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So Meg, what did you think of Lauren's tweet saying 'FUCK YOU' to the media? I love her, but come on. She did a photoshoot w/a professional photographer w/another girl, her bff & apparently ex, & the photographer talked about L & LV's personal relationship in an interview. Of course the media is going to pick up on it & talk about it. This is something completely different than the leak of the kiss pics, which were taken at a private family event. I sometimes wonder what is going on in her mind.

Ok I’m about to go off on a rant lol. All I am seeing on my feed is stuff about how Lauren is a “hypocrite” and “she put this out there so how can she not expect a reaction”. But people need to understand that the reason why the whole things SEEMS contradictory is because THESE ARE NOT ALL LAUREN’S ACTIONS. You can call someone a hypocrite if they are individually in control of all the contradictory actions, but she’s clearly not! On the one hand we have what Lauren wants - how she wants to be seen, what she values, how she wants her image to be used, her will to keep her private life private. BUT on the other hand we have what her PR team wants - they want headlines and money, and they are paid to know how to create a buzz out of something

So what does this leave us with? - Two different images of Lauren which sometimes line up with each other, but also sometimes contradict each other. Lauren may not always like the tactics her publicists use, but she can’t do anything about it! Please read the last post i wrote on this blog - It’s so relevant to this debate! When Lauren signed her contract she legally granted her Label the exclusive right to use her image, likeness, name and biography for publicity. This is just a fact. It means that her publicists can feed whatever they want to the media and it’s not in Lauren’s control. It means that Lauren is not allowed to publicise stuff about herself without doing it through her label.

I think part of the reason why people see this as all within Lauren’s control is because the shoot itself was very Lauren. It was done with people she trusted in a quiet location, it was very tumblr pretty and the way she showed her body was classy and elegant. Lauren has to do a certain amount of publicity appearances, photoshoots, interviews etc… She contractually has to co-operate with her PR team, and my feeling is that she’s been able to negotiate and make a lot of compromises recently. By playing along and cooperating, she’s been able to do things her way a little bit. BUT this does not mean she is in total control! 

This shoot was clearly not something totally ‘organic’. 1) Billboard didn’t just report on it - they literally released one of the pictures on their instagram. So (once again) they were they were obviously a part of the whole thing. 2) This indie photographer who publishes their stuff online obviously has no reason whatsoever to release their photos MONTHS after they were taken and do an interview with bloody MTV to go along with it!! The timing and the way it was done means that it was obviously co-ordinated by 5H’s team. 3) Do you really think that that Lauren would choose to give the media specific information about the exact state of her love life???!!!!! Come on people! As if Lauren would explicitly tell a media outlet who she is/isn’t in a relationship with! It’s so fucking obvious that her team fed the media ‘info’ on her relationship/breakup. These journalists don’t know who Lucy is or that the fanbase was starting to feel that she didn’t seem to be spending time with Lauren any more. I repeat - the media was FED this information by Lauren’s PR people. 4) Lauren tried to make this hers by using her body for art and to make a statement, but her team of course knows what the media wants and they KNEW that this shoot would end up being about objectifying Lauren in a trashy way. They KNOW how to get clicks. This is what it was about in PR terms for them. Again, we have two different images/stories - the way Lauren see’s things and the way her team uses her to gain publicity for the product they are trying to sell.

^^^ So Lauren is not a hypocrite. She’s an incredibly strong person who is trying to assert her values in a situation, where she has very little legal control over how her image and personal life is used to sell records. THAT’S  why we see two contradicting sides to the story. If she was submissive and went along with everything without complaining through indirects, then she wouldn’t look like a hypocrite because we would only see one side of the story - the PR side, not Lauren’s side. 

This applies to soooooooo many things, especially the ‘break-up’. Fans are always calling out the girls for being hypocritical and self-contradictory when their actions don’t add up. “How can Dinah say that she loves Mila no matter what two days before she posts something accusing her of being a selfish diva?”. “How can Lauren say she’s a feminist who supports other women but then shades Mila?”. “How can the girls not support Camila in her solo stuff but now support each other whole-heartedly?”. 


ALL OF THIS STUFF SEEMS CONTRADICTORY AND DOESN’T ADD UP BECAUSE IT IS NOT ALL IN THEIR CONTROL !!!!!!!!!!!! They are not hypocrites, they are just people are not contractually able to control the narratives that are presented to the public about them. The small opportunities they have to express their real selves contradict the images of them that their team sells to the media and the public for publicity purposes. That’s why they ‘seem’ like hypocrites. It’s that simple.

Sorry I used this ask to go on a long rant (it’s general - not aimed at you anon), but please please please people read my last post about how the artists grant the label the right to control their public image. This is so important to understand. 

A little experiment I did a while ago, let me know what you think! <3

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What did you think of the Justice League trailer?

I think this is the most impressive trailer they have released so far. I am so pleased to not have any clues what the premise of this film will be or what the plot details are and to have that balanced with the fact that I know I won’t CARE beause they put love and time and energy into these characters.

It shows that they are going to value the relationships, interactions, and personal histories of these characters and that is SO GREAT.

Highlights: Barry grinning like a kid on Christmas in that lineup with everyone and each league member reflecting how infectious Barry’s smile is.

LOIS finally giving me a reason to live until November. God bless. Solidarity. We must not suffer alone.

“I’m rich.”

We got so much Arthur he’s charming as hell I’m losing it? I feel like he kind of hate/likes Bruce?? I feel like he could equally kick your ass and unironically engage in tickling?? I’m ready to hand him the keys to my house??

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What did you think of nocturnal animals? I never saw it because I read that it had some dodgy content, is that true? It looks good from the posts you have

wrote this about it, “Just saw nocturnal animals, it was good, very visually stunning, like very. it had some great performances, Aaron Taylor-Johansson shocked me and got under my skin (creepy indeed), Jake Gyllenhaal was very good, Amy Adams as well, but Michael Shannon was brilliant. It’s quite an original film actually, it’s strange and I like that. With such a famous cast I certainly did not think that it would be this strange, weird, usually, I find that films with that many great actors tend not be weird, it’s like the filmmakers don’t dare to, you know.I definitely recommend it, I didn’t feel the urge to check my phone while watching it and that’s something! I really feel greatness vibes coming from Mr Ford. Watch it if you want to see a good thriller x”

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What did you think of FT Ch 528?

I really liked it. I LOVED Jellal coming in to save the day. Seriously, I love the whole “girls can handle themselves” but if I saw Erza and Wendy defeat Acnologia like they did Irene I would have been upset. (Especially after everything else they went through right before)

I would keep reading Fairy Tail though. Just because someone doesn’t like one part doesn’t mean they don’t like the series. 

Then I’m interested to see who the woman at the end is. I’m pretty sure it’s Anna and not Layla. And at this point it seems bad to add in a new Heartfilia we haven’t seen yet, so my money’s on Anna. 

Can you just imagine Lucy seeing her and thinking, ‘Mom?’


Bring it! I’m ready!

Mutual Needs

Like the tale
of the turtle
and the scorpion,
she knew what he was.

The girl with eyes
shining like newborn
stars, with the moon
dusting her skin.

The child of summer
sunshowers, the girl
who sang her joy
to him. Her light.

She knew what he was.
She loved him–
not in spite
of his darkness–

but because of it.
She needed the gloamy
places between stars,
the shadows and the silence.

Just as he needed
her light.

– S. E. De Haven (SnuffyArt)

What did you think?

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What did you think of how they rewrite Lefou's character? I really liked it personnally, it made Lefou more human and less caricatural as he was in the original movie ^^ I had this feeling watching the movie that they made all the characters even more human and relatable than they originally were and it really touched me :)


In total honesty, I must say I loved all the characters. Everyone was so well written, and Lefou is no exception. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the characters feeling more human and real. I felt it too. And actually, everything felt real.

The animated movie is so charming and beautiful, a true fairy tale with enchanting (and enchanted) characters. And the live action was and felt exactly like that: a live action. I didn’t feel like I was watching a fantasy movie; something so wonderful that might seem unbelivable. I believed every moment of despair, anger, hospitality, care, violence and love. Even with the concepts of magic, a cursed Prince and enchanted objects; it all felt real, raw, organic.

Going back to your main question, Lefou was perfect and brilliant. He was witty, eloquent and charismatic. Out of all the characters, I think he was humanized the most. His bromance with Gaston was funny and entertaining. Everything about this character was really well done. His fascination with Gaston, his change of heart while Gaston was using fear to put the town’s people against the Beast, leading up to Lefou exchanging some words with Mrs. Potts about his relationship with Gaston being in a bad spot with Mrs. Potts replying “You’re too good for him anyway.” That was great. My God, I laughed so much at Lefou talking to the teacup followed by the comment of the teapot being its grandma XD I loved Josh Gad’s performance. He was an awesome Lefou. I can’t help to thank whoever casted him for the part. And thanks to the writers for writing him this way. It was perfect.

Now someone clear something for me, please. Making Lefou attracted to men; who’s idea was? And was it to add diversity? Which I think the movie already had. Or was a nod to the late Howard Ashman (R.I.P.) being an homosexual man? I was told the latter. 

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What do you think Snape did during the 10 years between the Wizarding Wars?

I always think about the stammering young man Dumbledore meets on the hill, and the stern, strict, commanding teacher that Harry meets – and the process of how Snape went from one to the other.

Canonically, we know that he regretted and mourned Lily’s death. It’s impossible to know how he acted at Hogwarts, but it’s at the least evident that he never explained to the other teachers why he was so sombre.  If he was sombre at all.  I assume his remorse was quite a private affair.

We also know that he was under some sort of investigation, as Dumbledore spoke for him at the Ministry.  We know that Dumbledore talked about Snape at Karkaroff’s trial, but the idea that Snape was genuinely a Death Eater at one point doesn’t seem to gain any traction in the wizarding world in general.

(To save me writing ‘at least by the 90s’, ‘at least by Harry’s attendance’, ‘at least by OotP’ etc over and over – please bear in mind that this is what I mean in the next few sentences; I’m not saying Snape was definitely always this way, just that we see this behaviour or reactions or judgements by a certain point in the series.)

We know that Snape taught Potions at Hogwarts, and that he became Housemaster of Slytherin.  We know that his class was regarded as advanced for their age, and that he consistently got good OWL results.  We know that he didn’t accept NEWT students who achieved less than Outstanding.  

We know that Slytherin had a period of dominance in the House Cup in the late 80s.  I am curious about Slytherin’s show of strength in the House Cup during this time, and wonder if Severus had a bit of a point to prove.  We know that Snape was highly regarded by Slytherin, if not the student body at large.  

I like the idea that he developed as a teacher under McGonagall’s guidance, and that Harry’s comparison of the two in Philosopher’s Stone was because Severus somewhat emulated his colleague.  Consequently, I really like the idea that he and McGonagall had a genuine camaraderie, and that each grew rather fond of the other.  

We also know that Snape had been called on to brew for the hospital wing, and was regarded as the expert on healing dark magic.  We know that Snape took his duties as a member of staff quite seriously, and was routinely one of the first on the scene at times of trouble.

We know that Snape can use Legilimency to a certain standard, and Occlumency to an incredible standard.  We know that he can duel.  We know that he created his own spells, and even counters to his own spells.  We know he modified Potions.

I like the idea that he developed his Potions skills, and perhaps indulged in research in the field, maybe submitting to journals – but then, I headcanon strongly that he had some post-Hogwarts Potions education.

Personally, I love the headcanon that whilst Tom and Harry made their home at Hogwarts during their school years, Severus did so as an adult.

So, to answer your question, I think he wallowed for a long time in his misery, and then he realised that he had a set period of time in which he could make himself into the best fighting version he could, ready to keep Lily’s son safe, and avenge her death.

And certainly, that’s what we see when Harry starts at Hogwarts.  We most certainly do not see the stammering young man from the hilltop.  I always half wonder whether Voldemort was surprised when he first met Snape on Snape’s own territory at Hogwarts - because Snape most definitely wasn’t the youth that Voldemort had once branded…

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Rima (Abel's manager) unfollowed Bella recently. She always said that she loved Bella. It makes me think something happened. Like maybe Bella did something? Idk. What are your thoughts? Do you think Bella ever did anything shady to make the relationship end?

Rima was liking mean comments about Bella on her ig posts and pics of S and potato the day they first showed up (and I think she was the first and one of the only one the few people in his life that actually follows S). So I’m not even a little shocked she unfollowed Bella. he clearly picked her team and cared just as little about the relationship and memories she made with Bella as old potato face does. 

No, I don’t think Bella did anything shady. She was desperately in love with him and very public about that and she was always the one giving the most in the relationship. She’s be a fan of him since she was 15 and was so much younger than him and with him for so long, She even says herself that he was basically her first love and even in non-romantic relationships she strikes me as the kind of girl to bend over backwards and always try to keep people happy so I don;t think she would ever risk anything with him. She was perfectly normal and was still interacting with all of these people and most of them interacting with her up until the S stuff. 

Everything that’s happening now is because of S and him; not Bella and his break up .Otherwise he and the crew would’ve all unfollowed her then and she wouldn’t have eaten dinner with him the night before VS and Yolanda wouldn’t have still been liking photos on abelxbella. 

Instead, Bella’s friends and family started unfollowing him first one by one over a few weeks (Anwar and Yolanda and a little later Jesse and her bf) and then he cut pretty much everyone in her life out in one swoop. Then like a month later he went in and unfollowed Bella and made his crew unfollow her, too. They’d all still been liking her posts and no one from his side of things had unfollowed her until then that doesn’t strike me as it having anything to do with why they broke up. That all shows me his actions are the one that caused problems. And by the way Bella was acting before and even still now after the break up leads me to believe he broke up with her and (originally) under super neutral and friendly terms. But the S thing has messed up their ability to be friends or for them to even keep mutual friends.

She might be doing something shady now to get back at or stunt on him, though? I’m sure they would’ve all expected her to just kind of take it and not like her reacting but even that is super hypothetical because we’ve seen Bella do literally nothing. It’s everyone else acting weird.

Let’s go random discussion questions here. No wrong answers here! Just share your opinions.

–The markings on Guzma’s arms are gone in the postgame. Were they drawn on? Temporary tattoos? Real ones that he covered with makeup? Real ones he got removed in a hurry?

–Did Archie and Shelly die in Generations or did something save them at the last minute? Or was there some Jonah sort of situation where they got swallowed but managed to get out?

–Where did Arceus take Purple Eyes?

–If Nobunaga had Rayquaza’s mega stone how fucked would Ransei be? How about the rest of the world?

–Did J die? How about her henchmen?

–What do you think of the theory that Tyson is Oak’s kid and Gary’s father?

I think that’s enough for now. Have fun!

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lmao i already hate Miya twins because Atsumu himself seems like a desperate attempt to bring the Oikawa fujos back. Award winning setter and server with that personality? Literally Oikawa if you removed the insecurities. It's so obvious it hurts. Oh and throw in a hot twin because japanese fujos will go crazy for twincest. Their characters having zero depth and it's already driving fangirls crazy. Never thought Furudate would sink to this level what a shame.

The things you want to rant about are very different from mine, I’m actually not that interested. Kagehina is the biggest ship in this fandom, so at what level did you think Furudate started with? Oikawa fujo buy his merch regardless of if he’s in the manga, so do Kuroo’s fans. If you want to mess with fujoshi, here’s an idea, Tanaka is the one who got some stupid romance subplot cos he’s not paired up with another character in merch, it doesn’t affect merch sales.

Setters in this manga are often very strong servers, not just oikawa, e.g. Eita, Kageyama, Akaashi is pretty good too. It’s to be expected tbh that Miya is strong in this area. I was surprised he’s the best tho and also has jump float in his arsenal. Spike serves aren’t that effective if you don’t have the upper body strength required, I think Kageyama should learn jump float. Am I ruining your ask by talking about technical stuff? nvm. I think there’s practical reason for making them twins. I think he’s gonna introduce the 6-2 play. I’d say over 90% of the teams in the world play 5-1, but there’s no reason Furudate shouldn’t talk about the 2 setters formation just because it’s gone out of style, he found the ceiling serve, an ancient technique worth writing about. And he won’t get a better opportunity to introduce this concept than Inarizaki, the other top teams are centered around their ace.

People have been saying Karasuno vs Inarizaki looks very similar to shohoku vs Sannoh in Slam Dunk. There’re also two brothers in Sannoh. If Furudate really is inspired by Sannoh, it’d seem fitting to have brothers in Inarizaki. Also, for Karasuno to win, Miya has to fuck up something, somehow. Some people are speculating it could be that his relationship with his brother turns out to be his weakest link, and Osamu didn’t play at the preliminary possibly cos he had an argument with Atsumu. If you think about it, Atsumu excels in setting, serving, and chosen for the youth camp, Osamu is only good enough for picking up slack for his brother, that’s material ripe for brotherly rivalry and angst, right?

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Mum mum, what if Goth is nicknamed as the way they look or act as a Treasure Hunter? Perhaps it will give you more ideas of nicknames ฅ'ω'ฅ

That’s what I am thinking for so long, I mean did you see my silly comic earlier ? XD I called those nicknames on Goth I am a TERRIBLE AUNTIE </3 can’t even make them a good nickname XD