what did you do tom

Tom: There’s no way I’ll hug Tord!!

Tom: I’ll be right back.

Edd: Seriously? 

Tord: Tom! W-what are you doing?

Tord: How did you get in here! What do you want!?

Tom: I came to give you something.

Tord: Eh?

Tord: I-

Tom: *Gasp* To- 



Tord: AHhh *sobbing*


I wanna fly with you above the end.
I promise you I’ll be a better man again. [x]

Star signs V homework

Capricorn: They have already finished their homework and sitting on the sofa with their feet up, because there responsible like that. 

Aries: Not only did they finish their homework, but finished it a creative way.

Gemini: To busy talking to their friend on the phone because,’ Guuuurl can you believe what tom did today’ 

Leo: ehhh ill do it later *procrastinates* 

Sagittarius: *doodles on the page* now its all pretty! 

Cancer: over thinking on a question to much. 

Virgo: They say they will start it in five mins but its been five days. 

Taurus: They will do it, but complain about it the whole time.  

Libra: most likely finished it last week.

Scorpio: be a rebel and not do their homework, cuz their to fabulous for biology. 

Aquarius: to busy being cute to do homework.


Imagine being there with Tom when he met his hero.

Tom- I thought I’d never feel as happy as I did when I met Stan.
You- What do you mean?
Tom- Well ever since that moment I’ve realised, you make me the happiest person ever. I can’t help being happy when I’m with you.
You-*begin to cry*
Tom-Come here. *hugs you as tight as ever, kissing your lips. You are left speechless and are never feeling more loved…

Here’s them both in one! I hope thats okay!


“Just don’t freak out.” Star said into the mirror. Tom paced around, paranoid.

“What do you mean don’t freak out!? Star, what did you do!?” Tom cried.

“Well… I was studying… spells.” Star began. Tom leaned forward. “And I may have slightly altered Marco, a tiny teeny bit.” Star winced. Tom fell silent for a full minute.

“WHAT!?!?” He screamed. “WHAT? WHAT ARE YOU INSANE HOW DO YOU SLIGHTLY ALTER A PERSON!?!?” He cried. Star rolled her eyes.

“Calm down drama queen.” Star said. “It’s fine. I just need you to come over here and keep an eye on him while I figure out a spell to change him back.”

“Okay… and you’re sure you can do that?” Tom asked concerned.

“Yes! Just hurry up and get over here!”


“Okay… when you see him just don’t freak out.” Star said. Tom sighed.

“I won’t freak out.” He promised. Star stepped aside into the bathroom and brought out…. Not Marco?

Whatever was standing there had gray skin and black circles around his eyes. He had two horns coming up from his head and wings and a tail. He was smiling, and his teeth were so sharp they looked like razors sticking out of his gums. Tom was silent.

“…………. STAR I’M FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!!” Tom yelled. He gasped for breath and looked at Marco. “WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!”

“I, um…. Turned him into a demon.” Star said. Tom looked her dead in the eye.

“Like?… A demon-demon? Like me?” He asked. Star nodded. “Why!?”

“I…. can’t tell you.” Star sighed, she remembered the reason for all of this. “I have to go talk to my mom. She’s the only one I can think of who may know how to fix this! And Glosserik isn’t any help!” Star huffed.

“I heard that!” Glosserik shouted from the book under the bed.

“YAH! YOU WERE MEANT TO!” Star shouted at him. She opened a portal. “Just watch Marco while I’m gone!” She said.

“Wait, why do I need to watch him?” Tom said, but she was already gone. He turned around to see the demon form of Marco. “Uhh, so you’ve been quiet for a while.” Tom said. Marco snickered.

“Let’s go out and do something fun!” Marco said. Tom shrugged.

“Uhh, okay. Sure? Where do you wanna go?” Tom asked. Marco didn’t answer but just grabbed his hand and pulled him away.


“So what’s here, Marco?” Tom asked. They were up on a balcony at a hotel. “How did the guy at the front desk even let us up here?” Tom laughed. Marco laughed as well, but there was something… different.

“He didn’t.” Marco laughed. He lifted up a key. “I took this from the woman outside by the pool.” Marco said.

“Oh.. that’s… cool.” Tom said, skeptical. This wasn’t like him. “What are we all the way up here for?” Tom asked. Marco smiled.

“This.” He held his hand up, it was immediately surrounded by flames. Marco thrust his hand forward and fire spread through the street. He started laughing.

“WOAH! MARCO!?!?! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!” Tom screamed. Marco kept laughing.

“It’s pretty great huh?” Marco asked.

“No! It’s not! What the hell is wrong with you!?” Tom said. He turned to the destruction and tried his best to use his own powers to put out the fire. It didn’t fix all of it, but it was okay. “Marco, that was crazy. Why would you do that?” Tom asked. Before Marco could answer there was a pounding at the door.

“Security, please open the door.” A man called from the other side. Tom rolled his eyes.

“Screw this. Let’s go Marco.” He grabbed his arm, but Marco shrugged it away.

“No. I wanna stay with these guys.” Marco laughed. He charged towards the door and ripped it open in a fiery blaze. Tom’s eyes widened and he ran to the scene.

“Marco! What are you doing!?” He tried to pull him away from the guards he was attacking. “Marco you’re going to hurt them!”

Marco ripped away. “Who cares?” He hissed. Tom took as few steps back.

“Oh man, come with me!” He grabbed his hand and transported them back to Star’s room.

“Let me go!” Marco hissed.

“Marco you need to calm down! Whatever spell Star put on you affected your head. You’re acting crazy!” Tom tried to reason with him. “You’re not just a demon, you have all of our bad tendencies put together. You have to get a grip.”

“WHY!?” Marco screamed. “YOU’RE A DEMON!?! DON’T YOU LIKE ME BETTER LIKE THIS!!??!?!” Marco screamed.

“NO!…. No. I like you. The regular Marco who doesn’t set cars on fire! And that’s WHY I like you!” Tom yelled. Marco was quiet.

“You… like me?” He asked. Tom blushed a little.

“Well… yah.”

“I… like you too.” Marco mumbled.

“You do?”

“Why do you think I had Star do this?” Marco pointed out. “I thought if I was more like you… you’d like me better. And if I wasn’t human, it would work out.” Marco admitted. Tom was very quiet for a minute.

“I like you because you’re not like me.” Tom admitted. “So you can stop me when I set a car on fire.” Tom laughed a little at his own dark joke. Marco shook his head.

“Thats messed up, Tom.” He said. Tom smiled at this.

“See! That’s the you I like.” Tom looked at the demon in front of him and noticed his horns were not longer there. He thought for a second and sat down next to him. “And I also like that you’re the ‘safe kid’. You keep me and Star out of trouble.” Tom looked at Marco’s skin change back to normal. “And you never judge. I always feel like I’m good enough when I’m around you. But don’t get me wrong, you can be a real jerk sometimes…. But, in a good way.” Tom finished. By the end of this, Marco was totally human again. They were both quiet.

“Tom…” Marco started, he was looking at his normal hands. “Did you mean all that?”


“I meant what I said too…. Thanks for fixing me.” Marco hugged Tom around his waist. Tom hugged him back.

“No prob, bob.” Tom blushed and tried to keep from burning Marco. It was like that for a long time until a portal opened and Star bolted through.

“I FIGURED IT OUT!!!! MARCO YOU NEED TO TELL TOM THE TRUTH AND-” She stopped when she saw the scene before her. “Oh… so you guys already figured it out, huh?” Star smiled at her human friend. “I’m sorry guys, this is all my fault.” Star sat down next to them.

“No Star!” Marco let go of Tom. “It was my fault… I should have told you, Tom.” Marco said. “I just…. Wanted you to like me.”

“Marco… I already do like you…” Tom repeated. Star gasped.

“This is so CUUUUUTE!” Star exclaimed. “Hang on I need to get my camera!” She jumped over to her desk. Marco laughed and leaned on Tom again.

“She needs to get into a relationship.”

“What about, Janna?”

“… Let’s get on that asap.”


That’s it! I hope you love it!

what’s going on?!!

@queerconsultants I couldn’t stop thinking about yesterday’s discussion and I HAD TO rewatch episodes 3 & 4 because I NEEDED answers!! unfortunately I ended up more confused than before. 

I focused on the people you mentioned in your post…

1. Asian man
2. blonde lady with a suitcase
3. blond dude with scarf
4. lady with purple coat and purple hat
5. blond dude with black coat
6. dude with the beard (he’s with no.5)
and found 2 more that are not as noticeable as the others but still there (lady with green jacket and black hat and a dude wearing glasses)

So here are captures of the train station scene when Danny figures out the code (EP 4), they are in chronological order following the motion 

now here this woman with the purple coat and purple hat just changed direction? she was going the other way…

seconds later she did it again??


now we’re following Danny but… what is the blonde girl doing there ahead of Danny?? and the woman with the purple coat is in the wrong direction again! and now she has a suitcase?! one millisecond ago they were going in the opposite direction

UGHHH same with the guy with glasses, the blond with scarf (we see his back), the blond with the black coat and his friend, the guy with the beard. They’re not supposed to be there.

oh hi there blond dude with the black coat and guy with the beard, I see you better now that you’re closer…. OH WAIT WAIT WAIT!!! one second ago you didn’t have a satchel with you, blondie. oh! and I can see the Asian man there too!

the mysterious satchel magically appeared…


Run Danny run!! oh wait…

ok this lady with the purple coat is a ghost, I swear, she appears out of nowhere!


In EP 3 when they’re interrogating Danny, the detective says ’there are always other people’ and then we see Alex in the train station for like 3 seconds.

They even used that as a promotional picture for EP 3. when I first saw it I thought it meant Alex was alive :(

I don’t know what to think about it. I don’t understand the meaning (if there is one). Someone mentioned it is bad editing but I don’t know~ I mean, there is no way you cannot see they’re the same people, it’s obvious. There’s no way you cannot remember they’re the same people from ep 3. It’s like they wanted us to notice these people. And in ep 4 they appear and reappear throughout the station scene in a way that you cannot miss them. Even some parts are in slow motion. I don’t know what it was, but I don’t think it’s bad editing (but who knows…) They couldn’t have fucked up that bad, right? right?!

“There’s no need to look so serious.”

Did Red lie?

“- What do you know about Tom?
- Lizzy, I’m not sure if I can shed any–
- No! We’re not doing that. Not today. You have been threatening to tell me the truth about my husband since the day we met, and I’m ready to listen. What do you know?
- Little more than you. Several years ago, it came to my attention that somebody was meddling in my business. To protect myself and my interests, I inventoried my vulnerabilities.
- Me.
- Among others. Lizzy, I’ve been monitoring Tom since he entered your life. About a year ago, I discovered that he had purchased three passports from a trusted forger I use in Warsaw.
- That’s it? He bought passports? My husband chose me. He inserted himself into my life because of you.
- I can only assume that’s the case.
- Why? How are we connected?
- That is just a distraction.
- No, that is all that matters! This is my life! Tell me!
- Right now, the only thing that matters is the immediate threat– your husband– finding out who he is and who he works for. The rest will come. I promise you.”
–> 1.18: Milton Bobbit.
Someone will have to convince me that Red didn’t lied. Too much between the lines this time for me.