what do cats think about


I live in a suburban neighborhood. You know, one of those uptight conservative ones? Where people will complain because our fences paint has faded or because we are in the middle of a project in the front yard and it looks “unsightly” because it’s not finished? Where they look at me weird because I’m hosing off snake enclosures in the front yard on cleaning day.

We’ve had three dogs attacked by coyotes in the last month. In a suburban neighborhood

What do you think happens to cats? Coyotes don’t give a fuck about their claws. Coyotes are opportunistic and will eat anything. They will kill and eat your cat.
We’ve had people’s cats go missing for years. I asked one person who recently lost her cat if it was an outdoor cat. She said yes. I told her that coyotes, a bobcat, or foxes most likely got it. She said “My cat is far too smart for that!!!” Then I showed her a picture of the coyote carrying a dead cat back to its den and told her that they are predators and will sometimes take down elk around here. She seemed shocked, she had the impression that they were just scavengers. I shared more coyote information with her, then she broke down crying because it’s been two weeks since she last saw her cat. I consoled her and told her I’ll still be on the lookout, but it’s probably time to stop looking. 

Coyotes are fucking bold in urban areas. Both coyotes and foxes can adapt and survive well in more city areas as well. Raccoons are even bold because people feed them. We get mountain lions just on the ridge two miles from the house. There are literally sunset curfews in effect all months of the year in parks and nature areas because of the mountain lions, coyotes, and bobcats in our area. 

Hell, OWLS will go after an outdoor cat.

Please keep your cats inside. They are not the apex predator. They do not have the “sixth sense” that keeps them safe from cars [and if you think they do, please visit the four cats I have found just this month that have been hit and killed by cars.] Even if you do not think you have coyotes, foxes, owls, etc. in your area, your cat is always a prime target for stray dogs. Plus they kill a fuckton of birds every year and are causing the extinction of some species. Cats are not invincible. It is your job as an owner to keep them safe from harm.

“Oh but my cat is so sad and depressed because it can’t go outside :((” “He wants to go outside!!!!” Then build your cat an outdoor enclosure for $100 with supplies from home depot, you cheap bastard.

If you cannot spare the time to interact with your cat to keep it happy, then don’t have a cat you dingus.

juno steel really seems like the type of person to claim that he hates pets and that they’re too much work he is a busy lady he doesn’t have time to care for a pet and they don’t like him anyway so why 

but also like if he somehow ended up caring for like, a cat or w/e, he would love it. like not outwardly. but boy would he ever care for that animal and make sure it was safe and fed and probably talk to it like a completely normal voice (cat meows from the other room, and juno yells “WHAT” and when theres no response from the cat he gets up and mutters under his breath about this gd cat all the way to the other room so he can investigate what it found).

anyway with this in mind please imagine a stray cat following him home one day and he doesn’t really mean to end up keeping her but first he puts out water and some food and she comes back again and again. (“im not naming it” he says to rita one day, which is a mistake because she gets to name it then. “thats not what i meant” he says, but its too late rita gets to name the cat) and then it’s cold outside so he has to let her in, he’s not heartless, and suddenly its his cat and she sleeps on the bed next to him. he didn’t mean for this to happen but its too late. the cat loves him. he begrudgingly loves the cat back

I did it

inspired by this fat cat


I’m just gonna sit in this corner of mine

Harry Potter Creature Themed Asks

Acromantula: Worst fear/phobia?

Ashwinder: Have you ever had a really bad burn? Where?

Basilisk: What experiences have you had with snakes?

Billywig: Would you rather be able to levitate or be consistently giddy?

Blast-Ended Skrewt: What creatures would you breed in order to make a brand new hybrid?

Bowtruckle: Do you have attachment issues?

Bundimun: On a scale of 1 to Bundimun infestation, how clean is your room?

Centaur: How connected to nature are you?

Chimaera: Would you rather have lions head or a dragons tail?

Clabbert: How good are you at sensing a bad situation coming?

Demiguise: How wise are you?

Diricawl: If you could teleport to anywhere in the world where would it be?

Doxy: Have you ever been mistaken for anyone?

Dragon: What is something you horde?

Erkling: What is your favorite dark fairytale?

Erumpent: How would you attract a mate?

Fairy: What’s one physical feature you take really good care of?

Fire crab: If you had a gem encrusted shell what would it look like?

Flitterby: What’s a tune you always find yourself humming?

Flobberworm: Have you ever felt as useless as a flobberworm?

Fwooper: Have you ever sung so much that your friends/family have threatened to kill you?

Ghoul: Is there something you do that really annoys people?

Giant Squid: Favorite Hogwarts creature?

Glumbumble: What’s something that makes you really melancholy?

Golden Snidget: Google “Ancient Sports Facts” and tell us the one you find most interesting,

Graphorn: If you were one of the last mating humans in existence who would you want as your mate?

Griffin: If you could chose a creature as a guardian, which one would it be?

Grindylow: What’s something about the ocean that scares you?

Hippogriff: Who is someone you have the upmost respect for?

Horklump: Do you like mushrooms?

Jarvey: What is your favorite comeback?

Jobberknoll: What would be the last thing you say before you die?

Kelpie: If you could take any form what would it be?

Knarl: How touchy about food are you?

Kneazle: What do you think about cats?

Leprechaun: How Irish are you?

Mackled Malaclaw: What’s the most unlucky thing that’s ever happened to you?

Manticore: If you could chose one of your body parts, when touched, to cause instant death, what body part would it be?

Merpeople: On a scale of “Out of Water to In Water”, how good is your singing?

Moke: Would you rather shrink at will or grow at will?

Mooncalf: How adorable are you?

Murtlap: Are you a biter?

Niffler: What’s your favorite shiny thing?

Occamy: Were you a fussy child?

Phoenix: Do you believe in reincarnation?

Pixie: Do you like play tricks on people?

Pogrebin: Have you ever been followed by someone before?

Porlock: Have you ever been horseback riding before?

Pygmy Puff: What is the cutest animal in your opinion?

Re'em: If you could have super strength for one hour what would you do with it?

Runespoor: Are you a planner, a dreamer, or a critic?

Shrake: Do you enjoy fishing?

Sphinx: What one question would you want answered most in the world?

Streeler: Would you, given the choice, make your skin change color every hour?

Swooping Evil: In what way are you often misunderstood?

Tebo: If you could make yourself invisible, what would you do?

Thestral: Whose death has shaken you most in the last year?

Three-Headed Dog: What’s something you guard with your life?

Troll: What’s one really stupid thing you’ve done?

Thunderbird: What’s your favorite type of weather?

Unicorn: Are you a virgin?

Werewolf: Is there something about your life or yourself that you can’t control?

Happy Free Comic Book Day!!!

“Tikki and me were just having a nice day out before I go to work–then!!!

“The look of when you’re still not used to being a public figure!? Oh my gosh, a comic about my younger years? Tikki, was I seriously like this a few years ago?!”

Older!Marinette for visiting the comic store because I had work RIGHT after! Hurrah for cosplays you can wear in public :D

I HOPE EVERYONE GOT THEIR COPY! It’s a cute read and we get to have lacrosse featured, which is rare! Have a happy free comic book day everyone!

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What do you think about the people who make their dog/cats go vegan?

I have avoided answering this question because I don’t have the energy for drama, but the short answer is:

I do not approve of vegan diets for dogs, and I especially do not approve of vegan diets for cats. I would urge people to put their own privileged opinions aside and provide as best they can for the animal directly under their care before compromising that animal’s health over livestock which are not directly under their care, and will be slaughtered regardless of what they feed their pet.

Most vegans I know do not expect an animal to defy its physiology for a human’s ethical code. They chose to become vegan out of concern for animal welfare, and do not want to compromise the welfare of animals dependent upon them for some sort of arbitrary point scoring system.


Catelyn Stark Appreciation Week: Favourite relationship → Catelyn + her children

“It hurts so much, she thought. Our children, Ned, all our sweet babes. Rickon, Bran, Arya, Sansa, Robb… Robb… please, Ned, please, make it stop, make it stop hurting…”

A friend was reblogging some old stuff of mine and reminded me of this cat snake character I drew a pretty long time ago. I decided they would be fun to revamp and play around with!

I’m naming him Nyaga :3c

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WAIT THERE A SECOND. If Raven do not like cats, then what do he thinks about Nekophy? I mean, u know. Sorry for random question. v':

well I guess raven hates nekophy??? xD ( sorry nekophy..( ̄ω ̄;) )


@white-rainbowff said I should post it and i said sure sure…….

@perfecttimemachinestranger asked an important question. What would Demon!Lyste think of his new best friend, Angel! Krennic? 

Let’s be honest, if Demon!Veers scares him then i won’t be surprised if Angel!Krennic scares him as well. But Krennic is wise, he knows how to tap into someone’s soul…. hmm mind? (But lyste is demon…does he have a soul? That’s question for another day). Krennic puts two and two together and knows exactly what Lyste likes. 

There only two things really:

  1. Eli Vanto  
  2. A Pink Slipper (please make sure it’s the left side though…he’s very picky about that.)

@imperialgradients i drew this when you re-posted your statement that he doesn’t really fly but floats a lil…so my bad on that ;v;. (i’m what they call a “lazy” artist and refuse to make changes…lol…but i’ll know for next time ;v;)

Since i have a “good” sensor of humor….I added Eli cuz i can’t help myself. (That’s one fineeeee, tushie)

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Hello *lowers sunglasses* heard you were lookin' for requests. *wink* here's a little somethin' *slides note to you and drives off* RFA reacting to MC stealing a kiss at a random moment. You decide what kinda kiss;)

Ooh I’ve never written anything like this before! Hope you don’t mind - I added V in there as a bonus :) 


  • You were waiting for him at a bench on campus. 
  • There he is! 
  • He came up to you all excited. “MC! Have you heard? They’re opening a Honey Buddha Chip Cafe!” That much MSG can’t be good for anyone…
  • But he’s so enthusiastic and adorable about it that you can’t help but smile
  • You kiss him. 
  • It was a quick peck really, but it was enough to reduce him to at staring you in surprise. 
  • “I’d love to go to that cafe, Yoosung.” 
  • Surprise turns into playfulness. He tilts his head and grabs your hand, pulling you closer. “Hey MC… Could you do that again?” 


  • She’s been a bit too busy lately. 
  • Jaehee! Notice me! :(
  • You placed your chin on top of her laptop screen and pouted. 
  • She sighed. “I’m sorry, but not now, MC. Mr. Han is starting another cat project…”
  • You leave the room. Jaehee begins to feel a bit guilty. 
  • Unfortunately for her, you were waiting just outside the door. 
  • The moment she stepped outside the room, she was startled by a warm, gentle pressure on her lips. 
  • Her cheeks were getting warmer. 
  • You pull away suddenly and fix her with a petulant look. “Oh sorry, you were busy right?”
  • Still blushing, she’s reminded of her most pressing, reoccurring dilemma: Productivity? Or MC? 
  • Who knew her girlfriend could be such a tease?! You giggle at her confusion. 
  • “I-I guess Mr. Han’s report can wait awhile…” 
  • Smooth, MC


  • He was playing a song on his guitar when you walked in. 
  • “MC! Wanna hear the new song I learned?”
  • You agree of course. You assumed it was a song from one of his new roles, but you were wrong. 
  • When he got to the line talking about “MC’s endless legs” and “flawless complexion” you realized that his “new song” was really more of an original composition… -_-
  • He stops playing and looks at you with pride, expecting you to melt at his heartfelt declaration. “So what did you-?” 
  • Too late! You sat on his lap and caught him in a kiss that took his breath away. It took a second for him to register what was happening, but he eventually wrapped his arms around your waist. 
  • He smirked at you, satisfied. “I was that good, huh? Come on, say it.”
  • You grinned. You moved closer, and Zen readied himself for a second kiss. 
  • To his dismay, you stopped inches away from his face and simply hovered there. What were you doing?! Trying to drive him crazy?! 
  • Instead of pressing your lips to his, you leaned into his ear and whispered. He could feel your hot breath on his neck. “Your fly is down.” 
  • With that, you stood up and sauntered out of the room. What?! 
  • Still breathing heavily, Zen looked down at his zipper. Sure enough, you were right. 
  • He got up. “MC!” Dammit, it was down! And it’s going to stay down now that you’ve awoken the beast


  • You were on the couch having a discussion about a new potential cat project. 
  • “MC, what do you think about starting a line of cat mittens?”
  • “I think there will definitely be a market for it. After all, cat paws are very sensitive. And not every cat owner can have a home has well heated as yours, Jumin.” 
  • “Indeed. It would be a good alternative for cat owners who wish to save on their heating expenses.”
  • You scooted closer and kissed him right on the lips before continuing: “Yes! Furthermore, the mittens will enhance the cat’s aesthetic value.”
  • Jumin blinked in surprise. “Did you just-?”
  • You kissed him again, this time a little more deeply. “Did I just what, Jumin?” You tilted your head innocently. 
  • “Anyhow,” You went on, “Imagine how adorable Elizabeth the 3rd would look with a pair of sky blue mittens!” You turned to look at him once more, giving him that same mockingly clueless look. 
  • “I see.” 
  • He pinned you down, his straight hair tousled from the sudden movement. 
  • “A practical acessory,” He proceeded. “Just like that dress you’re wearing.”

707/ Saeyoung

  • He was building a robot cat to go with the fire-spitting robot dog. 
  • They were going to be best friends: an ice-spitting robot cat, and a fire-spitting robot dog! (Jumin? Zen? Is it you?)
  • You decided to help him. You loved watching how engrossed he became in these little projects. All his fidgety energy would be diverted towards a single goal, and his eyes would become gleam with fascination. It reminded you of how intelligent he was. 
  • “Hey MC… could you hand me that screwdriver?”
  • “You’ve got it, Captain Seven!”
  • Instead of the cool feel of metal on his palm, Seven felt a soft peck on his cheek. 
  • You looked away bashfully and set the screwdriver down in front of him. 
  • He smiled to himself. “There’s one thing I’m missing…” 
  • He turned and reached behind you. You realized that he wasn’t holding anything but was making a heart with his fingers. “Your love…?!”
  • You sigh (why is he such a meme…) 


  • The pasta he was trying to cook for you wasn’t coming out exactly the way he wanted it to. He was beginning to feel frustrated.
  • He had always been a perfectionist with his photographs. Now that his vision was gone, he strived for perfection in other fields - cooking, music, painting - any artistic outlet where his tactile senses could be honed and sharpened to a point. 
  • So why were his langoustines consistently unseasoned?! 
  • He signed and traced his hands over the recipe book, trying to find fault in his technique. 
  • This is when he felt a warm touch on his hand, and force guiding his fingers to the correct passage.
  • “The recipe you needed was on the next page.” 
  • “I knew that.” He replied, giving you a soft smile. You could tell he was a bit disappointed. For all his gentleness, V had a fire burning inside him - a quiet determination to maintain self-sufficiency, no matter the cost. He had probably wanted to figure this out on his own. 
  • You went on your tip toes and kissed him on the nose. “Of course you did. You’re always so capable.” And you meant it. 
  • He grabbed your wrist just as you were about to leave. 
  • He looked down for a moment before smiling at you. A real one this time. “And you always know just what to say.”