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pretty pretty please oh pleaase will you do a post about sunggyu as in what's so great about him, just because i want one after the great job you did on Woohyun :D

Okay so my Woohyun post was liked by people, that’s always nice to hear! I hope the anon who sent in the original ask starts to see Woohyun in a different light from now on ~~

I guess I can talk about Sunggyu too, but where to begin?


Sunggyu’s voice is one that is instantly recognisable. He can be a soft falsetto, he can be a heart-wrenching high note. He is as versatile a vocal as Woohyun is, and can lend his voice to many different genres of music. He has proven himself a strong live vocalist too (remember that time the music stopped during a live and he just carried on singing, totally unfazed?). One of my favourite performances of his was on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook in 2015, where he sang Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories and his own title track Kontrol. 

Sunggyu has one of those voices that really makes you feel things, you know? He is able to project some real emotion into his vocals, and every single song on his second solo album 27 just hits you with it. One of my fave things is when Sunggyu sings songs with softer, quieter parts that then reach an inevitable crescendo where he showcases the true power of his voice. A good example of that is this performance of Only Tears. Then there is this incredible duet he did on Duet Song Festival which just gets me every single time. I could probably go on about Sunggyu’s voice forever. But here is a compilation of his head notes, falsettos and long notes on Immortal Songs 2. 


Not only is Sunggyu an amazing leader for INFINITE in the sense that he pushes them to succeed and leads with a firm hand, he is also known to counsel the other members if they need advice. For Sungyeol and Sungjong’s birthdays last year, he went out while they were in Japan to get them gifts as he didn’t want them to miss out just because they weren’t at home. In INFINITE Showtime episode 10, Sungjong thanked Sunggyu for helping him out and listening when he has worries and concerns. The INFINITE members are close enough to Sunggyu that they can absolutely roast him on tv shows, knowing that its a joke. Back when they all lived together in a dorm, Sunggyu would wake up the members, and that is seriously the cutest thing ever, just watch it (like, yeah okay so he wrestles Woohyun, but he was being a little brat! And the spraying Sungjong was totally Nam’s idea soooo…).


Sunggyu has appeared on sooooo many shows it would take forever to list them all here. However, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning this side of him. Sunggyu has been on loads of different types of shows, including (but not limited to), The Genius, The Sea I Wanted/Dreaming Sea, Fluttering/Exciting India, and twice on Take Care of My Refrigerator. Not only that, but he has been a special host on numerous episodes of Weekly Idol and got his first proper MC position on the show Girl Spirit in 2016. Why is Sunggyu so good on these shows? Because not only is he intelligent, cunning and witty, he knows exactly what the audience wants. Whether it’s deliberately messing up a dance on Weekly Idol in order to get his manager punished, or if it’s his openness and honesty on 4Things Show . Also, here is a video of him peeling a Korean melon with his teeth.

He is also currently MCing a new show called Singderella alongside Super Junior’s Heechul, and it already looks to be pretty hilarious. You can easily find clips on Youtube ~


So above were three main points about Sunggyu as an idol, as the leader of INFINITE, as a singer. Here are some more important things:

  • Sunggyu has made multiple appearances in musicals, showing his vocal versatility as well as his acting skills. He has had main roles in Gwanghwamun Sonata (alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), Vampire, In The Heights (with fellow member Dongwoo) and All Shook Up.
  • His friendships with other idols. Sunggyu is known to be close with numerous other idols, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul and Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and (former) Beast’s Junghyun. He even appeared on Junghyun’s FB Live broadcast a few months ago in the Beast member’s new studio. 
  • His love of Nell. He is known to be a huuuuuge Nell fanboy, actually going so far as to say he only auditioned for Woollim because Nell were part of the company at that time. He reached peak fanboy when Nell’s Kim Jongwan produced his second solo album 27 and featured on a track with Epik High’s Tablo.
  • His undeniable good looks… So many people may be critical of Sunggyu’s small eyes, but it has to be said that he has amazingly good visuals. That jawline, those hands… I could go on, but you get the idea.
  • His hella cute baby pictures. He was the squishiest little cute kid!

In conclusion, I love Kim Sunggyu and so should you.

If you want me to do more of these for other members, just let me know heheh also @becuzgyu this is dedicated to you ~~

INFINITE REACTION: Of you being too shy to look up at them after you pecked them on the lips


“That was… A kiss?” he’d just act confused when actually he’d be having a heart attack with your cuteness “I think it was a kiss! But… You can do better, so let’s try it!”


“No, no, no! This isn’t the way a kiss should look! You’ve to give a deeper kiss, you know? Use your tongue!” He’d say “Oh let me show you how!”


Woohyun would be so nervous as you, but he’d make some jokes to make you smile and lighten the mood and when you were okay he’s surprise you with a kiss.

“You can kiss me any time you want…”


He would grip your waist and say in a low voice, pulling your chin to look in his eyes.

“Oh baby… What was this? What did you want to do with me?”


“Hey… Look at me and tell me… Do you like me?”


Myungsoo is a baby (with 25 years old, but still a baby) and he’d bite his own lips trying to keep his mind lucid. But with your act of look down he’d smile and caress your hair to make you look up.

“This… was… Oh I liked…”


“Aigo… Hajima! You’re cute but let’s forget this shame, okay baby girl?”

Hi babies <3 Take a look on our Masterlist <3

~ADM Misso

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[FAN ACCOUNT] 170304 INFINITE Fan Gathering III

******* WARNING: Super long post ahead! Like super duper extra long post this time! We apologize ahead of time!

Hi everyone! We know it’s been such a long time since we’ve posted anything besides asks, so we first want to thank you all for your patience and understanding! We’re not too sure why, but life has been kicking both of our butts simultaneously for quite some time now. Also, sorry it’s taken so long for me to do this. I’ve been hit hard with post-concert depression and I’m still quite busy. I also needed some time to collect all of the memories that have been slowly coming back to me. Good news is that our boys had a fan meet and I (dayounggie) was lucky enough to nab a ticket for the Saturday one. Unfortunately, since I work late hours, I was unable to even attempt to get tix for the Friday meeting, but luckily and LOTS of stress later, I managed to get a ticket for Saturday. I was really bummed out to miss out on L-soonie and the ladder game to pick the next member for the v app show, but the Saturday rally had its own perks!

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Say You Like Me [Part I]

Part I, Part II

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Kibum [Key] x Original Character [Jae Eun]

Summary: Moving back to Seoul, your best friend Woohyun introduces you to his best friend, Kibum. Falling for boys and friendships have never been your thing, but what happens when Key ends up shaking up your world? 

Word Count: 3238

Credit to gif owner; title is based off the song :D

This was a request! 

So, I’ve never done a song/lyric scenario and I don’t know if this is right, but I hope this is good <3 The way I did this was I listened to the song on loop to create the story [I suck at incorporating actual lyrics]. You can find the song here

P.S. Part II will come out some time later today… Like, I wrote out 10 pages, now I have to type it all out… my poor hands T__T


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Having to share a room with Woohyun and discovering he sleeps naked

Scenario: you and Woohyun share a group of friends, but definitely argue more than you get along. And then you end up having to share a room with him on a trip.
Rating: Sexy and angry
Word Count: 3817

“Ugh god, you are such an arrogant idiot!”

“Yeah? Well you’re nothing but an uptight princess!”

The car door slammed behind you as you stalked away from the vehicle and towards the house. The whole journey to the beach had been pure torture as far as you were concerned; who had the great idea to put you in the car with your arch nemesis Nam Woohyun? You’d spent the whole trip bickering while your long-suffering friend Sungyeol had sat in the driver’s seat shaking his head.

Your group of friends had rented a house for the weekend to celebrate Sungjong’s promotion at work – and really, any excuse to party would have done it. You were excited to have some free time to just hang out like you always used to, before you all got too busy with work and trying to be adults. The amount of beer packed into Sungyeol’s car made you think that maybe you weren’t all ready to grow up just yet.

The only problem with the weekend was Woohyun. He made your blood boil. From the first day you’d met, all you had ever done was argue, bicker, fight. Once you’d even punched him at a birthday party, but he totally deserved it. And ever since then, you’d been the ‘uptight princess’ and he’s been the 'arrogant idiot’.

Your friends liked to joke that it was all sexual tension, and that the sooner the two of you addressed your intense attraction to each other, everything would be much better. This just made you even more angry. There was no way – no way in hell – that you would ever want to admit an attraction to Woohyun, least of all act on it.

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You smack his butt randomly (Infinite)

Sunggyu: -he wasn’t sure what to think other than the fact you actually did that- “you touched by butt”

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Dongwoo: -he was very much okay with it and often time would do the same back to you- “looks like someone is a little handsy right now”

Originally posted by chandoo

Woohyun: -he thought it was cute and was allowing it to happen more and more often- “she did it again”

Originally posted by inpinitaize

Hoya: -he was not sure how did it started but his butt found itself a constant attack by you- “why my butt? Can’t you leave it be?”

Originally posted by namgyusoo

Sungyeol: -he would blush because you would just do it and then leave like you never did it- “oh um okay. Thank you I guess”

Originally posted by wonyeols

L: -his hands would instantly find your butt when you would do it- “pay back is always fun”

Originally posted by chandoo

Sungjong: -he was never sure what to.do with it because it was one of those childish running away after you did it things- “why do you do this to me?”

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INFINITE REACTION: When you are angry with them

SUNGGYU: * “What did I do? Didn’t I wash the dishes?” *

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WOOHYUN: *He will sit in front of you and, after some time without talking to him, he’ll start doing aegyo*

“Y/N I won’t do it again. I promise! (powerful aegyo) I looove you!”

Originally posted by dubustelly

SUNGYEOL: (you are Myungsoo) *No description needed!^^*

Originally posted by kerisoo

DONGWOO: *Dances randomly trying to make you laugh”

“Come on, Jagi! You are almost laughing!” (A/N: you were almost laughing!^^)

Originally posted by hogays

HOYA: *he just smiles* 

“Are you still mad, Y/N?”

Originally posted by ninichu

MYUNGSOO: Since you didn’t tell him what he did wrong, he’ll ask you to sit down, talk and try to solve the problem together. *he’ll also act cute*

Originally posted by sa-ssuke

SUNGJONG: He’ll be really worried about you being angry with him and he’ll try to think to the best way to make it up.

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Morning with him (Infinite)

L: Good Morning, Babe. How you are? You sleep good? Your look so good. We really match. Our Child will sure look good or if it’s a girl, then she will be very beautiful! How about, if we have many many children? I hope,they will like you. Do you know how much I love you? Very very very very very much.
You: ….. you ate again Chocolate right?

Dongwoo: Where am I? Is this my room ? Who owns this big ass?

You: ….. your Girlfriend, Idiot!

You: Wake up, Oppa ….Sunggyu …. aish, old Gyu! 

Sunggyu: Huh? *grab you* Hey, respect your adults ! And I’m not old ! I’m handsome! Say i am handsome! 

You: I am handsome

Sunggyu: You really want to die?

Sungyeol: *wake up* Jagi? * looking to the left * Ahhhh! A ugly Women! 

You: Shut up! Let me sleep ….wait … did you call me ugly?!

Hoya : *He has been watching you all night * How can a girl snore like that?

Sungjong: (Y/N)? Since when are you so soft? Wait …* opens his eyes and looks at the floor* …. You fallen again from the bed? What should I do with you? Should I tie you in bed?

Woohyun: * still sleepy * Good Morning, Babe Girl! How you sleep? * Kiss * Huh, your lips are so softened. Your lips were always so hard. Now I love you even more.

Your: Fool, you kissing a teddy bear ! 

Sorry …. :DD


Sunggyu: So, who broke the coffee maker? I’m not mad. I just want to know.

Dongwoo: I did. I broke it.

Sunggyu: No. No, you didn’t. Sungyeol?

Sungyeol: Don’t look at me. Look at Myungsoo.

Myungsoo: What?! I didn’t break it.

Sungyeol: Huh. That’s weird. How did you know it was broken?

Myungsoo: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!

Sungyeol: Suspicious.

Myungsoo: No, it’s not!

Sungyeol: If it matters, probably not… Sungjong was the last one to use it.

Sungjong: Liar! I don’t even like this crap!

Sungyeol: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee pot earlier?

Sungjong: I use the wooden stirs to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Sungyeol!

Dongwoo: Alright, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me fix it, Sunggyu.

Sunggyu: No, who broke it?

Hoya, whispering: Sunggyu, Woohyun has been awfully quiet…

Woohyun: Really?!

Hoya: Yeah, really?!


Sunggyu: I broke it. It burnt my hand so I punched it. I predict in ten minutes from now they’ll be at each others throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good- it was getting a little chummy around here

You’re an Idol and in a rather sexual concept with another male idol/idols (INFINITE)

 Sunggyu: -Seungri and you had recently done a song together that released a teaser neither of you seemed to realize how sexual a few lines of the song hinted at if you didn’t get the whole meaning of the song and movements. So you had to explain the supposed to be passionate love song to Sunggyu the whole meaning of the video and song were - “you sure? It seemed like you were talking about the things we did that one time when we were on the Infinite World Tour a few years ago in Paris.”

Originally posted by chandoo

Dongwoo: -you recently did a song with B1A4 it was a cute song about falling in love and your love interest happened to be CNU. The happened to be a rather risque line that the MV hinted at with you an ‘innocent wink and giggle’ as you sat on CNU’s lap- “um babe what do you mean ‘you’ll make his big PROBLEM go down’? I should be the only Dongwoo who’s PROBLEM you should be helping that way, actually the ONLY male all together!”

Originally posted by btsleepy

Woohyun: -he understood you had to do a video but he never realized how revealing you’d be dressing around GOT7 and how intense the song would be. Everyone was rather surprised on the wardrobe and vocal choices but you had been getting many compliments on how amazing your ass looked in the shorts you wore.- “the world now knows about my sweet jagi’s incredibly perfect butt”

Originally posted by blondnam

Hoya: -you were doing your first single, you had a sweetly innocent higher pitched voice that your manager thought you should work well with the much deeper voice of T.O.P. Howan thought it was cute and innocent like you til it was explained to him the song was underlined slightly suggestive thoughts girls had about Idols- “wait is that why Y/N was dressed as a school girl and T.O.P looked like a teacher, you mean young girls fantasize things like that. Why would they make my innocent creature do that? I don’t like the song anymore”

Originally posted by mainrapper-dw

Sungyeol: -you were doing a song with Bangtan Boys which apparently had innuendos that were hinted more when you were singing with Jin than when the two of you were actually intended it to be. So you both quickly apologized when people began insisting it was a dirty song but it was just describing a truly passionate kiss- “really cause it sounds rather you know sexual if you ask me”

Originally posted by infinitblaq

L: -it was a simple promotional photos where you both were shirtless for your song you did with Tao that revealed you were one of the more tattooed females within the industry. You had a few that were easily hidden when you wore a shirt and the ones that were located on your hip bones. Myungsoo was rather surprised to hear from Hoya who saw the promotional photo before him- “no one is supposed to know about those tattoos though. It ruins my baby’s cute imagine” 

Originally posted by banisu

Sungjong: -you were an actress who happened to end up in a drama with his band member L. It was a good drama but it had more than a few sex scenes involving the two of you. Which lead to fans starting rumors about the 3 of you due to the rather passionate moments between you and L on set and your actual romance with Sungjong- “great”

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▏Lazing Around. ▏Woohyun ▏❥

Request: Can write a scenario where woohyun are cuddling after coming his promotions so you miss him a lot

Comments: I…. don’t know what I’m doing anymore with Woohyun. This…. this is pretty fluffy. dfsdgsdfsdgfdbdf

         You opened one eye and peeked at Woohyun, who was laying across the couch in the living room; a mere couple of meters away from the kitchen table you were sitting at. He officially finished promotions yesterday, but the whole rest of the day was spent resting, since you urged him to finally relax after he was done working.

         A few minutes ago, you left Woohyun in the living room and said you would make him something to eat, but you spent all your minutes just staring at him from afar. Even from here, you could clearly tell how exhausted he was, yet you still felt admiration for your boyfriend who always gave it his all when it came to his work.

         Your mind went back to the last time the two of you properly spent some time together, and you frowned when you realized that it was so long ago. You don’t even remember the last time you kissed him, since he was so busy lately to the point where he didn’t get to see you in person.

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[TRANS] Pikicast - INFINITE “The group that said that they didn’t want to see us again has returned” (1/2)

***T/N: LONG POST ALERT. More under the cut!!
Part 2 is here

AGAIN - An Interview That Might Continue
INFINITE, who came back as a group

AGAIN - An Interview That Might Continue
Sunggyu: Wah-wah
Woohyun: I’m the hidden handsome man / Dongwoo: Boongshin
Myungsoo: Porn is the best / Hoya: You guys are as funny as ever
Sungjong: I want to mature / Sungyeol: Soy milk is love

WARNING: We’re neither a music magazine nor an entertainment magazine. If you want to know more about INFINITE’s music, refer to the interviews below. They are good interviews.

  • SportsKorea - INFINITE, “Knife-life choreography that overpowers the Girl Group War”
  • OSEN - INFINITE, “Winning 1st place on ‘The Show’ for 2 consecutive weeks…already at 6 trophies”
  • Herald Business - INFINITE’s Woohyun, “New song ‘Bad’ embeds itself into your ears”
  • MBN - INFINITE, “Reveals music video 360VR version, fans are ‘good’”
  • SportsWorld - “[SW Issue] INFINITE’s power to quiet the Girl Group War”
  • Sports Chosun - INFINITE, “‘Bad’, a completely different atmosphere”

(You can search and read them)

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INFINITE REACTION: When he finds on her table, flowers and a love letter

Sungkyu: “is that a competition? I can do better”

Dongwoo: “what? jagiya I didn’t give it to you”

Woohyun: Would give you a lot of things and try to hide the jealousy.

“isn’t I the best boyfriend baby?”

Hoya: “y/n has some fans too”

Sungyeol: secretly throw it all away.

“oppa did you see the flowers that was on the table?”

“flowers? noooo”

L: would go out and buy a bigger bouquet of flowers and write a cutest letter.

Sungjong: Jealous af.

“You don’t need this jagi, just throw it all away”

~ADM Cherry~

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He wants to get back together after a break up (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -you were the only girl he could say he loved fully. You two ended so horribly that he tried his best to apologize for his mistake. After awhile the two of you were associating again and he wanted you to know he loved you and wanted you back- “I still love you Y/N with all of my heart. I want you back. I’ll do whatever it takes to win you back”

Originally posted by chandoo

Dongwoo: -he felt weird say it but he really did want to get back together with you because he loved you more than anyone else- “its not supposed to be that weird alright Y/N, I was stating how I felt about the situation and what I would like”

Originally posted by demaglia

Woohyun: -he was falling at admitting he wanted to get back together with you. He could word anything right about it. His heart was beating so fast the the words didn’t come out properly- “I just-just um like us to um to it once again. This went better in thought”

Originally posted by hogays

Hoya: -he was being serious as he could, you two were engaged for the longest time before the went down the toilet and you lost it all. He wanted to get back together even if it was slow, he wanted your love back- “I can tell you what happened was a mistake. I want you back even if you aren’t going to be my wife I want you back as my lady again. You are my world and will always be”

Originally posted by hiddu

Sungyeol: -he was talking it out with the boys. They were telling him it was stupid but he wanted you back more than anything. They all thought that the rumors that broke you two up would be brought back up again and they didn’t want you guys going through that again- “but she’s the love of my life and she’s always on my mind every day and every night. I just want her back so bad” 

Originally posted by katingatrouble

Myungsoo: -you thought it was crazy, you two didn’t work well together. He didn’t agree at all with the statement you guys were great together in his opinion- “we didn’t fight much Y/N. You know we didn’t. Give me a real reason why we shouldn’t get back together”

Originally posted by honey-kim

Sungjong: -he was just trying to make you feel the way he did again. He knew you liked him still but you seemed scared to get back together. All he wanted was your love again. He was willing to do whatever it took- “you love me. You just admitted it but you’re fighting getting back together. We love eachother we need to try again. I don’t care how long it will take I want you back”

Originally posted by sungjongspectrum

When a foreigner flirts with you and you flirt back just to tease the member (Anon asked)


“Wha-what is she doing? I am her boyfriend, did she forget it?”


“I don’t understand…”


“Does she think he is handsome? I’m way better”.


“Why is she doing this to me?”


“Is she flirting with him? This can’t be”.


“What should I do?”

Originally posted by namwhos


“This girl is so mean”.