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STARLIGHTの皆さま、こんばんは。 VIXXメンバー達の新年の抱負。本日はKENの抱負を公開します! #VIXX #2017年 #KENの抱負

Good evening starlights. VIXX members’ New Year resolutions. Today we’re revealing Ken’s New Year resolution! #VIXX #Year2017 #KensResolution

[sign reads: “To make and release music for Japanese fans ♡”]

trans cr. sprouthyuk


nothing can stop me from bringing this back hahahaha I GOT A JAR OF DIRK I GOT A JAR OF DIIIRK!!! Ok! now that i have that out of my system, i made my own version of a jar of dirk! it has a lot of ikimaru‘s dirk designs and a few canon ones, even ask-oppositestuck‘s dirk. I really hope you guys like it :)

(☝︎ ՞ਊ ՞)☝︎New studyblr!💕

Hey everyone! My name is Eri and I’m 16 years old. I’m an new studyblr. I’ve only known the concept of it for a while but I really wanted to start one so here I am (woop woop!😎).

To explain my username: I live in the middle of nowhere. I’ve the feeling no one even knows my country exists (lol). The fact that I live in a very small village isn’t helping much either… There are small shops around here but they literally have nothing I need. For example: I was looking for a notebook with squared papers but in every store I had entered they only had ones with lines Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑).To go to the closest muji store (or whatever other famous stationary store) I have to be 6 hours in the car/train so you wont see any of those expensive stuff on my studyblr. You may think that I could just buy it online or something but I’m first of all not allowed to buy stuff online without my parents permission (which they will absolutely not give (〃ω〃)) and second of all I dont have the money for it (my pocket money is very limited and I keep buying books …oops…). I will try to find alternatives for everyone that is in the same situation as me so I hope I can help you! 💋(another reason is that the acronym is ‘sob’, which explains my situation very well lolol)

My favourite studyblrs are: @tbhstudying @mochi-studies @puricutie (thanks for rebloging a lot of stuff dude! Keep it going lol) @studyblr @hufflepuffwannabe @spanishland @optomstudies @letslearnhangul

I hope you enjoy my studyblr and see ya’ll!! ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚
*mic drops* *drops a smoke bomb* *vanishes*

The life of a Fangirl :

my reaction when i see my otp, EVERY. DAMN. TIME.

and when the writers don’t put my otp together 

and then .. BAM! my otp becomes canon 

but they suddenly break up

when i search “ sudden break up advice “ 

Unfortunately, i still ship them 

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“All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” (Bucky x Reader Part 18/?)

Okay… long wait, long chapter.  Seems like a decent trade-off, right? Even though I’ve been feelin like absolute shit about it. haha!  Thanks as always to @hispeculiartreasure @clutter-buck and @ladyhawkbunny for putting up with my ramblings about the fic.  And a special thanks to @mellon-collie for providing me with a couple Russian phrases that Bucky.  Hope they seem okay in the context, honestly I don’t know what I’m doing half the time LOL And the list of lovelies who like to be tagged to keep up-to-date: @charlesxcvier @maryjanemjn @berrystained @paulaamarieee @undiscl0sed-desir3s @theoneandonlyowengrady @thelastvaultdweller  Let me know what you think!

On AO3

Parts 1-3 // Part 4 // Part 5 // Part 6 // Part 7 // Part 8 // Part 9 // Part 10 //
Part 11 // Part 12 // Part 13 // Part 14 // Part 15 // Part 16 // Part 17

“Steve’s here,” your voice carried from the living room.  

Bucky had already heard the gravel crunching under tires in the driveway, but he appreciated you warning him either way.  He was already dressed and ready to go as he made his way down the hall. Steve had called during the week after completing his mission, knowing Bucky had been concerned.  During the course of the conversation, Rogers had brought up the idea of going out with Sam to a restaurant not too far from your house.  Bucky had been reticent at first.  The places you had taken him to were quiet, low traffic, but still managed to put him on edge. A bar and restaurant were by nature neither of those things.  He thought about saying no, a concept that was still strangely empowering in its newness despite it becoming easier to accept, but in the end, he agreed. Putting it off wouldn’t help anything. And he trusted Steve to watch his back and make sure nothing got out of hand.  Still, Bucky had felt the minute, cold thrumming of nervousness through his muscles since he woke up that morning, training harder and faster and fiercer to abate it.

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I was tagged by the very adorable @nylonclouds!! Thank you so much!!

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs, then tag 10 people.

❀ Silent Tonight - BiBi 

❀ Worth It - Fifth Harmony 

❀ Arabella - Arctic Monkeys 

❀ See You Tomorrow - Madoka Kaname 

❀ Gasoline - Halsey 

❀ Remote Control - Rin and Len Kagamine 

❀ G Senjou no Cinderella - Love Live! Sunshine!! Third years 

❀ Love is War - Hatsune Miku 

❀ I Know What You Did Last Summer - Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello 

❀ Growl - Exo

My music taste is everywhere lol (*´∀`*) 

Well!! I tag @peachkimchi @peachykotori @bloodlilyvamp @overlord-satan @dissolvingflower @sweetily and @parental-bear 

You don’t have to do this, only if you want to!! Even if you’re not tagged you’re welcome to try this, thank you for tagging me!! ( ˭̵̵̵̵͈́◡ु͂˭̵̵̵͈̀ )ˉ̞̭♡ 

spacecryptids replied to your post: yknow… just so we’re all on the same page

i dont even like weed myself at all lmao (tho what others do isnt my business you do you y'all!) but i have no problem w these hcs and you tagged everything accordingly why are people coming at you………

i don’t know???? i rarely ever touch pot bc it just puts me in a bad mood anyway but… i just made pothead keith hcs like??? i wasn’t telling everyone to go out and smoke dat good kush 420 blaze it rip

survey tag

Ahh thank you for tagging me again @winneresque :3

Are you named after someone? Definitely not, I don’t think I even know anyone with the same name :’)

When was the last time you cried? I cry on the inside everyday lol..

Do you like your handwriting? I feel like it’ll be really narcissistic to say that I do, because I put in effort to write neatly for my lecturers, but my friends told me its illegible. *sobs under blanket*

Whats your favourite lunch meat? Beef all day err day. Hole in my wallet all err day as well :’)

Do you have kids? Nope, probably will never have any.

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legitdarkness  asked:

Your Kard smut really made me cry. XD Thank you!! I think it was amazing!! Can you write something like a continuation or something to it? It's half to diss that hater and half because I loved the theme and I want more pleaseeeeeeeeeee?

XDDD Yo, dude, how does one cry from reading a smut??? It wasn’t even that angsty, or anything????? LoL, anyway, I’ll put this into my drafts, but the 2nd part definitely will not be smut. It will be angst, tho. I might do a flashback to what they were, hoho, or smth like their next meeting. IDK yet xD

I’ll tag u on the post after I post it

03. riddles

genre: kim namjoon | fluff

word count: 2.7k why (for me this is monstrously long how do people even write 10k+ stuff)

a/n: I also haven’t proofread this one and will again, probably regret this hard.  what have i done i was supposed to be studying omigod but this was calling me and it probably makes no sense /screams into a pillow/ 

The wind nipped playfully at your face as you pulled your scarf tighter around your neck. Passerbys eager to get away from the cold, leaving in a flurry and sending a biting breeze in their wake, hitting you seconds after they pass. The park bench was kinda cold, and you knew your nose was probably bright red already, but you weren’t ready to leave here and to go back to the hustling and busy life just yet.

The lights are pretty, you mused, tucking your hands under you as you looked across the calm surface. Orange glows bounced off the sides of the waters from the lamps bordering lake, and there was a mix of night time strollers and those who just finished their late shifts.

Your phone sat on your lap, a dim light flashing to let you know that no – you weren’t forgotten yet, but you wanted to be left alone for just a while longer.

Suddenly, someone plonked down beside you, a plume of white smoke growing through the air as he heavily exhaled. There was a loud clutter as he dropped his phone, cursing softly.

You looked over in mild irritation, after all – you come here for some peace and quiet – but reached down to hand him his phone anyway.

You couldn’t help but read the riddle that was on his screen.

I sit in a corner while traveling around the world. What am I?

‘A stamp.’ you blurted out.

‘Sorry?’ the stranger – handsome stranger – asked in shock. You saw his face clearly for the first time, the cute round nose, pale tufts of blond hair peeking out under his beanie with a clear side shave. The baritone hum of his voice warmed you up and you felt your face begin to flush to the tips of your ears.

You came to realise you had been staring at the stranger for who knows how long, and he was still patiently waiting for you to reply.

‘A stamp – your riddle,’ you stammered, ‘sorry, I think I’ve ruined it.’

‘A stamp.’ he repeated slowly. You could see him repeating the riddle to himself, before he broke out into a grin, ‘thanks for that! I’ve been running that one through my head all day – I kept getting stuck at suitcase, but knew it didn’t feel right.’

‘You’re welcome.’ you smiled back, suddenly extremely self-conscious. You didn’t really know how to continue the conversation so you resumed looking out over the lake, but you weren’t focusing anymore.

‘It’s pretty eh?’

You glanced over to notice that he was also fixated on the shimmering waters. You quickly averted your gaze when he flicked his attention back to you.

‘Yeah it is,’ you cleared your throat a little because please do not start choking up now, ‘that’s why I come out here, just feels like a – ’

‘Breath of fresh air?’

There was a slight pause as you gave him a surprised grin, ‘Yeah, that’s exactly right.’

‘So are y-‘

Bzzz. Bzzz.

‘Ah sorry,’ you fumbled for your phone, fingers a little numb from sitting on them this entire time. It was a call from your mother, no doubt asking when you were going to be home. She can wait, surely, you decided as you swept the red button up. ‘You were saying?’

‘Are y-‘


Stop ignoring my calls, I know you’re freezing your ass off at that lakeside now. Come home now! Your aunt has come over and it’ll be nice if we could have a family dinner?

-          Love, mum

You sighed heavily, contemplating throwing your phone in the ocean but deciding that the phone itself was just an innocent victim in this awkward mess.

‘Sorry,’ you waved your phone at him apologetically, ‘family calls. It was, uh, nice to meet you though.’

‘Yeah, you too.’ He paused for a minute, ‘Kim Namjoon, by the way.’

You smiled, ‘__. Catch you around Kim Namjoon.’

Catch you around.

Catch you around.

What are you, eight?? You pulled your scarf up to cover your nose and your burning cheeks, and turned your heel before he could notice that you wanted to bury yourself ten feet into the ground.

Two nights later, you found yourself in the same spot. Except something was different. You were gazing over your shoulder at everyone who was passing, unable to focus on the calm scene anymore.

You fully blamed him – and yourself. What if he was just a serial killer or something and you were coincidentally saved by your mother calling you back to the home ro – someone sat down next to you and you snapped your head to the side with a strong conflicting urge to tell them that the seat was reserved.

It was him.

As you were awkwardly now lined up to talk to him and he was still semi-surprised about the whipping speed your head at turned at, you felt that it was probably on you to say something first.

‘Um, hi again.’ you croaked out. Super smooth.

‘Hey,’ he rubbed his hands together, the perfect casual image compared to the suddenly tense you, and ‘I was wondering if I would see you again! It’s not as cold tonight eh?’

You cleared your throat a few more times to make sure you didn’t sound like a hundred-and-twenty year old lady again, ‘n-no, it’s not.’

You felt him pause, and then –

Crooked as a rainbow, and slick as a plate, ten thousand horses can’t pull me straight. What am I ?


‘Come on, you can figure it out.’

He repeated it once more for you, but too many thoughts were knocking about in your head that you couldn’t even sort them out for a valid thought to pass through.

‘I’m not too sure,’ you said, feeling a little disappointed that you couldn’t work it out.

‘Don’t give up just yet, I’ll give you a hint,’ he nodded in front of you, ‘the answer is in this area.’

Crooked as a rainbow.

Ten thousand horses can’t pull me straight.

In this area?

Your eyes swept the scene. Maybe it was that child throwing a tantrum at his parents.

…Then you had your metaphorical ding moment.

‘A river!’ you grinned, ‘Of course!’

‘You’re not that bad at this whole riddles thing.’

You flushed a little, ‘only because you helped me for that one!’ you cleared your throat (again, should you see a doctor about this or…?) ‘Flat as a leaf, round as a ring. I have two eyes, but can’t see a thing. What am I?

He looked up in surprise.

‘I might have been reading a little about riddles the last few days.’ you admitted, grinning back toothily before repeating the riddle to him.

He leaned back and hummed for a long time.

You smiled again to yourself, finding yourself able to appreciate the scenery in front of you for the first time of the night while he thought about it.

‘Eyes…eyes…’ his eyes suddenly darted down to look at his jacket before his mouth fell open, ‘a button!’


It got to be a strange routine. Every two or three days, the two of you would coincidentally meet up on the park bench after you both had finished work. It was never planned – sometimes you were there alone, and sometimes he was on his side of the bench wondering if you were going to show up today. Conversations were about a random range of topics, ranging from ‘do you think a monster lives in this lake’ to ‘what is your answer for the Trolley Theory’, and sometimes you both would just sit in silence and enjoy each other’s company.

But regardless of which way it ended up, you both never failed to alternate between giving each other riddles. He was ridiculously smart, and the competitive part of you liked to have your brain work for a more trivial and fun challenge outside of work.

Today had been bad for you. Despite the fact that your colleagues were the sweetest people in existence, you had felt your progress and work today had been slow – and though no one would say it out loud, you felt like such a team drag.

You needed to be on that park bench even more than previous days; it was this pocket into a world where you could let go of these worries and all this stress. A part of you hoped that Namjoon would be there as well.

The dark figure on the bench lifted your heart in a way that you hadn’t expected, but despite only having known him for a month or less, the hunched shoulders and the pursed lips on Namjoon sent warning flags your way.

‘Did you have a bad day?’ you rasped out as you plonked yourself next to him. He yanked out his earphones and groaned.

‘That would be an understatement,’ he said, ‘accidentally spilled water on half of the first year exam papers that I was supposed to mark, so spent half the day hair-drying them. Then right before I came here, I … ran into the head of faculty.’

‘Ran into the head of faculty?’ you frowned, trying to figure out where this was going, ‘That doesn’t sound too bad? Or did he already know about you spilling – ’

Namjoon waved his hand flippantly, ‘by that time half the department already knew.’

‘Then what’s the problem?’

‘I ran into him …with my freshly brewed coffee. He picked the right day to wear a white shirt.’

You covered your mouth with both hands in an attempt to stop yourself from laughing, ‘oh, that’s…unfortunate.’

He gave an abrupt yell of frustration, scaring a few people before apologising profusely, ‘okay, enough about this. I just want to forget it. You had a bad one too, eh?’

You smiled, ‘Yeah, they come and go. Today was just extra stressful.’ You gave a really loud exhale and stretched your arms to the sky and your legs straight out ahead of you, feeling your muscles lengthen out and start to relax again. You looked over at him and noticed that his eyes were still furrowed on the lake before you.

‘What’s the matter?’ you asked gently, not wanting to overstep any boundaries, but at the same time wanting to offer some comfort if he needed it.

‘Well…my novel got rejected again. I swear that’s the tenth time already, and I’m just wondering if I should just give it up.’ He picked at the seams of his jacket, his mouth uncharacteristically turning down at the corners.

‘Do you like writing?’

‘I love it.’ his eyes flared with such passion that you were certain he would never fall out of love with literature, but at the moment just needed a little hand in getting up again, ‘I love it.’ he repeated.

‘Well then, keep trying. I don’t really know much about publishing a book so I might not be able to help there, but I definitely know a lot about things not working right. The universe has funny ways of working out. Sometimes it’s just not the right time or moment for things to happen, and you might be disappointed, but when they do – it’ll be amazing, because the whole moment would have been built for that event.’ you paused a little, ‘does that even make sense?’

Namjoon’s eyes softened, ‘yeah, that makes sense. It just gets hard sometimes you know?’

‘I heard that JK Rowling had so many rejection letters that she made a sculpture out of them.’

He barked out a short laugh, but you could see the issue still pressing on his mind. You paused before speaking again, ‘I never was but always will be. No one ever saw me but everyone knows I exist. I give people the motivation to better themselves every day. What am I?’

‘Huh? Oh man, my brain is really not up for it today,’ he complained, but went along with it anyway, ‘is it your conscience?’

‘That’s a good try,’ you hesitated before reaching out and squishing his face with your hands.

Too close, oh my god.

‘What are you doing?!’ he tried to say (yes what am I doing), but it sounded more like ‘war-dar-you-dahnin’.

‘Cheering you up,’ you said with determination, ‘being all motivational and shit. I never was but always will be. No one ever saw me but everyone knows I exist. I give people the motivation to better themselves every day. What am I?’

‘Ah dahn knah’ ((I don’ know)).


He could see that you weren’t in the right mood tonight. He sat down next to you, ready to just be a comforting presence, and waited for you to steer the conversation – or the silence.

When your voice broke out, it was so soft that he almost missed it.

‘I am surrounded by people but not. What am I?’

He looked at you for a long time before answering.


You swallowed hard and clenched your fist, nails digging into your palm in a desperate attempt to not cry. ‘Ding.’

Realising how melancholic you had made the mood, you hastily tried to make light of the situation. ‘Sorry, I just get like this sometimes,’ you said, blinking away your tears, ‘just a lot of my friends are getting married these days an-’

He reached a hand over and squeezed yours gently, effectively stopping you in mid-ramble.

‘Loneliness is a part of us which we never seem to let go of,’ he said, ‘but that’s alright. We have to embrace it like we embrace sadness, and learn to be alone and not lonely over time.’

You smiled faintly, ‘sounds about right.’

‘One of the publishers finally agreed to take on my book.’ he slipped in casually, sandwiching your hands within his.

Your jaw dropped, and the crappy feelings dissolved as you turned to face him fully, ‘seriously? That’s so, so great! I knew you could do it!’ Before you knew it, you had broken out in a full grin and was trying to haphazardly express your excitement for him in long and confused sentences.

He was starting flipping your hands over in his as you rambled.

‘I’m going to get busier at nights,’ he blurted out, ‘and might not be able to make it here as often.’

You stopped, trying to stop the disappointment from rising out of you, ‘oh.’ you managed to say, before pressing down your sadness and the loneliness which seemed to have reared its head once more. You were still so happy for him though, because it was the right decision and because dreams are meant to be pursued.

You weren’t sure how to continue from that, but didn’t want it to be left hanging on a seemingly negative note, ‘I’m happy for you.’ you said firmly, meaning every word, ‘your book is going to be published and it’s going to be amazing. Even though I will miss these, maybe, if it’s not too creepy, we could exchange numbers?’

He was eerily quiet, causing you to rapidly start to backtrack.

‘I mean you totally don’t have to – ’

‘It’s my turn for the riddle.’ He said, interrupting you.

You really were not feeling it tonight, ignoring how your heart ached at the possibility that it may be the last time you did this and deciding to humour him because of that very reason.

I thought I wanted to be alone, that my dreams were crashing and burning and that I was going to be lonely forever. Until one night I met a beautiful stranger who supported me and listened to me talk and became the support I never knew I needed. I think I’m in love with this stranger. Who am I?’

You had to remind yourself to breathe, before giving him a watery and weak smile, ‘Me?’

He laughed, ‘I’m flattered you think I’m beautiful’ – but you are – Namjoon leaned in, grabbing your cheeks as you had done a few weeks ago, but gently cupping them as he tilted your head to look up at him.

‘The answer is actually Kim Namjoon, but I’m happy to debate over this over dinner tomorrow night.

[[‘I actually thought you were some serial killer at some point – ’

‘you what now??’

‘it’s not every day you meet strangers who fire riddles off at you…you can’t be too careful! and my common sense was obviously jarred by your good looks’

‘I don’t know whether to be flattered or insulted right now.’

‘flattered. always flattered.’]];


so instead of doing homework or going to bed at a decent hour I decided to draw this abomination cuz why the fuck not, yeah??? I like to think I’m funny even though I’m not

this is literally the kind of shit that goes down whenever punkheart11 and I play any of the nicktoons unite games together, we crackship Danny and SpongeBob while we play and laugh like fuckin hyenas at our own stupid jokes (we’ve fallen so deep into this nonsense, they apparently have a very dysfunctional marriage and Jimmy and Timmy are their adopted idiot sons)

also barabob from the new movie because yes

i think its about time, i stop being a snob (nah im just really lazy lol) and follow more people, and follow more than 133…

so if u post any of the following, just -like- this post, and ill check your blog:

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hot guys….for…anatomy purposes……seriously…..

you can also recommend me some blogs in the comments/reblog-message, if u want, i dont mind :)

Fic post.

I’m a mess with editing, tagging and the such; Ive decided to organize my fic reading, with the intended reading order. 

Will eventually put more fics here when I finish some prompts I have. 

ALSO. I have an AO3, where things are more organized, lol. > HERE

Multi chapter fics.

Someone Like you, someone like me, (complet)

In which Adrien figures things out and Marinette is oblivious

Part I: Twenty Percent:   In which Adrien is a very observant kitty cat. And he doesn’t know what to do about it.

Part II. Mamihlapinatapei: In which Marinette has forgotten how to even. And Adrien is a romantic cutiepie.

Part III. Something Right.  In which Marinette is still unable to even, Adrien tries to Chat Noir his civilian life, and Alya and Nino are da real MVP.

Part IV: Chances: In which Adrien is a precious Cinnamon roll, Marinette has a plan, and these two are so sweet that they give me cavities. 

And since I am shipping trash and a slut for established relationship stories, I wrote more following my first story. Sorry.

Months Later: Part I.  In which there is secret dating, creeps, and pretty dresses. Also fulfills some prompts (Giggly kiss and Jealous Kiss).

Months Later: Part II:  The Party goes to hell and back, . (Fills the prompts of French kiss, neck kiss and I almost lost you kiss). 

Count on me: Alya and Marinette discuss the events from the Winter formal. 

Lucky Strike: (In Progress).

In which Adrien discovers there’s so much more about Marinette. (Marichat)

Part I: The other side. Adrien is curious. Chat investigates, more news at 11.

Part II. Roman Candles. In which Marinette has legs, Adrien has a bad day and Plagg is an asshole. Ft Ladybug questioning her life choices.

Part III: Fire meet Gasoline:  In which the two idiots start and stop thinking. At the same time.

Part IV: Running on sunshine: In which Plagg is helpful, Marinette is confused and Adrien somehow isn’t.

Part V: Do you know? In which Marinette cannot deal and Alya has no chill. 

 Drabbles and Prompt fills.

Call you Home (Kiss Meme: 1.- Morning Kiss). In which is far too cold to get out of bed but someone has to at least try.

T.G.I.F. (Kiss Meme 2: Drunk/sloppy Kiss). In which Adrien discovers the mysterious ways of girlie outings, Tikki was likely traumatized and Marinette is a seducer

Ancient Traditions:  Tikki and Plagg have been looking after Ladybugs and Chat Noirs for thousands of years…  Based on Heacanons with miraculousturtle. 

Something about december: Christmas Adrienette, The first steps into adulthood are difficult, especially if you consider all you left behind.

Sunshine: In which January 1st, brings a lot of well documented regret.

What I Don’t know. PART I Marinette has a very important interview.

What I don’t know Part  II. After Marinette’s interview, Adrien has some things to figure out himself.

Lol, can you imagine the discussion over Clarke and Octavia’s strained relationship and what to do to have them reconcile? 

The writers’ room: “Okay, we said that Octavia is gonna take on a leadership position this season. So, we could have her realize the actual weight that role holds, and all the hard choices that come with it. We put her in the position to understand Clarke’s actions last season, it’s all a matter of perspective at the end of the day. And with understanding comes forgiveness too. Jason, what do you think?" 

Jason: "Mmm, sure sure…" 

The writers’ room: "Great! So we can start working on the scr-" 

Jason: "OR!!! We could kill both their love interests and have them bond over the unbearable pain of having to keep living while the person they love is gone!”

The writers’ room: “…." 

Jason: "Think about it! That would be so shocking and unexpected!! Killing off two of the most beloved characters back to back? BOOM. NO ONE will see that coming. Game of Thrones who?? Fuck, this is such a bold and brilliant idea! Everyone with me?”

The writers’ room: “……..but-”

Jason: “Awesome! Start working on the scripts. I’m gonna go on twitter to lure more Clexa shippers and give hope to the Bellarkers. See yah!”

The writers room: “………………..”

Kim Shumway in particular

When a non-kpop blog follows me that doesn’t show the slightest hint of liking kpop or even korean culture i’m just like

do you have any clue what you just signed up for? do you acknowledge the fact that your dashboard is going to be fucked??

Hello fellow friends. Ok so i havent done one of these in quite a while so i figured why not? I met lots of new people recently also and i feel like i should express my luv for them by putting them here lol anyways. I’ve had a lot of loss of friends on this site and just thank you guys so much for sticking around and being the greatest people ever! This list has some of my fave people and blogs that i could never unfollow tbh. I’m so grateful to get to know most of you and idk man i just love y’all. Ok enough of this let’s get on with the list!! yeah!! (edit cred to my gurl beaubennctt) p.s. if i forgot u its bc im a mess of keeping up with URL changes or i just forgot ok im sorry! for real here we go!!


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Pink Ribbon

okay so hi! I am the pink ribbon anon from @zeurin’s blog :) this is the punishment sequel to the anonymous story I sent her lol :) this is my 3rd fic I have ever written so sorry if it’s bad 🙈 but zeurin convinced me to post it so here it is! Enjoy!~~


You smirked as you heard the front door open. You were laying on your back in the middle of the king sized bed you share with Jin. The outfit you put on was his favorite. A white lacy corset with matching panties, tied up in the back with a thick pink ribbon. You also added some thigh high tights with pink bows at the top, and your favorite pink stilettos.

He called your name as he walked through the house, but you remained silent. As he approached the room, you propped yourself up on your elbows and watched the door swing open. He was wearing a black sweater that hugged his shoulders and chest so perfectly. His jeans were ripped and you could see the beautiful honey colored skin of his thighs peeking through.

You held his stare as he walked toward the bed. When he reached the edge of the bed he held out his hand for you to grab, and helped you stand up. His gaze left yours, and slowly moved down your body, lingering on the corset, then back up again to meet yours. He took your face in his hands and placed a sweet kiss upon your lips.

His hands dropped from your face to your hips as he pulled you into him and deepened the kiss. He trailed from your lips, up your jawline, to play with your earlobe. It’s a weakness of yours and he abuses it to no end. “Just because you put on my favorite outfit doesn’t mean I won’t still punish you. You were very naughty this morning, I can’t just let you get away with it.”

His words mixed with the look of pure lust across his face send shivers from the top of your spine all the way down to your core. He takes a seat on the edge of the bed, placing you right in front of him, standing between his legs.

You reach behind your back and untie the pink ribbon holding your corset together. You allow the corset to fall to the floor, exposing your body to Jin. He lets out a deep sigh as his eyes take in every curve of your figure.
“God you are so beautiful. You look good enough to eat.”

You close the distance between the two of you and roughly press your lips to his. You force him back onto the bed as you straddle his lap. Your lips start to explore his jawline and neck, and you grind down onto his already growing member. He lets out a deep groan, and grabs you by the shoulders. In one swift move, he has you under him, using his legs to pin you down.

He shakes his head at you and smirks. “Now now, we can’t have you trying to take over.”

The smile leaves his face and that look of lust returns. He leans down and presses his body against yours to whisper in your ear.
“Looks like you want to do this the hard way. If you move, I will not let you cum tonight. Got it?”

He pulls back to look at your face. Your eyes go wide, but you nod. You won’t fight back, well not yet.

He pushes himself off the bed, and you watch as he picks up your corset. He pulls at the ribbon until it is completely free, then looks at you and smiles. He climbs back on top of you and holds you down as he forces your arms above your head. You try to pull away, but there is no use. He is way too strong. Jin wraps the ribbon around your wrists in a figure eight fashion, then loops the ribbon through a decorative cut out in the beds headboard, and ties it off. You struggle and try to pull away, but the knot is too tight. Jin smirks as he watches you squirm.

He starts with your collar bone, littering kisses, licks, and nibbles all over. He works his way down to your breasts. He takes one nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud, while he tweaks the other between his fingers. When he bites on your nipple, you let out a soft moan and arch your back, pushing yourself into him, trying to get some type of relief. His mouth travels south, leaving small hickeys down your stomach.

His warm breath on your inner thigh has you pulling at your restraints. You want nothing more than to run your fingers through his thick, soft hair as he flattens his tongue and licks the length of your slit over your soaking wet panties. Your hips buck up automatically and he chuckles at your reaction. He hooks his fingers into the waistband of your panties, and slowly slides them off of you, leaving kisses and nibbles on your thighs. He teases your slit once more with another lick, before taking off his own sweater.

You can’t stop the groan that escapes your mouth as you watch Jin undress. His body is so defined and his skin is such a yummy shade of honey. Your eyes are trained on his hands as he unbuttons his jeans, and pulls them down, revealing his cock, and God you wish he would just fuck you already.

You lick your lips as he walks back over to you, loosely stroking himself. You pull on the ribbon again, and pout when it still won’t give. When he gets back onto you, he positions himself in such a way that the tip of his dick rubs against your clit, and the pressure is heavenly. You try to grind up into him, and whine when he holds you down. “For the love of God Jin, just fuck me already!”

He smirks as he teases your clit again, and rubs his member up and down your dripping wet slit. “Hmm ask me nicely and I might.”

He teasingly pushes the tip inside of you and all of your pride goes out the window.
“Please Jin, please. Fuck me God please I need it-” Your breath catches as he pushes himself completely inside of you.

He starts at a brutal pace. You don’t hold anything back as you match his pace with your own hips. He leans down and bites onto your neck, causing a loud groan to leave your lips, and sucks leaving a pretty bruise against your skin. He reaches up and unties the ribbon, and your hands go straight to his back, leaving scratches all over him.

You scream out his name as your orgasm runs through you, clenching your walls around him, and after a few more thrusts you feel him cum inside you. He detaches his mouth from your neck, and places a sweet kiss on your lips as he pets your hair off your forehead. “Such a good girl.”

He places a kiss on your forehead before he gets up to go run you a relaxing bubble bath. When he comes back into the room, he notices you rubbing on your wrists. “Oh baby, are you okay? I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.”

He holds your wrists so delicately, as if they were made of glass, and kisses the bruises and marks the ribbon made on your skin. He then strips off your tights and takes your heels off, then picks you up bridal style and carries you into the bathroom, placing you down into your bathtub. He shuts off the water and grabs your favorite loofah and body wash, gets in behind you, and uses them to clean your entire body. He then lights your favorite vanilla candle and sweetly kisses the top of your head as you exchange “I love you"s as you both relax in the bubble bath.


AHHHH okay so now that we all have Jin feels can everyone go rewatch their preformance from mma 2015 and die with me? That is the best he has sounded and danced ever. Also do yourself a favor and watch the HD fan cam of him doing the wiggle dance. Jin has been WORKING ON HIS BODY ROLL GID DAMN IT and it gave me in inspiration to write this entire thing HAHAHAHA 😂😂😭😭