 

We retreated into a Devon and Blakely (a local D.C. coffee shop chain), avoiding the shattered glass from the Starbucks next to it, before the police started firing tear gas. I didn’t see that part– I was in the bathroom– but I saw people later sitting on the lawn of a nearby church, trying to wash out their eyes.

I can’t actually remember how many times I’ve reread the barricade section of Les Miserables, and I think I’ve seen the musical close to 30 times, which made witnessing actual violent protest and immediate state repression take on a strangely theatrical quality, as if it wasn’t actually happening. 

Weirdly, my fiancé (a white dude) was the most shaken by all this. He was fine when we rejoined a different feminist group and marched to McPherson Square– that was entirely peaceful and the police and National Guardsman standing around were actually really kind and helpful, pointing the way to various sites, suggesting where to find bathrooms, helping people to find the tents the J20 organizers had set up.

… I really don’t quite know how to conclude, just that I think it got blown the hell out of proportion. It was the most violent protest I’ve ever witnessed, but it wasn’t a riot.

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i have a gecko who's getting old and when he passes i'd like to keep his bones as a sort of memorial…i don't know shit about vulture culture except that it's cool as fuck. is it even legal to keep a gecko's bones? where do i even start? what do i need? you don't have to write me a guide or anything, but could you direct me to a website or something that would know?

I’m so sorry to hear about your gecko, Anon!

Generally if an animal is sold as a pet then it is fine to keep its remains. As for where to start check out my Bone Collecting for Beginners post and the Bone Cleaning tag here on my blog. Lots of info in both of those places that’ll help get you started!

For cleaning something like the bones of a small specimen like your gecko the optimal option is really dermestid beetles. I’ve used them for lots of small specimens and they can’t be beat, especially if you want to do something like a ligament articulation. The beetles eat all of the tissue except for the ligaments that hold the bones together (provided you remove the specimen from their enclosure before they eat the ligaments of course) leaving you with a lovely little skeleton.

Your other options would be to make a small cage or box out of very fine wire mesh, find an active ant hill, and let them clean the bones for you. Gotta be careful with this method though because it’s very possible that the ants might carry off some of the bones or if the cage/box isn’t secured in place then a passing scavenger might carry the whole thing off. Sans any active ant colonies you can still use this method for “nature cleaning” and let any other passing insects clean the carcass. So long as the specimen is kept slightly damp and the temperature outside is warm (heat and humidity are ideal conditions for the bacteria responsible for decomp) then something that small will likely be down to bones or close to it in a week or two.

You can also macerate the specimen which is done by putting the whole thing in a container of warm water (around 85 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal) and letting the tissue rot off that way. This method is highly and very offensively aromatic so keep that in mind. The skeleton and possibly the skull will very likely fall apart during this process and require some reassembling which can be done with super glue or plain white Elmer’s glue.

Once you have bones that are free of any remaining tissue then I’d give them a quick soak in hydrogen peroxide to sanitize and whiten them. You could also put the peroxide in a spray bottle and spritz the bones with that a few times until they are as white as you want them to be. Keeping them out in direct sunlight during this process helps get them whiter too.

Hope that helps! Best of luck and again, my condolences about your little friend!

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hi i just want to know what you think is the problem with bbc's sherlock?

It’s not a matter of “what do I think” is the problem. The problem is, whether I or anyone thinks it exists or not. 

Like, for starters, the fact that Steven Moffat, the creator, is a biphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, fatphobic and all-around piece of shit. [link]

Some stellar quotes include, “women are needy”, “women spend all their time hunting for husbands”, “asexuals are boring”, “bisexuals have too much sex to even bother watching his shows”, “gay characters are going through a phase”.

Or, quick google search for the two stars of the show and “problematic” 

Bendyback Cucumberpatch: [link], [link], [link]. Particularly ugly quotes include him calling autistic people “Frankenstein’s Monster” and “man infants”; saying that he (a man who inherited his fortune from slave-owners) pities JLM because he has to play Sherlock in Elementary “to feed his children”, misgendering and dead-naming Chelsea Manning, and defending a rapist.

Martin Freeman: [link], [link], [link]. Highlights include: calling Lucy Liu “a dog”, defending islamophobia, saying the n-word, joking about date rape.

And that is just the people involved in the show! I mean, it should be enough of a reason to say, yeah, this awful show that is giving a lot of money to bigoted people should be cancelled because bigots don’t deserve to make money, right? But the show itself is also a piece of flaming garbage.

BBC Sherlock is Sexist

“The three recurring female characters who were actually important to the plot were all linked by two traits. Firstly, they’re all romantically linked to one of the two male leads, and secondly, the events of this episode transformed each of them from being independent humans to acting like orbiting satellites, helpless to the gravitational pull of Sherlock’s personal storyline.”- [“His Last Vow,” Part 2: Women, eh?]

In many ways the Holmes stories are a perfect fit for Moffat’s skill-set. The puzzle-box plotting, the 24/7 bromance, the fetishisation of “masculine” reason over pesky “feminine” emotion, all suit him right down to the ground.- [Is Sherlock sexist? Steven Moffat’s wanton women]

The patronizing of women litters “An Abominable Bride.” It distracts the viewer from the layered narrative that visits a contemporary Holmes, who is self-administering an overdose of hallucinogenic drugs to facilitate a visit to the snigger-inducing “mind palace” (he might as well call it his man cave), that whisks us back to the Victorian period and the setting of Conan Doyle’s original compendium of tales. - [Sherlock (Still) Has a Woman Problem]

It appeared, at first, that “The Abominable Bride,” with its interest in women and women’s rights, was an attempt on the part of the show runners to address some of these criticisms and to create a progressive, less offensive show. Instead, it turned out to be one of the most sexist episodes ever. - [Psst, “Sherlock,” Your Sexism Is Showing]

The belief that lesbian women will somehow magically be overcome by the sight of a strong man is a popular misconception not just in pop culture, but in real life. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Moffat, who has a clear idea in his head of himself as a mesmerizing Lothario, should “happen” to write a lesbian who falls in love with a thinly-veiled version of himself. - [WILL THE NEXT SEASON OF “SHERLOCK” BE LESS SEXIST?]

BBC Sherlock is Homophobic

But it wasn’t going to be just one joke. Let’s laugh at gayness became the flavour, not just of the episode, which was rife with “I’m not gay – not that there’s anything wrong with that. But I’m not. Gay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s really important you don’t get the  wrong impression. Not that there’s anything wrong with that kind of thing.” - [Sherlock is one long gay joke]

The show’s pretty good but what caught my attention was the homo subtext with John and Sherlock. It really had the opportunity to be progressive here and have the two same-gender leads of an immensely popular and well-received show be more than just friends. (…) You don’t get to throw these things in there and then pretend like they don’t mean anything. You don’t get to tease the queers and the hetero girls who will ship it but then never actually put the queer in your show. - [Sherlock is the grossest example of queerbaiting]

On the most obvious level, Sherlock operates on a primarily heterocentric basis, and has a bad habit of presenting few and problematic queer characters. Out of six ninety-minute episodes over two series, there are a total of four (loose) mentions of queer characters, only two of which are of any serious importance. - [Queer Identities in Sherlock: A Study in Embarrassing Failures]

BBC Sherlock is Racist

However, in a text so concerned with updating the Victorian source material to the contemporary period, there is very little else to the representation of Chineseness; it seems that Sherlock Holmes can use SMS messaging and GPS tracking, but Chinese culture is rendered remarkably narrow via such reductive stereotypes.- [Sherlock and the representation of Chineseness]

Unfortunately Steven Moffat, who definitely has a problem with racism – his “modern” Holmes has faced down the Yellow Peril (“Blind Banker”) and dressed like a scimitar-waving Lawrence of Arabia to rescue Irene Adler in some sinister Middle-Eastern locale (“Scandal in Belgravia”) – focuses on the “exotic travels abroad” hiatus story instead of coming up with another reason for Holmes’ disappearance. So the first thing we see in the mini-sode is a montage that boils down to the Great White Detective benevolently lending his skills to bewildered and grateful brown foreigners. - [It’s official: Elementary has spoiled me for Sherlock BBC’s casual racism.]

Given that Sherlock Holmes – the master detective who possesses the power to bring duplicitous people to their knees just through the power of his insight – then why as a character could he not ‘see through’ the obvious anti-Chinese racism that appeared throughout the script of the 2010 episode of Sherlock entitled ‘The Blind Banker’ (S1E2)? - [Sherlock Could Not See Through the Racism]

This is the crap that Steve Thompson’s script for TBB gave everyone to work with: Soo Lin Yao, a fragile little porcelain Chinese doll; a stupid brute of a Sikh warrior; Japanese geisha nicknacks for sale in a Chinese…not a shop…the script calls it an emporium… The script also tells the production designer to put up images of every non-Western character set that comes to mind (as if Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t know the difference between Greek and Chinese and Hebrew and Arabic and … ancient hieroglyphics!?) - [A Strange Yellow Squiggle: Racism in The Blind Banker]

Suddenly, my heart sinks and I realise it’s all Black Lotus, Tongs (you should see my Terror of the Curling Tongs), drugs and torture. For are we not a cruel race, as the clever programme-makers have noticed? A series of killings and a trail of yellow-themed clues lead our intrepid heroes into the dangers of Soho Chinatown where even the shop assistants are … sinister. - [Sherlock and wily orientals: Blind Banker, Episode 2 review]

You can also check out [this gifset] by @heroscafe, which shows the most important people of color in the first season of BBC Sherlock. For reference, the most important people of color in S1 are: 

  • Ella Thompson, a black therapist who gets around two minutes of screentime and who Sherlock calls an idiot.
  • Sally Donovan, a black detective who gets something like five minutes of screentime and is constantly demeaned and insulted by Sherlock in her few scenes.
  • Soo Lin Yao, the Chinese girl described as a “fragile little doll”, who dies.
  • A couple nameless Chinese villains who end up all dead.
  • A black guard of the palace who has like five minutes on screen and nearly dies.

I’m not gonna bother showing you screencaps of the show because it’s been years since I blissfully deleted all my pirated episodes of BBC Sherlock from my hard-drive, but if you really don’t yet believe that it’s a pile of flaming shit, I challenge you to go look through the show and screencap the crowd scenes during the show. 

You’ll find that, except for the racist episode in China Town and the racist episode in the Middle East, all group shots/crowd shots are compromised nearly entirely of white people, with next to no people of color even in the background.

This is in itself racist, since the official demographics for London show that at least 40% (nearly half!) of the city is inhabited by people of color. [link] The construction of a reality where people of color should exist yet they are magically erased for no reason other than Moffat not wanting to have brown and black faces visible in his scenes is racist.

BBC Sherlock is also ableist and has abuse apologia

Today we understand that both the early-years environment and genetics play a role in the development of psychopathic personality disorder. Sociopathy as a term is defunct – please stop using it, Sherlock, psychiatry has moved on. - [Dear Sherlock, stop calling yourself a sociopath!]

So, Elementary fandom has talked about gaslighting before, and how it is used in abusive relationships. We’ve seen Irene/Moriarty do this to Sherlock in Elementary, and the same pattern appears in the newly-aired Sherlock with Sherlock and John. - [This gifset] by @stardust-rain shows how BBC!Sherlock is an abuser, which is never acknowledged in-show (unlike Elementary!Moriarty, who is explicitly described as an abuser repeatedly).

Other good reads

There are many things wrong with the BBC’s TV show “Sherlock.” People have been blinded by its lead actors and cinematography for too long. Underneath the admittedly stunning scenery and strong start, Sherlock is sexist and homophobic. - [What You Don’t Realize About Sherlock]

A brief glimpse of the new Sherlock trailer may have sent the internet into a frenzy (admittedly, much of it over John Watson’s moustache – WTF, John?) but, in what feels like a very long absence, has the BBC show’s claim to be the ultimate modern day Holmes been usurped by a pretender from overseas? It may seem heresy even to ask – but is Elementary actually better than Sherlock? - [Why ELEMENTARY Is Better Than SHERLOCK]

By the time I decided to finally watch Elementary rather than just make jokes at its expense, the entire first season had aired. Like Sherlock, Elementary season 1 was concerned with establishing the relationship between Holmes and Watson, and the villainy of Moriarty. On both fronts, it was vastly superior. - [Why ‘Elementary’ is better than ‘Sherlock’]

When Elementary premiered on CBS back in 2012, it drew heavy comparisons to BBC’s Sherlock. Sherlock’s rabid fans were not too pleased that there would be another Holmes-based series on television. They bashed the premise for being a rip-off (how you can rip off an interpretation of an iconic character in literature is beyond me) and the casting choices. However after watching three seasons of Elementary, I can firmly say that it is miles better than Sherlock for a couple of reasons. - [WHY ELEMENTARY IS BETTER THAN SHERLOCK]

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I get that V and RIka have an abusive relationship and all, but I think it's a bit unfair that you're attacking the people who admire V's love for her. It's unconditional love, he loves her despite her mental illness. i love all your writing but you made other posts just shitting on rika and you need to stop demonising her and it makes me want to unfollow. She's mentally ill and can't control herself it was v's job to make sure she gets the treatment she needs and he didn't do that.

This ask is so fucking wrong that I don’t even know what to start addressing first.

I’ve said this in the tags but I guess not everyone reads them - loving someone shouldn’t harm you in ANY way. Loving someone shouldn’t jeopardise your safety or health. It shouldn’t make you feel anxious. It shouldn’t leave you traumatised. It shouldn’t make you do harmful things that you otherwise wouldn’t have done if you weren’t involved with that person. This obviously goes for ALL types of relationships - familial, platonic, and in this case, romantic. Fuck outta my face with that “unconditional love” bullshit. V was manipulated. Rika kept saying some emotionally manipulative shit to him like “you don’t love me, prove to me that you do”/“don’t leave me like everyone else has” and even fucking BLINDED him just to prove a point to herself. V’s relationship with Rika negatively impacted him - throughout the game, everyone talks about how much he changed; how he’s gotten more isolated, more quiet, etc. and everyone assumed that it’s because of her “suicide” but she was alive. It was his relationship with her that changed him, not her faked death.

What you’re basically saying is that you acknowledge that their relationship is abusive, but it should be excused because Rika is mentally ill. Again, I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat - there is literally no excuse for abusing someone and/or treating them like shit, especially when it’s someone who genuinely cares about you. In Rika’s case, she was still capable of making the decision to not harm her partner. Yes, I agree that V shouldn’t have let her live out her delusions, but at the same time, it’s not his responsibility to make sure she goes to a therapist, gets medication etc. because she was still at the state where she was capable of making decisions.

I don’t think you realise that defending Rika’s actions with the “but she’s mentally ill” excuse is the thing that’s actually demonising her - it paints mentally ill people as abusive assholes when that isn’t the case. If you justify abusers’ actions with literally anything ever and/or victim blame, then please do unfollow me.

uhmm... do you guys hear that?

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u should add a tag called "mod tags" where u talk in ur tags because they're so funny and i love ur commentary and i wanna whitelist it

okay YOU KNOW WHAT ive been thinking about doing this… idk would anyone be up for it?? im not sure if i should put it on all of my posts with dumb shit in the tags cause like. a good 65% of the time its not even funny ill just be like “ooh damb… thats some thiccness rite there… bone smack the beef susan im diggin this” and type it for some reason because i think everyone needs to see it,,, i dunno i might if enough people wanna have easier access to my garbage thoughts

do you ever just do something ridiculously neurodivergent, and you’re very suddenly struck with the thought of, “wow, i am… so not neurotypical.”

Don’t be fucking immature.

Sorry for the rude words, but some people are just way too childish (Maybe because most of us are between 14 and 16 years old? We’re not adults yet ya’ know?)

I’ve seen some people from the YOI fandom calling “homophobic” Yuzuru Hanyu’s fans just for not wanting to see our shit on their tag and guess what? 

That’s because we (YOI fandom) shouldn’t be there in first place.

Guys, Yuuri is not even based on Yuzuru’s career, personality, style or whatever, he has nothing to do with the show, so please stop using # Yuzuru Hanyu to post stuff related to Yuri On Ice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love YOI and I love Yuzuru, yes, I got interested in him after watching Yuri On Ice but Im still watching him because of how beautiful his performances are and for himself, not influenced by the anime anymore.

Yuzuru Hanyu is a real human being, Yuuri Katsuki (who is actually based on another Japanese skater) is a 2D drawing, an anime character, he is not real outside the show nor Victor. Please be respectful towards RL figure skaters, towards REAL HUMAN BEINGS and stop filling up their tags with fanarts and comics and stuff that is not related to them. 

(probably gonna loose followers but idc since I also feel kinda frustated everytime I see something from YOI on Yuzu’s tag)


HEY GUYS, i’m sure you love seeing these badass vagilantes beat the shit out of rapists as much as i do but they need your help 
there are four more episodes left in the first season of sweet vicious but after that the future of this incredible show is not set in stone. there may not even be a future, this show has yet to be renewed for a second season 
i know not everyone can watch this show through mtv and give it the ratings it deserves but please, please tell mtv you like it. 
tell them you want a second season. tell them how much it means to you. 

do you want to see ophelia’s bisexuality explored? do you want to see the way jules and ophelia’s friendship develops? do you want to see more of kennedy or any of the zeta girls? more of harris being adorable? do you just want to see cool montages of the girls beating people up? 

tweet them, facebook them, tumblr them, email them, hell even mail them a letter but DON’T LEAVE THEM ALONE! KEEP TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THIS SHOW 
i would be devastated if this show didn’t get the time it deserves to tell its story. please. 
communicate it to @mtv in any way you can that you want more of this show.

Saphael and Malec: Boyfriend does my make up tag AU!

But it’s Simon and Alec doing Raphael’s and Magnus’ make instead of the other way around!

imagine the shit show!

“Alec honey that’s not enough glitter!” “OH TOOO MUCH GLITTER”

“Poke me in the eye one more time Simon and I’m tossing you into the sun”


Aries: Freezing screens right at the good part.


Gemini: Spotify ads

Cancer: Slow wifi

Leo: Slow people


Libra: People that don’t tuck in their sheets. TUCK THEM

Scorpio: Binder clips that won’t fully cLOSE

Sagittarius: Sharp things on a chalkboard; silver utensils scratching on plates

Capricorn: Wet. Socks.

Aquarius: People that cough in your face, or sneeze your way. ON PURPOSE.

Pisces: Smudged screens


Third part of what’s happening after Braham’s speech in “A crack in the Ice”.

This shit is too long, I don’t know anymore if the dialogues really mean what I wanted to write. Aaaaaand I’m fed up making this part so here you go!

I personally think The Commander is about to go nuts. Especially the sylvari ones. Why? Because they’re not even few minutes old and they already have to do… a lot… That plus Mordry/HoT.

Full story tagged under “A crack in sanity” on my blog.

Aaaand, the bonus I’m pretty sure everyone was waiting for it :

I know Rox, I know.



Look mate, you can hate my ship all you want. Hate every damn detail about it. You can hate even the little things about it. But for the love of god, don’t hate the shippers. Now that myotpkissed is back the riarkle tag if filling up with shit and the anti-riarkle isn’t being tagged right and goddamn it I’m so tired of being called ableist, racist, and homophobic. I a goddamn multi-shipper what do you expect from me? It’s also honestly not helping my anxiety. So please just tag the ships right if you’re gonna bitch about someone and please, please, please be gentle with words. This isn’t only for me this is also to anyone who is tired. Please.

For the mounting questions of “Are Weiss and Neptune together is this Au?” Simple answer Yes, they are together but it was more fun to hint at it. 
Weiss is running the Schnee Dust Company now and Neptune is a Hunter so they are not always together but their relationship is good.
Yeah I ship it. If you don’t sorry. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

rules: tag 20 followers you want to get to know better

tagged by the amazing @fuckyeahrogueone <3

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The whole crushing-on-your-straight friend cliché is so unfairly real

But then there’re also the extremely inconvenient problems that come with it, but people seem to just choose not to mention it, like…

But is she/he really straight?

Maybe I should drop hints that I’m not?

Oh shit, now she/he thinks that I’m not straight, I better talk about something straight-y

No, wait, what if she/he was ok with me not being straight? What if she/he liked it? What if she/he also likes me?

I better talk about something non-straight-y


Well, shit.

The fact that Mick referred to the three of them as “killer, klepto, and pyro” is just the actual cutest thing?????
they all like each other so much more than any of them like their other teammates and it’s cute, even Mick groups them together, not just Sara and Len, though the two former do it more often.
What I like even more than this is that this has stuck within the fandom like I squeal every time I see it in a fic title or the tags of a post like.
this is some GOOD shit.
good shit right there.