what do i do with myself

Working on my piece for @galrakeithzine and-

I’m laughing I am just so goddamn predictable like

oh, oh, whatcha working on there? Got some duel wielding Keith? Let me guess, his armor is gonna be broken all ~symbolically~. His hair is probably blowing in some strange, undefined wind too. Look at you. Look at you with your cracked voltron symbol and your Aesthetic Quotes™. And is that an ambiguous background I see? Never would have seen this coming. So unlike you. Who’da guessed.

when you have a deep nd meaningful conversation with yourself n you end up sobbing in bed at midnight


“Go, be free, be free, be free!


I pretty much always cry on these lines. It’s one of those astonishing Tolstoyian lines, that manages to convey so simply and perplexingly so much of the humor, sadness, naïveté, and profound depth of one of his most beautiful and paradoxical characters.   —Dave Malloy


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