what do hashtags do again

Sure! Why not?

What the fuck happened to this blog and how am I going to integrate a normal growth again? See the little tip before the end of July?

I was very proud of that!

Wtf? I can’t deal with this!

Anyway thanks to @myheavens2betsy for the continuous support and thanks to @mai-is-die-liab  for whatever happened this weekend!

Also I really appreciate the support of @tavaron-x whom I consider a dear friend of mine and @smakka–bagms whose opinion means the world to me.

The English skills I have developed at school and in my spare time look peculiar in comparison to what this woman creates.

Same praise goes to @lidj who does very exclusive french poetry and occasionally seems to have a look on my blog as well ^^

I also want to thank @inkstaboy for his occasional support whom I met at Nova Rock this year and who posts some really cute photographs with his dog.

Nevertheless I love all you guys because you subscribed to this blog in which I rule after my values and put- well let’s say an average lot of effort I figure some people do a lot more tbh, but I do my best and I’m really happy that some of you guys seem to be reading my stuff once in a while.

Or maybe you like out of pity how can I know, but I have hopes that some of you are enjoying some of this. And that is a pretty good motivation ^^

So thanks to all of you, brothers and sisters and as I used to state in earlier posts: I wish peace upon yo, your kin and all you hold dear.