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What are the symptoms of ADHD besides hyperactivity? All I've been exposed to is stereotypes of what it's like to have ADHD and I want to learn more!

well here’s what it’s like for me

  • feeling like you need to Do Shit All The Time
  • like, literally every second
  • if you aren’t stimulated for even a second you’re incredibly bored
  • boredom is literally painful
  • it’s worse than death
  • worse than e v e r y t h i n g
  • feelin that sweet Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria™ any time you get teased or insulted
  • when you’re listening to music you always tune it out eventually
  • not picking up on social cues At All
  • actually, what are social cues?
  • can’t regulate attention
  • not interesting = not worth paying attention to
  • hyperfocus for hours
  • did i forget to eat again
  • The Thoughts go from point a to point g in less than one (1) fuckin sentence
  • *someone says a thing* what *person repeats thing* what *person repeats thing again and you still don’t hear them but dont ask what again in case they think ur weird*
  • or, alternatively
  • *someone says a thing* what *person starts to repeat said thing; you reply less than a second after they start*
  • using subtitles all the time so you don’t have to go back twenty times to determine What The Fuck someone said
  • “sorry i tuned you out for that entire sentence can you repeat that”
  • needing e x t r e m e l y s p e c i f i c d i r e c t i o n s
  • tfw that thing u were working on falls apart and u cant redo it bc u already did it and that would be boring
  • long blocks of text are Extremely Hard to Read
  • ur fuckin brain works 12 times as fast as everyone elses. for every ADHD person it’s somethin different. for me it’s puns. ill choke on my own laughter at a pun an Entire Second before anyone else even gets it
  • The Leg Bounce™
  • Disassociation
  • that ADHD feel when you
  • ^^ that one is a True Marker of an ADHD person. only ADHD people understand.
You Have No Idea

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Peter Parker x Shy Reader

Request: Yes

Summary: Peter and the Reader go to school together, however once Peter shows up at Stark tower, the Reader is curious as to why he is there.

Word Count: 1,930

Warnings: language, fluff, adorableness, talk of powers, annoying Tony, shy reader (bc I’m trash). (Err, that’s it?)

A/N: To the anon that requested this, I hope you like it! I sort of changed it up a little bit, so I hope you don’t mind. The length of this, I apologize, holy shit. I could not find a way to end this. *Also, the Reader’s powers are based on the character Catiana (in case you are wondering!) Please let me know what you guys think of it, I’d love some feedback. Enjoy reading!

Walking into school, you held tightly to your backpack and moved swiftly through the crowd, avoiding an “accidental” bump in with anyone that came unexpectedly.

Since you had a few minutes before your first class, you went to your locker and replaced the books in your backpack with the ones you needed today for classes.

Rolling your eyes and groaning as you picked up your heavy Algebra book, you stuffed it roughly into your backpack.

It’s not that you hated math, it’s just you weren’t that great at it, which definitely bothered you since you were in a class full of legit geniuses.

Not only did that class give you anxiety with being called on or not understanding anything, but it was also because there was one nerd who always caught your attention. The one that should probably be in college level math rather than Algebra in some high school. The one who looked so soft and cuddly. The one with the never ending collection of sweaters.

The one named, Peter Parker.

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kitchen sink

James Potter to all children grow up except four: so if i’m john lennon

James Potter: then sirius is ringo starr

James Potter: remus is paul mccartney

James Potter: and pete can be pete best

Peter Pettigrew: ok

Remus Lupin: i can deal with that

Sirius Black: i heard ringo starr was a massive dick

James Potter: exactly my point

Sirius Black: blocked

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Ok the other day I was talking about ceramics but today I have to talk about HORSES.

Because if EU has an equestrian program, the horses totally have the Sight. Horses already go through their lives convinced they’re living in a horror film, one jump-scare away from gruesome, gory death at any given moment.

Because horses are the way they are, every rider develops this peculiar state of being while on a horse where you are hyper aware of everything thing going on around you, but also totally oblivious. We get really good at maintaining a very calm energy while we ride, because otherwise our horses freak out.

For example, I ride Hunter/jumper, an english discipline, so I’m only ever riding inside an arena. In an ideal world, I’d only have to pay attention to things inside the arena. Horses, however, are prey animals, bless their terrified little hearts, so my horse is constantly on guard, all the time, about everything.

Which means I have to pay attention to what’s in the arena, what’s outside of the arena, what my horse is paying attention to, what he hasn’t noticed yet, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will, what he hasn’t noticed yet but will and will very shortly freak out about, AND I have to pay attention to how I feel about these things and what those feelings are doing to my body language.

Because if I react to something that my horse is already a little worried about, or even just react to him reacting, he’ll think ‘shit!! My girl’s afraid of it too!!! EVERYONES GONNA DIE’ and react accordingly. By panicking.

And this is all happing while we charge pell-mell around an arena and over jumps.

So I think if Elsewhere U has an equestrian team, equestrians in particular might be really good at assessing what’s out there, what’s dangerous, what will be dangerous, and what can be safely acknowledged on any given day, lol.


Me: Wow I sure do love Tony Stark, he’s great! :)

Some asshole: Wow how could you like someone who sold weapons?!? ALSO, did you know he was supposed to die in civil war? He did in the comics! Hopefully they’ll kill him in IW!!!!

Me: Wow, I sure do love Anthony Edward Stark, a man and character I relate to for personal reasons because of certain struggles he has gone through. Also, I love how he is trying his hardest to make up for what his company did even though they went behind his back and continued to sell after he closed it. He’ll never forget seeing firsthand what his company did while being held prisoner for months while his life relied on a car battery and he indured torture because he did not want to make any weapons. Also, I love how everyone ignores Tony’s trauma and how it took him months to get help because no one would even pay attention to him and got mad at him for having panic/anxiety attacks. I love him even though he doesn’t know what a father figure is supposed to act like, he’s still trying his best with Peter because he only wants the best for him. Yes, wow I sure do love Tony Stark :)

chris has done a lot of funny things on the age of ultron press tour, so naturally i had to draw steve doing some of them… my favourite is the second one down on the right ✌

College AU! Doyoung

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Style: Bulletpoint

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Mild swearing, alcohol usage

Words: 4.500 smh

a/n: Some college au Doyoung to get me going!!! I’m sorry this is really long and unorganized but I just love Doyoung so much he’s such a bias wrecker like boiidjfaoedklsa;dkj

Hope you enjoy!! If you’re up for it, catch my donghyuck fic here!!

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boyfriend! yoon jisung
  • probably cried on the night when you accepted his confession and sobbed to daniel over the phone for an hour
  • the kind of boyfriend who also acts like that cool aunt and your mom mushed together
  • sometimes he’d be rly rly tired at home but would also insist on doing chores
  • takes care of you VERY well 
  • whenever you get sick or have a headache he always seems to be there to give you water and medicine
  • imagine jisung bringing your forehead to his to measure your temperature
  • jisung: ??? why is your head getting even hotter
  • you: I WONDER WHY
  • appears as if he knows exactly what he’s doing and even makes porridge??? waifu goals smh
  • however he’s desperate for attention
  • begs u to pay attention and cuddle with him
  • jisung over text: pls….i’m suffering……i think i might get a stroke……….
  • you: oh my god fine i’ll bring ice cream too
  • jisung: :DDDDDDDDDDD
  • jisung: proceeds to say i love you in 8 languages
  • he’s the type who’s obsessed with emojis like he inserts emojis after every 6 words and 10 hearts around your name
  • your contact name on his phone changes a lot like first you’re “the sun to my moon” then “my dream” then “if i had to save one person it’s u” 
  • at the end he decided to go with “animals” and when you asked him why he said “because i love animals”
  • honestly if you don’t want kids jisung is 100% okay with just buying a zoo instead
  • dates to a zoo in which jisung fawns over how cute the animals are and how he wished he could just pick them out of the cages but always makes sure to add "but you’re cuter so it’s fine”
  • values the relationship above all else and makes it one of his top priorities like if daniel and seongwoo were drowning but you also needed someone to do your laundry he’d fly to ur side
  • daniel and seongwoo got so offended lmfao but jisung was like listen u 2 would probably be able to save each other through bro power and they were like u right
  • jokes aside he rly devotes himself to you bc love is a very powerful thing which is CHEESY but like rly jisung would give you his kidneys if you asked
  • whenever you feel down in the dumps jisung just whispers memes into your ear until you start laughing
  • IM KIDDING LOL tbh he talks in this really soft and motherly tone and rubs your back 
  • he’s amazing at comforting you he knows what to not say and the right buttons to push
  • doesn’t get jealous easily but becomes a romeo at times
  • not romeo like the overly sweet and romantic one but romeo as in he becomes the ultimate drama queen when you hang out with daniel too often
  • you: we were buying clothes for you calm down ma’am
  • sometimes he’d just be sitting still and basking in the sunlight from the window and it gives him this…..ethereal aura like are you dating a memelord or an angel
  • speaking of memelord u kNOW that he lives up to that name
  • over text you use ONLY his face as memes
  • once u were exposing his childhood photos and he was like “I came out here to have a good time but I’m feeling so attacked right now”
  • VERY fond of skinship. likes having his head on your shoulder while he cries during a movie
  • likes having you kiss him but he’s too shy to kiss you first
  • gets very embarrassed about it and he has no confidence in himself to kiss you bc he’s scared that like…..what if you don’t like it? what if he kisses you at the wrong moment?
  • the first time he kissed you was when he was helping you clean the apartment you share
  • you were mopping the floor while he cleaned the cupboard and then he went over to you to ask a question and….because the floor was slippery and wet….. :^))))))))))) cmon we all know how that cliche goes BUT it happened and jisung crashed his lips onto yours
  • and immediately fLUNG himself off of you and apologized a million times
  • you laughed and just said “hey….we’re a couple babe kissing is normal” 
  • jisung gets a little more flustered and meekly asks “you don’t mind it?”
  • he’s such an insecure lil babe pls remember to take care of him well
  • jisung may not have any particularly outstanding traits or talents but his character as a whole can cease global warming and make flowers grow

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boyfriend!yoon jisung
  • you’re basically rasing a kid
  • a crybaby
  • his sister is your new best friend and you love roasting him with her
  • he is so clingy 
  • he’s basically a koala
  • zoo dates!!!
  • listen i don’t know if you saw photos on jisung instagram but like ,,,
  • a e s t h e t i c s 
  • “y/n!!! take picture of me next to this tree”
  • “this yellow wall look so good with my outfit”
  • “oh my god daniel, look at this cute kitten, i wanna picture with it”
  • “do i look  that cute that u have to take picture of me?”
  • “jisung,,, .. you asked me to”
  • “shh baby, just take the picture”
  • but he’s the best photographer when it comes to taking picture of you
  • “sLAY MEEE”
  • probably have a shirt whit your face that say’s “fan number #1″
  • when you’re not paying attention to he he’s just getting pouty and call you all the pet names that he cant think of”
  • “baby, sunshine, peaches, sweathert, sugar plump-”
  • “wHAT”
  • “…”
  • “i love you”
  • “i love you too jisungie”
  • temple kisses and even more when your head hurts
  • raising a cat together 
  • hates fighting with you
  • 2 minutes in and he’s crying
  • your heart is breaking so you just hug him and you talk about the whole situation 
  • did i said that he is so clingy 
  • bc he is.
  • and it’s even worst when he’s sick
  • “jisung please stop you have to take your medicine”
  • “i don’t need a medicine”
  • “i need your love”
  • “your cuddle”
  • “y/n love me pleaSE”
  • then you probably say that if he isn’t gonna take a medicine he’s not getting cuddles and suddenly he’s so serious
  • love laying his head on your shoulder 
  • always act out the cringy lines from dramas
  • you guys have a lot of stuff with con from kakaotalk friends bc he looks like jisung
  • you’re basically laughing 24/7 with him
  • and if you not 
  • don’t worry he will think about something
  • when you’re sad your his mission is to make you happy at all costs
  • i just love yoon jisung please protect him 

[ahahaha i’m back with more for the kid i just sent you i am so so sorry but i am In Love this place is so cool. I still have no idea if i’m doing this right or if this contradicts canon ahaha i hope u like it anyways]


There are sometimes whispers of The One With Many Names. There are whispers of lots of students, of course, even among the Fair Folk occasionally–but by ‘occasionally,’ you mean rarely, and when the Fae start whispering about a student you’d better damn well pay attention to which student it is.

You know who The One With Many Names is; that one freshman who wears a dog tag (“aluminum,” is the answer you got when you asked what it was made of, “at least, I think it’s aluminum? Pretty sure, yeah.”), a dog tag with the genderfluid symbol and the pronouns ‘CE/CER.’ The freshman who came in pale and mousy-haired and turned into someone tall and dark and with too-bright hazel eyes. The one who went through six names in cer first semester before settling on cer current one. The one who draws people with wings and markings and pointed ears in the margins of cer papers and journals and, if someone asks, whispers that they’re fae.

If (when, rather) someone questions further, or scoffs at her (and one of the two always happens, or else ce’ll get self-conscious and explain it cerself), ce hastily adds, “Not the Fae, not our Fae, these are my–mine. They’re very different.” Then ce looks around as though ce’s worried someone (or something) is listening and changes the subject.

It’s a reasonable fear, that the Fair Folk will take offense, and Many-Names (you keep calling cer that in your head, and even though ce hasn’t changed cer latest name this other one keeps seeping into conversations in reference to cer) is scared stiff of offending the Fair Folk. Ce carries around a notebook filled with the Rules in cer backpack, right next to cer salt packets, and ce shares it with other freshman in need. Ce never lets it out of cer hands, though, instead huddling furtively with those who need it in places lined with salt or iron or protective woods, flipping pages and explaining and elaborating to the ones who need it. You don’t think ce’s realized it, but ce’s slowly but surely starting to make (yet another) name for cerself as one of those precious students who explain how things work around here–without asking for anything in return.

Ce doesn’t realize it, but the upperclassmen see it; slowly but surely, those freshmen who don’t know the rules and thank cer unthinkingly are amassing a debt to her. Ce doesn’t realize it, and neither do those others, but ce is gaining power from these tiny acts of kindness. Even if the easy words of “no problem!” ce throws out absolve them of that debt, the “happy to help!” ce’ll say just as easily is one that does not, one that implies they owe cer later.

Many-Names does not pick up on this. Ce has a degree of obliviousness about cer, but whether that obliviousness is damning or protective has yet to be determined.

Then there are the ones who never got the memo when ce changed to another name. There are some who still call cer by the first name ce used, and no matter which of those past five they use, ce still responds automatically to cer past names before a panicked expression flits across cer face and ce corrects them to the one ce uses now.

Ce responds to Many-Names, too, though.

The Fair Folk watch cer. You don’t know if it’s because ce’s one of the creative-type majors, or because of ‘cer fae,’ or maybe just because something caused cer to change cer appearance with each name, shifting like They do, if at an admittedly slower pace (and you still don’t know what kind of deal Many-Names made to pull that off), but they watch cer. You’re not sure how aware of it ce is, either, but you think ce must have some idea, because cer dorm room has twice as much salt lining the door as it ought to (but at the same time, ce leaves out more vanilla ice cream and milk than cer dorm-mates), and ce wears almost as much iron as ce can get (but ce will freely give some of it to anyone who’s forgotten some). Or maybe this is just paranoia and fear and uncertainty and kindness.

Either way, The One With Many Names is someone to keep an eye on, especially when ce gets that light in cer eyes and starts Asking Questions. Questions to close loophole and make painfully clear every facet of a phrase. Questions about the Fair Folk, and how to “make friends” with them (and then, when you say ce wouldn’t want to make friends with Them, “then at least how to stay on their good sides”), and how to ward them off, and what they do. Questions about Elsewhere.

You have a sizable bet that one of these days, when ce’s not careful and gets caught out alone, without iron and salt, Many-Names is going to be Taken.

You have your doubts on if ce’s capable enough to make cer way back.

being a senior and fucking trying to figure literally ur whole life out for the next five years is stressful enough add in social life, health, anxiety, depression, job and scholarships,, I don’t need my mother telling me I’m lazy and fucking telling me to do more and what u want me to do for college when ur not even paying for itfuck you

The boys want to buy u food (Rajigaze 3/31)

Uruha (reading mail): “I really don’t like being treated. It may because my father once said to me, ‘who do you think is paying your bills!?’ but I just feel this pressure like if someone is paying for me, I have to do what they tell me. Of course I know it’s not really like that, I’m sure not everyone who gives you money is expecting you to do as they say. But I still feel pressure, and I avoid being treated. If I go out to eat with that weight on me, I can’t even enjoy the food, and it’s really just a waste in so many ways. But I heard that not accepting someone’s offer to treat you could be taken as you trying to distance yourself from them, so I thought maybe it was bad that I was doing that, so, this was many years ago but, I decided to try to let my boyfriend at the time treat me. But sure enough he ended up thinking he could tell me what to do. Maybe he had always been that kind of person and I just didn’t notice, but since becoming a full-time worker, I thought it would be bad as a subordinate not to let my superior treat me, so I let them, but it was obvious that –” huh?

(people are starting to get giggly at this point cause it’s getting so long)

Uruha: “It was obvious that he had other motives. But I w–

(now Uruha is giggling too)

Uruha: “I wonder if as a subordinate and a woman it’s better to just genuinely say ‘thank you!’, and I’m sure the person treating me would feel good about it too–

Ruki: *snoring*

Kai: (giggling) don’t fall asleep!

(everyone starts giggling again)

Uruha: “But it just puts too much pressure on me and I really don’t like it, so I don’t want to accept it. Food that I buy with my own money is less stressful, and it tastes better…Is this my Dark Side?”

(everyone especially Kai lOsEs iT)



Uruha: Man that was hard even tho I was the one reading it I didn’t get it…

Reita: Okay so it’s like because of some trauma she has from her dad she thinks being treated equals you have to do what they say so she doesn’t wanna be treated–

Ruki: *snoring*

(Everyone dies laughing)

Aoi: Yep.

Reita: Okay but where she lost me is like, when she says she can’t enjoy the food, but do you already know if you’re getting treated or not before the end of the meal? …..What y'all think

(Kai and Uruha laugh)

Uruha: What, like, “you pay today”?

Reita: Well like, don’t you usually find out after eating who’s gonna pay?

Aoi: Well, yeah, you’re right

Reita: So wouldn’t she not know she was gonna get treated?

Kai: Yeah, but I think she already has that feeling

Reita: She’s in treat mode!!!!

Kai: Treat mode!!!

Uruha: Hmm…..

Aoi: Well, it’s kinda rude [of Reita] to say it like that.

Reita: Yeah I kinda…thought that too

(Kai dying in background)

Reita: I thought, that’s rude!

(Everyone laughing)

Aoi: I mean, she must have been treated a few times before, right?

Reita: Yes…

Aoi: Let’s just leave it at that.

Reita: I’m sorry!

Aoi: The radio is something we make together, you know. 

Reita: I’m sorry!

(there’s a pause and then Ruki says something but I can’t catch but everyone starts laughing, it’s something like u done fucked up on the last show)

Uruha: So, does this person have a Dark Side?

Aoi: I think she was just surrounded by bad people. The people around her were just that kinda person [who thinks they can tell u what to do bc they pay for u]…like, I don’t feel that, I feel like that’s arrogant

Reita: Right!? Like, I don’t even need u to thank me!!!

Ruki: Ah-! I just remembered something kinda similar…u know like…when you go out to eat with a kohai…you pay right?

Hoes: yeh

Ruki: But they try to pay too, you know? So I was like, show me ur wallet fam…and I looked and there was nothing in it… (why is this man so savage)

Kai: Oh, he just wanted to make the gesture kinda thing?

Uruha: That’s cute though!! …But is it really important that kohais offer to pay anyway..? Should they…? I mean, if a senpai is there…

Aoi: Well, I don’t need them to, but…

Ruki: Idk, in some cases is might come off as rude? [if they don’t offer]

Uruha: Ahh ur right…

Reita: But also I hate going back and forth a bunch of times.

Ruki: Ahh yeh

Reita: Like if I offer to pay just lemme pay

Uruha: Just be like “thx” right?

Aoi: I think it depends on the first time you go out. If the senpai was like, “let’s split the bill,” I’ll keep paying [next time]

Reita: Oooooh

Uruha: Aaaaah

Reita: I see

Uruha: Yeh for sure

Reita: Man it’s hard eh

Uruha: But isn’t it cuter if the kohai’s just like, “thank u!!!!” [just accepts]

Reita: Aww ya, when they depend on u like, “pls cud I have some more food???”

Aoi: Yes well we want them to eat lots until they’re full~!

Reita: Yes~!

(I translated what Rei said as depend on but another meaning of the word he used is when u act like a spoiled baby lmao so I guess he thinks that’s cute)

(LADIES if papa aoi n rei take u out to eat ask them to order lots of food for u and then let them pay)

Modern!X-Kids Headcanons

i have way too much inspiration for these so im not even gonna apologize for how long this is…. i hope you enjoy!

  • Literally squad goals and they all have squad ROLES too.
    • The Mom Friend- Jean Grey. Always has anything everybody needs and is constantly reminding everyone to bring a coat (because later on when they complain they’re cold, she can say “I told you so!”)
    • The Joker- Peter Maximoff. He constantly cracks jokes and somehow manages to have a witty comeback to anything you say to him. He also finds a way to make anything a sexual innuendo.
    • The Gossip- Jubilation Lee. She knows anything and everything happening in the mansion. She never spreads rumors, she only tells the truth. Whenever someone in the squad needs to know something, Jubilee is the one you go to.
    • The Queen- Ororo Munroe. Hella respected by the rest of the squad. One of the few people that Peter does not joke about. She is loved by everyone and really close with all her friends. Always the first one to suggest a place for them to go.
    • The Heartthrob™- Scott Summers. All the girls at Xavier’s have the biggest crush on Scott, and everyone is super jealous of Jean. The truth is, Scott is a nerd and constantly gets roasted by the rest of the squad.
    • The Cute One- Kurt Wagner. Everyone adores him. If anyone says anything mean about him, the squad will be ready to fight™. Super innocent and nice to everyone in the squad. Always suggests the best movies (other than Jubilee).
    • The Rebel- Warren Worthington III. Super intimidating to literally everyone except the squad. They all know he’s not as tough as he looks. Gets roasted 24/7.
  • They’re all pretty much obsessed with social media.
    • Jean runs a Pinterest. It’s super organized and has tons of followers. She mostly pins clothing, organization tips, and DIYs.
    • Peter loves tumblr. He tries to come off as a super “deep” person on tumblr. He mainly reblogs aesthetic stuff and music (when he can get the damn audio posts to work).
    • Jubilee aka Queen™ of Twitter. Has at least 5k. She tweets the stupidest shit, but people love her type of humor.
    • Ororo has an awesome snapchat. She updates it a lot, mostly with videos of her and the squad lip-syncing to a song.
    • Scott runs a Youtube channel. He plays shooting games like COD and GTA. It’s not popular at all, but he just does it as a side hobby.
    • Kurt is technologically challenged to say the least. He sticks to Facebook because it’s easy. It doesn’t matter how many times the squad tells him Facebook is lame, he just loves it.
    • Warren uses Instagram and takes hella artsy pictures. His aesthetic is grunge and black and white. Peter and Warren bond over this and share photos with each other.
  • All the girls are hard-core feminists.
    • Ororo is very invested in the BLM movement. She goes to protests on the matter and helps raise awareness around the school.
    • Jean sometimes writes short articles for an online blog about feminism. She’s a strong believer that feminism is necessary and that people deserve to be educated about it.
    • Jubilee helps the guys out with learning about feminism. She isn’t afraid to call people out when they say something sexist, homophobic or racist. She also is a huge fan of breaking gender barriers. At one point, she convinced all the guys to let them paint their nails and do their makeup.
  • Music!!!
    • Jean and Ororo are more into alternative music. They’re both huge Halsey, Panic! At The Disco, Melanie Martinez, and Bastille fans. They’ll sometimes study together and just blast the music in the background.
    • Warren is into old rock music. He constantly rants that music is “all the same” and the music he listens to is “infinitely better” than pop music.
    • Peter and Kurt are into alternative music too, but older alternative music. Peter introduced Kurt to Rush and Pink Floyd, so the two boys love to listen to that music.
    • Scott has an okay taste in music. He likes a bit of everything. The one thing that drives everyone crazy is that Scott will find a song he likes and listen to is 10 million times before he finally gets sick of it.
    • Jubilee is obsessed with pop music. Especially ‘80s, ‘90s, and early ‘00s pop music. She will go from Fergalicious to Single Ladies to Toxic all in a short amount of time.
  • They all watch a ton of TV shows together.
    • Keeping Up With The Kardashians is a show Jubilee loves. Kurt won’t let her tell anyone, but he enjoys watching it with her.
    • Jean binges Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. She forced Scott to watch it so she had someone she could talk about it with.
    • Ororo and Warren watch Supernatural together. Warren loves that they have angels on the show and Ororo just loves the characters. (Warren totally went as Castiel for Halloween one year).
    • Peter is actually really into watching the Food Network and HGTV. The squad never understands it, but he can sit and watch those channels for hours on end.
    • Scott totally doesn’t watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise (he totally does).
    • Kurt is actually really into sports!! He doesn’t understand American football at all, but he watches hockey and baseball.
  • Memes. Oh my god, memes.
    • Jubilee constantly says ‘dicks out for harambe.’ No one knows why, she just does. She even bought a shirt with the gorilla on it that said “Do it for him.”
    • Scott dabs all the damn time. He is the whitest™ boy in the squad. He will dab to any song that has a beat. Ororo slaps him for it (which she should).
    • Peter constantly says ‘bust a nut.’ Jean can’t stand it for some reason, so it makes Peter want to say it even more.
    • Kurt, my sweet baby, doesn’t really understand memes. He really only likes Pepe and refers to him as ‘the meme frog.’
    • Warren hates memes. Or at least he says he does. But on more than one occasion, Jubilee caught him humming “why the fuck you lyin’.”
  • G R O U P   C H A T
    • Jean probably started it because she is the true mom friend.
    • It started off with just Jean, Scott, Kurt, and Jubilee. Then Ororo was added, then Peter, then Warren.
    • Warren and Ororo barely ever text in it. They’re the people who read and leave.
    • Jubilee will double, triple, even quadruple text. She doesn’t care what she has to do, she will get someone to pay attention.
    • Kurt will send pictures of memes and ask them to explain it to him. They all find it adorable.
  • Since the squad loves video games…
    • Scott, as I said before, plays shooting games like COD and GTA.
    • Peter often plays those with him, but Peter is a dork and plays minecraft. He somehow convinces Kurt to play with him and Kurt loves it because it’s a simple game.
    • Jubilee, Ororo and Warren all play Overwatch. Jubilee’s favorite characters are D.Va and Tracer, Ororo loves Widowmaker and Pharah, and Warren loves Reaper and Bastion.
  • What are their phones like??
    • Jean always has the newest iPhone. Her lockscreen and homescreen are the same; a picture of her and Scott. Her apps are all organized into folders and she knows exactly where to find everything.
    • Peter has an iPhone 6+ because he likes the bigger phones. His lockscreen and homescreen are bands he likes. His apps are all over the place; he has about five pages worth of apps.
    • Jubilee has an iPhone 5S because she likes smaller phones (they’re easier to fit in her hands). Her phone is rose gold and she uses a pink stylus. She always has the cutest phone cases. She doesn’t have a ton of apps and only had a few pages.
    • Ororo has an iPhone 6S in black. No one ever sees her on it; she just doesn’t use it a lot. Not many apps because she’s barely on her phone. She refuses to get a case for her phone, but she does have a screen protector.
    • Scott has a black iPhone 6 with a bright red phone case. He’s on it playing games like Clash of Clans a lot. Most of the apps on his phone are games.
    • Kurt has an iPhone 6+ in white. He has a lifeproof case because he’s a bit clumsy. Most of the apps are games and a few social media apps (Facebook and Snapchat).
    • Warren only has photography and social media apps on his phone. He constantly stops and takes pictures, so he always has the newest version of the iPhone so he can get nice pictures.
  • The squad still spends a ton of time at the mall.
    • Kurt loves Hot Topic because he can get clothes to match his emo™ hair.
    • Jubilee could spend hours in Claire’s and Delia’s.
    • Ororo is a fan of Wet Seal because of their metallic styles.
    • Warren also loves Hot Topic, but he likes Abercrombie even more. (RIPPED JEANS)
    • Peter mostly shops at Old Navy and Hot Topic.
    • Scott just goes for the basics, Old Navy and Macy’s.
    • Jean prefers places like Banana Republic and H&M.

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the reunion au

giant shoutout to @heybinnie for helping me with his ilu mir

  • this really starts in high school
    • eunwoo, mj and sanha are in the “good” crowd aka eunwoo is student council president, mj is president of the choir club and sanha is just Pure
    • jinjin, rocky and moonbin are in the “bad” crowd aka instead of studying they’re writing raps and making up dances (if u are thinking tbc GUESS WHO’S CORRECT it’s basically that rip me after seeing moobin with a motorcycle)
  • they very much run in different friend circles, no one even thinks they interact except for when they have too 
  • except when eunwoo was forced to help bin study their last year
    • and that my friend is where the story begins
  • bc unknowing to everyone, except like. rocky. bc bin can’t not tell rocky everything, bin starts to fall for the perfect student president and his stupid eyes smiles and eunwoo can’t spend a study session without just. staring. at bin
  • dating is a strong word for what they are they’re more just boys who end up taking advantage of the fact eunwoo has keys to lots of rooms and therefore can make out in private
  • graduation comes and the group parts ways to extent - rocky and sanha have another year of high school, mj goes to a private arts college, jinjin ends up at another, and bin and eunwoo end up at college together behind all that eyeliner is brains yall eunwoo is a rlly good motivator
  • four years pass in relative peace - except when mj accidentally walks in on binu making out when trying to surprise eunwoo and screams loud enough to almost have the police called, and when rocky forces bin to tell jinjin about eunwoo bc jinjin’s their father he deserves to Know
  • three more years pass, with the two groups falling into a dynamic together
    • mj ends up becoming a wedding planner accidentally, when he realizes after singing at Too Many weddings that he could do this shit better, and ropes jinjin into helping him out as a photographer
      • i’m not saying mj has a whole binder dedicated to binu’s future wedding but he does it’s a hit with the customers
    • eunwoo opens a floral shop, bin, well. bin ends up working at this bar his senior year of college for some extra cash and accidentally gets adopted by the old man who runs it and well, now he kind of runs the bar while bartending on weekends
      • eunwoo ends up showing up on a saturday night after closing the shop and some drunk buttface starts flirting with him and eunwoo is the Purest and can’t see signs of flirting for shit, goes along with it and literally doesn’t realize until bin basically launches himself across the bar at the buttface
      • the customer: I’M GONNA GET U FIRED
      • bin: I’M THE OWNER BITCH
      • eunwoo: i can’t believe this
    • rocky’s a dance instructor, sanha works at a preschool and rocky is fervently dying he’s in love with sanha bc he’s so gangly and wears bright colors and that’s nOT ALLOWED
    • mj and jinjin tell everyone they’re dating after a couple of months working together, literally no one is shocked
    • sanha: what do you mean you weren’t dating before that’s why i got u matching gifts for UR BIRTHDAYS
    • cue sputtering 
  • anyways so the main plot is finally here which is the reunion wow that took awhile sorry
  • rocky and sanha beg to go to the reunion bc they want to see hell break loose but they all refuse 
    • mj promises to update them with gossip every five minutes
  • so they all roll up to the reunion lookin great (think like baby era outfits nice slacks dress shirts lookin fine)
  • eunwoo shows up with mj and jinjin bc bin is late dealing with bar things (bin: NO ROCKY UR NOT BEING IN CHARGE OF IT STOP ASKING) 
  • eunwoo and mj go to socialize with all the former student council and choir people and jinjin tries to escape but mj is an octopus and when can jinjin say no to mj the answer is never
  • people are high key confused with how mj and jinjin together but scrape it up to working together
  • mj just lets out a snort every time someone asks eunwoo about his relationship status and he just mumbles “oh they’re coming”
  • finally bin’s late ass shows up
  • on a motorcycle
  • bc he’s extra he has a fine working car
  • he literally acts like he’s the lead of a movie when he walks in
  • and he came straight from the bar so he’s dressed in jeans and a muscle shirt with a leather jacket over it 
  • dramatic hair push as he walks over to eunwoo and back hugs him and kisses his cheek
  • jinjin records the whole thing bc its actual gold and rocky needs 2 see how extra bin is asap 
  • literally the whole student council is fuckin speechless
  • except this one girl who was the treasurer and who everyone thought was low key in love with eunwoo turns to her husband and is like “PAY UP I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN” 
  • eunwoo turns bright red
  • mj smiles at the girl and pulls out his phone and is like “DO U WANT TO SEE WHAT I HAVE PLANNED FOR THEIR WEDDING”
  • eunwoo turns even more red if that’s possible, bin just wraps his arms around him and kisses his forehead i’m literally dying why am i doing this to myself
  • the night passes without little issue after that besides the constant texts from rocky and sanha complaining about how they didn’t get to see bin being incredibly dramatic in person
  • right before the reunion ends bin drags eunwoo to the library and back to where they used to study together
  • cue really sappy speech from bin that includes “i’ve been in love with you since i first saw you freshman year” “i’ve only fallen in love with you more since then” and “i wanted to propose at the first place where it really all started”
  • eunwoo’s cryin
  • i’m crying
  • mj is crying as he’s recording this all and jinjin is taking pictures
  • eunwoo says yes of course he does 
  • rocky and sanha are iNCREDIBLY PISSED that they missed this
  • and they all lived happily ever after
    • aka jinjin proposes to mj a couple of months later at the venue they did their first gig together and rocky eventually takes his head out of his butt and kisses sanha
cat hybrid!Joshua

okay but imagine cat hybrid joshua:

  • you found him on the streets (idk how, he’s so sweet)
  • he was a kitten at the time, couldn’t shapeshift into human form
  • and so you’re like “omgomgomg kitten leT’S ADOPT IT”
  • so you pick him up and he like immediately nuzzles up 2 you
  • and he’s so sweet at first
  • you’re melting
  • once you get to your apartment, you start taking care of him
  • and he just will not leave u alone
  • u are his favorite
  • and so timeskip a few months
  • he’s technically aged in the cat world
  • so one day ur out getting groceries and stuff
  • and then u come home
  • and u’re like “JOOOSH I GOT FOOD” bc he learned his name
  • and all of a sudden this lanky ass boy comes outta ur room and ur like
  • “what the everliving fuck”
  • and he just tiredly wipes his eyes like he woke up from a nap
  • before he realizes he shifted and is currently shirtless
  • and he’s like
  • “ooooopssss…. lmao”
  • and ur like
  • “…..who r u and where is my baby”
  • and he almost chokes like
  • “pls stop calling me that”
  • and ur like “………..JOS H IS THAT U”
  • and he just kinda smiles awkwardly and nods
  • and you almost die bc welp that’s why he always loved eating ur food and not the cat food
  • so like if he stays in human form we’ll pretend he ages like a human and he’s 21 rn
  • a few months later you’re just used to him being like this now
  • it’s like having a roommate but he doesn’t pay anything,,,
  • and he asks a lot of questions too like
  • “what’s that thing u’ve always called pizza”
  • and u’re just like “LMAO DO I HAVE A TREAT FOR YOU”
  • and that is the first day he tastes pizza and
  • let me just say, he looked like he was in absolute heaven
  • anyways
  • he pops into cat mode randomly and you’re like
  • “jesu s christ u scared me”
  • and he just chuckles
  • lots of purring even when in human form
  • if you take him out in public, he’s like a child
  • he runs around a lot
  • asks what things are
  • excitedly ask you to buy him something
  • and you’re like “that’s 100 dollars josh” and he’s like “but it’s shiny and i like it”
  • he quickly turns into your best friend
  • never leaves you alone
  • he even insists on sharing your room with you
  • of course, you dont care since he’s innocent and just likes sleep but
  • it’s a bit annoying if he’s in human form and rolls over and u wake up w/ his arm over u (not that u dont think it’s adorable)
  • you find yourself falling really hard for him
  • and he’s clueless
  • but one day he’s watching tv and there’s a kiss scene
  • and he’s like 
  • “do non-couples do that too?” and you’re like “sometimes yeah but they usually date afterwards
  • and he just tilts his head
  • “so that’d be okay for me to do to you?” so innocently
  • and you’re like “dsjagfgfldg what josh” and he just shrugs
  • b4 you can even say anything he just suddenly leans over and kisses you
  • and you freeze like
  • “this isnt okay he’s a cat” but secretly ur insides are like “you know u like it
  • so after that, josh becomes really clingy and he wont leave you alone
  • just like an overprotective boyfriend
  • and when you ignore him he’ll hug you from the back or he’ll switch to cat form and lay in ur lap
  • until finally one day he’s like
  • “you’ve been weird since monday. what’s wrong?”
  • and you’re like
  • not ready to confess AT ALL
  • but he needs truth
  • and you cave in
  • “bc i really like you and im afraid you did it just out of curiosity instead of geniune feeling”
  • and he pauses bc he doesn’t exactly know what you mean by genuine feeling
  • but he like feels his heartrate speed up when he’s around u so he presumes it’s that
  • and he’s like
  • “no, it was out of genuine feeling, i think”
  • and you’re like
  • “wdym you think”
  • and he goes
  • “i mean, i get all nervous and my heartbeat speeds up around you,,, is that genuine feeling?”
  • and you’re like “definitely”
  • and then he’s like “well, let this solidify that”
  • and he kisses u again
  • you know he means it that time
  • and he’s like
  • “can we become one of those couples on tv?” and you chuckle
  • but you nod
  • and happily ever after
  • -admin L
NCT Dream Reaction | When you’re absorbed in a book and not acknowledging them

Mark: He asks you a question several times only to get no response. Lowkey annoyed, he spams your phone even though he’s sitting right next to you until you finally can’t take the buzzing and bleeping and pick it up. “…are you serious mark” “u wouldn’t answer me i had to do it” “…yes my mom likes roses why the frick do you need to know”

Haechan, Jaemin: he’s highkey annoyed that you’re not paying attention to him, tbh. Pesters you with aegyo, poking, anything he can think of to get your attention. When you finally sit your book down with a huff and ask what he wanted, he only smiles at you sweetly. “Please pay attention to your lovely boyfriend ily <3″

Renjun: Lol if ur into your book then he’s probably into his drawing. It’s a mutual enjoyment of silence while also being near each other. If he really needs your attention tho and u arent answering he’ll probably break out the tickle attack until you’re dying from laughter and in danger of drowning from your own tears.

Jeno: Wiggling. Lots of wiggling next to you. Stares at you until his eyes dry and about fall out. “…do you need something?” “Attention” You might as well put your book down and give the lil bean some attention because he probably won’t leave you alone until you do xD

Chenle: *screeches until you finally acknowledge him* “…cHENLE STOP SCREAMING WHAT DO YOU NEED!?” “are we out of milk i cant find it” “omg Lele yes we are Haechan drank the rest yesterday sheesh >>” 

Jisung: “babe. baby. hey. hey hey hey. hEY Y/N. HEY DOOFUS” “wHAT” “ily” “>> ur two seconds away from getting whooped im at a good part” “*blinks innocently*” “smh”

dating kim samuel

summary: what would dating kim samuel be like?


  • your relationship is probs likely to start off in an arcade
  • like maybe accidentally getting ur pokemon plushies mixed up?? LIKEDHCHEE
  • then you both continue to see each other
  • turns out for your first anniversary samuel takes you back to that arcade and u both reenact ur date :’)
  • god bless
  • you both would be super hot 
  • hottest couple in the century aye
  • samuels such a shy bean, even being with each other for months and years
  • he still gets shy
  • lots of:
  • “oH MY GOD”s around the apartment
  • too many 
  • frequent back hugs and kisses
  • being samuels #1 fan. literally. if you hear anyone saying that u will fite
  • “babe! you’re my number 1 fan in my heart, okay? dont be jealous”
  • “yah, samuel, im not jealous” >_<
  • lots of like cute ass names
  • like babe, angel, u get the basics
  • sometimes you have inside jokes and jokey sorta nicknames
  • like mickey and minnie?? yKNOw get it get it kKEKEKE
  • you both would be shy to do pda, but still kiss for like new years n christmas
  • that he would walk around the apartment SHIRTLESS???
  • its to the point where you both are super comfortable around each other
  • he’d just walk around shirtless
  • “you like it, dont you?!”
  • “I DONT!”
  • “babe, i saw you squealing over my fancams, dont need to lie ;)”
  • likes to wink to you a lot
  • you wear his clothes
  • a lot
  • big, baggy, and warm
  • lots of snuggling at night
  • you both tend to be either the big or smol spoon, cause you like hugging samuel
  • probably almost broke your skull one time bc u slammed ur head on samuels back rip
  • likes to take u to gym sessions
  • both working out
  • but u dont bc food
  • staying up at 3am, either eating or talking bout deep stuff
  • he enjoys your company
  • tells u secrets about his p101 hyungs
  • ALSO
  • “yah, turn off daniel hyungs camera :(”
  • gets jealous that ur p101 bias isnt him
  • lets be real, u tease him.
  • “jHHCHDH samuel baby i was just joking!! i love u”
  • “i heard you say that u love guanlin more…”
  • smol kisses
  • “i’ll miss u while you’re at work.. do well for me sammie!”
  • “dont call me that >_< i lOVE YOU Y/N!”
  • when he leaves for practice and when you leave for work, you both are super dramatic, like pretending you’re letting go of samuel like rose did for jack in the titanic lmfao
  • its cute tho
  • watching him practice
  • so much cheering
  • “hey y/n, what colour should i dye my hair next?”
  • “pink? try danie-”
  • arcade dates, duh
  • “LOOK AT THAT! its your fave pokemon at the machine! i’ll get you-”
  • “sam, i hAVE TOO MCUH ON MY BED”
  • “then get a bigger one!”
  • you: ;-; help me lord
  • you like to tease him about him when he was in p101
  • “…y/n, we spoke about this”
  • ur like that couple that RARELy FIGhts, why would u both fighttt
  • if you did
  • it will be very heartbreaking for the both of you as young kids (lol sowee)
  • the fights would probably be about like jealousy, if you notice a girl going on samuel and he doesnt do anything about it and vice versa
  • could be something more serious
  • if its about your job or something
  • it would result into you having a break
  • you would stay around your best friends house
  • as samuel stayed home
  • he’d talk to his hyungs for advice
  • tbh its a very rare shocking experience
  • like examples of probably what you’d say:
  • “gosh, do you do anything right?!”
  • “y/n/samuel, it’s not what it looks like..”
  • “leave me alone, im doing work”
  • “I just need time alone, would you PLEASE leave me alone?” harsh tones are being heard
  • “for god’s sake, why does everything have to be about you? someone else is with you, it’s not just about you all the time!”
  • you both wouldnt argue or shout that loud, but if it was serious then it might happen
  • you steal his clothes
  • all the time
  • “yah! y/n!”
  • “i looked at your insta, i saw you wearing my shirt..”
  • “iTS COMFY OKAY..”
  • speaking of insta
  • you both are couPLE AESTHETICSSS
  • samuel loves matching clothes with you
  • he finds it adorable
  • he would spoil the fuck outta you
  • if you eyed something, he would get it
  • “samuel no, it costs like freaking 5000 dollars why-”
  • “i’ll get it bc i love you!!”
  • “….and i never treat you :(( i cant even get you the new pokemon cards”
  • “you cheesy freak… JCHHE WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH”
  • “bc im kim samuel, duh”
  • “ofc *sigh*”
  • samuel flexes his muscles quite often
  • this one time
  • he knows u like puppies
  • being the cheesy cute ass he is, he decides to get u one as your birthday, christmas or whatever anniversary gift
  • “oHMYGOD”
  • “SAMUEL!”
  • samuel gets attacked with kisses
  • “keke, calm down babe! it’s a gift..”
  • you have always said when you passed pet stores that you’ve wanted one
  • but your attention is to the pup now, not to the other pup sammy
  • “do i need to get rID OF THAT”
  • “what!! its my baby im feeding it..”
  • “yah, you only call me ur baby” !^_^!
  • “sHHH samuel its sleeping”
  • “y/N!”
  • samuel loves you a lot
  • also
  • theres gonna be more than 50 i love yous. thats how much sammy boi loves you
  • ALSO hates it when you call him “sammy boy” and “sammy”
  • very encouraging
  • “dont be stressed my love! you are doing so well, you can do this for me ok? fighting !!”
  • protective af.
  • “dont touch her, shes mine.”
  • “chill sam, i was hugging her!” from daehwi
  • his hyungs love you too
  • “only I can love her, idiots.”
  • “y/n! did you eat breakfast?”
  • silence…
  • “oh god, you’re cold right? im holding your hand and you are freaking pale. here.”
  • hands you his jacket
  • “see, its winter. who wears vests in the winter? pabo..”
  • treats you like a queen
  • you’re his number #1
  • you both tend to speak english
  • old ladies like to compliment u both
  • whenever there are parties you and samuel are invited to, when you enter the entire room stops and claps
  • people love you
  • his fans adore you
  • samuel does vlives with you
  • probably the boyfriend tag
  • samuel talked to his fans about being in a relationship with you
  • basically, hes the pERFECT BOYFRIEND
  • legit
  • the PERFECT
  • you are a lucky human if yOU EVEN BREATHE WITH SAMUEL
  • brief summary:
  • samuel loves you so freaking much he would do anything for you
  • support kim samuel on august!!!
  • phew what a story
Questions for MBTI Types

- why ya’ll so depressed sometimes?
- I’m not equip to comfort you but somehow you know how to comfort everybody ….how?
- how do you have so many cares?

- how do you know things about myself that I don’t even know?
- can you tell the future? I’ll pay you double what I pay my usual psychic
- why are you so pessimistic sometimes?

- will my isfp kid need art lessons or is being artistically gifted a preprogrammed function? I’m kinda cheap ya know $$$$
- when I say ‘long term’, how far do you think I’m talking about?
- if you had to give up 1 artistic pursuit (but you can reclaim it in your next life), which would u choose?

- do you have a hidden set of antennae for picking up gossip?
- can we switch wardrobes for a day?
- do you have a book of savage AF personalized comebacks ready at your disposal?

- how do you not run out of tears?
- if I have a friend who doesn’t want anymore flower crowns, how should they voice their opinion? I’m asking for a friend obviously
- why don’t I feel emotions the same way you do?

- what are you thinking about right now?
- is there anything you’re not good at?
- Your stare is sexy, it’s like you’re studying me, has anyone told you that?

- would you rather use google calendar or a physical planner?
- Did that question turn you on?
- how do you coexist with Ps?

- do all of you know how to start fires or wut?
- how many times have u been arrested? (I’ve stopped asking ‘have u ever been arrested’)
- what rules do you even follow? If at all

- did you eat? (Most likely no)
- was math created to understand and interpret the laws of the universe or was math always an inherent feature of the universe?
- loop quantum gravity or string theory? Come at me baby … I can physics

- how do you have time to work + volunteer + extra curriculara + socialize + fam time + school?
- how come you’re still awake at 4am whenever I drunk call you?
- how do I run a cult? Oh, you teach weekly training classes? Where/what time?

- where your liver at?
- do all ESFPs dance well or is dancing just another way of communicating that you’re single and ready to mingle? (mating ritual)
- why do we only communicate in emojis now? I’m 🐳ly tired

- how do I turn you off?
- how does your facebook profile have sooooooooooo many photosss? Zuckerberg prolly shaking his head rn trying to store all your pics from the spontaneous trip to iceland u took last week
- why do animals just appear whenever you’re around? Do u radiate weird animal pheromones or smtg?

- what’s it like being a productive member of society?
- at what age do you wanna retire? If at all
- where do you hide all your money? I’m asking for a friend

- is there a way for you to deliver criticism without yelling?
- does it ever bother you that your to-do list will never end and will spontaneously regenerates everyday? *Ps reading this get an anxiety attack*
- is there anyone you don’t raise your voice at?

- would you rather sex everyday for a month or $1000 straight up?
- why do all of you have nice eyes?!?!
- what is the smoothest pickup line you’ve ever used (that was successful)? (All of them were successful I know)

- who would be your ideal debate partner?
- lip sync dance battle or straight up rap battle?
- what do you think about Trump?

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she's thinking: HOW do kids even GO to columbine?? like as a school?? how do u go to a school where you KNOW something like that happened?? a PlAcE oF lEaRnInG. i see pictures of the cafeteria today and u what? u EAT in there? that's a THING that people DO? do u just GO to the library and check out a book??? how do ur mornings even happen like bye mom im off to just another day at my borning old regular high school, COLUMBINE. u walk past the spot where rachel was killed just like, gossipping with ur friends abt boys and teachers?? like oh hey, meet u by the memorial after school?? and ur sitting in class and what? ur paying attention?????? shit i was afraid there'd be a shooting at MY high school and people go to COLUMBINE??? like HOW??? its amazing, it amazes me!! i know its not most kids choice, but like??? bravest motherfuckers i know of, wtf

🌸 favorites • may 2017 🌸

hey guys! i’m doing this new thing on my studyblr where i’ll feature my favorite stationery, books, school suppplies, etc. that i’ve used during the past month. for this month, i only have four items since i don’t have school yet so i haven’t had the chance to try out new products :-( i promise i’ll be featuring more since june is ~back to school season~ in the philippines hahaha!

in the meantime, these are the stuff i bought and used for the month of may:

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