what do i even tag idk

Get to know me tag

i was tagged by @mojozozoeffie

1. Are you named after someone?

nah, my parents just liked that name lmao

2. When is the last time you cried?

idk… i cry a lot

3. Do you like your handwriting?

When i don’t write like im half asleep half drugged half dead, yea. Otherwise its like, alien writing, i dont even understand my own shit tbh

4. What is your favourite lunch meat?

beef and chicken

5. Do you have kids?

no… but i want to have a corgi….

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

yea, maybe, im pretty chill and i try my best to be nice to everyone cuz everyone deserves some sweet kindness ( well, not all but still )

7. Do you use sarcasm?

not all the time, but i do use it lmao i can be a sarcastic little shit

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

wtf… i dont even know what that is

9. Would you bungee jump?

nuh uh, im scared of everything so yea, nah……. only if i get in the mood lmao

10. What’s your favourite cereal?

that cereal that is yellow that looks like popcorn… pop-something… idk

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

nah, no time, too lazy.

12. Do you think you’re a strong person?

physically, maybe, emotionally, not so much, only some things

13. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?


14. What’s the first thing you notice about people?

their face and expressions

15. Red or pink?

If you said pastel pink you could have gotten me lmao

Red, cuz mah hair and some clothes

16. What is your least favourite physical thing about yourself?

My arms… they are chubby and i wanna have my muscly arms back thank you

17. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing right now?

im wearing dark skinny jeans and some white nikes

18. What was the last thing you ate?

dulce de leche ( idk how to translate that into english cuz its a specific cake, 3 milk cake??? idk)

19. What are you listening to right now?

I’m listening to patient by post malone

20. If you were a crayon what colour would you be?

that broken black crayon left in the corner cuz supposedly black is not a very happy color or its not a color at all

21. Favourite smell?

Ive got a lot…flower cologne, roses, old books, new car (lmao), cherry candles, etc

22. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

my homie  my famemely , ms. sour tits ( lmao we call her that )

23. Favourite sport to watch?


24. Hair colour?

red ish, wine ish

25. Eye colour?


26. Do you wear contacts?

nah, i got a good eye sight, but im sure ill have to use them sometime cuz everyone in my family wears contacts

27. Favourite food to eat?

sea food, specially shrimp in garlic sauce

28. Scary movies or comedy?

comedy, i get scared asf

29. Last movie you watched?

mad max

30. What colour shirt are you wearing?

navy blue.. i think

31. Summer or winter?


32. Hugs or kisses?

both, give me them hugs and kisses, me love them

33. What book are you currently reading?

pfffffft. what book?? the only words i read are fanfics huhuhuhuhuhu

34. Who do you miss right now?

i miss a certain someone u__u

35. What is on your mouse pad?

nothing, i use the wacom for everthing lmao

36. What is the last tv show you watched?

STEVEN UNIVERSE… the only thing i watch on tv

37. What is the best sound?

The sound of rain tapping on the window while thundering not softly neither strongly… yessss

38. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

The Beatles :^)

39. What is the furthest you’ve ever travelled?


40. Do you have a special talent?

i draw some shit from time to time. 

41.Where were you born?

La Havana, Cuba

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you: 2016 sucks

me, an intellectual: The Year of 2016,

it is,

in fact,

A Good Year

ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ Iwa Sketchpage! Pick/Tag your fav. Mine’s bottom left corner for some reason.

do u ever get a seasonal urge to doodle zevran… i do so here’s sum elf doing the ‘dont trust even yourself self’ meme or idk bc as always it turned out differently from what i wanted to draw at first. and it seems im incapable of drawing anything in color im sorry

and i draw for hours not saving so if it crashes i definitely deserved it

DEATH IS A PLACE. but i forget where it is . . .

insp × by @infimityonhigh

  • someone: how can you just lie in bed all day
  • me internally: i have several illnesses that mean that my energy is practically zero and i lack the motivation to do anything, i am anxious about every little thing so i avoid doing things, i have next to no friends and even then i get socially exhausted very quickly leading to me isolating myself out of guilt, and on top of that the world in my head is greatly preferable to the one outside of my bed
  • me externally: lol im just lazy i guess

From what I can tell, this is what y’all want isn’t it? ;]

(I take all requests)

this has been a long time coming  —   so here we go!   i’ve been roleplaying on tumblr for about 5 + years & times have changed but my overall experience has been absolutely wonderful, i want everyone to know that. my time here wouldn’t nearly be as amazing without you all, this community that i’ve seen grow over time & has had the pleasure of being a part of. in fact, it would be very bland without you all!  writing as amaterasu has been an exciting journey & one that i hope i can continue on for years to come. the muse herself has been a light in my life & being able to meet all you amazing people through a character like her?  beyond words. thank you all for being so welcoming & open to a muse like this silly  doggo. 

i’ve made life-long friends through roleplaying & i hope to make many more in the future. no matter whether you are featured on here or not, every one of my followers & mutuals have been a part of this experience so i want to take time to appreciate you all. you are all so creative & talented, & i want you all to know that outside of tumblr, i hope all your endeavours & lives are filled with joy & happiness.

may today of all days bring you light & now as we slowly run-up to spring, i hope your horizons are splashed with colour. 

thank you & i love you all so much ♥

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Teenage Angst Edgelord Baz Pitch

I’m very funny i know and the basil joke totally hasn’t been made a thousand times before ahaha

Also isn’t this the laziest shading you’ve ever seen?? The answer is yes but do i care?? also yes absolutely please don’t hate me

“Together we are stronger,
Together we are unbroken,
Together we can do anything.”

After I saw @earthprincewu‘s new avatar and the whole #relentlesslygay2k16 thing, I just had to do one too.

And I totally did not copy that sentence from the internet, pfff what are you even talking about