what did you do tom

  • Producer: Chris!
  • Chrises: Yeah?
  • Producer: Uh, the muscular one!
  • Chrises: ...Dude
  • Producer: Fine, the one playing Peter!
  • Tom Holland: What?
  • Producer: NO DANG IT, NOT YOU TOM!
  • Tom Hiddleston: *crying* What did I do?
  • Producer: N-no Tom, it's ok, you didn't do anything, I didn't mean to-
  • Producer: I DIDN'T MEAN TO, I SWEAR
  • Chris Evans: LANGUAGE!
  • RDJ: *eating popcorn in the background and filming the whole debacle*
Infinity War Panel Be Like....
  • <p> <b>Host:</b> chris!<p/><b>Evans:</b> yes?<p/><b>Hemsworth:</b> sup?<p/><b>Pratt:</b> whut?<p/><b>Host:</b> uhh the muscular one.<p/><b>Evans:</b> oops *raises hand*<p/><b>Hemsworth:</b> that's me!<p/><b>Pratt:</b> no that's me!<p/><b>Host:</b> fine! the one playing peter!<p/><b>Holland:</b> yeah?<p/><b>Host:</b> oh c'mon not you tom!<p/><b>Hiddleston:</b> what did i do?<p/></p>
The Aftermath Addendums

March 6th   ‘17

WHY!  The ONE TIME I need my camera, and of course my phone died on me! I mean… I’m a good person… a decent person… I’m not CHLOE!

And how do the journalistic gods reward me?

It’s simply not fair.

I guess I should be grateful though… I DID get one picture.

It even came in pretty clear… and OH does Marinette have a lot to answer for…

…because WHAT was HE even doing there, and WHY was her dad chasing him down with a rolling pin?

Authored by: Alya Cesaire, Aspiring Journalist, Owner of the LadyBlog

Like I Would (Tom)

Requested- 1) an imagine about young Tom Riddle? 2) a tom riddle one where you`re his only friend and he kinda likes you more than just friends?

Song: ZAYN - Like I Would
‘He won’t do you right’

- - -

“You won’t believe what happened in Potions today.”

Tom Riddle, a very charming yet manipulative best friend of yours, replies. “We were in the same classroom, though.” You glare at him. He chuckles ever so gently, “fine, try me.”

“I dropped a whole bottle of unicorn hair into my mixture, but, I was smart enough to get away and find another empty cauldron to start new. I may have told Slughorn that the messed up potion belongs to somebody else,” you state, placing a strand of your hair behind your ear. That habit of yours is something you do quite often, as Tom has noticed over time.

“I do think—” He speaks, but is interrupted by another person’s voice.

“Y/n, here you are.” Your boyfriend, Hyde, greets loudly as if he is cutting Tom off on purpose. He glances at your best friend, “Riddle.”

“Kurstin,” Tom glares at Hyde in return. “Gracing us with your undesired appearance, as always.” Hyde lunges forward, trying to get to Tom, but the later dodges easily. “Trust me, you won’t want me sending you spells.”

“That’s enough, Hyde! Just go. Stop talking to him like that.” You move past the boys and leave. You can hear Hyde calling your name and catching up to you, but you don’t turn around. This happens almost every other day. 

Well, this time, it’s a little different.

“Y/n y/l/n! You stop right there! Right now!” Hyde shouts, making you freeze in your tracks. You know he can be a bit emotional sometimes, but you’re surprised to hear him this mad. He catches up to you and grabs you by the arms. “How dare you walk away from me, you bitch!”

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Take. It. Off.

Request: #5 from the new prompt list! Thank you!!!! Love your work ;)

Summary: You’re a tease, and you especially love teasing your boyfriend Tom when he’s away.

Originally posted by knfie-edge

I over use this gif but ask me iF I GIVE A DAMN.

You were undoubtedly one of Toms weaknesses. He was a sucker for you, and you held so much power over him. Which was partially why you took a little too much joy in teasing him. 

He was currently away working on the latest movie he had been cast in and it’ll be another month till you could see each other. You kept in contact everyday, with no exceptions. You had sent him a text not too long ago, and he was yet to reply, so you knew he was busy. 

A smirk slipped over your lips as your eyes grazed over your VS pink bag that sat on the floor of your room, untouched. You made a trip to the store the other day, wanting to spend some money on yourself. You spent much more than originally planned. You sifted through the garments, eventually picking out a pair of matching burgundy bra and panties. Standing in front of the mirror, you smiled proudly at yourself. You looked to your closet and grabbed an overly large plaid shirt that belonged to Tom, that you were not returning anytime soon, and slipped it over your frame.

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Candle Lit Dinner

Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 1800ish

Warnings: Age difference ?, it’s really just fluff with some angst, hateful comments

Requests open!

A/N: Thanks so much for the request! It was fun to write this and I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by richard-graysons

Tom’s POV

The sunlight streaming through the window had woken Tom up an thirty minutes ago, yet he was still lying in bed. The only reason he wasn’t moving about was because someone had their body tangled up in his. That someone was his girlfriend, Y/N.

She had her head resting the crook of his arm and torso, her body facing his. Her left hand was resting on Tom’s lower stomach while the other was wrapped around his back underneath him. That along with how her legs are tangled with his, it made it near impossible for Tom to move without her waking up. It didn’t bother him in the slightest though; he loved being next to her.

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Sequel to Loss

Tom Hiddleston x Reader

You had done the math when you found out. You had sat down with him and a calendar and counted out the weeks, circled the day in pink and blue highlighter, you were that excited.

You forgot you had done that until you flipped the month on that very calendar that hung in your kitchen every day before and every day since, but there it was, mocking you with its bright wide strokes in his familiar sprawling hand. Due date. You tore it from the wall and threw it into the trash before going back to bed. You could be human again tomorrow.

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It was a sunny day, the sun was shining bright in the sky, but the fresh breeze made up for the heat. Since it was one of those days were you felt like doing absolutely nothing, you had convinced your boyfriend, Tom, to hang out by the pool this afternoon. You invited Harrison, as well as Zendaya to join you both. You and Zendaya were relaxing comfortably sitting by the pool. Harrison and Tom were playing basketball, but Harrison had gone inside to get some refreshments. While Harrison was still inside Tom had walked over to the two of you, before turning his attention to the pool. “Is the water cold?” He asked while he bent down to slightly dip his fingers into the pool. That’s when you got a mischievous idea. You slowly put down the book, as you got up from the chair, trying not to make any sudden movements or loud sounds to avoid ruining your whole plan. You came up to Tom from behind, very carefully. Once you were directly behind him, in one sort of swift motion, you pushed him into the pool. “Hey!” He tried reaching out to you to drag you in with him but you were too fast and got out of his reach. Once he came out to the surface of the water he looked directly at you and said partially screaming “Bloody hell woman, are you mad?” You were trying so hard not to fall. You were basically crying over your laughter. Zendaya had now sat up and was looking at both of you. She rolled her eyes at you, that was now almost lying completely on the ground, tears down your cheeks . You finally got up, one hand on your stomach, the other wiping the tears from your eyes. Zendaya had lied down as she went back to her thoughts. You looked back at Tom, who was still in the pool, looking at you with a sort of mad yet pensive expression. When he got out, you made sure to be as far from him as you could, knowing he would want revenge. Harrison was making his way through the door, but the second he saw Tom soaking wet, he stopped to ask, “What happened here mate?” Tom looked back at you. You looked downwards, trying to hide the childish smile in you face, and said, “I….I pushed Tom into…..the um….pool”. Clearly holding yourself back from laughing. He looked back at Tom as he started laughing out loud. “Well, Tom, i got you a soda” Harrison said as he held a bottle up to Tom. Tom sighed and took it, but before they could resume their game, he leaned close to you and said, “you’ll pay for this”. Both of them went out to the front and you sat back down next to Zendaya, a scared expression planted across your face. “You don’t think he means it, right?” You said as you shifted position so you were facing Zendaya. “I don’t know Y/N, he seemed pretty serious”. “Well yeah, but maybe he doesn’t mean it. Maybe he’s just saying that to scare me”. “Could be” she said as she shrugged her shoulders and looked at you, “then again, when has Tom not been serious about revenge?” She lied back down, and so did you. All you could think about no was what would Tom do to get his revenge, and more importantly, when. The rest of the afternoon you felt uneasy. Every time Tom came around you would just look sit down, just waiting for him to pick you up unexpectedly and throw you into the pool. But he never did, which made you even more scared.

The sun was now setting. You went inside and took a shower. Zendaya had left, but Harrison was still around. He and Tom were just chilling in the porch, when you had already taken a shower and changed into something comfy. You decided to watch some TV in the living room. After a while, Harrison left to run a last minute errand, and Tom went inside and sat at the kitchen island. You felt him stare at you. You had caught a glimpse of him from the corner of your eye. He just sat there, a grin across his face. He made you feel uncomfortable, and he knew that. In fact, he was doing it on purpose. It’d been a while like this. Each now and then you moved uncomfortably, but through it all he never took his gaze off from you. Finally, he got up from his seat to take a place next to you. He’d been playing basketball, and the heat was too much he’d decided to take off his shirt. And here he was, sitting next to you, shirtless. It was getting harder for you to concentrate on the movie you’d been watching. He was still staring at you, which made this whole thing a lot harder to ignore. He shifted positions, and was now facing you. You noticed your breathing had gotten faster, and your heart was now racing as well. As he got closer you started getting kind of nervous. He brought his hand and put it under your chin, moving it so you were facing him. He looked at you with his gorgeous brown eyes. You felt like if you were going to melt, giving the fact he looked so hot right now. He had that ‘i want you right here, right now’ kind of look. You were so lost in his eyes you didn’t notice he moved you so you were now sitting across his lap. He took your face in his hands and placed a sweet kiss on your lips. You broke off the kiss and looked at him questioning his every move. “What?” he said kissing you again. “Nothing, it’s just that-” you were cut off by him closing the gap between you too again. “You were saying” he said a cheeky smirk on his face. “I was waiting all day, and nothing” “what do you mean?” of course he knew what you were talking about. You were talking about how you’d waited all day for him to get back at you, and nothing. “Well..” you said as you fidgeted with your fingers. “Back at the pool, after i…um…after i pushed you into the pool… you said you’d get back at me….and so far….well, nothing” he let out a chuckle. “Right….right..Forget about that, i was joking”. “It doesn’t seem like you were joking”. Again he laughed. “What?” you said seeing how he’s just reacted. “Well, Y/N, don’t you think that if i wanted to get back at you, i would’ve already done that’”. “I don’t know”. He smiled at you, gosh he thought you were cute. He would have re-thought his whole plan, but he wasn’t giving in. He placed his hand on your cheek. His hand felt warm against your skin, until finally he kissed you again. This kiss just as sweet as the other, except now full of desire. While he kissed you, and making sure not to break the kiss, he picked you up bridal style. You didn’t quite notice until you tried to break the kiss, but he wouldn’t let you, making you fall back into it. You didn’t notice where he was taking you, until you felt the fresh air. Oh no, you thought. He broke off the kiss, but you didn’t had enough time to stop him. Before you knew it you’d already hit the water. “TOM!” you screamed. You couldn’t believe him. As you surfaced you saw him there, not even containing his laugh. “Yes dear?” he said resuming his laughter. You let out a grunt, “I fucking hate you” you said looking at him as mad as you possibly could. “Aww, and I fucking love you”. The water was freezing so without a doubt you got out of there. Tom stopped, he looked at you. He thought you looked so freaking adorable when you were mad, especially if it was at him. Because deep down he knew you weren’t really mad. You walked over to him. You stood in front of him, soaking wet. You were so mad right now, but that feeling was slowly fading away, since he just looked so cute with that cheesy smile plastered on his face. It was then when you came up with a great idea. You moved towards him, until you were close enough. And then you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a tight hug, making sure to get him soaking wet as well. “Oh, Y/N” he whined. But he didn’t care. He hugged you as tightly as he could, slightly picking you up at the same time. When he finally put you down, he smiled at you like a lovesick puppy. “What?” you asked. “Nothing, you just look so cute, love” You couldn’t help but blush. And in that instant he pulled you in for a kiss. “Awww” you both heard someone say from behind as you stepped away from each other. It was no one else that Harrison, and he was standing there looking at the both of you. Again you blushed, which only made Tom pull you close to him. You quickly hid your face in his chest. “Come on, let’s get you inside before you catch a cold”, Tom said as the three of you made your way back inside.

Ponds || Tom Holland

| Tom Holland Imagine| 



“You know, if you get any closer to that duck, you’ll fall in the pond,” I heard a soft chuckle from behind me. I turned around to face Tom. He stood with his arms crossed, looking at me with a smile. I took a small step back, but the muddy ground prevented me from stepping any further back, I felt myself slipping and soon enough I felt the cold impact. Water splashed everywhere, a few ducks cleared the space around me. 

“Told you so.” 

I sent a glare as I tried to get out of the water, failing miserably. I looked up at him and let out a huff as I saw him stood, doubled over laughing. He walked towards me and helped me out, still laughing at my misfortune. I trudged past him, shivering as the air began to get colder around me, I was freezing cold. I shook, trying to dry myself off. 

“Can we go? Please?” I asked, still shivering. Tom took off his jacket and wrapped it around my shoulders before pulling me into him. I warmed up a bit, but not enough. Burying my face into his shoulder, I wrapped my arms around his torso, holding him tight. He chuckled and kissed my wet hair as we began to leave. 

I had a few strange looks off of strangers as we passed them, I couldn’t help but feel awkward as a few stared down at me. Finally, we reached Tom’s house, only to find his brothers standing in the garden, watching as we approached them, me still shivering. 

“What in the world happened to you? You look like you just went swimming in the pond!” Harry stated with a chuckle making me roll my eyes as the three boys began laughing, Tom chucking along with his brothers, he soon stopped when I slapped his chest. 

“You got the pond part right, although she didn’t go swimming… She actually fell into the pond,” the boys erupted into more laughter, catching the attention of their mom, she exited the house. Her eyes widened as she took in my appearance, rushing to my side almost immediately.

She rubbed my arms in attempt to warm me up, “what happened? Tom?! You was supposed to look after her. What did you do?” Tom raised his hands up in defense. 

“I didn’t do anything! She got too close to the pond and fell in. I did warn her!” He defended himself, his mom send him a glare as she took me from him and into her arms, I was about to say something about her clothing getting wet, but she had already rushed me into the house. From outside, I could hear the laughter start up again. 


“Are you mad at me?” 



Still no reply. 

“Okay, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have laughed at you and I should have told my brothers to stop, lesson learnt! Please forgive me, I love you so much. Pleaseeeeeee?” Tom kissed all over my face, landing onto my lips. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. 

I pulled away and smirked, “we’re going to the park again tomorrow.” 


I smiled, “no reason, but I’ll give you a warning, stay far away from that pond. You might slip or someone might accidentally push you in, just a tip.” I stated before kissing his lips once again. 

Tomorrow will be a fun day.