what do i do with my life guys

I would like to take a moment to be really honest with you guys.

I appreciate the attention my writing gets. I appreciate every like, reblog, comment, all of it. I really, really do. The positive comments and constant love keeps me going most days.

But I noticed the other day that my most popular work is my romantic/shippy things. I mean, this is for obvious reasons. It’s what people want. And people read what people want. That’s why I have an influx of romance/shippy prompts in my inbox (I think 15 of the 21 prompts are romantic in nature or include a ship). I don’t totally mind this. I’m happy for the attention.

But I prefer horror/dark sci-fi and I noticed that work doesn’t get nearly as many notes.

And by that, I mean I’ll get 40+ on a romance prompt fill and then I’ll be lucky to get 15 on the darker pieces.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful, please don’t think I am. The problem is I want to make a career for myself writing this darker stuff. I get horror isn’t for everyone, but there’s almost only likes and no reblogs on those darker pieces and it’s killing me. I almost feel like I’m wasting my time writing these things even though I’m far more passionate about them.

It’s part of the reason I’ve been in a writing rut with prompt fills. The romance is fine, it’s just not what I’m passionate about and I’m losing my passion to write all prompts in general because what I am passionate about it’s getting as much attention.

Am I doing something wrong with those pieces? Is there something I’m missing? Are they just not connecting? Are people just not interested? Are they not willing to reblog darker material?

I need to know.


bye for now....

okay so i finally made my decision

i have been feeling really sad, depress and out of energy for this past month

i always question myself like “why do i exist?”, whats my reason of living?” “why do i fail in life?” “would everyone’s life be better if i didn’t exist?”

this may sound pretty dumb but i always have these thoughts running through my head

this feeling comes and goes, i try to smile but i just dont feel happy ://////

so i guess i’ll be going on hiatus for who knows how long

i hope you guys do well  and take care and im sorry


“when you feel like giving up, remember who you’re doing it for.”

I think we all need this after episode 11 and the upcoming episode 12. ಥ_ಥ I’m in denial that yoi is ending ok? let me weep in peace 

(also for anyone who’s tired/stressed out in life)


Yuuri definitely has the Viktor one plastered to his wall, nothing can make me think otherwise.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

every episode of house ever
  • *episode opens with patient going about their every day life*
  • patient: owww my everything
  • *patient goes to hospital*
  • house: okay guys got any ideas
  • literally everyone: ehh probably meningitis
  • house: well you're wrong give him a lumbar puncture
  • foreman: house despite you being the head of our team we obviously know more than you
  • house: *joke about foreman being black*
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • foreman:
  • house:
  • chase: hey cameron you wanna bang later
  • cameron: fuk u
  • chase: eyyy she wants me ;0
  • patient: oww my everything
  • cameron: the patient is getting worse house what do we do
  • house: pfff fuck if i know
  • cameron: damn house you suck you're a terrible doctor he obviously has meningitis
  • house: give him some drugz idk
  • cameron: wow guys did you hear house telling us to give the patient drugs? damn he's a great doctor wouldn't you just like to bang him?
  • chase: >:(
  • cuddy: house go work in the clinic
  • house: no
  • cuddy: do it or else
  • house: ugh fine
  • *insert some comic-relief scene of house in the clinic with a dumb patient*
  • *meanwhile the first patient gets worse*
  • patient: owww now my eyes are green
  • chase: house his eyes are green and he is literally on the brink of death what do we do
  • *insert a 3D animation of how the disease works with voice over of how it works*
  • house: only a shot of the super-duper-illegal anti-titty deflation vaccine that has not yet been made legal can save him now
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: YES
  • cuddy: NO
  • house: fuk u bitch i do what i want lmao cuddy? more like slutty ayyyy
  • *house gives patient cure*
  • patient: wow, doctor! by some miracle you've cured me! And even the chronic pain in my back was fixed!
  • house: yet another symptom of your titty deflation
  • wilson: how did he have titty deflation? he doesn't have titties
  • house: shut up, wilson, you were probably irrelevant this episode
  • *"You Can't Always Get What You Want" plays*

“There’s been a bit of a sad moment for her. She’s sitting on a car, waiting for everyone to come out, and she’s clearly been upset. The guys come out of the building and Harley turns around and kinda just wipes away the tears and is suddenly happy again. I was just like “Oh god, she’s hurting so much but she’s making a joke.”
That is so what women do. It’s like, women totally do that for the sake of not making it uncomfortable for family members, to like, put on a brave face for their kids. I watched my mom, I watched so many women in my life, and it’s just like, they will swallow all of that and just… Women are tough, man.“

- Margot Robbie

Me reading
  • Me: Yas they're so cute together
  • Me: *gasp* no you little idiot don't do that!
  • Me: IT SEEMS LIKE MY OTP IS GONNA BE CAN- nooooooooo don't kiss him kiss the other guy you stupid
  • Me: *sobbing* n-ooooo he was my favorite character he was too young to die
  • Me: *finishes book*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: what do I do with my life now.
Let's Be Honest Here

We’d all much rather prefer a guy/girl in a marching band uniform than a knight in shining armor.

here’s a long list of random prompts

-”hey dude? can you do me a favor and show me where i asked”
-”….spiders. of course it’s spiders.”
-”how the hell do you find anything in this place?”
-”what the hell is in your pants?”
-”you want me to go get what now
-”there’s no way in hell im working with HIM”
-”so you’re telling me, that out of all of our options right now, that is the plan you wanna go with?”
-”im sorry, what was it you said about vehicular manslaughter?”
-”it’s not stealing if he deserves it”
-”im sorry do you wanna repeat that
-”im not drinking that”
-”for the hundredth time, no
-”now is NOT the time for a selfie!”
-”that’s sick. how could anyone do that” “(just did That)….”
-”is planetary genocide really the answer here?”
-”yeah, about that…”
-”im sorry, but that’s pretty fucking cool”
-”that was the weirdest, scariest, most awesome experience of my life”
-”do i have to?”
-”i’ll wear whatever i want, thank you.”
-”dude are you okay? you look like you’ve got the plague”
-”this is fine, right? it’s probably fine”
-”how was I supposed to know that?!”
-”I didn’t know that was flammable..”
-”you’re kidding, right?”
-”we started at the bottom and somehow we’ve managed to sink even lower”
-”who the hell are you
-”this is a bad idea. this is absolutely a bad idea”
-”guys, maybe we shouldn’t go to this incredibly dangerous place- and you’re already gone.”
-”you can’t expect me to forgive you”
-”maybe i can’t hide, but i can sure as hell run”
-”you can’t just waltz back into my life like nothing happened!”
-”get out
-”is that blood?”
-”do i even want to know what happened?”
-”how the hell did you think that was a good idea?”
-”shut up, Satan”
-”i got my masters for this…”
-”im not supposed to be here
-”you can torture me all you want, i’ll never talk”
-”you’ll have to get through me first”
-”it’s my job to die for you. stop interfering with my work”
-”yes, im his guardian, unfortunately” 
-”well, you see, what had happened was-”
-”what the hell is that noise
-”you’ll never take me alive”
-”that’s the dumbest shit ive ever heard. let’s do it.”
-”i can’t believe you did that”
-”it’s a long story that involves a lot of blood, a couple squirrels, and one hell of a headache”
-”its dangerous” “but it’s so cute
-”have i ever told you how much I hate your guts?”
-”you ruined me.”
-”you’ll pay for that”
-”you can take everything, my possessions, my life, but please, dont take her
-”i’ll come back for you, i promise”
-”hate is such a strong word, i prefer extreme dislike
-”stop pretending to be a hero”
-”I may be a villain, but even i have standards”
-”forget the goddamn mission!
-”Im not doing this for you, im doing it for me.”
-”stay out of this
-”the devil is an asshole”
-”you got a problem with that?”
-”if you hurt them, so help me-
-”what is your damage
-”first of all, ow
-”…i forgot what i came here for”
-”are you sure it’s safe?”
-”thanks, i have anxiety”
-”sorry, but im not on the menu tonight”
-”you threatened who
-”if i wasnt incredibly happy to see you i’d kick your ass”
-”you owe me for that”
-”fuck off ghost!”
-”what kind of horror movie shit is this?”
-”oh, paranormal activity. my favorite
-”we were so goddamn close!”
-”permission to speak freely? that’s fucking stupid.”
-”how come everytime I turn around, you’re blowing something up?”
-”where did you get that
-”don’t look at that!”
-”who gave you permission to be here?”
-”hypothetically speaking-”
-”shut up you fucking nerd”
-”okay- who invited the bear?”
-”you won’t be laughing soon”
-”jeez, talk about a weird hobby”
-”dont you find that just a little suspicious?”
-”you won’t have to worry anymore”
-”i’ll take care of it, once and for all”
-”is there anything you wouldn’t do for money?”
-”fuck your eyebrows”
-”you’ve been playing this game for how long
-”could’ve went a bit smoother, but it still worked”
-”hey, we’re alive right?”
-”you didn’t bring me along for just my good looks”
-”how are you so confident about everything?”
-”oh yeah? if like to see you do better”
-”that’s not how this works! that’s not how any of this works!”
-”why are there so many dogs” “why not”
-”first of all, you ignored my dog in a bee costume, so fuck you. second of all-”
-”are you flirting with me?”
-”why do i find that hard to believe?”
-”why must i suffer”

HOW TO TREAT UR BITCH RIGHT: A Guide by Tamlin of the Spring Court

Hey everyone, it’s Tam. Me and my girl Feyre got the best love story of all time! I just got her back at my court, so imma tell you how to treat your bitch right like I’ve treated mine! (:

  1. If ur bitch about to die for you, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch shit go down. lol you could get hurt brother! 
  2. Let’s say you manage to escape ur captor for like one night. What you gonna do? YOU GONNA GET THE BOOTY. that’s right my guy!! i mean it’s not like u and ur girl aint already done the do, but like if u wanna leave a good impression before she risk her life for u… give her Tamlin Jr lol
  3. when ur bitch bout to get her neck snapped, don’t do nothing brave, just sit there idly and watch another man jump in and try to save her. bc yo… u gonn be so tired after watching everything for days ://// like u already tried to give her one last night of magic sooo oh well
  4. If ur bitch gets up in tha middle of the night and vomits and has nightmares and shit, don’t wake up and help her, she’s independent, she can take care of herself
  5. ur bitch cannot take care of herself. lock ur doors. leave her with some toys and servants. she’ll be ok
  6. if ur bitch loses a bunch of weight all of a sudden, compliment her diet!! she look hella good
  7. ***IMPORTANT!*** if another man who wears the same fukin emo outfit every day made a bargain to take ur bitch on a bad vacation every month and she come back lookin healthier, its a trick.. he tryna fuk!!
  8. even tho ur bitch may have won a bunch of crazy ass trials and saved ur ass, she cannot defend herself 
  9. if your bitch tell u she ran away out of free will, its a trick
  10. if an evil king offers help get ur bitch back, take it bc he’s super trustworthy (worked for me lol)

Thats all for now! I’ll be back with book 2 soon!!

Everyone’s screaming about how the bit with molly was cruel and heartless and horrible and how could sherlock do that to her what an asshole, but - guys. That was Eurus’ doing? Not Sherlock’s? She literally said “make molly tell you she loves you or I’ll blow her to bits.” And ok sure it turned out there never were explosives, but sherlock didn’t know that? He was LITERALLY SAVING HER LIFE, I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad about it.

Especially since we saw molly in the last set of scenes and she was fine? I don’t doubt that they sat her down and we’re like “So my psycho sister was going to blow you up unless you said I love you, that’s why that whole phone conversation happened and why I pushed you so hard to say it, it was literally to prevent my psychotic sister from killing you,” and I doubt molly would still have been like “you asshole” after she was given context?

Translation Text message ‘Kollektivet’ (the flat)

Noora: We have to do something about the sleeping arrangements.

What’s wrong with our sleeping arrangements?
We’re having a great time together. Don’t ruin the mood.
Hello? I’m starting to worry here
Don’t you like living with us?
You’re breaking my heart

/leave Britney alone gif/

Noora: Relax Eskild. But would’ve been nice to get a heads up when you’re bringing a loud guy home

Edward?? Handsome. Ammarite?

Noora: Like, I do like the sofa, but the walls are thin

Noora: and I’m not gonna go between you and your love life, but until I’ve found a new place to stay, can’t you just go to their place instead of here?

I can sleep on the couch when I bring a guy home

Isak: On our shared sofa?

Noora: The walls are still just as thin.

Okay not bringing guys home.
I’m gonna clean my room today and change the sheets, then you and I will sleep together Noora <3 you and me*

Linn: Didn’t hear shit

Noora: seriously?

Linn: Sleeping pills.

Noora: Okay. You’re that kind.

* Eskild wrote ‘du och jag’ meaning ‘you and me’ in Swedish. (In Norwegian: du og jeg)

Today, I fucked up... by killing a video game monster instead of the centipede on my arm

So I was digging through my parents’ favorite video games and decided to continue my mom’s game in Onimusha 3. It’s kind of old but it’s pretty fun and I’m doing well until I come across this monster.

That is, both in game AND in real life.

Because when I looked down on my arm, there’s this giant ass centipede just waltzing its way up my arm like “Hey girl what’s up doing anything this weekend?”

But I don’t have time for to deal with this guy and the monster on the screen was about to attack my character. So I decide that my in-game HP was more important than my in-real-life HP and ended up going for a 10-slash combo instead of killing the bug on my arm.

Annnnddddd just as I finish the monster off the centipede bites down on my arm and I start screaming bloody murder partly because of the pain and mostly because having a giant centipede hanging off of your arm is just pretty fucking scary.

Fast forward a few minutes later mom’s icing my arm and screaming her lungs out: “If you even had a brain the size of Justin Bieber’s dick to press the pause button, you would never have fucked up like this!” (Pardon the strange wording, we speak Chinese at home and this is the most literal translation I could come up with.)

TLDR: Decided to kill a monster on-screen than a monster in real life. Ended up with a centipede bite and a roasting from my mom.

Edits + other info

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the wolf among us + colours:  episode 5  →  cry wolf

i don’t know… it seems like no matter what i do, it’s just not enough for her. or anyone. i just— i go out there and i do my job. i put my life on the line, i get shot at! i do what has to be done, for them! but at the end of the day i’m still the bad guy.

Does anyone even realize how important it is that Karkat’s now the troll king?

I mean, he spent his entire life running and hiding from an evil queen, feeding himself with fear and paranoia. But now he’s home, he’s safe, he has his boyfriend and his best friend by his side, nobody is coming after him anymore. He’s in the condesce’s shoes now, but instead of ruling with an iron fist, he’s gonna guide and help all of these new lifes that are his responsibility now. He still blames himself for the death of his friends, but this is his way of making up for that, he’s going to do for this new society what he didn’t manage to do back then. I’m so damn proud of my son, you guys have no idea. His character arc is finally complete.

So, I know everybody’s scared and upset now...

How about the next few days I write a SHITLOAD of fluffy fics? I’ll sideline NaNoWriMo for a few days (It’s okay, I can catch up, it’s only week 2) and just write the hell out of some fluff.

WHAT do you want to see? Do you want me to make the Coldflash mpreg into a series? That little slice of life I posted was meant to stand alone if it needed to, but I can make it a series.

Do you want fluffy Malec? I’ll write you fluffy Malec.

Like-an-old-married-couple Saphael? DONE! Just give me the word.

Fuck, for you guys right now, I’ll go back and write STEREK again. I will write you a fluffy sterek fic. 

Marvel pairings? Give me a Marvel pairing and I’ll give you a fluff fic.

Whatever you ask, I will do my VERY BEST to write for you… let’s say by Friday. This weekend at the latest. I’ll be sure to link you when it’s done. 

Reblog this around because some people may not realized I’m heartsdesire456, but that is me. heartsdesire456. If you’re in any of these fandoms (and many more) you’ve probably read something of mine on MY AO3 and I’m offering you guys fluff to make this week however much less painful I can.


Edit: THANK YOU! Remember to tag them #Fluff Not Fear or #FluffNotFear on twitter so I can add them to the MASTER POST!

Long tem no see!

Hello guys and everyone new!! ;__;  Some of you have written me with feelings of missing my Undertale stuff… I miss creating it as well, but life took its toll on me, it’s difficult to create. Last year was hard on us all, this year started with a gruesome amount of workload that I’ve neglected or didn’t have chance to finish… I’m overwhelmed (to the point of considering to ditch one job…but I feel bad about doing so, since it involves people I care about). But I do hope to regain the creative spark back! Thank you for missing my stuff.

Bucketlist for 2017:

-Continue SPROUTS, it gotten some support from people who do comics in real life. If possible, I’d love to make more chapters and print it one day…

-ANSWER THE LAST GSANS ASKS PENDING T_T_T_T_T_T *feels like a loser *cries in the corner T_T_T_T_T

-Frans Valentine event - I’ve gotten a notice by frans fans, that there’s an event planned. I might take the opportunity to make the Spring cleaning comic come true! I’d have to revisit the script though and cut it shorter! (despite liking the dialogues ;_;;)

-continue Lighthousecmx account - I’m touched by the trust, the answers are done with hope of at least some help. You’ve made me think about my own problems and the solutions… With the workload, I decided to answer some of the asks without many drawings.

- Undertale MV, featuring my bruh’s beautiful voice ( @reethaa ), with original lyrics and piano from @chrystalchameleon ! (feel free to check the wonderful piano part out here)

-Wordless oneshot comic about projection and self-imposed roles (7 pages - need to color it but this one will be finished for sure!)

-I’ve had some nice ideas about Sorrymonster and Pain, they might make it into a fragmented comic as well?I don’t know….

-some original shorts…. that I keep mentioning but haven’t done yet T_T

-unpublished frans art and Echotale art… there are some sketches and illustrations that haven’t been finalized, I want to share them with you ♥

Stay with me as long as you’re comfy ♥ Thank you for trusting me and supporting! Wishing you all a good leap into the next month!

(Valentine….ugh.guhg…ack ;_; )

707 goes back to being 12 pt. 1
  • 707: Starts with S.. ends in x...
  • 707: Oh my god they're having-
  • Yoosung: WHAT
4k, r u ok?

Do you ever look at your follower count and question it?
Because I do. I really do. All the time. Like what the hell are you doing here and why here?

I feel like I can relate to my followers so much because we make poor life decisions: I made this blog and shitposts/memes, and you guys chose to follow me. This blog isn’t even a year old yet and some of you refer to me as one of the dr fandom’s “senpai” and I’m just?? So flattered??? I’M BLUSHING

And let’s not forget the probably the best nickname I have ever received in my whole life, “fanfic mom” which never fails to bring a smile to my face. Seriously, this is just the sweetest and most pure thing and I LOVE ALL MY FANFIC READER CHILDREN OKAY. EVERYONE.

I honestly have the nicest followers? This is all so strange for me and I still find it so hard to believe most of the time?? Like I can count the anon hate I’ve received on just one hand and I don’t have enough hands to count the love I got on and off-anon!! It’s just all so surreal. How is everyone so nice to me? And how are a lot of you so supportive?? Just why???

But also, THANK YOU. I have never felt this appreciated online before and I’ve talked and bonded with a lot of you. I’ve even made a bunch of friends and I’d be happy to make some more by fangirling over dr and whatnot (hello there. yes, you. i’m talking about you. talk to me. i swear i’m not that intimidating.)

Here’s a shoutout to a bunch of wonderful people whom I deeply love and appreciate with all my heart.

Asahina - Gundam

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Ryota - Zzzzz

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I’m pretty sure I missed out on more than a few but I don’t think I can fit EVERYONE here because honestly I love my followers so much and those that I follow, mutual or not! Have I ever told you that yet? It’s true. It’s absolutely true. You are all precious and YOU give me HOPE.

Thank you to everyone who has made this tumblr experience so much fun!

And with that, I’m also going on a following spree sometime this week and the next. I’ll do it as soon as I go back to my hometown for the holidays and get unlimited internet access. And also cats. I missed my cats so much.

Feel free to drop by an ask or chat. Talk to me if you want or need to. Especially if you need to. You are important to me. Take care ‘cause I care, okay?

Happy Havoc Blogging!

Picture from DR Comic Anthology Vol1 - A Chance Meeting