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hi nbv! my boyfriend is in law schoo full-timel, and i'm the one with the less-taxing job and lifestyle for now. obviously, each person's wants and needs are different, but do you have any tips for The Care And Keeping Of Your Law Student? What do you wish someone would do for you? Thank you!

I don’t know if you’re living together or not, but honestly the things that come to mind immediately are domestic—I would love someone to cook for me and do my laundry. Both are so necessary to daily life, but they take so much time. Rather than use up my energy, I end up putting laundry off for weeks and eat terrible food. I just don’t have time or the brainspace to spare unless it’s an emergency.

If you’re not living together or aren’t at that point of your relationship, then I think the biggest thing would be—work with your Law Student’s schedule and give them as much advance notice as possible. For me, between school, work, journals, etc. my free time is limited, and I generally fill what time I do have with homework/studying. 

So when a friend texts me randomly on a Thursday night to ask if I want to go out, my first reaction is no, I have work I have to get done. Whereas a friend (who knows me very well) texted me weeks ago and said she was going to be in town, did I want to go to dinner Sunday night? To which I happily replied, yes, of course, put it on my calendar, and planned my whole weekend around seeing her. 

You can’t plan everything in life, but understanding that your Law Student has a lot on their plate and might not be able to drop everything for just anything is key.

Also, though I hope this bit of advice isn’t necessary, please also make sure that your needs are taken care of, and that your Law Student is not taking advantage of your understanding and generosity. It is perfectly okay to tell your Law Student, “I’m happy to do your laundry, but you need to be responsible for cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the carpet,” OR “this event is really important to me, I am telling you with plenty of advance notice so you can make time for it,” OR “you can pick the night but it’s non-negotiable that we do something together once a week, even if it’s just a netflix night.”

I definitely have been known to use “oh man, I have so much work” as an excuse to turn down social invitations or skip events I didn’t want to attend. The truth is that they simply weren’t priorities for me.

Law school is a priority, of course, but so are you and your relationship. Don’t let one distract entirely from the other.


@ Lisa Catherine

“This photograph was taken in Bonn, Germany where I currently live. I had a little spare time before I went to work so I took my camera with me and used up the black and white film that was already inside my camera. 

I don’t only like the dark, mysterious mood that comes with the fog, but I also do street and travel photography. I am taking pictures of whatever I see, depending where I am or what I do.

I love analog cameras and shooting film and I look forward to do much more in the future. Please go to my tumblr page (analog only) or my instagram if you want to see more of my work!

Thank you 🌲🌲🌲”
- Lisa


min yoonji moodboard 🍷


aaron and eric in a modern au.

      in which aaron posts random day-to-day photos on his insta and eric is all about that aesthetic a.k.a they’re happy and all is as it should be.


Haven’t drawn my space boyfriend in a hot minute. Then I decided a mugshot would be an acceptable subject for some reason lmao.

So long story short, Weyoun, Dukat and Quark are all in trouble (hint: Weyoun started a barfight) and Weyoun is like “YOLO” which is so redonk because I mean, he has lived like eight times so far XD

I just really wanted to draw Weyoun, leave me al on e.

Ouma: [heelys in] So… I heard you liked me [wiggles eyebrows]

Rantarou: what?

Ouma: you know.. someone told me about your little crush, or as I like to call it, panta. Your little pantasy.

Rantarou: oh my god

Ouma: don’t you mean Ouma god [slides sun glasses on]

Rantarou: your puns are horrible

Ouma: well I think they’re pretty … pantastic

Rantarou: [heavily sighs]

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Do you have any spare time in your life to help curious learners give some lessons on art? I mean, however bad you think you are in teaching others, you can still be some aid, at least by sharing what you experience during creating art

I dont really have time to do that, im sorry…  im not an art teacher, and i feel my experiences are of little value. so instead i hope this list of resources made by others can help you more than i can:

Art Youtube Channels:

Free Online Courses on a ton of subjects (including art!)


Inspiration & Stories:

Archives & Free Resources:






*“Art of” Books:

Remember, a resource post is nothing if you dont use it. You can watch videos and click links all day, but nothing replaces putting the time in to draw. You get best at what you do most. Draw the most, and you will get good at it. I promise.

good luck!!!


I doodled Dark and Anti!

Dark is very… like aggressive, and he has a bad temper. As well as he just has spikes of rage or he becomes very VERY aggressive (like in the Horror video in the date with markiplier, he will just start yelling). Other than those things he is chill-ish, acting like an adult among idiotic children. ALSO, Dark is calling Anti “forgotten” because he wants Anti to feel small and unimportant… forgotten. 

Anti is well… Anti. He’s chill. Many times he will call Dark “a cheap imitator” believing he is better (I got this from a comment Jack made on something Mark posted i don’t remember where i put it). 

The first one is them just being cool. In my mind I pictured them being like friend enemies like they are friends and they often tease each other,  but they won’t hesitate to fight over the smallest things sometimes to the point of almost killing each other,

While in the second picture is them in a “rage mode”. Dark is in a state of rage because Mark “Promised him” that he would let Dark in (idk what that means yet I’m still trying to figure that out), yelling about how Mark promised this but never went through with it. Anti has gone into that state he went into in the “Say Goodbye” video on Halloween, he’s basically gone insane and will kill anyone who gets in the way of his goal.

This is so dumb, but as I was rewatching through some choice clips of S4 for fanfic purposes, this little bit near the start made me happy. You know, speaking of a show that does have its moments of attention to detail. 

Here’s Jimmy sitting in Thomas’s throne, reading the paper  and throwin’ shade, just as Thomas always does. 

Until the king himself returns. Look how fast he pops right up without Thomas even saying a word. 

But of sitting at the table with the rest, he goes out of his way to pull a chair next to Thomas instead. 

Goddammit, these two are QUITE THE PAIR, ughhhh. I can’t.