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Small Hyungs and Giant Maknaes

Just a collection of tiny hyungs and their giant maknaes. It’s just for fun. It’s between the oldest members and the youngest so not between the other members. Obviously not every single pair in kpop since I don’t know everything.  It’s cute nonetheless! 

Jinho and Wooseok | Pentagon

Jinho is really super cute and adorable. He’s a 92 liner and Wooseok, the adorable -voice as deep as the earth’s core- maknae is a 98 liner. If you don’t stan Pentagon you should. They’re amazing. But also, Jinho with the rest of the maknae line- Yuto and Kino. This is just my favourite picture, ever. The cuteness wrecks my heart. 

MJ and Sanha | Astro

MJ, the mat hyung of Astro and Sanha the cutest fucking maknae on this planet. They’re so cute I die. Sanha is a 00 liner and MJ is a 94 liner. Also, JinJin and Sanha are a cute pair too. If you aren’t stanning Astro, what are you doing? Sanha is one of my favourite maknaes, the boy is evil and adorable. 

Jinhwan and Chanwoo| iKon

This makes my heart happy. Jinhwan is a 94 liner and Chanwoo is a 98 liner. Look at them. Look how adorable they are together. Like don’t you feel the need to squish them both? I really, really love ikon they get me hype and make me happy. Stan. Stan. Stan. 

Taeil and P.O | Block B 

Taeil just gives my heart many feelings and when he is around P.O I don’t know what to do because it’s a cuteness overload. Like, help?? Taeil is a 90 liner and P.O is a 93 liner! Must protect at all costs, alright? Give Block B more love. 

Xiumin and Sehun| EXO

The fake maknae and the real maknae. Xiumin is a 90 liner and Sehun is a 94 liner. Like pls look how cute? I love them so much. Also, Suho is a very tiny hyung as well, like really tiny like have you seen him next to Tao? 

Himchan and Zelo | B.A.P

Like, there isn’t an extreme difference but I just really wanted to include Zelo cause he is known for being really tall and his dancing is fucking amazing and also ‘cause the picture will forever amuse me and I love b.a.p so there’s that. Zelo is a 96 liner and Himchan is a 90 liner! And Himchan is one of the mat hyungs so this counts! Staannn, 

This is just something I’ve been dying to do. And again, I don’t know every single kpop group out there so this isn’t every single pair and it’s between the oldest hyungs and the maknaes! It’s just something cute and fun! <3 I also do not own the images. 

✩ Indigo 

Im SICK of SM group stans acting like whiny children, constantly blaming EXO for their problems, I cant believe this shit got retweeted 1k times

Are yall fucking dumb and ignoring shit on purpose. RV and NCT both got MULTIPLE comebacks this year, while EXO got ONE during almost AUGUST when HALF the year passed.

What did SM do for EXO besides doing the bare minimum and releasing an album? EXO’s FIRST comeback for the year was sandwiched between two other acts - did you see us fucking complaining? They were present for THREE music show wins out of their ELEVEN. They had ONE variety promotion on Knowing Bros and THATS IT. The 10 minute vlive variety show we have to PAY for. NCT had NCT life variety with multiple season + other free content as well as RV who made multiple variety appearances, unlike EXO. But NO we should shut up and accept the fact that the last time we had anything like Weekly Idol was FOUR YEARS AGO, bc of some measly TEASERS which are the BARE MINIMUM for ANY group coming back? 

For the repackage, EXO-Ls are literally pleading with SM to have it during October, but NOO we’re taking the limelight away from other groups? For f(x), they aren’t getting a comeback bc of THAAD, Victoria can’t join in just like w Yixing and if theres a difference in coming back as 3 than 8. It’s sad, but SM has already tried pushing Lunber and if there isn’t profit made, SM won’t continue to throw away money. Super Junior are literally getting a comeback soon now that some members recently returned from the army its CONFIRMED. For SHINEE, I have no idea if theyll have a comeback soon after Onews scandal but if Taemin’s comeback was pushed back have yall ever thought that MAYBE there was a reason for it? Why would SM care if a solo and a group promote together, its not the first time they’ve pit their own groups against each other. As for SNSD, we all know the shitty promo was due to contract negotiations and SM being a bitch.

In conclusion: NONE of this has to due with EXO and yall need to stop being whiny ass hoes and recognize that SM is a damn company and they will do whatever they think will bring them the most money. Period. It’s not abt playing favorites, this isn’t kindergarten with Mommy giving the other kid more cookies. I swear some of yall just jump on the bandwagon and dont even stop to think.

The only reason yall are whining in the first place is bc whenever EXO comes back they break records and make a huge splash in the industry so ppl like to delude themselves into thinking that its bc SM is promoting them well and maybe doing mediaplay. AS IF. SM hasnt done shit for EXO besides the bare minimum which is their fucking JOB. The only reason EXO is successful is bc of EXO-Ls, because WE promote them when SM doesnt, bc WE break the records SM doesnt even bother to mediaplay abt. Next time you want to complain and spew bullshit, maybe put that effort into your faves instead.

Kyle Broflovski x reader [south park]

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“ I’m sorry, can you repeat that again?”  Kyle sighed as he repeated his sentence. This time with a blush coating his facial features. 

“ I need you to pretend we’re dating. Stan and Wendy have been hanging out a lot lately… So what do you say?” 

“ Yeah… Ok. Whatever you need Kyle.” I mumbled, Kyle pressed his lips to mine, creating a chaste kiss.

“ Thanks–By the way, you should get used to the idea of us kissing. I’ll see you later.” I watched as Kyle disappeared down the hallway and slowly rose a hand to touch where he had kissed me. 

“ What am I gonna do?” I asked myself as I listened to my fast-paced heartbeat.



I sat on Kyle’s lap, a controller in both of our hands. I felt him press a kiss to the back of my neck, I dropped my controller and shivered.

“ You don’t have to act like you actually like me when we’re alone,” I mumbled, my voice more melancholy than I had intended. Kyle retracted his lips, picking me up to face him.

“ I do like you.”

“ But you said-”

“ I lied. I’m not upset that Stan is spending his time with Wendy.”

“ So you-”

“ Yes, I really really like you.”

“ But…why did you lie?” Kyle’s hands trailed from my hips to my hands.

“ I thought you wouldn’t date me if I told you the truth.”

“ Kyle, I’ve liked you since junior high. I most definitely would have said yes.”

“ So… Do you want to keep this up? Stay together?”

“ Yes.”


CHARACTER : Sebastian Stan! Actor / reader

AUTHOR : loricameback / loriwrites

GENRE : smut, dirty talk, voyeurism, praise kink





Sebastian opened the door to the suite and my breath hitched. “Oh Sebby, it’s gorgeous.” The room was fully furnished with a couch, love seat and 2 chairs, all in brown. The walls were cream with accents of brown and gold and off to the left was the bedroom complete with a king sized bed and nightstands.

Sebastian, standing behind me, weaved his muscular arms (thank you Don) around my waist and nuzzled my neck. “Only the best for my girl.” He gently kissed me and I got goosebumps.

Swinging around, I hugged him and pulled him into the room to the window, giddy as a little girl on Christmas morning. I breathed, “Sebby looooook,” it was a clear New York City night. The Empire State Building was directly ahead and lit up along with the other skyscrapers and streets below. I looked over at him and he was smiling at me, the corners of his eyes crinkled.

I felt my face redden. “Why are you smiling at me like that?”

“You are just like an innocent child, looking at everything as if it were brand new.” He pecked me on the nose. “It’s adorable.”

I arched an eyebrow at him, a smirk on my lips. “Adorable, huh?” In a split second, I grabbed him by the neck and kissed him, a muffled “whoa” and moans of pleasure heard as my tongue did a searching sweep for his, rolling around his as I shoved him against the wall, unbuttoning his shirt, and groaned with lust in his mouth.

He gave into me, his body limp as I removed his shirt leaving him bare-chested. My hands fell to his chest, fingers running up and down his amazing pecs. When I broke off the kiss, my breath was ragged. “You may regret…or…“ I shrugged. “Nah, you’d like what I have in store for you.” My knee spread his legs apart and I cupped my hand over his bulge pressing hard against his jeans.

Sebastian tilt his head, smiling as he slowly reached my face. Our foreheads touched and he said, “So are you gonna make me wait to fuck you or are you going to torture me?”

Sebastian’s voice was low and dripping with lust. I closed my eyes and chuckled, but actually I wanted to tear the rest of our clothes off and ride him hard. Instead I kissed him passionately to shut him up. He unzipped my dress and it fell in a pool around my feet. “Leave on the heels,” he moaned against my lips. I took his pants and briefs down and slowly caressed his cock with the tips of my fingers. After we were completely naked, I pulled him to the bed and over me. “Sebby, I want you in my mouth. Fuck my mouth baby.” My smile spread slowly across my face and I licked my lips. “Please.”

Sebastian caressed my cheek and mewled with half opened eyes, “Begging so pretty. Such a good girl.” Climbing over me, his hard throbbing cock wet with precum, he said, “Open wide doll.”

My tongue circled the head, sucking the precum then took more of him as he lowered himself. I moaned around his cock, feeling a moment of pride as I watch his eyes flutter closed and his head fall back from the pleasure. He then looked down at me, and when I whined, he waggled his brows. “Do you want all of it baby?”

The desperate plea in my whine pleased him. He slowly lowered as far as he could, and again I moaned. After a comfortable rhythm was attained, I could concentrate on his gorgeous face. His teeth biting into his lower lip and the long moans coming from deep within his throat could make me come alone.

After a few minutes, his moans became louder. “In your m-mouth babe.” I smiled and massaged his balls, making him yell out my name. He burst into my mouth so quickly I couldn’t swallow all of it. Some ran out of my mouth and down my chin. Our eyes met as he finished. He moved strands of hair behind my ear and breathed, “Aaaahhh, good girl.”

I giggled, wiping my mouth as he removed himself. Sliding down my body, his limp cock leaving a trail of sticky come down my chest, he stopped to lick my lips and stick his tongue in my mouth, tasting the mixture of both of us. We moaned simultaneously and his fingers were circling around my pussy.

I jerked and my eyes widened. He raised an eyebrow at me and began a slow descent south. My hands were running through his hair and yes, even pushing him down impatiently. Raising my hips to him I begged, “Sebby, lick me.”

His nose was touching my clit, inhaling my scent. “Oh baby, only you. Only you smell like this.” Sebastian ran his tongue excruciatingly slow, lapping from slit to clit, fluttering his eyes closed, then sucked on my clit. “Mmmmm…taste like this.” He ran his fingers through my pussy, and ran them over my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on his fingers, rolling my tongue around them. “Sooo good baby.”

His low voice was sexy. “Sebby,” I whined. “Please.“

He chuckled, a wicked smile on his face. “Please what? Say what you want doll.”

My body was about to explode. I covered my face with a pillow and groaned in frustration. “Please lick me! Suck me! Make me come on your face!!”

“That’s a good girl.” Spreading my legs and looking at me with hooded eyes, he licked my clit. The squelching sounds were all I could hear as he sucked. “You are so wet for me sweetheart. So deliciously wet.”

Arching my hips, I whined, “Sebby please, soooo good. Please.” He laughed, then pushed two fingers in my cunt, scissoring back and forth as he continued to lick circles around my clit. My head fell back. “Fuuuuuck.” I clenched around his fingers and he pumped faster.

Between my moans I could hear him growl “Mine.” “You’re mine.”

My thighs were shaking and I pushed on his head deeper on my pussy as I came on his face. Arching my hips to his mouth I could watch Sebastian drink me, slurping as he grabbed my ass like he was trying to meld us into one.

When I reached my peak, I giggled and playfully pushed him away. “You, Mr Stan are evil, and must be punished.”

“And how do you plan on punishing me baby doll?” He asked, wiggling his brows and smirking.

Biting my finger, smiling as I looked at his gorgeous naked form, I knew what to do and my heart began beating harder. I stood up, and held out my hands. “Trust me?”

“When we’re both naked and you have the ‘cat that caught the canary smile’ on your face? Hell no!”

With all my might, I pulled him up and led him to the balcony. He stood behind me as we looked at the city…but more importantly, at the hotel across the street, where there were people on balconies on several different floors. I lean back on him and purred, “It’s a beautiful night to get fucked outside Seb.”

His flaccid cock was twitching to life. Leaning down to lick my ear, he whispered, “You are a very bad girl, you know that?”

I took his hand and pulled him onto the balcony and pushed him in the chair to his delight. “Uh-huh.” Straddling his lap and rubbing his cock over my clit, I hesitated and looked over my shoulder. Sebastian leaned in to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked, as he caressed the other. “Mmmmm, Sebby you are so good with that mouth.”

I lowered myself on his cock and rode him slowly, my hands digging into his muscular shoulders. He moaned around my nipple, looking up at me with sparkling eyes. “Your mouth is heaven doll.” He thrust up hard and my head fell back, my teeth biting into my lip. Our thrusts matched perfectly. Behind me, I heard a few people yelling at and about us. It was absolutely arousing.

“We’re being watched Sebby.” My breathing increased and my heart ran fast. “They want a show. How bout it? Let’s wave to our fans and you can pound me against the wall, hmmm?”

Sebastian’s eyes were completely black and he licked his lips. “Babe, I’m going to pound you INTO the wall!” My smile was slow and devious. He pushed me off his lap and we stood up. People were cheering.

“Damn Sebby, I’m fuckin dripping! I need you now!”

He pushed me against the wall and kicked my legs apart. Within 2 seconds, he thrust balls deep in me, and I screamed out “YES!!” The word was echoed from across the street.

Sebastian kissed my neck as he thrust into me. “You love people watching us, hmmm? But they don’t get to see you baby.” He chuckled and spun me around, lift me up and I wrapped my legs around him. He began fucking me as he held me, my ass for all to see.

“God Sebby, that’s so good. Mmmmm…you don’t mind that there are people staring at my ass?”

He narrowed his eyes and grabbed my ass. “Baby, this ass is mine. They can look all they want at your perfect body, but this is mine.” Sebastian’s face was full of desire and his voice challenging…the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

“I’m gonna fuckin come all over your cock baby.” I moaned into his shoulder. “Yours Sebby. Only yours.” I screamed his name as he pushed me up against the wall, clenching around his cock. The waves of heat that were flowing through me were constant.

“Mine!” Another orgasm ripped through me. “So beautiful when you come. Good girl. I gotcha.” I clung to him limp and satisfied.

“Do you think any of your fans are over there?” I giggled in his ear as he threw me over his shoulder and we went back inside before he found out.

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Memories - Part 3

Bucky Barnes x reader - Steve Rogers x reader

Summary: Bucky starts dreaming about a girl he knew at HYDRA. However, she is not just another girl; she has a past with the Avengers, especially with one of them.

A/N: after this chapter, the story is really going to start. Thank you for all your likes, reblogs and amazing words! You are amazing people :)

Tags: @supersoldierslover @rebekastan98 @bexboo616 @axelinchen @marvelbase001 @mytasterpeculiar @ncoleys @itsmarvelgirl


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(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘How is she?’ Wanda asks Bruce as they look at you through the window from the outside of the room.

‘She has not waken up since you brought her here, but she will, eventually. She has bruises all over her body and bad injuries. They had injected liquids in her veins hundreds of times, she has lost blood. I do not know what they tried to prove having her like this.’

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I want those tights

anonymous asked:

I know you don't give a crap about Jensen/Dean but I hope you're respectful enough to not present Jared your book during the J2 panel and do it in autos instead because the panel is for the show they're BOTH part of.

You “know” nothing about me, you only know your own crap.

If you had spent 5 minutes on our blog then you would have known we “give a crap about Jensen/Dean”.  If you had spent 2 minutes  here when I presented Jared with the books at previous conventions, you would have known I have never and will never do what you probably dream of doing at a J2 panel.  

My question to you is why did you send your hostile concern anonymously instead of asking me nicely face to face?  I’m not an AcklesArmy stan with a hit list.  Were you afraid of what I’ll find on your blog?

Just a cute little imagine for your enjoyment. :D

*Chris’ POV*

My eyes fought hard to stay open after our intense love making session, which started the second we got in the door. What could I say? We were both incredibly passionate people who happened to still be in the honeymoon phase of our relationship, which meant we had a knack for turning normal everyday sex to the kind one would see in the movies. Her personal favorite was anything starting against a wall, and being the accommodating boyfriend I was- I always made sure I see to every single fantasy of hers. So far we’d done it against my front door, in my kitchen, on the floor in my living room, in my shower, over my office desk, and of course- against any wall we’d come across on our way to my bedroom. While it was fun I was always exhausted by the end of it; I guess that was the price I had to pay for dating someone sixteen years* younger than me.

*or however much younger you are than he is.

We were now laying in my bed, listening to her favorite album by The Lumineers; I think it was called ‘Ophelia’.* She was still as energetic as ever whereas I was already half-asleep, and she wasn’t particularly helping with her finger soothingly tracing my bare back. She pulled away from my body and sat up. I took a slow, deep breath and hummed with satisfaction when I felt her soft lips press a tender kiss on my shoulder.

*or whatever artist and album you prefer.

“Where are you going?” I turned onto my back when I felt her weight shift off the bed; she stood at the foot of the bed, looking adorably tiny in one of my shirts. “If it’s to get dressed to go home, Captain America is going to have a problem with you.” I joked, pointing at the shield Marvel gave me after the first movie.

“Oh relax,” she giggled. “I’m just going to get something to drink.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” I chuckled. “I could’ve gotten that for you.”

“I didn’t want to bother the tired old man.” She teased and I scoffed, smiling. “Do you need something while I’m downstairs?” She asked. “A painkiller, perhaps?” She bit back her smile as she continued to tease me. “Or maybe a muscle relaxer? What do old people need?” She giggled then shrugged, “I wouldn’t know.”

“You’re so dead,” I scrambled out of the bed to grab her but she shrieked with laughter and ran out of the room. “Just cause I’m older than you doesn’t mean I can’t get you!” I called out, running after her down the stairs. “Don’t forget,” I caught up with her as we got into the kitchen, “Captain America is a super soldier!” I grabbed her from behind by the waist, hugging her tightly and lifting her from the floor as she squirmed in my arms, laughing.

“Stop!” She giggled, wiggling her neck away from my nuzzles. “Your beard’s tickling me! Chris!” She shrieked with laughter and Dodger came barreling in from the backyard. “Dodger, help me!” She cried out and immediately, my dog pounced. “Get him, Dodge!” She urged, giggling at my expression of utter betrayal.

He barked relentlessly at me, scratching my unfortunately unclothed legs.

“Dodger, ow!” I laughed. “You’re meant to be my dog, where’s the loyalty at? Get outta here!” I waved him away with one arm, the other still tightly wrapped around Y/N’s waist. “Go play outside!” I chuckled, waving him away once more with no avail. “Y/N, get him outta here before he tears my leg off! Ow, Dodger!” I winced as he clawed at me.

“It’s okay, buddy. Everything’s okay, thank you.” She cooed at him and he settled, his tail wagging happily. “Go play, we’re okay.” She told him and I swore he eyed me warily before he padded off back into the backyard to lie in the sun.

I scoffed at Y/N who broke free off my grip when I was in an eye-off with my puppy. “You’re horrible,” I shook my head in disbelief, biting back my smile. “You’ve turned my own puppy against me.” She giggled. “Don’t laugh,” I told her but was laughing myself, “it’s not funny.”

“He’s not against you.” She wrapped her arms around my neck, flushing her body against mine. “He’s just more protective of me because I bring him better treats and give him better belly rubs,” she explained with the cutest smile on her face.

“And because you’re very pretty,” I held her by her waist. “We Evans boys are a sucker for pretty girls, especially ones as drop dead gorgeous as you.” She rolled her eyes but was cut short by my lips pressed against hers. “Mm…” I hummed as she kissed me back, lifting her up onto my hips and guiding her legs around my waist. “You’ll be the death of me, Y/N,” I chuckled softly when we broke the kiss; our foreheads pressed against each other’s.

“You started it,” she pointed out then pressed her lips together to hide her ever growing smile. “I know I’m young and all, Cap.” She giggled when I lifted her to sit on the marble island bench behind her. “But I don’t think I can go another round.”

“Neither,” I chuckled. “I was just sitting you here so I can pour you something to drink.” I told her and pulled away from her touch. “What are you feeling?” I asked, moving to look in the fridge. “Something fizzy, something fruity, something alcoholic? Or do you just want what you usually have,” I glanced back at her, “a crisp glass of iced cold water.”

“Water will suit me just fine,” she nodded. “I already had pancakes for breakfast, I don’t need the extra calories if I’m going to have to squeeze into a gown for the gala tomorrow.” She offhandedly put herself down and I sighed under my breath. “Can I have it in that cool glass I always use when I come over?”

“Yeah, sure.” I nodded, pulling out the water jug from the fridge. “Y/N?” I said as I moved to the cabinet to get said cool glass for her; it was a Captain America memorabilia that Stan Lee’s team sent to me when I was casted. “Do you think you can do something for me?” I walked over over to her, pouring her her glass of water.

“Mm hm.” She nodded, taking a sip and watching me over the brim.

“Stop putting yourself down around me.” I pressed both palms on either side of her, locking her on the bench under me. “I’m serious,” I said firmly when she chuckled. “Your body is tight as fuck, so I don’t know what you’re talking about because you sure as hell don’t need to squeeze into anything. Drink a soda and enjoy life, you only live once.”

“Tight as fuck, huh?” She raised an eyebrow and I chuckled, shaking my head; out of everything I said, that was what she caught. “That’s very un-Captain America of you,” she chuckled. “But thank you, I appreciate the compliment despite the vulgarity.”

“You’re welcome,” I kissed her cheek. “Now drink up so we can get back in bed. It’s a Sunday,” I reminded her and she nodded, drinking. “I don’t do things on Sunday, I just do my girlfriend on Sunday.” I joked and she snickered, choking on her water.

“Okay, I’m done.” She reached over and put her glass in the sink on the marble bench. “You gotta move out of the way so I can get down.” She waved me away with the back of her four fingers but I just chuckled and scooped her into my arms, bridal style. “Oh,” she wrapped her arms around my neck, “I could definitely get used to this.”

“Me too,” I smiled.

Drinking Games

Summary: Ford joins Stan and Rick in a game of drinking away your fears with friends. What started out as harmless teasing comfort about minor phobias eventually gives way to confessions of deeper secretes. This one’s a hurt/comfort fic. TW for alcohol, discussion of multiple phobias, and crying drunk old men. 

Ford wasn’t sure why he’d let them talk him into this. He hadn’t had a drink in months and knew it was likely a bad idea to agree to joining a drinking game when Rick Sanchez was involved, but then again that brandy Stan had offered was one of his old favourites, and the cold autumn night air made the warmth of drinking with some company seem more enticing.

“Alright, so how’s this game of yours work?” Ford asked as he let the burn of his first sip settle in his throat and took a seat on the back porch next to his brother and his likely already drunk companion.

“You name something you’re afraid of.” Stan answered with a dark chuckle.

“Aan-and then,” Rick interjected with a crooked smile, “we all have a go at-at how stupid that thing is till y-you agree it’s a stupid thing to be afraid of.”

“Then we cheers to banishing that fear for the night.” Stan finished raising his glass in example and taking a drink. “We keep going till we’re completely fearless, and most likely wasted.”

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One day Ford makes a pair of long-distance, no-battery, everlasting handheld transceivers, and he calls them the emergency line.

He starts them one night after he wakes up to get a drink, and finds Stan sitting in the living room with the phone in his lap. Stan has the receiver in one hand and his thumb holding down the tab. He’s not even wearing his glasses; he’s just staring at the dialpad and a scrap of paper.

When Ford asks what’s wrong, Stan shrugs.

“Do you remember when that one-eyed demon went after the kids?” He asks.

“When I’m asleep, sometimes I hear him say he’s gonna make them into corpses. And then I get up and come out here and pick up the phone, but I can’t call them. Their parents would kill me without an explanation, or if I explained we’d never get to see the kids again because their parents would never let them come back.”

Stan’s staring at the phone helplessly so Ford squeezes into the chair beside his brother, takes the phone and puts it back on the table.

“Don’t worry.” Ford says. “They’re safe. You made sure of that, after all. But how about we call them in the morning before they go to school?”

And Stan lets Ford drag him to bed, and they call bright and early just as promised.

But Ford can’t get the image out of his mind of Stan worrying over the phone. So he heads down into the battered basement of the Shack, and brings everything he can find that’s usable. He tells the others that he’s getting the basement ready for rebuilding, and they’re all too busy to check on if he’s telling the truth.

The Mystery Shack needs a lot of work done before it can be opened to the public again, even after the first round of repairs. Soos has a million details to go over, as he and Stan rearrange the business to suit Soos’ inability to cheat people, and attractions need to be repaired of created.

When the transceivers are finished, Ford mails the kids their handheld by express with a long and detailed letter explaining why they had to keep it on hand.

A couple days later Ford hears Stan get up, and follows him.

“I’m gonna call them this time.” Stan insists, pushing past his brother. “I have to make sure the knuckleheads are okay.”

So Ford goes after him, and hands him the other transceiver before Stan can pick up the phone.

“Dial 5437.” Ford says. “And wait for a minute.”

Stan dutifully dials the numbers, and they both hover over the transceiver as it crackles. After a very long minute, there’s the sound of a pig, and a thump.

“Get away from that, Waddles!” Dipper’s voice is faint, and there’s another thump before he comes in clearly. “Hello?”

“Hey kid.” Stan goes back to his old ways, pretending he doesn’t care. “Just making sure you’re still at your parents and not about to show up on our doorstep.”

Ford rolls his eyes, but Dipper just laughs.

The kids talk to Stan for a while, Mabel taking over when Dipper starts yawning and excitedly telling them about everything that has happened so far in the new school year. Stan has a huge smile on his face when Mabel finally ends the call, and Ford does too.

Stan uses the emergency line almost every time he has a nightmare after that, and the kids use it too. Ford set it up to be a line for all of them, and all Dipper or Mabel had to do was dial 78267 to get their Grunkles.

When they do, Dipper is as bad as Stan about lying when he initiates a call.

“I could use some help with my homework.” He says to Ford at one in the morning. “Do you have a few minutes?”

“Of course.” Ford says as he rubs the sleep from his eyes. “I was just in the basement anyway.”

Mabel on the other hand doesn’t care. “I had a nightmare.” She says to Ford when he answers, a couple days after Dipper’s call. “I want Grunkle Stan.”

So Ford goes to his brother’s room and shakes him awake, hands the transceiver to him and mouths the name of their grand-niece.

“Hey pumpkin.” Stan answers with a smile. “What is it?”

“Do you remember me still?” Mabel asks, and both Stan and Ford can hear her sniffle. “Do you remember everyone?”

“Sure do, sweetie.” Stan says. “Don’t think you’ll be rid of me that easy.”


The nightmares stop eventually, and by the time Stan and Ford leave on their ship, no one has used the emergency line in weeks. But they bring the transceiver anyway, just in case.

[A/N:  A missing scene I wrote up for Stan and Ford getting their shit together in the finale, because I do wish they were able to get more of a resolution before the mind wiping and everything that came with that. 

Heavily inspired by @pinesinthewoods‘ art/idea that Stan seeing Ford’s electric burns and various torture injuries was what put the final nail in Bill’s coffin.]

Maybe it’s the look of utter resignation on his brother’s face, an expression that - despite everything Stan might claim otherwise - elicited a white-hot pang of protective anger within him. Or maybe, it was the fact that the kids had put themselves in mortal danger to buy them precious minutes of time, and Stan Pines would be rather be damned than let them down - than to let them realize he was hardly the hero they thought he was.

He gritted his teeth. “Can it, poindexter. We’re not doing that.”

“Do you think I want to let him back into my mind?” Ford pleaded, voice strained. “After everything he has done to me in the past -” 

He cut off with a shake of his head. “…Stanley, the moment I make the deal, take the children and - run. Don’t look back. Don’t try to save me. It’s not worth it - not this time.”

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Dipper, I know you think you are protecting them, protecting everybody by not telling them about Bill. Hell, I know you might even be a little embarrassed - but they need to know. This is only going to put them in harms way, and you need to be honest with your significant others. They can help you. You don't need to do this alone. Please, tell them before it's too late.

(click here to start from the beginning of Dipper’s backstory)

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Are there any mannerisms you guys have developed from one another from being together so long?

I’ve actually developed a lot of Cartman’s speech patterns from being around him for so long. Whenever I’m truly pissed off, the Cartman in me actually comes out.

Kyle’s sensitivity rubbed off on me a little bit. Sometimes I do that fucking thing where I pinch the bridge of my nose like Kyle and Stan do just because I’ve been with Kyle for so long. I even defend being Jewish sometimes and that is not like me, dude. That’s like totally off from who I truly am.

Sometimes both of us make the same facial expressions, do the same thing or even say the same sentence without even realizing it. You know when people finish each other’s sentences? That’s basically what we do now. I know Cartman inside and out pretty much perfectly at this point like how he knows me.


Picture 1: There was a SHAMAN in gravity falls? So Bill predates the founding of Gravity falls himself and knew the native americans I’m guessing. Doesnt seem too important right now, but who knows…


Picture 3: Arnold kryptos confirmed. hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha (I can dreAM OKAY)

Picture 4: Worst parent EVER



Picture 7: oh my god i dont have any caption but this seems important?



Picture 10: fucking foRESHADOWING

I'm sorry- beautiful

Paring: Sebastian Stan X reader
Warning: None
Prompt: You’re a character on Civil war and as you’re filming a fight scene with Sebastian he accidentally hits you too hard.
(Y/N): Your name
(Y/L/N): Your last name
(Y/N/N): Your nickname


You are a cast member in Civil War, and you were on the filming set. You were filming a fight scene with Sebastian as your character was #TeamIronMan.

“Ok, one more time” said Anthony, his brother was off checking out some of the special effects for another scene.

You both got in your positions as you repeated the steps pretending to hit each other hardly. Of course as you want the scenes to look real sometimes you hit your friend harder that what your supposed to. In fact you had hit Sebastian a couple of times while practicing and maybe one or two during the filming but never anything serious. Same as you although he was incredibly polite and every time he’d hit slightly harder, even if it hadn’t been really a punch he’d be worried.

You started the routine when you felt his strong fist hit hardly against your face. You ended up giving him your back slightly and facing the ground.

“Oh, damn, You ok (Y/N)?” He asked concerned.

You passed your tongue through your mouth and felt a slight metallic taste but you decided to ignore it as you didn’t want anyone to worry.

You nodded and muttered “Yeah” without opening your mouth in case you were actually bleeding. Then you made a movement with your hands to indicate that you could continue rolling.

“Alright, from the start” said Anthony as you took your positions again.

Just as you were about to start you saw Seb loosing character again as he got close to you worried “(Y/N) your nose is bleeding” he said worried as he grabbed your head in his hands and started inspecting your head.

“I’m fine” you stated ignoring the pain “It’s just some blood”

“What?” He asked still worried “No it’s not, we need to get you and ambulance” You stared at him trying to make him realise he was exaggerating “Ok, an ambulance is too much, let me take you to the nurse at least”

You rolled your eyes but nodded at the end because you were in actual pain, and Sebastian’s attention never bothered you anyway.

“Can we have our lunch break now?” Asked Seb.

“Sure, I think we have enough footage for the fight anyway, I’ll review it while you get (Y/N) fixed” Said Anthony.

Seb walked with you towards the nursery. When you arrived there was no one so Seb looked through the cabinets and then handed you a small bottle with painkillers.

As you opened your mouth to swallow one of them you saw much more worry in his eyes now. He walked towards you quickly and grabbed your head as he had done earlier. “(Y/N), Why didn’t you tell me I had hurt you this bad. Even Chris complains when I hit him… Open your mouth” he said as he checked wether there was something worse than what it seemed, so far just some blood. Sebastian was cursing himself mentally for having had hit you so bad. “I’m so sorry” he said “Take this” he said handing me a pill.

“I don’t think I can” I replied “It’s too big”

“That’s what she said” said Paul from the door.

I cracked and Sebastian just looked awkwardly at me.

“You dirty minded mofo” You said squinting your eyes at him. Then you threw the pill in your mouth and forced yourself to swallow it “Oh look, it fitted” you said then and now the three of you were laughing. You would always make jokes with Paul. You had an amazing friendship with him and you would often prank each other.

“Anyway, I have some filming to do, Stan, (Y/L/N) See you soon, you can continue with whatever the hell you were doing”

You both laughed when Paul was gone “We’re a mess” you stated. Your bleeding had stopped but you still felt some of the metallic taste in your mouth.

“You feeling good?” he asked still concerned.

“Quit worrying Stan, I’m not a porcelain doll and I can’t be broken that easily” you said with a half smile.

“Maybe the fact that you look like one confuses me” He mumbled for himself but you’d heard.

“What?” You asked with a tinny smirk.

“Ah… That am… I said… You know” he looked like a little confused puppy.

You laughed “You know, you might not look like a porcelain doll but you do look like a Ken doll, and I don’t whine about it”

“I wasn’t whining!” He defended himself and got red as soon as he realised you’d heard him. “I’m really sorry about hitting you”

You laughed “You might not be Elsa but you sure have to let it go”

He smiled trying not to laugh. That’s what he like about you, you were funny and your movie references were endless. “(Y/N/N)… Would you like to go out with me some day?” He asked shyly.

“I’d love to” you said with a smile “Plus you owe me a cake after hitting me like that”

“I’d buy you a hundred cakes if you wanted”

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(For both stans) How do you deal with the twins when they go adventuring without you two?

Ford: I told you both that that creature was far too dangerous to go after! And what did you both do?

Dipper and Mabel: Go after it….

Stan: Hey! Poindexter, leave ‘em alone. So they went after it, yeah, but look at them! They’re fine and the darn thing isn’t terrorizing the town. I’d say we owe them a thank you.

Ford: …Stan, this isn’t up for debate they still went against the family rule, if they go after something, we have to be there with them. 

Stan: Yeah I know the rule, I helped make it. But you remember being a kid! We would a done the exact same thing! lay offa them, would you? 

Stan: *Kneels by the niblings and puts his hands on their shoulders* 
Stan: You two scared the pudding out of us, but you did good. We’re proud of you, even if sixer won’t admit it. 

Mabel: Thank you Grunkle Stan. *hugs him*

Dipper: ….

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Lol i just blinked and there where like 3 j/kook stans yelling about taek/ok stans, when will this end Andri, i mean, i, myself, respect them, if they believe in what they believe then its ok because everybody has their on perpective on stuff, n omg why can people just let others be free, believe on what you believe, then, dont let others move you from where you think you are, but dont try to make others think as you want to too, dont do what you dont like them to do to you:c this for both parts

idk man we just breathe and they start yelling at us acting like we committed murder

Well, then…this is certainly a delicate situation, and I, for one, am happy that you came to us for help. Stan and I may not be able to magically repair everything, but you definitely deserve the most insightful advice we can give—and that’s exactly what we’ll try to provide you with.

First of all, know that you’re most definitely not alone; Stan and I both had a less-than-caring father, and that led to some rocky situations. However, I do acknowledge that Stan and I both had very different experiences with our parents…and that’s exactly what you have to analyze in this kind of situation: Experiences.

Have your parents been directly manipulative to you before?  Do they have a history of not keeping their word?  If so, you may want to be more careful when making your decision. However, the choice is always entirely up to you.  If they’ve been harsh in the past but you trust they’ve changed, and you personally wish to reconnect, you have every right to do so!

And hey, uh, Stan here, if I can just pop in for a second—Ford’s right about one thing, and that’s how this is completely your choice.  However, take it from me: things don’t always go the way y’plan.  I’m not sayin’ that to scare ya or nothin’, I’m just lettin’ you know that it’s good t’always have a backup plan!  Talk to a friend y’trust if you’re plannin’ to head back with your parents, just so you have an alternative place t’stay if it doesn’t all work out.

And if it does work out, hey, that’s great!  At least you always have someone who’s got your back, just in case.

Bottom line, this is entirely your decision, please understand that.  I know it may be tempting to put blame on yourself, but in situations like these, your safety always comes first.  It’s not a matter of trust or obligation—it’s a matter of what’s best for you!  

It’s alright if you’re ready to reconnect.  It’s alright if you need to wait a while. And it’s alright if you never wish to reconnect at all.  What matters most is your safety and comfort, and I truly mean that!  Don’t be afraid to take things at your own pace.

And hey, kiddo, remember that you don’t deserve anyone mistreatin’ you, alright?  None’f this hogwash is your fault, and if y’ever need some kind’f safe space, we’ll all be right here waitin’ for ya.  Everybody deserves t’be secure in their own home, and at the end’f the day, I really hope y’find that.

You got guts, kid.  

And you got this.

▽Stanford Pines▽


–Stan(ley Pines)

Refrigerator (Seb, Chris, Mackie x Reader)

A/N: Okay, I knew I said Seba. I may have exaggerated a bit but hey, it’s a little better! If I made any recognizable mistakes please let me know.

Warnings: angst

Summary: Someone has the hardest time moving on from his past, which is basically, well, you.

Originally posted by buckyneedsyourserumsteve

“Th-that’s awesome, Y/N!” Sebastian exclaimed, wrapping you into a bear hug. “I’m happy for you.”

You let go of him, your heart beating ecstatically in your chest. “Thank you. How about you? Have you met anyone you wanna pee on?”

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