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While I feel better than I did on thursday, I’m still sick. This morning I showered, changed my bedding, and went downstairs to do a load of laundry and started feeling lightheaded. So I’ll rest more today (not that I’ll put up a fight considering I’ve been spending most evenings & weekends in bed even when not sick). I have a horrible cough - one that feels like it rattles your brain when you cough. Yuck.

I haven’t been to ww in 3 weeks. My scale this morning shows I’m up 4 pounds from what I had lost. Which I think is a true representation because even though I’ve been sick I’ve still had an appetite so I don’t think it’s falsely up (or down?).

I’ve been spending my sick time reading another tumblr’s blog from the beginning. I’ve been doing lots of thinking of where I’m at and where I want to be. Why don’t I want it more? Why am I unwilling and/or unable to change? What are some small changes I could make? Would using a fitbit help me? Should I try no sugar? Would that really be something I could do in the long run? Etc etc etc…

I had the worst night’s sleep last night. It was easily 1 before I fell asleep & was up a few times once I fell asleep. I didn’t even take a nap yesterday.

I’ve been doing a writing exercise my therapist recommended & somewhere along the way have felt my life’s purpose is to make other people happy. Does that sound messed up to anyone else? Just me? Also - this one is perplexing me - abandonment issues? One last thing - I have wasted so much food I’ve gotten at the grocery store the last few weeks (last 2 times I’ve gone). Maybe I’ll try to do some meal planning & go to the store tomorrow.
5 Questions To Ask Yourself This Morning To Advance Your Career

Finding the right questions to ask is also tough, but you’ll find that these five can help you evaluate exactly where you are, exactly where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there:

1) What Did I Learn From Yesterday?

2) What Is My Goal for Today?

3) Do I Like Where I Am?

4) Where Do I Want to Be?

5) What Can I Do Today to Get Closer?

Here’s why these are important questions to ask.

My first time tag

The questions

1. First tweet?
2. First youtube video?
3. First person you subscribed to on youtube?
4. First Facebook profile pic?
5. Do you still talk to your first love?
6. What was your first alcoholic drink?
7. What was your first job?
8. What was your first car?
9. Who was the first person to text you today?
10. Who was the first person you thought of this morning?
11. Who was your first grade teacher?
12. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
13. Who was your first best friend and do you still talk?
14. Where was your first sleepover?
15. What was the first thing you did this morning?
16. What was the first concert you ever went to?
17. First broken bone?
18. First piercing?
19. First foreign country you’ve gone to?
20. First movie you remember seeing?
21. When was your first detention?
22. Who was your first roommate?
23. What is the first thing you do when you get home?
24. When was your first kiss?

Here it finally is! After 6 months of hard work I finally have this story ready to post!

- This story is about a dream within a flashback making it hard to follow.
-Most dream stories are 5-6 pages long but my source was only able to find 4 pages so there might be pages missing. The page breaks are indicated by “-” between the paragraphs.

I really did try my hardest on it so I hope you will enjoy it!

Goodnight Sweet Dreams Dear - Hanji Zoe
Translation by Yoshida Eri.

“…. Hey, what the hell were you doing during the experiment this morning?”
Levi was talking about the experiment he had assisted with, Moblit was on hand to observe & collect the data.

“All right, today we will be seeing if titans are interested in any food other than human beings. I have prepared 30 food items to test in this experiment”

“Oh…. Well, I just had strange dream. Okay, let’s proceed. Moblit please bring out the food items”

Hanji shook off the rest of the dream, and turns around to face the test subject Titan, secured by ropes and stakes.

“Look…. It’s a boiled squash….. As big as a human…. Try it…..”

The vegetable, attached to the end of a stick, was brought in front of the Titan’s mouth. But like in the dream, the Titan did not show any reaction at all.

“Oi, you’re getting too close ……”


Without thinking, Hanji gradually walked closed but was suddenly dragged backwards.
Instead of the vegetable, the Titan tried to bite Hanji’s head.


Moblit looks at the list calmly despite being concerned for his superior officer.

“Above all, Squad Leader,you really should get some more rest…… or else an accident seems likely to occur”

“…….. Uh-huh”

Thinking about it, Hanji had barely slept at all the past few days. Hanji stretched herself and slowly turned her back to the Titan.

“Hey, Levi”


“From what I have observed, I can’t help but wonder if it was merely a dream. Do they really want to eat human beings”

Interrupting the experiment, Levi ordered the subordinates to withdraw, and took a moment to cast a sullen glance to the side.

“Even if that is a possibility, it can’t make you hesitate in your research. You need to find that answer yourself. ”
Hanji is at a loss for words, and then nods quietly.
“Aah…… You’re right”

“I don’t want to eat, Hanji”


A special tent was build for biological survey of the captured Titan, Hanji had become tired and gave into her assistant’s strong recommendation of a nap.

“Is something wrong? You look pale”
“……. I had a dream Moblit”
Lowering the goggles that had been pushed up, Hanji scratched her head.
——- In the dream, Hanji was in front of the Titan.


“…… Wake up Shitty Glasses! Do you want to be eaten!”
Suddenly feeling the sensation of a slap to the back of the head, Hanji awoke.
“ ( It was a daydream ) ”

In a moment of absent mindedness, Hanji was near an area where the Titan was tied up but was apparently about to become the prey again.

“Sorry about that. Let’s continue with the experiment”
“No, all the food items that were prepared are completed”

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Morning To Advance Your Career:

1) What Did I Learn From Yesterday?

2) What Is My Goal for Today?

3) Do I Like Where I Am?

4) Where Do I Want To Be?

5) What Can I Do Today to Get Closer?

See why these questions can help you evaluate exactly where you are, exactly where you want to go, and how you’re going to get there.

N Is For Niven, Jennifer ¬ All The Bright Places (4.5/5 stars)

Is today a good day to die?