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Hey! My birthday is on 4th of March and I would really love read something fluffy about Everlark, like friends to lovers (with a little bit of drama and happy ending). Thanks! 💘 PS.: Sorry for the bad english. This isn't my native language.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday! To help celebrate, the lovely and talented @shesasurvivor has written this beautiful bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!

A/N: Happy birthday! Your request was for Everlark friends-to-lovers, fluffy yet with some drama, and with a happy ending.  My mind went to an AU where they become friends in Panem after he throws her the bread, so I hope this is what you were looking for!


Gale raps on the door behind the bakery; I hold my breath, waiting for it to open. It seems like ages before we hear the footsteps, a heavy tread that gradually grows louder the closer they get to the door. But my heart sinks before we even see who they belong to, because I already know. They aren’t his.

Mr. Mellark opens the door, and gives us his usual silent nod in greeting. He’s not a very talkative man, the baker, even once you get to know him a little bit. When you think about it, it’s amazing how his son is the exact opposite. I let Gale do the talking, since I’m still preoccupied at the moment, trying to figure out where he is, what’s going on.

After a while, I get the sense that the trade is wrapping up. Mr. Mellark smiles, thanking us for the squirrels. Gale gives me a sideways glance, and stuffs the bread into his game bag. But just before Mr. Mellark is about to close the door, I finally speak.

“Is Peeta here?” I blurt out. The door pauses, then opens again while Mr. Mellark looks me over. He looks like he’s trying to decide on something.

“He is…” he says at last, slowly, drawing it out, as though he’s stalling for time. I can tell he’s being purposely evasive, which means that Peeta probably gave him instructions that he didn’t want to talk to us.

Or, I’m afraid to admit, that he doesn’t want to talk to me.

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Hey guys! I hope you’re having a good week and you’ve been able to see some of the amazing thoughts out there. Props to @katamount, @igsy-blog, @roseymama, @iliveilaughiloveiread, @imaginatvytitle & @duckpotatodandelion for being amazing.


  • The fire. It’s a repeated theme throughout and in these chapters it becomes a literal threat to Katniss, even what she imagines is a jab to her coined nickname. This entire section is laced with literal and symbolic metaphors. Why do you think fire is a such an important symbol for this trilogy and how does it carry its theme throughout?
  • The Careers finally find Katniss and she really does best them and I love it. Do you think Peeta was formulating some sort of plan as they slept? I always feel like the Careers strategy is mediocre at best for him and if he really did have Katniss’s safety in mind, what was he actually doing to ensure it? What do you guys think? 
  • The Hunger Games world is this mix of old world and sci-fi that’s really interesting. The Capitol has access to all this technology where they literally create mutts and arenas that can do whatever they want. Whereas we have the Districts that are representations of the early 1900′s mixed here and there with modern amenities. What are some of the most interesting sci-fi technologies that interest you?


  • I was thinking of silly random things for characters in The Hunger Games. Like, Glimmer is allergic to bee stings. Gale goes gluten-free after Katniss chooses Peeta. Darius becomes the author of the best selling tongue twister book. Can you think of anymore?
  • Post THG-related fire pics, art, posts, etc. You guys are good at this stuff. Get crazy.

  • Make a post of all your THG fan stuff. Art you’ve made, fics you’ve written, shirts you own, cups you drink out of, blankets, keychains, figures, dolls, cutouts, etc…etc…………….

Make a post and tag it with #rethg and it’ll be queued to post sometime this week! Thank you everyone!!!! 


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Silent Torment

Author: @agilitylove

Rating: M (Trigger Warnings: Suicide attempt; mention of drunk driving; attempted rape)

Summary: When Katniss doesn’t think her life can get any worse, someone comes in to save her…

I’m standing at the edge as my mind races. I’ve been at this cliff a hundred times. I came here first with my father when I was little. And after he passed away in that car wreck with the drunk driver, I stayed away for several months. But, eventually, I decided that Prim needed to see it. She needed to understand the importance of this place. What it meant to me and us.

Am I really going to do this? I think to myself. This is the right choice after all. There’s no happiness left here. Nothing I can do to make things better. Prim is grown up and finding her own way in the world. She doesn’t need me here dragging her down. My breath hitches and I feel myself shaking. My heart thuds loudly in my ears and all I hear is the rushing of water below.

“Katniss, please don’t move.” I hear the crunch of leaves under shoes and I already know who it is by the voice. It’s Peeta. I’m sure he knew exactly where to come looking for me when I decided not to show up for our Saturday movie and junk food day. I’m not sure why he’s here. His life would be better without me as well. He’s too good for me. Too kind and gracious and I’m nothing.

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The Evolution of shipping

When you just start to ship a couple

When they’re still not together and you start to grow inpatient

When one person in the ship does/says something stupid to the other

When they’re about to get together and something happens to keep them apart

Realizing your OTP is the most important thing in your life

When there’s no real chance of your ship going canon but you enter denial and knOW THAT YES THEY WILL BE TOGETHER FOREVER NOPE WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE WRITER WILL  NEVER DO IT OF COURSE THEY WILL ITS TRUE LOVE 

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I really love your drabble,how about katniss being jealous because some girl flirting with peeta at the bakery?

Thank you so much! This has been in my inbox for so long, and for that I’m sorry. The first part can be found here, but this can be read as a stand-alone. It’s unbetaed so all mistakes are mine.

Contains quotes from The Hunger Games books and films. I own neither.

If you like this story, please let me know. I’d love to hear from you! <3


No. He’s not interested in other girls. He’s loved me almost his entire life and it takes more than a beautiful woman to change that. A very beautiful woman.

I’m standing outside the bakery, looking through one of the windows. Neither of them has seen me yet and I guess that’s the reason she takes the opportunity to slide her hand up his flour-covered arms. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows and when her fingers reach the shirt she leans over the counter, giving him a perfect view of her cleavage.

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“I think there’s very interesting and modern depictions of women and of men,” she explained. "I think Katniss is obviously a very inspirational, resolute, determined woman. But also, we have Peeta, what one could consider to be an unconventional character because he is not a brawny man. He is someone more emotional. I just feel like they’re embracing a more interesting and diverse and realistic view of men and women in this film.“
—  Gwendoline Christie on The Hunger Games (x)

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My birthday is on the 30th of December (Ahh the big 21). I'm happy with any trope and rating! Thank you so much!! :)

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Happiest of birthdays to you!! To help you celebrate, the always sweet @alys07 has written this delightful little morsel of Everlark, just for you!


A/n: Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day with lots of loves and useful presents. This is a Friends to Lovers au and I hope you enjoy this present!

Clinks and clacks of spoons and the subtle slurps were the only things anyone heard in the room. They were all too busy looking at Katniss to stay anything. She’s always been a quiet and reserved person, but this was different. She was staring blankly at the table, wide eyes and face ashen. Her family looked back and forth between her and each other, but no one knew what to say. 

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Choose Happy

Author: @xerxia31

Rating: G

A/N: I wrote this in the car driving cross-country, and I’m posting it from my phone on sketchy stolen wifi. So please forgive any egregious errors :)

A reimagining of a canon scene from Catching Fire. As such, there is dialogue directly lifted from the book which, of course, does not belong to me. 

The water stretches out in front of me, an almost endless silver sheet, twinkling in the moonlight. I wonder; if I swam to where the horizon is swallowed by the inky sky, would it swallow me too?

“Penny for your thoughts.” I didn’t hear him walk up behind me, the soft sand muffled his heavy footfalls. But I can feel his presence, the heat that emanates from his broad chest as he stands behind me, only a whisper away.

“Nothing you’d want to know,” I tell him, but I’m smiling. He moves closer still, until he’s pressed against my back, one strong arm snaking around me, holding me snug. I practically melt into his embrace; it feels so good I know I won’t be the first to pull away.

Earlier, my prep team had piled my hair on top of my head in an elaborate updo. Appropriate for the party the mayor of District Four hosted, to celebrate our Games win. One of many we’ve attended on our Victory Tour. But by now, long tendrils have escaped and blow across my face in the steady ocean breeze. Peeta chuckles at my attempts to restrain them, I can feel his laughter in my own body. When I huff in frustration, he presses his lips against my temple and I sigh. I wrap my hands around his forearm, holding him against myself. Steady.

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Pinky Promise - An Everlark Drabble

Because it’s been too long since I dabbled in writing Everlark. And also, because best-friends-realizing-they’re-perfect-for-each-other fics are my first and final love.

Rating: M

I drag a stick of licorice between my teeth, one shoulder pressed against the steel rods roping in the balcony, the other shoulder snuggled warmly into the inside of Peeta’s. His ribs expand, contract, expand and contract with every steady breath. His rhythm matches mine. 

“Let’s stay out here a while.” Even though he’s the one that says it, I’m thinking it, too. We came outside a few minutes ago to breathe a little – something that can only be done in Manhattan if you’re this high up – but there’s something about the shift in the wind that locks me here. Or maybe it’s just the slowness of his pulse, which goes so perfectly with the feel of popcorn butter on my fingers.

But, just to make sure this is what he wants: “What about the movie?”

“Netflix isn’t going anywhere,” he says, peeling a piece of licorice from the bag tucked between my thighs. “But how often do you get nights like this?”

He’s right, as always. It’s gorgeous outside, the sound of traffic just a murmur on the street seventeen floors down. I feel above it all. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the seventeen-year-old queen and king of Manhattan, best friends and supreme rulers. With Twizzlers, over-buttered popcorn, and a packet of cheese cubes – a royal banquet.

We do this every Friday night, since Mom works the graveyard shift at the hospital and Prim’s usually at her friend’s condo. It’s been an end-of-the-school-week ritual for years now: Peeta comes to my family’s apartment (because heaven forbid this heathen ever set foot inside Mrs. Mellark’s foyer) and we watch a movie, or maybe two, until we’re bloated on empty carbs and passed out on the floor or ottoman.

I shove a fistful of popcorn into my mouth, chew, swallow, and then lick the buttery residue from my pinky. Below, a siren moans. I side-glance at Peeta, finding his focus fixed on my tongue as it drags across my finger. 

When my pinky is a safe distance from my lips, I curl my hand into a fist and sock him in the shoulder.

“What are you looking at, blondie?”

At this time of night, even with the fluorescent hum of the city washing the balcony of its color, Peeta’s eyes are still a searing blue. I’ve always thought his irises looked like M&M’s.

He hasn’t answered me, though, and my own eyes narrow; he lifts a pinky to brush mine.

“Remember the first time we met?”

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Home Delivery (Everlark Drabble)

This is in response to an anon request that everlarkdrabbles posted earlier:

Can you make a drabble wherein katniss is at home, pregnant and peeta is at the bakery.. And Katniss gives birth alone, and peeta comes home to katniss delivering the baby.

I was really excited when i saw this drabble prompt and got right on it. Hope you like it!


“What are you doing?” he says as I dip my hands in the bucket for another rinse.

I fumble to keep the phone crooked between my ear and my shoulder as I mumble, “Nothing… just some spring cleaning. You know, getting the house ready.”

“Katniss,” his voice crackles a bit through the receiver, “you know you should be taking it easy until your mother comes next week.”

Sighing into the phone, I comply reluctantly, “Alright, boss. Just let me finish this and I’ll stop to have lunch then rest until you get home. Okay?” I hunch over for a moment, feeling a twinge in my back, most likely from all the work I’ve done getting ready for this baby to come.

Once my breathing slows and steadies, I realize I’m still holding the phone. “Katniss…”

“Yeah?” I exhale and bite my lip, cringing that Peeta may have caught me.

“Why did I hear you whimpering just then?”

“Ah nothing, just a little stiffness in my lower back. I’ll finish up and rest. I promise.”

I hear him swiftly inhale, and can only imagine what’s going on in his mind. “That’s it. I’m closing early and coming home.”

“No, no, honey. Don’t come home on my account. Really. I’m fine, Peeta. Stay at the bakery, sell those cheese buns and cinnamon rolls.” I picture him as I’m sure his face is etched with worry, but smile at how protective he is. I imagine how handsome he probably looks at work. His apron is likely on, his hands covered in flour, and his chest filling out that Mellark Bakery t-shirt just so. “And Peeta?”

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I reblogged these draw the squad memes (full credit for the original goes to them) and asked for suggestions on what I should draw and I got this one xD It’s so perfect for them 

If you want to suggest more feel free to do so :) Maybe not gonna do them all but if it’s funny I probably will xD 

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The wonderful @akai-echo will turn a year older on January 7th .... Just saying :)

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Happy Birthday @akai-echo! And thank you @thegirlfromoverthepond for sending in the ask! We’ve written you a little jealous!Katniss drabble to wish you all the best for the next year of your life. We saw a few stories floating around for you this morning, so we decided to gift you a bed time read. Thank you for all your contributions to our great fandom! Rated T. 

“I’ll be right back,” Katniss tells Peeta at 30 seconds to go in the half. She meant to run to the restroom and get in line at the snack bar earlier, but being tucked into her boyfriend’s side away from the biting wind had felt too good. And he smells amazing.

The play clock is stopped anyway due to a penalty, and she hopes that will give her enough time to beat the crowd.

No such luck, she thinks as she approaches a line of women that snakes around the corner in the direction of the toilets.

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Out Of My League - Part Two

Part One can be found here. 

“You have got to see this guy I talked to earlier,” I called out.  Feeling like a new person after a full day on the beach and on Ocean Drive, I still had a pep in my step. “He is absolute perfection.”

The crew I flew with - Thom, Johanna, and Gale - chuckled and mumbled among themselves. I knew they were amused by my declaration. Of the four of us, I was the least romantic, never opening up to discuss who and what I liked.

My frown was deep and set. “I’m serious. If you saw him, you wouldn’t be so quick to laugh.”

“Okay, Katniss,” Johanna humored. “If you’re so enamored by this blonde Adonis, how come you haven’t mentioned about him to us yesterday?”

“I don’t know.”

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Katniss seems to get a lot of flak from readers about how she reacted to the hijacked Peeta by keeping her distance and focusing on her own hurt when it was something he couldn't help. But how different is it than the way Peeta treated Katniss when they returned from the first Hunger Games?

To your first statement, I think readers were harder on Katniss than they were with Peeta because of the narrative itself. In Mockingjay, we were privy to the entire long process of Katniss being hurt and thinking about herself before she finally realized that she should not be blaming Peeta but instead should be helping him. 

In Catching Fire however, we didn’t get to see that process with Peeta. Next time we meet him, he was done with his wound licking for six months and already got the lecture from Haymitch on how stupid he was being for holding Katniss accountable for what she said in the games. When we meet him again, he was already at stage where he was ready to make amends and befriend Katniss.

So because of the way the narrative is presented to the readers, I do understand how readers gave Katniss a harder time than Peeta. I mean, I know I did, if you’ve seen my very first review of Mockingjay, “piece of work” doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt about her actions toward Peeta. But when I reread MJ, I found myself having stronger reactions than Katniss had and wondered why she wasn’t freaking out more.

And yes, ngl, our wish fulfillment re: how we expect our heroines vs heroes to traditionally act also comes into play. We normally tend to be harder on our heroines than with our heroes. We obviously still have a lot of work to do when it comes to changing that, but I also do think that the series have helped some in at least starting the dialogue on challenging traditional heroine tropes.

To your question however, i still can’t help but think there’s a little bit of false equivalency in making that parallel, since their situations after 74th games and after the quell are plenty different, stakes are a lot higher, and things are much more complicated.

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I hope it's not too late to submit but my birthday is September 1st and I love fluffy toastbabies stories :)

Originally posted by kawaii-nihon

Wishing you a very happy birthday! And to help celebrate, the lovely and talented @alliswell21 has crafted this sweet little slice of Everlark toastbaby fluff, especially for you. Enjoy!

Rated: G

Prompt: Fluffy Toastbabies

Written by: @alliswell21

Authors Notes: first of all: Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope I did your prompt justice. This little piece can be considered canon compliant, but it also covers a few of my most die hard headcanons… Without giving too much up, this is my take on Everlark and parenthood! Enjoy!


“A new baby is like the beginning of all things- wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” Eda J LeShan

“Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” A.A. Milne

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