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“So stop making that face at me…”

Do not read about the mandela effect at midnight

It will fuck you up

Seriously do not keep reading if you dissociate. SERIOUSLY

  • Okay there’s the big one with the BerenstEin/BerenstAin bears? i distinctly remember the spelling with the E and it doesn’t fucking exist there is no evidence of it ever having been spelled that way. I look at pictures of the covers and they all have the A spelling but it looks wrong, and i keep getting this horrible sick feeling like i shouldn’t be looking at it or something.
  • Jif peanut butter used to be called Jiffy - nope. nada. zilch. never fucking happened.
  • “Interview with a vampire” is and, apparently, has always been “Interview with THE Vampire” even though it totally wasn’t.
  •  I was sure “Sex and the City” was called” Sex IN the City” but there is no written or photographic evidence of this anywhere.
  • I remember the original voice actor for Spongebob retired and they got a new one - nope, it’s always been the same one
  • there’s all these tiny ones with spelling that i always thought was just my dislexia being a lil shit but it’s not just me. Parmesan cheese, i always thought it was spelled Parmasean, because i used to say “Par-ma-see-an” to spell it. same with definitely/definately, Dilemma/dilemna. 
  • Fidel Castro??? Is not dead?? I know he was dead. It was all over the news, it was a huge deal, people were talking about it for ages, but according to everything i’ve found he’s still alive. there’s pictures of him from like last month. This one is definitely freaking me out the most because i very clearly remember the media frenzy and photos of the funeral
  • The old justice league cartoons have green lantern in them when i am positive he was not in them, it was definitely aquaman.
  • I remember learning in middle school that the “Tank Boy” in the picture from Tianenmen Square got run over, but that the teacher wouldn’t show us the video because it was “Too gruesome” - boy was not run over

I am losing my shit here.

can you believe i just learned, from reading fucking fanfiction, that this year’s world championships are held in helsinki? at the end of this month?

next question, would it be insane to pay 80e for the exhibition ticket? i could go see the short programs too, expect for the fact that they begin at 12:30pm on a thursday when i have classes… unless i skip? oops? and i would have loved to see the free programs but there are only vip tickets available and they’re like 230e which i really can’t afford fml :/

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I'm not sure if I should ask you or scriptmedic about this, but what are the do's and don't's of calming someone who's having a panic/anxiety attack?

Courtesy of @scriptautistic:

Things not to do:

  • Don’t : Yell at them. Especially not to calm down. This is the exact opposite of helpful. 
  •  Don’t : Tell them to stop crying/shaking/hyperventilating. They can’t help it. 
  • Don’t : Start panicking as well (if possible). 
  • Don’t : Touch them or move them without permission. 
  • Don’t : Ask too many questions without giving them time to answer. Ask open questions which require lot of reflection or open answers.
  • Don’t: Force them to do anything they don’t want to do.
  • Don’t : Leave them alone before they have calmed down completely and told you so. If it’s not their first attack, they probably know how they behave. 

Things to do:

  • Do: Speak as calmly as possible. Have calm gestures. Try to appear as non-threatening, calm, collected and reassuring as possible.  
  • Do : Ask if you can do anything specific to help. Ask if they have medication and if they want to take it. Ask if they want help getting away from a stressor. Once these basics are covered, you can offer them something cold/warm to drink and a hug if you’re comfortable with giving them one. 
  • Do : Try and help them breathe more regularly if they are hyperventilating. You can help them by saying “breathe in…breathe out” in a regular, slow rhythm, or, while hugging them or with their hand on your chest, by telling them to follow your rhythm. 
  • Do : Reassure them if they apologize, feel guilty or are ashamed to be seen like this. 
  • Do: Gently but firmly keep them from hurting themselves. 
  • Do : Once they have calmed down a bit, try to distract them to stop them from getting back into the attack or having another one. You can chat with them, tell them about your day, offer them to play a game, have a walk together, or do anything nice, soothing, and that they like. Comfort food is nice. Warm blankets are nice. 
  • Do: Give them a way to keep in touch with you if you have to go shortly afterwards, or a way to contact someone else/ a hotline which can help. 

Followers who’ve had panic attacks - what helps you calm down? What doesn’t help?

What the hell can you get tattooed on an elbow that isn’t a spiderweb or mandala because those are both things I’m not going to permanently place on my body, one because I hate spiders and two because I’m not bout’ to appropriate culture..

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You can already tell Maxine is behind that episode, she has given Robert some emotion and has left him cry. Yes we will see him suffering (good) but it will be in a way we can enjoy rather than throwing things in there for the sake of it to make him out to be this nasty villain. I'm forever grateful she is around, no one understands these characters quite like her

She’s got so much riding on her for these episodes and… just……. if anyone can do it, honestly, I would believe in Maxine and the way she writes these characters