what did woohyun do to you

INFINITE REACTION: When you are angry with them

SUNGGYU: * “What did I do? Didn’t I wash the dishes?” *

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WOOHYUN: *He will sit in front of you and, after some time without talking to him, he’ll start doing aegyo*

“Y/N I won’t do it again. I promise! (powerful aegyo) I looove you!”

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SUNGYEOL: (you are Myungsoo) *No description needed!^^*

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DONGWOO: *Dances randomly trying to make you laugh”

“Come on, Jagi! You are almost laughing!” (A/N: you were almost laughing!^^)

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HOYA: *he just smiles* 

“Are you still mad, Y/N?”

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MYUNGSOO: Since you didn’t tell him what he did wrong, he’ll ask you to sit down, talk and try to solve the problem together. *he’ll also act cute*

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SUNGJONG: He’ll be really worried about you being angry with him and he’ll try to think to the best way to make it up.

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INFINITE: When you’re normally shy/unaffectionate and you suddenly start being cuddly/sweet.

Sure no problem! I love doing this reaction and plus it’s been a while since I last did a INFINITE request! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

Sunggyu: Okay you’re to have to give me some time to adjust to this because–*Feels shirt being opened* AH!–AT LEAST GIVE ME A WARNING!!!!

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Woohyun: Hey sweetie let’s go on a date! *Brings you to hospital* Sorry, but I’m taking precautions you know…just in case… Love you?

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Hoya: You–You’re plotting something aren’t you?

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Sungyeol: But how? You always avoided this behavior like a plague!–What happened?!

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L: Wait–What are you–*Kissed*…Heh. *Smiles* I think I could start getting used to this.

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Sungjong: So does this you’ll finally reenact drama scenes with me?~

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INFINITE REACTION: When he finds on her table, flowers and a love letter

Sungkyu: “is that a competition? I can do better”

Dongwoo: “what? jagiya I didn’t give it to you”

Woohyun: Would give you a lot of things and try to hide the jealousy.

“isn’t I the best boyfriend baby?”

Hoya: “y/n has some fans too”

Sungyeol: secretly throw it all away.

“oppa did you see the flowers that was on the table?”

“flowers? noooo”

L: would go out and buy a bigger bouquet of flowers and write a cutest letter.

Sungjong: Jealous af.

“You don’t need this jagi, just throw it all away”

~ADM Cherry~

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Sunggyu: So, who broke the coffee maker? I’m not mad. I just want to know.

Dongwoo: I did. I broke it.

Sunggyu: No. No, you didn’t. Sungyeol?

Sungyeol: Don’t look at me. Look at Myungsoo.

Myungsoo: What?! I didn’t break it.

Sungyeol: Huh. That’s weird. How did you know it was broken?

Myungsoo: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!

Sungyeol: Suspicious.

Myungsoo: No, it’s not!

Sungyeol: If it matters, probably not… Sungjong was the last one to use it.

Sungjong: Liar! I don’t even like this crap!

Sungyeol: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee pot earlier?

Sungjong: I use the wooden stirs to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Sungyeol!

Dongwoo: Alright, let’s not fight. I broke it, let me fix it, Sunggyu.

Sunggyu: No, who broke it?

Hoya, whispering: Sunggyu, Woohyun has been awfully quiet…

Woohyun: Really?!

Hoya: Yeah, really?!


Sunggyu: I broke it. It burnt my hand so I punched it. I predict in ten minutes from now they’ll be at each others throats with war paint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good- it was getting a little chummy around here

When they find you after you got lost


“Are you crazy? You should pay attention next time”.

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“Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt, right?”

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“What should we do about you? I was so worried. Next time lets get lost thogether”.

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“I’m glad you’re okay”.

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“Thanks God you’re not dead”

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“Do you know what you did to my heart?”

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“You’re safe, what a relief”.

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Infinite Reaction: When they see you heading home drunk af and a guy is escorting you home

Sunggyu: Why would you act like this, Y/N?

Dongwoo: I will talk to her when she`s sober…

Woohyun: Look at them struggling to walk!

Hoya: Y/N, I don`t like it…

Sungyeol: What in the world did I just see…

Myungsoo: Why do I have to deal with that?

Sungjong: You, young man. Where are you going? I can take care of my irresponsible girlfriend on my own.

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

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INFINITE REACTION: Coming home from a really stressful day at work to see their s/o on the ground cuddle up in blankets, yelling out "Welcome home my prince!”


“Oh god… What do you want?”


“Let’s go for our cuddle time!”


“Why you did not expect me to cuddle up in blankets?”



“Ooh you aren’t sleeping yet? You must be tired of waiting, my love.”


“Thank you my love, I missed you”


“You’re the princess/prince here!”

~ADM Misso

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INFINITE REACTION: When you accuse them to betraying on a discussion

Hi<33 How are you guys??? 

This is entirely my opinion and assumption about INFINITE


His small eyes got big as he denies any betrayal, not stopping until you believe him.

DongWoo: As he hears your accusation, DongWoo would be sad and would lose any willing to argue.

“It’s nice to know what you really think about me”

Woohyun:“What? What did I do?” He’d ask, without understanding the origin of your argument.

“You hook up with everybody that comes to you! I know it!” You would answer crying, this time using a very strong argument.

“Ham? When did I do this?”

Hoya:“YA! How can you say that I betrayed you? You’re a really bad person to think I would do something like that”

He would reverse the situation in his favor, winning the fight.

Sungyeol: “But… But… I HAVEN’T DONE NOTHING” SungYeol would scream, you two were mad and he knew it, but he couldn’t understand your arguments.

L: He’d stay quiet first thing, letting you say everything you wanted to. But later he would ask for explanations..

Myungsoo would push you to the wall, pinning your arms so you can’t escape. He’d whisper in your ear: “Why would I betray you, when the only person I want is you??”

He start to kiss your neck “I going to prove it to you princess…”

SungJong: He’d be mad, after all, he devotes all his time to you.

“When did I do it? Prove it!” He would demand justifications to every argument you had, until you had nothing more to use.

~ADM Cherry~

PT-ENG: ADM Panda (Thanksss Unnie)

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Gf reaction when Infinite you checking his mobile and he saw u haha pls :*

Sunggyu: You see, this is not very polite of you…

Dongwoo: [casually] Found anything interesting?

Woohyun: You do not trust me, do you..?

Hoya: I can`t believe you did that…

Sungyeol: I`m starting to forget what privacy is

Myungsoo: Why are you holding my phone and it`s unlocked?

Sungjong: [silent treatment for the rest of the day]

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Can you do the reaction of Infinite when you (girlfriend) ask them to have sex? Sorry for my english. Lots of love💕

I really suck in writing those things , so don’t expect too much :3 ~hope you like it :)


Sunggyu: “What do you want in this hour? I’m sleeping ugh~~”

“I want YOU~~”

“Huh?! Did you just say..” *Already awaken*

Dongwoo: “ Now?Here?”

“Okay.. Let’s just hope no one would hear us”


*Already taking off his shirt*

Hoya: “I’m coming”

Sungyeol: “Uhm,, later later , i want to sleep now” *Oopsss*

Myungsoo: “..”

”What about a shower sex then?

Sungjong: “Like now?” *Gets shy*

Hoya&L&Woohyun’s gifs though *_* i should just die 

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Can you believe it? It’s already been six whole years with Infinite. (+1 year to me being trash)

Infinite has always been an example of a group that I can learn from, respect, and love. I’m sure that they’ll learn more as they go along as I did with myself.  You know, six years is not the longest a group has gone, there has surely been longer, but it’s a long time for groups nowadays. I think this isn’t just Sungkyu, the leader who seems to understand and care for his members a lot (even my dad said that Sungkyu is one of the best leaders in kpop so yay), who pulls the group together, but also the rest of the members for sticking together and helping each other out. I always believed that each member always worked their hardest and all the members shown improvement in every part they can improve and I’m so proud as a fan to see that and be a part of the crowd that support them.

I thank them for the love they show to the fans, for the effort and care they put into this group, for the times they could’ve given up but pushed harder to be better. Thanks for the great music and your amazing dancing. Thank you for the [always] cute, surprised faces you have when you win anything. Thank you for being the group I stuck with for these past years. Thank you for everything. Thank you for being Infinite. I hope that whatever journey we, as Infinite & Inspirit, have together, we’ll stick together till the end. 

Thank again Infinite. 

Happy 6 years with Infinite to all my fellow Inspirits. Please continue to support them, and love them. Thanks ^^ (Sorry for the lack of effort on this edit T-T)