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West City is a modern metropolis where both saiyans and humans live and thrive. When Bulma Briefs becomes the first human to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Bulma jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Vegeta Ouji, a scam artist saiyan who makes her job even harder.




he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda

What the Heck I Gotta Do -Jeggy Cinderella ver

(For my Cinderella thing and because I will find any reason to have John/Philip sing this song in any au…and also because Janthony.)

Scenario: Peggy is Cinderella, this is happening the morning after the ball when John is explaining the whole thing to King Washington, with the help of Alexander(the king’s scribe) and some nosy servants.

The prince seemed about ready to call it quits, when a very pretty girl showed up

Who is she?

And not once, but TWICE, walked past him

Who is she?

Every eye was on her. She took no notice.

Who is she?

The servants referred to her as-

“Some princess”

Your highness, what drew you to this girl initially?

Man, she almost tripped on the hem of her dress! She was light-skinneded, had a presence like a firework—long hair, mature in the body like, whoa!

Like, whoa!

That’s not the only reason I liked her, though. I saw her move past the others on the floor and start dancin’

All by herself

With smilin’ eyes. So I said, hi. She seemed mature, and I talked more

More, more, more!

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Reaper teaches the ways

Reaper: Alright Sombra, we have the edgy outfit down, Spanish linguistics on point, and now we need to teach you to spin. I call it the “Blossom” technique.

Sombra: Sounds easy enough.

*4 hours later*

Reaper: No no! Sombra it’s: Tiptoes, right, crossover, left, Pirouette. Ugh! It’s simple!

Sombra: This is harder than it looks, alright?!

Reaper: Would you rather I teach you what I’m teaching Widowmaker right now?

*Reaper teleports over to Widowmaker doing squats*

Reaper: I don’t care what that butt looks like, those legs are not cutting it. Now ASS TO THE GROUND!

Widowmaker: I’M TRYING!

Sombra: Sooooo…tiptoes first?

Reaper: That’s what I thought.


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Description : After the BAU is called in to investigate a series of disappearances in Hawkins, Indiana, they soon realize that this case is much different than any other one they’ve taken. While investigating the case of Will Byers, you are pulled into another strange dimension and Spencer Reid, your closest friend on the team, makes a vow to rescue you, no matter what it takes.


Gender : neutral
Genre : fluff + angst
Pairing : Spencer Reid X Reader
Warning : events of Stranger Things
Disclaimer :  I do not own Spencer or any characters from Criminal Minds. I don’t own you or the gif, either. I do not own Stranger Things or any other Stranger Things characters.
Word Count : 728
Quotev Link : [x]
Author’s Notes : This takes place during the Stranger Things timeline and I apologize for any slip ups based on the year this takes in, since I don’t know much about the eighties.

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Jin-sun (Im just curious who you do ship out of your 2nd Gen AU babies)

My otp: LOL somehow Mi-joo x Jin-sun. It accidentally become canon.

My most hated pairing: Eeeh I guess him with his exes. (Ehehe his story is more complicated than you think. No, he ain’t a playboy :3c).

My unusual otp: Him with cats lmao. (Yes he love cat)

My crossover otp: Who to even crossover with. XD


Character headcanon: WELL HE IS IN MY AU SO I DO WHAT I WANT LOL.

Perfect. That is what people often called him. He is like a human sized doll. Perfect in every angle. But that is just how other people see him from the outside.
Trying to please everyone end up hurting himself and other that tried to be close with him.

“Do you even have feeling?” (not from Mi-joo lol)

Hint hint of his story. :3c

A gif that show how I feel about the character:

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Requested by  crazyfangirl345 <3
Prompt: Hey! Do you do crossovers??? If so can u do a sam Winchester imagine where he meets your ex who just so happens to be The joker (jared Leto) and the joker totally freaks sam out? Thanks 💚💜
A/N: i personally love crossovers! and i really like your blog too!


You love Sam Winchester – he’s sweet, he’s a good man, but most of all he’s stable. And in the right mind. Not psychotic in anyway. Completely normal. Well, ignoring some questionable things that happened in the past, his brother complex and immense daddy issues, Sam is what you call a catch.  

Unlike your ex, who was the complete opposite.

Sam only heard some tales from you about him – about his tattoos, violent mood swing and over all chaos that always followed after him. He never actually thought he’d get to meet him.

But he did. The Joker stood a couple of meters away from the hunter, a first emotionless look morphing to curiosity and lastly mad glee. Sam glanced at you by his side, finding you extremely annoyed.  

“Well, well, well” The Joker started, lowly, a twisted smile rising on his lips, “Fate loves bringing us together, (Name).”  

“Fate can shove it.” You blurred, grabbing Sam by the upper arm and urging him to leave with you, “C'mon, Sam, let’s go home.” Your actions were quickly stopped when Joker pulled out his gun, pointing it straight at Sam. You frowned. Sam frowned, “Don’t…move…” You whispered to him.

“Boring doesn’t suit you, (Name).” The Joker said, his face twisting into a scowl as he glared at the taller male, “Come back to daddy, now.”

“If you really love me that much than you should let me be happy.” You told through gritted teeth. The Joker smiled, almost lovingly.

“…You always were the caring one.” He cocked his gun away from Sam, pointing it at some random passenger in the parking lot as his finger pulled the trigger. A loud bang echoed in the lot. Your blood ran cold. Sam freed himself from his grasp as you ran to the injured person. He tackled your laughing ex.

“What the hell is wrong with you?!”


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Did I seriously just do this.

Did I seriously just write and draw a fifteen and a half page comic about Underfell Toucan Sans.

He’s not really UF Toucan Sans, since he only has six human souls, not seven and a bit (thus he’s not as blinged out). But I’d been thinking about Underfell, and questions like who would be the final boss if Flowey isn’t evil, or what would happen if Sans kept his role as the judge; or, if control of Asriel was split between Asriel and Chara, would absorbing six human souls mean control of your body was split seven ways? And this wound up happening.
And when I die and am called forth to be judged, they will show me this comic and say “Really? AU crossovers? This is what you spent your time on this good earth doing?” And they will look to me for a response, but I will have none, and they will mirthlessly shake their heads before casting me down to the deepest pit of hell

Toucan/Seraph Sans by @tratserenoyreve (http://tratserenoyreve.tumblr.com/)
Underfell by… I’m not sure? The main UF blog seems locked.

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Heaven’s Light/Hellfire

Remember how I tried to do this crossover like forever ago but couldn’t decide if Dirk or Roxy should be Esmeralda? No? :D Okay, well I decided they both are. They’re a dancing duo. Caliborn has the hots for Dirk. Roxy gets in trouble for helping Calliope and Dirk gets mixed up in all that. 

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I haven't watched/read this 'Saiki', but the BNHA/Saiki crossover idea sounds SUPER INTERESANT and if you want to talk more about it pls do.

carefully curated selection of quotes from a discussion i had with my perpetual enabler @wrathia-bellarmina​ today: 

  • “aizawa is like what the fuck just happened, also im feeling real fresh”
  • “izuku’s brain is a non stop 24/7 brain train”
  • “saiki honestly has no fucking patience for aything. any bullshit. he just calls bullshit right fucking there. unless its his own bullshit, in which case he thinks its perfectly valid and justified and doesnt care what other people think”
  • “saiki’s like, im humiliated… but i’m also grateful, because i couldn’t think of a way to get money that wasnt horrendously illegal”
  • saiki, internally: what do you mean, no? you think you can just try and arrest an esper like me and make me do what you want? i have my pride
  • “aizawa just has saiki follow him home like a wet cat or something”
  • “shigaraki [has] got that handy disintegrating power”
  • “i love how easy saiki is to bribe”
  • saiki, internally: how do you tell someone that yuo can’t go to the police because you don’t exist?
  • “this is why youre my perpetual enabler. encouraging me… to do awful things. awful terrible things”
True or false?

Saw this on youtube; still hasn’t provided “authentic links”. Has anyone seen anything that confirms or debunks this bullshit?:

     “ A new leak by this dude on Twitter was released today, the entire season script is available. A few things I can remember: - Jesse comes back with E2 Wells in a few episodes (can’t remember how many, defo less than 5) - Caitlyn is saved from becoming Killer Frost - Another crossover happens before the end of the season - Iris is saved but Joe dies a suffering death as stated in the prophecy - Earth 2 Wells is the traitor, he is driven by the death of Jesse, it’s also why Savitar called H.R “fake Wells” - Jay Garrick gets really disappointed with Barry and decides that he wants to do what Barry does but the correct way and so he goes onto Legends of Tomorrow - Savitar is given so much speed by tram Flash he becomes a part of the speed force - Season ends with the return of Zoom/Black Flash, coming after Barry A few other major things happen, if you want, I can post them along with a few authentic links.”