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It’s just been brought to my attention that there are rumors being started and spread by manipulative members of our own meta-fandom saying that vocal bloggers are being contacted by the BBC and are instructed to be quiet because Sherlock isn’t over. My name’s come up as one of those contacted to keep the secret. Yeah, this isn’t true at all. You’re being played, again. As much as I’d love for that to be true, it’s not. No one on here has secret information from TPTB. No one. Bringing my name into it in order to gather followers to what might be the farthest-reaching conspiracy yet is actually insane. Do i believe we might get more footage? Yes i do. Do i know when? Obviously not, I’m a rando with a Sherlock blog that writes meta as a hobby. I have never supported any secret online ARG theory and I never will. I was crucified back in mid January for having the audacity to suggest the concept of a secret episode based on 50 different facts spanning 130 years of content, but now it’s totally okay for people to blindly follow fake ARGs into oblivion without so much as a thought to check the sources? What’s happened to this Fandom? Where are the priorities?

The fact that I’m listed as part of an ARG because i took a hiatus just shows how desperate fans are to believe the show’s creators and distributors care about the inner workings of a tiny online community because they are awfully quiet. I took a hiatus because Internet life is exhausting and I have pressing in-person priorities that supercede anything on here. Much like the creators of this show. They are quiet because they want to be. Because they have a lot of waiting to do.

Don’t. Get. Caught. Up. In. Fake. ARGs.


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The first thing John thinks when he rolls over is He’s naked.

Sherlock Holmes was naked in his bed. He was fast asleep, lying on his stomach, bare ass exposed, the sheets only covering one of his legs. The sunlight crept in through the closed curtains. It shone on him and made him look like an angel. His mouth hung open slightly, every other breath was a snore, his curls fell haphazardly on his face. His afterglow was beautiful.

The second thing John thinks is He’s naked, but god is he gorgeous.

Sherlock sighs softly and paws at his face. John looks at his own body. He was naked, but his sheet covered his lower regions. He looked up at the ceiling and smiled. He had never felt that intimate with anyone, sorry Mary. That was more than sex, it was more than lust. They made love last night. It was wonderful and everything John thought it would be. Sherlock’s moans, his whimpers, the way his face looked when he finally came. It was too beautiful for words. John looked back over at the brunet, and rested a hand on his back. His skin was so soft, he worried that if he held him too tight he would bruise. And that arse. Dear god above, what a perfect thing it was. Plump, firm, it made John salivate just thinking about it. He wanted to do more with Sherlock last night, but the poor man had never had sex before and he didn’t want to scare him from the act altogether. That was the thing with Sherlock, you couldn’t rush things, it all had to be slow, it had to progress in stages.

For Sherlock, John would wait forever. His love, his life.

His hand moves to the mess of curls and runs his fingers through them, careful not to wake Sherlock. The man lets out a soft moan and John grins. In all regards he was beautiful.

He wanted nothing more but to lay in bed, watching this man sleep, but the day awaited, Rosie was due to cry at any moment. He had work. He had half a mind to call in sick.

“Love, wake up. Come on Sherlock.”

His eyes fluttered open and immediately his mouth curled into a smile. He whispered, “Good morning.” and kissed John. John moaned into the kiss, he wanted him so bad. He loved him so much. Sherlock pulled away and rested his head on John’s chest, the hair tickling his cheek.

“Good morning my love.”

“I like that word.” Sherlock said, his eyes closed and his hand rubbing John’s stomach.

“What word?”

“Don’t be daft, John, you know what word.”


Sherlock chuckled and shook his head. “No.”

“Then it must be ‘what’.”

“It’s not that either.”

“Well now you must tell me, I’m afraid I’m at a loss.” John was teasing him now.

“Love, John. I like it when you call me love.”  Sherlock’s voice was so gentle, he sounded like a child. John’s breath hitched in his throat.

“Do you? I guess I’ll have to call you that more often, won’t we?”

“Yes, I guess you do.”

Sherlock’s head was close enough that John could kiss it without much effort. He did, and then he stroked it. He looked at his clock. It was time for him to get ready. Rosie started crying.

“Come love, the day awaits us.”

John tapped Sherlock’s shoulder for him to move over so he could sit up. Sherlock laid, one arm propped under his head, watching a very naked John make his way to his closet. Silence fell in the room, but it was comfortable. They were comfortable.

The third thing that John thought was He’s naked, but god he’s gorgeous and I love him.


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anonymous asked:

Just random queastions. 1.) Do you think, that they maybe changed their mind after the reaction to the withanaccent-interview and felt so insulted, that they decided, to not make Johnlock canon after all? 2.) The tarmac-scene has some big similaritis to a scene in DW (don´t know what to say; question about the future; last chance to say "it") and is just built up like a love confession-scene. Do you think that maybe TPTB didn´t notice this? Or really thought it was funny? I´m so confused... tbc

3.)Benedict seems to be such a nice person (I love Martin even more, but he is not so outwardly caring.) etc. and i just can´t imagine him agreeing to queerbaiting? (I find most of “TJLC-Evidence” not very convincing, because I would also die etc. for a friend, but the tarmac-scene is imo queerbaiting/almost love confession. They HAVE TO notice what the scene implies!?). 4.)They always say it is their show etc. and that they don´t care about critics, do they really think of themself as SO GOOD?

5.) They said, that ACD did a mistake with Mary. Why do they do the same? I completly hate that dog-comperison/Mary-is-better-scene (TST is my least favoruite episode). It had to be a active descision to give Mary the narration over John ( THE ACTUAL NARRATOR!). They can´t just ignore all the terrible things they say about Mary and make her some angel asassian who saves John/Sherlock and is better than everyone?! And she is there the WHOLE TIME! She killed Sherlock! Why? Why? Why? For Amanda???

6.) There is that Amanda Abbington-Interview where she talks about coming back. Do you really thing that we´ll maybe have to see Mary-flashbacks/callbacks in every new episode? 7.) Prior to season 4, they said that they have 3 new cases etc., but in the end it wasn´t really like in season 1-2 (season 3 actually was my favorite season, but it clearly was different). TST and TFP ended in family drama. Do you trust them to go back to “normal” cases, without the need to over complicate everything?

8.)Do you think, that they maybe change their mind “pro-johnlock”(if it really was just a joke to them), after critics like Indiewire etc. called them out for the queerbaiting/John and Sherlocks feelings for eachother? That maybe they´ll realize that it´s not just “teenager girls” “hallucinating”? 9.)Do you believe in a season 5 (especially with BC as DS now)? 10.)Will we ever know, what John wanted to say in TRF? 11.)With TFP i wonder,do they truly believe we watch the show for the plot twists?

Oh Wow, Lots of stuff to get to here! Let’s have a look-see!

  1. Well, that interview would have had nothing to do with any of their decisions; if a journalist had that kind of power in the history of Sherlock ever, then it would have been canon in S2, or ahdblock been canon in S3, or sher/0//ie canon in episode one. Like… no, and that interview was garbage anyway. Anything that Mofftiss have done, is COMPLETELY on them and MAYBE the BBC. They were already filming TFP, I believe, around that time frame, so no, it had no bearing whatsoever on the outcome of the series.
  2. Ah, yup, Doomsday’s Bad Wolf Bay and the tarmac scene are pretty much identical (and just as painful), yet no one argues what The Doctor was going to say. But years later, we STILL have to prove to people that Sherlock indeed was going to and did tell John that he loved him. It drives me crazy. Mofftiss knew EXACTLY what they were doing, especially since the scene has parallels to the tarmac scene’s unspoken love in Casablanca. They did it on purpose; it’s even framed similarily to that tarmac, and the wording similar to Bad Wolf Bay. Just… They can’t seriously expect us to not believe it wasn’t meant romantically.
  3. Well, to be fair, I don’t think EITHER OF THEM wanted to be part of a giant queerbaiting fest. They both seemed immensely proud of their portrayals of their characters, Ben AND Martin played both of their characters gay and bi respectively, and BOTH men support LGBT causes and Ben is vocal against homophobia (I’m pretty sure Martin is as well, I just know Ben’s interviews better). I really honestly believe that they thought they were creating something different and were led to believe a different outcome of their character arcs than what we got. I don’t fault them at all – they are just puppets for the puppetmasters.
  4. Oh, they’re lying so hard about their lack of caring… If they didn’t care, Gattiss wouldn’t have written back, in prose, to a critic and Moffat wouldn’t be like “I don’t understand why no one likes this season” (paraphrasing, of course, but his blasé attitude is SO annoying and pretentious). Neither of them have really, otherwise, done anything but remain in hiding after the fallout of S4. It’s both suspicious and really REALLY annoyingly petty.
  5. Yeah, I STILL am reeling over their complete 180˚ of Mary’s character. It makes no fucking sense; they clearly were combining her character with that of the role of Sebastian Moran in ACD canon, and the arc was going to be brilliant. I have a lot of personal very biased opinions on why they did it, but yeah, it doesn’t make any fucking sense. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING with her character. That and Moffat is terrible at writing women characters at the end of their arcs. If anything, her character was just unnecessarily shoehorned into a bigger role because they decided last minute to NOT make her Moran after all even though they STILL tied her character to Moriarty in S4. ACD did WAY better with Mary as a background character. And YES, it was SO WRONG of her to be the narrator, just… NO she’s NOT the one telling the stories. Ugh.
  6. Ugh, is there? Okay, look, IF – IFFFFF –  it’s shown in S5 that all of S4 was a ruse orchestrated by mostly her hand, reverting her character back to where it should be, THEN maybe I can accept her back in the fifth season and make her the badass villain she was SUPPOSED to be. I don’t believe she is dead because her gunshot was fake af, although I do ALSO believe that she may have been killed John in the false narrative scenario. If she comes back, it will be to explain her true actions in S4. Otherwise, she’s dead, we don’t need to see her anymore. Flashbacks maybe, but that’s it.
  7. S3 was my favourite season too, but I think that’s a personal bias because I love Sherlock’s character so much and I loved seeing how far their relationship arc progressed. T6T and TLD barely even HAD cases… and TFP, I don’t know her… so I don’t know where this idea came from. The whole season seemed intent on keeping John and Sherlock as distant from each other as possible, making Sherlock the sidekick TO MARY in his own show, and putting “no one asked for this” focus on Mary. Look, I know it sounds like I hate her, but I REALLY DON’T. I hate what they DID TO HER CHARACTER, and trying to call S4 a case-centred series when CLEARLY the case was a moot point in the first episode to Mary-backstory, it’s ridiculous. There wasn’t really a case in TLD – Sherlock was high off his rocker through most of the episode and Culverton did his weird creepy rapey thing. And I don’t even know what the fuck case was happening in TFP. I WANT to trust them to go back to Just The Two of Them Against the Rest of the World (what was that line even, then?!?!), but I fear that they won’t and will find a way to shoehorn another character-we-don’t-care-about *coughs* Eurus*coughs* into the story.
  8. Oh, I don’t think anyone could change Mofftiss’ minds. Look, if Johnlock DOES become canon, it will be because it was the plan all along, but because of how far S4 strayed off the narrative arc, it will look like they did it because of public outcry, NOT because it was their brilliant plan. They should have just stuck to the narrative rather than try for a publicity stunt that will probably work against them in the end.
  9. Tough to say about S5. There are reports about it being already commissioned, but I fear the negative reception may keep Martin and Ben far away from it if it turns out it really is a face-value series. I don’t know. BBC seems proud of what they got, so probably will get one. It’s one of the BBC’s top-rated shows (I think pre-S4 it was higher than Dr. Who), so who knows.
  10. Hahaha nope, I don’t think so. I USED to think we would, that Mofftiss were better writers together and would at least round out all the plot holes, but… S4 leaves me skeptical on a lot of things.
  11. I REALLY do think that they think we like the plot twists rather than the stories. Like… no. People were watching for the relationship, whether they knew it or not, platonic or not. The story of two men with the greatest friendship / relationship of all time. Not for … whatever the hell TFP was.


The girl who tried to save the Holmes  - Sherlock x reader / Mycroft x reader

Originally posted by smoljohnlock

AN: Requested by @whoolemilk (it won’t let me tag you for some reason) I might change a little bit of it later on but for now, here ye are!

Summary: “can you write something from The Final Problem where Sherlock has to decide between shooting Mycroft, John, and the reader and the reader is trying to convince him to shoot her - something in that scenario?”

Word count: 1,547

Warnings: Some strong language, Slight Sherlock x reader, slight Mycroft x reader, angst, talk of death, you have to go though this painful as shit scene from the final problem again

There you were, stood in between Mycroft, John, Sherlock and a gun. Wondering how the hell you got yourself into this situation. 

It was your own fault. You insisted you come to with the boys to see their sister, Eurus. 

However a visit had turned into a hell hole of an experience rather quickly. Eurus had been challenging you all through little twisted games. Threatening and killing and toying with you all. 

Sherlock got it worst. That’s who Eurus actually wanted to hurt; to break. 

“Hey, Sis, don’t mean to complain, but this one’s empty. What happened, did you run out of ideas?” Sherlock asked as he moved into the next room. You and the others close on his heels.

“It’s not empty, Sherlock. You’ve still got the gun, haven’t you? I told you you’d need it, because only three can play the next game. Just three of you go on from here. Your choice, it’s make-your-mind-up time. Whose help do you need the most, John, (Y/n) or Mycroft? It’s an elimination round. You choose two and kill the other. You have to choose, family or friends. Mycroft, sweet little (y/n) or John Watson?” Eurus’s words made you go cold. Elimination. Kill

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Ok, but this scene , when we first watched it, we thought she was just a little psychopath teasing Sherlock by her little song, but now that we know what the song really means do you realize how painful this is? 

She wasn’t messing with Sherlock, She was asking for  h e l p

“I am lost, help me brother
 save my life
 before my doom I am
 lost without your love save
 my soul seek my room”

She was begging for Sherlock to save her soul


“You’re smiling again,” Greg noted.

John jumped back to the present, blinking quickly to shake away his thoughts, which happened to be composed of two very specific people back at the flat. Almost guiltily, John took a sip of his pint and averted his eyes. “I can’t smile?”

“Oh, sure you can,” Greg replied, seeming to struggle hiding a smile of his own. “Domestic life is very fetching on you.”

“Shut up.”

Greg chuckled good-naturedly, popping another chip in his mouth. “I kid, I kid. And speaking of kids…”

John snorted at the segue. “Good one. Rosie’s fantastic, as always. Sherlock’s watching her right now actually, getting up to god knows what. We sort of have an agreement; whenever you and I have these Friday pub trips, he and Rosie are allowed to do whatever experiments or games they want, no questions asked. Mealworms, baking concoctions, microscopes, you name it. Whatever she wants to do.” John nabbed a chip of his own, completely unable to hide his smile this time. “Sherlock’s reasoning being that if I don’t know, I can’t get angry.”

“And you trust him?”

There was no question. “Utterly.”

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noxlucum  asked:

I was just wondering who you think the "what a lady" song in TSOT is about. Because on one hand "I didn't even know her name" fits Mary perfectly but Sherlock and John engage in some very loaded eyesex at "hypnotising, mesmerising me" and that line also doesn't really fit Mary's and John's relationship. The idea of the song being about both Sherlock and Mary seems a bit odd... I'm just curious about your opinion on the matter. And you're amazing!

Hey Lovely!

It’s referencing Sherlock and John’s relationship, I think. It’s really really apparent that it’s about them when “Why’d it take so long to see the light?” plays as Sherlock sadly leaves the envelope for John on the stand. Actually, all the lyrics that play between “Hypnotizing mezmerizing me” till the end take place right after Sherlock and John share a sad look, John realizes what he has seen, can’t bear to look at it, and then Sherlock pines like hell for John after. To me it’s a summation of their relationship.  Here are the lyrics:

“December, 1963 (Oh, What A Night)”

Oh, what a night
Late December, back in ‘63
What a very special time for me
As I remember, what a night

Oh, what a night
You know, I didn’t even know her name
But I was never gonna be the same
What a lady, what a night

Oh, I
I got a funny feeling when she walked in the room
Hey, my
As I recall, it ended much too soon

Oh, what a night
Hypnotizing, mesmerizing me
She was everything I dreamed she’d be
Sweet surrender, what a night

And I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder
Spinning my head around and taking my body under
Oh, what a night

Oh, I
Got a funny feeling when she walked in the room
Hey, my
As I recall, it ended much too soon

Oh, what a night
Why’d it take so long to see the light?
Seemed so wrong, but now it seems so right
What a lady, what a night

Oh, I felt a rush like a rolling bolt of thunder
Spinning my head around and taking my body under
Oh, what a night (Do do do do do, do do do do) (x7)

Whether or not it’s from John or Sherlock’s POV, I suppose that’s left to your interpretation. I think the first half up to the first “as I recall it ended much to soon” is John’s POV, remembering their first night together. The second half is Sherlock, remembering the feelings he had when he was with John. So yeah, it’s absolutely about them two and absolutely has NOTHING to do with Mary at all.

It is literally the worst song in existence now and I now cannot listen to it without having an eye twitch. 

Mycroft loves Sherlock so much. He would do anything to protect him. He went out of his way to protect him from going on that suicide mission. However, when Sherlock killed CAM, Mycroft had no choice, cause in his own words no prison could ever hold Sherlock without there being a riot everyday. 

now my question is dID HE FUCKING FORGET ABOUT SHERRINFORD?? What that place is SECURE for their super powered sister but not for Sherlock? She manipulated the whole entire prison to be her slaves…like i’m pretty sure sherlock wouldn’t have been able to do that.

TFP is so fake and so plotholey i just can’t even anymore

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You were having the worst period cramp of your life.

[Y/N]: What do you mean the target is here? She was supposed to be here tomorrow! 

SM: I said what I said. Now come on, get dressed and let’s get it over with.

[Y/N]: But my period cramps man. I don’t knowwww… Just kill me and do the job yourself?


Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Would really love to, but this is a two man con. Can’t really do it without you. I’ll buy you chocolates and heating pads and teas afterwards. Come on.

[Y/N]: Promise? On the chocolates and heating pads and teas?

SM: The target is in the lobby. Now hurry up or Jim will kill you before you get any of those things. 

It Was Obvious

Sherlock takes a break from furiously typing at his laptop (where he’s been updating his analysis of the common shapes that dust bunnies take and what they can mean) and asks, “John, do you remember that time when I was about to leave for Europe, and I said I had something important to tell you? And then I made a joke?”

John is gently rocking baby Rosie to sleep in the armchair on the other side of the room. He brushes a tiny lock of hair off her forehead and replies, “Of course I remember that. What about it?”

Sherlock doesn’t even take his eyes off the computer screen. “Well, you do know that was my way of telling you I love you, right?”

Without hesitation John answers, “Mhmm. It was obvious.” He lets out a small sigh. “And you do know that my holding onto your hand for just a little longer than normal when we shook hands that day was my way of telling you that I love you as well, correct?”

Now Sherlock stands and comes over to where John and Rosie sit. He places a tender kiss on Rosie’s little cheek and kneels down, looking directly into John’s eyes for the umpteenth time since they’d first met, letting him know the answer without uttering a word. Of course. It was obvious.

Seeing the beautiful smile he so dearly adored light up John’s face, Sherlock runs a hand through the doctor’s hair, then leans in and their lips meet. There’s nowhere else either of them would rather be than right here, right now, with their  wonderful little girl and in each other’s embrace. 

Mrs. Hudson peeks around the door and smiles when she glimpses the scene. How long she had waited for this to happen? Others had denied it, but she’d seen the longing in their eyes. They’d always loved each other, and they always would. She quietly closes the door, so as to not distract them from each other. 

It was love.

It was obvious.

Everyones Eyes On You// Sherlock Holmes

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I’m going to try to release two requested and one of my own tonight.. . Hope everyone enjoys!

@noeypiiepiie : You’re the wife to Sherlock Holmes, who believe it or not is an insanely jealous man. The fact of the matter is, you are absolutely gorgeous and every man you pass out on the street seems to notice it, but you don’t.

Warnings: some men are creeps lol

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  “Sherlock, throw on some clothes!” You exclaimed, gasping as he picked you up around your waist and your legs locked around his. “It’s actually nice out today and I’m dying to get out of this flat.” 

  “We have gotten out of the flat.” He muttered against your skin, his nose buried in your neck as his lips left warm kisses that sent chills down your spine. “Lucky enough for you, it seems as if I don’t have any cases that I care about today. Any where in particular you’d like to go?” 

You let out involuntary laughter as he let you fall onto the bed, his curls wild as he straddled your waist and pinned your hands above your head. It wasn’t often you got him to be so vulnerable, but you lived for every minute the man behind the stoic, emotionless mask came out. It had gotten more frequent since his involvement with Magnussen. “I don’t care where we go, Sherl.” You murmured quietly, studying his icy blue eyes inches away from your face. If you gazed hard enough, you could see the flecks of green and gold lurking near his pupils. “Just take me out on the town, please?” 

Had it been three years ago, Sherlocks reluctance to take you out on a date would’ve had a completely different reasoning. The real reason he never took you out into public (normally more secluded areas) was because every time he did, men oggled you and it infuriated him beyond measure. Their eyes fell to places he wanted no one to see or touch. You were thin but had curves in just the right places, and it was one of the things he loved about you. It wasn’t just your body that Sherlock Holmes adored, it was also you as a person, in soul and heart altogether. 

You were craving chips and a new book from your favorite store down the street, and it was warm enough for you to wear your favorite y/f/c sundress, so you released your hair from its braid and quickly changed; leading to you dragging the Detective out of the flat. He grinned widely when you spun around on the sidewalk, the sunlight reflecting in your eyes and glowing against your skin. “I love you.” You breathed in awe, winking as a red hot blush crept up his face and caused him to cover it with his hands. “You’re cute when you’re embarrassed, Mr. Holmes.” 

  “And you look positively radiant today my dear!” He exclaimed, extending his arm and nodding in the direction of the bookstore. “To the bookstore first?” 

You kept the conversation light and airy, talking about Mary’s pregnancy and her near due-date which you had promised her that the two of you would attend; the news of Moriarty and how utterly repulsed you were when Mycroft was around. It was the most fun the two of you had in weeks. 

Sherlock was doing his best to give you his undivided attention, but he continued to observe the wolf whistles and lustful stares from passersby which only made him clench his fists as rage replaced the calm in his bloodstream. You were just exiting the bookstore with a new copy of To Kill A Mockingbird when out of no where, a man not much older then yourself brushed past you and unfortunately for him, smacked your backside. 

   “Excuse me, you don’t get to-” You started, your jaw dropping as Sherlock parted from your side and lunged at the attacker, slamming him against the outside wall of the shop and pounding his fist into his jaw. There were very few times you’d seen Sherlock lash out at people; normally when he was high or angry, but never like this. The look in his eyes was not anger, but the want for blood. 

The man on the wall had a black eye, accompanied with a busted lip and broken nose as Sherlock Holmes grabbed the lapels of his coat and gripped them tightly. “You don’t ever look at my lady, touch my lady, or catcall my lady ever again. She is far more precious then a piece of meat.” He growled, his rant halted as your fingers weaved around his chest and linked together to pull him off the other man. “What are you doing?” 

  “You busted your hand. Let’s go clean it.” 

The owner of the shop hadn’t even noticed the situation until you were gone, now another block away and luckily without any witnesses to confirm Sherlock had nearly beaten a man to death. The Detective sat quietly outside the small medicinal shop as you brought out a brand new first aid kit and a cup of hot tea, sitting across from him and crossing your legs. “You can’t do stuff like this sweetheart. I get it infuriates you-” 

  “It makes me sick to my stomach.” 

  “This is what I’ve lived with since before we met. Normally I call the guy out and threaten to call the police, and it shuts him up instantly. Very efficient. It’s sweet that you defended me just like my knight in shining armor.” You blew lightly on the antiseptic and kissed the bridge of his knuckles. “It only makes me fall harder for you.” 

His gaze softened as you finished wrapping his hand, watching as he discarded the paper cup and followed you back out onto the sidewalk. Your heart sped up as Sherlock wrapped his arms around your waist, his head setting on top of yours and the two of you began to sway in sync as you waited for a cab. “You deserve to be treated like gold, my love.” Sherlock said. “I’m not about to let any man try to ruin your perception of self beauty. I think you’re divine.” 

You closed your eyes, guiding his hands to rest on top of your abdomen as the taxi pulled up to the curb. “I think you are a magnificent man and a wonderful lover.” You slid into the cab and motioned for him to sit beside you, giving the driver your destination. “And I think I’ll enjoy this day even more when we get to where we’re going.” 

Sherlocks eyes narrowed as the taxi slid to a stop on a bank where most of the visibility was concealed by underbrush and ironically enough, rose bushes. “Where are we?” 

  “My favorite place on the outskirts.” You said, lifting up the hem of your dress just enough to reveal the new baby blue bikini bottoms you’d bought last week. His pupils dilated as you pressed a finger to your lips and motioned for him to follow through the trees and underbrush to what he thought was a branch of the River Thames, but was actually a secluded lake on the outskirts of London. A clear lake sat in front of him, the water untouched by nature and clear enough to see the bottom. It was beautiful, but more importantly, it was silent. “It’s been a boring week, and I’m in need of some fun. Care to join me husband?” 

His fingers immediately started at the buttons of his dress shirt. 


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‘Of Assumptions and Snogging’ Chapter 4

Molly has a stressful day and Sherlock wants to comfort her. Pure cotton candy fluff.

No rom-com is incomplete without some sort of dilemma. In this case, it’s Molly’s fears. Don’t worry, the comedy will return in the next chapter, I promise.

“Sherlock?” Molly called out, entering 221B. “I brought the thumbs you asked for.” She looked around but saw no sign of him. That’s strange, she thought. Shrugging her shoulders, Molly ventured into the kitchen to store the bag of thumbs in the refrigerator. As she closed the fridge door, a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist from behind.

“Hello, Molly,” Sherlock breathed into her ear. The warmth of his breath caused goosebumps to form all over. He’s trying to kill me, Molly mused. She didn’t want to give in so easily, but he was making it exceptionally difficult. There was a moment she considered to cease the chase she had him on mostly due to the stressful day she had at work.

As if he read her mind, Sherlock pulled back and turned her to face him. He said nothing more but took her hand and walked her over to the sofa.

“I should probably go,” Molly said quietly.

“Please sit down and relax for a bit, Molly. You’ve had a bad day,” he deduced.

“You noticed that, huh?” Molly laughed half-heartedly. She planted herself next to him, sitting ramrod straight until Sherlock lifted her slightly, pulling her into his arms. Her body relaxed immediately at the feel of his gentle hands hugging her to him.

“I’ve enjoyed my pursual of you, Molly Hooper, though I am not done yet,” Sherlock smirked. He began to run his fingers through her hair after slipping the elastic from it. Molly had no idea how he knew she loved to have her hair brushed like that; how it made her feel at ease.

“Better not be,” Molly teased playfully. She heard Sherlock let out a low chuckle that warmed her heart.

“I promise,” Sherlock told her, “but with your permission, I want to put a pause on it to be your boyfriend in this moment. I want to take care of you.” Molly’s eyes welled up and her heart felt so full.

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Three of us - Salambo06
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He leans in as soon as he’s close enough, kissing Rosie’s forehead softly, murmuring a quiet “Morning love” as Sherlock goes into more detailed facts about Rosie’s sleeping habits. John isn’t sure what happens next, but without thinking twice about it and actually feeling like it’s the most natural thing in the world to do right now, he leans in towards Sherlock and kisses his temple with a smile.

Rating: E (first chapter G)   Words: WIP (but you could just read the first chapter as a ficlet and its perfect)

Fluff / Parentlock

John Didn’t Go Into Action

So what really struck me odd is that while “Mary” was dying, John quickly rushed to her side and gave pressure on the wound, but mostly he did this:

He just talked. As an experienced Army doctor all he did was talk to his dying wife. Now, obviously when thrown in such a horrible scenario for someone you care for, it’s a bit hard to think straight. But not only is John a bloody doctor, but he’s been in these situations before.

Such as this:

And what did he immediately do?

“My God… Who shot him?!”

Same here, when realizing that the soldier were still breathing:

“Give me your scarf- quickly, now! Call an ambulance, now! DO IT!” 

So why on Earth would he just sit there, not demand things or answers in a frenzy, and let his wife of all people die without a fighting chance? It just doesn’t add up. 

As “Mary” says herself:

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Pre-Con Recon

Sue Vertue: OK, team. So… number one. Lara and Una - you’ve got pleasant answers that affirm Johnlock without confirming Johnlock?

Una: Yup, I’m gonna say John makes Sherlock happy.

Lara: I’m gonna say I got in between the happy couple.

Sue: Excellent. Now, when the issue of fan fiction comes up, what do we say?


Sue: Arwel… what do you bring to the table?

Arwel: Wallpaper samples!

Sue: Do you really think anyone will want to buy wallpaper samples?!

Arwel: Um… you really don’t know your audience, do you?

The 5 Stages of Grief - Sherlock Series 4

So, I realised today that I’ve gone through each of the five stages of grief after the airing of Sherlock Series 4, and because I have now reached acceptance, I thought it was worth sharing as a bit of a lighthearted exercise. Obviously, I don’t mean to offend anyone here, love you all <3


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-          This is a fake episode

-          There’ll be a fourth episode


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-          Desecrated Canon Stories like Garridebs

-          Plotholes Galore }:[

-          Some narratives led nowhere?!?


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-          If only I hadn’t gotten involved…


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-          How will I ever love and watch this series again?

-          What will I do now without this source of happiness?


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-          Overall there were some very good + funny bits, the acting was great as            always

-          And the bad bits are laughable at this point, so I shall do just that and                laugh and find enjoyment through doing so

-          Eventually - “it is what it is”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Haters gonna hate
  • Sherlock: *furiously typing on his laptop*
  • John: *Just got in with little Rosie on his hips, sees tall, dark and brooding slamming the keys in his laptop. Turns to his daughter.* Well, Rosie looks like Uncle Sherlock is in a bad mood again. Should we just go down and see if Nana Martha has some delicious cookies?
  • Molly: *Exits from the kitchen and walks up to them* Hi John. Hi Rosie, my sweetheart *goes to take the giggling baby from her father* He's doing it again. I already tried telling him to stop but he's in too deep now.
  • John: *Sighs deeply then worriedly looks over at his former flat mate* How deep?
  • Molly: *Frowns then leans closer* I think he is tracking their IPs now.
  • John: Okay, that's scary but also routine. He always does that when things like this happens.
  • Molly: *Huffs* No, I think he's...well, I think he is tracking them down *Leans even more to whisper* and is shutting them one by one.
  • John: *whispers* He can't do that! *Looks at his best friend who is still abusing his keyboard* Can he?
  • Sherlock: *Still very much engaged in his laptop* Doing it.
  • Molly: *Jumps away from John* Okay, that's my cue. I'll just take Rosie down to Mrs. Hudson for some sweet treats. *Turns to the little pod of cuteness in her arms* Come on sweetie, let's leave Daddy and Uncle Sherlock to do their serious grown up talk. *Looks up to John and whispers before leaving* Do something, please!
  • John: *Pats Molly in the arm as she turns to leave then slowly walks to his chair* So...
  • Sherlock: *Still karate-chopping his keyboard* Nope.
  • John: *Lowers himself in his chair* You haven't even heard what I was about to say.
  • Sherlock: *Without looking away from his computer* Didn't need to. And the answer is still no.
  • John: *Beginning to feel frustrated* Sherlock, this is not healthy. You've been at it for almost a week now. Surely you've realized by now that engaging with them only makes things worse.
  • Sherlock: *Still drilling through his keys* Yes, which is why I am about to finish them off now. Except, you are bothering me so I have to portion part of my brain cells just to talk to you, instead of using all of them to finish this.
  • John: *definitely frustrated now* How are you finishing them off? By shutting them down? That's hacking, Sherlock! That's illegal!
  • Sherlock: *still hammering away* We both know I have done far worse.
  • John: *Sighs and then begins to massage his temples* Yes. Unfortunately, yes. But Sherlock! These are trolls, haters! As long as there is internet, they'll keep popping out no matter how many times you try to shut them down!
  • Sherlock: *Noncommittal voice* Yes. Yes. Uhuh. I agree. You are right.
  • John: *Huffs and sinks in his chair* Aaaaand you are not listening anymore. You know one of this days, that act of yours will get you in trouble.
  • Sherlock: *Definitely not paying attention* Yes. Yes. Uhuh. I agree. You are right.
  • John: *Throws his arms in the air* That's it, I give up. *Reaches for his phone* I'm telling Mycroft what you are doing, just so he knows why there is a sudden increase of angry customer service calls on internet providers.
  • Sherlock: *Hammers through a few more keys before finally stopping and shutting down his laptop with a loud snap* No need.
  • *As if on cue, approaching footsteps could be heard from the staircase*
  • John: *glares at the consulting detective* What did you do?
  • Sherlock: *Shrugs then looks around* Where's Molly?
  • John: Sh-
  • Sherlock: Ah yes, you brought your sprog. Did you tell her to bring up some gingernuts here?
  • John: *disbelievingly* No I di-
  • Mycroft: *Appears out of nowhere* William Sherlock Scott Holmes! What do you think you're doing?!?
  • Sherlock: *Turns to look at his brother* When Mrs. Hudson let you in, did you tell her to bring up some gingernuts with the tea?
  • Mycroft: *Strides in and stops in the middle of the room* Need I remind you that I have far more important things to do than arrest these *takes out a piece of paper* haters of yours.
  • Sherlock: Hmmm...guess you didn't. *Shouting out* MRS. HUDSON, PLEASE BRING SOME GINGERNUTS WITH THE TEA!
  • *Sherlock's phone rings immediately after*
  • Sherlock: *Answer's his phone* Molly can you tell her to bring some hob-
  • Molly: Sherlock! Rosie's here! Don't scream! And Mrs. Hudson is not your housekeeper!
  • Sherlock: *Rolls his eyes* Mrs. Hudson screamed too! And she's down there with Rosie!
  • Molly: I covered her ears! Now stop being a petulant child and listen to John and Mycroft. And no, Mrs. Hudson is not going to serve you tea. Go to the kitchen and prepare it yourself!
  • Sherlock: *whines* Bu-
  • Molly: There is also a plate of gingernuts and hobnobs in there.
  • Sherlock: And custard creams?
  • Molly: And custard creams.
  • Sherlock: *Smiles* I love you
  • Mycroft: *groaning* Oh for Christ's sake!
  • Molly: And I, you. *hangs up*
  • Mycroft: Now that we are done with that cringe-worthy display of sentiment. Can we go back to the topic at hand?
  • Sherlock: *puts his phone away then immediately shots up from his chair to go to the kitchen* Nope
  • Mycroft: Sherlock, you cannot keep doing this! You cannot keep disconnecting people and taking away their internet connection. You're disrupting the flow of information and the system.
  • Sherlock: *returning from the kitchen with a heaping plate of cookies* What flow of information? That apparently John and I are secretly engaged and that Molly is just my beard. That she is just here to hide the fact that John and I are secretly raising Rosie together? That Molly Hooper is a little morgue mouse that needs to be shut down because she's interfering with our great love? That Mary's dea-
  • *looks guiltily at John before turning back to his brother* There is no flow of information Mycroft. There is however, systematic character assassination towards important women in our lives. *plops down his chair and shoves biscuits in his mouth*
  • John: *grave* What are they saying about Mary? *reaches for Sherlock's laptop*
  • Sherlock: *stops eating and reaches out to firmly place his hand above his laptop and stare solemnly at his bestfriend*
  • John: *holds his bestfriend's gaze for a few seconds before leaning back and turning to Mycroft* You know, if people can't properly use the internet, maybe it's for the best if they are kept off of it for a while.
  • Mycroft: John, the internet is a complex system of neural net-
  • John: Off of it. For. A. While. *stares at Mycroft as if daring him to do otherwise*
  • Mycroft: *Meets Dr. Watson's heavy gaze before turning to look at his brother who is also looking at him in the same way*
  • ...
  • Mycroft: Fine. I suppose there's a solar flare that could be cooked up somewhere. *Approaches Sherlock's work table and puts down the piece of paper* I am, however, drawing the line with arresting people. Unless they do something illegal, no one is going to jail. They'll simply have to live without internet connection for a week.
  • Sherlock: *still munching despite consuming half of the treats* Based on their psychological profiles, a week without internet is a worse punishment than jail.
  • John: Speaking from experience?
  • Sherlock: *raises a gingernut in the air before tossing it in his mouth*

tbh i think the way sherlock would come out as trans to john would be accidental. i bet john would end up seeing needles and immediately go balistic, coming to sherlock and telling him how much he cares about him and how he shouldn’t be near “this stuff”, and sherlock gives him a wild look of disbelief before asking him if he even read the labels. when john reads them he looks completely embarrassed and apologizes. but then, after curiosity nagged him for a small while he asked sherlock why he was taking testosterone injections. sherlock doesnt answer, but texts his mother to get some childhood photos to show john. without saying a word, he nods his understanding. theres an awkward silence and sherlock becomes worried for a moment before john looks at him with a smile and says “christ do i still feel stupid about earlier. so anyway what do you want for dinner?” because nothing has changed, except now they know each other a little bit better, and john wants sherlock to know that

Imagine wanting to go to prom with your boyfriend. But he, how always, refuses to, wsaying it was just a stupid foolish party for people who want to feel like grown ups though they behave like children the whole time. “But I want to go! Am I childish because of this wish? I just want to be part of the class for one time. And this is gonna be the last time I get the chance, you know I am going to the university next year, so, why can’t you just do me the favor??”. Sherlock quietly looks at you with his perfect lips closed. His deep blueish eyes looking through you. Nearly crying of anger you turn around and leave the flat. Walking to the park. Angry. Thinking of all the things you did for Sherlock, going to murderer, helping him to solve cases, helping him to get socail networks. And he won’t even do this for you? Honestly? You decide to go back and tell him exactly that! You storm into the room, ready to shout at him as you see what he does: He is standing there, dancing without music.”What are you doing here? Wanting to tell me what you did for me, and tell me that I should be able to do you this lile favor? Well, as you see, I am sorry! I will go with you! And now come here!”. Ugh! All this knowledge and this deducing you.. but hey, he changed his mind all on his owne! THat truly is great! And so you go to him, he takes your hand, lays one on your hip, and begins to dance with you. Humming his favorite walz!