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“So stop making that face at me…”

Sooo… I went out for dinner & drinks with my new roommate today, and she only speaks English, so:

me: *talks to her in english*

me: *turns to the bartender and orders in spanish*

bartender: *laughs* whoa, I wasn’t expecting that southern spanish accent from someone speaking english so well, such a contrast *laughs more*

me: *laughs as well* 

and that’s it. roommate and i go sit and have dinner and bartender’s shift ends and we continue eating and don’t think a thing of it.

except then we go out

it’s been at least half an hour

and he’s standing there by the door, waiting for us to come out

and then he smiles shyly and hands me his phone number written on a pink post-it note

he’s very, very cute.

Do not read about the mandela effect at midnight

It will fuck you up

Seriously do not keep reading if you dissociate. SERIOUSLY

  • Okay there’s the big one with the BerenstEin/BerenstAin bears? i distinctly remember the spelling with the E and it doesn’t fucking exist there is no evidence of it ever having been spelled that way. I look at pictures of the covers and they all have the A spelling but it looks wrong, and i keep getting this horrible sick feeling like i shouldn’t be looking at it or something.
  • Jif peanut butter used to be called Jiffy - nope. nada. zilch. never fucking happened.
  • “Interview with a vampire” is and, apparently, has always been “Interview with THE Vampire” even though it totally wasn’t.
  •  I was sure “Sex and the City” was called” Sex IN the City” but there is no written or photographic evidence of this anywhere.
  • I remember the original voice actor for Spongebob retired and they got a new one - nope, it’s always been the same one
  • there’s all these tiny ones with spelling that i always thought was just my dislexia being a lil shit but it’s not just me. Parmesan cheese, i always thought it was spelled Parmasean, because i used to say “Par-ma-see-an” to spell it. same with definitely/definately, Dilemma/dilemna. 
  • Fidel Castro??? Is not dead?? I know he was dead. It was all over the news, it was a huge deal, people were talking about it for ages, but according to everything i’ve found he’s still alive. there’s pictures of him from like last month. This one is definitely freaking me out the most because i very clearly remember the media frenzy and photos of the funeral
  • The old justice league cartoons have green lantern in them when i am positive he was not in them, it was definitely aquaman.
  • I remember learning in middle school that the “Tank Boy” in the picture from Tianenmen Square got run over, but that the teacher wouldn’t show us the video because it was “Too gruesome” - boy was not run over

I am losing my shit here.

can you believe i just learned, from reading fucking fanfiction, that this year’s world championships are held in helsinki? at the end of this month?

next question, would it be insane to pay 80e for the exhibition ticket? i could go see the short programs too, expect for the fact that they begin at 12:30pm on a thursday when i have classes… unless i skip? oops? and i would have loved to see the free programs but there are only vip tickets available and they’re like 230e which i really can’t afford fml :/

When Duty and Desire Meet- Update status

I’m about to write the most poignant scene of the Evillustator arc and currently my mind is like-

and like

So yeah I’m freaking out that I have to write this thing and I hope I do it justice and I hope you all like it and I’M DEAD I’M SO DEAD HELP MEEEEEEE

(This is for chapter 3 btw. The rough draft of chapter 2 of the Evillustrator arc is done. We’re hoping to release them in a few weeks time after @edendaphne gets back from a much needed vaycay so stay tuned)

At a World Meeting
  • <p> <b>2P! Russia:</b> *taking attendance* Canada, are you here?<p/><b>2P! Canada:</b> Here.<p/><b></b> <p/><b>2P! Russia:</b> Oh sorry. Didn't notice you with your hair down. America, are you here?<p/><b>2P! America:</b> Mhm.<p/><b>2P! Russia:</b> Didn't notice you with your mouth shut.<p/></p>